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About sueellson

Founder and Director of started in 1999 and online since 2001 Newcomers Network is Australia’s first network for newcomers. We are a socially responsible independent provider of information, events and advocacy for people who have moved.

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Check out my Seven Best Settlement Strategies at

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Australia: Living, Working and Networking in Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane and Perth:

We host free monthly events in these cities for domestic and international arrivals (or anyone who wants to network). See the details online on the right hand side of every page of of email for more details.

Australia: Moving to Perth from New Zealand:

I would suggest you do a search on LinkedIn before you land - and you are most welcome to join one of our free events on the Second Thursday of every month (or suggest that you meet at the event) Cheers, Sue

Australia: money transfers:

Always look at the total transfer offer (exchange rate plus any fees) to compare your options - for instance, there may be no fee but the exchange rate be bad... Also look at - an alternative way to transfer money (and yes, they advertise on my website) Cheers, Sue

Australia: Massage Therapist wanting to work in Melbourne:

This may be helpful also try and Cheers, Sue Ellson, Newcomers Network

Australia: moving family to Sydney:

My brother lives in Como, south of Sydney - the city is accessible by train and he lives a VERY NICE lifestyle I would recommend the Sutherland Shire, good schools generally too. Cheers, Sue Ellson

Australia: Australians Repatriating during the G.F.C.:

Hi Tim I would like to publicise your research to people I know...follow the instructions online at to request participants for your research. Cheers Sue Ellson Newcomers Network

Australia: Moving Sale Advice:

Hi Matt I would try to list your items and all the best with your move back to the US Sue Ellson

Australia: Holiday Events in Australia:

Hello Betsy Here in Melbourne I am hosting the Bring Your Own Christmas Day Lunch from 12-3pm and on Boxing Day (26/12/08) I am hosting a Welcome Home Party for Australian Expatriates and Repatriates. Both events are open to everyone! We attract a really interesting group of expats and locals to these events - come on your own or with friends! Cheers, Sue Ellson, Founder, Newcomers Network for more details.

Australia: 10 Tips for Living in Australia:

Hi Betsy Nice to hear from you. I have written 'Six Best Settlement Strategies' at These are really suitable for any location. However, if I was going to state my 'top' tip for living in Australia, it would be to get involved with activities here - so that you can meet new people and create new networks. In Australia, we do not really have 'expatriate' communities (or if we do, they are usually very small groups because of our smaller population), so the best way to enjoy living here is to enjoy the plethora of activities on offer and mix with other multicultural Australians (preferably in a sport/interest that you are already passionate about). That way you will connect because you share the same interest, not because you are from the same country. Hope that helps! Cheers, Sue Ellson Founder Newcomers Network (based in Melbourne and hosting free Welcome Events on the Second Friday of every month in Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane and Perth. and a Christmas Day Picnic in Melbourne and a Welcome Home Party of Australian Expatriates and Repatriates on 26/12/08

Australia: Non-resident mortgages:

There is some general information on this topic at - contact Anton Vdovin for further details. Sue Ellson Founder Newcomers Network based in Melbourne


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