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Kuwait: Speech Therapist needed:

I need a speech therapist with good experience with "Stuttering" for my son. We live in Salmiya next to the Boulevard Mall. contact mother on 99234945

Kuwait: ADD prescriptions:

Hi you should see a psychiatrist. My son is ADHD he's taking Ritalin. But I get it from outside Kuwait. I don't know about here. Try these names: Dr. Adel AlZaid Dr. Essam Al-Ansari

Kuwait: Seaking clarity of residence process:

Hi Yes, every single papers you have done in your country is needed here. Good luck

Kuwait: special education school:

Hi Please does any body have experience with english/american school for LD? my son is an adhd.

Kuwait: struggling for ABA:

Hi Does any body know a qualified and certified ABA therapist for my child? Please don't tell me go to ABC Kuwait because there is no way I can afford 1500 kd monthly. Please help

Kuwait: ABA, therapist and an SLP needed:

Hi Have you found therapists?

Kuwait: aba in kuwait:

Does any body know an ABA therapist available in Kuwait?

Kuwait: ABA therapy needed:

Hi Does any body know an ABA therapist in Kuwait?


Hi Aterra I am like you my son is diagnosed with mild autism spectrum and i am looking for aba therapist in kuwait as well if i find 1 i'll let you know please if you find someone for your son kindly contact me who told you that your son is autistic since he is not diagnosed?

Kuwait: working in Kuwait:

It all depends on the company you'll be working with shuwaikh is an industrial area but kuwait is not a big country and you can find many places to stay in withing 30 min drive good luck


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