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Belize: BZE trip:

Hey, been to Bze 2013 stayed in Dangriga but have forgotten: 1) once land in BC, bus or driver to get to Dangriga? Really enjoyed D's Hostel When I came before, I was alone; will be 4 adults this time 2) safe to stay in BC? Recommendation please Finally, coming to research Corozal and Hopkins for future long term stays. Have already notified driver - Ken Will rent lodging for long term Coming mid-April for 2 weeks

Belize: Dangriga to Corozal:

How far is Corozal from Dangriga? I believe I will settle in Corozal. Stayed in Dangriga when I was in BZE. TRAVELED around by bus last time. Might need to hire driver this time

Belize: Group of women coming to BZE:

I am organizing a trip for a group of women to come to BZ in September or October. Anyone know of a Travel Agent/guide who can help me plan?

Belize: Lone female driving to Bz:

70 year old AA female, well traveled, healthy, looks and mistaken for being on 40's, well educated would like adventure of driving from Yuma Az to Belize alone to stay 2 - 4 weeks. Flew there before and loves BZ. RECOMMENDATIONS, PROS, CONS, ROUTES, ETC. WELCOMED AND SOUGHT.

Belize: Corozol BZE:

Can I fly from the US directly to an airport in Corozal OR must I go to airport in Belize city and get transportation to Corozal?

Belize: Corozol BZE:

Can I fly from the US directly to an airport in Corozal OR must I go to airport in Belize city and get transportation to Corozal?

Belize: African Americans in Belize:

Greetings, when I was in Belize in 2012, I met several of us- I lived for 3 weeks in Dangriga. My contacts are packed up in Illinois currently while I am doing ministry in Yuma. My plan was to immediately relocate to BZE but GOD had other plans for me. Whenever I get back to Illinois I will forward those contact names to you. Three of them were from Chicago; one from Atlanta and I've forgotten where the others were from. THEY ARE EXPATS. There was a group of elderly BZE women who took me under their wings for I was a single woman traveling alone. It was great. Blessings



Belize: Room mate wanted:

Greetings, I am thinking like you. Went to Bz 2012 for 12 days, loved it; planned to relocate there 2013 - but took another contract instead. Hope to begin relocating 2015 by staying for 1 year and getting a good feel of the place, scouting out potential places to settle; etc. Just took another contract in Yuma. Room mate idea might work for me. I believe my email is available as a result of us corresponding. Or better yet, we can Skype. Tootles!

Belize: ANSWERS?:

Some of the questions posted are the same as mine. Where do I go to see the answers?

Belize: Private Practice:

that is my interest as well (LPC - counseling). However, read it is difficult to begin if not a native. Still researching

Belize: First Steps to coming to Belize:

Jackie, when I went two years ago - I stayed two months. Took cash. Brought most of it back. Did exchange for BZ money since dollars are worth 2x BZ value. Rented space in hostel, will rent house/apartment next time Will return in 2015 to spend 6 months to a year.

Belize: Phone service:

additional points: 2012 Visited BZ for 2 weeks, stayed in Dangriga. Will return to stay in Dangriga in rented - furnished apartment for a year. Still determining where to live as Expat in BZ. Need to know which phone service I need to get before going to BZ so I will not have to buy minutes. When I was there in 2012, had to buy minutes to make a call.

Belize: BZ for a year:

I (mature, female) plan to travel to BZ May 2014 and stay for one year (May 2015). I am searching for lodging ideas. Don't need anything exotic, extravagant, or expensive. In 2011, I stayed in Dangriga in a Hostel for two weeks - loved it. Used (and will use) their bus system for transportation. Any city will do. Thanks for any help.


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