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Ecuador Welcome Forum: Possible background check problem?:

A friend considering a move here was arrested about 14 or 15 years ago for MJ paraphernalia and residue in his car. I believe there was a misdemeanor conviction that was covered by a fine. Would/could that be enough to prevent him from getting a visa, considering how long ago it was?

Ecuador Welcome Forum: Over-65 healthcare options?:

I hear so many things about the healthcare situation for those 65 and over, but nothing consistent. In a nutshell, what would insurance cost someone in that age bracket? What percentage of costs would said insurance cover? I've heard of some options where you pay a monthly fee, then everything is covered 100%. Is that the option that just disappeared? Also, again for 65+, are "pre-existing conditions" an issue in getting on a good insurance plan? I have a good friend that wants to move down here, but is afraid to give up the Medicare/Medicaid combo he lucked into under an Obamacare loophole. I've been trying for weeks to get any kind of meaningful answer on this topic, but so far nothing. You help would be greatly appreciated.

Ecuador Welcome Forum: Requip / ropinirole available?:

This medication is for restless leg syndrome, and in higher doses used to treat Parkinson's disease. Does anyone know if this med is available in EC or not?

Ecuador: Private health insurance:

If you get a response, please share with me what you find out. I have a friend who wants to move here, but needs to know the insurance options available first. Thank you!

Ecuador: They told me this would happen....:

With all the walking and better eating I've been doing, I've been shedding a fair bit of weight. Now I only have a couple pair of jeans that fit me. Looking for someone in similar predicament with some 40 x 30 jeans for sale or trade. I also have some gently used 44 x 30 and maybe 42 x 30s to sell/trade. I may have some Dockers in similar size that I can't wear anymore, along with some fairly new longsleeve button-up shirts. While I'm at it, anyone neeeding a hard-side suitcase? I can provide pics of all. Now if any part of this post violates Ecuadorian laws, completely forget these words. :-)

Ecuador: Change in Health IESS Benefits -- How does this effect Expats:

Thanks for the info, depressing though it may be.

Ecuador: Teaching ESL... English degree req'd?:

I have a degree in adult education, and have years of experience both in classroom teaching and in developing traditional and online course content. I also have an MBA. I don't have a degree in English, but I do have in-depth knowledge of English grammar and usage (please don't use my posts as a judge!). So as things stand, would I be employable as an ESL teacher, or would I be better off providing private lessons... and what do I need to do to do that legally?

Ecuador: Cuenca Internet:

From what I've read, the cable internet is the best in town. How are they on download speed? Is it worth paying for the $99 plan over a cheaper plan? I've heard that some of the so-called slower connections actually run faster than advertised. My plan is to use my VPN for general PC use, and for Netflix and HuluPlus from the states. Any conflicting views on whether cable internet is the way to go?

Ecuador: FedEx in Cuenca - Reliable?:

I'm having a document sent from the states, but the organization in question will only use UPS or FedEx, not DHL. I did find a number and spoke to an English speaking female at the office number, but I've heard rumors of FedEx having issues here in Cuenca. Any recent first-hand experience would be helpful before I have the doc shipped via FedEx.

Ecuador: Help finding a good doc...?:

I'm in Cuenca, and I'm going to be needing a good doc.... preferably someone who is at least knowledgeable about chronic pain, if not an out-and-out pain specialist. I realize the meds are pretty weak here, but if I'm going to wean off my stronger stuff, I'm going to need something to wean onto. Plus I have some neuropathy issues and type II diabetes. I'm not sure how specialized the docs are here--if at all--or if you just find a reputable GP. If you know of someone who speaks decent English and is comfortable with a variety of medical issues, I would appreciate a private message with the doc's name and number, plus location if available. Also, anyone know about a "military hospital" where a friend of mine told me another gringo went to and received very inexpensive care and meds?

Ecuador: Is healthcare free for over 65???:

I've seen this stated a couple of times on the forum, but I'd like more info. My brother is thinking about moving here and is turning 65 in a few months.His main concern is giving up his combined (via an Obamacare loophole) Medicaid and Medicare, which essentially pays 100% of his bills. If it's true that health care is free for over 65, is there any official publication to read, office to visit, website to look at? I want to make sure I give him good info to make his decision.

Ecuador Welcome Forum: Any Medication Retrictions?:

From what I've read about customs requirements, you're supposed to have a letter from your primary medical provider listing your medications, how it's prescribed to be taken, and how many you require for your trip to Ecuador... translated into Spanish. But both times I've been through customs I've never been asked about my meds. My issue is I have migraines, and while I think I can successfully change to a lower-octane pain med, I absolutely need something like/similar to the Zomig I take to abort the migraine. Does anyone know if any of the triptan-class drugs are available here in EC? It's not a narcotic or anything... I believe it's basically a vaso-constitrictor of some sort. But even my oxycodone is weak against my migraines... only the Zomig makes them truly go away. I also take Requip (ropinirole) for restless legs associated with neoropathy... I believe it's original purpose was to treak Parkinsons tremors, but it's great for restless legs too. Any idea if it's available here? Thanks in advance...


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