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Belize: Placencia Internet Costs 20 Feb 2018:

There are 3 internet providers in Placencia. Here are the costs, as of today. All prices in Belize dollars. Southern Cable Network: Service Charge for Internet Installation Fee $50.00 Modem Rental $10.00/mth Internet Speed & Cost $90 installation fee. 300k/s $20/mth 2M $78 4M $138 8M $210 16M $410 Smart Broadband 4mb/s download 2mb/s upload $55/mth 8mb/s download 4mb/s upload $80/mth 16mb/s download 8mb/s upload $136/mth BTL 1mb/s $69 2mb/s $84 4mb/s149 8mb/s $229 16mb/s $399

Belize: Pets at Guanacaste:

Guanacaste National Park is just outside Belmopan. No pets allowed.

Belize: arriving in 2018 saying hello:

First, check if you need visas (depends on your passport nationality). US/Canadian/UK passport holders do not. I don't know about other countries specifically. You get a tourist visa on entering country, which is up to 30 days. Renewable in country. If your husband is working, he should have a work permit, which his employer should have applied for. Yes, there are fresh fruits and vegetables. Not the same and less variety as you would get in a Canadian superstore. Can you manage without a vehicle? Many people do. Depends on how far from a town you live. Lots of bike riding (although San Ignacio does have some steep hills!) Milk is fresh or long-life cartons - your choice. There are also a few places that provide unpasteurized milk. Yogurt is made locally. Western Dairies is the 'big' provider, however there are small producers who (in my opinion) produce a better product, especially for yogurt. Depends on where you live as to what's available. Have a look at a webpage for 'Shoots Alive' for some different and interesting products available. They are based in Cayo. A lot will become clear when you get here, but good for you for starting to ask. Also have a look at the facebook pages for Cayo if that's where you'll be living.

Belize: Thanksgiving Gatherings in Your Region of Belize:

In Placencia, lots of restaurants have a traditional American dinner, including Pickled Parrot and Mariposa. More details available on facebook, Placencia - Whats Happening page.

Belize: Travel from Belize to U.S.:

A visa is needed, and has very strict requirements and significant cost. The embassy also rejects a lot of applicants if they cannot show significant ties to Belize and means to support themselves.

Belize: looking for a rental for july 2018:

If you are interested in Maya Beach, Placencia I have several options. Melissa Placencia Property Rentals.

Belize: US Telecommute:

If you are working in a physical office in Belize you will need a work permit. This will take several months to obtain, costs US$1000 and is renewable yearly. Even a 90 day stint would require a permit - when you land in Belize you get a tourist stamp which specifically states no work allowed, paid or unpaid.

Belize: backgammon:

Several boards and players at Barefoot Beach Bar in Placencia. Happy Hour (5pm onwards) is a good time to go!

Belize: Coming to Belize:

Once you've visited, if Placencia is your preferred place I run Placencia Property Rentals and would be happy to help you find somewhere to stay. If you have not yet booked accommodation, I recommend Seaview Suites - right in the center of the village, easy walking distance to everything. Melissa

Belize: Planning our move to Belize:

I have lived in Placencia 8 years, and run Placencia Property Rentals. I may be able to help you find accommodation. Rentals of 6mths to a year are definitely more economical than vacation rates, but Placencia is a more expensive art of the country. Lots of property owners will not rent to people with kids or pets - no matter how perfect your little baby is (human or animal), so this reduces the places available. Education - there is a public school for primary age (St Johns) and a private school in Placencia (Peninsula International Academy). The private school is currently just primary, but is looking to develop high school as well. There are lots of homeschoolers also. Internet - lots of people work online, If it is crucial (ie a daytrader) you will struggle. If it doesn't matter if your reply takes 5 minutes, or possibly an hour, you'll be fine. Average speed here is 2mb. There are 3 different internet providers in Placencia, lots of online workers use one, and have another as back-up. Healthcare - small stuff you just pay for direct. There is a public medical center in Placencia, plus a private clinic. Both doctors do good work. The pharmacy is well-stocked, and the pharmacist, Nina, is very helpful. For serious stuff/emergencies there no hospitals closer than an hour drive, and preferably you want to get to Belize City - 3 hours drive, or emergency airlift. There are more and more young families moving to Placencia (it used to be more of a snowbird destination), so you'll do just fine. Search facebook for Placencia moms homeschooling and you'll find a couple of groups who do organized get togethers (for parents and kids).

Belize: Placencia/Hopkins Points of Contact:

I am happy to help - Melissa@placenciapropertyrentals.com. I have lived in Placencia almost 8 years now. I do property rentals, but do not sell real estate. Willing to tell the good and the bad, and give an honest opinion. I also back up the other recommendations here - Herbert's name is actually Herbert Kollmann, and his email is Herbert.kollmann@gmx.at

Belize: Local Newspapers:

Amandala, Breaking Belize, Love fm - all news sources that can be read online. I'm sure that there are additional ones.

Belize: Motorcycles:

Very popular way and affordable way for the locals to get around, but most bikes are cheap Taiwanese 250cc or less, or scooters. Remember there is also a reasonably long rainy season! Roads are chip and tar not asphalt, lots of potholes, and no driver training so you have to drive defensively. Come and visit and see before shipping anything down. And don't forget to check customs rates - duty is high on most items.

Belize: Motorcycle rentals?:

In Placencia there are a couple of places - Captain Jaks and Barefoot Services.

Belize: Visiting Placencia:

Seaview Suites is a great spot in the middle of the village - US$89/night plus 9% tax. Easy walking distance to Above Grounds Coffee Shop (owned by a Scottish Canadian) where you'll meet a variety of expats, locals and visitors. Also close to Tutti Frutti Gelateria - awesome icecream - run by Italians, and Pickled Parrot Bar (run by Americans). All with local staff also of course. Call Sara at Seaview Suites and say you heard about it from me (their website availability is not up to date). www. seaviewplacencia.com

Belize: Medication:

Medications are generally very inexpensive - less than US$10 for a course of antibiotics for example. Depends on the medicines. There are no Drugmart type places, all pharmacist drugs are sold in small independently run pharmacys.

Belize: What to Bring for 6 Months:

Essentials: Can opener and wine bottle opener - it's hard to find decent ones. (Beer bottle openers are everywhere.) Underwear and bikinis. prescriptions (the medicines you can probably get here at a fraction of the cost). Leave behind anything important that's leather or paper - it'll mould or rot. Unlocked phone (that takes a SIM card), drivers licence, passport, have copies of these saved somewhere. There is more and more available here - for 6 months you can survive without anything. After 6 months in the tropics what you cant survive without and what you think is important will change.

Belize: How accurate are Google Maps drive times:

Drive time is about right, with no stops. You need 2 hour check-in for international flights.

Belize: Why the heck are car rentals so high???:

Car rental is expensive as cars are expensive - the import duty on an SUV is 85% - and this is charged on freight and handling in addition to the cost of the car. Roads are tough on the cars - potholes and unpaved roads result in chipped windscreens and wear and tear generally, and for unfamiliar drivers (read tourists renting cars) they are guaranteed to hit at least one speed bump at high speed, causing potential damage to shocks and more. Crystal Auto is a reputable company, no problems with charges for imaginary damages.

Belize: Best Beach Placencia or Hopkins? And where to stay?:

As a tourist, Placencia has the better beach and more to do. As a resident, Maya Beach (8 miles north of Placencia) is a quieter area, with all the amenities of Placencia a short drive away. Hopkins is an up and coming area - more and more things there every time we go, and as stated, it is closer to the reef so easier rides out to snorkelling/diving/fishing. Definitely worth visiting if you are considering moving to Belize. Sandflies/sandfleas/mosquitos - severity changes throughout the year. Bad at the moment because of the rains, come March they'll be much less in number. Absolutely key is dont scratch! A little oil (baby oil/coconut oil/whatever) particularly around your ankles is enough to stop them biting.

Belize: Planning to relocate:

I'm British with a Canadian husband. Been here full time 7 years in Placencia. Couple of work permits, now a permanent resident. Happy to chat and give suggestions. Private message me at melissa@placenciapropertyrentals.com

Belize: Net or Gross for retirement qualifications:

You have to bring US$2000/month into Belize each month to qualify - and show proof of deposits into Belize.

Belize: volunteer:

Work permits are required for non-paying volunteer posts. It is to ensure you are not taking a position that someone (Belizean) could do for pay. They are not difficult to get, but they are required.

Belize: Hoping to move:

Rental properties come and go quickly - it is often word of mouth with no advertising. Once you have dates in mind, I can help with the Placencia area - email me at melissa@placenciapropertyrentals.com Bear in mind that these are tiny communities compared to what most people are used to - there are mainly single family dwellings, most without air conditioning, most without fenced yards, and almost no condos. No big box stores, no 24/7 hour shopping.

Belize: GPS question for souther boaters:

Navionics is actually more accurate, and can be downloaded onto tablets or phones. You most definitely need to be on watch though - there are random coral pinnacles that are not on gps.


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