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Vagabonding author reports on how to live on a budget in different countries, how to deal with different cultures and languages

This blog highlights my Lenten challenge of giving up shopping and going local in Kuwait!

A traveling freelancer shares life on the road living for six months at a time in various cites all over the world.

A blog about stray cats in Jeddah, saudi arabia

Thoughts, comments, stories, and insights about transition, change, transformation, and what happens when you cross cultural divides. 1 + 1 (CAN) = 3

In this blog you will find PROFESSIONAL and BUSINESS SUCCESS TIPS for EXPATS interested in building a career or business that fits who they are and their international lifestyle.

Daily blog for authors & photographers with famous guests appearing from around the world.

Slowly having a breakdown..... A blog and diary of life in Moscow Russia and the daily routine of being a 'SAHD' stay at home dad and other such things. Join me on a tongue-in-cheek fun journey into another universe. Sponsored by: Babywipes, keeping those parts moist and clean. Published now & then: Price: Free. Copyright 2010. Poo Vision inc.

ExpatExchange.com's own blog with commentary on expatriate life - from politics to raising kids abroad, job issues to cultural gaffes and everything in between.

Expat Expert is the website of well-known global living author and speaker Robin Pascoe. It's designed to assist expatriate families living and working overseas--and returning home one day.

A Recipe & Cookery site for expats around the world.

ExpatFinder, the expatriate search engine for people preparing to move or working and living overseas.

Expatriate family life by a Canadian woman who has lived in Azerbaijan, Egypt and the United Arab Emirates.

The (hopefully) exciting highlights of a small Italian family relocating to Malta.

FREE online podcasts for expatriates everywhere! Great unsigned music and comedy banter with Joe Wakeford & Lobster - weekly episodes that can be subscribed to!

Your global connection to fellow Finns and Friends of Finland

About Life in Baku, London and Elsewhere. Restaurant reviews and foodie thoughts, hotel reviews and travel experiences, shopping and services. Baku/London/Elsewhere People and Profiles.

The adventures of a Canadian expat in Ghana

A blog looking at daily life in Singapore, the ups and down of expat life in Asia, plus anything else I want to write about!

A humorous look at life, love and real estate from sometimes deranged agent

Leibspeise is directory of German food culture around the world, a private project of two German travelers

This blog is about us ,a young couple living and working in Singapore and sharing our stories.

From Arabia to Grasse. Renovating our 70's villa, scouring the brocantes, living life.

Ken and Debbi live in San Nicolas,a small village 45 minutes south of Guadalajara. They love hiking and horses.

Sharing our travel, cultural and educational experiences with others, all the while encouraging people to get out into this beautiful world and explore.

We're a couple of baby boomers who decided to sell everything and follow our dream to travel.

I'm on an entrepreneurial adventure in China, and you can come along for the ride! This blog is for anyone interested in doing busines and/or living in China.

This blog talks about the various alternative opportunities for people who are contemplating or are in retirement. The website specifically focuses on those who are choosing to become expats looking for a more affordable place to live while offering a better lifestyle. I'm basing this on our journey to move to Panama.

Traveling alone and connecting as you go with others on the journey - as easy as getting online! http://www.pen2paint.com/blog/traveling-the-world-connecting-hands-and-hearts/

Travels around the world

Please send your comments and experiences aboutinternational medical care to our RXpat blog for expats, study abroad students, and travelers looking for info.

How an American expat views the US and the world from his new distant home.

British expat living in Korea and travelling all over Asia, also posts related to South West Indian Ocean.

Amusing tales and expert advice all in one blog.

A blog written by an American psychologist in Madrid, Spain. With advice on well-being, mental health and living your best life abroad.

From a charming village south of Paris, I share my thoughts on black women living globally through international travel.

Check out what is going on in Valencia? Que pasa en Valencia?


Articles about living and traveling in SE Europe and the Balkans, i.e. Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia, Kosovo, among other topics.


Wine, food and culture notes from a Canadian ex-pat living on a farm near San Rafael, Mendoza, Argentina.

Building a community, one expat at a time!

Musings on Buenos Aires, greater Argentina, and the Argentine Tango, from a Canadian ex-pat's point of view.

Welcome to my expat journey from the suburbs of Philadelphia to the seaside city of Necochea, Argentina.

More than a vacation, less than a permanent move, more of a trial expat thing.


An expat New Zealander writes about her 14 years of adventures living and working abroad.

Tune in to read about Blanton expat and lifestyle (mis)adventures and roads in the Middle East, Australia, and everything in between

The cultural insights of a young woman who moved to Santiago Chile to explore and learn.

An American in Australia blog about expat life, Sydney, and parenting.Finding adventures and making a home - between roots and wings.

American living in Melbourne CBD, experiencing the city every day and writing about it for your reading pleasure.

American expat in Sydney, Australia...plus musings on fashion, style, food, and more.

How buying, building or renting a house works in Australia

A blog looking at daily life in Singapore, the ups and down of expat life in Asia, plus anything else I want to write about!

Expat adventures in searching for a life less ordinary moving from the UK to Canada and on to Sydney, Australia.

I'm an expat from the US, I ended up in Mumbai 9 months ago, now I'm in Sydney Australia.

I'm on an entrepreneurial adventure in China, and you can come along for the ride! This blog is for anyone interested in doing busines and/or living in China.

PomsInOz - The Australian Migration Forum

The adventures of an (childfree by choice!) American expat living in Australia with her Aussie husband, looking for tips on yoga centres, people to swap recipes and gardening tips with, and to meet up with other childfree by choicers and/or expats to Adelaide.

Observations, adventures, and recipes of an everyday cook living abroad

Mike and his Canadian family move from Edmonton Canada to Perth, Western Australia and share their adventures and how to get things done in Perth.

We are a group of 3 friends who blog on life in Brisbane for anyone who has moved here offering local info and sharing stories and thoughts of moving around the world

We’re two newlywed ex-pats from the US in Australia. We journal about our life as ex-pats, including; the Aussie way of life, the places we travel, and the food we eat.


A blog where I share my findings and discoveries of Vienna, Austria.

Graz for Kids is the first blog especially for expat families in Graz, Austria! Find out about news and share thoughts on parenting in a multicultural setting!

Blog for english speakers in Mistelbach an der Zaya (Lower Austria)

The blog for international mothers, who love themselves, their life and their kids.

An expatriate’s hilarious observations about life abroad and how to deal with culture differences with humor.


About Life in Baku, London and Elsewhere. Restaurant reviews and foodie thoughts, hotel reviews and travel experiences, shopping and services. Baku/London/Elsewhere People and Profiles.


Adventures of one redneck moving to the Bahamas. News, Commentary, Rants and More. Sure there will be some drama as i adjust to island living!


Musings from a broad living fabulously abroad, in Belgium.


We created this blog as a chronicle of our experience becoming expats in Belize and beyond.

Belizedragonfly.com was created to chronicle my experience of moving from the United States to Corozal, Belize to open a business and start a new life experience.

In February 2014 I moved to Sittee River Village in the Stann Creek District of Belize. This is a blog of my adventure.

Everyday life on Ambergris Caye, local places we try, thing to do and travel deals we find.

Everyday life on Ambergris Caye, local places we try, thing to do and travel deals we find. This blog will document our everyday life on Ambergris Caye Belize. Writing from a perspective of "semi-retired" middle aged expat who is trying out things to determine if this is our final landing spot!

An educative blog talking about setting up solar system, satellite internet, and more in the jungle of Belize, Central America.


An adventure in Bermuda

Tracking the experience of two Brits settling into Bermuda.


It is the most detailed online guide about Cochabamba with comprehensive tourist information and free placements for volunteer work.

Facts and Information in English on Bolivia (and specifically Santa Cruz) for Tourists, Volunteers, Expats, and Businesspeople.

A place for looking at what’s going on in Bolivia for Expats looking for information on Culture, History, News, Traditions and Expat living


A lifestyle website that will update you on local events, fashion trends, hot music hits and artists, diets and fitness hints.


My blog is about my transition from living the US (currently) with my Brazlian husband and 7 mos daughter. To the move we will be making to the South of Brazil in teh next few months. Its about life, love, politics, travelling and new adventures!

American Expat with kids confronts the Brazilian Amazon. What could possibly go wrong?

Brazil, the most important country in South America, certainly has MUCH to offer - warm happy people, everything slums to high technology.

This is for all of you people who are or are thinking about living in Brazil.

Humorous blog about life as an ex-pat in Rio de Janeiro, from the perspective of a Brit in the process of adaptation to Brazilian culture and lifestyle.

São Paulo street art, advertising, fashion, sport, architecture, transport, food and anything and everything about São Paulo that catches the eye, impresses, surprises or horrifies...

Brazilian Recipes, cooking techniques, and cooking terms presented in an easy to follow guide, in English, using pictures, videos, and other helpful sources to make it possible to create delicious Brazilian food in your own home, using easy to find ingredients.

An expat blog about living in Brazil.

NGO/ONG Association ABTC-BRASIL - a non-profit organization registered in Brazil dedicated to furthering the exchange of information among travelers, immigrants and promoting responsible travel and assisting sustainable family agriculture projects in Brazil and South America.

Alphaville is a neighborhood in the city of Barueri, Brazil, located in the state of, and very close to São Paulo.

Travel, Live and Invest in Brazil

All about Brazil! Food, culture, tourism, VISA, news and more!


Writing, Renovating and Raising a Garden - my new way of living, in Bulgaria.

The life in Egypt trough my eyes, egyptian cuisine and relations between Egypt and Bulgaria.

All about life here in rural Bulgaria and various sightseeing trips and adventures in Bulgaria


Spanish blog about the trips in whole SouthEast Asia region by Jago MF.


From the U.S. to Phnom Penh to Barcelona, join me as I navigate life as an expat.


Follow our journey to find our perfect Sicilian home.


A blog describing my journeys in life. It opens with an accounting of my trip to Santiago, Chile.

This is a blog about an English teacher and Visual Artist living and working in Santiago, Chile.

A ongoing blog of our life, moving from United Stated to Chile

Expat blog of an American who found love in Chile and decided to make her home in Santiago

A wife, mom and photographer living on the bottom side of the world in Chile.


Aki's China Connection is all about living, traveling and teaching in China...now as a travel consultant.

a community service website for expatriates living in the city of Changsha

Foreign Sport Physiotherapist working with China's Olympic Team & other Asia Teams, living in China and travelling the world as an Expat; views, photos & experiences.

City guides featuring restaurants, business advice, and events for 41 Chinese cities! eChinacities.com - the only China guide you'll need!

Information and Assistance Forum for Travellers in Hefei.

Author and nomadpreneur Walt F.J. Goodridge chronicles his new life adventure in China and beyond!

A 32 year old American female Living, teaching, and learning in China.

I am a German/American expat living in China. I write about my life abroad as well as my AMWF relationship with a Korean man. I write about life between China/Korea and Germany/USA as well as traveling in Asia and learning Chinese and Korean.

Maxxelli-Blog provides useful information for expatriates living in Chengdu, Chongqing, Wuhan, Suzhou, Wuxi (China)

17 years in China. Motocycles, boats and lots of interesting stuff. Lots of stories.

Blog mostly about China, living there and facing Chinese reality accompanied with a brief description of every unexpected adventure

Collections of expats daily tips for living in China. Also include common food and recipes, quick Chinese guide, and more.

We are Erin and David, two twenty-somethings from the Washington DC area who decided we couldn't sit at desk jobs any longer without first broadening our horizons. In January 2010 we quit our jobs and headed to South Africa for 2 weeks. A month later we were on a plane to teach English in Tangshan, China… and have been exploring this country ever since. It's our goal to learn as much we can about the Chinese language and culture, and to share our experiences with others. (We have a long way to go, as we are still completely deaf to the Mandarin tones.) Anyway, we love feeling connected to America and appreciate getting comments and questions, so please keep in touch!

Adventure blog of my two years in Korea and surrounding countries. Very informative.

Stories and Photography of the Wilder side of Asia.

Riding Motorcycles, surfing, sailing, taking pictures and writing about it all in China.

An American expat chronicles four years of life in rural China.


A day by day account of a non-Spanish speaking American man moving to Medellin, Colombia on a retirement visa.

Barranquilla Living is the ultimate city guide. Providing useful information and great tips for residents, visitors and expats.

Musings on international relocation and other ludicrous endeavors

All the information yoyu need to know about Colombia South America. Information about Bogota, Cartagena, Meddillen, Cali

A blog about the adventures and misadventures of an American in South America. Also news from South America in English.

Articles published in the mainstream online press all about Colombia.

Travel stories and travelling on the cheap tips for Latin American countries written by a stingy drifter

Costa Rica

A Costa Rica and Photography in Costa Rica Blog.

Vagabonding author reports on how to live on a budget in different countries, how to deal with different cultures and languages

Learn about moving to, retiring in, and living with Costa Rica. Regular updates on ex-pat life, politics, and economics.

Boomer geezer retired and moved to Costa Rica. He writes about his life in Atenas and other stuff of interest to boomers. Suitably old but mysteriously advanced.

A blog about living, teaching, and learning in Costa Rica.

Busted flat in California, two Baby Boomer newly-weds strike out for California to start a new life together.

The adventures of Greg and Jen Seymour; 40 something retirees who ditched the rat race and live in Grecia.

Information on retirement in Costa Rica. How to deal with the Spanish Culture, best places to retire for English speaking retirees, banking, food, lifestyle, sights, and other information needed to retire.

Expat Texas family, starting a JERKY business, growing, traveling, learning, blogging, building, teaching, loving and LIVING in Costa Rica with 2 small children and 1 on the way!

Baby boomer blog about retiring to Costa Rica and other boomer stuff. I'm suitably old but mysteriously advanced.

Written by a baby boomer guy that retired and moved to Costa Rica in July 2010 with his wife and four dogs. They live in the country near Atenas.

This blog provides pics, course information on how golf in Costa Rica tries to consider environmental issues like water, wildlife refuges.

Budget Travel Through Costa Rica & the World... One Step at a Time!

About daily life in Atenas Costa Rica and stitchery.

Jeanetta Owens of La Terraza Guest House writes about living in Costa Rica and more.

Great Blog about Costa Rica, events, news, activities, national parks, sport fishing, politics, infrastructure and more

Directory of physician specialists in Costa Rica, specially designed to medical tourism.

Life along the coastal area of Manabi Ecuador through the scribblings and photography of an artist!

Dream Pursuit, Travel, Food, Reviews, TOP 5 lists, traveling stories and more!

Czech Rep

News, resources and information on buying & renting property and living in Bratislava, Budapest, Moscow, Prague and Warsaw.

The new website for English speakers in the Brno (Czech Republic) area is getting bigger and better every day!


Foreigners in Denmark is an online community of people from all over the world who now live in Denmark. So, grab a cup of coffee and come chat with us!

An accidental expat in Copenhagen, Denmark documenting her adjustment to the Scandinavian lifestyle.

Dominican Rep

An Automotive Technician from Canada offers tips and advice on living and buying used cars in the Dominican Republic.


This is an adventure of a couple experiencing Ecuador to ensure their love of the country before relocating from the United States.

A single retired man's life living in Cuenca, Ecuador!

My story of retiring in Cuenca, Ecuador, getting residency and finding an apartment etc!

This blog follows the development an eco-tourism project in a remote part of NW Ecuador near the town of la Merced de Buenos Aires.

My life in Cotacachi, Ecuador sharing what I'd want to know if I had a friend living abroad.

Information for expats traveling or moving to Cuenca Ecuador.

Discover Quito Ecuador with Frank and Angie! Trek through superb shopping malls, journey off the beaten path, and enjoy the purity and beauty of Quito and its people!

Photos, Maps, Hotel, Real Estate and Activity information for every beach in Ecuador.

Blog features photos, facts, and observations about Ecuador as I explore it as retirement option

Non-commercial resources in English for Ecuador expats

Everything you want to know about retiring to Ecuador. This is a top 10 site in Ecuador.

Life of a retired expat couple in Ecuador

Usually hilarious, sometimes insightful, always entertaining observations and experiences of new expats adjusting to life in Cuenca, Ecuador.

Follow the adventures of a traveling ESL teacher.

Ramblings of a retired Canadian police officer.

Bahia de Caraquez, widely reguarded as Ecuadors cleanest coastal city. A comprehensive look updated in January 2012.

Quito is the Capital, right on the Equator, at 9,350 ft. (1.77 miles) above sea level in the heart of the Andes Mountains, where the weather is 50's in the evening, and 70's during the day all year round. Valley of Eternal Springtime!

Our Exit to Cuenca Ecuador with commentary and photos.

A blog and a website about living and travelling in Ecuador.

We (Liliya and Leo) are two transplants from US, residing in Quito. Our blog is about life in Quito.

Wanderer and Teacher arrives in Ecuador, looks around, scratches his head, tries to make sense of it all.

We're "REPACKING OUR BAGS" and heading for Cuenca. This is our story!

We're "repacking our bags" and heading for Cuenca. This is our story!

Every corner of the market in Plaza de Ponchos is crammed with color, interesting designs, and crafts created with skill.

Expat life in Ecuador blog. I first wanted to eventually retire south of the border in 1998 but in Cozumel, Mexico. Lately Mexico looks dangerous, and expensive. Then I looked at Ecuador about a year ago, specifically Cuenca and I was hooked. I got here a week ago without ever visiting first. I got an apartment after six days here. I love it and couldn’t be happier.

My husband and I travelled for 1 year to several countries, Italy, Ecuador, Panama..., . This blog contains leaving our 11 year home in Arizona after finally retiring in April 2011, returning to our home country Canada for several weeks and finally spending 3 months exploring Italy, 6 months exploring Ecuador and then on to Panama. Our year is now finished and after spending the summer of 2012 at home gathering our papers for residency , we are now back in Ecuador.

Two free-wheeling retirees evaluate a change from full-time RVing to living in Ecuador.

This blog chronicles our recent scouting trip to the Ecuador coast and relocation to Salinas!

My journey from the U.S. to retirement in Ecuador

People and places that have made Ecuador home for a wandering soul from the States for the last two years.

NYC to Panama to Ecuador...my life as an expat.

A simple blog about life in Quito, written by the average American family man.

A blog dedicated to an Average American's life in Quito Ecuador.

A Norwegian living in Quito is sharing knowledge and experience about living in the middle of the world.

An American family either running away from it all, or trying to find it.


Just a simple girl from the Caribbean in a big country with a cute guy by her side and tombs and pharaohs to see. From sightseeing to food and every little detail of her new life read her adventures and challenges.

Crazy life of a foreign girl in Egypt. Renovating an apartment, starting a business.

A tongue in cheek, slightly off beat look at surviving everyday Cairo life...with a few handy hints thrown in

Our adventures in life, living in Alexandria and loving Egypt.

An American couple in their 30's abandon their lives in Los Angeles and move to Morocco, then Egypt, and finally, Lisbon, Portugal.

Australian writer living in Siwa Oasis, Egypt, after falling in love with this beautiful place.

Tips, Tricks and hints to negotiate the chaotic existence as an Expat in Cairo

El Salvador

El Salvadoran Gringo Blog a place for looking at what’s going on in El Salvador.

To inform people of what I believe is a most beautiful but overlooked gem in Central America, the country of El Salvador

An American expat family living in El Salvador


Information, news, and articles about living on the French Riviera!

A normal person considers a facelift in France and lives the results in Italy, land of bella figura.

cycling, drinking wine and learning french... all at the same time

Lively weekly photography, painting, writing, and cooking workshops, luncheons for English speaking expats.

Pregnancy and parenting in France.

Thoughts, adventures, and opinions as a woman living in Paris, France.

I'm Shopaholicfromhome who moved to Lyon. J'adore Lyon is my way of exploring France, the French way of life, food, places & adding Polish influence to it!

Observations of the typical French lifestyle, as seen by an outsider, in the small farming village and ski resort of La Clusaz.

Here's a blog to help you learn French!

Living in Languedoc is a blog about making the move from the USA to France.

French, living in Ireland since 2002. Stuck in between not really feeling French anymore but not entirely Irish either...

Escape the rat race and experience meaningful travel .

Im an American expat who moved to France at age 50 to marry my French fiance. The blog/vlog includes videos, photos and written entries about my experiences in France including travel tips, recipes and things to do.

Observations on life in England, France and Italy flavoured with a bit of language learning, and history.

Time off in France is about a family purusing a dream of leaving the rat race of the San Francisco Bay Area for one year (leading to three so far) to rejuvenate, recreate, and live with vitality in a small village in the south of France.

Life in Lyon, France. Marrying a French person and living the daily life in French society after 30 years in the USA.

My adventures as an American woman starting life over at 50 in the French Alps.


I’m a 30 something Melbournian currently based in Leipzig, Germany with my cat and husband. I’m currently writing a romance novel set in a cooking school.

I'm an Arizona girl who fell in love with and married a German.

A humorous account of starting life over at 60 in Germany. In December 2014 my husband and I sold our home and everything in it and left for Germany. A job in Wiesbaden for him, a whim for me, we are finding our way as we begin life again at the ripe old age of 60. Follow along as we muddle our way through.

Thoughts, comments, stories, and insights about transition, change, transformation, and what happens when you cross cultural divides. 1 + 1 (CAN) = 3

The adventures of an American Exchange student living in Germany

A red-blooded American girl that has fallen in love with German culture, the country, and a particular German man.

An American moves to Germany and has some fun, dramatic, and oftentimes bizarre stories.

Travel ideas for Germany, Europe and Canada along with tips for expat living and learning a foreign language.

American Dad, German Mom, and our Germerican son who most definitely speaks Denglish

My adventures in Germany through the eyes of an American complete with photos, culture shock moments, differences & similarities and hopefully a little humor!

Canadian girl meets German boy, falls in love, moves to Germany. Part travel guide, part day-day adventures of living in Germany.

A blog focusing on a couple's adventures in scuba diving, traveling and living as American expats in Mannheim, Germany.

One of the best forums about Munich. Munich map, news, weather, calendar of events are available, a lot of interesting topics about Munich in forum.

Advice, Stories and Photos on Moving to Germany and Traveling in Europe from two current Expats.

This is a group for expats and Germans to get together and have fun while speaking English and/or French. Whether you don't speak German or want to improve your English and/or French this is the place to do what you enjoy with like minded people from your area.


A great collection of delicious, healthy, quick and easy recipes from all around the Mediterranean.


Global Citizen blogs aim to inspire migrants to live like locals, and to help them with a balancing act in their new home way from home.

Welcome To the Guatemalan Gringo Blog, A place that talks about everything Guatemala

I came to learn a language and instead found my heart. Me Gusta Guatemala

News Lake Atitlan was established for one purpose: to provide quality content for those with a vested interest in Lake Atitlan, Guatemala. Because the Internet lacks a great deal of information about Lake Atitlan, this site was established as the lake’s only source of weekly news. Founded in 2014 by J. Schmidt, the site is an answer to locals, visitors, expats, and tourists alike who simply need a good news source about this hidden gem high in the hills of Guatemala.

English language website/blog for the extranjero communities of greater Santa Cruz la Laguna, Guatemala and the Lake Atitlan area.


A website and blog about All Things New in Leogane, Haiti

A photo blog to share photos and stories from his life and work in Cap Haitien, Haiti.


Welcome To the Honduran Gringo Blog, A place that talks about everything Honduras, the web siote is for everything and anything honduras.

Hong Kong

Explore Hong Kong with me as I find the best food, sights and things to do, by day and by night

I am an assistant language teacher in Japan and I love learning languages, giving tips, and sharing ideas about intercultural relationships.

Regular updates from the heart of Kowloon, Hong Kong.


Budacast is Hungary's 'podcast' - an online radio show about arts and culture in Budapest.


Just under one year in Gurgaon. Work, school, daily life, travel. It's an adventure. We're here to learn and answer your questions.

After a Year as an Ex-pat in Calcutta (Kolkata), we move to Gurgaon (near Delhi).

I am Eli. 1/4 of a Greek - Norwegian family now living in India. Follow my everyday adventures in bustling Mumbai.

A lifestyle blog by two girls living in India

Experiences and thoughts from a Belgian expat in India.


Bali Expat is an information resource for people wanting to live in Bali, Indonesia.

One expat's insane life. Join the fun. Read along. Feel free to point fingers and laugh out loud...

A unique spotlight on Indonesian travel, culture, religion, politics and investment.

A website for expats in Indonesia to share information and advice or just to let off stream.

Daily musings of an Indonesian expat who's stranded in Scotland, and has to deal with Scottish people, weather, accent, food, and football. Ironically fun(ny).


Experiences of an American family in Ireland.


Observations of a Californian who has retired to a small town in Umbria.

My experiences as a foreigner living and studying in Italy

An Englishmans comments, experiences, info about living in and around Bergamo Italy for 14 years

A social activities club for men and women, singles and couples in the Florence Tuscany area.

Life in Italy” is about my impressions of this fascinating country and its people.

Your guide to living, working, studying and tourism in Milan, Italy

Jasmine is a (former) pharmacist turned freelance writer, foodie, and fashionista from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada living the sweet life in Bergamo, Italy.

Half British, half Japanese girl learning to comfortably straddle more than one culture.

Our experiences as retirees in Italy after a lifetime in rainy (but wonderful) Seattle.

Reflections on feeling out of place, out of sorts, but not out of mind. A generally optimistic, sometimes poetic, twist on culture shock, resilience, and finding community abroad.

A light hearted look at southern Italy through the eyes of a British expat

My experiences and information on living in a small town in Lunigiana, northern Tuscany Italy

Follow the trials, trails and tribulations of NYC Marketing Executive turned Tuscan village resident in her search for what to do with the second half of her life...

This Italian life - Living in Italy has inspired me to write about Italian food and what immigrants misconstrue, real Italian weddings in contrast to American weddings, and my life experiencing everyday Southern Italy

Living and working in Milan, Italy. Food, wine, people and the stuff that goes on in my head. Plus some touristy stuff.

A single woman re-started life abroad in her 30s, 9 years ago. UK, Italy and now, married in the USA.

Creating a New Life, selling up in the UK, Moving to Italy and Our Escapades in Beautiful South Lazio

Umbria Bella, the blog, is an expat's take on life in Italy's green heart, one of the most beautiful places in the world.

An Italy Expat Blog : An American expat mom, Her Italian poet husband and their darling (and demanding) baby finding la dolce vita throughout Italy.


Escaping the rat race of London to enjoy the idyllic shores of the Seychelles - does it live up to the dream?


My aim is to provide you with as much information to prepare and help you adjust as a foreigner in Almaty, Kazakhstan. If you are still in the process of considering a post in Kazakhstan then my blog will give you a good idea on what to expect.


I like to travel and live abroad; currently I'm teaching ESL in Korea. Nice to meet you, I'm Sally.

This blog takes you through the beginnings of looking for a job overseas, paperwork needed, and the adventures of moving and living in S. Korea.

Chris is an American teaching English in Seoul, South Korea. He writes about working, traveling, and living in Seoul.

Current ESL teachers in South Korea. We love traveling, photography, and living life to the fullest.

A man and wife blog of their travels with EPIK. Includes tips for expats, travel advice, recap videos and funny stories.


This blog highlights my Lenten challenge of giving up shopping and going local in Kuwait!

Useful information for American Expats in Kuwait.

An informative site with realistic information and news about Kuwait, the people, and the culture.

Confused, schizophrenic American lady living in Kuwait commenting on daily occurrances through her warped perspective. Her travels take us beyond the boundaries of normalcy.

Adventurous, American, expat girl living and working in Kuwait.

This is my blog on working in Kuwait. I started a second career as a teacher after having spent many years working with computers. Now, I am living my dream of teaching and traveling. Kuwait is my first assignment. Read and share my adventures working in another country!

A blog about destination ideas from Kuwait and weekend getaways as well as some travel planning tips

An American living in Kuwait… thoughts about my life, my cooking, and travels.


On A Dash of Wanderlust I share my travel adventures, mishaps, and about finding my niche in Vilnius.


A seaoned British expats take on moving to and living in Luxembourg

My diary as a German Teacher in Luxembourg - in easy German

Expat mum of two little ones writing about everything related to our experience living in Luxembourg as expats, from local info to schools, from supermarkets to restaurants…

An expat's odyssey to thrive with food allergies in Luxembourg and beyond.


News and advise on expat life in Macedonia. Everything you need on Macedonia, in English, updated daily.


Retired in Penang. Moving considerations and experiences of expat life in Penang.

Happy Go KL will bring you tips what to do in KL with your kids - or without them. We will also talk about parenting, traveling and all other things happy.

An off-the-cuff look at the life and travels of a young American expat in Kuala Lumpur.

Guide around emigration, retirement, life and traveling in Malaysia in german and english language.

An American Expat's chronicle of retiring to Malaysia.

Diplomatic spouse on posting to Kuala Lumpur - making it work with our toddler and new baby.

While In KL will share to the world, the very own experience and fact based informations about Malaysia with a personal touch. It is us, siblings, staying for a while in KL and spreading the word of our thoughts.


My year long adventure in the middle of the Mediterranean on an island most can't find on a map. Malta.

An Irish expat's guide to living and working in Malta.

A few suggestions on what to expect from working and living in Malta.


Resources for Gringos traveling to Baja. Info for Weekend Vacations or ExPat Retirement.

Adventures of a couple that moved to Mexico 7 years ago.

Send us your Events in English in Mexico City to include in our calendar

This blog and website focuses mainly on expat information for those wanting to expatriate to Mexico.

Expatify.com aims to inspire travelers into becoming expats and provide advice to those who are. We also have a 100% free real estate section to help connect sellers with potential buyers.

A detailed description with photos of life in and around Catemaco.

Blog shows you how to live stress free lifestyle in Mexico for 40% less than your spending now and be happy again.

Life in the Central Highlands of Mexico Puebla/Tlaxcala area.

An American expat entrepreneur in Mexico

An expat's musing on life in the middle of Mexico.

A resource for expatriates to share their experiences in Saltillo, Coahuila, Mexico.

Trips, Trials and Tales of living in Mexico since 2005

Collaborative blog about life in Lake Chapala, Mexico, and Montana, United States, by three authors.

Surviving Mexico, one disaster or adventure at a time!

Teaching English and travelling in Oaxaca Mexico. I'm a 30 year old English teacher from England. I currently work in Miahuatlán, Oaxaca, Mexico in a university. I write about funny experiences in the classroom, education in Mexico and interesting places that I travel.


Hi! My name is Leah and I am serving as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Moldova.

A blog about the Republic of Moldova as a retirement destination for expats


A city girl that moved from South Africa to the Namibian desert.


A Southern-US woman's new life in the Netherlands

A blog about life as an expatriate in the Netherlands covering hot topics in Dutch society, personal insights, tips and general information.

Dutch culture & language fan gives insiders tips, advice and information on the Netherlands through text, translation & events. Lekker & Leuk!

Living abroad and sharing the good, the less good and the just plain odd.

Living abroad and sharing the good, the less good and the just plain odd. Only with a crosscultural twist.

I have moved to Amsterdam 3 years ago and I cannot imagine living anywhere else ever since. Join me in my daily walks through the streets of this beautiful city and you will get an idea of what it feels like to be living in this part of the world!

The British Society of Amsterdam - serving the Expat since 1920

Cafecito con leche... in Dutch. A website/blog about becoming an expat in the Netherlands. Journeying from LA to Utrecht.

Tiffany Jansen is an American who found herself transported to the Netherlands after marrying her Dutch husband. Follow along on Tiffany's adventures and read her thoughts and observations. If you ever wanted to know about life as an expat in the Netherlands, this is the place to go!

A blog about the best Amsterdam has got to offer for expats; restaurants, happenings, social events, and more.

A practical guide and colourful introduction to life in the Netherlands

DutchReview is a Dutch magazine for expats, Dutchies with an international taste, Internationalists with a Dutch appetite, in short: anything involving Dutchness.

Restaurant reviews, food news and the latest dining deals from a British food writer living in Amsterdam.

A blog about Amsterdam as the perfect headquarter for traveling, cycling and a lot more!

A writer's musings on life as an Expat who loves to cook, travel and make things in a small village in the Netherlands.

This is a 22-year-old's attempt to capture the absurdity of her life in the Netherlands, including but not limited to: gratuitous pictures of her own cooking, revelations on the underpinnings of Dutch culture and the occasional obscure pop culture reference.

Dine with the Dutch. Learn more about Dutch culture, find out more about Holland and the Dutch way of life.

A 20s-something girl from the USA transplanted to the Netherlands, taking advantage of all that life in Europe has to offer.

Everyday stories of expat life from a happily expatriate scientist, building businesses, learning Dutch, living remarkably in Europe.

Sharing my adventures as an expat in Holland.

New Zealand

A Southern American moves to New Zealand and writes about his experiences there.

A young couple from California USA documenting our ocean filled adventures as we move from Southern California to New Zealand in 2015


Retirement in Nicaragua on a budget.

A website about Nicaragua for the expat and those thinking of moving to Nicaragua.

I’m an expact from Texas living in Granada, Nicaragua. I moved here only a few months ago with my wife and 4-year-old son. Why? Well, that’s a question I got asked a lot when we decided to move. Join me as I discover the adventures of living life in Granada, Nicaragua.

Welcome To the Nicaraguan Gringo Blog, A place that talks about everything Nicaragua

Information on Nicaragua and our diaries since choosing to move here.

Two retired teachers are rewired and retired on Ometepe island, Nicaragua.

The survival guide to the Caribbean coast of Nicaragua


... sharing my life as an expat and a traveler through words and photos


The adventures of a 25 year old girl making the jump from life in Scotland to sunny Oman.


How we decided to give it all up and become senior nomads...

Articles on Expat living written by an American who has been a full time Expat since 1988 and who now lives in Panama.

Panama informational blog to assist expats, residents, and visitors using stories, links and listings.

A Canadian who has relocated from Edmonton, Alberta to the countryside of the Azuero Peninsula and the small, sleepy town of Pedasi, Panama. Follow along as she puts words together to make it look like life in retirement in the Panamanian countryside is scintillating and exciting. Sometimes she just uses pictures, because they're prettier.

Welcome To the Panamanian Gringo Blog, A place that talks about everything Panama Participate in the discussion by adding your comments and following us with the RSS feed. This blog focuses on everything related to panama information for Expats local events and news related to all of panama

See Panama from children's eyes as they discover the wonder of Panama!

We have retired and moved to Panama! We live in David, Chiriqui Province, and we're having a great time.

Our journey from high school teachers in Florida to expats in Boquete, Panama


Paraguayan Gringo blog a place for History, Culture, Traditions, & News


People, places and events along the major highway in the Philippines.

Colourful pictures and scam advice, positive and negative experience, opinions, thoughts and remaks about life in Philippines.

Dutch expat wants to spent the rest of his life in the Philippines, keeping blog and website.

A blog chronicling the life of a Filipina who immigrated to the U.S. through the K1 Fiancé(e) Visa Process.

An expat blog on the adventures of a 25 year old British male, who relocated to Cebu city, The Philippines.

Guide to retirement and travel in the Philippines by an American expat. Videos, pictures, cost of living chart.

A diary of my life in the Philippines between 2005 and the present

Covers my life in the Philippines from 2005 to present time. Lots of great articles & Information on the country

Philippines Retirement Information

The adventures, misadventures and everyday life of a Texan surviving in the most hospitable country in the world, The Land of Smiles, The Philippines

This is the journey of my wife and I as we live in Cebu Philippines. As we adapt to life and get ready for the adventure to the US.


Born in Malaysia, educated in Australia, worked in Singapore and now living in Portugal - life sure brings along funny twists and turns. Join my adventures as I dive into something totally out of my comfort zone. From a career in advertising to a kitchen and domestication. I can assure you it´ll be hilarious.

A blog about the journey of an expat family in Central Portugal, the joys of schooling, renovating an old house, cultural differences, house hunting plus local events and attractions.


What the fuschia duck? American-born, Swiss-immigrated, Qatar-living, mother-of-two, wife-to-one, kooki cookie maker, buffling through life with a feisty 5-year-old, a 10-year-old going on 16, and a Swiss husband, age unidentified.

A little off the grid.

Delectable bits and nomadic ramblings from a tranquil life in the Middle East. Daily life of an American expat family in Doha, Qatar.


Live. Learn. Bucharest. The real-world info and discussion guide to english-speaking life in Bucharest, Romania.


A long-term American expat living in Russia. Focus on travel, food, and photography.

Hilarious blog about an Englishman in Russia. What will he do next?

Slowly having a breakdown..... A blog and diary of life in Moscow Russia and the daily routine of being a 'SAHD' stay at home dad and other such things. Join me on a tongue-in-cheek fun journey into another universe. Sponsored by: Babywipes, keeping those parts moist and clean. Published now & then: Price: Free. Copyright 2010. Poo Vision inc.

An expat mom tries to stay sane and paleo while living in Moscow. Nutrition, Recipes, and Fitness

It's all about Russia, it's people, it's culture, it's history, from the far east and everything in between.

Saudi Arabia

I write about how I perceive life in Saudi Arabia, my experiences, and I give some helpful links for expats.

Living the vida Riyadh and other insights to the lands of Scheherezade by a Greek Australian

Diary of a Kiwi women and living life under the radar in Saudi Arabia.

A blog about our expat lives in Saudi Arabia and travels around the world.

A wife from the U.S., sharing her stories and experiences of life in Saudi Arabia.

South Africa

My family of four and our experiences and everyday life in the Republic of South Africa.

Experiences of living, working and traveling abroad in the UK.


This is my story of moving to Spain, from waiting for our house to be ready, up to the present day.

Sharing my notes, thoughts and observations from our familys point of view and what it is really like experiencing the unique cultural lifestyle of Valencia and living here as a young British ex-pat family in Spain.

Easy Inexpensive Spanish Recipes

We are a lifestyle blog for expats living in Madrid. Includes legal,Spanish classes current events, fitness, and more!

Follow the adventures of a traveling ESL teacher.

Irish girl living in Madrid, teaching English, learning Spanish, discovering the culture, chaos and reality of life abroad!

Blogspot about life in general when living in Spain.Especially Andalucia and language teaching with tips and advice about working and practicalities.

A blog about my life in Cordoba, Andalucia. I breed alpacas and live off grid.

The story of our Mallorcan relocation adventure

This blog on Spain seeks to puncture the "Hemingway paradigm." It is part travel guide, part cultural guide, and part cultural study.

A blog written by an American psychologist in Madrid, Spain. With advice on well-being, mental health and living your best life abroad.

Check out what is going on in Valencia? Que pasa en Valencia?

Love to travel, and relocating from Atlanta, GA, USA, to Valencia, Spain... and blogging the journey!

¡Vaya Madrid! is all about Madrid - in English. Get fresh updates on style, culture, innovation, entertainment, people and cuisine from our dedicated team of writers who call this city home.

Sri Lanka

This blog is about setting up a home in Sri Lanka from Dubai. Expect to hear about frustrations and happiness.

Loving life in Ceylon: a guide for residents and expats to-be in Sri Lanka


An American PhD learns to navigate her new life in Zurich. No prior German required.

A Swiss globetrotting mum, figlia di Americano, con corazòn Napoletano and a British accent walking on the wild side of Lugano!

A Year of Ironman Training on a Plant-based Diet in Europe.

web magazine for international moms and expats living in Switzerland

A Singaporean and an American tackle the Swiss Alps.

Expat adventures working and living in Zurich from an American expat.

I am an American mother of four married to a very tall Swiss man for the past twenty years. Professional translator, artist manager and adventurer, I embrace a gallimaufry lifestyle. And love it.

A blog sharing descriptions of daily life in Switzerland. The site covers topics including travel, cultural differences and things to do.


Tales of humor and intrigue as a Western expat woman attempts to fit herself into the decidedly Eastern world of northern Thailand.

Tales of humor and intrigue from a an American expat woman trying to fit her Western self into decidedly Eastern northern Thailand.

Sam and Chris are US expats living in Thailand while working for an American multinational and traveling throughout Southeast Asia

Photos, journeys, and reflections by a Canadian expat recently retired in Chiangmai, Thailand.

This blog and e-book guide is the only source of information for female expats living and/or working in Thailand.

Learn what it's like to be a Farang (foreigner) in Thailand, working and chilling out while raising two sons and growing old with his Thai wife.

How 2 Twenty Somethings sold their crap, left their jobs, and moved to Thailand

American ex-pats who first lived in China now live in Thailand.

Wander with me as I discover how to get the most out of traveling on a budget, and how to live as an expat anywhere in the world.


Covers my working as an expat life in 16 countries in the Mid, Far East & North Africa

A blog showing real life in Turkey, the sides tourists don't see, good and bad. Blogging Everyday.

A wide range of subjects, some serious, some silly about life in Turkey, personal stories, and anything else that interests me.

Ideas and suggestions for road trips and short breaks in the Antalya area.


An expat in Dubai shares her adventures abroad.

Wassla Weekly provides you all the information you need regarding culture, arts, intellectual events, sustainable lifestyle and entertainment in Dubai and the UAE.


It is only natural to want to live in England, especially the southwest, and here's why.

BrokeinLondon.com is a one-stop shop for all the links and tips someone needs to know when moving to London.

A lipstick expat from Seattle searches for meaning among queueing Brits while eating her lunch

A lipstick expat from Seattle searches for meaning among queueing Brits.

Everything you need to know about making the big move overseas and living abroad. Friendly advice and networking, including candid stories of my own travel adventures and lessons learnt!

The blog of an American living in Oxford, United Kingdom.

Your complete guide to immigrating to the UK. Get a visa, study, find a job and accommodation and live in the UK.

A fashion-writing, animal-loving, American expat, livin' in London. Expect fashion, travel, photography, lifestyle, good reads, and plenty of awkward moments.

Chick from the States, living the dream in the UK; travelin' the world and writin' about it.

United States

Expat life, experiences & cultural changes of emigrating to USA from Great Britain

Written by Richard Heinrich, a 27 year-old British expat living in San Francisco, The Expat Blog is a hub of stories, features and advice for the world's nomads.

Our blog provide information on events and advice for jobseekers and entrepreneurs in Chicagoland


Adventures in Uruguay, Making money overseas and great photography!

The Exploring Uruguay website, blog and forum provide information about Uruguay for expats and visitors.

Observations on art and culture in Montevideo, Uruguay, written by a Canadian expat.

A place for looking at what’s going on in Uruguay for Expats loonking for information on Culture, Hitory and Expat living


Virtual community of expats in Uzbekistan


This Doug guy is an American first introduced to Indochina thanks to the US Air Force in 1967. Unable to put the the time spent there to rest, 30 years later he's back again. From then on he has split his time between there and the states. Blogging about his dual life, travels and what ever else he feels like writing about. It is his blog.

This blog is written by an expatriate teenager living in Vietnam writing about the culture and taking pictures!

A blog aimed at those moving to or wanting to learn about living in Hanoi.

The Vietnam Traveler is a photo blog about my trips to Ho Chi Minh City and surrounding area from 2006.


A blog full of info about living in Yemen. You can ask questions, too.

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