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Expat Guide to Living Abroad

Whether you're already living abroad or preparing to move overseas, our Expat Guide to Living Overseas can help guide you. For answers to specific questions, use our Country Forums to talk with other expats and retirees already living abroad.

Additional Articles
10 Tips for Moving to France

Finn offers straightforward advice for those moving to France and living in France. Some tips may seem like common sense, like learning French, but many expats ignore them and miss out on unique cultural experiences!

As Good as a Passport: Bringing Your Pets to the UK without Quarantine

In 2000, UK introduced the new Pet Travel Scheme (PETS). It is now possible to bring a pet dog or cat (though currently no other pets) into the UK without subjecting it to quarantine.

New York Suburbs: Greenwich, CT - Best Commute in Connecticut

With the fastest commute to New York City in Connecticut, this extremely affluent city boasts and busy downtown, marinas, beaches and good schools.

Negotiating the Best Expat Package for Your Next International Assignment

If you've been offered an international assignment, this article is a must read. Achim Heuser provides practical advice about negotiating your expat salary, benefits, housing allowance, tax liability, annual leave and more.

The Joys of Rural England!

Ideas for a weekend getaway to Salisbury.

U.S. Taxes on Income Earned Abroad - How Can it Affect You?

Americans living abroad are subject to US tax liability on their foreign earned income -- even though the foreign country may tax the same earnings.

UK International Schools: A Lesson in Learning

American parents relocating to the UK will find a wealth of educational opportunities available for their children. Jon Tabbert guides you through the maze.

Aix-en-Provence: The Town of a Thousand Fountains

Aix-en-Provence, the "town of a thousand fountains", is the cultural giant of Provence.

10 Types of Expats

Tom Johnson offers a slightly sarcastic and highly entertaining analysis of the ten types of expats. What type of expat are you?

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