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SSS replied to the thread INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL on the Fiji forum:
BT2510 initially posted:
Hi Does anyone have kids in the international school in Suva? If so what's it like? I have two highschool aged children. Also does anyone know if there is a cheerleading club in Suva?
SSS replied on August 14, 2015 with:
I did not attend the international school. My family arrived in Fiji in 2002 and I departed Fiji in 2005. My comment is for bob who made a point of the education in Fiji being sub optimal. I attended a local school. It was the most humbling, exciting time of my life. The quality of science and maths was above what I had experienced in Australia. The level of English was poorer but not terrible. I completed Form 4 through to 7 in Fiji. (Year 9 to 12). In 2006 I enrolled at The University of Sydney and I subsequently have obtained a Bachelors, a Post Grad Cert and a masters from there. I'm now a health professional. I have a plethora of friends who attended the local school with me. They are now doctors, lawyers, pharmacists, accountants, pilots and engineers. I can't say the same for my friends who attended international. I think the highest achieving that I know of got a Bachelor of Science in the U.S. somewhere. Some of the local schools are fantastic. If international doesn't provide additional assistance you could always consider getting them tuition from a local school teacher. I had some tutoring in Maths to catch me up when I first moved and it was fantastic. Good luck
bobnsimmo replied on August 13, 2015 with:
my kids went there for 2 yrs 2013 + 2015. The school has no support for kids needing extra support be they learning difficulties or mental health. Some of the teachers would be better suited teaching in local schools. Having said that though many of them try their best. Although it is called an International school the standards aren't that high. I wasn't left with a great impression of the school and many other parents felt the same way. I was advised before we went by my kids principal in Aus not to let my kids do Yrs 11&12 there.
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Mojombo replied to the thread moving to Fiji?? on the Fiji forum:
hobie initially posted:
My wife and I have visited Fiji several times and are curious about moving there from the US. I'll be researching things, but if you have a good direction to point me, please do. As well, if you have experience with this, please share. :)
Mojombo replied most recently with:
If you have any notion of brining a car with you, make sure you contact a company that has experience & knows what they're doing. I tried doing this on the cheap & what a mistake! Anyway, worth your time to put some research into this if you're considering. Here's the one I settled on but your mileage may vary. I'd encourage anyone that finds themself in this situation to contact AT LEAST 5 companies before making a decision.
khellner replied most recently with:
Gary, I have a few questions that I thought you may be able to help me with. My husband and I want to move somewhere like Fiji for a year or two. We want to work while we are there, and we want to take our two dogs. Sounds like you have done both of these things. What was the process like taking your dogs with you? Did they have to be quarantined? Also, how did you go about finding a job there. Were the places you looked open to hiring someone from the U.S. That was there on a Visa? Thank you for any informaiton you have to offer.
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SarahFranz replied to the thread YOUNG EXPATS IN FIJI?!?! on the Fiji forum:
Ellieandmatt2015 initially posted:
Hey there My partner and I have just moved to Denerau and are looking to find any other expats to socialise with as we are 21 and 27 and dont know alot of people our age. Even any mum's that want some more social times. We are just finding it a bit hard to make friends who are the same age as us! Thanks!
SarahFranz replied most recently with:
Hi Ellieandmatt2015, It is great to see people like yourself wanting to get out and about. While my partner works, I find it hard to occupy my time and have started to help the community. I have done all sorts of things from looking after animals to even working on a Fijians farm picking up cow poo. Both my partner and I would like to catch up with you guys as we only seem to notice older people around Fiji. It would also be great to catch up and talk about the location of the lingerie shop. I look forward to hearing from you. Sarah
sandinmycrack replied most recently with:
sure there is
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SarahFranz replied to the thread Adult shop fiji on the Fiji forum:
Ellieandmatt2015 initially posted:
Hi expats - random but does anyone know of any adult shops in Fiji?? Lingerie, ect :-) thanks
SarahFranz replied most recently with:
Hi Ellieandmatt2015, I have been living in Nadi for two months now and have come across one place. It is down the back streets of Nadi. They sell all sorts of sexy lingerie and it is really cheap as they say its second hand. But don't worry because they guarantee it's washed. If your partner is like mine, they won't even notice their second hand. Please send me an email if you want the exact location.
sandinmycrack replied most recently with:
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maggieabroad posted Looking for work in Nadi on the Fiji forum:
I am an American looking to relocate to Nadi to be with my partner, who is working there on a contract. I have done a lot of research and the conclusion seems to be that finding paid work as an ex-pat is near impossible without sponsorship/contract from a company that brings you over. So here’s my question: has anyone had success finding paid work in Fiji AFTER arriving on a tourist visa (and then switching to a work visa)? Does anyone know of “under-the-table” opportunities for ex-pats? And finally, does anyone have advice on companies/industries/organizations that are specifically looking to hire well-educated Americans? I am not particular about the kind of work I do, as long as I get fair compensation (by Fiji standards). My background is in news media and journalism, but I have teaching, service, childcare, and administrative experience. (Before anyone suggests it, I have interviewed with ISN and have been in touch with them regarding opening regularly. They are not very interested in hiring me because I do not have an official teaching certificate.)
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maggieabroad replied to the thread HAIRDRESSER IN FIJI?!??!?! on the Fiji forum:
Ellieandmatt2015 initially posted:
Hi there. I am moving to Fiji in 3 weeks and desperately need to know if I am going to be able to find a hairdresser to do blonde Australian foils? and bead hair extensions? I cant seem to find any salons that look good! Looking to get advice from other expats - living in Nadi but willing to travel as far as I need!! Thankyou
maggieabroad replied most recently with:
Whatever you do, DO NOT go to New Wave Beauty on Queens Road. Not only did they ask for more than the listed price for each service, push more services and "add-ons" on me, I LOST TONS OF HAIR after going to them. My scalp burned and I was pulling out handfuls for a month. I hope you find somewhere that can accommodate caucasian hair, and please let me know!
Narata4Me replied most recently with:
I was in the same boat as you are and going to live in Fiji for 6 months. Asked my hairdresser what to do, she put me onto a Hair Care girl at my local Priceline who matched my root colors to a range they had in stock, had to mix two tubes together. Taught my son how to do the brushing onto my hair roots and it worked perfect for a total of $20 for both products. Cant remember the name of Brand but one tube was Swedish Blond & the other was a yellow bottle of a bleach type.
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MikeT6 posted Fiji vs Philippines on the Fiji forum:
Which one is better for living long term? I would like to make a comparison on the following criteria. Availability of food: locally grown, imported; the range of food. I imagine food security may be a big problem on a small isolated island such as Fiji. Cost of living, rent. In Ph there seems to be many cheap rent options and in Fiji more than 30 % of population live in informal squatter settlements. Natural disasters: typhoons, floods, eartquakes. Diseases: malaria, dengue, tuberculosis, where the rate is higher? Environment: trash, serious pollution (heavy metal contamination), water pollution - where is it higher? Cost of other common goods, electronics; cost of fuel for cooking, access to electricity, drinking water. Your insights and opinions are welcome.
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ecbrown14 posted social workers? on the Fiji forum:
Bula! After 9 years of traveling to FIji I am getting reading to graduate with my masters degree in social work in less than a year and am hoping to move to FIji. Are there any social workers here that have insights or connections?
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Linda275 posted Living and working in Fiji on the Fiji forum:
HI, I'm going to guess that this question has been asked hundreds of times so I apologise in advance. Ive been looking t move abroad for the last year and initially been looking at Indonesia, recently, an opportunity as come up in Fiji and I'm really just trying to understand if it is possible to set up a small business (possibly a self funded NGO) in Fiji, clearly, longer term I'd also like to own my own home there, if all goes well, Is it possible? Having spent a year looking at the same prospect in Indonesia, I can say its very difficult and not straightforward, so I am really just looking for some high level advice of the possible 'pitfalls' before I take this any further, so any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks, Linda
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ksm556 posted Should I accept job in Fiji? on the Fiji forum:
Hi, I am an IT professional from India and have received a job offer from a company in Fiji (Lautoka). I have two school going kids. 1) Are there any international schools in Fiji & are they affordable? 2) How is the social security for expats in Fiji? Kindly advise. Ksm --
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