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FarmerOllie posted Permaculture Farms Fiji? on the Fiji forum on September 14, 2014:
Hello to all! I'm preparing my move to Fiji coming this November and in research of farms that practice permaculture methods and principles. I am open to exploring anywhere within the islands so a specific location isn't a priority. I am a current farmer with experience and looking to reach out to farms in Fiji that are active and practicing permaculture. Greatly appreciate any names of Farms, people or suggestions that you might have. Thank you kindly, Oli
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Property in Suva, Fiji for Rent
3 bedroom flat with 1 master bedroom and laundry area to let. Fully furnished, fully air-conditioned with hot and cold water facilities and large parking area
alieska posted primary education on the Fiji forum on September 09, 2014:
if you are not happy with the primary education of your child , I can recommend :
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bobnsimmo replied to the thread Pet immigration Fiji on the Fiji forum:
Wendel initially posted:
Dear All, I am moving temporarily to fiji for a 3 year contract. My family has an additional 3 members in the form of two dogs and a cat. We are looking for advice on how to and whether to relocate our animals to fiji. Both on incoming and outgoing relocation. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks Wendel
bobnsimmo replied on September 08, 2014 with:
hi Warren did you manage to find out if there was anyone in Fiji who can arrange transporting your pets out of Fiji?
Wendel replied on June 14, 2014 with:
Thank you for your response, much appreciated. Warren
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stumpy replied to the thread Taking Gold/Silver to Fiji / Buying/Selling on the Fiji forum:
Mike270 initially posted:
Hi, I'm considering moving to Fiji. I don't trust in paper money, so I put most of my savings into Gold & Silver. I found articles from 2008 that basically hint at a gold confiscation ( ). Am I interpreting this right? Is it safe & sound to take gold/silver to Fiji? Can I buy/sell Gold/Silver anonymously on Fiji ? Thanks Mike
stumpy replied on September 03, 2014 with:
Short answer is NO
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williewanka posted Honda/ House on the Fiji forum:
I have a brand new Honda for sale in Nadi. Because I'm leaving my house will be available as well, located in Naisoso
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Cwis posted Looking for Accommodation in Nadi on the Fiji forum:
My husband is already in Fiji (Nadi) and I will join in 2 Months. He has just started looking for an apartment for us, but so far nothing suitable. If anyone has any information that might help we would appreciate that. We are New Zealanders but are relocating from London.
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whits posted Self Contained Accommodation on the Fiji forum:
Trying to find a self contained house to rent at various times through out the year (some a few nights, sometimes a week) We currently work at a hotel and need days off. A nice place to stay with good kitchen to cook would be ideal. Something a little more homely and less expensive than the Sheraton!
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BulaKerlara replied to the thread Moving to Fiji from USA on the Fiji forum:
BrittanyNiles initially posted:
Hello... I am new to this forum and am hoping to get advice from people who have relocated from the US to Fiji. I have been doing a lot of research and am leaning toward the Coral Coast area in Viti Levu. I am a yoga teacher and hope to secure a job as an instructor at a resort before I relocate. I would appreciate any feedback on good places to live in the area, prices, crime rate, shopping, etc. Thank you!!
BulaKerlara replied most recently with:
I think litter is a better definition---In the cities -- countryside may be better as they burn or compost their garbage. Of course bottles & aluminum is recycled. Some people are coming directly from India as Itenerate cane farmers. Just remember you are in a poor third world country. I love Fiji and have been there 4 times now. The native Fijians are very friendly, lovely people. I want to retire there from the USA. I'm just investigating the tax consequences and Social Security income.
drdarling replied most recently with:
Hi, we too are considering moving to fiji and have gotten conflicting info. I am a US medical doctor and my partner wants to set up a B&B or health retreat. So $1600 US gets you license to start any business there! And gives you a 3 year work visa? Also, is it really that polluted with litter? That surprises me. We will be spending 3 weeks there in May. Looking for land and housing to purchase as well as a place for me to practice medicine, either solo or to be hired in a clinic. I do primarily holistically medicine. Any suggestions? Thanks, Tracy
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stumpy replied to the thread Nigerian Dr Moving to Fiji with Family on the Fiji forum:
Femidudu initially posted:
Hello everyone, I'm planning to move to Fiji with my family towards the end of the year.I am hoping to secure an appointment with the Fiji Ministry of Health.I need a frank advice on cost of living,Tax, accomodation,schooling for my kids,access to Australia or New Zealand....etc with two kids and my Teacher wife (would she get a teaching Job?).My expected income is abou 40thousand. US dollars yearly.would this be enough to live a comfortable life and also give my kids a good well as save some to be sent to folks at home (Nigeria)?t
stumpy replied most recently with:
For cost of living try
john60 replied most recently with:
Hi. I am Australian. Only visited Fiji but I believe income will be v.good in normal sphere. Schools good as far as I can see. I am hoping to start a business in Fiji, but actually am going to Ghana for a bit. My Fiji Dr was barefooted did resorts , was casual but great. Pacific Harbour
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