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becnielsen posted TV Show - Looking for Stand-ins on the Fiji forum on April 10, 2014:
We are producing a new Australian TV show on one of the islands and we are looking for 3 male and 3 female stand-ins. They will be required to rehearse elements of the show and then be our stand-ins for the camera rehearsals each day. If you are interested please contact Bec ASAP on or phone 948 1324. Thanks! Bec
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Jarmand posted Renewing a tourist Visa on the Fiji forum on April 07, 2014:
Hello everyone, I am new to this forum and am planning to move to Fiji from the U.S. in May. I appreciate any help with these questions about the tourist visa: 1) Is the three month visa pretty much automatically extended to six months after doing the necessary paperwork in Suva? 2) When I enter the country the first time, will it be okay to show my plane ticket out of there dated six months hence even though I do not yet have the extension? 3) Can that plane ticket be round trip? Ie. In November I will be visiting family in Chicago for a week. After that, the plan is to go right back to Fiji so it will be a round trip ticket for the event in Chicago and it will be, essentially, a visa run. 4) sort of a follow up of #3: is there some limit as to how much time in a one year period I can be spending there? I suspect not, but just wish to check. Thank you again, John
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jochristy replied to the thread Aus to Fiji on the Fiji forum on April 07, 2014:
Mclovin initially posted:
Bula everyone! My partner and I are looking at moving to the Coral Coast, Fiji. We are checking out some land in a few weeks. Exciting!! Just wondering if there is anyone on here that lives in Fiji, in particular the Coral Coast, that can share any wisdom or experiences with us?? Thanks in advance. :)
jochristy replied on April 07, 2014 with:
We are living here now and we live at Pacific Harbour. We are an hour west of Suva on the coral coast.
Mclovin replied on April 06, 2014 with:
Bula Joanne! Thanks for the reply. Hehe, sounds like things operate on island time for sure! :) But thats part of the charm. We were planning on buying land first, then building. But we will of course be ready for the looong build time. I hear Pacific Harbour is a fun place to be. We love our diving and surfing, so the Coral Coast looks ideal for us. Are you working there or retired? Must be quite a change of scenery coming from Canada! Which I would to visit one day too. I will check out the Realtor you mentioned now.... Cheers
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property in FijiMain home contains 3br's, 2 large loft areas. 2 car garage, 1br caretakers below.
property in FijiMain home contains 3br's, 2 large loft areas. 2 car garage, 1br caretakers below.
drdarling replied to the thread Moving to Fiji from USA on the Fiji forum:
BrittanyNiles initially posted:
Hello... I am new to this forum and am hoping to get advice from people who have relocated from the US to Fiji. I have been doing a lot of research and am leaning toward the Coral Coast area in Viti Levu. I am a yoga teacher and hope to secure a job as an instructor at a resort before I relocate. I would appreciate any feedback on good places to live in the area, prices, crime rate, shopping, etc. Thank you!!
drdarling replied most recently with:
Hi, we too are considering moving to fiji and have gotten conflicting info. I am a US medical doctor and my partner wants to set up a B&B or health retreat. So $1600 US gets you license to start any business there! And gives you a 3 year work visa? Also, is it really that polluted with litter? That surprises me. We will be spending 3 weeks there in May. Looking for land and housing to purchase as well as a place for me to practice medicine, either solo or to be hired in a clinic. I do primarily holistically medicine. Any suggestions? Thanks, Tracy
BlueLagoon13 replied most recently with:
It is easy and inexpensive to setup a sole trader business (us$1600) which gives you work permit and 3 year visa. Let me know if you need assistance. Alex
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Barkhajaiswal posted Advise needed on relocation on the Fiji forum:
Hi, There is a possibility of we moving with our children to Fiji soon. I have some queries before taking the call, it will be of great help if anyone could help 1. How is the safety and security. 2. Which are the good school, I have 2 kids in primary school currently. 3. What is the monthly cost of schooling in the best schools. 4. What is avg. cost of living. Any information will be of great help. Thanks in advance
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A reader commented on the Expat Report Culture Shock in Suva, Fiji
Do you have any advice or thoughts about culture shock you would like to share?
Do not come to Fiji unless you are willing to be openly cheated, use to not having hot water, able to take bug bites and tolerate strange food. (Continue)
A reader replied most recently with:
I have been to Fiji - Suva many times (8). I have found the Native Fijians to be very friendly and hospitable to us. However the Indian Fijians have been rather rude to us. Also charged higher prices as well. It is the Indians NOT the Fijians who have this attitude problem with Americans Expats. I have found all Fijians not to have this attitude. I don't even go into the Indian business' due to their attitude.
A reader replied recently with:
lol must be american
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slh2507 posted Need a cheap and reliable car on the Fiji forum:
Are any expats selling a cheap and reliable car. Will to pay approx $10,000 FJD. Preferred location of pick up Nadi or Latouka region. Would like a small SUV/ 4WD. Thanks
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drdarling replied to the thread Holistic Health Care in Fiji? on the Fiji forum:
MikeMT initially posted:
I am considering a move from the US to Fiji. I own a small Holistic Health Care clinic which, of course, I will want to relocate there. I am not a licensed doctor but I am a state licensed massage therapist. Will that make any difference? What kind of reception, hurdles, hoops, etc... can I expect? Of course I'll do the leg work researching the move, just want a little info on what I'm up against. Thx!
drdarling replied most recently with:
I am a holistic MD in California looking to relocate to Fiji by next year. Following this thread and thought if there were synergy we could all share a practice? Where in Fiji are you looking?
oriana68 replied most recently with:
Don't know much about this.
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