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ranadelnorte replied to the thread MailDrop postal/mail services in Paris? on the France forum:
MEDIA initially posted:
Je recherche un prestataire à Paris, qui proposerait une adresse postale physique classique, à laquelle il serait possible d‘envoyer des lettres et des paquets. On pourrait faire suivre le courrier en attente à cette adresse, scanné par par e-mail ou par FAX. AmericanExpress proposait un tel service qui s’appelait le« client mail service ». Qui connaîtrait actuellement un prestataire pour un service similaire de « MailDrop » ? J’avais trouvé un prestataire qui, en plus, proposait un tarif réduit pour les journalistes. Mais j’ai malheureusement perdu ses coordonnées. Avez-vous une idée ? Merci ! I am looking for a service in Paris that would give me a normal postal address where letters and packages could be sent. From this street address, mail could also be forwarded, or scanned via email or fax. American Express had this type of "client mail service". Does anybody know of any providers in Paris with this kind of “MailDrop” service? I had found one that offered something similar to journalists at a discount; unfortunately, the documents that were sent to me got lost. Ideas? Thank you! Ich suche in Paris einen Anbieter, der eine ganz normale physische Postadresse anbietet an die man sich Briefe und Pakete senden lassen kann. Von dieser Straßenadresse kann man sich die gesammelte Post weitersenden lassen, gescannt per E-Mail oder FAX. AmericanExpress hatte dies als „client mail service“. Wer kennt aktuell Anbieter eines solchen „MailDrop“-Dienstes? Ich hatte schon einen Anbieter gefunden, der dazu für Journalisten einen Rabatt anbot. Leider sind mir die Unterlagen abhanden gekommen. Ideen? Danke!
ranadelnorte replied 11 hours ago with:
Hello - This is an older post, so don’t know whether you’re still looking for a mail drop service. The short answer is yes – there are many such establishments in Paris – just pick an area that is most convenient for you. They are called “domiciliations commerciales.” They usually don’t accept parcels, but will provide all the other services you require. For legal reasons, you must prove you have a bona-fide business. These services are not inexpensive. Mine is a lower-end service (address is not prestigious); it costs about 600 euros / year just to receive the mail. Opening and scanning and accepting telephone calls are add-ons. Good luck!
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25yrson posted Buy or sell in the Indre & Loire or Vienne on the France forum on December 16, 2014:
I have started an open Facebook page for selling or swapping whatever you need to move - - I know there are not many members now but if you would join it would help - If you have any questions on living in France we should be able to help as well
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Meags1985 posted Pregnant in Paris on the France forum on December 16, 2014:
Hi everyone! I offer a fantastic service to expecting moms! As you may have come across, there is very little support and guidance for English speaking parents in Paris. I offer pre-natal classes, doula services, lactation support etc. You can read more about it here: Have a great day!
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JohnCreasy replied to the thread Gun/Self-Defense Laws on the France forum:
JohnCreasy initially posted:
I'm considering moving out of the US within the next couple of years, and need some answers about firearms, as well as the laws pertaining to the use of guns in self-defense. What types of firearms are allowed? Any restrictions on types, capacity, etc? Are you allowed to act in defense of your life? I have several other questions, but these should do as a start.
JohnCreasy replied on December 15, 2014 with:
Ok, thanks. I'd heard that you could own other firearms besides shotguns and rimfires, so it was good that I double-checked.
25yrson replied on December 15, 2014 with:
France is approximately the same as the UK, No Guns allowed except for hunting once you have been granted a license and then only shot or 22, as to shooting people for any reason it is frowned upon
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pleasehelpsarl replied to the thread Please help. Mum wants to move to France! on the France forum:
R4ch initially posted:
Hello, My 62 year old mum has decided she wants to move to France on her own. It has been a lifelong dream and she speaks very fluent French so we think she will be ok! I wonder if anyone could recommend a village or town that is relatively cheap to rent property in, not too far from Spanish border and also pretty? Thanks so much! Hope you can help.
pleasehelpsarl replied on December 15, 2014 with:
our company helps with such problems, maybe you would like to talk to us? Thanks John
25yrson replied on December 15, 2014 with:
I suppose that could be possible, but not likely as the lease normally has to go through a Notaire, also the landlord would most likely want insurance of payment through an insurance company
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bongoo posted pezenas on the France forum on December 09, 2014:
How do I find the ex pat Pezenas group
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Expat ArticlesArticle Summary: Christmas is a wonderful time of year. Here are 10 of the best places in the world to get in the Christmas spirit. (Continue)
Mobiliarealestate replied to the thread Towns with no Car needed on the France forum:
westonjazz initially posted:
My girlfriend and I would like to spend 3 months in France and would like a place that doesn't require a car. We are thinking of a place that has a small village feel with markets, a couple of bistros and not too far from larger cities. Any suggestions? Close to the Spanish border would be nice.
Mobiliarealestate replied most recently with:
Hello, I will advice you the French Riviera, because it's a really nice place, the public transport are developed and there is a lot of activities proposed for couples, family or single people. And it's near to the Italian border, and it is about 3hours to the Spain border.
thelmascudi replied most recently with:
Do some local research on all the routes of the €1 bus that runs all through Languedoc. It runs as a public service along most of the major routes. It stops everywhere. If you are in a hurry, no. If you want to see the countryside and get a glimpse of villages and towns you want to go back to, yes. I know that there has to be information and maybe an approximate timetable. I read the route signs posted at the station. I found it at the Perpignan train/bus station. It is run by the local/regional government and does not appear in any tourist or guide book publication that I have seen. Oh, BTW, the station that Dali called the center of the universe is the old building just across the tracks; take the underground walkway, don't cross the tracks.
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We are a French family of 3. We just moved back to Paris after spending 4 years in Seattle. We are looking for a native English speaker to look after our 6-year-old son after school for the whole 2014/2015 school year (through June). We are a French family of 3. We just moved back to Paris after spending 4 years in Seattle. We are looking for a native English speaker to look after our 6-year-old son after school for the whole 2014/2015 school year (through June).
A reader commented on the Expat Report Living in Nice, France
What activities, clubs and organizations would you recommend to newcomers to help them meet others?
French Classes at the Alliance Francaise, Fitness Club. There is also a center for visitors to Nice called the AVF but the one in Nice, caters mostly to older people. The website, is also a good resource for English-speaking people living in the Cote d'Azur region. (Continue)
brucespringerton replied most recently with:
The city of Nice is like in holidays ! Beautiful city with many things to do. There are museums, the famous "Promenade des Anglais", etc. If you want to study there are international schools and business school. But at the airport of Nice, you need to take a transfer company ( ) to go at home, principaly on the evening. Enjoy your stay.
A reader replied recently with:
I am an expat living in Nice (blog: 24/7 in France) and find the city offers a wide range of activities for everyone! You don't really need a car, as public transportation is easy and accessible. It just takes making an effort to find what you like! Bienvenue!
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