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DavePilcher51 posted English speaking avocat on the France forum on October 15, 2014:
I'm living in the Charente and I am having problems with my landlord. Does anyone know a good English speaking avocat.
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A reader commented on the Expat Report Culture Shock in Courbevoie, France
Do you have any advice or thoughts about culture shock you would like to share?
It's really easy to know about another culture these days. Everything is knowable by doing your homework before you go. (Continue)
A reader replied most recently with:
What type of individual moves to a country, then refuses to learn the language, then complains about said country? An appalling post showing a dreadful attitude - the term "ugly American" comes instantly to mind.
A reader replied recently with:
I read your comments and wanted to reply. I have been here for a year and moved here for my French husband (who is wonderful), but it has been much of the same experience you wrote about. It has been over a year and I did find good employment quickly but everything else is sub par. I agree with you shopping and want to suggest to try to go to Germany where there is much more of a selection and things are priced more reasonably. I think there are also "American" and "UK" stores in Munich and Nuremberg if you want to purchase something from your home. I hope everything gets better for you and try not to take other people's bashing your comments to heart. Feeling isolated is tough enough, none the less a forum that is not supportive. Try to find expat groups in your area too. There aren't any in mine - LOL!
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property in FranceSpacious and easy to maintain 3 story rural village house including large cellar and useful garage/workshop.
Expat ArticlesArticle Summary: The word affordable and France don't normally end up in the same sentence, but it's all relative and more affordable villages and cities do exist! They are often some of the most charming places to retire in France. Here are 5 affordable places to retire in France plus advice on how to find others. (Continue)
carol0324 posted Baltimoreans Retiring Abroad on the France forum:
Hello, I'm looking for Baltimoreans who have retired abroad for an article I'm writing for the Baltimore Beacon. If you have retired abroad, or are planning to, and would be willing to be interviewed, please email me at Thank you!
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Kora replied to the thread Marseillan on the France forum:
Kora initially posted:
Hello everyone, I can't see any recent activity here but hopefully, someone will answer my question regarding Marseillan in Languedoc-Roussillon. Are there any English-speaking expats in that area? Is there much to do over there or it's necessary to drive to Montpellier for cultural events or entertainment? How about locals? Are they friendly and approachable? Thanks beforehand for answering :) Kora from Canada
Kora replied most recently with:
Thank you very much, Elleny, for your comment :) Hopefully, someone who is familiar with Marseillan will have a peek here as well and will reply to my post.
ellenyparis replied most recently with:
Marseillan doesn't ring a bell, sorry, but for a few days in August, I had a grand time exploring the area called L'Herault by LOCAL BUS. (Call me quirky, I just don't ike driving on foreign turf.) Locals are welcoming and enjoy using their smattering of English. I ran into plenty of Anglos. One bus driver spoke a bunch of languages, including English. At the tourist office in Montpellier (delightful city, take a guided walking tour in English) I picked up a digest-size magazine published quarterly in English -- that could be just what you need. To find it, carefully browse the copious literature displays at the office.The bus hub for the area is Clement l'Herault, a pretty town with seductive shops and nice cafes. I hope I'll get a chance to blog about my bus jaunts to Lodeve and Lamallou-les-Bains,...
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ellenycparis posted NYC-Paris long term exchange on the France forum:
Exchanged for 6 months in 2012-13 and in 2014, hoping for 2015 ! Manhattan 1BR for 1 or 2 occupants.
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jrflaugher posted American in Valence on the France forum:
Visiting my daughter in Valence. Don't speak French, my 5 yo grandson is amazing in English and French. Wondering if there are other English speakers in this city.
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We are a French family of 3. We just moved back to Paris after spending 4 years in Seattle. We are looking for a native English speaker to look after our 6-year-old son after school for the whole 2014/2015 school year (through June).
MEDIA posted MailDrop postal/mail services in Paris? on the France forum:
Je recherche un prestataire à Paris, qui proposerait une adresse postale physique classique, à laquelle il serait possible d‘envoyer des lettres et des paquets. On pourrait faire suivre le courrier en attente à cette adresse, scanné par par e-mail ou par FAX. AmericanExpress proposait un tel service qui s’appelait le« client mail service ». Qui connaîtrait actuellement un prestataire pour un service similaire de « MailDrop » ? J’avais trouvé un prestataire qui, en plus, proposait un tarif réduit pour les journalistes. Mais j’ai malheureusement perdu ses coordonnées. Avez-vous une idée ? Merci ! I am looking for a service in Paris that would give me a normal postal address where letters and packages could be sent. From this street address, mail could also be forwarded, or scanned via email or fax. American Express had this type of "client mail service". Does anybody know of any providers in Paris with this kind of “MailDrop” service? I had found one that offered something similar to journalists at a discount; unfortunately, the documents that were sent to me got lost. Ideas? Thank you! Ich suche in Paris einen Anbieter, der eine ganz normale physische Postadresse anbietet an die man sich Briefe und Pakete senden lassen kann. Von dieser Straßenadresse kann man sich die gesammelte Post weitersenden lassen, gescannt per E-Mail oder FAX. AmericanExpress hatte dies als „client mail service“. Wer kennt aktuell Anbieter eines solchen „MailDrop“-Dienstes? Ich hatte schon einen Anbieter gefunden, der dazu für Journalisten einen Rabatt anbot. Leider sind mir die Unterlagen abhanden gekommen. Ideen? Danke!
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