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property in FranceThis property is a rare find! Completely renovated and offering extensive accommodation over 3 floors, this house benefits from a secluded situation with no close neighbours and is set in the middle of its own land which extends to 3.5 acres, making it ideal for equestrian purposes. There is also a portion of the field which is constructible if required. The house offers up to 4 bedrooms, along with a good size living room and up-to-date kitchen. A charming balcony runs the length of the house and enjoys lovely views over the surrounding countryside. For less than £ 135000 find more information on:
A reader commented on the Expat Report Review of Ecole Montessori Bilingue Saint-Cloud in Paris, France
Review-of-Ecole Montessori Bilingue Saint-Cloud
What advice would you give to someone considering enrolling their child in this school?
If your kid is a non French speaker is a big NO. No timetable for administration stuff, the husband of the headmistress does sometimes the job. By other hand, to enrol your kid, you only need to give the name of your child and transfer the money, quick and no paper work involved. (Continue)
Gwenn replied most recently with:
Wow, thanks for the heads-up. I now know that just because a school puts 'Montessori' in its name, doesn't mean it really is a Montessori school. What a world.
A reader replied recently with:
I agree, and I will add that this report is very soft for what my kid and I went through because of this school. She lost the year in all levels including learning French. Only the English teacher speaks English, no one else in the hole school! You can call it anything except "school" sorry, but it was a horrible experience indeed.
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Gwenn commented on the Expat Report Review of The American School of Paris in St Cloud, France
Review-of-The American School of Paris
How would you describe the facilities at this school? What extra-curricular activities are available?
The facilities are nice. They are planning a major renovation and expansion in the near future. There are some after school activities for students in grade 2 and higher, but they are very expensive. Sports are available for the higher grades. (Continue)
Gwenn replied most recently with:
Thank you for telling it like it is. We will avoid this school. We are rather disappointed with the quality of French schools in general, and were looking at international schools, hoping that a school e.g. with 'American' in its name would be a good option. However, schools are putting all sorts of things in their names to attract parents and their money, and the only way to weed them out is to dig for information like this.
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xantippe replied to the thread Seeking Legal Residence with a Felony on the France forum on April 13, 2015:
dracorn initially posted:
I'm close to retirement age and I'm considering retiring overseas, particularly in France. When I read the procedures for requesting a visa, it mentioned about declining the request if I have a felony. I'm very embarrassed about it, but it happened almost 15 years ago (B&E w/destruction of property) with a former girlfriend. I paid for damages and probation which is all complete. Is the anyway to get around it and eventually obtain legal residence.
xantippe replied on April 13, 2015 with:
Could you perhaps petition the court to have it expunged from the record as you have paid the damages and I assume any fine? I suppose that depends on the Court system in your State. Although as America has the same rule where they will not issue a visa to someone with a felony it might not work. The Embassy is your best bet.
Lekitanin replied on April 13, 2015 with:
I would suggest to get in touch with the nearest French Consulate General to get reliable and up to date information regarding their requirements for obtaining the permanent residency. If you live in the States there are 10 French Consulates to choose from. Here is the link:
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sndreynolds posted Paris renting and dogs on the France forum on April 12, 2015:
Hello We may be moving to Paris in the near future with my husbands work. We want to bring our 2 aussie Bulldogs and I'm wondering how popular rental properties are which also allow dogs. We would prefer a country home outside of Paris. Any suggestions/advice on areas and rental agencies would be appreciated. Cheers Sharon
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Lekitanin replied to the thread Moving to France on the France forum:
skip2483 initially posted:
I'm a 59 year old retired male looking at the possibilities on retiring in France. I've done some research and it seems the suggestion is to settle in Paris or the Languedoc region. I don't know if that is correct, but I'm open to any tips about making the transition. I'm single, on a fixed income (about $3000 per month).
Lekitanin replied most recently with:
One more thing. If you have not had a chance to read "Expat Advice about Living in France" at this link: you will probably find there some usefull infomation from people who relocated to France and have some personal experience.
Lekitanin replied most recently with:
According to information provided here: average cost of living for a single person excluding rental fee and foreign medical insurance is around €1,150 per month. With your monthly income of $3,100 (€2,916 as of today) I hope that you will be in a good shape.
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Lekitanin posted Cost of living on the France forum:
For all folks considering retirement in France - an interesting article giving some basic information about cost of living.
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Margaritalady replied to the thread International schools in Paris on the France forum:
Margaritalady initially posted:
We are due to move to Paris in September. Our children are currently at a small bilingual school in Belgium but are British. We are looking for a bilingual international school in Paris for a 4 and 9 year old where there is a good expat network for our family and lots of extra curriculum activities. We would welcome any feedback current expats have! Many thanks
Margaritalady replied most recently with:
Thanks for the advice regarding the American Library.
ellenyparis replied most recently with:
I can't speak to schools, but the American Library in Paris has many events for kids, as well as for adults. Excellent source of expat network.
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caroleeluper posted Retirement to Annecy region? on the France forum:
Hello! We are Americans retired in France for 6 years. We are considering moving to the Lac Annecy region to be nearer to our daughter and family who live near Geneve.. We enjoy socializing with other retired people: dinners, chats, wine, chess, books, art and travel. Are there any retired people in that area who might give us some tips about living there? P.S. We enjoy the company of younger people too!
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