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Hello, I wonder if anyone can help? We are thinking of moving to South of France if people could give me any help how easy or hard it is to get a good job teaching English? Any help would be greatly received. Thanks so much.
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BobSinPA replied to the thread Visiting Paris in March on the France forum:
JOz initially posted:
My wife and I will begin our retirement travels in March. We're from Dallas, Texas. Does anyone have recommendations on 1 bedroom apartment rentals for a month or two? We want to spend a year traveling Europe, but will need to be going in and out every 90 days due to the Schengen zone restrictions. Any recommendations would be appreciated.
BobSinPA replied most recently with:
If you're looking for a base to travel Europe, may I suggest looking at a smaller city than Paris - which is probably THE most expensive city. VRBO dot com is always a good place to start your search
JOz replied most recently with:
Yikes! Luckily we didn't go with Airbnb, we went with one of the 'regular' apartment finders, but thanks for your insight. We got 1 month lease, this time but we had considered Airbnb for our subsequent needs.
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elissam replied to the thread Having a baby in Pau on the France forum:
elissam initially posted:
Hi, My husband has been offered a job in Pau (we are Australians in Perth at present). We are wanting to accept and move with our 18mth old daughter in May/June. But a big consideration for us before accepting is that I am currently 12wks pregnant and due in September. I am wondering what maternity services and facilities are available in Pau, and what/if any costs will be incurred? Is there free health cover in France? And if so, would we be eligible to claim if my husband will have only been working in Pau/paying taxes for about 4mths before the baby is due (and I won't have worked at all). Any information/advice very helpful thanks!
elissam replied most recently with:
Hi there, We didn't end up moving to Pau due to a contract falling through. So we remained in Australia. Sorry I couldn't be of any help. Good luck though! Elissa.
Sean07 replied most recently with:
Hello, My pregnant girlfriend and I are moving from Ireland to Pau in the summer and I just wanted to ask how it all went for you when you moved to Pau? The baby is due to arrive in August. Neither of us speak French yet, did you know the language and if not how did you find working with the nurses and doctors? Was the process much more difficult? And finally, what healthcare service should we use in France? Thank you for your help, Sean :)
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Scouse2 replied to the thread settling in on the France forum:
happynow initially posted:
I have just decided to rent a house in the Lot region after moving around France for the past 6 months. I have been offered some teaching work which should keep us in cheese and wine! My son Robert has just moved to Manhattan as he didn't take to France or rather the language!! His French teacher will agree with that. I have been on holiday here most years and have picked up enough of the language to get by. Well I will see how it goes! One thing for sure I won't go back to sunny Hull!! Sandy Way Bradley
Scouse2 replied most recently with:
Hi Did you find it straight forward to pick up the French? I speak very little and I am concerned about how quickly I can start speaking French Thanks
mcd replied most recently with:
Did you mean Hull, Quebec in Canada? Thats where I am now and trying to find a new country to live in. Right now 40 cm of snow has just fallen. I hate Canada. We were looking to moving to Central or south America. How difficult is it to enter France and is the cost of living as high as they say? We might consider France if in fact it is better than Canada. Help, please. I want out of here.
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Scouse2 posted Expats in pau on the France forum:
Hoping to meet British expats in the pau area, just moved! Is there a way of doing this?
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fiskv replied to the thread Marseillan on the France forum:
Kora initially posted:
Hello everyone, I can't see any recent activity here but hopefully, someone will answer my question regarding Marseillan in Languedoc-Roussillon. Are there any English-speaking expats in that area? Is there much to do over there or it's necessary to drive to Montpellier for cultural events or entertainment? How about locals? Are they friendly and approachable? Thanks beforehand for answering :) Kora from Canada
fiskv replied most recently with:
Hello Kora. I moved to Marseillan (34340) last week from another area close by. There are lots of friendly English speakers in Marseillan. It's a great place to move to for all sorts of reasons - a good sized town with a very active community. There's something like 35 associations running here. I love walking and have just got details of the very active walking group who go off on bus trips every 3 weeks. That's just one example. You should also look at the Ladies in Languedoc (LIL) group on Facebook and the Women's International Club Meditérranée (WICM) Please don't hesitate to send me a pm (by clicking on my id) if you want to be introduced or we could even meet up any ladies in the area, eg Marren?
Kora replied most recently with:
I was suggested Marseillan as one of the good option for expats in southern France but I didn’t make it there to see the place myself and explore (hopefully, next year). As you can see under my post, I didn’t get many feedbacks but that one from Marren who lives in Herault sounds very positive. As someone who has lived there for several years, I am sure though, you would have quite a lot to contribute to my post for what I’d be very grateful :)
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MauriceRheaume replied to the thread Help w/TELF job & Living in Paris,France on the France forum:
Queen2Bee initially posted:
Hi, I just finished my TELF course and I'm interested in moving to Paris, France to begin working as a teacher. I haven't the slightest idea what to do or where to begin. My goal is to be there within 8-9 months. Any advice would be great! Thanks:)
MauriceRheaume replied most recently with:
I was the director of a language school in Rome for many years. English was the first language taught. I suggest you prepare a resume and send it abroad a month or two before arriving, to all schools in Paris. Maybe gaining a bit of experience before you leave teaching to immigrants for example would certainly help. Good luck in Paris. Maurice
pleasehelpsarl replied most recently with:
Hi, please go to our website so we can contact you regarding your move here. thanks John Dislins SARL Please Help
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RubyTooz replied to the thread Pregnant in Paris on the France forum:
Meags1985 initially posted:
Hi everyone! I offer a fantastic service to expecting moms! As you may have come across, there is very little support and guidance for English speaking parents in Paris. I offer pre-natal classes, doula services, lactation support etc. You can read more about it here: Have a great day!
RubyTooz replied most recently with:
When I was pregnant in Paris, I joined a wonderful organization called MESSAGE - Mother Support Group. Any English-speaking mother (or soon-to-be) can join and meet other members, read/post on their active forum, and use the services offered by volunteers. You might want to advertize your services on their website or in their quarterly magazine.
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pleasehelpsarl replied to the thread Support for France on the France forum:
adminee initially posted:
Our thoughts and prayers go out to the people of France. If you would like to post a message of support for expats and others in France, please post it on this thread.
pleasehelpsarl replied most recently with: represents clients within the expat community and our clients thank you for your support. We are shocked and stunned by the events that have taken place, never should we allow such actions to lead us into fear and hatred but into helping one another overcome such atrocities. We have fought many years against tyranny, all our nations have, but now is the era seems that our resolve is tested once again. The bullies with weapons shall not win. With your support, we WILL overcome. thank you so much John Dislins CEO/Managing Director
GBP replied most recently with:
God Bless the family s of the victims and give them strength. Our thoughts and prayers are with you in this very tough time and situation. Gill Phelan Costa Rica
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