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Ryn posted Early Retirement Questions on the France forum on July 30, 2015:
I am exploring the idea of buying and old villa with a git. Questions: 1. I am 50 - do I qualify for the national insurance that I heard is rather affordable after my first year or do I have to be the official retirement age? I do understand I need to buy insurance for year one from a local broker. 2. Is permanent residency difficult to achieve? I am concerned about buying this property and then being denied or finding I can only live there for a few months of the year. 3. Can I run the git as an Expat? I read something that made me think I could not be employed. Thanks!
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Expat ArticlesArticle Summary: Aga Marchewka offers great advice on delving into the French culture in Lyon, France. Find out what you can do in the third biggest city in France... for free! (Continue)
Tigerman55 replied most recently with:
Hi Aga, Thanks for the interesting facts about Lyon. My wife and I enjoyed two weeks staying in an apartment in the old town. We loved Lyon so much we are going back again in September. As you so rightly say Lyon is a truely wonderful place to visit. To all who have not been there, I recommend you do.
sarakhan replied recently with:
very nice and authentic.
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frabound replied to the thread Cost of private health insurance on the France forum on July 26, 2015:
StationsEnd initially posted:
Hello. My husband and I have, just recently, started to explore the possibility of retiring outside of the United States and are currently focusing our attention on Portugal and France. Our monthly income will be limited, but the estimated expenses that have been presented on this and other forums as well as many online articles are very encouraging. I’m concerned, however, that the cost of private health insurance may kill the dream before it has a chance to come into focus. I read that one couple, over the age of 65, was quoted a cost of $25,000 to $35,000 per year for the two of them. It is my understanding that Medicare does not cover medical expenses incurred outside of the United States. It is also my understanding that proof of health insurance is a Visa requirement in many, if not all, countries. I would appreciate any information that you have to offer on this topic.
frabound replied on July 26, 2015 with:
Sorry, also on Facebook is group called Americans in France - very nice group, always willing to "lend a hand."
frabound replied on July 26, 2015 with:
I too am planning to retire in France. AARO (Association of Americans Retired Overseas) is an excellent source for referrals - I contacted them some time back re health insurance and they were most helpful; ACA (American Citizens Abroad) may well be helpful too. Both are on Facebook, so you might wish to join those groups. While I don't immediately recall specific costs as I am 2 years out, I do remember thinking that it was surprisingly reasonable.
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StationsEnd posted Moving personal belongings to your new home on the France forum on July 25, 2015:
I have a question for those of you who have made the move to a new country. After you found your new, permanent residence: (1) What belongings did you have moved to your new home? (2) What was the approximate cost and year of your move? (3) Knowing what you know now, what, if anything, would you do differently? Thank you.
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sturte09 commented on the Expat Report Living in Lyon, France
What activities, clubs and organizations would you recommend to newcomers to help them meet others?

I have been nicely surprised on how big the community of expats is in France. We are lucky to have: - smaller groups of expats who organizes meetings close to their interests - very useful for info and events happening in Lyon, which actively organizes events for expats

sturte09 replied most recently with:
I had a chance to visit Lyon 2 years ago. I like this city!
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Fegele posted Student Visa/Border control on the France forum on July 20, 2015:
Hi everyone! It happens so that I arrive in France 2 weeks before my student visa starts. I got a really nasty lady at the consulate to work on my application, and she made me change the date, despite me showing her my plane tickets. And even made me write a statement that I promise not to enter France before that date. Which is plain ridiculous. And actually I don't evenknow what it means. I don't feel that 3 weeks is enough for me to settle down, and prepare for school. Besides I planned to travel Europe (including France) with my husband anyways). Why can't I enter France with my US passport as a tourist before my visa starts? Did she put an official ban on me entering France, or was she just trying to intimidate me? What can I do in this situation?
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Blog posted on the France Network
I'm Shopaholicfromhome who moved to Lyon. J'adore Lyon is my way of exploring France, the French way of life, food, places & adding Polish influence to it!
adriancts posted Computer Repair on the France forum:
Hi I'm a UK expat in france. Offering comuter repair to other english speakers. The service we provide are: Computer repair - laptop, desktop (screen replacement, component or software issue, removing virus, data recovery, upgrading components). Mobile phone and tablet repair (screen replacement, component issues, liquid damage) Contact for a free quote.
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RubyTooz replied to the thread Retirement to South France on the France forum:
marksi1 initially posted:
We're just beginning to explore retirement overseas and France is most intriguing, along with Spain and Italy. My biggest initial concern is with continuing to receive my Social Security benefits and healthcare. What can you tell me?
RubyTooz replied most recently with:
Retired Americans can buy into the French "sécurité sociale" after a few months of residency, if their intention is to become permanent residents. The premium amount is approximately 8% of annual income (based on 2 yrs prior, I believe), over the threshold of around 9,000 euros. You still need to have private insurance for the first year to get the visa and to be covered during the application process.
JonCates replied most recently with:
Tried Americans n France On FB w no results
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