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chany replied to the thread Where to locate in France? Help!!! on the France forum:
AnAmericanCliche initially posted:
I am mid- fifties, speak very little French but am learning. I bike, hike & love to explore. But love the big city life, as well. I am looking to move to France in 2015. I prefer rich French culture, architecture, but would like expat support too. Not a beach person & prefer moderate temperatures to heat. Suggestions?
chany replied on October 29, 2014 with:
Hi, I would say in he area of Cote d azur, soft temperatures during winter. but: Lille is the north very cultural but rainy. A very green place is the region of Perigeux Lyon is also a good place to live. Chany Personal shopping-gift buying
LimousinCottage replied on August 26, 2014 with:
Our area (the Haute Vienne, Limousin), may meet your climate requirements and your love of hiking in the countryside. It is the French Lake District. There are many ex-pats around the area, some full time and others with holiday homes. It is also an area chosen by many Parisiens for their holiday home. As for city life - Limoges, Gueret or Brive are the three departmental capitals. Limoges is the capital of the Haute Vienne. But none of these are of course going to compare with the likes of Paris or Lyon! Perhaps it would be a good idea to rent first?
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kkdampl posted American Purchasing Property in Montpellier on the France forum on October 27, 2014:
Can anyone in Montpellier recommend an Immobilier Notaire who can assist an American wishing to purchase an apartment here?
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pleasehelpsarl replied to the thread relocating to France on the France forum on October 26, 2014:
julial initially posted:
Hi my name is Julia, My husband & I have an English 3 year old son, we have been living in Turkey for the last 3 years, we are thinking of relocating to France, kindergartens are very important with English speaking teachers, as this would help our son learn the French language. Areas which have a warmer climate in winter, possibly the Brittany area or further South. Possible rental may be the best option first. Eventually we would like a stone 3 bed detached house on a large plot of land, in a village location.So I need advice on the best banks & procedures that we would need to do, advice on all matters would be a great help. Regards Julia
pleasehelpsarl replied on October 26, 2014 with:
Hi Julia, always here to help, so if you wish to find out more about the area, how to get into schools and so on it would be better on the phone as it really is adaptable to the family really. private message me. regards, John Please Help SARL
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pleasehelpsarl replied to the thread English speaking avocat on the France forum:
DavePilcher51 initially posted:
I'm living in the Charente and I am having problems with my landlord. Does anyone know a good English speaking avocat.
pleasehelpsarl replied on October 23, 2014 with:
Hi Dave, There may be alternatives, contact me so I can help I run a company that helps in lots of cases and I'm lots cheaper too John Please Help SARL
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JohnCreasy posted Gun/Self-Defense Laws on the France forum on October 23, 2014:
I'm considering moving out of the US within the next couple of years, and need some answers about firearms, as well as the laws pertaining to the use of guns in self-defense. What types of firearms are allowed? Any restrictions on types, capacity, etc? Are you allowed to act in defense of your life? I have several other questions, but these should do as a start.
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FinitionVerre posted Detailing, Valeting & Paint Correction on the France forum on October 23, 2014:
Hi all, though this may be of interest... Ben White is a time-served craftsmen with over 15 years of experience gained in the United Kingdom. He is now able to offer our detailing, valeting and paint correction services in France from premises based in Lower Normandy. Alternatively, a mobile service means that he can come to you. Ben carries a full range of consumables and equipment from a cross section of the marketplace and is comprehensively trained and experienced to meet and exceed all of your requirements when it comes to vehicle cosmetics. He is also one of only 18 Zymol Licensed Detailers in the world. This means that he has been trained and assessed to the highest standards in the industry and has privileged access to the renowned range of Zymol products allowing him to offer Official Zymol Licensed Detailing Services. Ben is the only Zymol Licensed Detailer in France. So, from a wash down, dry and hoover on a Peugeot 207 to a competition winning concours preparation on a 1950’s Bugatti, Ben is on-hand to discuss your requirements. You can contact him by phone on +00(33) 06 81 78 82 25 or by e-mail at Trade enquiries are welcome. Thanks.
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nanafaf posted Moving to France on the France forum on October 22, 2014:
Does anyone can recommend an international mover? We are moving back to France from Jersey City, NJ. We will pay for the moving, so a good and economic one is great. Thanks
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A reader commented on the Expat Report Culture Shock in Courbevoie, France
Do you have any advice or thoughts about culture shock you would like to share?
It's really easy to know about another culture these days. Everything is knowable by doing your homework before you go. (Continue)
A reader replied most recently with:
What type of individual moves to a country, then refuses to learn the language, then complains about said country? An appalling post showing a dreadful attitude - the term "ugly American" comes instantly to mind.
A reader replied recently with:
I read your comments and wanted to reply. I have been here for a year and moved here for my French husband (who is wonderful), but it has been much of the same experience you wrote about. It has been over a year and I did find good employment quickly but everything else is sub par. I agree with you shopping and want to suggest to try to go to Germany where there is much more of a selection and things are priced more reasonably. I think there are also "American" and "UK" stores in Munich and Nuremberg if you want to purchase something from your home. I hope everything gets better for you and try not to take other people's bashing your comments to heart. Feeling isolated is tough enough, none the less a forum that is not supportive. Try to find expat groups in your area too. There aren't any in mine - LOL!
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property in FranceSpacious and easy to maintain 3 story rural village house including large cellar and useful garage/workshop.
Expat ArticlesArticle Summary: The word affordable and France don't normally end up in the same sentence, but it's all relative and more affordable villages and cities do exist! They are often some of the most charming places to retire in France. Here are 5 affordable places to retire in France plus advice on how to find others. (Continue)

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