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BJacquin replied to the thread Towns with no Car needed on the France forum on April 15, 2014:
westonjazz initially posted:
My girlfriend and I would like to spend 3 months in France and would like a place that doesn't require a car. We are thinking of a place that has a small village feel with markets, a couple of bistros and not too far from larger cities. Any suggestions? Close to the Spanish border would be nice.
BJacquin replied on April 15, 2014 with:
Check out my town, Uzes. It's close to Avignon, Nimes, Montpelier, Ales and the coast. Bus transportation is available and the TGV is an hour away by bus in Avignon or 45 mins away by bus in Nimes. Bikes are available to rent. Uzes has the largest Saturday market in the area and lots of boutiques, cafes, etc. etc. Take a look at their Office de Tourism web site. My car sits in the garage begging to go somewhere!
pieper replied on April 14, 2014 with:
Hello, have a look at "languedoc-roussillion" the website is :LE BON you find all the info about renting and public transportation French language ! of the craigslist France, in English.good luck. E.
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berber posted Room rental on the France forum:
I have a room that i want to rent to a women only who are looking for bed in paris for short or long period, if you are nice lady or girl highly aducated and you love childeren, you will be very welcomed from May till the end of July.
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any americans or british here who live in northen france?
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hubertandsusan replied to the thread Looking for American Expats on the France forum:
mallan317 initially posted:
Hello -- I'm writing an article for Where to Retire magazine, and I'm looking to interview Americans who've retired to France about the legal and financial challenges of retiring overseas. Specifically: -How did you prepare to move overseas? -What do you know now that you wish you knew then? -What advice related to finances and legal issues would you give to those considering a move outside the US? Thank you, Marc Allan
hubertandsusan replied most recently with:
I look forward to your article. I am planning our move to France next spring. I can't get anyone to talk about the Caveats since most people selling their homes want to say nothing to discourage buyers. Seems that 95% of the xpats are Brits. I am finding one challenge hard to over come and that is transport from small countryside areas to major flights to Germany or the USA. The current focus is flights to the UK. But to Germany, what can take 3+ hours non-stop, is 11-14 hours with buses, planes, trains and flights. Best of luck.
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property in FranceThe House is on two floors and most rooms have beams and/or exposed stonework.
Expat ArticlesArticle Summary: Where are the best places to retire overseas? Which retirement haven is right for you? France? Ecuador? Panama? Nicaragua? Thailand? Kathleen Peddicord shares the pros and cons of the world's top 9 retirement havens. (Continue)
dcgringo replied most recently with:
The people that publish this garbage and suppose to be experts are nothing more than scam artist promoting their own interest. I have lived in Colombia for ten years and seen the worst and best of the country. Colombia is no place for a foreign retiree. Good place to visit in safe areas but having a "Senior Moment" in a place where 90% of the population live on $300 to $500 usd per month is no joke. Lastly, none of these articles talk about the judiciary system in the countries. If you have no justice you have no country, and many Latin American countries have no good justice systems. If you get into trouble in Colombia, either through stupidity or being framed you stay in jail with no food, no water, no change of clothes, no bathing facilities until your court hearing. Forget about Constitutional Rights, Civil Rights, Human Rights, or any rights. Oh yea, most expats have not been to jail in Colombia, nor do they know anyone that has been killed in Colombia, kidnapped, victimized by extortion, etc. I have been through it all including having a hand grenade tossed in my neighbors window. Foreigners are so naive and believe all this stupid stuff written by these so called experts. They create these sites to sell their stuff and lure innocent foreigners to their real estate deals. Colombia, nice place to visit, but stay street smart.
volcan357 replied recently with:
I would agree with Panama being number one although it has gotten more expensive here in recent years. Also Ecuador and Nicaragua would be good choices if you want a place that is cheaper to live. Costa Rica is a beautiful country but is quite a bit more expensive than Panama. I live close to the border with Costa Rica and everybody complains about the prices in Costa Rica. For an American it is nice to be closer to home rather than be somewhere in Asia for example. Perhaps you may want to fly back to use your Medicare? Actually I have lived in Panama so long that I am forgetting what it is like to live somewhere else. Panama City has gotten too expensive and of course too crowded but there are lots of good choices in the Provinces. Chiriqui has always been very popular with many expats and things are cheaper in some of the central provinces. Some people say that Ecuador and Nicaragua are fourth world. That is not true. What has happened is that Panama has changed so it is much more modern and is quite a bit ahead of Ecuador and Nicaragua. Probably more English is spoken in Panama than in Ecuador or Nicaragua. With time however most people learn enough Spanish to meet their needs. For myself I married a Panamanian girl and speak Spanish in the home with her and the kids. I mostly use English for reading which is good because as a written language English is number one in the world.
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hubertandsusan replied to the thread American lady wants to get French residency on the France forum:
NYCity initially posted:
Hi everyone , does anyone know how i can get French residency in order to qualify for health insurance ? I am in my 50 's , on SSDI , limited income but i would love to retire to France . Thanks for any suggestion !
hubertandsusan replied most recently with:
Why not just rent 5.5 months of the year in France? Then do the same in Florida the rest of the cold part of the year? Renting is very cheap, and you can visit neighboring countries by train.
NYCity replied most recently with:
Yes , it is true . I can do that . Thanks again ! Kind regards !
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elissam posted Having a baby in Pau on the France forum:
Hi, My husband has been offered a job in Pau (we are Australians in Perth at present). We are wanting to accept and move with our 18mth old daughter in May/June. But a big consideration for us before accepting is that I am currently 12wks pregnant and due in September. I am wondering what maternity services and facilities are available in Pau, and what/if any costs will be incurred? Is there free health cover in France? And if so, would we be eligible to claim if my husband will have only been working in Pau/paying taxes for about 4mths before the baby is due (and I won't have worked at all). Any information/advice very helpful thanks!
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property in FranceBeautiful furnished serviced apartment with 2 bedrooms, lounge, Terrace and swimming pool in complex with 360┬░view to St Tropez and Agay.
property in FranceRenovated 3 Bed Mill with Carp & Trout Lake & Permission for Larger Lake

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