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khoemmen2 replied to the thread Seeking Information--Cologne Germany on the Germany forum on April 13, 2015:
fjmparalegal initially posted:
Hello: Moving the wife and (two small children) to the Cologne Region. Will be teaching English and doing a DJ Business in the beginning; however, I am looking for "better" employment opportunities (full time) there. I am learning German; however, my skills are still very basic at the moment...I am a MBA Graduate, and I also fixed/painted cars for a number of years...Perhaps going to Mercedes...may work...Wanted to get a lay-out of the land there...Appreciate the feedback...
khoemmen2 replied on April 13, 2015 with:
Hi, I have been living in Cologne for a number of years and can tell you that there are 3 major options that come to mind 1. Chemicals (Bayer is HQ'd here), 2 Auto (Ford is HQ'd here) 3 TV and entertainment (many TV programs and film companies operate here). See the Cologne site (use Google translator to help)... Here are some search options. put in cologne or köln in the wo: (where) window. Also, there are a number of contract houses that service the auto industry that have many job options... Good Luck. Cologne is a wonderful place to live.
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charliestrong replied to the thread temporary housing on the Germany forum:
charliestrong initially posted:
Hello, I am new to the site but am glad to be here. Planning the move to Baddenwurttemburg in 6 to 12 months. When we arrive we will need temporary housing, perhaps 2 or 3 months until we find a permanent residence. Any suggestions on a furnished monthly for a family of 4? Thank you in advance for any help at all........ M
charliestrong replied most recently with:
GREAT! Thank you for all of the advice.
charliestrong replied most recently with:
In the Freiburg area. We are still open to other surrounding areas. Thank you for your help, we will look into this web site!
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Shellie posted English-language counseling on the Germany forum:
Hi everyone, If you or someone you know is looking for English-language counseling services focusing on expat issues (adjustment, relationships, etc.), please have a look at my website for more information about what I offer and how you can contact me. Best regards, Michelle
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Expat Report Review of International School of Bremen in Bremen, Germany by Karen345 was published
Review-of-International School of Bremen
How would you describe the facilities at this school? What extra-curricular activities are available?
The building is nice. The playground is unsafe and too small. Play areas are not properly supervised. Playground equipment is old, broken and unsafe. (Continue)
rcmcgee5 posted New in Erlangen and not prepared on the Germany forum:
Hello, Just thought I'd try to reach out here. I've been in Erlangen for a week now, and will stay here 6-12 months for a job. This job came up quickly and after a week I've made some good progress (apartment, laundry etc), but am still very isolated. I know pretty much no German. I'm very impressed with Germany, but everything is such a challenge for me. I spent a few hours trying to google how the laundromats (waschsalons) work. Anyway if anyone has any tips, or wants to meetup for drinks, or golf that'd be great. My wife will be here in about 10 days and she's much more outgoing than me. We like to make friends and try our best to integrate. (we're hoping that after this 6-12 job we'll be returning again in about a year) Tips on how to get by without knowing any German yet would be very appreciated. Even getting something to eat is tedious. (I'm not in the apartment yet, so I have no icebox/stove/ etc) Thanks!
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cstarz initially posted:
Dont mention the JFK school I already know about the expensive schools -and they ARE expensive need the name of a German school that would take international children I understand there are such schools in Bonn but if Im trying to attend school in Berlin Bonn would be too far away for me to travel...
kristinrae replied most recently with:
What did you end up doing? I have a job interview in Berlin and would need an English-speaking school for my son entering 8th grade this fall. Any suggestions?
khoemmen2 replied most recently with:
Try this site.
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kristinrae replied to the thread Bayreuth-Schloss Thiergarten International School on the Germany forum:
kkrahmer initially posted:
I wanted to give a review for this international school in the Bayreuth area. (Wolfsbach) This school in our opinion is not really an international school. This school is mostly a school where German natives send their kids to school because it offers an English class. The school was advertised to us as German and English being spoken simultaneously in each class. This is not true at all. 95% of the language spoken is German. Our daughter is the only student in the entire school not fluent in German. She gets a quick 5 sentence summary of what is going on. Also our daughter takes 4 hours of an English class per week. Yes, English! The German language support at this school is horrible. Our daughter will maybe if she is lucky get one hour per week of a private German lesson. The lessons are not very effective either because she is learning a bunch of nouns, but not any sort of sentence structure etc.. Because of the school being mostly German natives, our daughter feels lonely at this school. Many of the German kids will not speak English. It is entirely up to our daughter to learn German and learn it fast in order to communicate at this school and make friends. I am in a language course with people from all over the world and all who have children. I have found through talking with these parents that there is actually a better support system at the local public schools for non German speaking people then there is at this school that we are paying for. In my opinion, save your money and don't consider this school.
kristinrae replied most recently with:
Thanks for posting this! What are you going to do? Have you decided on an alternative school? My son is 13 yrs old and will be in 8th grade next year. I have a job interview in Berlin, specifically in Friedrichshain. Can you suggest English-speaking schools in this area or in Berlin?
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Hi, I am a pharmacist practicing in Malaysia and am an experienced violin tutor. I am planning to move to germany in the near future with my fiance and now i have dilemma in choosing the correct visa to move forward. Ultimately i would like to have a stable job there to support my family. I am looking forward to stay there for a period of not lesser than 6 months to see if i am able to adapt. There has been few visas which i could apply: Language visa. I intend to study language eith the vhs however their course for july onwards will only be announce this coming june and the visa will take up to 2 months for processing. Job seeker visa. Which is for a period of 6 months only enabling me to search for a job within this period of time. EU Blue Card Entry Visa. Need to be employedfor this visa. I heard it is possible that some company do not need a german speaking foreigner to work for them but i am not sure where to start searching online. I need advices and suggestions regarding job perspective for foreign pharmacist in germany or is it better to take up language course beforehand? My profession requires me to be a C2 language level in Germany if i were to work as a community pharmacist. It seems difficult to be a music tutor as I am not able to converse in germany yet and i need to be qualified as a teacher there before i could teach.
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Dear all, I hope this is an appropriate place to ask, but I'm at a bit of a loss. I live in Europe and would like to ship a few boxes (ca. 1 cubic meter, ca. 250kg) from California to Germany. This is not a full household move, just a bunch of dishes, some art, and other personal effects. They're fragile, but not at all time critical. We would pack and deliver/pick up. The rates I have been quoted by all shipping firms have been horrendous - I've found entire 20-foot containers for a few thousand USD (we have done several international moves with entire shipping containers), and am now being offered rates of USD 1k-1.5k for a small fraction of that. I unfortunately don't know whether I'm even asking the right questions - does anyone have any suggestions for the cheapest way to get 5-6 boxes shipped intercontinentally? Thank you very much for any suggestions or tips.
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