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Carolynnell replied to the thread Biking in and around Koln on the Germany forum:
Carolynnell initially posted:
We are planning our move to Koln in about a year. We love to bike and wonder if we should bring ours or plan to buy there. Are there similar restrictions and licensing requirements as for cars? Will we encounter problems with repairs since our bikes have 27 inch tires? What about security? Is it reasonable to expect most apartments to have an indoor place to store the bikes? Thanks!
Carolynnell replied most recently with:
Thanks khoemmen2. We can't wait!
khoemmen2 replied most recently with:
Germany is a biking paradise you will have no trouble at all. In the area of Cologne there are hundreds of bike stores including some who manufacture them. 2 of my favourites: (in Bonn) Also, the city is set up for biking and wonderful tours can be found along the Rhein, in the Bergishes Land, Siebengebirge and the Eifel, and yes most apparments have a so called Fahrrad-Keller.
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rori replied to the thread Apartment in hannover on the Germany forum:
rori initially posted:
hi i wanna Apartment in hannover in mitte but i didn't found any thing i wanna website or office for asking? thanx
rori replied most recently with:
thank you very much
Sonya3 replied most recently with:
Hello! Here are two websites. I am moving to the Brauschwieg area in Jan/Feb 15 and have used these to search for a house. Good luck!
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Expat Report Having a Baby in Ludwigsberg, Germany was published
Describe your experience giving birth there. What type of facility did you go to? What (if any) type of pain management did you use? How long did you stay in the hospital? Was it a positive experience? Etc...
It was a horrific, barbaric experience and not to be repeated in Germany. Pain management was non existent and communication minimal. My experience of nursing care (on 3 seperate admissions) was totally cold and devoid of empathy and compassion. Paediatric care is 20 years behind the UK and they have no concept of working in partnership with parents. Aftercare is extremely limited and Heath Visitors non existent and unheard of. (Continue)
Sonya3 replied to the thread English speaking children in German public School on the Germany forum:
Sonya3 initially posted:
Hello- I am moving my familily (husband and 3 children) to Germany this coming spring 2015. My company will not pay for international schooling therefore we are going to begin language tutoring locally for 3-4 months before our move. I'm interested in hearing about others that have enrolled their children in the public schools vs international school and how was the experience or learning curve?
Sonya3 replied most recently with:
Thank you for your feedback. My children's ages are 12, 11 and 9. I have since learned that their are severl bilingual schools in the area so i feel they would be the best option to reduce the cultural shock and change in the school system. I travel to Germany a lot for business and although the area where we will live is not near a big city (2 hours from Berlin and 1 hour from Hannover) I feel it will be a nice area.
khoemmen2 replied most recently with:
I think you need to give some info on ages to make a relevant comment. Younger kids will have an easier time. My son was 6 in the German school after having been in an international school and english speaking pre-school. And although he has a German mother, the first months are still challenging, probably more from the combination of culture shock and new system as much as from the language. Also key is the surrounding area, we live in Cologne with a general understanding of foreigners (mostly from other EU countries) trying to integrate. Do start the language training early and try to contact the schools in advance to see if you can get a teacher alignment that is favourable set up from the start.
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property in GermanyRhine views from balcony. Fully equipped modern kitchen, washing machine, parking with internal access. Well maintained quiet building in heart of dusseldorf near old town. Light, spacious, tastefully furnished. 92 square metres. Masses of storage.
The German press agency is looking for native English speakers. The freelance editorial staff will be responsible for the daily newsletter in English language.
youngk posted Anyone in Tuebingen? on the Germany forum:
Hi, I just moved to Tuebingen and i would like to make some new friends to hang out! for a cup of coffee or a glass of beer! If you are up to PM me :)
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Blog A Travelling Cook posted on the Germany Network
I’m a 30 something Melbournian currently based in Leipzig, Germany with my cat and husband. I’m currently writing a romance novel set in a cooking school.

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