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charliestrong replied to the thread Moving to Frankfurt :) on the Germany forum:
Kate21 initially posted:
Good Evening everyone :) I found this forum on google accidentally :) but maybe it turned out to be a good thing. We r a family of four with two girls moving to Frankfurt next month and need advice on apartment hunting. Which areas r good for living in the north west part of Frankfurt. Also what do we need to know before moving to Germany :)))) Tnx for answering Kate
charliestrong replied most recently with:
Hello kate, Here are a few websites to get an idea of whats on the market. - immobilienscout24 - Make sure you understand all the charges not normally seen in the states. Ex.-Provision ( commission paid buy BUYER). Hausgeld ( common area fees ). Also understand what utilities, if any, are included in the rent and try to get the efficiency rating of the unit. The Leistungsfahigkeit is quite commonly posted. Also polish up on your German, as no matter how hard you try everyone will practice their english on you! Good luck .....
mspreis replied most recently with:
Hi Kate, I recommend you check out toy town Germany for more advice on apartment hunting. I live in Berlin and I was advised by some folks on that forum nicely. Some say best places to look for flats for a family is Kronberg, Bad Homburg or Königstein. Of course depending whether you are ok to drive and if you want a quiet neighborhood. The other thing is, since you have two girls, healthcare can be a bit tricky in Germany. Especially concerning English-speaking doctors. I had trouble making appointments over the phone etc, and eventually I found this phone app:, And man, thank god for technology. You can treat yourself and your girls (you can chat to an english-speaking doc, chat or video) and get prescriptions to a pharmacy next door. Prices are around 30€, but they also have promotional codes sometimes. They usually post them on their download page: Hope my post helps! Good luck with your move! Cathy
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Rickymob posted UK Citizen opening Bank Account on the Germany forum:
I am a UK Citizen about to buy a holiday home in the Mosel river region, so will not be moving to Germany permanently . Can I open a bank account in Germany but use my UK address? What documentation would the Bank need to see? My schoolboy German is a bit rusty (to say the least), so I would be grateful for any advice! Regards
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A reader commented on the Expat Report Info about Metropolitan International School in Viernheim, Germany
Describe your group.
The Metropolitan International School (MIS) is a private, co-educational, full-time school located in the center of the Rhine-Neckar region. We at MIS are convinced that in order to be successful, children must find learning an enjoyable experience. We therefore combine a demanding curriculum with a holistic view of the child’s development and a pedagogic approach that pays special attention to individual abilities and how best to promote them. (Continue)
A reader replied most recently with:
I can also only warn prospective parents and teachers. This school is a nut house! The high teacher and student turnover since the birth of MIS is a telltale of the disfunctinal administration and running of this school. Students are being promised support, which is non-existent, parents and students are being bullyied, the school claims to offer services and makes promises, which it does not deliver. During summer, children have to sit in overheated containes, which are freezing cold in the winter. The school refuses to fix this problem, because "there will be a new building' ... that's their answer for the past 4 years!! The director runs the school like her personal empire and kicks both teachers and parents out at a moment's notice without regard for proper procedures. This leads then to the kids not having proper lessons for some time. Especially German seems to constantly be affected by this. There have been several DAF teachers and no effective lessons to speak of. MIS is a private school and can pretty much do what it wants. There are several courtcases running against the school from both former teachers amd parents! And the owner's dog is running around the schoolground, shitting where the children play. There is a reason, why the classes of MIS shrink from grade 4 onwards and the school overall has a bad reputation ... where there is smoke, there is truely fire!!
Ceridwen18 replied recently with:
Before you believe any comments posted, please take the time to visit the school personally and speak to parents whose children actually attend this school for many years now!! The decision about the future education of your child should be made by personal impressions and conversations - and not by reading slanderous comments on the internet. The school is for parents who seek an international education for their kids while working in Germany and thus is not for everybody. It might not suit you, but that doesn't make it a bad school for the rest of us!
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Expat Report Review of International School Hannover Region ISHR in Hannover, Germany was published
Review-of-International School Hannover Region ISHR
What advice would you give to someone considering enrolling their child in this school?
Think twice about going to ISHR. We left it disappointed. (Continue)
property in GermanySpacious and nicely decorated fully furnished 3-room apartment in Angermunderstrasse. This apartments brings you your real estate agency - White Apartments offering long term apartment rentals Berlin.
Jackal007 posted Bid Manager salary on the Germany forum:
Hello, Let me explain my situation: Diplomas: Engineer + Master 2 Management Experience: 1 year exp (same position) Position: Bid Manager City: Hanover Salary offered: I have been offered a salary of 47K (50k with bonuses) My questions: -> Is the salary in line with my profile and the proposed position? bid managers Salaries in Germany? -> Standard of living in Hannover (Accommodation + Leisure ...) thank you for your feedback.
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charliestrong replied to the thread Tools???? on the Germany forum:
charliestrong initially posted:
Getting ready to pack for the move. Question is, which part of my extensive (and heavy) tool collection to bring. -Ex. ANY SAE wrenches, ALL bit drivers?(square,hex,star etc,). Anything electrical ? As I am a Mechanic/Contractor/Handwerker, the thinking is to "only bring it if it's worth it ", because if it's as costly to ship as to replace, why bother? I will bring the basics as I will be looking at ANY work opportunity, but am wondering if anyone in "The Field " has any insight at all. Thank you for your time...M
charliestrong replied most recently with:
Thank you for the input,sorry it took a while to respond but the days are quite busy. I knew about the power tools, but still hard to part with certain things and just wanted to check..... Also thank you for the websites,I will look at them now. This site is great and will pay it forward in any way I can to any and all ex pats. M
khoemmen2 replied most recently with:
I live in Cologne and have managed various moves which require refitting wardrobes and kitchens. I would say you can leave all electrical and English tools at home since they either wont work (220V) or are not needed (metric). Anything else that is basically mechanical (hammer) or adjustable will work here. I would check the prices at BauHaus ( and Obi ( to see if the cost of replacement is less than the cost of transport. The technical level is the same or better than the USA. You could also put any questions into (use google translator if you need help with German) Good Luck
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Hello, I'm in search of a mechanic or garage to work on a Mercedes Sprinter van for a charity rally to Mongolia. Our van is currently in Dormagen and I guess the two nearest cities are Cologne and Dusseldorf from which we could easily travel. I and another teammate arrive around June 10th and need to start getting the van ready for the 10K kilometer trip. Anyone with suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciated as I have no clue. Thanks in advance for any help.
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Makrem92 posted Learn german in Braunscweig on the Germany forum:
Hi I'm makrem tunisian student and I plan to have this september a German inensive course in Braunschweig I really need help about best schools to learn german. thank you very much for replying
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