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KatieR replied to the thread Where to live? on the Germany forum:
KatieR initially posted:
Hi, My husband and I are relocating to Cologne for a few years from Melbourne and we are wanting some advice as to where to live. We have a 4.5 year old who will be attending kinder at the Cologne International school in Widdersdolf and a 9mth old. We have narrowed the search down to 2 houses, one beautiful coverted farm house 3.5kms away from the school in Freimersdorf and another in Braunsfied, close to shops and trams but a lot further away from the school and my husbands work. As I will be home with my son I'm wanting to join play groups and meet other mothers. It would be great to know where mothers/ playgroups are and if anyone has any advice. Thanks, Katie
KatieR replied on January 21, 2015 with:
Will do. Thanks for the advice!
jeba replied on January 17, 2015 with:
Maybe you should post here: There is much more traffic in that forum.
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pwesterh replied to the thread renting in garmisch or as near as we can get on the Germany forum:
kimduffy initially posted:
hi we are looking to move over to garmisch to live about july time ,,my partner speaks german and my daughters a little ,,,my partner lived in germany for 20 years in the army ,,,,we are having trouble finding any rented property's have looked all over the internet just cant find any ,,,,we are looking for short term so we can get there then look around can anyone help please xxx
pwesterh replied on January 30, 2015 with:
We lived in Garmisch for 5 years, from 2001-2006 and it was quite expensive; and its gotten worse! They have shut a lot of the base facilities down, the Abrams housing, the B-brams (if you know what that is) So a lot of people have had to go on the economy, which has made it tight. There are low-income apartments that a few people I know live in, right behind the Kaserne, I understand its quite nice, you might want to check into that. I'll ask someone to see if I can get more ifo for .
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kimduffy posted moving to garmisch on the Germany forum:
hi everyone we are due to move to garmisch in july ,,it will be me my partner and our 3 girls ,,,my husband speaks german and my daughters a little he was there for 20 years in the army ,,,,just want to know if this is a nice place to live with our daughters ,,,
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We will be holding our second Virtual Career Open Day on the 23rd October to recruit for bilingual and multilingual candidates to join our team in Dublin & Dundalk, Ireland & Berlin, Germany.

cstarz replied to the thread Post a Message of Support for France on the Germany forum:
adminee initially posted:
We encourage you to post a message of support for the people of France, in particular, the expats in France who use Expat Exchange, please go to:
cstarz replied most recently with:
For all of France-My heart is with you all,it is shameful that Mr.Obama will not voice a condolance I cannt do this for him-wether its because of his Guilt feelings regarding his placement of spies in Europe or his personal feelings (being cold-regrettably) I'm sending my thoughts and prayers to everyone there re this tragic event a life is a life-precious.
Carolynnell replied most recently with:
In spite of our president's lack of visible support, the American people are with you, France! Je Suis Charlie! We must unite to combat terrorism.
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Carolynnell posted Should we take US car to Koln, DE? on the Germany forum:
As we prepare to move to Cologne, and we plan to live in the city, within the Hohenzollering-Hansaring, we are trying to decide whether or not to bring our 2010 VW GTI auto. We understand we will have to pay for a place to park it and it will have to pass inspection. We are trying to determine how much the inspection might cost us. Obviously we know the inspector will have to see our vehicle for an exact estimate but we cannot get anyone to even give us an idea how much we are in for if we bring the car. It is in perfect condition. It was manufactured in Germany to US specs. Several sources tell us that a number of things will have to be changed on the car to bring it up to German specs. Can anyone give us a list of those things that will require changing? Or a resource for such information? Can anyone shed some light on vehicle inspections, the process and especially the costs? And finally, who can you recommend we go to for our inspection in the Cologne metro area?
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flyboynm initially posted:
I am 42 years old and will be going to Germany to study for a year. I will be getting the required health insurance. My question has to do with prescriptions. I have 2 medications that I have to have to be able to live. Is it possible to get prescriptions cheaply in Germany or would it be cheaper to have it mail order from the US? If I should send it to me from the US, what kind of paperwork do I need to bring it in? Besides foods that I know I cannot get in Germany that I want to eat, what type of other things should I bring? I know clothes, my laptop, my camera but what am I forgetting?
Nancycatnurse replied most recently with:
I just arrived yesterday, and was told to bring over the counter meds, which you can't buy in bulk as we can in the states. I brought so many I will never run out, but Aleve liquigels are not here, you can't get Melatonin without a prescription, special bandaids, large bottles of Tums. And the deodorant I use, which isn't here. Silly things but important for me. I brought a huge bag of chocolate chips to make cookies, can't get those here. Everything else is the same or better here. The peanut butter is at least as good as Jif, maybe better. Oh, I always bring root beer for my husband, it's almost non-existent here.
Kerstin replied most recently with:
As you are covered under the state health insurance your GP can issue your prescription. If you tell him what you did get at home he usually would precribe the same (if he agrees with the diagnosis from your previous doc that is). A sample box and/or documentation from your doc at home will certainly be helpful. You take the issued prescription to the pharmacy and you are charged between 0,00 and 10,00 Euro for each item. You are not charged the full price, the money is only your share of it. Your share is calculated depending on the drug, the quantity and the contracts the pharmacy has with the health insurance. If you need a special product from a certain company you have to insist on it, because e.g. it has less side effects than similar products. In this case your doc can make sure you get it - otherwise you might get a generic product - that in most cases would be sufficient. If you fall under the chronic patient rule you even can be excluded from this share payments. Ask your GP about it.
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I wanted to give a review for this international school in the Bayreuth area. (Wolfsbach) This school in our opinion is not really an international school. This school is mostly a school where German natives send their kids to school because it offers an English class. The school was advertised to us as German and English being spoken simultaneously in each class. This is not true at all. 95% of the language spoken is German. Our daughter is the only student in the entire school not fluent in German. She gets a quick 5 sentence summary of what is going on. Also our daughter takes 4 hours of an English class per week. Yes, English! The German language support at this school is horrible. Our daughter will maybe if she is lucky get one hour per week of a private German lesson. The lessons are not very effective either because she is learning a bunch of nouns, but not any sort of sentence structure etc.. Because of the school being mostly German natives, our daughter feels lonely at this school. Many of the German kids will not speak English. It is entirely up to our daughter to learn German and learn it fast in order to communicate at this school and make friends. I am in a language course with people from all over the world and all who have children. I have found through talking with these parents that there is actually a better support system at the local public schools for non German speaking people then there is at this school that we are paying for. In my opinion, save your money and don't consider this school.
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