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revchris posted Anglican/Episcopal Worship in Wiesbaden on the Germany forum on July 23, 2014:
St. Augustine’s Episcopal Church welcomes people of all nationalities and denominations. We are a multicultural congregation: a (mainly) English speaking community with members from all over the world. Join us for Sunday Worship at 10.00 am including Sunday school, followed by time for fellowship and formation or for our other regular activities. See our webpage for details The Anglican/Episcopal Church of St. Augustine of Canterbury Tel. (0611) 30 66 74 email: Frankfurter Straße 3, 65189 Wiesbaden
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altkunst posted Apartment in Munich on the Germany forum on July 19, 2014:
I'm planning a three-month trip to Germany and want to make Munich my home base. Can you recommend a good real estate or rental agency? I've looked at those on the internet and none have anything close to my budget.
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Gentian posted Opportunities to find job in Germany for non German speakers? on the Germany forum on July 17, 2014:
Hello, I'm about to move to Munich And my partner says its very difficult for non German speakers to get a job. Just wondering what other English speakers think about this as i can imagine it be harder for other foreigners such as Albanian with English to find a job in Germany. I am working in Albania for a international company that operate in Oil and Gas industry as Finance Coordinator. My fiance study medicine and she like to get the specialisation in Germany. What opportunities do we have to get a job and specialisation in Germany ? Please if you have any suggestions it will be very helpful to me. Thank You
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A reader commented on the Expat Report Review of Heidelberg International School in Heidelberg, Germany
Review-of-Heidelberg International School
What advice would you give to someone considering enrolling their child in this school?
Consider alternative schools in the region. The administration is focused on building a business and a concept not focused on providing a positive learning environment with an an emphasis on academics. Everyone on staff is "nice" but not necessarily qualified. This school is *not* accredited nor bound to any set of standards. (Continue)
A reader replied most recently with:
This review is outdated. The school is now K-12. The facilities are in a beautiful, purpose-built building. The school is authorized to run the programmes of the International Baccalaureate and has since acquired other accreditations. It is worth checking out yourself.
A reader replied recently with:
I feel german schools are good enough as compared to HIs or MIs schools .English is the 2nd language and equally recognised !
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For the family office of a HNWI in Kiel, we are looking for a bilingual (G/ E) office assistant able to deal with extensive database management and support the office team. For the family office of a HNWI in Kiel, we are looking for a bilingual (G/ E) office assistant able to deal with extensive database management and support the office team.
georgierose replied to the thread how to choose which area to live in on the Germany forum:
anp1111 initially posted:
We are looking to move to Munich next April from where my husband will commute to the UK. Can anyone advise the best way to find a place to live which caters for families?
georgierose replied most recently with:
Hello We used Home Company, they have offices nation wide, I believe .Munich is beautiful . Good luck
georgierose replied most recently with:
Hello We used Home Company, they have offices nation wide, I believe .Munich is beautiful . Good luck
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kptkatie posted English Language Church on the Germany forum:
Just wanted to post and let everyone know there is now an English language church in the Erlangen / Nurnberg / Herzogenaurach area. It is NOT bi-lingual, casual dress, contemporary format, protestant beliefs, and lots of fun. The name of the church is Agape English Church. It meets every Sunday morning at 10:30 in the Hotel Bayerische Hof, Schulstrasse 31, in Erlangen.
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Our client is a young, well funded Berlin Startup with a revolutionizing shopping search engine as a product. The company was founded in 2013 and the team consists of approximately 20 people with international background.
SimonAust replied to the thread Study at Germany on the Germany forum:
szrashid initially posted:
I am szrashid and completed my A Level with straight As and A* from Roots International School System Pakistan and wants to study, graduation in Computer Science (English) at Germany, anybody may suggest me the right city and university providing the free education for international students, where I can study having the facility of fee education as per my credentials / grades, furthermore, what will be the expected amount for my residence / food – thanks, email
SimonAust replied most recently with:
Hi Szrashid, if i can be honest with you, only to help you with future endeavours, I think you have not received any replies since your post sounds more like a demand than a friendly request for assistance. It's probably just lost in translation but I think a more apprporiate query would be "Hi, I am Szrashid from Pakistan. I am looking for study opportunities abroad, specifically post graduate study in Computer Science. Deos anybody know of any institutes/universities offering scholarships for international students? Can anyone give me a rough idea of living expenses,assuming single occupancy, basic accomodation, shared OK, no car. Thank you for any assitance you can provide. Best regards, Szrashid" This would be much more polite. i would not mention A grades, save that for the scholarship application. It is free education here in Germany but only for German citizens. This is the same in any country offering free deucation as ulitmately free education is taxpayer funded. So your only chance would be to land a scholarship. However, scholarships offered by institutions also tend to be aimed at local students. So your best chance might be to look at a scholarship ayt your local insittiute which has a component allcoated a for a inernational study. Your industry might also offer something similar. Another opportunity could be an internship abroad as part of your post grad study in Pakistan. Expenses is difficult to say, it depends on so many things so it helps to give some info on what how/where you expect to live. But I am in Karlsruhe, whcih has a very computer/engineering focus at the local Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT). Here a 100sqm apartment is ca. EUR900/month. Food is ca. EUR250/month. Travel a bike can get you almostt everywhere. Hope this helps you. Good luck!
szrashid replied most recently with:
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Lamia14 posted room for rent in Heidelberg on the Germany forum:
I am moving to Heidelberg in June, and looking for a room for rent on a monthly basis. Any ideas, suggestions… Thank you
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