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5 Tips for Living in Frankfurt by Betsy Burlingame
Expat ArticlesArticle Summary: Expats often move to Frankfurt for jobs in finance and IT. Frankfurt is continental Europe's largest financial center and has a population of approximately 2.5 million in the city and surrounding urban area. Towns in the Taunus area north of Frankfurt and Wiesbaden and Mainz to the west are popular among expats. There are many international and bi-lingual schools to choose from and lots of expat clubs in the Frankfurt area. (Continue)
riverviewed posted RV rental Spring 2015 on the Germany forum on September 09, 2014:
We are planning on renting an RV next Spring for several months. Is Germany still the best starting point? Can anyone suggest rental agencies with which they have worked?
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rori replied to the thread Sale ??Used Furniture..Verkaufen gebrauchte Möbel on the Germany forum:
rori initially posted:
i have used furniture i wanna sale where i can do that? P.S I'm in Hannover . Ich habe Möbel Ich mochte? Verkauf meine mobel, wo kann ich das tun? P.S bin ich in Hannover.
rori replied most recently with:
thanx for you help me :)
Kerstin replied most recently with:
You can try the following: To sign up you just need to provide an e-mail address (which they protect). Tell them if you want them to pick up and give a price. People are less likely to answer if you have no price idea. If you are not sure write VB (Verhandlungsbasis), this means you are willing to negotiate. and / or:
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We are currently looking for local consultants in Leverkusen/Cologne to assist expats/repatriating families find the best school match for their child(ren) in the area.
The Clinical Manager implements and provides on-site clinical and technical support for the TriGuard device for locations in Germany.
TaraE4F replied to the thread Moving to Flensburg, Germany on the Germany forum:
meggieandersen initially posted:
I am married to a Dane. I am a US citizen. We currently live in the Philippines but intend to move to Flensburg in Aug 2015. We are both retired pensioners. Can you give me any information on how much one needs to live in Flensburg? In Euros. What would be adequate monthly income to live there? Also, any information on apartment rentals, cost of bus transportation, cost of living index. Thanks.
TaraE4F replied most recently with:
Hi there, not sure if this will help... I came across a site recently that compares 'cost of living' all around the world. Hope it helps or at least gives an idea :)
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werebear replied to the thread American Firefighter moving to Germany on the Germany forum:
Gooch79 initially posted:
I have been a professional firefighter in the United States for over ten years. My wife is potentially going to be transferring to a job in Munich (or another German city). I am aware that there are a lot of volunteer brigades, but I am wishing to continue my professional career in the fire service while in Germany. Can anyone offer any information regarding getting a job in the German fire service?
werebear replied most recently with:
I could be completely wrong but I would try contacting the ZAV first to find out just what all exactly you would need to get your credentials verified for Germany, and also what areas to look into. Have you looked at the JobBorse site? I found a PDF file that might help you to find out what information you would need not sure if this helps or not
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Sixword posted Reviews of Schools? on the Germany forum:
Where can I find user reviews of schools? I need to find out what parents think about schools in Bavaria, particularly International School Mainfranken.
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Gentian replied to the thread work in Gremany for non speaking German on the Germany forum:
Gentian initially posted:
Hello, I'm about to move to Munich And my partner says its very difficult for non German speakers to get a job. Just wondering what other English speakers think about this as i can imagine it be harder for other foreigners such as Albanian with English to find a job in Germany. I am working in Albania for a international company that operate in Oil and Gas industry as Finance Coordinator. My fiance study medicine and she like to get the specialisation in Germany. What opportunities do we have to get a job and specialisation in Germany ? Please if you have any suggestions it will be very helpful to me. Thank You
Gentian replied most recently with:
Thank You for your message. You will be very helpful to me if you give me his name and his contact address. My email is . Thank you very much for your help.
cstarz replied most recently with:
All people no matter specialization or not a person has will have to go through the government . There are more ways however for Students or Nurses and Doctors or Scientists to get work. I HAD a proffessor in the US as my advisor at one time-Geology, he has an office in Switzerland I can give you his name if you would like in a private message of course...
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cstarz initially posted:
Dont mention the JFK school I already know about the expensive schools -and they ARE expensive need the name of a German school that would take international children I understand there are such schools in Bonn but if Im trying to attend school in Berlin Bonn would be too far away for me to travel...
khoemmen2 replied most recently with:
Try this site.
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