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youngk posted Anyone in Tuebingen? on the Germany forum on October 17, 2014:
Hi, I just moved to Tuebingen and i would like to make some new friends to hang out! for a cup of coffee or a glass of beer! If you are up to PM me :)
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We will be holding our second Virtual Career Open Day on the 23rd October to recruit for bilingual and multilingual candidates to join our team in Dublin & Dundalk, Ireland & Berlin, Germany.

Blog A Travelling Cook posted on the Germany Network
I’m a 30 something Melbournian currently based in Leipzig, Germany with my cat and husband. I’m currently writing a romance novel set in a cooking school.
mscate posted Hairdresser in Leipzig? on the Germany forum on October 09, 2014:
Can anyone recommend a hairdresser in Leipzig that speaks a bit of english? thanks :)
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TaraE4F replied to the thread Cost of living in Dusseldorf on the Germany forum:
Mmmamke initially posted:
Dear all I am looking for help to understand how much will it cost to live in dusseldorf with my family ( two adults and 2 years old child). We are expected to move hopefully as of january 2015 with my company I wonder how much will it cost me on a monthly basis accommodation in city centre ( 2 bedrooms and a living) and other expenses. The problem i don't know german and mist of the renting sites are in germany. Appreciate if you can tell me an overall monthly budget to live a decent/ above average life in dusseldorf
TaraE4F replied on October 08, 2014 with:
You can try look it up on
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Carolynnell posted Biking in and around Koln on the Germany forum:
We are planning our move to Koln in about a year. We love to bike and wonder if we should bring ours or plan to buy there. Are there similar restrictions and licensing requirements as for cars? Will we encounter problems with repairs since our bikes have 27 inch tires? What about security? Is it reasonable to expect most apartments to have an indoor place to store the bikes? Thanks!
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Blog Submerged Oaks posted on the Germany Network
A blog focusing on a couple's adventures in scuba diving, traveling and living as American expats in Mannheim, Germany.
5 Tips for Living in Frankfurt by Betsy Burlingame
Expat ArticlesArticle Summary: Expats often move to Frankfurt for jobs in finance and IT. Frankfurt is continental Europe's largest financial center and has a population of approximately 2.5 million in the city and surrounding urban area. Towns in the Taunus area north of Frankfurt and Wiesbaden and Mainz to the west are popular among expats. There are many international and bi-lingual schools to choose from and lots of expat clubs in the Frankfurt area. (Continue)
riverviewed posted RV rental Spring 2015 on the Germany forum:
We are planning on renting an RV next Spring for several months. Is Germany still the best starting point? Can anyone suggest rental agencies with which they have worked?
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rori replied to the thread Sale ??Used Furniture..Verkaufen gebrauchte Möbel on the Germany forum:
rori initially posted:
i have used furniture i wanna sale where i can do that? P.S I'm in Hannover . Ich habe Möbel Ich mochte? Verkauf meine mobel, wo kann ich das tun? P.S bin ich in Hannover.
rori replied most recently with:
thanx for you help me :)
Kerstin replied most recently with:
You can try the following: To sign up you just need to provide an e-mail address (which they protect). Tell them if you want them to pick up and give a price. People are less likely to answer if you have no price idea. If you are not sure write VB (Verhandlungsbasis), this means you are willing to negotiate. and / or:
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