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dboerste posted Pyschotherapy in English on the Germany forum on April 14, 2014:
I am an American psychologist in Fuerth/Nuremberg. I work with children, adolescents & adults. Individuals, dyads and families. Mobile: 0151 42407523 email:
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dboerste posted Psychotherapy services in English on the Germany forum on April 14, 2014:
I am an American psychotherapist located in Fuerth/Nuremberg. I work with children, adolescents & adults, individuals, couples and families. Mobile: 0151 42407523 email:
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House for rent in Bad Homburg, from may/june 2014, 8 min to Accadis International School, 30 min to Frankfurt, 5 bedroom, 2 bathroom, granny flat with bathroom, small garden with whirl pool and sauna (no lawn),
GraceSitepu posted study in german on the Germany forum:
hi im Grace from Indonesia. i want to study in german and criminology major. and i want to find apartemen there.
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georgierose posted Getting health insurance on the Germany forum:
Hi Barbara, I tried answering your email about insurance, but, the website sent it back. Hope this site will be better. If you sent me a email with your personal email , i'll reply directly to you...let's try shall we ? Hoping to hear from you soon. Georgie
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jlynnbrad posted International movers on the Germany forum:
I am planning on moving to Germany from the US and would like some recommendations on safe,honest, trustwothy moving companies. Also the one's to stay away from. I've read some horror stories about people's possessions being held up in German customs for more money. Are there ways to avoid this? I've also considered mailing some items to the individual I will be living with but how can I do that and avoid him having to pay a VAT tax to pick up the box? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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MinaS posted Americans in or around Dortmund on the Germany forum:
Hello, I'm new to this forum. I've been living in Dortmund now for almost 3 years and I haven't met another American here yet. I've been living in Germany for 12 years and I'm really homesick. Is there anyone out there who might be interested in a Stammtisch or potluck or any other type of get together? Pleaseā€¦. Mina
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CharlyShene replied to the thread Travel to US -- German citizen on the Germany forum:
sanshovelhead initially posted:
US citizen going to visit the US soon and want to bring my German friend along with me. Does she simply apply online for the Visa Waiver Program? With this application completed and her reisenkarte in hand, are there other requirements for entry? For a ten day US visit do they need to see, let's say, a credit card? Thanks.
CharlyShene replied most recently with:
Just fill out the online visa waiver form and that's fine. He will need to be able to name a hotel he will stay at once he arrives in the US. They do not actually check, so he can say anything he wants, but he needs to be able to say one.
Grafen57 replied most recently with:
Shouldnt have any problem... just fill out Esa application online . As long as your friend has a return ticket, and is declaring that they are going for vacation, I see no problem
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10 Tips for Living in Germany by Betsy Burlingame
Expat ArticlesArticle Summary: Should you learn German before you move to Germany? What type of apartments are typical in Germany? Expats offer advice and share 10 tips for living in Germany. (Continue)
A reader replied most recently with:
Is it possible for US citizens to retire in Germany? If so, how, if one has no family or job connections? If we have sufficient income, buy private health insurance, and improve our German sufficiently is that enough? Also, we have two school-aged children and have lived in Germany twice for short-term stays via employment contracts. Many thanks!
Carolynnell replied recently with:
Thanks for all the great insight. My husband and I plan to move to Cologne/Koln in 2016 with his company. I'm in the information gathering and German learning stage right now. I'll be monitoring this site for the months to come, hoping to learn more. We can't wait!
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SusieHavas posted St. George's in Duisburg on the Germany forum:
Hi there, We are preparing for our move to Duisburg/Bochum area. We would choose a city to live depending on the schools. I would love to talk to parents at St. George's about their experiences. Our kids have been at intl schools for 8 years. Thx, Susie
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