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candilicence replied to the thread Possibly moving to Granada on the Grenada forum:
pastorbruce initially posted:
My wife and I are in our mid 60's and retired with a monthly income of about $2800. USD take home. Will that be sufficient to live comfortably on? Are there many Americans living there? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, including whether we should begin by renting or buying and whether we should bring our cars over or not. Also, are there churches there? Thank you.
candilicence replied on April 07, 2014 with:
I LOVE Grenada and plan to spend part of each year there shortly. The people are wonderful, the island is lush, weather wonderful and it is below the hurricane belt. AND it is definitely a third world country, with a lot of poverty and very high unemployment. It's not easy to get things done there. Many people have traveled there and fell head over heels in love (I'm one of them) but I would suggest you take a long vacation there first to see if it is a fit for your family before you contemplate moving there since your wife has concerns.
pastorbruce replied on April 07, 2014 with:
candilicence - I appreciate your taking the time to give me that information. As for any move to Granada, being the adventurous one in the family, I am ready to try it out immediately. My wife, on the other hand has flatly come down against it. So, I think for now my vacation time there will be spent online from Arizona, USA just looking, reading, and drooling. Thank you again, and may God bless you.
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peanutmonkey replied to the thread Moving to Grenada on the Grenada forum:
user13 initially posted:
Hi folks. Hoping for some advice and the answers to some questions. I'm looking to move abroad and Grenada is one of the places I'm considering. I do have a couple of hurdles however. To begin with, I'm on social security disability. I receive only $885 a month. Am I going to be able to survive comfortably there on that? For me, comfortable means internet and air conditioning. Also, I'm a felon and a registered sex offender in the US. Is that going to be an issue as far as residency is concerned? Before I get any snarky comments, I met a young lady in a bar nearly 20 years ago who turned out to be underage. I'm not a rapist or a child molester. Those two issues are also the reasons I want to leave the US. Any advice or answers will be much appreciated.
peanutmonkey replied most recently with:
Hi, The amount quoted will not be enough for renting and cost of living and other expenses. The rate for the US is static, you wold be looking at roughly EC 2,345 a month.
candilicence replied most recently with:
Hi; I've been to Grenada many times (but don't live there). In general, I think the cost of living is high compared with other areas within the Caribbean so you might struggles on an $885 income. Also, I've applied for residency and they do a thorough police background check. Unfortunately, I do not think they would be open due to approving you due to your circumstances. Please use these comments and potential guidance only and continue to do your own personal research.
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candilicence replied to the thread transport dog US to Grenada on the Grenada forum:
candilicence initially posted:
I will be traveling to Grenada, West Indies for 2 months next year (prob. Jan-Feb 2015) trying to see how I can get 90 lb. dog from US (most likely Miami) to Grenada and then back. Ship/boat that would take him and us preferred. Appreciate any guidance/insight. Thanks, Candi
candilicence replied most recently with:
Susan; Thank you so much for the information. We're coming from US but I'll bet the requirements are the same or similar. Because of your reply, I've contacted Grenada to find out what is needed from the US. hanks again.
peanutmonkey replied most recently with:
You will need to apply for a Pet Permit via Grenada High Commission Good Luck Susan
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linz111 posted what buggy to bring to Grenada on the Grenada forum:
I am due to arrive in Grenada in the New Year with my 5 month old to accompany my partner. what is best to bring - a v light weight fold-able stroller (and a baby rucksack??) or an all terrain one. We have a baby bjorn carrier but my little one is getting heavier by the day.We will not have a regular car on the island and hence will be on foot/taking the buses. I understand that the buses are minivan style. Do they allow either type of buggy on them? thanks very much
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If you know of any Thanksgiving Events for expats in Grenada that may be of interest to other members, please post the details in this thread.
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adminjosh posted Retiring in Grenada Report on the Grenada forum:
We recently added a new Retiring Abroad report, and we'd like to encourage anyone who hasn't filled it out yet to please do so. Your input is invaluable to those who consider following in your footsteps! You can add your own Retirement Report in one of two ways: Linked to your Username or Anonymously Thanks in advance to anyone who takes the time to share their insights with potential expats the world over! The Expat Exchange Team
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Our new Grenada forum is a great place to meet other expats! Be one of the first people to post a note introducing yourself!
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