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This spacious home is furnished, has lots of entertainment space, pool, garden, and maintenance personnel on site. Many heads of missions have enjoyed and entertained in this lovely comfortable home.
The Land size is 8 centimiters and there are 2 houses in the Land for sale
the house has Transformateur
janiskwalton replied to the thread Moving to Haiti...help! on the Haiti forum:
bestilandstillmoving initially posted:
Hello! New to this website, and I'm excited that I have found it. It doesn't seem like there are many expats, that live in Haiti, on this website, but I'll work with whatever help I can get. I am moving to Haiti in January of 2015 to start an educational program. I have so many questions regarding safety, culture, best places to eat, best places to run into other expats, Haitians' thoughts on outsiders (Americans), etc. Cannot wait for a response! Cheers!
janiskwalton replied most recently with:
Where in Haiti?
jfleury replied most recently with:
Where in Haiti are you going? Do you have a ministry you are working with?
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bestilandstillmoving replied to the thread Looking for IT Position in Haiti on the Haiti forum:
networkingguy initially posted:
I am currently living in Fl and wish to work in Haiti as an Ex Pat in the Computer Networking Field. If anybody knows a company that is hiring An IT professional.I have 10 years of experience and gave work for a few big companies in corporate America.
bestilandstillmoving replied most recently with:
Are you still looking for an IT position? I am moving to Haiti in January of 2015, and the community that I will be working with is currently in need of an IT professional.
Brigg123 replied most recently with:
try Digicel the countries top mobile phone organisation. Or go to reliefweb and see if any aid organisations are recruiting, but if you don't speak French or kreyole forget it...
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property in HaitiBeautiful spacious gated home in Impasse Heros du Pradere, Cap-Haitian. This home is light and bright, 3 bedrooms, 2 full bathrooms, kitchen, living room, dining room, and 1 car garage.
TereNich replied to the thread Volunteering at orphanage on the Haiti forum:
jfleury initially posted:
Imdeputy, I am interested in talking to you regarding helping at the orphanage. Please send me an email at:kfleury@hotmail.com. Tell me a little bit more about yourself and attached your email address too if you please. Thanks: Pastor Kelly Fleury
TereNich replied most recently with:
Hello Pastor, My name is Tere Nicholson and I just recently went on a mission trip to Haiti. I fell in love with Haiti and I would like to move there. In 2013 I able to go to Israel and I discover my calling. The Holy Spirit put it on my heart to work with widows and orphans. I did not realize how quickly things would manifest and the Lord brought me to Haiti. I hope to find a job in Haiti but if I have to volunteer first then maybe that is the Lords will. Thank you and I hope to hear from you! God bless! Tere Nicholson Tere.nicholson@yahoo.com
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Lifecoach4u replied to the thread Moving to Haiti Permanently on the Haiti forum:
superstarsrc initially posted:
I will be moving to Haiti permanently and I would like to know how to go about that in the smoothest way possible. I have been searching everywhere for answers on shipping cost and how to best prepare for the move (i.e. what to take with me, what to sale before leaving, what to wait to buy in Haiti, sell my car in the US and buy one in Haiti or ship my car to Haiti then sale it and buy a truck or sell my car in the US and buy a truck in the US to ship to Haiti?????) In addition to personal items, I’d also like to know if there are any permits, forms, documents, etc. that I need to bring with me to file with a government office? If so, what are those papers and where do I get them? My husband is a Haitian citizen, so does that make a difference in what I do as far as filing paperwork and documents with the government in Haiti. We were married in Haitian so our marriage certificate is from there. I have also been looking for work in/near PAP. I have a degree in Organizational Leadership and I have over 10 years of professional experience in the Business Industry and Legal Industry. I am fluent in English (oral and written), level II/III proficiency in Spanish (oral/written), level II proficiency in Haitian Creole (oral), and a beginner in French. Are there places in Haiti that I can take classes to become more fluent in French and Haitian Creole? Also, I will be in Haiti in a couple of weeks, if there is a job opportunity available for me to interview for I would love the opportunity to interview while I am out there. Thank you in advance for any advice you all have.
Lifecoach4u replied most recently with:
We can provide consice details for you. We have consultants in Haiti that can assist you. You may private message us if you are still in need of assistance.
Lifecoach4u replied most recently with:
We can provide consice details for you. We have consultants in Haiti that can assist you. You may private message us if you are still in need of assistance.
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Chipmunk posted cat boarding on the Haiti forum:
I have a cat for which I need to find care when I have to go out of town. Is there anyone who/ any service that provides boarding for cats in Port-au-Prince? Thanks!
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