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Chipmunk posted cat boarding on the Haiti forum:
I have a cat for which I need to find care when I have to go out of town. Is there anyone who/ any service that provides boarding for cats in Port-au-Prince? Thanks!
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Nfitch posted Moving to Cap Haitian on the Haiti forum:
Hi I am an older white American woman moving to Cap Haitian and would appreciate info on how to have a sane life. Thanks.
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blonde57 posted Haiti 2014 on the Haiti forum:
Can anyone describe what it is like to live in Port au Prince now. We are looking to re-locate in our late 50's for job opportunity.
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blonde57 replied to the thread moving to Petion Ville on the Haiti forum:
bethanyjean initially posted:
Hi I am moving to petionville haiti in December. I have lived in Masachusetts, about an hour from Boston, my whole life. Any words of wisdom, advice, etc?? I would love ideas on how to meet/make friends too...
blonde57 replied most recently with:
Where would be the best and safest place for us to live in Petion Ville and what would rents be like for long term rental?
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blonde57 posted Relocating on the Haiti forum:
We are relocating to Haiti to work from Canada. Where is the area most expats live and what would be the rental prices. I have read that petion-ville is a good place to live but what are the rents?
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jfleury posted Need missionary to work in Leogane on the Haiti forum:
Need missionaries to work with orphaned children in Leogane, Haiti.
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jfleury posted Mission oriented American. on the Haiti forum:
Hi my name is Pastor Kelly Fleury, a native of Haiti. I have a great ministry in Leogane. Looking for American Christians to represent the ministry abroad. 561-574-9907 kfleury@hotmail.com.
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jfleury replied to the thread mission work on the Haiti forum:
davidfleslie initially posted:
I am interested in mission work in port au prince area. Can anyone advise me? david
jfleury replied most recently with:
David, This is pastor Kelly Fleury. Are you still want to help in Haiti? I may want you to partner with us. Please call me at 561-574-9907
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Brigg123 replied to the thread Looking for IT Position in Haiti on the Haiti forum:
networkingguy initially posted:
I am currently living in Fl and wish to work in Haiti as an Ex Pat in the Computer Networking Field. If anybody knows a company that is hiring An IT professional.I have 10 years of experience and gave work for a few big companies in corporate America.
Brigg123 replied most recently with:
try Digicel the countries top mobile phone organisation. Or go to reliefweb and see if any aid organisations are recruiting, but if you don't speak French or kreyole forget it...
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adminee posted Survey about Healthcare in Haiti on the Haiti forum:
We've put together a brief survey about expat healthcare. The goal is to collect information from you about the quality and availability of medical services, health insurance, prescription medicines and emergency care in your region of Haiti. We'll be soon publishing the responses to help others who are following in your footsteps. Please take several minutes to answer the survey. The more detailed you can be in your responses, the better. Thank you, in advance, for sharing and helping others moving to your area! http://www.expatexchange.com/eetr/addtiptopic/7
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