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Rockkitty replied to the thread Roatan rental income options? on the Honduras forum on July 27, 2015:
Cajun8ter initially posted:
My wife and I will be visiting Roatan next year with the idea of purchasing a condo for about $200,000. It will have to provide rental income as we will only be visiting it a few times per year. We are avid divers / snorkelers and want a beautiful beach.
Rockkitty replied on July 27, 2015 with:
Check out Steve Haas' website: www.roatan.net and I would recommend looking for a condo in the Sundancer complex. The complex is 500 feet from the beach, they have a private dock, private pool, and the sale prices are great.
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coolbeans58 replied to the thread retire Roatan on the Honduras forum:
coolbeans58 initially posted:
Planning to retire to Roatan next year. Will visit in March for the first time. Any suggestions of whom to talk to and what city to live in? I would like island living but safe. Am a single woman. Don't want to move from States and just live the same way. Any and all advice appreciated.
coolbeans58 replied on July 22, 2015 with:
Hi RockKitty, Thanks for the advice. Hope your health issues improve. I plan to make my first trip to Roatan in March. Steve is already on my radar. I check out his we site every once in awhile. No plans for a definite move. Not yet. I did read somewhere that the duty o retirees was less but will check out. I plan to visit several times before I move. And to rent before purchasing real estate. My grandson is only 7 and leaving him is so hard. Maybe when he is a little older. I want to volunteer in a clinic as I am a nurse. But I will just relax until I go visit. Met some people in Hawaii who told me that water in Hawaii did not compare to Roatan. Itching to go.
Rockkitty replied on July 16, 2015 with:
Hi Coolbeans, My husband and I have been researching moving to Roatan for 5 years. This included renting a condo for a while and living like we would if we lived there. We compared the price of items in the grocery stores, household items, prescription drugs, medical facilities, and real estate prices. We will sell almost everything because most real estate is sold furnished, and the duty you pay on bringing in is high. Contact Steve Haas at www.roatan.net. He is originally from Colorado and a wonderful real estate agent who can help you. You truly need to do more research before "jumping off the cliff." No one knows your situation in detail, so other advise is difficult to offer. Due to some immediate health issues, we won't be moving down for another 1-1/2 years. But we are WELL prepared to make the move and make it successful. Good luck to you!!
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Rockkitty replied to the thread Expats on the Honduras forum:
deserrtlover11 initially posted:
Planning a trip to Roatan in August. Where do the expats hang out ?
Rockkitty replied most recently with:
All over the place. Check out Castaways restaurant.
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rrtalley replied to the thread Marriage in Honduras on the Honduras forum:
rrtalley initially posted:
Does anyone know someone in Honduras who married a U. S. Citizen and moved to the U. S.? I'm interested in knowing about the marriage and immigration processes experienced.
rrtalley replied most recently with:
Good morning and thanks for your reply. If you don't mind, I'd like to know more about your experience with U. S. immigration officials. How long did it take to go through the process, how much were the fees, what kind of vetting process did your husband have to endure and what were some of the questions asked of both of you during your embassy interview? If you don't want to go public with this online please email me at rrtalley@yahoo.com. The reason I'm asking for the information is that I'm an author and freelance writer doing research about international courtship and marriage. I would not use your names to preserve your privacy. By the way, I married a Honduran lady from San Pedro Sula over 30 years ago. We have a house there and divide our time between SPS and the San Francisco Bay Area. Thank you again for your time. Hope to hear from you soon, Robert Talley
scotlandcampos replied most recently with:
I'm a US Citizen. Met my (now) husband when I was living in Olancho. We did the fiance visa and we're now living in Boston. It was long and expensive, but obviously totally worth it.
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drummer replied to the thread Roatan Credit Card or Cash on the Honduras forum:
Tome initially posted:
Spent a number of months on and off in Roatan back in the early to mid 2000's. At that time very few establishments would take credit cards and the few that did charged an absorbent fee. Will be visiting for 3 months in 2016 and question if credit cards are now more widely accepted. Really don't want to carry a lot of cash, as we had to previously and prefer to avoid ATM's for cost and security issues. Grocery stores and restaurants? Thanks
drummer replied most recently with:
Yes, grocery stores and many restaurants accept debit and credit cards and without charging an extra fee like they were still doing just a few years ago.
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mtolmie2 posted Medical services in Honduras on the Honduras forum:
We are looking at moving to La Ceiba later this year (2015) are are wondering if anyone can give views on the health care system in Honduras. I have Medicare and spouse is a 100% disabled vet. Any info would be appreciated.
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property in HondurasFor Only $399,000.00 The Best Deal in the Bay Island.Great lower price! Bluff House Villa - The definition of a Caribbean home or getaway. The villa consists of four bedrooms with en suite bathrooms. The upper main floor of 3600 feet consists of two (2) super master bedrooms measuring 16'x 48'with 18'ceilings. All ceilings and accent walls are tongue and groove wood construction.
honduraschris replied to the thread Building On Utila on the Honduras forum:
tecmpl initially posted:
Have just purchased property and getting ready to build a home in Tradewinds. I would be very interested in any lessons, tips, suggestions from those that have gone before me.
honduraschris replied most recently with:
Building inks Ceibe on the mainland is much more simple considering costs are lower.. Wages are lower. ALL appliances and furniture are Lowe priced. Where on Roatan can you have a DIRECT beachfront home that is 2 stories, 3 bedrooms, 2.5 baths or a first floor extra bedroom for that price. All that glitters IS not gold is my rocker friends saying. Want affordable and being IN The Caribean.... Just text me as I have more experience in properties and building then... Anyone. Just do a simple Google search.. Chris Barrett la ceiba Honduras. Well.. It will keep you busy for a long long time. Cheers Chris Barrett La Ceiba Honduras LCBC
YoungDrew replied most recently with:
Was curious how your building experience went. Looking into something similar.
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property in HondurasDirect beachfront lots for investors and others that want to build the dream home (and I can assist you with this). Other properties such as ocean view lots (only 165 feet from the actual beach), canal and lagoon lots are available. La Ceiba Beach Club #1 Beach Road.
iguanalover replied to the thread Debit Card Cloning on the Honduras forum:
Jackietrehorn initially posted:
My debit card was cloned recently. I only used it at ATMs and I am very vigilant when I do. Someone was trying to use it to get cash in Santo Domingo, DR where I have never been. They tried my pin three times and the card was cancelled. On the fourth try they entered my pin correctly! Chase alerted me, no money lost but I am without an ATM card for two weeks. It was cloned in Honduras, possible El Progreso or Copan ruinas.
iguanalover replied most recently with:
Thank you for sharing this information. Using an ATM is one of the scariest things we do.
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