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honduraschris replied to the thread Help Needed on the Honduras forum on October 18, 2014:
frobert initially posted:
Can I be a Honduras resident (work permit) and live remotely? Occasional travel to Honduras but living in another country? Is that possible? Or am I required to live in Honduras permanently?
honduraschris replied on October 18, 2014 with:
I believe you can. How long will you be living outside Honduras per month/ year ?
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rasta posted looking for a screen printing and embroidery company. on the Honduras forum on October 14, 2014:
i am looking for a family owned/ operated screen printing and embroidery company. I have been ordering custom shirt and hat from China. I figure out trying south of me do to the distance to china
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islandflavour replied to the thread Swimming pools on the Honduras forum:
Fredkerby initially posted:
Can any one recommend a swimming pool contractor on Roatan?
islandflavour replied on October 09, 2014 with:
Sorry you haven't gotten any replies. I had a fantastic pool built for me (you can see photos at www.roatanbackpackers.com) by a guy named Osman, who used to work for Watermania. You can contact me through the hostel website and I'll pass along his phone number. He speaks only Spanish.
Fredkerby replied on June 23, 2014 with:
Does anyone read these post?
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islandflavour replied to the thread Moving to Honduras 2015 on the Honduras forum:
mejiajc initially posted:
Hello everyone, I am 26 yrs old. Planning on moving to Honduras. My husband is Honduran and already lives there. What are some steps I need to take to get the ball going. Any advice also would be appreciated.
islandflavour replied on October 09, 2014 with:
Where in Honduras will you be living? There are some yahoo groups that are much more active than this forum for any questions you have. How long have you been married? For residency through marriage, you'll need to have been married at least 3 years.
dkwiatkowski replied on September 06, 2014 with:
Here is some good information on moving to Honduras: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YGEa3I54D_c
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drummer replied to the thread Recharging TIGO Internet stick from TIGO phone on the Honduras forum:
RoatanHomes initially posted:
Anyone know how to send money from TIGO phone to TIGO Internet stick?
drummer replied most recently with:
dial #327# and follow the instructions. Then, once you receive the confirmation msg, try opening a new page which will generate the TIGO menu to purchase a subscription.
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Honduras Travel Warning from the U.S. Department of State
drummer replied to the thread US Travel Warning again! on the Honduras forum:
caria initially posted:
I've been away and I'm not sure if this topic have been discussed but on June 24 the US made known a new travel warning about traveling to Honduras. I also read about it in the Honduran newspaper El Heraldo. I have both articles in English and Spanish. Also: last night I cried my eyes out after watching the video they show in this newspaper about the taxi driver. I'm tired of listening how crime doesn't affect the tourists!-What a joke!-The Canadian guy was a tourist, the doctor victim of armed robbery was a tourist,the guy who was likked in oatan was a tourist! They also say that the crime has increased in La Ceiba and other cities. I understand some people are trying to protect their business in these places and they come to these blogs and deny everything but El Heraldo is not denying it.Also:there is an expat community closed blog that mentioned how the police is being asked not to tell the media about the recent crimes. Honestly I'm concerned about moving to Honduras and putting my adult children lives in danger since they are always carrying their IPads and taking pictures. Oh I know, they say that Roatan is so peaceful!-They say the same thing about La Ceiba and other cities!-It depends where these people have their business! I don't feel comfortable about sending so much money to Honduras anymore (to pay for our property). Please,don't come here denying the statistics!-Check the local newspapers as I do daily and read for yourselves!-Lying doesn't change anything! http://www.elheraldo.hn/sucesos/719810-219/video-capta-crimen-contra-taxista-en-la-colonia-el-pedregal
drummer replied most recently with:
You need to spent some time here on Roatan such as 2 or 3 months to understand what it's like.
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amiga25 posted West Point Grad/move to Roatan ASAP on the Honduras forum:
2 married West Point grads seeking a job ASAP for husband. The wife has an incredible opportunity but they cannot commit unless there is something lined up for the husband. Resumes are ready to be sent. Leadership, intelligence and common sense approach to life. Ready to relocate as soon as 1 Aug! Help our family get a great overseas experience!
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Bondad4me replied to the thread Horseback riding on the Honduras forum:
Bondad4me initially posted:
Is there potential for a horseback riding business in Honduras. I am considering moving there. I have horses here in the states and do not want to leave them here. Thanks for any info.
Bondad4me replied most recently with:
Thank you for your input.
sotocano777 replied most recently with:
Another good choice is outside Soto Cano (mucho Americanos). You would best be served by contacting the MWR office on the base. When I was stationed there years back there was an American originally from W. Viginia who owned a horse ranch outside Comaygua and had a service agreement with Soto Can (Outdoor Recreation)
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