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iguanalover replied to the thread Debit Card Cloning on the Honduras forum on May 17, 2015:
Jackietrehorn initially posted:
My debit card was cloned recently. I only used it at ATMs and I am very vigilant when I do. Someone was trying to use it to get cash in Santo Domingo, DR where I have never been. They tried my pin three times and the card was cancelled. On the fourth try they entered my pin correctly! Chase alerted me, no money lost but I am without an ATM card for two weeks. It was cloned in Honduras, possible El Progreso or Copan ruinas.
iguanalover replied on May 17, 2015 with:
Thank you for sharing this information. Using an ATM is one of the scariest things we do.
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islandflavour replied to the thread Marinas on the Honduras forum on May 15, 2015:
PaigeB initially posted:
Good morning, My husband and I are doing our best to get to paradise as soon as we can. Unfortunately, we are a few years away from retirement (unless we can figure out another way.... there's always more than one way to skin a cat, so my grandmother always said). Anyway, the 'plan' is to sell our house here in NC, purchase a sport fishing boat large enough to live on (we don't need much...fishing gear, scuba gear, kayaks, laptop, and camera) and head down to the islands to explore. Based on our travels to date and the research I have done, Roatan really seems to have what we are looking for in a place to finally settle. Question: What type of marina facilities might we find? Are you aware of anyone living aboard their boat at the marina? Thanks for your help. Kind regards, Paige
islandflavour replied on May 15, 2015 with:
Hi Paige, There's a marina at Barefoot Cay Resort (www.BarefootCay.com/marina ), with the advantage of being able to use all the resort amenities while you're there. There's also a marina at Parrot Tree, one at Fantasy Island, and a small one at Gibson Bight that I don't think has much in the way of amenities.
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sherride replied to the thread Planning to relocate on the Honduras forum:
CaliforniaKid initially posted:
I've been researching Honduras for quite some time now and would like to know the official do's and donts since I've never been. I know about the violence and crime plaguing the country and would like to know if there's any way to avoid it? I am Honduran/Mexican American and have extended family living in Honduras east of San pedro sula but I'm not in contact or even know any of them. Also are there any sort of "groups" for expatriates in Honduras? If so where are they usually held? I'm new here so any insight would be greatly appreciated.
sherride replied on May 14, 2015 with:
Hi- I'm in Tela, not SPS, but would be great to be able to go there and know someone, or vice-versa
CaliforniaKid replied on May 14, 2015 with:
I'm already living in San pedro sula. Colonia bohgran near Cabanas. And yes I'm aware that this is in fact one of the most dangerous cities around the world. But even so I like it here. I was just wondering how I go about getting in contact with expatriates here since I'm feeling a tad bit homesick. Maybe talking to fellows US natives would help with all the stress and anxiety associated with moving to another country. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated. Also if you could elaborate a bit more on the yahoo groups available that would be great. Thanks in advance!:)
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cindysteff replied to the thread Retiring in Roatan from Canada on the Honduras forum:
cindysteff initially posted:
Hello... are there any Canadians or others who have information on retiring from Canada to Roatan? Or any sites that can point me in the right direction ? I have just signed up for this site and this is basically my first steps in learning what I need to do to ensure my retirement plans. Any help, advice, tips and hints would be gratefully appreciated. Thank you
cindysteff replied on May 11, 2015 with:
Hello, Thank you so much for your reply.. I will check out the yahoo groups as well. Have you retired from another country to Roatan as well?? Cindy
suncoast replied on May 11, 2015 with:
Also, there are Yahoo! Groups, such as Living In Roatan, Roatan (not as active), and Honduras Living. Join these groups as well and post your questions.
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deserrtlover11 posted Expats on the Honduras forum on May 09, 2015:
Planning a trip to Roatan in August. Where do the expats hang out ?
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kweary posted Car Permit and Insurance Questions on the Honduras forum:
My family is currently living in Guatemala and is beginning to plan for travels further South. We drove our car down from the States and have a few questions about having a car temporarily in Honduras. I know how to obtain a car import permit at the border but I've been unable to find answers to the following: 1) How long is the import permit good for (I'm assuming 90 days)? 2) Is it it easy to get the car permit renewed/extended if we stay in Honduras longer the initial duration? 3) It appears that car insurance is not required in Honduras but I just wanted to triple check. Es verdad? Thanks for any info you can provide.
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bluwtr01 replied to the thread renting in roatan on the Honduras forum:
betina1895 initially posted:
I am thinking about doing an investigative trip probably late summer down to see if Roatan would be a good fit. I am not a real in the middle of all the hustle and bustle kind of person, but I do want to try living car free, Any suggestions of where I should rent for a week ( I am thinking try to stay 1 week each in 2 diierent places) to get a feel for the ex pat experience?
bluwtr01 replied most recently with:
A good person who can help you is Ed Monceaux at islanded11@gmail.com He's been helping us for the same reason. Good luck
islandflavour replied most recently with:
I really like Sandy Bay- I've lived there for most of the 16 years I've been in Roatan, and the majority of those years have been without a car. Buses and taxis are frequent and inexpensive, and it's close to West End if you feel like going out to dinner or for drinks (7 min drive) and close to Coxen Hole for groceries, banking etc (10 min drive). I have rentals if you're interested, www.roatanbackpackers.com I also like the area of Flowers Bay- I've never lived there, but think it would be a good place to live. It's also easily accessible by public transportation.
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pedrolopez posted Let´s have a coffee this saturday on the Honduras forum:
If you have a feeling for a coffee after lunch this Saturday, let´s have a First meeting and chat about what other activities around the City we might schedule. New and Fresh ideas are welcome !! for details send a note to humanidades47 atgm aildotcom
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property in Honduras16 Unit Scuba Diving Resort, 1.2 acres, 235 ft oceanfront. Need to sell now.
islandflavour replied to the thread $600 income on the Honduras forum:
glennr initially posted:
i am 54 and planning to retire before 60 .To retire in Honduras one would need min $600 month income ? How do i show proof of funds as i am to young to draw pension . Would i be able to use my portfolio statement ? is there a blog or forum for Canadians ? thanks Glenn
islandflavour replied most recently with:
I'm pretty sure you need to prove an income higher than that. When I do a quick search, I come up with this information: RETIRED: The applicant must have a lifetime benefit of at least $1,500 per month coming from a private or government institution Source: http://internationalliving.com/countries/honduras/visa/ The other class would be as a RENTISTA, which is $2,500 in monthly income I'd suggest getting in contact with a Honduran lawyer to find out what proof of income you'd need to show. There are some yahoo chat groups that you might find useful, like living in Honduras, and this blog might be of interest (written by an American): http://lagringasblogicito.blogspot.ca/
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