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property in Hong-KongRenovated and furnished apartment with 2 bedrooms, one living room and one dining room.
MarkTipple replied to the thread Park Island in HK on the Hong Kong forum:
MandyPhiller initially posted:
Has anyone here lived in Park Island before? From the information I have seen and heard it sounds very nice but I want to hear ideally from anyone actually living there please.
MarkTipple replied most recently with:
I am actually considering Park Island as a place to live in HK. Based on the photos on the Park Island website http://parkislandhongkong.blogspot.com it looks awesome. I'll provide some updates once I visited it later in May for a viewing trip.
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MarkTipple replied to the thread Licing in HK on the Hong Kong forum:
asokesen initially posted:
Hi.. there is a possibility that I may be moving to HK with a salary of HKD 100k. I have a teenage daughter, two dogs and our current maid will be moving with us. Can you please advise if this salary is adequate? Where should I look for housing considering my family size? Any help will be great. Thanks so much. Regards
MarkTipple replied most recently with:
Lol are you asking about lice in HK? Or living in HK? 100K is about the same I am budgeting for. Im thinking 30-40K for accomodation, 30 for living, and the rest savings and pay tax. You should be able to live quite well if you can keep the cost on rentals down.
SaiKUNG replied most recently with:
Hi There, Are you coming in on a package - school and rent being paid for by the company or is $100k inclusive of these things? Depending on which school you choose monthly costs range between $8k - $20k & up. Rent for a 2/3 bedroom - from $15k for 700 sqft bare in mind these are hard to find in expat populated areas. Cost of living in Hong Kong is very high, electricity, groceries compared to Aus.
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MarkTipple posted Best place to live in HK? on the Hong Kong forum:
I'm a young father, 1 baby boy and a second baby bod being our German Shepard. We will be moving to HK in May and I am eager to hear the pros and cons between Discovery Bay, Park Island, Saikung. We have pretty much ruled out living in Mid Levels and living in Happy Valley due to cost constraints and pollution concerns. No need for schooling for a few years yet but a playful environment and outdoor playing is what we would like. And most of all value for money as HK rents are high.
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adarrow2 posted Hong Kong Tax Accountant on the Hong Kong forum:
Looking for a reasonably priced HK Tax accountant to help me file and provide advise regarding my HK (not US) tax return.
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mk77775 posted Tax help on sharedealing in HK on the Hong Kong forum:
I understand that generally there is no capital gains tax or tax on dividends in HK, however is there any profit tax on trading infrequently in HK listed shares by an investment company? When answering this question please note that we will not be active professional traders and only buying/selling shares infrequently once every 3 months, i.e. not active traders. Many thanks Nathan
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Expat Report Review of Hong Kong Academy in Sai Kung, Hong Kong was published
Review-of-Hong Kong Academy
How would you describe the facilities at this school? What extra-curricular activities are available?
Facilities look beautiful and well designed. This is a brand new campus. Extra curricular activities are plentiful. Some are outsourced so parents will have to pay a fee. Some are conducted by staff and may not have a fee. Volleyball, Soccer, Basketball have a fee and are part of a larger league. However not all all the staff within the athletic department are experts in all the sports so some of the coaching is lacking. Also, there is a lack of mindfulness when it comes to scheduling practice so many times teams lack proper training simply because the admin does not prioritize properly. Playing sports here can be very disheartening for the students. (Continue)
Hello, I am looking for exclusive distributor in Hong Kong area for our unique tea gift collection from Vietnam (please have a look on the link below) https://www.dropbox.com/s/cidoyjdqom55lew/Sense Asia Offer.pdf?dl=0 I am open to discuss any type of partnership: from operational support to further expansion of our presence in Hong Kong. Currently we are working with more than 200 partners around the world: USA, UK, Poland, France. Already actively expanding Hong Kong market. I will appreciate for any related contacts also. Please drop me email at: ecommerce_vn@senseasia.net Best regards Han N.
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johnnythanh posted HK Protest on the Hong Kong forum:
Has the HK protest ends? I heard it was ended already, and I plan to celebrate Halloween there! [url=http://www.choi79.com/xoc-dia/]Xoc Dia[/url] - [url=http://www.choi79.com/song-bai-truc-tuyen/]Song Bai Truc Tuyen[/url] - [url=http://www.choi79.com/w88/]w88[/url]
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A Reggio Inspired Pre-School-Open House and Music Session At EtonHouse International Pre-school, we respect children as competent and confident learners. This ‘image of child’ informs our practice and the design of our research based curriculum that responds to the children and their interests. Our environments are respectful of children and are beautifully designed and thoughtfully considered to enhance meaningful interaction and goal directed motivation amongst learners. The learning experiences are individualized to cater to each child’s developmental milestones in a truly bilingual learning environment. Learn about our renowned and respected Inquire Think Learn curriculum inspired by the Reggio Emilia Educational approach, meet our teaching staff, join in our parent toddler music session and experience our purposefully designed learning environment situated in a picturesque setting. Date: 27th September Time: 10 AM – 12 PM Address: 102, 1st Floor, Redhill Plaza, No. 3 Red Hill Road, Tai Tam, Hong Kong RSVP at enquiry@etonhouse.com.hk  or call 2353 5223 to register your interest
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