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danieldaniel posted Hong Kong Private Investigator on the Hong Kong forum on September 01, 2015:
My friend has suspected the husby is cheating, there are two agencies shortlisted. Any one has any experience? http://onestepahead.hk/hkpi/ Hong Kong Private Investigator http://www.ebmconsulting.co EBM consultant
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rho posted Pure Membership on the Hong Kong forum:
I have a membership at Pure (All Centers) that has 10 months left. As I'll be leaving the town soon for a year and looking to transfer to someone who is interested. Anyone? The estimated cost is around HKD 10K
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Blog B Hong Kong posted on the Hong Kong Network
Explore Hong Kong with me as I find the best food, sights and things to do, by day and by night
Hi all I'll be moving to Hong Kong from Ireland around the end of July to take up a job in Hong Kong Central area. I'll be working in the Healthcare industry so pay is adequate but not excessive. I have looked at the various options for accommodation and the prices are eye-watering. I will be looking for somewhere reasonably priced (max HK$15K pcm). From my research, living outside the central HK area seems to be the way to go. I'll be looking for a 1 bedroomed apartment within an hours travel from Central with only 1 interchange but ideally direct. The MTR seems very efficient so somewhere on this network would be great. I’m also open to other options but keeping stress and hassle to a minimum is near the top of my list. I’m also looking for somewhere quiet and peaceful so somewhere with greenery or water views would be a bonus. Some of the islands look really nice. Can anyone advise me what would be suitable area of Hong Kong to explore? Thanks.
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MarkTipple replied to the thread Park Island in HK on the Hong Kong forum:
MandyPhiller initially posted:
Has anyone here lived in Park Island before? From the information I have seen and heard it sounds very nice but I want to hear ideally from anyone actually living there please.
MarkTipple replied most recently with:
I am actually considering Park Island as a place to live in HK. Based on the photos on the Park Island website http://parkislandhongkong.blogspot.com it looks awesome. I'll provide some updates once I visited it later in May for a viewing trip.
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MarkTipple replied to the thread Licing in HK on the Hong Kong forum:
asokesen initially posted:
Hi.. there is a possibility that I may be moving to HK with a salary of HKD 100k. I have a teenage daughter, two dogs and our current maid will be moving with us. Can you please advise if this salary is adequate? Where should I look for housing considering my family size? Any help will be great. Thanks so much. Regards
MarkTipple replied most recently with:
Lol are you asking about lice in HK? Or living in HK? 100K is about the same I am budgeting for. Im thinking 30-40K for accomodation, 30 for living, and the rest savings and pay tax. You should be able to live quite well if you can keep the cost on rentals down.
SaiKUNG replied most recently with:
Hi There, Are you coming in on a package - school and rent being paid for by the company or is $100k inclusive of these things? Depending on which school you choose monthly costs range between $8k - $20k & up. Rent for a 2/3 bedroom - from $15k for 700 sqft bare in mind these are hard to find in expat populated areas. Cost of living in Hong Kong is very high, electricity, groceries compared to Aus.
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MarkTipple posted Best place to live in HK? on the Hong Kong forum:
I'm a young father, 1 baby boy and a second baby bod being our German Shepard. We will be moving to HK in May and I am eager to hear the pros and cons between Discovery Bay, Park Island, Saikung. We have pretty much ruled out living in Mid Levels and living in Happy Valley due to cost constraints and pollution concerns. No need for schooling for a few years yet but a playful environment and outdoor playing is what we would like. And most of all value for money as HK rents are high.
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adarrow2 posted Hong Kong Tax Accountant on the Hong Kong forum:
Looking for a reasonably priced HK Tax accountant to help me file and provide advise regarding my HK (not US) tax return.
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mk77775 posted Tax help on sharedealing in HK on the Hong Kong forum:
I understand that generally there is no capital gains tax or tax on dividends in HK, however is there any profit tax on trading infrequently in HK listed shares by an investment company? When answering this question please note that we will not be active professional traders and only buying/selling shares infrequently once every 3 months, i.e. not active traders. Many thanks Nathan
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