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FeliciaOni initially posted:
My father and I plan on moving to Hungary in Spring of 2015. He is a 57year old veteran and on social security disability for life. I am 34 year old female and i live with him and i am his legal and sole caregiver and family. He and I will live together in Hungary as we do here in Florida USA. His disability is enough monthly income for both of us, there for he is permanently disabled and can not work and i will not be working either, he takes care of me. Our net take home income is 2000 USA dollars a month. Is that going to be enough for us to live normal? What are the costs for a 2 or 3 bedroom apartment? The sites i have looked at in English were beyond expensive. I mean we live on the beach in Florida in one of the busiest and tourist heavy places on earth and the prices i saw would be expensive for here! But then i hear that Hungary is a very affordable place to live so i am a bit confused. I know Budapest is the biggest city in Hungary, but should we look at some of the smaller towns for better affordability? We will not be working so being close to jobs or universities is not important to us at all. And we are moving from the USA so being close to lots of other USA people is not something we would need nor desire. Right now my father has a malpractice lawsuit against the hospital pending also. If that goes in our favor then our net(take home)income will increase from 2000 a month usa dollars to 5000 net(take home) a month. But we will know by Jan if that is going in our favor. We will not apply for our residence permit until then when we know what our monthly income will be. So i am wanting to know if what we have now would be enough to live, and if we are able to get more then just live better.
peddington replied on October 24, 2014 with:
I think Norwegian flies in to Orlando once a week (you can double check) if you live in Central Florida. Also ground transportation is easy from Budapest to Debrecen either by bus or by rail. There is one bus depo but there is multiple train stations. Likely Nyugati (West) station or possibly Eastern (Keleti) palyaudvar (rail station). Instead of a taxi take the Limo service actually MiniBus svc. It will cost about 2,800-3,200 forint per person from the airport to the railway station. Incidentally there is a university in Debrecen. There is about 700 students from Africa far as I know. I just mention this because this may be of interest to you. I just bring it up because recently was on the news as you know because of the Ebola and these students perhaps travelling home and back. I just figure I mention it. Be safe and best to your dad!
FeliciaOni replied on October 23, 2014 with:
Yes i see! Thanks for telling me about Norwegian, i looked on their site and it is much cheaper! We live in central Florida so i looked at from the closest they fly out of which is Miami to Budapest for 2 adults is by far cheaper than anyone else i have seen. Then like i do not think ground travel from Budapest to Debrecen should be much hassle or money. Yes it looks like from Florida here best times price wise and our schedule should be June or maybe August. So about 30 days or so in advance. But thanks greatly cause this is where we can focus on.
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peddington replied to the thread How long is a type D visa good for? on the Hungary forum:
FeliciaOni initially posted:
My father and I plan on moving to Hungary summer of 2015 from USA. We are both USA citizens born in USA and no have no EU ties. When i talk to the embassy, they said we can apply for a type D visa while here in USA and then apply for the residence permit when we get to Hungary. Which is all good. What i am asking is once our visa to go to Hungary is approved from here in USA how long do we have to leave and show up in Hungary? I mean how long once it is approved is it good for? Like do you have 10 days or like 90 days to leave USA and be in Hungary before it becomes invalid? (that is what i heard so i am confused) I ask cause we wondered for planning purposes like for shipping of our stuff and things like that.
peddington replied on October 22, 2014 with:
I apologize. I was in a hurry and I thought it was 5K not 15K like I just noticed, but the rest of the information was correct.....
FeliciaOni replied on October 21, 2014 with:
Hotjazzman Thank you for the corrected info. We will most likely rent for awhile and save up like 20 thousand. But we will be looking right away.
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drtylerevans posted Furnished Housing in Budapest on the Hungary forum on October 21, 2014:
My wife and family (and I) are coming to Budapest December 2014 - July 2015 on an academic sabbatical leave. We are looking to rent a furnished apartment somewhere in district 5, 11 or 12 (preferably) to remain close to the universities and our children's school. Can someone provide advice on a broker who can arrange such a lease? The online sites we are looking at all seem to have only what's available now, and we want to prearrange a lease beginning in December. We have people (family and friends) in Hungary that can assist us with viewing and leasing the apartment. Thank you very much in advance for any advice / experience you can share.
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Insecure posted Resident Bond Program on the Hungary forum on October 18, 2014:
I am trying to get a Hungarian PR through their bond program for my whole family. Wife+3 school going kids. I have a few questions regarding PR: 1) Does PR give me a right to get employed in Hu? 2) Does PR give my kids the right to go to public educational institutions ? 3) Are there any institutions in Hungary who offer education in English ? 4) I understand after 8 year of holding PR I am eligible for Hu passport with a language test. is there a minimum number of days per year I need to physically reside in Hu for these 8 years ? you help is much appreciated. thanks in advance.
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Cosy apartement in the most popular distrcit of Budapest. Move to the city center now and enjoy the cultural life around you
5 Tips for Living in Budapest by Betsy Burlingame
Expat ArticlesArticle Summary: Most expats love living in Budapest for it's beauty and culture. There's something for everyone in Budapest. Yes, you'll have to deal with lots of bureaucracy, but people are friendly and helpful. Once you get past the red tape, life in Budapest is rewarding. (Continue)
icebrenda replied most recently with:
"As far as the crazy rents go for non-Hungarians, it is a massive racket, to rip-off non-Hungarians,,," this does not encourage me to make the attempt, even after a wonderful visit to the city. Could more helpful information be found elsewhere?
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Hotjazzman replied to the thread Showjumping Stables on the Hungary forum:
MRRPaul initially posted:
My son is considering Zvent University for Veterinary Medicine (fall 2015). He is talented showjumper and we are trying to locate equestrian facilities with the focus on showjumping in or around Budapest. Does anyone have any information they could share with us? Thank you
Hotjazzman replied on October 14, 2014 with:
No, I don't attend, but know several people who go to Vet and Med English language schools here in Budapest. Advice for your son: Be very polite, attentive and deferential to the professors. He has no "rights" - not in this environment. (Sorry). Being a university professor is a very high social status here - unlike in the US - in spite that they are poorly paid. So proper decorum on the part of the student is expected. Should he/she not be so, they will make him/her sorry, and the student has no recourse. It is very undemocratic, at times unfair and infuriating but that's the way it is. The degree from both SOTE and SIEAOTK are held in high esteem around the world; it is a quality education and a quality degree.
MRRPaul replied on October 13, 2014 with:
Thank you for your email. Yes that is the program my son will be applying to. He knows it will be tough, he has excellent grades (IB program) , and has worked with our equine vet, and a spay/neuter program here is Panama to reduce the number of street dogs and cats, so he has a lot of practical experience as well. Although he carries a British and Canadian passport, he has spent all of his schooling in International Schools in Central America. He is ready to immerse himself in another culture, and having spent his school years with students from over 65 other countries - an international program will suit him best. Do you, yourself, study or work in Vet School?
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peddington replied to the thread Occupation of Ukrainian cross-border regions on the Hungary forum:
Annewan initially posted:
I'm afraid to take along my kids to their father to Hungary. We live in a village near Chop city, Zakarpattia province, Western Ukraine. Now all roads to big cities have been blocked by armed men. We don't know where they've come from. They speak neither Carpathian Ukrainian nor Hungarian. So we cannot understand who they are and whom they obey. The only thing we understood is that no Hungarian should go to another place without special permission from Ukrainian administration. The majority of people in our village are Hungarians. We have no Ukrainian administration but leader of our community. His signature is no suit. Seems that we occurred in some kind of ghetto for Hungarians. Everything is done by camp routine: curfew, and time to buy food once a week, and two hours a day for Internet connection, and hours for electric power supply and for cold and hot water. My ex lives in Hungary. He sent us invitation at once. But I doubt it could be applied without special visa or seal. Help us to leave this cursed place! Ukrainian authorities don't care about non-Ukrainians. And there is no hope for the world community support us. Anyway didn't hear about help from international organizations at all and would be glad to any. Yet want to protect my kids from this nationalist pest.
peddington replied most recently with:
Greetings, Thank you for the insight and feel for your situation. Probably the best course of action is if your ex (who I'm assuming is a Hungarian citizen) to contact the authorities over here and try to find out how to get you guys over here. Look to see if there is a Hungarian consulate outside Kiev in West Ukraine. Right now the feelings are a little hurt between Ukraine and Hungary because as you know Hungary has turned off gas shipments to Ukraine. Your area has about 39% ethnic Hungarians and there bound to be others in your situation. Good luck and try to be safe!
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maisondesfleurs replied to the thread international secondary schools on the Hungary forum:
maisondesfleurs initially posted:
hi there, I am desperately seeking international secondary schools in Dombovar, Hungary...can anyone help me please...thank a lot, Lisa
maisondesfleurs replied most recently with:
Hello, thank you so much & I would appreciate it if you could talk to your friend in Pecs...I haven't checked the embassy web site but certainly will. Thank you soon.
peddington replied most recently with:
Greetings, I know that there is the Brittanica School in Budapest for children of your son's age. I do not know others personally but I know someone in Pecs and I will ask! There is a University there of the international/multi lingual type but not sure of the curriculum/grades. Will get back to you! Have you checked the Embassy's web site?
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Friends, The conference that I told you about several months ago is under attack by the Hungarian Government. See link below. If you believe in freedom of speech I suggest voting for Jobbik Murdock
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