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profray replied to the thread Plumbing supplies in Budapest on the Hungary forum on March 27, 2015:
TJN initially posted:
Hi. I need threaded plumbing pipe, either galvanized or black pipe, and fittings to go with it. Scouring the websites of Obi and Praktiker leaves me thinking that these items are not sold at retail in Humgary? Such a wonderful array of other building supplies but I can't find these things. I would appreciate advice about where to buy these goods. In addition, if a glossary exists somewhere translating technical names, English/Hungarian, I would like to use that as well so as to communicate with a plumbing supply merchant as well as possible. Terms like nipple, floor flange, street el, etc. Thanks!
profray replied 8 hours ago with:
it's a bit of a problem. There should be some of those things, especially fittings, in OBI and Praktiker, but there are also smaller operations that often have better prices. Unfortunately, you have to look for them. Galvanized pipe, black pipe, pvc, are all available, just harder to find the way you are used to. If you are in Budapest, there is probably a plumbing supply place within walking distance, but there wont be any big signs, just vízvezeték-ellátás or cs? or vízi munka or szakbolt or a hardware store that specializes in this stuff. There is also a large number of skilled plumbers who work for a lot less than in the US. Talk to a Hungarian friend or colleague, they probably know someone. Kind of like finding a good auto mechanic in the U.S.
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borschelrh replied to the thread I am confused on the Hungary forum on March 25, 2015:
Tomrock initially posted:
I just got a flyer with ackcio this Sunday (March 29). I thought that all stores are now closed on Sundays...can someone please tell me what is going on?
borschelrh replied on March 25, 2015 with:
Some of the things Fidez has done are good like paying off the IMF/World Bank loans. Others not so good and it looks like it is progressively getting worse. The voters control this to a large extent and have been showing their feelings. The next election in Tapolca will also be another disappointment for Fidez. So, now that their reign is clearly ending it will be a rush to steal whatever they can before the next regime. It is a sad tale that is being repeated everywhere and not limited to Hungary. Notice how the US backed down on the attacks? Must be because Westinghouse got the contract to supply fuel to the new reactor. Someone pocketed a pile of change in that deal. The real problem, as in almost every country including the US, is there are no viable alternatives to these corrupt and/or inefficient parties. This phenomena of a ruling class of the plutocracy is happening in nearly every country in the world now.
peddington replied on March 24, 2015 with:
Greetings "bor" good to hear from you! I just wanted to comment on your ref. about the "tourist season". As I understand it there was an expectation that stores like Tesco, Lidl, Aldi, Spar that are located near Balaton Lake would be able to be open on Sundays during the tourist season. As I understand the Government nixed the idea but hope you are right and they will have a change of heart although I won't hold my breath! Be safe!
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capttamas replied to the thread retirement visa on the Hungary forum on March 20, 2015:
dalet100 initially posted:
Hallo. I am from South Africa and would like to retire in Hungary. Any advise will be highly appreciated
capttamas replied on March 20, 2015 with:
retire in the south of France
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property in HungaryCozy and fully equipped apartment in city center. Ideally suited for mid/long term visitors traveling light. Budapest VI, close to Oktogon.
Anita77 posted Playdates on the Hungary forum:
Hi, I'm looking for an english speaking playmate for my 8 year- old daughter near Godollo or Budapest. If you have a daughter with about the same age, and interested in playdates, please write.Thanks!
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maggiej replied to the thread Travel Channel seeking US families/couples for new TV show! on the Hungary forum:
TravelChannel2 initially posted:
New Travel Channel series is looking for couples or families that are thinking about relocating to Budapest from the United States and have either never been to Hungary or the country is relatively new to them. Are you having a tough time deciding whether or not to move? We’d love to help you out with that. For our program, we’d take you and your partner to your potential new home where you’d meet with a relocation expert who will show you some local neighborhoods, introduce you to the local culture and customs, and give you a chance to experience what life might be like for you and your family. Would you be interested in participating? Please let me know by emailing us at! Tell us about yourself, both personally and professionally, why and when you might be moving, your ages, and also please include your picture(s). We look forward to hearing from you!
maggiej replied most recently with:
wow, I would love this. BUT my husband would not be able to get away from his work obligations. he works on project worldwide... and no not once in HU. I am hungarian. I have spent a few weeks in HU. I don't think I am what the show would be looking for... I am first generation American. Oh, but to get to live in HU. that would be amazing...
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Flat is 62 nm. Ideal for couples or single person. With new furnishes. Just re-constructed totally new. At Klavinter square. Next to 2 metro station just 30 meter. Delux flat style for rent. For more information pls contact via email.
maggiej replied to the thread cheaper flights on the Hungary forum:
maggiej initially posted:
I remember someone posting about cheaper flights. just wanted to talk about flying. what airlines. how much time is adequate to allow for layovers. I have seen as little as 1 hour for a layover at a very busy airport ex: Frankfurt or Heathrow. I got lost the last time I was in Frankfurt. can't imagine that being enough time. I hear Munich is a better airport. I have never been to Heathrow, but I imagine it's as bad as Frankfurt. also, the thought crossed my mind... courier sorts of jobs? how could I find a job that could make us of my flying back and forth between Bud and US? ideas?
maggiej replied most recently with:
although from what I've heard Munich would be a better option except for what I see as a very restrictive carry on rule! Lufthansa goes through Munich and only 18 pds or 8 kilos for a rolling carry on. my rolling carry on empty weighs almost 10 pds...
maggiej replied most recently with:
american airlines seems to only shoot me through Heathrow... american airlines also seems to be the cheapest option I can find. so do I have to go through LHR? sort of. do I want to? no not really...
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