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borschelrh replied to the thread Well they did it...... on the Hungary forum on April 08, 2014:
peddington initially posted:
Greetings, Yes the Hungarian people have spoken (at least the ones voted last Sunday) and left FIDESZ and Mr Orban at the helm with the coveted 2/3 majority. What this will mean for Hungary will be remains to be seen. In his speech Mr Orban claimed for Hungary the "Most united European country" title. I sure hope that it is on the FIDESZ agenda to; reduce the sales tax (AFA), tweak many laws and upgrade them from the 50's, realign themselves to be more like Austria during the "Cold War" and be "neutral" which will be hard etc. One interesting foot note: the socialists/communists did not fare well in the election. But they proved that they not only have poor political views but also they are "poor losers". Mesterhazi A., not only refused to congratulate the winner but had the goal of accusing the government of cheating. I guess the government also fooled all those official international observers. What a dummy! Stay tuned for the next four years!
borschelrh replied on April 08, 2014 with:
It does mean that he has full permission from the electorate to stay the course and has their full approval. Even Jobbik lost seats. So this gives him carte blanche to continue his reforms and crony capitalism. This will probably also mean continued movement away from the EU and towards Russia. Economically, that is probably a good decision but it remains to be seen what the backlash form the US will be. Friends of Russia seem to be on the hit list so I expect another visit from McCain to warn Orban again.
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Rebulator replied to the thread Help with Train Tickets on the Hungary forum:
Rebulator initially posted:
Hello. I am a study abroad student living in Paris. I am still new at the whole travelling in Europe thing and made a mistake by buying international train tickets through the Hungarian website. Unfortunately, the website will not let us print our tickets and I cannot collect them in person as I am travelling TO Hungary, so I need my tickets before getting to Hungary. I was wondering if anyone would be willing to collect my tickets and mail them to me in Paris. Financial compensation of 10 USD would be provided as well as the cost of postage. Or if you have another suggesting of how to help, that would also be very welcome.
Rebulator replied on April 07, 2014 with:
I guess they are non refundable and non exchangeable as they were Fortuna tickets.
johnnyatkinson replied on April 06, 2014 with:
I am trying to contact couple people for you. Could you not cancel the tickets and get a full refund?
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Murdock replied to the thread Just sad... on the Hungary forum:
peddington initially posted:
Greetings, all! With all the commotion about Russia and the Ukraine I had to look up what Hungary's stance was in all this. After all Hungary has been fairly quiet not that a small country of 10 million or so would sway World opinion. It seems the Hungarian government with Mr Orban in the front has opposed any economic sanctions against Russia. Of course the country is getting their natural gas from them via Ukraine or otherwise and got a loan to refurbish their nuclear plant not to mention Hungary's export/trading but that is really doesn't seem to be as great as once Hungary hoped. . So it seems that while the actual Russian occupation of Hungary is over Russia still got the "economic leash" around Hungary's neck. Truly sad but it seems to be the reality of the day!
Murdock replied on April 04, 2014 with:
Friends, You can still own gold in the US. I owned a bunch of Krugerands but sold them all in 2011 just before we moved to Hungary. Murdock
borschelrh replied on April 02, 2014 with:
I was musing I remember when gold was $25 an ounce but illegal for Americans to own back in 73. I think it is still illegal for Americans to own gold bullion but not gold futures or gold equities. Bitcoins seem to be the new gold more or less. It will be interesting to see the outcome of the elections on Sunday and the US response to whomever comes out ahead.
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borschelrh replied to the thread A little History on the Hungary forum:
Murdock initially posted:
Friends, I think a few historical facts should be noted. 1. Crimea was part of Russia for more than 200 years. It did not become part of Ukraine until 1954 when Khrushchev gave it to Ukraine by dictatorial fiat. So the Crimeans have never voted at all until last Sunday concerning their membership in Ukraine. On this vote, the Crimeans voted overwhelmingly to become part of Russia. This is not surprising as they are overwhelmingly Ethnic Russians. This was not land-grabbing by Putin but an exercise in freedom by the Crimeans. This certainly would not have been necessary except for the Putsch against the legitimate Ukranian Government (see 4 below). 2. At the end of the Cold War, circa 1991, US President G H W Bush, Helmut Kohl prime minister of West Germany, James Baker US Secretary of State and head of the Soviet Union Mikhail Gorbechev reached a gentlemen’s agreement that in exchange for the unification of Germany, the freedom of the Eastern Block Countries, and the dissolution of the Soviet Union, the West would not expand NATO eastward. Russia stuck by the agreement. Both Clinton and GW Bush have violated this agreement and expanded NATO right up to Russia’s front door. This fact is never mentioned in the Western Media. 3. Viktor Yanukovich, President of Ukraine, was elected in 2010. No one, not even the NeoCons, has questioned this. The election was fair as far as we can see. Yes, he is corrupt but how many politicians are not? 4. The US and the EU working in tandem did everything they could to unseat Yanukovich although he agreed to hold elections earlier than they were scheduled. This is undeniable as the phone call between Assistant Secretary of State Viktoria Nuland and US ambassador to Unkraine Geoffy Pyatt has been recorded and placed on Youtube. You can find it using Google very easily. Moreover Nuland held a conference in Washington in December 2013 where she bragged that the US had spent 5 billion dollars on NGOs dedicated to overthrowing Urkaine. 5. Putin has acted as any normal leader of Russia would act. He is not Stalin; he has been elected. He has a much higher approval rating among Russians than any western leader does among their populations. I certainly admire him more than any current western leader. But even if you don’t admire him, you must admit that he has nuclear weapons. Do you really want to see a WW III? I don’t. 6. Russia has been well behaved since the end of the Cold War. Consider, on the other hand, the US. It has invaded numerous countries mostly on false pretenses. Perhaps the only justifiable war was in Afghanistan. Iraq was based on the two lies that Saddam had WMDs and was connected with Al Queda. 7. The most important point is that the NeoCons have taken over US foreign policy beginning with the GW Bush administration. I had hoped that with the election of Obama, they would be gone but they are not. They still run the show. They love War and US hegemony. They are not peaceful, reasonable people. See Bill Kristol’s latest article in the Weekly Standard. He complains that the Americans are war weary and they need to be motivated to get back into the War Mode. 8. It isn’t 1956 any more. Murdock
borschelrh replied most recently with:
No, Putin is no saint and yes, he has usurped power albeit legally and won't leave until he is good and ready. That said he has done a lot to improve the living conditions for all Russians and enjoys wild popularity. Yes, he suppressed early in his tenure but then again he was handed a huge mess. Russia is very stable now and they still are a World Power sdespite any propaganda stating otherwise. Their boast of having enough nukes to turn America to ash is not false and serves as a reminder that having a large and expensive military is not necessary to be a worl power. They are not surrounding America with missles and bases although I see he is making preparations to do so soon in Central and South America. Russia has a strong relationship with China and this is not to be discounted. Together they own about $4 Trillion of US debt and can sacrifice that at any time to collapse the US financial system. They aren't suggesting that but if they are pushed into a corner they might. In his defense imagine a mythical case: people overthrowing the government of a nation right next to America which used to be part of America for 200 years but given away by an American President who was from that other country and that this which has roughly 40% ethnic Americans (part of it was 80%) and then these same people start calling for first forbidding the use of English at all, a 10 year imprisonment for possession of a US passport, and then calling for the murder of all Americans. What do you think the US would do? Let's say Russia paid over $5 Billion dollars to finance the coup in that neighboring country and plotted for the KKK to take control. How do you think we would feel and what do you think America would do about it? I am certain that annexation without a single shot fired wouldn't have occurred. Just saying that it all depends on your perspective. The US is not innocent of any of this and I hold my peace with the example of Iraq. Latest tally is roughly 500,000 dead based on lies.
peddington replied most recently with:
Greetings all and Murdock! As with everything there is more than one side to everything. Before we make Putin a saint let's consider the following; Putin is the "shrewdest" politician of our time. Yes he has been trained well in the KGB/GRU a world class spy and murder agency. No he was not a businessman, a naval officer or even an actor but a cold killer that followed his communist leaders orders. And no they don't stick to Russia as this organization killed in recent years abroad and likely no one would of done it without his approval. If his "American" guest would of been Russian he would be dead by now! He manipulated the Russian people and the law and cleverly reclaimed leadership after his crony Medvedev had the seat for a few years and surely he didn't do anything unless approved by Putin. Now about the land grabbing. 60 year is a long time not to "reclaim" land! What gives someone the right to redraw the borders after 60 years? No one consulted the Transylvanian Hungarians if they want to belong to Hungary not Romania!? Should they be able to vote this year and if it passes attach western Transylvania to Hungary? Hardly think so! There are many separatist at least a dozen entities in Russia alone. Should all be given an opportunity to seceding from their current country? Hardly think so! Putin acted irresponsibly and opened Pandora's box which no doubt will come back and bite him in his "bum"!
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peddington replied to the thread Hungary - a weak link?? on the Hungary forum:
frmrnomad initially posted:
From what little I know of politics in Hungary and eEurope in general I can say little about any of this. BUT, it does strike me as odd, that anyone does not notice that on one hand Hitler is condemned for his tactics of take overs of other nations. they sited they were protecting German Citizens, so they HAD to do this to protect them. Seems that is exactly the tactics used now by Russia Putin, but no one has the balls to say it out loud. It appears there is an Iron Curtain of another sorts descending and eyes are averted again. Just an observation from afar.
peddington replied most recently with:
Greetings, I think both Hitler and Putin are megalomaniac personalities but the similarities probably stop there! Hitler had a plan I believe to exterminate the Jews which is strange because when he was young they helped him and were good to him. Later he persecuted him. Putin has an issue of "sour grapes" and misses the Great Soviet Union which he grew up in. I'm sure he has dreams of a great united Russia and had took some small steps to realize that. But he is mistaken because the costs will be high at the expense of the Russian citizens. But hey that is nothing new to a Russian leader. He is rich and surrounds himself with rich, well to do people. The US and EU made a mistake of not putting him on the do not admit list like his cronies. To my knowledge that was never done and would of sent a powerful message to Putin.
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peddington replied to the thread Hungary-the weak link? on the Hungary forum:
peddington initially posted:
Greetings all! I remember 1993-94 when Hungary along with Poland and the Czech Republic was the first ones slated for NATO membership from among the former Eastern Block countries. With the Ukrainian crisis and Putin's land grabbing afoot Hungary is unusually silent. Yes elections are coming up and yes there are nuclear loan/contracts between Russia and Hungary coupled with a 40+ years of Russian occupation of Hungary---But! The deafening silence could also be a sign of cowardice and poorly calculated strategy. Poland and other countries have taken an active role while Hungary which also has common border with Russia has been silent! This is worrisome and I for one is concerned!
peddington replied most recently with:
Greetings "Bor"! I did not read Sen. McCain's comments in Hungary but I looked at some reports after I read your comment. I frankly didn't see much wrong with it. A commentator on YouTube criticized some Hungarian politician that suggested that the voters should know if someone is a dual-citizen. I personally don't see a problem with that. "Sunshine Law"-like!?
borschelrh replied most recently with:
Really, it depends on your perspective. I wouldn't characterize Russias retaking of Crimea as an aggressor act. What the US did to foment the coup was. America is consistently the aggressor and has invaded bombed or just flat our suppressed any country they want without regard to treaties or legality. In the Ukraine situation the US paid $5B to fund organize and train the opposition only to lose control to the neo-fascists (nazi's) at the end. Seeing the atrocities about to fall and promised by these neo-fasists he did what any sensible President would and created a safe haven for Russians. Hungary, is in a different situation but with McCain's recent visit and very strong warning it may serve to push Hungary faster away from the EU and back towards the Russian sphere of influence. Yes, Hungary was dominated by the Soviets and deservedly so. The willingly and eagerly joined Hitler's army with Hitler's promise to regain the territories lost in the Trianon Treaty. They had it relatively good prior to the yet another US fomented attempt at a revolution in 1956 and the results were disastrous for Hungarians. One might wonder just what joining the EU has done for Hungary. The agricultural industry is not competitive neither is the wine industry. EU exports their products into Hungary but very little goes the other way. But, Hungary does provide cheap highly skilled labor to the EU. The balance is one sided and not fair and this is true for all of Eastern European countries who eagerly joined the EU. There are benefits but things are not moving fast or far enough for the necessary improvement necessary to make Hungary a prosperous nation. So, Orban is now creating export markets to Russia and is getting a cheap loan for a nuclear plant. He is quiet not because of a fear of Russia but because of fear of US trying this attempted coup and false flag operations yet again but this time in Hungary. McCain has warned him of this in his veiled threats.
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peddington replied to the thread Crazy politics in Hungary on the Hungary forum:
peddington initially posted:
Greetings all! If you pay attention at all you must of figured the crazy things happening in politics! No not in the "old country" but here in Hungary! Elections are coming up and there are dozens of new "political parties" all the sudden in Hungary. Some say it is good bye FIDESZ and others say they are here to stay. I can only tell you just by looking at my utilities bills that politicians and businesses are the same all over. Because utilities are due to go down guess what utility companies are eagerly reading your meters to make up the difference in utility payments before they go down. Down you say? Well not really because if you read your bill (yes you must know Hungarian) you will notice about 40% in taxes, fees, entitlements, emergency funds and such. Most expats can pay this but my heart goes out to the many Hungarians especially pensioners that are on a fixed income. How is one pay a 40,000 HUF gas bill on a 80,000 HUF pension anyway!? One good news if you can call it that is that the number of politicians in the Parliament will go down. It only took 25 years but nothing happens fast in Hungary. Be safe and hold on to your wallet especially if you live in the capital city. Gypsie pick pockets are still on the prowl if you use public trans.
peddington replied most recently with:
As they say power corrupts, and absolutely power corrupts absolutely. It is dangerous when a person thinks that he has "all the answers" to other people's lives. Then forces them to live under that assumption. Such as is a dictator with power and no limits to that power.
borschelrh replied most recently with:
I don't think Orban or his cronies are "stealing" but they are definitely living at a higher standard of life than their salaries could support. Orban's building of the Soccer training center in his village and now he wants to put a second international airport there is another form of corruption and typical for the plutocracy extent in nearly every nation now. Hungary is not unique for this either and by some measures is not even bad in comparison. I would put Putin and Obama at the top of the list. Both live like kings despite their salaries.
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