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DanDimitri posted Retirement Community / Appartments in Budapest or Szombathely? on the Hungary forum on August 23, 2015: mother in law lives in Szombathely and recently lost her husband. She could really benefit from moving out of her townhouse and into a maintenance free apartment that caters to other retires. In the US we have retirement communities that have apartments building and pool, community center etc for the retires all in one location. Is there something like that in Budapest or Szombathely? Want to help her find a good place. tx, Dan
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muthu1983 posted Urgent advice needed on Visa document(Hungary) on originals on the Hungary forum on August 23, 2015:
Hi Friends, I have applied for long term Hungary visa from India. When i submit the application, visa officer got me the original diploma certificate, which is not the case for other applicants, i just came to know this information. My worries is whether they will return the original certificate at the time of returning passport, else the original certificate will be in immigration office in Hungary or India. Please advice me whether it is possible to get, if they didn't return at the time of returning passport. It will be grateful if you guide me on this
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profray replied to the thread Looking to move to Gyor area on the Hungary forum:
purbeck initially posted:
I was wondering if anyone can help me as I am looking for information around the Gyor area. Any info is much appreciated. Eg getting around, living there and what the countryside is like.
profray replied on August 22, 2015 with:
There are a number of places like that. Since it is more town and country where there are definite separations between city and villages, many such places are possible. Convenience would dictate where exactly. If you are working on one side of town, its nice to be on that side of town, although Gyor is small enough to commute across without difficulty. You can get a pretty good idea just by looking at the surrounding areas on a map: on Szgetkoz (the island made by Duna-MosoniDuna split) there are a lot of nice areas. Same with the areas south of town around Pannonhalma and out on Hwys 81, 82, 83. Gyor has a bit of a rush hour around 8:00 due mostly to school times, but otherwise it's an easy commute.
purbeck replied on August 05, 2015 with:
Thanks for that.. It was mainly about the area around Gyor as I am looking for a place within about a 20 mile radius of Gyor.
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jim42 replied to the thread Retire in Hungary on the Hungary forum:
Petert8 initially posted:
Hi I am new here and I need some help.I would like to retire in Hungary with my wife. I am US citizen my wife has a green card.Both of us are from hungary.Could some body outline the steps we have to take to move back to Hungary.Do we have to pay property tax to US on the house we purchase in hungary? Thanks so much Peter
jim42 replied on August 21, 2015 with:
Define inexpensive please.......apts rent, utiities, internet, etc...
borschelrh replied on August 12, 2015 with:
Yes, original documents are a requirement. We recently experienced exactly the same thing applying for US Social Security so Hungary in not unique in this requirement. It is a risk so use Certified Mail. We did it in person in Washington but we lived there at the time. You can also wait and do it here in Hungary as you will be here legally for 90 days. I would apply for the temporary Residence Visa which gives you 5 years then pursue the Citizenship. It takes a lot of time and the recent flood of refugees into Hungary is taxing the Immigration system so everything is slowed down horribly. They are doing the best they can but do not have sufficient trained manpower to handle it. Moving money is no problem. We brought over $500K to buy a house and pay for the renovations. But, that was before FATCA. The only issue is on the US side and that is only requirements for reporting so you need to do a lot of study with regards to FATCA reporting. How to do it cheaply is the real question. Every bank charges for this BUT some won't if you have some kind of elite no fees account in the US but the minimum balances now are steep to get that. Carrying cash is actually legal BUT you must declare it and might get taxed in Europe upon arrival. Better to just send it over as a wire transfer. But, shop around for the best rates. You will need to have a bank account here to receive it and it must be a bank which accepts US citizens. Hungary is more or less in compliance with the FBI FINCEN reporting and the IRS auditing. We use K&H but OTP also accepts US citizens (not a lot do anymore because of the horrendous US requirements to report on all US citizens living overseas). You will also need to get your Social Security set up for direct deposit here (not an easy process) or you can decide to have it deposited in the US and then wire it here every month. Also regarding that, it takes time to do and sometimes over a week to actually receive the money. Crazy for something that happens digitally so there must be a lot of monitoring going on in the US. I have my military pension direct deposited here but Social Security deposited in the US account. The military took over 6 months to get set up and I had to do it 3 times to get it right. No, Medicare won't work at all and you have to decide whether to continue paying for Part B or not. If you stop you lose all of your Medicare permanently so if you decide to move back to the US that will be a big problem. I think it is $115 a month now which is more than 4 times the Hungarian National Health Insurance you will be eligible for after you get your citizenship. We pay cash for all medical but are thinking of applying for the Insurance card as it makes pharmacy costs a LOT cheaper. Foreigners pay almost 4 times the price that Hungarians do at the pharmacy (still very cheap compared to the US). Despite what a lot have been saying we have found the medical here to be exceptional.
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saigafreak posted Hungarian citizenship and spousal status on the Hungary forum on August 17, 2015:
I had just recently submitted my application for verification of citizenship. As per law, I am a Hungarian citizen by blood as my mother was one at the time of my birth. I also applied for my daughter and we are expecting another child, will probably apply for him/her later on. My question is: how do things work with my spouse regarding Hungarian social programs? For example, if we move to Hungary for work or retire later on, does the law allow my wife to be on the country's healthcare system, or must we purchase health insurance for her? Does she get a fast track toward citizenship and an EU passport if she wishes to apply?
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10 Tips for Living in Hungary by Betsy Burlingame
Expat ArticlesArticle Summary: Did you know that you should not have even one drink and drive in Hungary? Did you know that property crime is common in Hungary, but not violent crime? Did you know that Buda (West) side of Budapest is more residential? This article offers tips from expats living in Hungary. (Continue)
dualcitizen replied most recently with:
Hungary and the former Eastern Block was called "Second-World-countries". When countries were ranked, Third World countries meant, extreme poverty, hunger, no infrastructure, sewage, plumbing, electricity etc... Hungary had infrastructure, roads, even subway early on, sewage systems, stable electricity, clean water in the sink, food etc. It's a mistake to call it a third world country. Third world is NOT determined by the buying power of people's salary. Honestly, living in LA now for many years, I don't really see how much better life is for many people. If you are smart, you can definitely make a better living easier in the U.S. but there are many people that are poor now there too.
A reader replied recently with:
...very stubbornly refuse to abandon their language even though it is one of the least spoken languages in the world." Totally not respectful remark from the author! They are proud of their Magyar language and has never been a third world country, poor,yes, but never ignorant. maybe the USA should have such stubborness and strong beliefs on the "English" language, since everything now is written in "Spanish" there. In the USA everywhere you go you feel like you are in a third world country with the Hispanics overtaking communities, the language, the outward showing of rude behavior and even the food.
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Hello, we are moving to Budapest from Canada. We have rented a house in the 2nd district. I am looking for English speaking children's activities/classes (music etc) for my 3yr old to participate in. I'm hoping it will also help us meet some other expat families. Any recommendations would be appreciated! Thank you!
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capttamas replied to the thread moving to Hungary on the Hungary forum:
capttamas initially posted:
I'm an ex sea captain from Key West,just moved to Szekesfehervar.I do speak the language,would like to meet other expats.Please contact.
capttamas replied most recently with:
I am in Szekesfehervar but also go to BP once a month for a few days
Meriden replied most recently with:
Just curious exactly where you are. ~Meredith
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Meriden posted Teach English?Need a roommate? on the Hungary forum:
Hi! I am 50ish gal who would like to teach English in Hungary. After visiting this country in 2008, I completely fell in love with it. Just beginning my search attempts. Don't have my teaching certification but have plenty of years teaching in the public school system. I wasn't also sure of the housing affordability in Budapest. Help??
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property in HungaryApartment for sale – Budapest, Hungary – five minutes by car from city center. Size: 807 sq.ft. Large garage, cellar, alarm system, modern heating system (gas), Internet, cable TV, in-built kitchen furniture, wall-to-wall mirror wardrobe. Large terrace opening from the living room.

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