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KEG posted USA to Hungary Auto Shipment on the Hungary forum on July 25, 2014:
I am looking for a reliable international auto shipper, preferably located in Budapest. I am looking for a complete quote for a door-to-door auto shipment from USA to Hungary. I utilized the recommended links on the Expat Exchange but they are not very good. I would prefer to have a knowledgeable Hungarian company that I could contract. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!
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FeliciaOni replied to the thread Looking for a flat in Székesfehérvár on the Hungary forum:
Maeva initially posted:
Good afternoon everyone, I´m looking for a flat to rent from September to December in Székesferhérvár for 2 persons. Has someone any advice to give me? Thanks.
FeliciaOni replied on July 24, 2014 with:
Well if it does not have 2 bedrooms, you now 2 separate sleeping rooms then it would not work for me and my father. But thanks i will keep you in mind. We are not moving until next year anyway. But i know when the time comes i will need all the help i can get to find a nice low priced place!
capttamas replied on July 21, 2014 with:
they actualy also have one separet apartment for rent with kitchen,bath,bedroom even a private balcony. Now,I don't know the availability and other details but you know where I am.
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Lesdit replied to the thread Paint store ? Painting flat owned by smoker. on the Hungary forum on July 24, 2014:
Lesdit initially posted:
So I managed to buy a flat in Pest, and will be returning soon to paint it ( was owned by smoker ) and also refinishing the wood floors. I spent some time looking around the hardware stores ( OBI, etc ) for good paint to cover the walls, but they only had smaller cans for sale. Where would one go to buy 30 liters of Alkyd oil based primer , for example? I'm thinking of buying the materials and getting the labor separately, as the painting of Nicotine smelly walls needs very specific paints, and I don't trust the painters there to actually use the expensive stuff I want to use. I also plan to get the painters from the countryside, as contractors charge almost double in Pest, for the city slickers. I've even considered shipping the paint from the US, but the customs tax might kill that idea.
Lesdit replied on July 24, 2014 with:
How much were your wood floors guys charging per square meter? I found I can rent all the floor sanding equipment at Bauhaus for about $60 a day, I'm considering doing it all myself as I'm a pretty good handyman. It's going to come down to the price of the actual paint or varnish I guess. I also speak fluent Hungarian and have a couple of good friends there which can help get me countryside workers. No way I'm paying those rip off Pesti prices!
Hotjazzman replied on July 23, 2014 with:
Paint is a murky subject in HU. Alkyd would be "oldoszeres" meaning it uses some mineral spirit (smelly) base and also to clean/dilute. Of water based paints they have several kinds, but true washable run-of-the-mill latex is still a mystery to me as to which one it is of the several kinds. The kind(s) my condos were painted with, were/are not washable - as I found out to my chagrin. Paints (per gallon) are more expensive than in the US, and if tinted, it's simply ridiculous. Enamels (alkyd) are crazy thin, cover very poorly, but the sheen (if gloss) is like wet glass and very smooth. For wood floor finish (sanding, filling/spackling, varnishing) expect to pay much, and get poor work. So far, I worked with three people, they were all sub-par. I have been warned, that finding a good parquet guy will be a major challenge. (I speak Hungarian). It was indeed. In my case the problem was, that I was in a hurry, with a deadline to meet, so I was not in a good position to be choosy. For the good ones you will have to wait until they become available (even months).
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Hotjazzman replied to the thread Need to know about available medications on the Hungary forum on July 23, 2014:
hargetay2 initially posted:
Please help. I take a rare and unusual medication that is not available in many countries (buprenorpherine, or suboxone). How can I find out if it is available in Budapest?
Hotjazzman replied on July 23, 2014 with:
Paddington's "advice" (as usual) is inadequate - therefore useless. Some Medications are unavailable in HU and CANNOT be obtained even from Austria. To illustrate, three (3) I know of specifically that are unavailable in HU: Adderal, Valacyclovir Hcl, and Prednisolone eye drops. I'm sure, there are dozens and dozens of others, that I'm unaware of. The only way to find out is to go to any pharmacy in HU and inquire if they have an equivalent or similar. They can check it on their computer. I'd help you with this, but I'm out of HU right now. The cost can be ridiculous with a local substitute. The Valacyclovir equivalent ended up costing about triple (per week of $35) of what it cost in the US, and it was still not as effective (per the doctor) than the Valacyclovir. So these things can get sticky. Sorry, but do not have a better answer.
peddington replied on July 22, 2014 with:
Greetings, I believe any good pharmacy would be able to order the medication for you if it is available to European distributors. You may have to wait a few days but it is doable. Make sure they give you a price up front! Have you considered mail order?
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drtylerevans posted Meeting friends in Budapest on the Hungary forum on July 23, 2014:
Hello! I am moving to Budapest in December for an academic sabbatical. I will live in Budapest until August 2015 while I do research at ELTE. I am interested in meeting new friends while I am there. I enjoy skating and hockey as well as cycling. I have spent time in Hungary before (2 month stays) and speak a little bit of Hungarian. I would welcome advice on renting an apartment. I hope to live in district 11 or 12, but I also have some connections in 14 and 15 (Pest). Please contact me if you have any advice, or if you're interested in a possible new friendship next year! Köszi!
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FeliciaOni replied to the thread Can 2 Adults live in Hungary on 2000 USD net take home a month? on the Hungary forum on July 18, 2014:
FeliciaOni initially posted:
My father and I plan on moving to Hungary in Spring of 2015. He is a 57year old veteran and on social security disability for life. I am 34 year old female and i live with him and i am his legal and sole caregiver and family. He and I will live together in Hungary as we do here in Florida USA. His disability is enough monthly income for both of us, there for he is permanently disabled and can not work and i will not be working either, he takes care of me. Our net take home income is 2000 USA dollars a month. Is that going to be enough for us to live normal? What are the costs for a 2 or 3 bedroom apartment? The sites i have looked at in English were beyond expensive. I mean we live on the beach in Florida in one of the busiest and tourist heavy places on earth and the prices i saw would be expensive for here! But then i hear that Hungary is a very affordable place to live so i am a bit confused. I know Budapest is the biggest city in Hungary, but should we look at some of the smaller towns for better affordability? We will not be working so being close to jobs or universities is not important to us at all. And we are moving from the USA so being close to lots of other USA people is not something we would need nor desire. Right now my father has a malpractice lawsuit against the hospital pending also. If that goes in our favor then our net(take home)income will increase from 2000 a month usa dollars to 5000 net(take home) a month. But we will know by Jan if that is going in our favor. We will not apply for our residence permit until then when we know what our monthly income will be. So i am wanting to know if what we have now would be enough to live, and if we are able to get more then just live better.
FeliciaOni replied on July 18, 2014 with:
I did learn that what i mean i need is a 3-4 room place. Two sleeping rooms, a living room, a bathroom, a kitchen. So hopefully that is still affordable. I realize in Hungary they count each room, not just the bedrooms! Did your replies take that into account?
FeliciaOni replied on July 17, 2014 with:
Hotjazzman Thanks for the info! That really helps and i did not realize the thing about the Notary. Yes like i do hope the more money comes in cause that is a plan we want to do. We would buy a house though not a condo. Bu yes that is a very very good plan. Thanks greatly
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peddington replied to the thread Is this a very good salary in Hungary on the Hungary forum:
kweite initially posted:
Hello, My 6 year old son lives in Budapest, Hungary with my ex wife. At this point in my life I have worked very hard to make good money. At this point, I make $100,000 after tax money from investment properties. I've looked at all the average salaries on the web of people living in Hungary and just can't believe it. Is 165000 HUF the average salary in Hungary? If so, can somebody tell me that if I moved to Hungary that I can give my son a great life on the $100,000 per year salary I make. Could I give him a good life? I haven't seen him in 4 years and really want to shower him with as many good things as possible but just really want to know if I have enough money to do it. Thanks, Kevin
peddington replied on July 17, 2014 with:
Greetings, that is all fine and well but I just read on HP an article of the coming "austerity" in the US. The trickle effect of that might be that if the US economy is bad the $ is devalued overseas and in Hungary you will get less for the dollar. Imagine that instead of getting 225 forint for a dollar you may get 201 or 195. Add the local normal "inflation" and the trickle effect of "dollar" trading since it is done 80% in US dollars and things don't exactly look like "paradise" here. Incidentally if I know of a low rent unit I will let you know! Be safe and good luck!
peddington replied on July 17, 2014 with:
Greetings, that is all fine and well but I just read on HP an article of the coming "austerity" in the US. The trickle effect of that might be that if the US economy is bad the $ is devalued overseas and in Hungary you will get less for the dollar. Imagine that instead of getting 225 forint for a dollar you may get 201 or 195. Add the local normal "inflation" and the trickle effect of "dollar" trading since it is done 80% in US dollars and things don't exactly look like "paradise" here. Incidentally if I know of a low rent unit I will let you know! Be safe and good luck!
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Hotjazzman replied to the thread Realtors don't work for buyers? on the Hungary forum:
Lesdit initially posted:
I'm hoping to buy an apartment in Budapest this summer. It's my understanding that over there Realtors work for the seller and not the buyer. Is this the case? This would seem counterproductive, as in the USA a realtor gets to know what you're looking for and pursues various properties for you to look at. Is it possible to get a broker or some other type of real estate agent to help you do the searching? Or am I supposed to call each place and it's perspective real estate agent separately? Thanks in advance for any hints or knowledge in this area!
Hotjazzman replied on July 15, 2014 with:
My two cents worth: In the US the listing agent's fee is 5 to 6%. (It's for your info Roderick - you're dead wrong of the cost in the States) In HU the buyer pays a 4% tax to the government. In Maryland (US) the state, city, county taxes are 2.75% - this is just a flat out tax on the buyer. With this included, the closing costs are around 7% on the buyer. Closing costs are 3% on the seller - not including the real estate agent's fee of 5-6%. The Realtor on paper works for the seller, but in reality they work for the buyer (he's the one with the money - remember?). I bought a condo in Budapest last year; the realtor's fee was 5.5% - which I had to bring in cash to the table, give it to the seller, and he in turn, turned it over the Realtor, right there and then, during the settlement process. Real estate lawyer - the same thing (cash); he was conducting the transaction process. I don't know how that 5.5% was split between the listing and selling agents. I had a selling agent. The process is a bitch, as there is no MLS, so your agent cannot show the other properties listed with other real estate companies. This really-really complicates things, as you have to find the properties on your own, contact the listing agent and go from there. You cannot just go starting in the morning with you agent and visiting properties one-after-the-other regardless of which real estate company they're listed with. However, the other side of the coin is, that there is no exclusive listing. An individual can list his/her property with all the real estate companies, and whoever sells it first, gets the commission. If he/she sells it privately, none of them get anything whatsoever.
RoderickBeck replied on May 06, 2014 with:
I disagree. I have an apartment for sale and fee is 4%. I consider that high. And it is much higher than the States. You can see my properties at Regards, Roderick.
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Hotjazzman replied to the thread retiring to Hungary from the US on the Hungary forum:
bettymike123 initially posted:
My wife and I are thinking of retiring to Budapest from the US, Does Hungary issue pensioner"s visas to US citizens? How do you legally remain in country beyond the 90/180 day limits placed on passports by the Schengen Treaty?
Hotjazzman replied on July 15, 2014 with:
Paddington; Where do you live? There is no KGB, and hasn't been for 20 years. There is the FSB (in Russia) but they are a different bunch, and HU has no common border with RU - in case you didn't know... As far as personal defense, right now gas pistols are legal, so are pepper sprays, and also high voltage stun guns; but not the ones that shoot out a pair of electrodes, but the kind which has to touch the skin (or thin clothes) in order to be effective. Paddington, you don't even LIVE in HU - based on your consistently, obviously, uninformed responses.
Hotjazzman replied on July 15, 2014 with:
Paddinton; You are DEAD wrong -again. I personally knew at my work place in the Washington DC area three (3) green-carded Russians who returned to Europe/Russia. They were in the US for university studies, but they were allowed to stay and work past graduation indefensibly. All in their second hals twenties, all single. The girl returned to Russia - St. Petersburg - first. The other guy returned to Novasibirsk a couple months later. The third guy went three mos later to London (UK). I was in touch with them for a while thereafter via emails. They were all happy to be out of the US; they didn't like it there. This happened in 2010 - BTW. It's interesting, that these were the ONLY Russians (ethnic Russians - not Russian Jews) I personally knew, yet all three left the US, and two of them went straight back to Russia even though they were young, educated and could stay as long as they wanted to. They did plainly tell me in no uncertain terms, that they felt LESS FREE (personal, political freedom) in the US, with less entrepreneurial opportunities, than in Russia. So there, Paddington, live and LEARN.
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