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saigafreak replied to the thread Immigration laws for "purebread" Hungarian-American on the Hungary forum on November 21, 2014:
saigafreak initially posted:
I was the first generation born in America within my family. Both parents born in Hungary. Father fled in '56, my Mom moved here after marrying him in '70, both earned their US citizenship status. Mom never formally renounced her Hungarian citizenship. Both grandparents are Hungarian and pretty much a straight lineage of family born within the borders of modern day Hungary. My understanding is that I'm a good candidate for the updated immigration laws from 2011. I was wondering what the language requirements were exactly? I've been taking Hungarian lessons very seriously as of late. I've accumulated quite a few vocabulary words over my childhood/adulthood. The proverbial minefield of conjugation/attachments within the grammar is my wear point, but that is changing with these lessons and I'm definitely improving on my reading and writing, but spontaneous speaking using longer sentences is still difficult. I plan on visiting my other family in Hungary next year, practicing very hard with them, then formally applying at the Hungarian embassy in DC upon my return, where I assume I'll undergo the formal interview process. Has anyone gone through the process at the embassy here? I wish we could live in country for a year to get truly fluent but that isn't really possible based on my work here in the US.
saigafreak replied 54 minutes ago with:
I will tell you what though: if Hungary were booted from the EU, I would probably go out of my way to spend as little as possible inside the country while visiting relatives there. I'd be proud if room temperature IQ nationalists were to call me anti-Magyar or traitor as a result of my actions.
peddington replied 7 hours ago with:
OK, I took the time to read "Jazz's" long comment (even by my standards) LOL! and as usual he is making it very personal (for reasons unknown but prehaps he is not a patient man) and while he has lot of good information factually sometimes he is incorrect; Here are some of my comments of what he said in no particular order; Hungarians I spoke to (and I actually attended a citizenship swearing in myself) did indeed include taking an oath. This was done as a "group" and was not unlike how it is done in the US. So "Jazz" you where incorrect on that issue. In the US of course there may be a slight variation on this but here is my state; NO ONE is required to have an ID. Of course this would make it difficult for someone to cash a check or check in to a homeless shelter BUT IT IS NOT REQUIRED. If you don't drive you can have and ID and my state used to allow P.O. Box but not anymore. It has to be your address. Why Hungary could not reconcile the driver's license or even ID with the "address card (lakcim kartya)" is a mystery to me but I chock it up to clinging to the "old" system and stubbornness to improve. My state has no income tax requirement so that's that! It is true that Hungary doesn't have resources but it is also true that they taxing their citizens to death. After the stupid "Internet" tax that they will re name and bring back anyway now there is a tax on the table to tax shopping centers/malls and such. I didn't do research but it is just another tax. You can be an advocate of the great system in Hungary but you still must admit that there is a new tax proposal almost every month. I suspect the Hungarian people only going to take so much of it. Tax cheating is an interesting question and I find it troubling if not funny that you are comparing the tax cheating in the US with Hungary. Yes the US is rampant with fraud' credit card, check fraud, loan fraud, Nigerian schemes of all types but let's face it. A country of the size of approximately let's say Florida can not be compared to the US. If I told you that out of 10 million people 80% cheat than that would be only 8 million. But if I told you that in the US 40% the tax payers cheat (and that is probably an exaggeration) that would be perhaps 140 million people that would be let's say 65 million people. Per capita it less than Hungary but it is a more prevalent problem there because of the percentages. Hungary tried to prevent this so they designed the two type receipt system. That is why they ask you at the store if you want a receipt or do you want a TAX receipt. The problem is with many Hungarian "patchwork" that the person can dictate just about anything they want which the clerk will write on the tax receipt. For example I can get gas in my car and ask for a 20,000 forint TAX receipt for the "Kecskemet Folklore dance club", there are no questions asked. Is this a good system? Think not! Another example is people cheating on their vacation home tax. To avoid the higher "epitmeny ado" or "vacation home rate" they just get an address card for their spouse for that address. No one really thinks that the couple is living 200 km apart but a local official told me, "I don't care because I'm here by myself and I don't have time to go check". Everyone know it is going on but no one cares least of all the Government. I don't fault Hungary for drifting toward Russia. Orban said as much that he kind of admires the Russian and Chinese systems. Is this Government communist? No I don't think so but I also believe it is not "citizen friendly". And as I said before Hungary should of never joined NATO and the EU if they knew the score. To get out of the "sphere of influence" of Russia is practically impossible. Specially now that Putin wants "respect" and the return of the Great Soviet union. Maybe WWIII is really not just Sci-Fi anymore! The Communist indeed fleeced Hungary but as one "expert" said on Hungarian TV it was the price of a "bloodless" transition. So the Hungarian people had paid the price and the Treasury is empty but now they have a hard time making a living. One note about health care. I have spoken with physicians that told me that they stop performing procedures around the 20th of each month because they run out of money. They also told me that they re-use "one time use" instruments, tubes etc., because there is no money. He also said that if they had to operate on let's say a "foreigner" who comes from a "litigious happy" country he will use a new instrument because if something vent wrong he could not justify using one that they should of thrown away. Lastly "Jazz" I don't know what you consider an "American"!? After all it is a country that is indeed the "proverbial" melting pot. Just because you research some stuff and where born there does not make you a better American. Let me ask you; have you saved an American life, have you served in the military, have you fought for law and order? Maybe if you have not YOU are not a REAL AMERICAN!
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Tomrock posted Water and Sewage on the Hungary forum on November 21, 2014:
Hello, Just got my first bill for water and sewage. Is it normal for the sewage bill to be almost double the water bill? Looks strange to me...just wanted to know if it's ok. Thanks, Tomy
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MichaelTryn replied to the thread Moving back to California from Hungary on the Hungary forum on November 21, 2014:
Lanchid initially posted:
Hi! We are (family of 5) moving back from Hungary to California in December. We have tons of stuff and no idea which moving company to use. Moving from Ca to Budapest was relatively easy but the company we used do not transport container back to the States from here. Any advice could help! Running out of time! Thanx, m. Any advice?
MichaelTryn replied 13 hours ago with:
May I ask, "Why would one move back to Calif.unless you have family there?" My wife would like to move to Napa, but Calif. is ALWAYS RANKED as one of the WORST states to live in, unless one has money like Hollywood people! With a family of 5, "How can you afford that?" We're sick of the Chicago weather.
borschelrh replied on November 17, 2014 with:
If you are bringing a car then try if at all possible to get it into the same 40 ft container as your household goods. It will save you in the long run. We didn't do that and it cost us for the mistake. Also, pay very close attention to the car registration fee. It is based on engine/fuel/KW etc. We brought a Prius as gas here is about $8 a gallon. But, as it was a hybrid we paid in 2009 a registration fee of 150,000 HUF. I think any diesel that meets EURO6 specs is also at the same rate. BUt, I can see the prices have come down some since we registered our car. Anyway pay attention as it can be really high for large American engined gasoline fueled cars.Good info here:
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profray replied to the thread cheaper flights on the Hungary forum on November 20, 2014:
maggiej initially posted:
I remember someone posting about cheaper flights. just wanted to talk about flying. what airlines. how much time is adequate to allow for layovers. I have seen as little as 1 hour for a layover at a very busy airport ex: Frankfurt or Heathrow. I got lost the last time I was in Frankfurt. can't imagine that being enough time. I hear Munich is a better airport. I have never been to Heathrow, but I imagine it's as bad as Frankfurt. also, the thought crossed my mind... courier sorts of jobs? how could I find a job that could make us of my flying back and forth between Bud and US? ideas?
profray replied on November 20, 2014 with:
Hi, we fly once a twice a year back and forth and the airline tickets are going up. Our best routes were with Lufthansa when we would go through Dusseldorf. It's a Luf. dedicated hub so if you book through them, any mix-ups are on their plate. But since the airport is less crowded than Frankfurt and Munich. Far worse are the commuter flights out of Dulles or Newark.
maggiej replied on November 16, 2014 with:
awesome, thanks for the links. I am not security specialist material. I don't even like guns. I'm thinking mundane diploatic materials? does that exist? non dangerous things to courier... I signed up for emails. I saw the article stated that 5,ooo applicants tried for 15 courier jobs. very competitive...
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andrewhayward posted English speaking Doctors on the Hungary forum on November 17, 2014:
Does anyone have contact information for English speaking Doctors in and around Nyiregyhaza
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borschelrh replied to the thread Customs and VAT on the Hungary forum:
Tomrock initially posted:
Hello, If I buy an item on Ebay or from china (DX, Alibaba...) and it is shipped to Hungary... what taxes apply? Are there tax exemptions under certain value? Any help will be appreciated. Thanks, Tomy
borschelrh replied on November 12, 2014 with:
I think you are correct. In my case it always comes out to 35% and always requires emailing copies of the original invoice with description. Often the customs delays deliveries by several weeks and all packages are opened for inspection and usually closed poorly. Still, if the price is good enough then it is worth the hassle. If not then buy it in Germany and avoid the hassle. I never buy from the US if I can avoid it. The same for the UK as shipping for some bizarre reason is exorbitant from the UK.
Hotjazzman replied on November 12, 2014 with:
Stuff coming if for you outside of the EU via mail has a two-tier duty-free status. If it is coming from another individual, your exemption is 45 euros. If it's coming from a company (like from China) it is only 22 euros (if I remember correctly). Beyond these numbers, a duty plus VAT (27%) applies, up to 700 euros. Over 700 euros value, a "commercial" duty applies + again the 27% VAT. Sorry,but I don't know the duty percentage figures at the top of my head.
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FeliciaOni initially posted:
My father and I plan on moving to Hungary in Spring of 2015. He is a 57year old veteran and on social security disability for life. I am 34 year old female and i live with him and i am his legal and sole caregiver and family. He and I will live together in Hungary as we do here in Florida USA. His disability is enough monthly income for both of us, there for he is permanently disabled and can not work and i will not be working either, he takes care of me. Our net take home income is 2000 USA dollars a month. Is that going to be enough for us to live normal? What are the costs for a 2 or 3 bedroom apartment? The sites i have looked at in English were beyond expensive. I mean we live on the beach in Florida in one of the busiest and tourist heavy places on earth and the prices i saw would be expensive for here! But then i hear that Hungary is a very affordable place to live so i am a bit confused. I know Budapest is the biggest city in Hungary, but should we look at some of the smaller towns for better affordability? We will not be working so being close to jobs or universities is not important to us at all. And we are moving from the USA so being close to lots of other USA people is not something we would need nor desire. Right now my father has a malpractice lawsuit against the hospital pending also. If that goes in our favor then our net(take home)income will increase from 2000 a month usa dollars to 5000 net(take home) a month. But we will know by Jan if that is going in our favor. We will not apply for our residence permit until then when we know what our monthly income will be. So i am wanting to know if what we have now would be enough to live, and if we are able to get more then just live better.
Hotjazzman replied on November 12, 2014 with:
Please look at my post on the thread "Moving back to California from Hungary" (by Lanchid). For your move, you may want to look at this company; they're located in your neck of the woods, in FL. They weren't the cheapest, but were in the lower half. They can provide from full service to barebones. Some of the "cheapest" ones were deceptive, providing only port-to-port like say, in your case, from Miami to Bremenhaven. Figure, that whatever the quote is, you will have to pay out another 50% of that in incidentals, like fees, inspections and whatnots which are independent from the shipping co. Make sure you have these b/c it's required: All your items are listed (per box - of course - number the boxes, suitcases) but not like "1 lot of shirts", but like: "14 men's shirts". All electronics must be separately listed w/ S/N and precise description. All must be in Hungarian. Your duty-free status can only be established, if you already have a 'permanent resident' status at time of customs, so you have to get cracking on that as soon as you arrive. Figure 40 to 90 days before you get your stuff into your place of residence. Theft is rampant, so smaller valuables should be brought with you. Disable electronics to the extent you can (cables separately, remotes packed separately, power supply separately, remove memory and hard drive - if applicable. Hard drive (of desktop, or of laptop - if it's in the shipment) should be with you, due to the sensitivity of the info on it, plus they don't have an o/s.
Hotjazzman replied on November 10, 2014 with:
borscheirh: I did meet a young woman (late 20s - I think) at Fat Mo's in Budapest, who moved to HU/BUD, and had no Hungarian roots. None. She was from Boston. Her story was, that she was traveling on vacation through Europe with a friend, and when they got to HU, she got thoroughly smitten with BUD/HU, and decided she just gotta move b/c this is where she had to live - period. She spoke no Hungarian, but still, gave up her apt in Boston and moved to BUD. At the time when I met her, she got a job with a US company in BUD - no immediate need for Hungarian language skills, but I did not inquire in what capacity. She seemed to be very happy with her move/decision. She did not have a boyfriend in tow there, plus based on her story, it did not appear that her move was due to a Hungarian heartthrob she met at the first visit. This was a one time casual meet, essentially an introduction through a casual acquaintance (also an expat American originally from the West Coast), so I do not know what happened to her afterwards.
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drryanjames replied most recently with:
Just curious, I see you posted here and about retiring in Portugal, but when I went to your Google+ page, you are credited with a number of articles from various countries, but live in my former home state of New Jersey. How do you do multi-locate? I would love to be able to do it. Dr. Ryan James Budapest
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