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Anita77 posted Playdates on the Hungary forum:
Hi, I'm looking for an english speaking playmate for my 8 year- old daughter near Godollo or Budapest. If you have a daughter with about the same age, and interested in playdates, please write.Thanks!
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maggiej replied to the thread Travel Channel seeking US families/couples for new TV show! on the Hungary forum:
TravelChannel2 initially posted:
New Travel Channel series is looking for couples or families that are thinking about relocating to Budapest from the United States and have either never been to Hungary or the country is relatively new to them. Are you having a tough time deciding whether or not to move? We’d love to help you out with that. For our program, we’d take you and your partner to your potential new home where you’d meet with a relocation expert who will show you some local neighborhoods, introduce you to the local culture and customs, and give you a chance to experience what life might be like for you and your family. Would you be interested in participating? Please let me know by emailing us at! Tell us about yourself, both personally and professionally, why and when you might be moving, your ages, and also please include your picture(s). We look forward to hearing from you!
maggiej replied most recently with:
wow, I would love this. BUT my husband would not be able to get away from his work obligations. he works on project worldwide... and no not once in HU. I am hungarian. I have spent a few weeks in HU. I don't think I am what the show would be looking for... I am first generation American. Oh, but to get to live in HU. that would be amazing...
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Flat is 62 nm. Ideal for couples or single person. With new furnishes. Just re-constructed totally new. At Klavinter square. Next to 2 metro station just 30 meter. Delux flat style for rent. For more information pls contact via email.
maggiej replied to the thread cheaper flights on the Hungary forum:
maggiej initially posted:
I remember someone posting about cheaper flights. just wanted to talk about flying. what airlines. how much time is adequate to allow for layovers. I have seen as little as 1 hour for a layover at a very busy airport ex: Frankfurt or Heathrow. I got lost the last time I was in Frankfurt. can't imagine that being enough time. I hear Munich is a better airport. I have never been to Heathrow, but I imagine it's as bad as Frankfurt. also, the thought crossed my mind... courier sorts of jobs? how could I find a job that could make us of my flying back and forth between Bud and US? ideas?
maggiej replied most recently with:
although from what I've heard Munich would be a better option except for what I see as a very restrictive carry on rule! Lufthansa goes through Munich and only 18 pds or 8 kilos for a rolling carry on. my rolling carry on empty weighs almost 10 pds...
maggiej replied most recently with:
american airlines seems to only shoot me through Heathrow... american airlines also seems to be the cheapest option I can find. so do I have to go through LHR? sort of. do I want to? no not really...
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Expat Report Living in Budapest, Hungary was published
If a friend of yours was thinking of moving to this city or town from far away, what other advice would you give them.
Be patient! While not strangling, there is still bureaucracy. Hungarians are friendly though and eager to help. Ask for help and/or employ people (like Hire A Hungarian .com) to help during the transition. Life is easy after the initial transition. Also, learn some basic Hungarian words before coming and continue your learning once here. But unlike the way it was in the 1990's, enough English is spoken in Budapest for you to feel comfortable. But make no mistake, it is a difficult language. (Continue)
peddington replied to the thread Staying in Hungary for 2-3 months on the Hungary forum:
arya6000 initially posted:
I am interested in living in Hungary for 2-3 months to analyze living conditions. My main concern is finding a furnished residence with WiFi. What kind of price should I be expecting to pay for a 1 bedroom or a studio? Would I have any luck finding a place online or my best bet is finding it while in Hungary?
peddington replied most recently with:
Greetings, your question has broad answers as it would depend where and when you need the accommodations. Summers generally and vacation spots are more expensive in the Summer months. In Budapest there are some exclusive areas with all the bells and whistles and some less desirable areas. You probably can expect between 40,000 to 250,000 forints depending on the location and decor. Short term rents generally are more expensive from what I'm told. Check on the Internet as many advertise. Even on this site. Good luck and happy hunting!
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azeibig posted Interior Design courses on the Hungary forum:
Dear international people! If you are living in Budapest and want to learn something creative, you can join my Interior Design Courses. Start looking at your home through an interior designer's eyes. Within three months, you will discover your creativity in a fast learning, friendly and enjoyable environment. A standard interior design course (3 months) for beginners will begin 29th and 30th January 2015 in English language. Are working a lot and don't have much time? Join the one-day workshop on 24 January or the weekend workshop on 21-22 February. Free teaser class on 15 January at 11 AM! Join us and learn something new this year! For more details and to sign up, please send a mail to
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Hotjazzman replied to the thread New toll roads! on the Hungary forum:
peddington initially posted:
Happy New Year to All! Unfortunately the new year will bring new fees and taxes for those living in Hungary! The most obvious is road tolls on roads previously not required. Prime example is the M-0, the circle going around the outskirts of Budapest. There are also new "Vinette" or "Matrica" for those that only want to use the toll road within a particular County. Yes there is a "forgiveness period" but you will have to buy the Matrica after the fact and still pay the almost 1,500 forint PENALTY! There are more fees and fines so stay abreast of the new tolls and taxes! Be safe!
Hotjazzman replied most recently with:
Paddington; The closing is blatantly pro-Hungarian and anti-multinational. Paddinton, in case you haven't noticed, you are in Hungary. The governmentt is (in theory) FOR Hungarians, by Hungarians, of Hungarians. The people elect governments to protect THEM, the electors, and NOT the multinationals who are here for one reason only: profits; who don't give a rat's behind about the host country's welfare, well-being and interest. I'am gratified to see, that the elected government is actually trying to protect the people who elected them from ruin by the multis, which notion is just a wet dream in the US.
Hotjazzman replied most recently with:
Stop your whining Paddigton. Friends just returned (yesterday) to Budapest from France, and on one of the highways their host (they were not driving) had to pay a toll of 28 Euros. Yup, you got that right, 28 even.Talking about it to me, they got the impression, that it was a relatively short distance of the highway she had to pay for to use. First, seeing the sign, they thought it was only 2.8 Euros - which seemed reasonable (they are Americans). When they realized the actual amount, they were in total shock. FYI: 28Euros = U$34. So 5000HUF/yr ($19.25) is not gonna kill you. Maryland just increased the gas tax by 3.5 cent/gal.(Jan 1st) How much is that/year for a working stiff? About $37/yr. @ 20gals/wk - which is about average for a car in that region (or below average) with commute and errands. If you own a stupid SUV, like most of the stupids have there, you're looking in excess of $50-60/yr. So get a grip, and stop whining Paddington, it's worse in the US.
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