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5 Tips for Living in San Francisco

Expats living in San Francisco and the Bay Area will find a unique culture that is a magnet for people from all over America - and the world. Find great information on how to settle into the home of Silicon Valley, Napa Valley, and much, much more. (Read Article)

Culture Shock in Grecia, Costa Rica

One woman explains how she was lured to Boquete, Panama and Grecia, Costa Rica by romanticized articles on other sites touting that she could retire for $1,000 or less. Once there, she found the cost of living to fluctuate significantly, the streets strewn with garbage and transportation challenging.

Expert Advice: Rental Property Deductions Can Help You Save More

If you have a US rental property, there are several deductions you can take to reduce your US taxes. You can deduct: Repairs - any improvement that brings your property back to its original state can be deducted. Capital improvements are those that increase the value of your property and those are not deductible. Start-up costs - you can deduct up to $5,000 of the costs you (Read Full Tip)

5 Tips for Living in Granada, Nicaragua

Expats love Granada, Nicaragua for it's colonial architecture, rich history and thriving expat community. In this article, we cover cost-of-living in Granada, safety, real estate, health care and more. (Read Article)

Culture Shock in Gurgaon, India

A mom who relocated to Gurgaon, India talks about the challenges of living in Gurgaon. She finds that there's a lack out outdoor space to walk and play. Plus, numerous locals on the street have picked up and touched her 4 year old daughter without permission, which has increased her and her daughter's anxiety when out in public. She now finds herself swatting away people on the street.

Spoiled for Choice: What Migration Did for British Food Culture

How has migration impacted British food culture? Monica Karpinski talks about how foods from the EU, Asia, North America, South America and Australasia have influenced today's food culture in the UK. (Read Article)

Review of British International School Jeddah in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

An expat parent's experiences with British International School Jeddah in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia - from extracurriculars to facilities, parent organizations to pros and cons of attending British International School Jeddah. (Read Report)

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