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US Expat Tax Returns are Due Soon: What Do You Need to Gather?

David McKeegan offers an overview of the tax documents US expats need to file and the different expat tax laws they should consider. (Read Article)

Culture Shock in Algiers, Algeria

A Dutch woman who moved to Algiers said that it took her awhile realise what it was exactly that made it so difficult for her to live in Algeria. She now knows that it's her sense of freedom which she seems to have lost.

Seeing the Panama Canal Expansion

Most travelers who want to see what is happening on the new Panama Canal don't know where to start. A Panama Canal Expansion Center has been built and is open on the Colon side of the Canal is cheap and open. (Read Full Tip)

Expat New York: Top 10 New York Suburbs For Expats

Many expats that live in or around New York City choose not to live in the city, but instead in one of the many suburbs in New Jersey, Connecticut and Westchester County, NY. Here are just a few of the options available to expats. (Read Article)

Review of St. George's School of Madrid in Madrid, Spain

An expat parent's experiences with St. George's School of Madrid in Madrid, Spain - from extracurriculars to facilities, parent organizations to pros and cons of attending St. George's School of Madrid. (Read Report)

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