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firefly22 replied to the thread Relocating to India on the India forum:
heathertexas initially posted:
Hi, I am considering an expat assignment that will take me to India for the next few years. Any advice for an American that will help me adjust?
firefly22 replied on July 28, 2015 with:
Hi, I will be coming to stay in Hyderabad from the US in about 6 months. Where can I meet other Americans?
varaang replied on November 18, 2014 with:
Hello, Greetings from India and Team Falcon Freight Forwarders! We are complete relocation company in India which provide support in your shipping and home search needs. Please visit our website at or you can send us an email at and copy to . Regards Varaang Ghai
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scap posted Family counselor required on the India forum on July 27, 2015:
Hi all, We are looking for a good family counselor in Bangalore. A native English speaker who understands western culture (North America in particular) is preferred. We are not interested in online counseling. Thank you.
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Gregexpat replied to the thread Itinerary-SOUTH INDIA-Advise Please on the India forum:
charlottelady initially posted:
Start > Goa or Hyderabad & end >Sri Lanka. I would love a suggested itinerary taking in southern India. In reality I have 2-3 months. Best routes with consideration TO EASE OF transport without much backtracking. Arrival Sept 1 - by myself - pensioner's budget. Can include flights if necessary. NOT TO INCLUDE EAST COAST. Indicate mode of transit between stops, and how many days likely at each. Thanks to all the kind people out there !! Emphasis on; 1) MONUMENTS, TEMPLES, FORTS, HISTORY 2) MUDUMALAI & PERIYAR PARKS 3) INTERACTIVITY - BOAT TRIP, BIKING, TRAIN JOURNEY 4) REGION / FROM GOA TO HYDERABAD TO KOCHI TO MADURAI end SRI LANKA 5) OCCASIONAL rest stop at Beach town with access to excellent Indian cuisine 6)Hampi, Badami, Bijapur - maybe tour Any help is appreciated, CiWi
Gregexpat replied on July 25, 2015 with:
000000000PS! my reply is all east Sri Lanka, sorry.
Gregexpat replied on July 25, 2015 with:
58k south of Chennai is Mamallapuram, Mahabalipuram, or Mahabs. It has a very old sea shore temple & great carvings in a park not far fm the beach. It cost 60 R on the bus fm Chennai. Or you can hire a cab for around 1500R. Another 60K south of Mahabs is Puducherry. Sri Lanka is very nice. I landed and had a hotel destination. Nextime I will land and just look for a hotel,,,,,,, Look Mahabs & Puducherry up on wikitravel or something you like. Mahabs is also a surfing town and there is an invitational contest the 2nd week of Aug..waves permitting. Have Fun.
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Petamin posted Bringing the family dog on the India forum on July 24, 2015:
We are planning a 3 month trip to India to evaluate a few places and see if its a fit. We're planning on "home basing" in Pondicherry, (husband's family is from there) and traveling within India. Our dog is our kid. We see that pets are not allowed in to India unless you are moving there. We THINK we are, but not sure... I'd hate to get to India only to have us turned away because paperwork wasn't right. Any suggestions, thoughts, or input on bringing a dog into India?
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hopetravel posted international school in south goa / Palolem on the India forum on July 21, 2015:
Hi! My family and I are moving to the Palolem area in South Goa and we are looking for a good international school for our children. Does anybody know if there are any good schools around Palolem that combine high academic standards with an alternative, holistic approach for both primary and secondary level kids? Would very much appreciate any tips you could offer! Thanks so much!!! ;)
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GPReddyAZ replied to the thread Expat visting USA and driving in USA on the India forum:
rvl initially posted:
I am a US citizen living in India. I plan to go to USA for a visit. My USA driving license expired. Any one who had a similar experience advice me how to get a temporoy license to drive in USA. I was told I may not be eligible to get international driving license from India as I am a US citizen. Welcome suggestions and advice.
GPReddyAZ replied most recently with:
As soon as you go to US have some one drive you to the Department of motor vehicles and apply for a License. They give you a temporary license immediately and the permanent one in a week or two. You have to produce your expired license.
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Blog Style Wanderers posted on the India Network
A lifestyle blog by two girls living in India
kateleyshon posted visa renewal-done in a day??? on the India forum:
Hi guys, does anybody know if by booking an appointment at an FRRO office (ie Chennai), whether it is ever possible to get a visa renewed or extended in a single day like it is in some other countries? I'm guessing not but wouldn't it be great if it were possible!
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Hello group i'm a importer an im looking for things they need in India? Is there anything in India that someone needs to make some money or something really expensive?
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A reader commented on the Expat Report Review of Trio World School in Bangalore, India
Review-of-Trio World School
How would you describe the facilities at this school? What extra-curricular activities are available?
Air-conditioned classrooms with teacher student ratio of 1:15, School is easily accessible from either city centre or International airport (20 minutes drive), Information Technology, soccer, swimming, basketball, table tennis, martial arts etc. (Continue)
stephenrodriguez replied most recently with:
I have been a resident of Australia and now shifted to Bangalore for job purpose. I am looking for an best ICSE school for my daughter who was in 3th grade and now going to 4th grade. I heard about a International school named trio world academy. Can anyone suggest me about this school!! What about the fee structure of their ICSE syllabus ?
GeorgeBenjamin replied recently with:
My son is in 2nd grade at TRIO. We have been pleased with the school so far. He is a day scholar and has only joined this year. The parent teacher meetings are very helpful and informative. They tell us where our child needs to improve and point out his best strengths. His teacher explained about their differentiated learning approach so that he learns at his own pace. What I liked most is that my son is developing an interest towards reading and public speaking. I would like to recommend it to the parents looking for individualized attention and balanced academics and sports.
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