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A reader commented on the Expat Report Review of Trio World School in Bangalore, India
Review-of-Trio World School
How would you describe the facilities at this school? What extra-curricular activities are available?
Air-conditioned classrooms with teacher student ratio of 1:15, School is easily accessible from either city centre or International airport (20 minutes drive), Information Technology, soccer, swimming, basketball, table tennis, martial arts etc. (Continue)
GraceRegina replied most recently with:
I am moving to India from USA. I am looking for admission at TRIO, Please anyone suggest me about Trio world school through your opinion. I would be relocating to Bangalore in March.Does anyone know what the fees structure for A-levels and also Boarding Facilities. Please do let me know your views on Trio World School.
Devendrakumar replied recently with:
Hi my name is Devendra Kumar, I am looking for good ICSE curriculum school in North Bangalore. Since July I"m searching for schools which has not rigid curriculum structure like old style but its really hard to find the right place for my kid. I need suggestions from you all....
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swatson410 replied to the thread artist communities in india on the India forum:
jeannieb initially posted:
I am considering moving to india for many reasons........I am interested in finding an artist community in an area where it does not get climate remains about the same all year around......any suggestions
swatson410 replied most recently with:
You might check out Pune.
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Well designed with very high profile community with all Basic Amenities located in very prime Area surrounded by all best schools, Malls and Hospitals, Fully Furniture 3 BHK with 3000 sft.
rupensharma2001 replied to the thread Visiting Delhi and Dharamsala on the India forum:
Gerardsag initially posted:
Hi, my name is Gerry. I am a retired psychiatrist, vegetarian, Buddhist, moving to The northern India area. If anyone knows any places where ex-pats meet in Delhi, and Dharamsala, could you give suggestions. Thanks. Pros and cons to different areas would also help.
rupensharma2001 replied most recently with:
Dharamshala: Okay so this is divided into Dharamashala, Upper Dharamshala (Mcloed Gunj) and Lower Dharamshala (Sidhpur). You should head for McLoed Gunj. The Om hotel has a great restaurant and is a place where you'd meet many, many foreigners. I prefer staying in Palampur because it has tea estates and attracts fewer tourists (local and foreign). It's actually a great place to do some writing.
aimeebeth replied most recently with:
hello, i'm looking for the same. i'm retired from the restaurant business in Boulder, Colorado. Christian/Hindu - ish. live south of delhi but usually go into town once a month. Imperial Hotel? Starbucks in Canaaght Place?
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emi89 replied to the thread Need to meet with other Americans/expats on the India forum:
toddinindia initially posted:
I have been in India a couple months. Here alone. I live in Thane. Work in Lower Parel and PanIndia. I like India, but the loneliness has been unbearable at times. Very hard to meet Indian women. Any help advice greatly appreciated. Todd
emi89 replied most recently with:
oh todd.i feel for you.are u on facebook?lets connect
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I am Australian - moving to Chennai to work. Would like to bring my car from Singapore where I'm working now. Any advice of how to go about it?
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meen12 posted Cook & Housekeeper Available on the India forum:
Hi - I know a very reliable cook/housekeeper who has lived and cooked in homes in London. She is urgently in need of a job in Vadodra preferably with an expat family - she can cook Indian & Non-Indian food and vegetarian and non-vegetarian food. She speaks some English and is very trustworthy. Pls message me if you are interested.
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We are looking for a candidate who has experience in marketing and sales, has managed websites, and is passionate about the Internet. A suitable candidate would welcome challenges, is innovative, organized, and sales-oriented.

To apply, please e-mail your CV and a Cover letter to

shreya14 replied to the thread Looking for English speaking schools in Goa on the India forum:
markk initially posted:
I am planning to move with my family to Goa, India. Does anyone have any information regarding good standard, English language schools in the Goa region? Thanks
shreya14 replied most recently with:
These are all in Panaji Goa. Panaji is a really small city and everything is about 15-20 minutes away from anywhere. These are all very good English curriculum and ICSE / CBSE board schools. Additionally Goa is good for sports and travel related activities too so I think kids will enjoy this city a lot.
markk replied most recently with:
Hi Shreya14, thanks so much for this information. Could you please indicate the names of towns/villages that these schools are situated in? Many thanks.
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Am moving out of New Delhi and selling everything out of the 2.5 bedroom apt. from dining tables and sofa to a double bed, work desks, bookshelves to a washing machine, a cooking stove and microwave. Also available are all the kitchen wares and Japanese mangas. Kid's table and chairs also. An old Tata Indica is also available at super discount. Please call 9910680982 starting immediately. First come, first served. Sale will be closed on mid-day, Tue. 23rd Dec.
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