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KINGPIN724 posted Moving to Chennai India from USA anyone on the ground floor on the India forum on March 31, 2015:
Im moving to Chennai India to export human hair anyone know the lay of the land? Ive looked at some leased apartments what i need is a business front that has living quarters over the business? Any help would be appreciative.
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KINGPIN724 replied to the thread Expats in Tamil nadu on the India forum:
rvl initially posted:
I recently moved from USA to Coimbatore. I would like to connect with expats from USA living in Tamil Nadu. Interested in learning their experience in the first 90 days.
KINGPIN724 replied 7 hours ago with:
I will be moving to Chennai in September for my export business any Americans that i can link up with who know the ins and outs of the city?
rvl replied 10 hours ago with:
Glad o hear. Are you retired or active in your profession? How do you like coimbatore and do you like most ?. Seems like we are the only two in Tamil Nadu.
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karenSueJoy posted Risk of Malairia -UP on the India forum on March 19, 2015:
Anyone have an idea of what the risk of Malaria to expats is in India? Came to Gorakhpur in UP to teach and took many precautions (Hep A and B vaccinations, polio/tetanus, pheumona, flu shots and more) but did not think Malaria was huge problem in that region. Now I see there are more mosquitos than I've ever seen! Thanks. Please reply to:
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KINGPIN724 replied to the thread Chennai on the India forum:
Camary initially posted:
V r planning for an assignment in Chennai. I have an offer but not sure how affordable it is since we are used to North Amrican Life style and will be keeping out home in NA. This is a higher level position. Does any one have idea if Rs.300,000/month could be affordable? We are looking for nice small indepndet single family house (3-4 bedroom) What would be the cost of this? Also, international schooling is very costly in India. Any idea on that??
KINGPIN724 replied on March 19, 2015 with:
Could you please contact me i will soon be doing exporting out of chennai India and I'm looking to hire an interpreter and minority working partner.
harryjohn579 replied on November 28, 2014 with:
Hello Everyone, I am new this forum and i am planning to visit Chennai & vishakapatanam. please help me.
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If there's anyone who's visiting or living near Gorakhpur or who plans to come through this general region (including Lucknow) to go to Nepal, contact me here or even better at Karen
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karenSueJoy replied to the thread URGENT: Who wants to adopt a cute puppy in New Delhi? on the India forum:
Sunshine2109 initially posted:
Dear all, we have adopted a few months ago a very clever street dog and since then "Blacky" is living in front of our door. She has born a very beautiful puppy at our house on 29.01. Since then we took care about both of them a lot. Mother "Blacky" is going since last week nearly the whole day somewhere else and leaves the kid alone. So we are taking care, leaving her into the house and feed her properly with professional food etc. We give her a lot of love. The problem is that Baby "Dotty" is not ready at all to live on the street. She is more used to humans than dogs. We took her for a short walk which ended up her shaking a lot and not moving a cm. She needs humans around her. Her mother is not caring and not bringing any food for her or following her around. As we are moving unexpectedly to UAE next week we can not take her with us as she is only 1 /2 months old and the dog has to be at least 4 months old. And in UAE we will have a flat and we both will be out of the house the whole day. Not a good situation for a dog. We would like to make sure that Dotty finds a great home and hope that someone responsible might adopt her. We are afraid that leaving her like this will not be an option and she might not survive it. We are ready to pay for a fresh vaccination and dewurming. She is a lovely and very intelligent character and needs a very lovely family. More pictures here: Please do call us: 8527631401 if you are really interested to take Dotty. Please see pictures enclosed. We are in New Delhi
karenSueJoy replied on March 16, 2015 with:
So wonderful you adopted a street puppy! I wish I could take him but I live in Gorakhpur. Fingers crossed you can find a loving home for your little friend. Best of luck to you, your family, finding a home for puppy, and your move to UAE, Karen
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A fully furnished house available for rent for 2 months in a centrally locality in New Delhi.
property in IndiaThis specific community stands out amongst the various others good quality residential communities in Gurgaon.
Expat Report Dating and Marriage in Bangalore, India was published
What is it like in your country of residence for someone with your relationship status (married/divorced/dating)? If you're single, how do you meet other people? Do English-speaking people tend to gravitate to certain parts of your city?
After five months of living in India, I found myself a single woman in her mid-30's and facing my first experiences with culture shock in this country. Bangalore is a very interesting place culturally (talk about genuine diversity and acceptance in culture and religion!) as it is, but when you mix in dating, it really takes you on a cultural trip. Not only is India a decade behind the States in a lot of ways but with arranged marriages still in practice, it is even more behind in dating... most people have never really dated or just once or twice. I have met other people through colleagues, expat parties, coach surfing, meet-ups, Ok Cupid and now Tinder. Strangely, Tinder provided the best diversity and options for dating in Bangalore--- I am thinking it is because men only have to compose a brief paragraph about themselves and include pictures. Men tend to be rather lazy about filling out dating profiles. In terms of where to go out to meet singles, I suggest Indiranagar, MG road, Ulsoor Lake area, Brigade Road and Church Street. Because people tend not to mingle between groups while out, though, it is difficult to meet new people this way UNLESS YOU take initiative. (Continue)
A reader commented on the Expat Report Review of Trio World School in Bangalore, India
Review-of-Trio World School
How would you describe the facilities at this school? What extra-curricular activities are available?
Air-conditioned classrooms with teacher student ratio of 1:15, School is easily accessible from either city centre or International airport (20 minutes drive), Information Technology, soccer, swimming, basketball, table tennis, martial arts etc. (Continue)
GraceRegina replied most recently with:
I am moving to India from USA. I am looking for admission at TRIO, Please anyone suggest me about Trio world school through your opinion. I would be relocating to Bangalore in March.Does anyone know what the fees structure for A-levels and also Boarding Facilities. Please do let me know your views on Trio World School.
Devendrakumar replied recently with:
Hi my name is Devendra Kumar, I am looking for good ICSE curriculum school in North Bangalore. Since July I"m searching for schools which has not rigid curriculum structure like old style but its really hard to find the right place for my kid. I need suggestions from you all....
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