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Spanish style villa in heart of Koramangala. Park facing quite locality yet minutes away from all major amenities.
Spanish style villa in heart of Koramangala. Park facing quite locality yet minutes away from all major amenities.
je777 replied to the thread planning to move to india temporarily on the India forum:
melapumkin initially posted:
hi i would like to move to india temporarily to experience the culture and work for a few months to see how its like and decide weather i want to make the move completely or not. where do i find a job as i plan to go to chennai and how do i search for housing? its very confusing as no website tells everything in detail on how to be an expat.please help me with some info.thanks.
je777 replied on April 19, 2014 with:
Three years ago I made such a move. Being retired I looked easy and the visa situation seemed ok. Getting a 6 months visa was easy and I was told, unofficially that thousands of western people do it. Just leave the country after 6 month do a border run and come right back. Then the government changed the rules drastically. No return for 2 months and only a 3 months second visa. That can change again real sasy. Also a sim card was very difficult to get. I gave up after the first 6 months and will never go back.
Muchli replied on April 13, 2014 with:
It's unlikely the OP is serious, having not returned to discuss responses after posting three months ago. To anyone who is serious about moving to India: a trial stay before making permanent plans is a good idea. However, every country is protective of its own citizens. You are not going to find a job in India unless you have special skills. Indian companies have to hire their own citizens first. Look for a job before you move there which will transfer you to India, or take a volunteer position with a charitable organization. Also, you should investigate visas before you do anything.
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SarahHughes posted quaint french bistro in Delhi on the India forum on April 19, 2014:
I went to a very nice place yesterday for lunch in Delhi called le bistro du part. They also have a jazz night on wednesdays
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jgeuss posted Jehovah's Witnesses in India- English Congregations on the India forum on April 13, 2014:
My wife and I are Jehovah's Witnesses in our early '50s with many decades of theocratic experience and are responding to the call in January 15, 2014 Watchtower to move where the need is greater in a warm climate, due to health reasons. I have a rare skin disease (not communicable) that requires I have a beard. From experience, I know that some cultures view men with beards with suspicion. Is there an English Congregation with a need for qualified brothers in India? If so, would they welcome my wife and I?
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ashishngupta replied to the thread Moving Car from Overseas to India on the India forum:
nkesarwani initially posted:
I am planning to move my new car from Australia to Lucknow in India. Not sure if this will be worth cost wise and any pain given my the custom department in India for the clearance ?
ashishngupta replied on April 09, 2014 with:
Greetings of the day, Which model car is it? and im pretty sure you could sell of your car back home and get a new one here which is of the same of equivalent. The most cost effective way!
Indiarelo replied on February 06, 2014 with:
Hi say that the car cost you US$ 1000.00 the relocation cost to India will be about US$ 7000.00 the duty will be 100 % plus fine and Penalty which also could be up to 100 % Also note that Just because you bought the car for US$ 1000 does not mean duty is calculated on that, you will need to get the Manufacturers invoice, (dealers invoice will not do) and then depending how old it is you get depreciation on the manufacturers cost, if memory serves me right is 12% the first year, 10% second year, 8% third year and so on, also the car cant be very old as it needs to be atleaset euro 3 compliant
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property in IndiaBuilt up area of 1355 sft - 3 storied building with 6 houses
For Rent: Luxurious 4 bed+bath 3000 sq. ft apartment + open terrace of same size, with separate servant's room+bath, and 2 car covered parking.
vivekranjan replied to the thread Brand new construction on the India forum:
Chach716 initially posted:
Hello. I am in the process of interviewing for a position in Gurgaon. If offered the job, I will need to relocate around the March/April timeframe. Can anyone point me to where I can find brand new (never lived in) fully furnished apartments in Gurgaon; 3 bedrooms, A/C, washer/dryer in unit. Any guidance most appreciated.
vivekranjan replied most recently with:
i have 4 bedroom American Cottage in Gurgaon with all amenities on a land of 20000 sq feet. 10 mnts drive from Golf Course road>
SalilG replied most recently with:
Hi, Our company offer fully furnished and serviced apartments- brand new in Delhi/NCR. Please share your requirement at or call +91-8377003702
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property in IndiaWe have the finest furnished apartments that exist in Gurgaon. Specially crafted for the Expat Community that is working in Gurgaon or Delhi. These homes come with the state of the art and top of the line furnishing and music systems, home theatres and the works...

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