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Leni posted searching for new job in Mumbai as of June 2015 on the India forum on August 17, 2014:
MY Expat contract here in Mumbai will expire in June 2015 and I am already searching for a new job as I would like to stay in Mumbai. .any idea or recommendations? Right now working for a shipping company but have overall experience in export for more than 15 years. In case anyone knows something.. please write. .Thanks
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property in IndiaFully Furnished Studio Apartment for rent. All have to get is your luggage and start living. We mean it.
Beadwindow initially posted:
I've ready 20 blogs, opinions, comments and conversations and have found 20 different and unrelated answers. Can someone tell me has the 2 month restriction every six months been rescinded for US citizens on a ten year tourist visa?
Gregexpat replied most recently with:
Thank you for contacting Cox and Kings Global Services via email. We would like to inform you, that there is no cooling period to stay out of India. However, you have to exit after 180 days from Indian and can entry to India with the valid passport and Visa.
Gregexpat replied most recently with:
......the 2months out of country border run has been scraped. Just read it on , my apple allogies
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maeleanore initially posted:
I have a 5 year Tourist Visa. I have cancelled 4 flights because of my dog who I am not leaving behind. What type of VISA works. I have a 5 year lease on a flat, and plan to stay until I die. Does anyone have info on this issue?? Namaste'
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Revlot replied most recently with: "In India, dog meat is eaten by certain communities in the Northeast Indian border states of Mizoram,[74] Nagaland,[75] and Manipur[76] where it is considered to be a delicacy. These states border China and may have been influenced by Chinese culture and traditions." Keep you dog on a short leash.
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DOVALE posted triathlon practicing team in pune on the India forum:
I wl be relocating soon to pune , and looking for team , club that practicing swimming, bike and running. I wl be happy to get some info about.
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Expat Report Review of Manish in Bangalore, India by maddysathish was published
How would you describe the facilities at this school? What extra-curricular activities are available?
Facilities are nice when i compare to other schools. I think the students are more focused on extra curricular activities and then studies. (Continue)
Gregexpat replied to the thread Want to move to India on the India forum:
RedDragonfly initially posted:
Hi everyone! I understand that many expats from the United States are in India due to out-sourcing and not necessarily by choice or desire. I however, have a very strong desire to move to India. BUT, I'm not exactly qualified. I'm a 22 year old American student going into my second year of college studying Hospitality and Tourism. I've worked in a restaurant for 3 years. No professional experience. But I love the idea of living in India, in one of the major cities, and working in the tourism industry- high end hotels, resorts, etc. I'm fascinated with India, and the many different cultures, languages, religions, and groups of people there. I understand that an interest in another country shouldn't exactly drive someone to move there, but I feel very passionate about this. I REALLY want to live and work there, even if I only stay for a year or two. Is there any way I could successfully achieve this? How can one successfully move and work in India without being out-sourced from a job or taking an extended trip? Any advice? Thank you.
Gregexpat replied most recently with:
Fly, IF you have not been, go to India. Meet the people, live in a hostel and travel with a unstructured group of tourists, for a cpl months. Then check into a hotel surrounded by the type of hotels you would like to work in and start applying for the position you want. ......and by all means learn some Hindi. Good Luck
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