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property in IrelandFine South-facing 6 bedroom detached country House of character, set on a mature wooded one acre village site near the beautiful coastal region of Co Kerry, South West Ireland. Classic pillared entrance,lawn area to the front, horse paddock area to the rear & market garden area to the side. All village facilities adjacent incl good National School, Community centre, village church, Village Inn etc. A choice of 2 famous Blue flag Atlantic beaches within a 15 min drive.
property in IrelandIreland -Impressive detached 6 bedroomed Country Property situated in a convenient village setting, near the Seaside, in the fabulous Co Kerry in South West Ireland. Sunny Southfacing country home in the classic design in a nice country village setting with all village facilities nearby.
billmiller54 replied to the thread 3 Month Visit, where to go? on the Ireland forum:
Cedertree5 initially posted:
Hello, My best friend and I are planning a 3-month stay over in Ireland before beginning professional school in the fall of 2016. My heritage lies in the UK area, and its place I have always wanted to see. We are looking for recommendations on places in which we could stay, as we are looking for something like an apartment or rooms to rent for the time we are there. We are both late 20s, and looking for local recommendations on places. We are both going to attain a work visa, and have experience ranging from farming to hospitality. We are not looking to live in a city, something a bit smaller/more rural would be better. Thank you all
billmiller54 replied most recently with:
Don't ignore the historical sites. Ireland has a history which predates the pyramids in Egypt. Since Ireland is the size of an average US state, 3 mos would be time to see a great deal of Ireland. Your issue will be picking what to ignore.
TheYank replied most recently with:
3 months is a good length to experience Ireland! A place to live depends on what you're looking for. My choice is the west coast. I find the west the best for tourist attractions and weekend trips. Dublin is a great place if you want the night life associated with the larger city. Since you're in your 20's I recommend Galway City as your temporary home. You'll have the nightlife and college town life style yet are on the front steps of the best scenery and tourist spots in Ireland. A good website for accommodation is A work visa, however, may be an issue for farming and hospitality positions. You are allowed to enter as a tourist for up to 3 months but positions in hospitality and farming are generally filled by other EU citizens - whom do not need a work visa. Check out: for more information about working in Ireland and visa information. If you do make the journey - I wish you a memorable experience! Don't sit in the pub when there's an island to explore (and there's probably a pub on the island you're touring!) The Yank!
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sportbros replied to the thread Drug prices on the Ireland forum:
billmiller54 initially posted:
Could anyone advise me of the prices of the following meds? Atorvastatin 20 Lisenopril Metformin 1000 Invocana Thanks ahead.
sportbros replied most recently with:
The healthcare system in Ireland offers free medications with a medical card and "at cost" or other options. Cost depends on what category you are in.
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Mellis5910 replied to the thread Social welfare system in Ireland on the Ireland forum:
billmiller54 initially posted:
If I should retire to Ireland can I avoid the social welfare system in Ireland and just continue my US SocSec?
Mellis5910 replied most recently with:
Well, sure you can. There is an application process for obtaining for social welfare benefits and no one is going to force you to go through it involuntarily,
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brisketNribs replied to the thread car rental??? on the Ireland forum:
brisketNribs initially posted:
Any recommendation on which car rental company to go with? Or bad ones to stay away from? Thank you
brisketNribs replied most recently with:
thank you all for your inputs.
FlowerFairy replied most recently with:
Thanks, advice's appreciated! We intend relocating permanently (retiring) to Ireland so we too hope we enjoy our time in Ireland! ?
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Mellis5910 replied to the thread Renting a room on the Ireland forum:
britmjm initially posted:
I am a 52 year old UK citizen presently living with my Ukrainian wife in Crimea. I am potentially looking to start a new life for us anywhere in the Irish Republic but going on ahead. Initially I would like to rent (a room will be fine) as cheaply as possible on a short term basis (month by month preferable). Any help appreciated. Michael
Mellis5910 replied most recently with:
RonJpdx, Do you or your wife have an Iris parent or grandparent? If so, it will make the whole process a LOT simpler. If you are descended from citizens of any country in the EU, you may be able to obtain citizenship through them and thereby gain the right to legally reside in Ireland. If that road isn't open to you, it will be a lot tougher, as yes, there are income requirements and lots of red tape. Below are some links which I hope you'll find helpful: Best of luck, Melissa
FlowerFairy replied most recently with: has good info.
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emilymoesewco replied to the thread Self employed piano teacher in Ireland on the Ireland forum:
emilymoesewco initially posted:
I'm finally ready to go for a 20 year old dream. I have wanted to be a piano teacher on the west Coast of Ireland since I left the place after a semester abroad in college. I just went back for a month and stared that dream in the face. I have the sense there that it is exactly where I am supposed to be and the life I lead here (as a piano teacher in addition to being a milliner) is just wrong. I know where I am supposed to be. I know what I'm supposed to be doing. I know fully what I will lose (including a 20 year marriage) and I know what sort of life I can have. I don't need much. I've lived in brutal weather and incredibly small towns on the edge of the wilderness. I'm not worried about losing American amenities. I don't have them anyway. But I don't know how to pull this off. According to one government site, as an artist I don't have to jump through employment hoops (the part that made me leave 20 years earlier). I'm at a loss for the next step. Do I just land, stay at my college roommate's house and hope I can work it all out? Which seems utter irresponsible, but what do I do next? Emily
emilymoesewco replied most recently with:
Piano teachers are very rarely hired by anyone. We mostly work for ourselves, setting up shop then seeking students to fill it. I think I can make the argument that piano is an art and get my visa through the loophole. But there's really no one to talk to about 'jobs'. I put a notice on a board and people are supposed to just give me a ring. Apparently the Ballyvaughan school has come on hard times. They no longer have any music program at all, nor do they have a parents organization. The first part sounds good for me. Without music in school, parents will be looking to find musical experiences for their kids. The second thing is a problem. It means that I can't gauge if I'm needed or not. I'm thinking of putting notices on as many schools as I can find to see where there is the most interest. I'm also thinking of going back to school and getting my doctorate in music education. That would buy me plenty of years to figure out how I stay permanently.
emilymoesewco replied most recently with:
Let's pretend the employment thing gets figured out. Let's say that's settled. What are the other things I need to figure out? (shipping the piano is also figured out. and it's muuuuch less expensive than getting a new one)
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MammaRing posted RN Registration on the Ireland forum:
Anyone else deal with this painful process?? I have tried calling NMBI numerous time with no luck. I have emailed the few questions I have. Considering the nursing shortage, you'd think they'd be a bit more organized. One of my questions is, for a reference to come from previous employment in the states, you usually go through HR, the form wants the director of nurses. This is not logical. Any thoughts, advice?? I have people interested in hiring me as an RN, I want this done and dusted so I can get our with it!! Thanks in advance!
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