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BlacksmithTom replied to the thread Retiring in Ireland on the Ireland forum on July 22, 2014:
irishlugh initially posted:
I would really appreciate it if somebody could direct me to the best place on this site for info on a retired teacher from the USA relocating to Ireland. I'm 67 years old, and will be supporting myself on the teacher's pension and small SS benefits I receive each week. There is also the possibility that I will be getting married next year to an Irish citizen, then applying for dual citizenship. My primary questions involve things such as health insurance and receiving my retirement through direct deposit to an Irish bank, after I've opened an account. I'm sure there are other retired Americans who live in Ireland, so this post is directed at you, or anybody else with knowledge in these affairs. Thanks so much for any help you might be able to provide.
BlacksmithTom replied on July 22, 2014 with:
While not retired, I can tell you about the health insurance. Health insurance is expensive, there is a waiting period to use it for doctors visits for my age (55) it's 52 weeks, for your age, it's a full year I believe. You can use it for emergency's and accidents. Medicine is not covered by insurance period. Preexisting medical problems have a waiting period of over 5 years. This is Irish health insurance. I checked into American insurance but it was going to give about the same coverage but for about 5,000 - 6,000 times more money, yes that's right, not a misprint, the average cost for my family was going to be 6 - 7 k a year. We just paid 1040e for a year. As far as retiring here, if your fiance is willing to sponsor you, then I'd apply for my visa now, go to the embassy for help or have her do the leg work here. It takes a while to get it approved. My wife is from England so I was able to submit as a spouse of an EU member. If you're planning on working you have to also get a stamp 4, and you also have to get a pps number. I plan on double dipping when I hit retirement age, I can draw american ss as well as irish old age pension and then any retirement plan I get from employer. SS should deposit the check without a problem, it might take a few days for the bank to release the funds, and you're monthly income will vary depending on the exchange rate. Good luck
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hosannah8 posted RE:RENTING INSTEAD OF BUYING on the Ireland forum:
In response to an offer to rent a home needing remodeling: We need to sell or exchange our home and business for a nice home plus approx. $100,000 cash. We would not be open to renovating something we were just renting. We would like to get going with this as soon as possible. We have an elegantly furnished home 4br/3ba move in ready with updates plus turn key established business in a historic district. One person can run it. Very easy. GA/FL border. In south Georgia. email us at
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dchin1346 replied to the thread Relocating Dublin/American daughter Secondary school on the Ireland forum:
Lulu1962 initially posted:
Hello. Quick question. Moving to Dublin from States with 11 year old daughter next year. My husband is from Dublin (has not lived there in 20 years) and we all have dual citizenship. Have researched a lot, but get no feedback about introducing my American tween to Irish school/secondary. Love to hear from people who have American teenage kids who moved to Ireland. Or from people who can help. Thinking about Malahide, because we have family there. Trying to make the transition easier for my child. Thanks
dchin1346 replied most recently with:
Although I have never lived in Ireland, I am a former American expatriate with experience in Ghana, Thailand, El Salvador, Saudi Arabia, and Lebanon. As a former teacher of the international schools, I thought I'd mention that Dublin has an International Baccalaureate school called the International School of Dublin. Google them for enrollment information. Generally speaking, wherever there are communities of Americans, there are generally American schools. Some schools are for the dependents of the U.S. Military. Some, like the school in Dublin, are international schools which were created for the children of expatriates. There are also proprietary schools which may or may not include boarding facilities and church schools. The decision as to whether or not to enroll your child in an International School as opposed to a state school (what we call a public school) or a public school (which in the states is known as a private school) will depend upon your plans for your daughter as well as your financial means. Is she going to be attending college stateside or will she be remaining in Ireland? If she plans to return stateside, you might consider enrollment in the International School of Dublin. Best wishes regarding your move! David
travel4me2 replied most recently with:
Hello, we are also considering a job transfer to Ireland. I am Dual citizen. We have a big concern for our 15 year old daughter (just completed 9th grade). There does not seem to be a decent system for transitioning children from the American school system into the Irish system. It seems you need to contact schools directly? That's proved a bit challenging as we are not sure yet where to live. What are good areas and schools within reasonable distance from the Intel site in Leixip?
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Mellis5910 replied to the thread Shipping furniture to Ireland on the Ireland forum:
deangha initially posted:
Hi, I am moving with my husband and 3 kids to Ireland this summer and trying to figure out if it's worth shipping our furniture. This is a permanent move, and while I like our furniture, it's not super expensive stuff, so just wondering if it's worth it. Still calling around for prices. Any advice from anyone who has shipped furniture, etc. from the US to Ireland? Did you have to deal with duty taxes for the furniture you shipped? Thanks in advance for any advice!
Mellis5910 replied most recently with:
deangha, we're coming from Rhode Island so will probably ship out of Boston, with Cork as our destination. I am eagerly anticipating a report on how your guys did and hopefully get a recommendation for them. It would be great to keep a lifetime's accumulation of precious items. (We are retiring). I hope you and your family a settling in nicely.
deangha replied most recently with:
Thank you :) We ended up shipping our furniture and loads of clothes, bikes, toys, etc. We went with a 20 ft container as that seemed the best route for us. The cost to replace the majority of furniture and just ship boxes of clothing, etc. wasn't worth it. The majority of houses are furnished, but we are moving to where my husband is from and have leads on some houses that are unfurnished. I'm not sure where you're moving from, but we spoke with the Irish Consulate in NY and went with their recommendation for movers (we had called a number of different companies and the quotes were all over the place). This company ships directly to Ireland (a lot of others go to UK first, then over to Ireland). Crossing fingers that all goes well, but the guys who came to pack everything up did a great job and gave us an itemized list of the boxes, etc. Will keep you posted how things go, but hoping to have our stuff there in 4-6 weeks. Best of luck to you on your move!
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lovelyrita replied to the thread Citizens and health insurance on the Ireland forum:
lovelyrita initially posted:
My husband and I are both entitled to and are working on Irish citizenship.He thru registry of foreign births and me through grandparents. We are considering retirement but both have health conditions and need access to doc visits. Would we be entitled to any healthcare coverage for citizens?
lovelyrita replied most recently with:
Thanks folks. I'm researching on that website. There is loads of details to digest as well as qualifications and disqualifications. Yikes. Health insurance is a biggie for us. We get it through my husband's retirement package here.
BlacksmithTom replied most recently with:
Not really, but it would've changed our budget to account for it. I'm hoping that when I find a job I'll get a bit better insurance than what we purchased.
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BlacksmithTom replied to the thread Health insurance on the Ireland forum:
billmiller54 initially posted:
How does one get health insurance and doctor visits after moving to Ireland and living with a retiree visa? I'm diabetic and can't go too long without getting meds.
BlacksmithTom replied most recently with:
They are asking stupid money for insurance. We just paid 1040 euro for a years coverage, no we can't use it for health check ups, no they don't cover medicines, but then again none of the insurance you can buy in Ireland covers medicines. (medicines are more affordable here.) It does cover us if we are involved in an accident and have to go to the emergency room, and no not like in America where they go to the emergency room with a runny nose at 2 a.m. It's something that you have to take into consideration when making an international move. If you have diabetes and can't afford to pay for your medicines and pay for your GP visits (50 euro) then you might want to reconsider your move.
billmiller54 replied most recently with:
Thank you all.
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bryjordan1 replied to the thread Car Insurance help needed PLEASE :( on the Ireland forum:
almostthere initially posted:
Hello All My name is Clark - new member. Need some help please. going crazy trying to find a car insurance company in whcih i can obtain some car insurance. I currently live in Canada but travel to Ireland throughout the year - would like to buy a car and leave it over there. What is the process of buying used car and insuring it? Can't seem to find the right company. Many thanks..
bryjordan1 replied most recently with:
Tom, were you able to get the car inspected and taxed using the USAA insurance? Wouldn't you still need Irish insurance in your wife's name to make the car road legal before you borrowed it?
BlacksmithTom replied most recently with:
They've opened it up a lot, if you had a parent or grandparent in the military, you can join. They have other ways of joining as well. Give them a call, all they can say is no.
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Mellis5910 replied to the thread Are we mad to contemplate retiring to Ireland on the Ireland forum:
FlowerFairy initially posted:
We left Northern Ireland in 1971 and are now Australian Citizens (now in our 60s). After 43 years in Oz we are contemplating retiring to the Republic of Ireland as soon as we sell here. It is time for a change. .Are we mad to even consider it?
Mellis5910 replied most recently with: Usually it has to be grandparents. More info at the link above.
mmccrane replied most recently with:
My great grandmother and grandfather were Irish citizens and migrated to the US. Does that satisfy the requirements to gain Irish citizenship or does it have to be a grandparent or father/mother?
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