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rookersg replied to the thread Relocating Dublin/American daughter Secondary school on the Ireland forum:
Lulu1962 initially posted:
Hello. Quick question. Moving to Dublin from States with 11 year old daughter next year. My husband is from Dublin (has not lived there in 20 years) and we all have dual citizenship. Have researched a lot, but get no feedback about introducing my American tween to Irish school/secondary. Love to hear from people who have American teenage kids who moved to Ireland. Or from people who can help. Thinking about Malahide, because we have family there. Trying to make the transition easier for my child. Thanks
rookersg replied on April 12, 2014 with:
I wondered if we would be better at an international school for the older one. He's not in IB here, but is in AP.
sportbros replied on April 11, 2014 with:
For the 16 year old need to be aware of the learning cert and leaving cert which are tests taken to determine what professional study/degree and university one can attend in Ireland. Parents often get tutors and exam is extremely stressful. Plus given only once.
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GeoffG posted Shipping household from Florida to Kerry on the Ireland forum on April 11, 2014:
We are moving from Bradenton, FL to Waterville, Kerry. Is anyone interested in sharing a container? Shipping date ideally about April 28th. Phone 931-227-7180 if interested or e-mail Thanks!
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TomTheCork posted 6 month stays in Ireland... on the Ireland forum on April 10, 2014:
As a dual US/Irish Citizen(Irish by Descent)...Can my Us Citizen Wife and I spend 6 months a year in Ireland once we retire?
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jtwilson49 posted Leadership Coaching on the Ireland forum:
I am a leadership coach with dual citizenship (Irish and American), graduate of Georgetown's Center for Transformational Leadership, and focused on both the Financial Services (30 years at Fidelity Investments and Citibank - (London, New York, Boston) and Golf Industry (Club Board Member, Ouimet Society etc.). Any suggestions on how to get a coaching practice going in Ireland?
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Mellis5910 replied to the thread Extended stay? on the Ireland forum:
Broe initially posted:
Are there accommodations in Dublin that are similar to the "extended stay" style hotels in America? If one is going to be in country for 3-12 months do they rent an apartment?
Mellis5910 replied most recently with:
You could check out self-catering accommodations, might be less expensive than hotels. I Googled "self-catering Dublin" and found a nice assortment, including this one:
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jtwilson49 posted Leadership Coach in Ireland on the Ireland forum:
I am a dual citizen of Ireland and the USA and will live part time in Ireland. I am a Leadership Coach concentrating in the Golf Industry (pros and club managers). I want to get my practice started in Ireland. Does anyone have any ideas how best to do that? Thanks very much, James Wilson
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blankk replied to the thread Fitness/Trainer Professional job needed on the Ireland forum:
ConstanceGrace initially posted:
I am looking to move to Ireland, and am trying to find the best location where I might find a job in my field. I have worked for 30 years in the US as a fitness professional, training, doing rehab, diet and exercise counseling, private, and in gyms. Any suggestions?
blankk replied most recently with:
Hi, People here are starting to talk a lot about fitness and obesity, as Irish people start to look less like Europeans and more like Americans. If you have your own business and can show several years of stability & success, you can move it here. It will be easiest if you are exporting products (even if the product is something digital, like a website membership), but any self-sustaining business will be looked at favorably. Have you thought about (or designed in the past) a weekend or after-work fitness program? You should also try to make a contact within the HSE. If you have a business that targets a segment of the population that is on the HSE's radar, you might qualify for a contract to serve that population; for example, you might be able to provide an after-school fitness program for low-income primary school students. Good luck, Kate
billmiller54 replied most recently with:
Try; Using Google.Ie Will search Irish sites.
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Muddled replied to the thread Looking for recommendations on where to retire to on the Ireland forum:
dmorgan3 initially posted:
My wife and I plan to retire to Ireland this coming fall. We will be starting with an exploratory trip to look for a place to live. We would appreciate any recommendations you may have. We woul like to be within 2 hours drive of an intrnational airport, and in a smaller town/village. for example, a town we are looking at is Carrick on Shannon. We are looking for a scenic village large enough to provide some social activities without having to live in a giant city like Dublin. Also, is it any warmer/drier in the south around Cork vs up north neal Galway? Thanks for any assistance you can provide
Muddled replied most recently with:
It would be difficult to gestimate how much it would cost you as I have been driving here with a full Irish licence for quite some time. This along with the year, make model and cc of car and coverage i.e. fully comprehensive, third party will give you an idea. Here are some motor tax rates Check an Irish car insurance site for a similar car to get an idea.
Mellis5910 replied most recently with:
Here's a link to the AA Ireland website which lists the costs. I notice from this chart that if you're not paying for parking you can shave a huge amount off your costs:
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copypaper replied to the thread Military vet going to school in Waterford on the Ireland forum:
copypaper initially posted:
Hey everyone. Im a recent veteran of the US military. I have been accepted to go to school full time at Waterford Inst of Technology starting Sept. I plan to use the Post 9/11 GI Bill to pay for tuition. My question is concerning the student registration/visa requirements by Garda. has a list of requirements, and I want to make sure that I understand the list correctly ( link: ) -Prove I am enrolled in an NQA of Ireland <--How would I show proof and what is it? -Have a letter of acceptance from school<--I have this -Prove that i have paid €6000 fees to institution <--Does this refer to the tuition, other fees, or both? Since I will be using the GI Bill, will this be sufficient proof? -Show an Irish bank account statement with at least €3000 <--The GI Bill pays $1429 for housing per month so would this be sufficient substitute, or is having the money the only option? -Show you have private medical insurance at registration <--Not too worried about this one right now, but if anyone has advice on where to go to get some that would be great. If anyone can answer any or all of it, I would greatly appreciate it.
copypaper replied most recently with:
Thx Tom, that's really great information. I'm in the process of triple checking on the gi bill for the school. The school needs to be on the approved list (which it is), and they have had prior us vets going through. I emailed the liaisons at the school to verify and do the paperwork for it as well. I was confused about the bank account situation, Ive read a few different things about it and the funding reqs so thank you for clearing that up. By recent, I separated last Oct and I'm 0% on what few things they listed (I worked in an industrial environment away from warzones. Always used protective equipment so I'm not holding my breathe on disability) I was also honorably discharged without a retirement. So besides my savings and the gi bill, va benes don't apply to me.
BlacksmithTom replied most recently with:
You better double check that the GI Bill will actually pay for college in a foreign country. I know there's always fine print I'd hate to see you pay for stuff out of pocket to end up losing it because they don't. As far as your questions, I know that the Irish bank account with with a minimum balance is a must, $1429 is only €1027 so depending on your rent and what it includes, you'll either need additional income coming in or a nice balance in the bank. Private medical insurance is something else that you'll have to get, if you fall short of any of the requirements you'll not get the approval or a visa. If you're a recent vet, you might want to wait till you see if you get anything on your VA Disability rating, it might be enough to get you over the limits for income. Good luck.
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blankk replied to the thread Dublin relocation--finding a flat, discrimination on the Ireland forum:
doubletrouble initially posted:
Hello! My fiancee and I are looking to move to Dublin at the end of this summer. (I'm a dual Irish/US citizen, and she works for a multinational corporation with a large office there). I've seen relocation agents mentioned as being much does such a service run? Mostly, we'd like someone to help us find an appropriate flat. From what I've seen, almost every flat advertised online is furnished with ugly furniture or lacks the conveniences we've become accustomed to as lazy, energy-wasting Americans (dishwasher & washer-dryer). We need to find someplace minimally furnished with tasteful furniture that coordinates with the nice, contemporary furniture we already have, or find an unfurnished flat . Has anyone had any luck with this?? Thank you! P.S. I've seen some horrifying caveats in ads--"no students, no children, no welfare recipients, professionals only, etc. so it seems like housing discrimination is totally acceptable in Ireland. My fiancee and I are gay--would it be better for us to pretend to be straight roomates when house-hunting? Thanks!
blankk replied most recently with:
Hi, No one here cares if you're gay; they only care about whether you'll pay your rent on time. What you're seeing in the posts is not discrimination, but rather a refusal to rent to people with bad or no credit history. If you want American-style appliances, you'll have to buy them yourself and have them installed. Dishwashers here are the same as in the US, but washer-dryers, refrigerators, and freezers tend to be much smaller (think dorm fridges) and much more energy-conscious - which you will grow to appreciate when you start paying Irish utility bills. Check for basics rental listings, and then follow up with the agents attached to those listings to ask for more details or to find apartments that are more your style. As noted, Dublin is very big, with apartments in large ranges of size, style, location, and age. Also have your fiancée check with colleagues at the Dublin office of her company. People there will be able to advise on the best parts of the city to live in, in terms of commutes and other basics. And seriously, there are jerks everywhere, but you're not going to run into housing discrimination over orientation. And pretending to be roommates wouldn't work, anyway - Irish people are nosy and they notice everything. Good luck - Kate
DonieHoran replied most recently with:
For someone who has not yet been to Ireland ,you appear to have a lot of hangups and misconceptions. As in any other major city,there is a wide range & variety of accomodation in/around Dublin & generally,if you are willing to pay the market rate you can find chic state of the art apartments/houses or more basic accomodation at a lower price.I suggest that you seek out some large Estate Agents in Dublin(Google will help you) ,,advise them of your accomodation requirements/the budget that you have & work from there.Your sexuality is your own business & you should find the modern Ireland quite progressive in this matter. Good luck.
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