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petal80 replied to the thread Retiring to Ireland on the Ireland forum:
rjtjpdx initially posted:
My wife and I are US citizens and are considering retirement to Ireland. We would like to make contact with anyone who has gone through this process to find out the requirements and or limitations and the process to make it happen. We would also love to hear from those living there and what you have experienced. Thanks in advance. Ron & Tamra
petal80 replied on November 18, 2014 with:
Hi FlowerFairy, Noted. I'm not from Thailand, China or Korea where do they fancy dog meat and I have not been there. Thankfully, I've not seen, heard or read about such things occuring where I live either. The person would likely be thrown in jail for breaking animal cruelty laws. As for whether cheap is better or not is really a matter of preference. For example, those who named areas in South America as places for retirement may have found or heard ways that would make it work for themselves. It depends on the individual. Nonetheless, it's your preference and there's nothing wrong or right about it. And of course, it certainly is respected.
FlowerFairy replied on November 18, 2014 with:
Hello Petal80 Without opening up a can of worms, I agree with you in general and no disrespect was intended BUT when one reads about dogs being skinned alive for the meat market in Thailand and also dogs having parts chopped off while they are alive (i.e. they are left 'alive' until the next part is required) is enough for me NEVER to holiday in any part of Asia (however a broad sweeping statement is may be). Of course this is not the forum for such a subject and I apologise to all for inadvertently opening it up. It was only meant to flag that 'cheap' is not often the best solution. Cruelty unfortunately is alive and well in every country. Australia's Live Animal Export (which should be banned) is an emotive subject too. Over and out! :)
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magoolala1 posted information on 6 month visas in Ireland on the Ireland forum on November 18, 2014:
im wanting to know about filing for visa in Ireland. If its difficult?
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MammaRing replied to the thread Expats in Kenmare?? on the Ireland forum on November 15, 2014:
MammaRing initially posted:
Hello! We recently moved to Kenmare and love it!! I was wondering if any one else on here is in the area. See you soon?? Mary
MammaRing replied on November 15, 2014 with:
Flower Fairy, I don't think I've been to Durrus. I've been to Bantry. Good luck with the sale of your house. You'll be over before you know it.
FlowerFairy replied on November 15, 2014 with:
Hi MammaRing If we can actually find a buyer for our property here we think we have decided on Durrus at the gateway to the Sheep's Head Peninsula. We had a list of properties to view including a property in Durrus which I had googled before we left Australia for our holiday in Italy and then Ireland. When we were actually in Durrus and when I turned the corner I fell in love even before we viewed the property. Now we must wait (we actually signed a contract to sell our property while we were in Rome in September but we were devastated when the contract fell over). Like Mellis5910 once we sell we will be over like a shot! We are in our 60s so hopefully this happens before we are very much older! We enjoyed our 3 days in Kenmare as well, in fact we enjoyed our entire two weeks in Ireland.
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Mellis5910 replied to the thread Crime in Ireland??? on the Ireland forum on November 14, 2014:
brisketNribs initially posted:
I have been reading this forum, and like so many, my wife and I plan to visit Ireand with hopes to immigrate through decent. I've read previous posts around 4-2012 on crime in Ireland since the crash of '08. Anybody have any current information on the crime rate for various crimes through out the country? Are there any areas safer than others for retirement? Thank you. God bless Ireland!!!
Mellis5910 replied on November 14, 2014 with:
Hi BrisketnRibs--Here's a link to an Irish Examiner article on crime in Ireland, they break it down county by county: and
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zajom replied to the thread USA Social Security on the Ireland forum:
mover01 initially posted:
Hi all, I have been in Ireland now two years and next June I am entitled to claim my social security. I understand all about the bilateral agreement and that I can contact dublin embassy, I just was wondering if anyone else had completed this process while in Ireland and how it went for them. I figured I'd start process after Christmas for my June 2015 birthday of 62. thanks for any and all help
zajom replied most recently with:
Thanks mover01.
mover01 replied most recently with:
I will be collecting my social security next year. I was told I can apply four months before my birthday. You can call the Federal Benefits Unit Embassy of the United States of America Ballsbridge Dublin 4, Ireland TEL: 003531 6688777 EXT: 2112 - Mornings Only FAX: 003531 6687245 I had helped someone last year with this and had asked how they made out with it since I am now going to do it but they did not respond. I am looking forward to getting it.
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DonieHoran replied to the thread Being accepted in rural Ireland on the Ireland forum:
Buzyizzzy initially posted:
I'm seriously thinking of emigrating to Ireland from England and I would like to live in a rural part as I have horses which I would keep at home. I would be able to become an Irish national by virtue of being 1/2 Irish, but I would be on my own for most part. My children are at uni in London so I would like to be not too far from an airport, perhaps Knock. I intend to work part time as a Carer, which I do already. How feasible would this be or would I be rejected by the community? I'm currently living in Cornwall and I've found here that most people seem to be more accepting when they find out my job, as I am putting something back into the community. I am originally from London. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. I've already found about half a dozen suitable properties, just waiting for mine to sell.
DonieHoran replied most recently with:
Greetings - the Irish people are in the main ,warm & friendly ,particularly so in rural Ireland.I am sure that you will be warmly welcomed & if you engage with the people in the local community,you will soon find very good friends.It really depends on yourself. Co Kerry,in SW Ireland is quite nice,in my humble opinion, & the Airport at Farranfore(mid Kerry) has regular scheduled services to/from the UK. If it is of interest to you, the property,as listed in the property section to the right,is mine, would be ideal for horses just 15 mins to 2 beautiful blue flag beaches. If you need any info on Co Kerry,I will be pleased to assist you. Best Regards, Donie.
PaulLoftus replied most recently with:
Ii don't think you'ld have any problem being accepted. For a start you're half Irish and secondly you have horses. community involvement always helps. i know a lady from London who's on the town council in Ballina. Knock in is Co. Mayo and has direct flights to London. I'm from Ballina, Co Mayo and now live in Canada after a spell in London. Good luck
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We will be holding our second Virtual Career Open Day on the 23rd October to recruit for bilingual and multilingual candidates to join our team in Dublin & Dundalk, Ireland & Berlin, Germany. We will be holding our second Virtual Career Open Day on the 23rd October to recruit for bilingual and multilingual candidates to join our team in Dublin & Dundalk, Ireland & Berlin, Germany.
Mellis5910 replied to the thread International Movers on the Ireland forum:
astronamy7 initially posted:
Hi, We're looking for advice about which international moving companies to use from PA to Ireland. We only have about 20 boxes we are bringing with us which almost seems not worth using a mover, but we're thinking it would be cheaper than using USPS flat rate international which runs about $80 for a small box. Thanks :)
Mellis5910 replied most recently with:
astronamy7 We had a bit of discussion on this topic at the following thread:
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BlacksmithTom replied to the thread Car Tax on the Ireland forum:
Buzyizzzy initially posted:
I've just been on the website and for a small car, it seems to be €385 annually! Is that right as it seems very expensive and plus I had heard that the UK was the most expensive and I paid less than that. Can someone confirm please.
BlacksmithTom replied most recently with:
There are several things that decide your road tax. Age of car, emissions, or engine size. We had an 04 with a 1.6L engine and our road tax was over 500e. You can split it up into quarterly payments though. I saw some cars that had over a thousand euros a year in road taxes. Welcome to Ireland, where everything is priced for tourists.
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Mellis5910 replied to the thread Disabled expat in Dublin, can't get car insured! on the Ireland forum:
ArthurInIreland initially posted:
Dear readers and fellow-expat (or expats to-be!), Exactly one week ago I moved to Ireland from my home country (The Netherlands) due to a great career opportunity. I am only 22 years of age but bursting with ambition, confidence and general curiosity to see the world, and in this case, the part of the world that is Ireland. Given the fact that I am in a wheelchair and that I have moved on my own to a city where I do not know a single person, it has been a busy but eventful (joyful) week.. Until now. Let me explain: as my move to Ireland is a permanent one, I am looking at a second-hand Volvo V70 to purchase in the coming week. Back home I have had a full EU drivers license, almost 4 years of experience (albeit on the right side of the road) and built up to 2 years of no-claim bonus. I have spent my the past week and this entire Sunday to get a quote to insure the Volvo I expect to buy, but literally none of the insurance agencies are able to offer me a quote! Some of the reasons for being denied are 1) not having lived in Ireland for at least one year, 2) not having a 5-year no-claim bonus and 3) despite having a ful EU license, it is a license for the RIGHT side of the road instead of the left. I consider myself to be a rather optimistic person but I am really starting to lose the confidence that I will be able to get a car insured for myself so that I can get myself on the road, literally! Being alone in another country is difficult on its own, aside from having to depend on a wheelchair too. A car is my only means of real mobility (going where I want to go, when I want to go) and having that mobility taken from me is considered a small personal catastrophe. I am both physically and financially unable to depend on public transport! I am at quite a crossroad here; if I do not succeed to find any car insurance at all, I am being forced to reconsider my move to Ireland. As you'll understand, that is not a consideration that I want to have to make! What can I possibly do to get me out of this wretched situation? Any advice, experiences or possible solutions (ideas) are welcome. Thank you all for the help, I sure as hell need it. Warm regards, Arthur
Mellis5910 replied most recently with:
Arthur, found this in some of the old threads: *Try or *If you haven't already you could try these folks: *Try McCarthy Insurance in Tralee *Quinns Also, several people mentioned renting or leasing a car. Hope this is helpful. Melissa
Mellis5910 replied most recently with:
Hi Arthur, It seems I have seen the topic of people having difficulty obtaining insurance raised several times on this site. You are not alone, it seems to be quite a hurdle to get over. I will search old threads and see if I can get some answers for you. Best, Melissa
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