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kristinrae posted Amazon Prime in Ireland on the Ireland forum on May 26, 2015:
I will be in Dublin for 6 months. I currently live in Minnesota and have an Amazon Prime account. How does that work in Ireland? Will I still have Amazon Prime and my same account login, or will I need to use a special Amazon Ireland website to place orders?
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kristinrae replied to the thread Scholarship on the Ireland forum:
emilymoesewco initially posted:
I just got a full scholarship to a new master's program. I need to figure out if I can accept it by the end of May. Mostly I'm posting this because I can't believe I actually got it.
kristinrae replied on May 26, 2015 with:
That is really cool! I'm happy for you! Thanks for sharing your stories. You had some really great experiences and made some awesome memories.
emilymoesewco replied on May 21, 2015 with:
I am definitely jealous. But I did know him. When I was in high school, I interviewed him and did a paper about him. Then I went to Gustavus and had John Rezmerski as a prof and friend. Rez and Bill were very close-- one married the other's sister I think. And of course Bill did a lot of readings at Gustavus. I went to all of them. And managed to skewer up my courage to get my books signed every time. After college, every time he wrote a book, I'd send him a letter sometimes giving him a good talking to about something. Then after college, we went to those festivals. Oh how I miss those festivals.After Rez' reading we went to the Silver Dollar in Ghent. Rez (who was an officiant at my wedding-- it was all English professors) invited us to sit with him at the head of the table right next to Bill. He introduced me and Bill said, "AH, THE ECCENTRIC MISS EMILY MOE." in that thunderous Thor-like voice he had. He had remembered me from all the way back from my high school interview! We spent hours that night talking about poetry and piano. I'm a pianist who writes. He's a writer that plays. One of the great nights of my life. But we kept in contact. And I'd send him letters that gave him a good talking to every once in a while. He wrote back. I'll never give those letters up. A couple of years later, after our move to Chicago, our theater company was doing a radio show at that monstrous theater in Sioux Falls, so we had to drive through Marshall. I finally got to have one of those nights I'd dreamed of since I was 16. We went out for dinner with Bill and his wife and then went back to his house to drink and talk poetry and piano. He played for me. I told him he needed to explore soft sounds-- it shouldn't all be loud. His wife giggled. Apparently she agreed. But he had that way about him. He must have been descended from Thor. Just a massive man in stature, voice and character. I was so sad when he died. I tried so hard to get back to Minnesota for the funeral but I just couldn't get there. He was a force in my life. Still is. The first time I taught a millinery class, I found a boxelder bug in my hat box. I felt like Bill was there telling me I was doing a good job. There are certain people in the world that when they die it leaves a hole in your life. Like Johnny Cash. And Bill. The world is a little less because they are gone. But yes. I am jealous. I would have loved to have had him as a prof. That whole department was fantastic. Phil Dacey... who else? You had something around 5 truly world class writers. I can't think who they are right now!
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sanjeevdevathala posted WORK VISA on the Ireland forum on May 26, 2015:
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AS101 posted England to Ireland - a few questions... on the Ireland forum on May 24, 2015:
We (Husband, me, children and possibly grandchildren) are interested in moving to Ireland -probably on a trial basis at first- but will need to be able to commute to England on a regular basis so need to look into everything carefully. Could anyone answer a few questions? My grandparents were Irish, is this of any benefit? We're both self-employed but our earnings are very unpredictable, sometimes we do well sometimes we don't, how does this work in Ireland? We work in arts education/film/music both traditional and digital. I've read conflicting info about how these industries are doing at the moment, can anyone give me a clear picture? Is home education supported? Is there anywhere to avoid?
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mmccrane replied to the thread Best Ireland guidebook on the Ireland forum on May 19, 2015:
kristinrae initially posted:
I will be in Ireland for at least 6 months so I will have lots of time to explore the country. Can anyone recommend an up-to-date, accurate and comprehensive guidebook? Rick Steves Ireland and Lonely Planet Ireland get the best reviews on amazon. Can anyone recommend one over the other? I really like Lonely Planet guides but the Rick Steves guide was released more recently so I'm really torn. Thanks!
mmccrane replied on May 19, 2015 with:
We have used Rick Steve's books for Ireland, England and Italy in the last few years. He has many great recommendations on what to see, where to stay etc. As an example he recommended Sorrento as the perfect home base to explore the Amalfi Coast and Capri. It was perfect. Locals will always add some color as noted, especially where they tend to dine!
emilymoesewco replied on May 19, 2015 with:
I went with Rick Steves for a month last year. Basically, it got me started. After that, it was all recommendations from fellow hostelers and old guys I met at pubs. But I'd say Rick Steves guide really had a lot of what I needed to get going.
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emilymoesewco replied to the thread One-way or return flight? on the Ireland forum on May 19, 2015:
kristinrae initially posted:
I will be in Dublin for a minimum of 6 months, but up to a year. I will decide later if I want to stay longer or not. I'll be departing Minneapolis in June with tentative plans to return in December. Should I purchase a one-way ticket and watch for a winter deal to fly home? Are there winter deals? Or should I purchase round-trip (around $950 right now) with insurance to switch the flight later? Is that insurance possible and is it expensive?
emilymoesewco replied on May 19, 2015 with:
After a bit of fumbling around with STA Travel, I finally learned that if you are staying more than one year (exactly), you have to book a one way. If you have a visa that's not a tourist visa (like my student and your volunteer) you don't have to be carrying a round trip ticket.
kristinrae replied on May 18, 2015 with:
I am coming as a volunteer/internship. I will get a special stamp on my passport that allows me to stay up to 12 months so I don't think I need a return ticket. I'll check into that. Thanks for pointing that out.
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zajom replied to the thread Motorcycle rental thoughts on the Ireland forum:
papercut initially posted:
I have been looking into the feasibility of renting a motorcycle for about 15-30 days in country (per online shows roughly starting at $100.00 US per day including insurance per bike) next year vice: 1) purchasing used one there, riding then sell or donate 2) Importing from states, riding and shipping back or selling/donating there 3) Procuring one in EU and riding/ferrying to Ireland and either shipping to states or selling/donating there 4) Renting in EU- ride to Ireland and return to EU I have looked at sites in Ireland and Northern Ireland and from what I gather, costs would begin at about $100.00 per day for a rental which may or may not include basic gear. Answers to previous motorcycle queries on this forum were inconclusive. From what I understood from Ireland’s tax site, taxes for a motorcycle would be about $1,000.00 ish. However, I am unclear if this would apply only to purchased and/or registered bikes for citizens/residents, or would they also apply if brought in for a visit- or pro-rated? Should a used bike be purchased, would this tax be assessed in full upon transference of title, or would it only need to be paid on a yearly basis and is tied to the bike, not the title holder? We would bring current licenses with motorcycle rating and ask for additional coverage through our insurance if possible. Thoughts from anyone having experience with motorcycle insurance in EU or Ireland specifically would most certainly be appreciated. Am I forgetting anything?
zajom replied on May 18, 2015 with:
Looks like you're doing your homework! That's a very useful website that you found. Good luck!
papercut replied on May 13, 2015 with:
Zajom, Thank you for thoughtful reply. I’m sure we are not the only ones interested in riding in the EU and Ireland, but my personal choice is that I prefer to not utilize nor visit popular social media- wouldn’t know how nor want to, therefore limiting my access to information probably already out there. After speaking with our provider (USAA), motorcycle insurance would not cover another bike (rental), as the insurance is tied to the bike (VIN). USAA also told me coverage was for US only- I need to call them back and verify that but haven’t yet. I also haven’t looked into other carriers. Your suggestion to inquire about coverage through a credit card company is excellent! Noted. I’ll also check with Harley Davidson and see if their credit card carrier offers rental coverage. I have read where taking rental bike out of Ireland to UK and Isle of Man incurs additional fees, although minimal and must be listed on contract. Probably due to company headquartered in Northern Ireland vice Republic of Ireland, so that follows. If memory serves correct, additional fees are incurred when renting from Harley Davidson in EU with plans to travel around EU with rental. Since we would be flying out of UK or Germany, we could pick up and drop off the bikes at one of their authorized locations in either country and not be tied to bringing back to rented location- for an additional fee, of course. I think they have one in Northern Ireland… IF we can obtain insurance and satisfy legal requirements of the Republic of Ireland for the purpose of riding during holiday as tourist from VISA exempt non-EU country, I would prefer that, vice renting. My task is to flesh out all options and possible alternatives. I just found which includes info concerning motorcycle insurance for tourist/short term in EU. I shall be busy for some time delving into this site and subject. In response to you last question, should importing bike for holiday riding not be viable, I am trying to gather as much information about how we can accomplish our goal while looking at the cost and possibility of each option. With all things even, my thoughts on donating used goods vice spending monies on rental fees for services- or spending the same amount of money to import, insure and whatever, I would rather donate. For me, spending the money is not the issue at hand, the best use of it is. It is a personal issue- that’s all. Thank you again for your very thoughtful reply. I truly appreciate it. Please feel free to share more.
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DanCat replied to the thread Retired Military in Ireland on the Ireland forum on May 15, 2015:
DanCat initially posted:
Hello, are any of you retired from the US Military? My husband who is retired Army/SF and I are moving to Ireland in July and would love to get a group together. Have any of you used your Tricare in Ireland?
DanCat replied on May 15, 2015 with:
Hi DebraJean we are moving to Co. Kerry
DebraJean replied on May 14, 2015 with:
Not retired military-I have private health care and Foreign Medical Program with Department of Veterans Affairs. What county are you moving to in Ireland? Debra Jean
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mmccrane replied to the thread Wishing to move to Ireland. on the Ireland forum:
franciscan initially posted:
I am an American who is 100% service connected disabled (permanent and total) Between my Social Security Disability, and VA Disability, I earn tax-free $48,000 a year. I am singe and will be moving alone and bring not much but my clothing and heirloom items...pretty much what can be checked on a plane. Is it even remotely feasible to live comfortably in Ireland for me? I am accustomed to paying $850 US a month for my two bedroom house...and would wish to rent in Ireland as well. I am 50 years old presently. Thank you in advance for any feedback!
mmccrane replied on May 14, 2015 with:
If your parent(s) were born in Ireland and you were not, you are a Irish citizen.
DebraJean replied on May 14, 2015 with:
After much research, I am going to keep my house in AZ, and just stay for 60 days throughout the year. I am Irish and Polish and my mother's parents' parents came from Ireland, but in order to gain citizenship one has to have a parent's parent born in Ireland. My family comes from the Dingle Peninsula. I was there last year for 2 weeks. You are Veteran right? I am a Veteran 100%, and my house payment is so small, and that is all I have. I am keeping it after much thought for a home base, but I am going back to Ireland this fall. Last time I was there, March 2014, I started out in Dublin, then Doolin, Kerry, Dingle, Blarney. This time, I want to spend time in Galway and Mayo county. So I will take 30-60 day trips and travel throughout the country. Debra Jean
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10 Tips for Living in Ireland by Betsy Burlingame
Expat ArticlesArticle Summary: Expats living in Ireland say that the transition from tourist to expat is not as easy as one would think -- from challenges making friends with the Irish to the rainy, gloomy weather. Expats who make the effort and take their time are rewarded with life-long Irish friends and a love of Ireland. (Continue)
Mellis5910 replied most recently with:
Thanks, helpful information, I don't think I'll have much trouble adapting, as I'm from an Irish family but my husband will definitely benefit from hearing it put so succinctly. :)
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