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brandiesel posted Anyone living in Kilkenny city? on the Ireland forum on December 17, 2014:
I'm from Philly, but I've been here since 2007. I meet Americans in town when I'm out for a drink, but I'd like to meet someone that lives here. It be nice to have chats about home or grab a few beers from time to time. Thanks, Brandon
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FlowerFairy replied to the thread How does one manage until one can get an Irish bank account on the Ireland forum on December 15, 2014:
FlowerFairy initially posted:
Sorry to ask such a stupid question. We are getting much closer to relocating to Ireland (even though the Australian dollar is dropping like a stone and our budget is being squeezed tighter by the day). How does one manage without having a bank account when one first arrives in Ireland? Does one need to use a Cash Card (e.g. Ozforex) like we did when we recently travelled to Europe, i.e. one puts in a certain amount and just withdraws cash as one needs it. I feel really stupid asking such a question but I think my head is full of things to cross off the list. Everything that one has to do before making such a momentous move is really quite overwhelming. I thought I could open an account from here but no, apparently not. Help!
FlowerFairy replied on December 15, 2014 with:
Thanks Pamelaanng
pamelaanng replied on December 15, 2014 with:
When I decided to move to Limerick, I did not know where I was going to live. To open a bank account, you have to have a utility bill or a letter that Was sent to your address from the Government. This is what the Bank of Ireland told me.
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pamelaanng replied to the thread Thanksgiving Cork 2015? on the Ireland forum:
anamcara initially posted:
Hello :) I moved to Ireland (Summer 2013) and reside outside of Cork City. I'm 'fishing' to see if anyone would be interested in getting together next year for a little Thanksgiving celebration? I'm also poking around for other (Baby Boomer) expats who'd like to get together for coffee/tea and a nice chat? Cheers!
pamelaanng replied on December 11, 2014 with:
It sounds like a lot of fun. Pam
MammaRing replied on December 02, 2014 with:
Sounds like the beginning of a party to me!
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kaz216 replied to the thread Still finding it difficult to settle on the Ireland forum:
Smurfette initially posted:
I wonder could anyone share some advice/experience please. I am 36 and having been living in the west of Ireland for 4 years. I grew up in the south of England and my parents are Irish and still live in the UK. I spent many family holidays in Ireland growing up and it was always my dream to move. However I am still finding it very hard to settle. Since moving (my husband was born in Ireland) we have had two children. I accept that my life has changed and would have changed anyway, regardless of location. However whenever I come back to the UK (which We do often) I find it desperately hard to return. The familiarity of England and my hometown feels wonderful. Mainly I miss my family and being to see them without booking flights. It is currently not an option to return to the UK as a family and my children are happy the eldest is in school, we are financially comfortable. My husband is happy living in Ireland. I worked hard to Go to various groups/activities to make friends and thankfully I have a good circle of friends whom I am close to and some extended family. Nevertheless I very much miss England and Ireland does not feel like home, I often regret having moved on a personal level but I am thankful that my children are happy. Any advice or thoughts appreciated, with thanks.
kaz216 replied on December 10, 2014 with:
Hi Just wondering how you are feeling now as we are plaaning to move to Mayo next year and I am worried about settling. thanks K
Smurfette replied on November 21, 2013 with:
Thank you very much for your replies they are very much appreciated.
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kaz216 posted Moving with teenagers - advice please on the Ireland forum on December 10, 2014:
Hi. We are planning to move to Westport next July from Sheffield, with a 14 and 11 year old. Has anyone any had any experience of this and any advice or support will be appreciated. thanks
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We will be holding our second Virtual Career Open Day on the 23rd October to recruit for bilingual and multilingual candidates to join our team in Dublin & Dundalk, Ireland & Berlin, Germany. We will be holding our second Virtual Career Open Day on the 23rd October to recruit for bilingual and multilingual candidates to join our team in Dublin & Dundalk, Ireland & Berlin, Germany.
FlowerFairy posted Quality of Health Care on the Ireland forum on December 05, 2014:
We are on the cusp of jumping off the precipice, one of the last things we are thinking of, apart from cost of living in Ireland (which is a worry) as opposed to here in Australia, is the quality of healthcare in Ireland? Not the cost but the quality of general health care in Ireland, West Cork in particular?
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pamelaanng replied to the thread Expats in Kenmare?? on the Ireland forum:
MammaRing initially posted:
Hello! We recently moved to Kenmare and love it!! I was wondering if any one else on here is in the area. See you soon?? Mary
pamelaanng replied most recently with:
I live in Limerick and intend on making Kenmare one of my first visits. Where Are you from? Pam
MammaRing replied most recently with:
Flower Fairy, I don't think I've been to Durrus. I've been to Bantry. Good luck with the sale of your house. You'll be over before you know it.
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brisketNribs posted currencyfair??? on the Ireland forum:
looking for input from people that actually used or know of people that have used Thank you
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petal80 replied to the thread Retiring to Ireland on the Ireland forum:
rjtjpdx initially posted:
My wife and I are US citizens and are considering retirement to Ireland. We would like to make contact with anyone who has gone through this process to find out the requirements and or limitations and the process to make it happen. We would also love to hear from those living there and what you have experienced. Thanks in advance. Ron & Tamra
petal80 replied most recently with:
Hi FlowerFairy, Noted. I'm not from Thailand, China or Korea where do they fancy dog meat and I have not been there. Thankfully, I've not seen, heard or read about such things occuring where I live either. The person would likely be thrown in jail for breaking animal cruelty laws. As for whether cheap is better or not is really a matter of preference. For example, those who named areas in South America as places for retirement may have found or heard ways that would make it work for themselves. It depends on the individual. Nonetheless, it's your preference and there's nothing wrong or right about it. And of course, it certainly is respected.
FlowerFairy replied most recently with:
Hello Petal80 Without opening up a can of worms, I agree with you in general and no disrespect was intended BUT when one reads about dogs being skinned alive for the meat market in Thailand and also dogs having parts chopped off while they are alive (i.e. they are left 'alive' until the next part is required) is enough for me NEVER to holiday in any part of Asia (however a broad sweeping statement is may be). Of course this is not the forum for such a subject and I apologise to all for inadvertently opening it up. It was only meant to flag that 'cheap' is not often the best solution. Cruelty unfortunately is alive and well in every country. Australia's Live Animal Export (which should be banned) is an emotive subject too. Over and out! :)
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