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FlowerFairy replied to the thread Great time to purchase property in Ireland on the Ireland forum:
DonieHoran initially posted:
With the Euro at an all time low again the Dollar/other currancies - this presents a super time to purchase your dream property in Ireland,where property asset prices are now starting to grow again in line with the economy !
FlowerFairy replied 3 hours ago with:
pobauto had a reply on foot to respond but lost it???? When I regain my thoughts will attempt to redo.
FlowerFairy replied 3 hours ago with:
Thanks DonieHoran No, not seeking 'out of the ordinary' just something aesthetically pleasing, not full of the ubiquitous knotted pine, not a dormer, not a 1970s bungalow, a place that fully conforms to regulations, real estate listings that do not misrepresent properties (listed 4 acres when in fact only 1.86), maintained properties, how properties are presented is a disgrace, etc, etc. We have travelled in excess of 16,000 kms in 5.5 months from east to west. Oh, as an aside, something no-one tells you, you only get 0.01% on your funds in the bank and govt takes 40% of that! We brought our house money across thinking we would buy reasonabky quickly....wrong!... so we have 'lost' 3% interest on our funds if we had left mobey in Oz. I coukd go on and on and on....
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dk5395 replied to the thread One Way Ticket to Ireland on the Ireland forum:
melhiker initially posted:
I have a one way ticket to Ireland in October. I'm not sure of my return to the US so don't want to get a return ticket yet. I may be doing a work away volunteer position for awhile. Will it be a problem to enter Ireland with no proof of onward travel? I am a retired female.
dk5395 replied on July 28, 2015 with:
To pobauto I do have a permanent address here in Clonegal and I brought the title/deed to the house with me to show immigration but they never asked to see any documentation other than my passport.
pobauto replied on July 25, 2015 with:
Thank you dk5395 for that info. Did you have a permanent address in Ireland that you were able to give immigration when you arrived in Dublin?
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JenUKUSA replied to the thread Questions from a newbie who searches on the Ireland forum:
Bakerz initially posted:
I have done search after search, and read lots of the posts in this forum. My wife and I are young (28-30). We live simply & live off of our Etsy shops selling leather products. Btw we live simply and are living with family (no rent). Our budget is not huge but our shop does better each year. My wife's mom just now has gotten her citizenship but my wife can't get hers since her mom didn't get it before she was born. We want to move to Ireland and live off of our Etsy shop. We also are setting aside enough money to survive off of for a year in the event that our plan doesn't go as we think. 1. How much do you think we would have to make yearly to get them to let us stay for at least a year? 2. Is our plan feasible? How much do we need to consider letting us stay about 2 years? 3. Has the euros recent drop helped or hurt living expenses?
JenUKUSA replied on July 27, 2015 with:
Good day fellow expats. I am 65 next year when we move and my husband will be 56. We researched diligently the expense of living in Ireland and have a pretty significant budget outlined. So, our questions pertain to geography. We fancy Enniscorthy, Wexford, New Ross (all in County Wexford) and also Tubbercurry in County Sligo. Any pros out there familiar with those areas? Any negatives? Thanks! J&J from USA (PS I am dual UK/US Citizen; hubby is US)
Mellis5910 replied on July 09, 2015 with:
Bakerz, in this link, the process for moving to Ireland and getting permission to stay is discussed at length:
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Sherryh2006 replied to the thread Retired Military in Ireland on the Ireland forum:
DanCat initially posted:
Hello, are any of you retired from the US Military? My husband who is retired Army/SF and I are moving to Ireland in July and would love to get a group together. Have any of you used your Tricare in Ireland?
Sherryh2006 replied on July 27, 2015 with:
Active not actually. ??
Sherryh2006 replied on July 27, 2015 with:
DanCat, we are currently actually be duty but retiring 2016 out of Germany. I'm very interested in the process of getting a visa to stay in Ireland permanently, or any information or advice you could give me. We are also looking to live in county Kerry.
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melhiker posted One way ticket to Ireland on the Ireland forum:
I will be visiting Ireland in November. At this point I only have a one way ticket. I do not yet know my departure date so don't want to buy a ticket yet. I'm a U.S. citizen and I am retired. I have some options for possible work away positions in Ireland so don't want to be locked down to a definite departure date. I heard I may encounter problems entering Ireland with a one way ticket. I'm looking for some answers and advice. TIA
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papercut posted Thank you pobauto and blankk on the Ireland forum:
pobauto, Thank you for the link for the hand spinning and weaving guild. That is exactly the kind of craft we are looking for. blankk, Thank you for the suggestions for Limerick. I have been in e-mail communication with a B&B and a hostel there. We plan on taking a military hop to wherever in Europe, then make it to Ireland by most probably a combination of hops and bus or even commercial flights. Without knowing exactly where we are going and when we will land in Europe until we are on a flight manifest, it is difficult to make reservations and arrangements ahead of time. Originally planned to be there by the end of last month, but flexibility is key. This was much easier to do when our squadrons were active, but have been decommissioned since we last did this. Also, the MAC flights that previously flew from the Atlanta airport no longer depart and return there. We caught a flight to Germany from there years ago- all five of us. So, we are learning as we navigate through the process of MAC flights again in lieu of base closures, streamlining the military and post nine eleven. Although we have the sky miles for round trip tickets, I am not ashamed to confess I am too stingy and frugal (aka cheap) to use them right now. For us, part of this adventure is in the journey and learning to be self-sufficient. Not that we will be wandering around aimlessly, but almost… Thank you again pobauto and blankk for your replies.
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blankk replied to the thread Cultural fair and activity suggestions for July, please on the Ireland forum:
papercut initially posted:
Please offer your suggestions for activities and fairs around Ireland- local, cultural, or just plain old fun would be nice. I would also appreciate suggestions for workshops such as spinning, weaving- anything artisanal would be great. My daughter and I are considering a music school- harp lessons for a week but are unsure if we want to be tied to one location for that amount of time this trip, or put it on our list for next year. Unique and those on the roads less traveled will do. I have looked online for county information and although event information is posted, I would appreciate thoughts and suggestions from your personal experience. Thank you
blankk replied most recently with:
Also in Limerick in July: 2-5 Make A Move Festival (hip hop/music/dance) 11 Pig n Porter Tag Rugby Festival 17 Electric Night Run 18-25 World Medical & Health Games 26 Foynes Air Show 28-3Aug Beast of Ballyhoura Adventure Race Sunday Night Dancing, Sundays at Fitzgerald's Woodlands House Hotel, Knockanes, Adare
blankk replied most recently with:
Limerick has a pretty good 4th of July weekend. I'm not sure why, but they have a good picnic and fireworks.
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FlowerFairy replied to the thread Family of 5 moving from Australia on the Ireland forum:
thetyrrells initially posted:
Hi, we are looking for some advice on moving to Ireland later this year. We are an Australian family of 5 (kids are 5, 2 and 1 years old) however hubby has dual Aust/Irish citizenship and I have dual Aust/British citizenship so I believe we are able to move here without acquiring any visas??? Is this correct? Also how would this work with schooling? Is it just as simple as enrolling them into a school once we have arrived? Or will we need to show evidence of some sort that they are now residing in Ireland? (not sure how to do that). Many thanks ?
FlowerFairy replied most recently with:
That's what we intend to do. Departed on our British Passports (no return visa) but will return on our Australian Passport. When we departed on our British we were asked if we had our Australian Passports with us (luckily we were carrying them, rather than being in our luggage already loaded on the plane). Details of Australian Passportsxwere taken for the record. No problems at all.
thetyrrells replied most recently with:
Thanks for that, we were wondering if you could leave on one passport and enter on another :-)
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thetyrrells posted Family friendly areas to live on the Ireland forum:
Hi, we're looking for some suggestions of places to live that are safe, family friendly and not too far from Dublin and the airport (up to a 1.5hrs out is fine). We have a 5, 2 and 1 year old so somewhere with a nice primary school, parks, cafes, kids activities etc etc would be great. Cheers ?
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Deselby posted to Ireland with a Filipina? on the Ireland forum:
I am considering moving to Ireland with a Filipina wife. I am a US-born Irish citizen, and have reviewed the Irish immigration rules, so there is no legal impediment to this. I have about 600K USD in savings and also draw a pension of $2,400 a month. She has an accounting degree and has experience in large enterprise accounting with SAP systems. She is 15 years younger than me. My questions are about employment for her and quality of life. Should I spend the money to buy property in the Dublin area? If so, where? If not, what would be a good alternative? I have been looking at the Shannon area, Galway, and Cork. The cultural climate and basic decency of the Irish are a big plus. Free rides on all public transport at age 66 is also nice. Is weather and (lack of) sunlight a big factor on quality of life there? The alternatives are the USA, but it is becoming a madhouse, or Spain or Portugal, but jobs will be a problem there.
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