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blankk replied to the thread Cultural fair and activity suggestions for July, please on the Ireland forum on July 02, 2015:
papercut initially posted:
Please offer your suggestions for activities and fairs around Ireland- local, cultural, or just plain old fun would be nice. I would also appreciate suggestions for workshops such as spinning, weaving- anything artisanal would be great. My daughter and I are considering a music school- harp lessons for a week but are unsure if we want to be tied to one location for that amount of time this trip, or put it on our list for next year. Unique and those on the roads less traveled will do. I have looked online for county information and although event information is posted, I would appreciate thoughts and suggestions from your personal experience. Thank you
blankk replied on July 02, 2015 with:
Also in Limerick in July: 2-5 Make A Move Festival (hip hop/music/dance) 11 Pig n Porter Tag Rugby Festival 17 Electric Night Run 18-25 World Medical & Health Games 26 Foynes Air Show 28-3Aug Beast of Ballyhoura Adventure Race Sunday Night Dancing, Sundays at Fitzgerald's Woodlands House Hotel, Knockanes, Adare
blankk replied on July 02, 2015 with:
Limerick has a pretty good 4th of July weekend. I'm not sure why, but they have a good picnic and fireworks.
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FlowerFairy replied to the thread Family of 5 moving from Australia on the Ireland forum on June 26, 2015:
thetyrrells initially posted:
Hi, we are looking for some advice on moving to Ireland later this year. We are an Australian family of 5 (kids are 5, 2 and 1 years old) however hubby has dual Aust/Irish citizenship and I have dual Aust/British citizenship so I believe we are able to move here without acquiring any visas??? Is this correct? Also how would this work with schooling? Is it just as simple as enrolling them into a school once we have arrived? Or will we need to show evidence of some sort that they are now residing in Ireland? (not sure how to do that). Many thanks ?
FlowerFairy replied on June 26, 2015 with:
That's what we intend to do. Departed on our British Passports (no return visa) but will return on our Australian Passport. When we departed on our British we were asked if we had our Australian Passports with us (luckily we were carrying them, rather than being in our luggage already loaded on the plane). Details of Australian Passportsxwere taken for the record. No problems at all.
thetyrrells replied on June 26, 2015 with:
Thanks for that, we were wondering if you could leave on one passport and enter on another :-)
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thetyrrells posted Family friendly areas to live on the Ireland forum on June 23, 2015:
Hi, we're looking for some suggestions of places to live that are safe, family friendly and not too far from Dublin and the airport (up to a 1.5hrs out is fine). We have a 5, 2 and 1 year old so somewhere with a nice primary school, parks, cafes, kids activities etc etc would be great. Cheers ?
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Deselby posted to Ireland with a Filipina? on the Ireland forum on June 21, 2015:
I am considering moving to Ireland with a Filipina wife. I am a US-born Irish citizen, and have reviewed the Irish immigration rules, so there is no legal impediment to this. I have about 600K USD in savings and also draw a pension of $2,400 a month. She has an accounting degree and has experience in large enterprise accounting with SAP systems. She is 15 years younger than me. My questions are about employment for her and quality of life. Should I spend the money to buy property in the Dublin area? If so, where? If not, what would be a good alternative? I have been looking at the Shannon area, Galway, and Cork. The cultural climate and basic decency of the Irish are a big plus. Free rides on all public transport at age 66 is also nice. Is weather and (lack of) sunlight a big factor on quality of life there? The alternatives are the USA, but it is becoming a madhouse, or Spain or Portugal, but jobs will be a problem there.
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10 Tips for Living in Ireland by Betsy Burlingame
Expat ArticlesArticle Summary: Expats living in Ireland say that the transition from tourist to expat is not as easy as one would think -- from challenges making friends with the Irish to the rainy, gloomy weather. Expats who make the effort and take their time are rewarded with life-long Irish friends and a love of Ireland. (Continue)
blankk replied most recently with:
My biggest piece of advice to people visiting or moving to Ireland is not to listen to the grumbling about the weather. Yes, Ireland is far north of the US, and the winter days are much shorter, and yes, there is a little rain most days. But there is also sunshine almost every day, and in the summers, the sunshine is direct for a lot of hours. I wear SPF15 fall & spring and SPF30 in the summer, and I still get a lot of color and the occasional burn. Tourists stop me every summer to ask where they can buy tshirts and shorts because they didn't bother to pack summer clothes. After a couple of years here, I left 9-to-5 work and started freelancing, because there are just too many nice days, all year round. Now I work when it rains, and pack as much work as I can into winter mornings and evenings, so I can go out and take advantage of all of the good weather here. People love to complain about "gloomy Irish weather", but it's simply what people think because it's what they've been trained to think.
Mellis5910 replied recently with:
Thanks, helpful information, I don't think I'll have much trouble adapting, as I'm from an Irish family but my husband will definitely benefit from hearing it put so succinctly. :)
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zajom replied to the thread USA Social Security on the Ireland forum:
mover01 initially posted:
Hi all, I have been in Ireland now two years and next June I am entitled to claim my social security. I understand all about the bilateral agreement and that I can contact dublin embassy, I just was wondering if anyone else had completed this process while in Ireland and how it went for them. I figured I'd start process after Christmas for my June 2015 birthday of 62. thanks for any and all help
zajom replied most recently with:
SSA will direct-deposit your payment into your Irish bank account.
beckysusan replied most recently with:
would someone tell me where to start to gain Perm Residency there?
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beckysusan replied to the thread Wishing to move to Ireland. on the Ireland forum:
franciscan initially posted:
I am an American who is 100% service connected disabled (permanent and total) Between my Social Security Disability, and VA Disability, I earn tax-free $48,000 a year. I am singe and will be moving alone and bring not much but my clothing and heirloom items...pretty much what can be checked on a plane. Is it even remotely feasible to live comfortably in Ireland for me? I am accustomed to paying $850 US a month for my two bedroom house...and would wish to rent in Ireland as well. I am 50 years old presently. Thank you in advance for any feedback!
beckysusan replied most recently with:
I will be signing up for my social security in about a year and 4 months. I will be 62 in Feb. 2017. Then I will have that income as well.
beckysusan replied most recently with:
Thank you so much. I really appreciate your help.
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beckysusan replied to the thread Approval to stay on the Ireland forum:
billmiller54 initially posted:
Does anyone know what the gov't is looking for or looking to avoid in granting permission to stay after 90 days? We are basically Boy and Girl Scouts, no arrests, no tickets, no accidents, financially secure. I would just like an idea of how to pass muster. Don't want to dump all my possessions just to be told I can't stay.
beckysusan replied most recently with:
i need to move these adds blocking my view from the messages. How do I get them off this page?
beckysusan replied most recently with:
The first trip I made, which was a learning experience, trust me. Lol. The immigration fellow gave me a two hour interrogation on why I wanted to stay 5 months? My friend I was visiting had invited me for the summer. I decided to go for it. Boy, did I get a hardy welcome. He wanted my friends phone number. Of course, my phone was dead, from all the calls I made coming over. Sooooo, I finally after sweating and nearly having a panic attack. I finally found it on my I Pad. He called her and chewed her out too. I had read the web site, but I was so excited, I overlooked that. She had too. He stamped it in my Passport, I had to leave in three months. I smiled the whole time, I wasn't about to make him any more upset. He finally let me get my bags off the luggage thing. I was sweating bad by then. I rolled them out on the second buggy, because the first one I chose was broken. After many questions to people I didn't understand, an oriental couple helped me to know what to do. I was very flustered,to say the least. I finally found the money exchange, got a few euros. Sat down to cool off, called my friend. She called my hotel and got directions to the hospitality bus. I had to push my three big bags and tote about five hundred yards to the bus. On my way across there, it was so rough my buggy bounced and my I Pad flew out of my tote and crash landed on the brick sidewalk and cracked. By that time I was ready to sit down in a foreign country and cry, like a baby. Lol. I eventually got to the bus, crawled on board, got to hotel early. I made a reservation when I bought my plane ticket, for my hotel room to rest until Sunday morning when my girlfriend was to pick me up to go to her house, which was in Co. Donegal. They tried to make me take a smaller room. I refused, by this time I was in no mood to be cheated out of my Queen sized bed, I had paid for either. Then as I was about to walk off, she said okay we do have one. I was happy and so was she. Lol. I went to my room, took a shower and slept like a baby. Next morning, she picked me up. I felt good, it was a beautiful trip. I did have to pay $375.00 to the airline though to go back early. I did eventually meet some very nice people though. My host was one. Everyone else I met was fabulous. I really enjoyed my trip after that. Like I said, it was a learning experience. Sincerely, R. Phipps.
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jcport67 replied to the thread car from UK to Ireland on the Ireland forum:
jcport67 initially posted:
Hi, I bought a car when living in UK and had the unfortunate situation of my car documents (although not the car) stolen from me. Since then everything has expired including the insurance. I am living in continental Europe. I am thinking of moving to Ireland and thinking of trying to use my UK car in Ireland. I wrote the UK embassy for advice on getting papers for the car. Any advice on registering my car in Ireland, especially given the fact that I don't have hard copies of any paperwork (just scanned copies on my computer). Or any advice in general on registering cars from UK in Ireland? Thanks
jcport67 replied most recently with:
Thank you for responding. I am working on getting copies of my documents from UK. I have had the car for over 12months. Let me try to find this website you mention and see what they have there - it should be useful for other things too! Thanks
FlowerFairy replied most recently with:
Not an expert on this topic but my understanding is if you cannot prove you have owned the vehicle more than 12 months you will need to pay VRT. Citizens information website should be able to clarify.
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Dublin Rentals by Christina McDonald
Expat ArticlesArticle Summary: Renting in Dublin is similar to renting in the United States, but there are some differences. Author Christina McDonald advises how to find a rental, the current rental market, the lease process and more. (Continue)
beckysusan replied most recently with:
This article was a big help to me. I want to rent an apartment or house in Ireland. Next summer I'm planning on coming over to live, but at any rate, I'm staying three months. It was very interesting to know this information. Thank you for posting. Sincerely, R. Phipps
Mellis5910 replied recently with:
This information was so helpful. Thanks very much for making it available. I'm an Irish-american who'll be returning there in a few years and I learned so much.
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