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Mellis5910 replied to the thread Shipping furniture to Ireland on the Ireland forum:
deangha initially posted:
Hi, I am moving with my husband and 3 kids to Ireland this summer and trying to figure out if it's worth shipping our furniture. This is a permanent move, and while I like our furniture, it's not super expensive stuff, so just wondering if it's worth it. Still calling around for prices. Any advice from anyone who has shipped furniture, etc. from the US to Ireland? Did you have to deal with duty taxes for the furniture you shipped? Thanks in advance for any advice!
Mellis5910 replied 8 hours ago with:
I believe I'll take pictures and write on each box what's in it. Also, think I'll get some referrals from the Irish Embassy to screen out the fly-by-night shippers.
BlacksmithTom replied on August 28, 2014 with:
I will tell you this, what ever you ship, with who ever you ship, make sure you write down a complete inventory of your stuff. We finally got our shipment, they lost loads of our stuff. When the agent did our survey he told us that if we allowed them to pack things, then they'd be covered for breakage under the insurance. NOT TRUE. We only claimed a few big ticket items we knew would cost to repair or replace......they refused to cover anything because we didn't list it on the insurance paper. So if I were you, I'd start writing.
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Mellis5910 replied to the thread Ireland "Rent to Buy" system on the Ireland forum:
rtdusmae7 initially posted:
Spotlight on - Moore Abbey Court, Dublin Road, Co.Kildare3 Bed Semi-DetachedThese beautiful homes are now available in the "Rent to Buy" system. Contact one of our consultants today for more information at 1850 311 311 or send an email to us at today I found the above member name PURPLEPIG.IE on a FaceBook page for group called (~~~ Expat in Ireland ~~~) evidently they rent homes to people with idea purchasing them later just like in USA Just type Ireland in Fb search to get find it. I do not Know where the homes are located as I have not joined the group ( it is a Open Group.)
Mellis5910 replied 8 hours ago with:
I couldn't either, but I have accessed it in the past/
hosannah8 replied on August 28, 2014 with:
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BlacksmithTom replied to the thread Fiber optic cabling tech on the Ireland forum:
billmiller54 initially posted:
I've seen a lot IT jobs posted for Ireland. However, none of them are for fiber optic cabling. Is it not used in Ireland or am I looking the wrong way? I have to think at least the telcos and video providers use fiber.
BlacksmithTom replied on August 28, 2014 with:
Telco has subcontracted all it's work out to small companies. There is only one video company and it's a dish type company called Skye, while there appear to be a lot of IT jobs....when I've applied, I've gotten....this is a very junior position, the employers are afraid you'll get bored and go elsewhere. I've had two interviews with Google, but because I could perform Linux in my sleep, they didn't want me, and that was for a hardware position for racking and stacking. The rest I either don't hear from again or I get the you're over qualified for this position. Not sure if over qualified is Irish for you're older than what we're looking for or not. I've been looking for over 6 months now. I've even looked for jobs outside IT, I couldn't get a job with Aldi because I have more than one brain cell and they're looking for people that don't think for themselves. (this was said to me by their recruiter) I couldn't get a job as a security guard because you have to have several certificates that no one seems to offer. Hell you can't even get a job as a ditch digger here because you have to have safety certificates and a few others..... to answer your question, there is some fiber optics in use here, mostly in a few data centers, but for the most don't see anyone looking for a fiber optic tech.
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BlacksmithTom replied to the thread information on the Ireland forum on August 28, 2014:
corgigurl initially posted:
We are not quite ready yet but are very interested in ireland. My husband has the right to citizenship through his grandparents. I can get into the EU through my mother that was born in Greece but would rather do that later . He has rights through being a descendant. just wondering what we should do first
BlacksmithTom replied on August 28, 2014 with:
visit! if you could possibly get the time off from work, come visit first. As was said by Mover01, get the citizenships first, once you get the citizenships, then start applying for work, try and get a job before you get here. I've been looking for over 6 months plus a couple of months before we moved and still haven't found work. It's very expensive here, so if you can't get work, your savings will go quickly.
mover01 replied on August 28, 2014 with:
First things first, I would get the citizenship done. You will be able to move easier with an Irish passport, you would use your American passport to leave and your Irish passport to enter. So, get the process going for the citizenship entitlement and then the passports.
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mover01 posted USA Social Security on the Ireland forum on August 28, 2014:
Hi all, I have been in Ireland now two years and next June I am entitled to claim my social security. I understand all about the bilateral agreement and that I can contact dublin embassy, I just was wondering if anyone else had completed this process while in Ireland and how it went for them. I figured I'd start process after Christmas for my June 2015 birthday of 62. thanks for any and all help
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mover01 replied to the thread Irish shippers on the Ireland forum on August 28, 2014:
BlacksmithTom initially posted:
Hello, it is with heavy heart that we've had to make the decision after 6 months here in Ireland to move back to the states. Not something I really wanted, but there appears to be NO jobs here that I'm not over qualified for. So I'm not sure if that's just an Irish way of saying you're too old....either way we're looking for anyone who has some experience with shippers from Ireland to States? Thanks
mover01 replied on August 28, 2014 with:
Hi Tom, I understand, I have now been in Ireland for two years and can honestly say I have hated it for many reasons that I won't go into. The best company I used to get to Ireland was SOS shippers, I really like Tony Cavaliere, if you call him tell him Kate Mackey recommended him. I needed to get a copy of paperwork last year from him and just asked if he could arrange a move back he said sure. So, you can use the people who brought you originally they all liason between the countries. i loved SOS, they were terrific.
BlacksmithTom replied on August 27, 2014 with:
Glad I could offer some help. While Ireland has been a fantastic experience, it has made me quite aware of things that you won't hear or see on any tourist board. I just wish I'd put my stuff in storage instead of shipping it. Right now we're in limbo, I'm waiting on job interviews in the states and can't give movers even a general area to get quotes, we may just have to sell everything we brought with us and just take our suitcases. If I had it to do over again, I'd have taken some time off from work, taken a trip over here for a few months and then make the decision on if we wanted to live here. I can safely say, we'd been back in the states within 3 months. Good luck to those that are moving here, good luck to those that are already here. Ireland, it turns out just isn't for me and my family.
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Fannycha posted Internship Legal/paralegal on the Ireland forum:
Hello, I'd like to get some informations about how work internships in Ireland. I'm a French student and I would like to do an intership there, but I have no idea if I could be paid, and if it would be easy to find an accomodation for few months. I ask some law firms but haven't got any answer. Looking forward to hear from you, Thank you, Fanny
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simmypimmy replied to the thread Moving Home From New York - Job Market on the Ireland forum:
simmypimmy initially posted:
Hi Everyone, It is looking like I will have to move home to Dublin after 10 years in the US as my elder father has recently become very ill. My partner is also from Ireland and is a qualified Welder or Iron Worker in America and runs most of the jobs that he is on as the Foreman. He is convinced that there is no work for Welders in Ireland. Could anyone update me on the current situation and the average salary for an experienced welder? Maybe he is correct but any information would be much appreciated. Thank you.
simmypimmy replied most recently with:
Thank you for that information. Best of luck!
BlacksmithTom replied most recently with:
I found 2 welders jobs in Dublin. Not only is the job market small, but there are a lot of certifications one must have before you can get hired. Safe Pass is one, I'm sure welding has at least one or two that you must have. We've been here for a little over 4 months, I've been going on job interviews since we got here and have yet to obtain a job offer. On a brighter side, I know a lot of jobs aren't posted online, you just have to hit the bricks and go in person looking for work. There's a lot of construction going on in Dublin, I can't believe they couldn't use an experienced welder. Good luck.
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BlacksmithTom replied to the thread Retiring in Ireland on the Ireland forum:
irishlugh initially posted:
I would really appreciate it if somebody could direct me to the best place on this site for info on a retired teacher from the USA relocating to Ireland. I'm 67 years old, and will be supporting myself on the teacher's pension and small SS benefits I receive each week. There is also the possibility that I will be getting married next year to an Irish citizen, then applying for dual citizenship. My primary questions involve things such as health insurance and receiving my retirement through direct deposit to an Irish bank, after I've opened an account. I'm sure there are other retired Americans who live in Ireland, so this post is directed at you, or anybody else with knowledge in these affairs. Thanks so much for any help you might be able to provide.
BlacksmithTom replied most recently with:
While not retired, I can tell you about the health insurance. Health insurance is expensive, there is a waiting period to use it for doctors visits for my age (55) it's 52 weeks, for your age, it's a full year I believe. You can use it for emergency's and accidents. Medicine is not covered by insurance period. Preexisting medical problems have a waiting period of over 5 years. This is Irish health insurance. I checked into American insurance but it was going to give about the same coverage but for about 5,000 - 6,000 times more money, yes that's right, not a misprint, the average cost for my family was going to be 6 - 7 k a year. We just paid 1040e for a year. As far as retiring here, if your fiance is willing to sponsor you, then I'd apply for my visa now, go to the embassy for help or have her do the leg work here. It takes a while to get it approved. My wife is from England so I was able to submit as a spouse of an EU member. If you're planning on working you have to also get a stamp 4, and you also have to get a pps number. I plan on double dipping when I hit retirement age, I can draw american ss as well as irish old age pension and then any retirement plan I get from employer. SS should deposit the check without a problem, it might take a few days for the bank to release the funds, and you're monthly income will vary depending on the exchange rate. Good luck
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