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jasonalster posted Life in Israel memoir on the Israel forum on August 22, 2015:
For anyone making Aliya, or moving to Israel , or just wanting to get an inside look about life there , I (an award winning scientist) wrote an exciting, educational, and adventurous memoir about living in Israel for almost 25 years. On kindle,, CreateSpace. "Leaving Home, Going Home, Returning Home: A Hebrew American’s Sojourn in the Land of Israel" Authored by Jason Alster List Price: $18.99 6" x 9" (15.24 x 22.86 cm) Black & White on White paper 308 pages ISBN-13: 978-1439258750 (CreateSpace-Assigned) ISBN-10: 1439258759 LCCN: 2009911178 BISAC: Travel / Middle East / Israel Whether you dream of moving across the country or to another continent, or you are returning home after a prolonged absence, Jason Alster’s Leaving Home, Going Home, Returning Home is an illuminating and inspiring read. Alster paints a picture of his move to Israel, his palette of words reflecting the tones and hues of this Mediterranean nation, but the message he conveys could be applied to any move, to any change from one place to another. Why? Because this book is about the courage to change, to take risks, and to trust oneself regarding that place we wish to call home. How does one adjust to a new language, to a culture decidedly different from the one left behind? What new lessons must we learn? Is there a sense of isolation and longing, or is it possible to become part of that new place and create a sense of community and belonging? According to the author, the answer is a definite yes! Page after page, readers will discover the keys—and occasionally the secrets—to fitting in. CreateSpace eStore:
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M00ey posted British citizen looking for volunteer / telecom work on the Israel forum on August 19, 2015:
I am looking to learn Levantine arabic and I am willing to do voluntary work or more ideally look for telecom contracts
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anglolist replied to the thread Applying before moving on the Israel forum:
kspr initially posted:
Hi all. I am a computer software professional, 31 years old. I've applied for tons of jobs via LinkedIn, but I have not really received any responses. Compared to an expat-heavy country like Dubai, where I've also searched a bit, I've gotten respones from almost everyone. Is this because the expat culture is different in Israel? I really want to work there. But do I need to actually move there, and then apply, due to visa restrictions? Regards
anglolist replied most recently with:
Hi KSPR Here are a few tips: 1. Make sure your resume is no more than 2 pages. 2. Be sure to address each requirement for the job in a cover letter. 3. Don't give loads of information about your previous employers. Unless internationally renowned, the person reading your resume will most likely not have heard of your previous employer anyway. 4. If the level of English you use in your resume is too high, the person reading your resume will probably overlook it as he/she is most likely not a mother-tongue English speaker. 5. Most companies in Israel will only respond to your resume if you are a suitable candidate. You will find a lot of resume and employment tips here: Hope this helps and good luck!
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property in IsraelBeautiful new apartment, 2 bed rooms+ spacious living room and upgraded kitchen+ Balcony. Prime location in the Vibrant FLORENTINE neighborhood 10 min. walk from the beach and the newly renovated Jaffa promenade. Naturally well-Lit.
Jaschase replied to the thread Shipping a car to Israel on the Israel forum:
shinton initially posted:
Can anyone tell me their experience of shipping a car to Israel? I will be working there for 2 years. What do I need to know?
Jaschase replied most recently with:
Well, for one, it's not easy or cheap. Even for a 6 month temporary stay, I think you still end up paying a massive tax on the vehicle so make it's worth your time and money to do it. This page has some relevant information that you may find helpful Ultimately, you'll need to contact a shipper to have your questions answered anyway, so you may as well start. Contact several before committing to one and never pay for an estimate.
edison replied most recently with:
If you are looking to ship your car to Israel from Florida, contact Nobel Van Lines at:
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Jaschase replied to the thread Taking a car from the US to Israel on the Israel forum:
polysack initially posted:
Hi, I would like to bring a car with me to Israel during my summer vacation. Does anyone knows how to do it? Must i have an Israeli driver's license to do it? What about Insurance? How long can i leave it in Israel for? Whom is allowed to drive the car? Many thanks
Jaschase replied most recently with:
I agree with this. You're better off just renting something if it's a short term stay.
anglolist replied most recently with:
Hi, If you are coming to Israel for the summer vacation only, leave your car behind and get a rental car instead. Happy holidays.
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Jaschase replied to the thread New Travel Channel Series- US citizens moving to Tel Aviv on the Israel forum:
cahammersley initially posted:
Hello, I'm the segment producer a new television series for Travel Channel tentatively titled “Relocated.” It follows the stories of people who are looking to relocate from the US to another country (most likely due to a new job, job transfer, etc.). We're currently shooting an episode in Buenos Aires and Budapest, but we would also like to find people moving to Tel Aviv, Marrakech, Casablanca, Rabat, We are open to people who are moving to any International city, preferably a non-English speaking city! We are looking to find a couple or family who is considering moving to a new country from the US. We would fly them RT for a “scout trip” where they would meet a relocations expert who will show them the city and several of its unique neighborhoods. I am trying to get the word out about this opportunity to find a couple/family who may be relocationg. This would obviously be great exposure for the city and would speak directly to those looking to relocate. Please get in touch with- Christine Hammersley Segment Producer Relocated, Travel Channel US – (213) 926-6456
Jaschase replied most recently with:
This sounds like an interesting idea for a show! I know some folks that might be interested & I'll pass along the info.
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Efrat posted Nani in Israel- south on the Israel forum:
Hi I am looking for an English speaker Nani in Lehavim area. please contact me if you are interested or know anyone who is interested.
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jim42 posted Port Hotel Tel Aviv on the Israel forum:
Anyone ever stay at this hotel/familiar with it? Thanks, Jim
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