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sensualspirit replied to the thread Inter/jobs for prospective expat on the Israel forum on July 21, 2014:
1010 initially posted:
I'm a 25 years old Singaporean male who have served 2 years in the Singapore military and currently pursuing a double major in Mathematics and Physics in a prestigious Australian University. I am interested in venturing into areas of weapons and defense development in Israel. Where should I get started and what do (people on this board) advise?
sensualspirit replied on July 21, 2014 with:
Sorry I don't have time to pull them all up for you. All you have to do is log in to both & search for the word "Israel". As you join one, more will show up that are similar & you can go from there. Here's 2 I found right off the bat. Good luck Michelle
1010 replied on July 21, 2014 with:
Thanks for the reply Michal. Could you suggest a few potentially active groups?
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jeffnorman6 replied to the thread executive suites tel aviv?? on the Israel forum on July 18, 2014:
jeffnorman6 initially posted:
i want to know about some of the best hotels which provides best executive suites in tel aviv. I am also herering someting about The Norman Hotel which is about to open next month
jeffnorman6 replied on July 18, 2014 with:
he guys where are you?? come reply something :)
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anglolist replied to the thread Making Aliyah as a student on the Israel forum on July 10, 2014:
rastacourage initially posted:
I've been thinking about earning my Master's abroad, and at first I was more targeted towards Europe, because education can be cheaper there. Then I found out about Aliyah and all the benefits they give you. I am a Jewish American, and am considering making Aliyah, to be blunt, for cheaper education. However, I am in love with the country, although I do not want to stay there forever. I am intrigued by the culture, living in a place that is in war, and well, it's beautiful no matter where you go. But this would be, at least as of right now, a temporary thing. And a school, the Arava Institute, seems like the perfect place for me and how I want to study. I wanted to get advice from people about the process. If I am missing a catch, if I am making a stupid decision. I understand this reason isn't exactly the most ethical or the point of making Aliyah. But is it wrong to consider this? Any suggestions/advice/considerations would be extremely helpful.
anglolist replied on July 10, 2014 with:
Hi, Studying abroad is a wonderful idea. As a Jew, studying is Israel could be life-changing for you. As you know Israel has many internationally recognized and well respected institutions of higher learning and their international student programs offer a warm and welcoming experience. My personal opinions and strong feelings about you making Aliyah and using your Aliyah privileges for the sole purpose of getting a cheaper eduction are best left off this page but I would be willing to get into a private discussion with you. Israel, like any other country in the world has its positives and negatives - as does the USA. I suggest you join one of the many forums for English speakers where you will get advice from a wide sector of the population. This is a link to one of the largest Anglo groups on Facebook: Only you can decide if it is a right or wrong decision but consider the millions of Israeli taxpayers and world Jewry who contribute large amounts of money so that financial assistance can be offered to students/new immigrants. Hope this helps.
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anglolist replied to the thread Business expenses before moving on the Israel forum:
bine22 initially posted:
Hi all, we are planning to move to Israel in the summer. I'm going to be self employed. My question is if I will be able to deduct on my Israeli tax return business expenses that I incurred before registering in Israel as self-employed. I was thinking on buying things I need for my business in the US before moving. Doe you have any tips for a good website about taxes for self employed (Hebrew or English)? Thanks!!
anglolist replied most recently with:
Before you start claiming expenses you have to register your business in Israel. Here is a link to a firm that can help you. When you contact them, ask for Binyamin and tell him Suzanne (from anglo-list) sent you. His firm will be able to answer all of your questions and they speak English.
sensualspirit replied most recently with:
Ditto on this question. Be careful what you buy stateside, I've gone thru all my electrical equipment & certain things won't work there so we have to buy there. Yes we can use a converter (that's okay), but the transformers heat up & waste extra electricity. Also I found out that the ISPs make you use THEIR router : ( so there's no point in buying a new one (my Linksys isn't working well.) Michal
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adminee posted Survey about Healthcare in Israel on the Israel forum:
We've put together a brief survey about expat healthcare. The goal is to collect information from you about the quality and availability of medical services, health insurance, prescription medicines and emergency care in your region of Israel. We'll be soon publishing the responses to help others who are following in your footsteps. Please take several minutes to answer the survey. The more detailed you can be in your responses, the better. Thank you, in advance, for sharing and helping others moving to your area!
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sensualspirit replied to the thread Coastal Towns: Real Estate on the Israel forum:
kitkat2104 initially posted:
My husband and I are planning on purchasing land near a coastal town to build. We are looking for referrals for a real estate agent, architect, building contractor, and attorney. Also, we'd like to know of any bad experiences
sensualspirit replied most recently with:
Hi, I can dig up the name of someone who built their house & found the right builder. Not sure about the RE agent or architecture. This guy had a NA style house built & wanted people to know it COULD be done, but he's also in a climate that isn't as hot. But still it's worth talking to him. PM me your e-mail address & I'll then find his info for you. Michal
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Lifesgood posted El nino on the Israel forum:
If I understand right an El Nin'o (sorry can't seem to get the ' over the right area) is possibly forming that will effect Ecuador in a great way. Has anyone else heard this, what can be expected, and when? Is there any preparation that I will need to make?
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MissB1020 replied to the thread Non fiction novel about life in Israel on the Israel forum:
jasonalster initially posted:
Book/memoir " Leaving Home Going Home Returning Home : A Hebrew American's Sojourn in the Land of Israel" with Kindle. An educational and informative look at life in Israel. Hi- I lived in Israel from 1984 to 2006. When I returned to the USA , I wrote a memoir in a novel style about what I have learned in living in Israel. What came out was a non fiction novel similar in fashion to the books Under The Tuscan Sun, for the acclimation to a Mediterranean country ( I consider Israel an Eastern Mediterranean country more than a Middle East country) Eat, Pray, Love for the insights, and the Hobbit for the pure adventure and learning to deal with new challenges . The book Leaving Home , Going Home , Returning Home : A Hebrew American's Sojourn in the Land of Israel received great reviews and is with , Kindle , and Create Space. I have a Blog and Facebook page with that name where i lend my commentary on Israel and the USA compared from time to time. My webpage for book trailers is and for other publication I released both in Israel and the USA.
MissB1020 replied most recently with:
I purchased your book from Amazon and just finished reading it. It was very informative.thanks for the great book.
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A writer from the Associated Press is interested in talking to people who decide to retire abroad for reasons related to affordable health care. He is also interested to hear about other reasons why you chose to retire abroad. If you would be interested to speak with him and possibly be written about in his article, please send an email to Joshua Wood at:
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GabrielRaphael replied to the thread The positives & negatives of living in Israel on the Israel forum:
sensualspirit initially posted:
So I've been hearing a lot from expats that it's hard to live in Israel. Other than the obvious threats of terrorists/bombers, etc. What do you consider the positives & negatives of living in Israel? How long have you been living there & where did you hail from, as that also plays a role on how people view their new home country. Thank you Michelle
GabrielRaphael replied most recently with:
and that is still not enough but yes in any country you move you should have enough for at lest one year, if you can stay for one year then you can obtain benefits as well, best way to go is through Aliyah anyway, you cut straight threw all the red tape or bureaucracy, any other way is through family or the army unless your loaded with cash ofcourse
anglolist replied most recently with:
Michal I have written a number of articles for our website - some positive and some negative - about people's experiences in Israel. Perhaps you'd like to share yours. You can find my contact details here: Thanks Suzanne
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