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Stephane replied to the thread play mates for 2 yrs old near zone 4 on the Ivory Coast forum on October 29, 2014:
swathiganti initially posted:
hi .. im looking for play mates for my 22 months old daughter. we r new in Ivory coast and i don't speak French. looking forward to make friends aswell. please reply to this post so that we can make a meeting point. regards swathi
Stephane replied on October 29, 2014 with:
BV replied on October 27, 2014 with:
Hi Pls see you mail- have replied- let me know when received
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aqsa posted Are you Looking for Room? on the Ivory Coast forum:
Hello guys! want to share my experience with you If you are looking for an apartment or room wants to rent out your place , you might want to check out PlaceMatch Singapore. Posting an ad is Free and I found it to be useful in finding my place. Hope that helps Cheers, Engr Aqsa
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Stephane replied to the thread got a job offer from ivory coast. on the Ivory Coast forum:
dabluvik initially posted:
Hi this vikram from indiaActually I got an offer from an indian based company called dharini sampad pvt Ltd.engaged in manganese mining at ivory coast offering me 80k Indian currency there..so is it okay to move there with that much money and what is the profile of the company..they are also providing me food,accomodao transportation. Its in bondouku ..so plz some one could kindly suggest me whether it a gud 1 or not..
Stephane replied most recently with:
contact me stepanovich02@gmail.com
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erricus15 posted New in Abidjan on the Ivory Coast forum:
Just moved to Ivory Coast from Canada. ..plan to be here for the next 6 months. Looking for someone to show me around. Anyone interested can reach me at eric_antwi@hotmail.com Cheers
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dabluvik posted moving to ivory coast to join a company. on the Ivory Coast forum:
This is vikram from India.i got an offer from a mining company in ivory coast. What I want to know how the place is for an Indian to stay like food ,living style what % of Indians are there.how much a normal man will expense there.How the mining company profile are there in ivory coast?if 80k in inr is package they are offering is that will be OK for there??
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Stephane replied to the thread Moving to Ivory Coast Abidjan, How to find a job before travelling? on the Ivory Coast forum:
GeraldineUK initially posted:
Hello everybody! I am French,30 y.o, currently living in the UK, and planning to move to Ivory Coast at the end of the year. And I was wondering if anyone would have tips to give me to find a job in Abidjan. Do you know any specific websites that I could use? I have experience in hospitality, administration, sales, I speak English and French. I would like to try to secure a job before I travel. All advices/recommendations welcome! Thanks :-D Geraldine
Stephane replied most recently with:
u can contact me if u need help for many things here, i know everything
genoseb replied most recently with:
Hi Geraldine, I can't help you about your question but just to give you information; I have been in Abidjan since beginning of May without any status with an entrepreurial project. I can tell you that the days are very long when you are not in activity and this is a good lesson for me, never be without any occupation if you are not sure you can realize something. The problem for me is the difficulty to penetrate the economic sector here and also the possible partner I had contact with that does not suit me. Without any occupation and if you are looking directly for a job here, you may have a decrease in motivation and "un nivellement par le bas" with the environment that is against the expectations any Europeans and French people in particular may have (you have an appointment and there is 1 hours delay, secretary and assistant people are not nice at desk, ...) so it may impact your energy. Feel free to ask me any question directly or in private and it will be a pleasure for me to discuss with you, in French (je suis français aussi!) Regards, seb
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Stephane replied to the thread Looking for a house on the Ivory Coast forum:
Sherryle initially posted:
Hi people, we just arrived in Ivory Coast and are looking urgently for a house. Kindly contact me if anyone knows an agency,or a guest house we can put up until we get a proper house. Sherryle
Stephane replied most recently with:
If anybody want a question im here
Gvk9 replied most recently with:
Hi, you can get couple of houses in zone 4, near Che cafe, I just moved to Abidjan last month, found some good houses. No agents, I searched myself looking for houses. If you are interested in zone4 , lemme know will give you the addresses of the house locations Best GVK
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Stephane replied to the thread Party friends on the Ivory Coast forum:
Gvk9 initially posted:
Hi friends... am new in Abidjan, managed to find a apartment by myself but kinda boring in weekends without friends. Looking for new friends. Any happening places in town other than clubs in zone 4 ?
Stephane replied most recently with:
May i help u ?
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Sherryle posted Ear Nose and Throat Doctor on the Ivory Coast forum:
Hi everyone Does anybody know a good ENT doctor in Abidjan?
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adminee posted Survey about Healthcare in Ivory Coast on the Ivory Coast forum:
We've put together a brief survey about expat healthcare. The goal is to collect information from you about the quality and availability of medical services, health insurance, prescription medicines and emergency care in your region of Ivory Coast. We'll be soon publishing the responses to help others who are following in your footsteps. Please take several minutes to answer the survey. The more detailed you can be in your responses, the better. Thank you, in advance, for sharing and helping others moving to your area! http://www.expatexchange.com/eetr/addtiptopic/7
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