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JamesMac replied to the thread X-Pat moving to Ivory Coast on the Ivory Coast forum on May 15, 2015:
JamesMac initially posted:
I am a single male who was just hired to provide services as a security manager for a large corporation. I would like to find a friend or two that can help me understand the inner workings of the Ivory Coast. I have the task of hiring some new security personnel but alas I do not speak French (very well) so I was hoping to find a local that speaks at least some english that I can hire to assist me. I have many questions.
JamesMac replied on May 15, 2015 with:
Thank you! I will do that. Be well James. PS. I have some questions now if you don't mind?
mermoz replied on May 15, 2015 with:
Hi Call Mermoz Kouassi on 55 46 46 73 or 08 56 87 09 when you are here in abidjan. I can assist you
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sarahv posted Moving to Abidjan with 3 kids on the Ivory Coast forum:
Hi, My husband and I considering moving to Abidjan with our three kids for a Fulbright year-- ages 2, 6, 9. What kind of expat community might we expect? Cost of living, safety, etc. in Abidjan? Is there a homeschooling or unschooling community there? French lessons or pick-up soccer games available for kids? Anything else you might share? Thanks, Sarah
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Raniaelsheemy posted baby jogger stroller is needed on the Ivory Coast forum:
Can anybody knows where can i buy baby jogger stroller here in ivory caost ? or any one have seen it here? Pls help
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Stephane replied to the thread French lessons? on the Ivory Coast forum:
philmartin54 initially posted:
Hello / Salut, I am a Canadian graduate student coming to Abidjan this summer for a research project. I speak some French but am hoping to take lessons, either privately or at a language school while I am here if possible. Anyone have any recommendations? Merci, -Phil
Stephane replied most recently with:
u can contact me, im living in Ivory Coast
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bquansah posted Election year on the Ivory Coast forum:
Does the state department have anything planned for US expats living in the Ivory Coast during this election year? I have to say that the 2010-2011 post electoral crisis traumatized me quite a bit.
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nalemvula posted job seeking on the Ivory Coast forum:
Hi i am Nale...I recently moved to Ivory coast after my marriage,I was working as a medical doctor in Botswana for 2 years,I am of Zambian origin.I can speak french but currently taking french classes to perfect my writting...Desperately looking for a job as a medical doctor(public health specialist). Please do inform me if you hear of anyone hiring...Thank you
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Montarry replied to the thread Looking for a house on the Ivory Coast forum:
Sherryle initially posted:
Hi people, we just arrived in Ivory Coast and are looking urgently for a house. Kindly contact me if anyone knows an agency,or a guest house we can put up until we get a proper house. Sherryle
Montarry replied most recently with:
call Alberic 47421452 good luck
Montarry replied most recently with:
Hi, we just moved to Abidjan and we are looking for house/apartment. Would you mind sending me your list? Here is my mail address folembray89@gmail.com Thanks
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marlison replied to the thread Friends on the Ivory Coast forum:
Lilliananyacho initially posted:
My name is Lillian, I just moved to Abidjan, I don't knw hw to speak French, so making new friends has not been easy but I found dis site by accident, so I want to use this opportunity to try n make new friends, anyone interested can reply to dis message, thanks.
marlison replied most recently with:
Hello Lillian, I am coming in Abidjan from the UK. Will get there by the 16th february. I will be coming for couple of weeks and i go there once every year at least. I am bilingual. My number there is : 77279321 It will be working from the 16th February! Take care.
Montarry replied most recently with:
Hi Abbey, I just wrote to Lillian I am Francesco, I am French and just moved to Abidjan. Give me call if you get a chance. GSM Côte d'Ivoire : +225 09576891 E-mail : francis.montarry@anglo-world.com I am looking for tennis partners?
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Lizlaw replied to the thread DRIVER on the Ivory Coast forum:
BV initially posted:
Hi, Does anybody know of a good driver- if he knows a bit of English so much the better! I am living in Cocody- Pls let me know Thanks
Lizlaw replied most recently with:
I am Liz from Kenya,3mnths in Abidjan.Yes I know an English speaking driver. Please contact me on ejebet@gmail.com for more info.
Stephane replied most recently with:
hello write to me here if i could help you stepanovich02@gmail.com
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Hello, I am Eva, student at the University of Oslo and currently on a short fieldtrip in Ivory Coast. I am looking for a room from now on until 8th of February in Abidjan. I am not picky and would be happy with just a bed and a desk in a shared flat or house. If you know anyone that could help, please contact me. Thanks so much! Eva
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