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Mette posted Playgroup 1-2 year olds on the Ivory Coast forum on August 28, 2015:
Bonjour, Hoping someone can help. We are new to Abidjan - and finding our way around, being a non French speaking - seems almost impossible. Can anyone please let me know if there are any playgroups for smaller kids (we have a daughter 14 months old) - or where to take them to play? (I know of orca and an outside playground next to a gocart track - but not suitable for that age group) Thanks in advance. Mette
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uziwaheed posted 49-50cc moto on the Ivory Coast forum on August 19, 2015:
Is it necessary to get a licence for 49-50cc moto (small bike) As some one told me u just need insurance and helmet.
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Kbernard replied to the thread Tired of hearing.....Vous parlez "Anglais -Francaise"!! on the Ivory Coast forum:
BV initially posted:
Friends, I have been here for several months and am tired of hearing silly comments like "vous parlez Anglais-Francaise"! I am not from here and speak English- if I am making some effort to try and learn French what is the purpose of constantly hearing stupid comments! These are digs at one- cant they try and appreciate rather than expect that one is supposed to learn French instantly! i find they are very strange people with peculiar hangups- they are not French but Ivorions!....It isi no wonder that the Anglophone Africans make little effort to learn French!.....just my thoughts ........moreover the Ivorion French is hardly correct French!
Kbernard replied most recently with:
All, First of all, let me apologize on behalf of my fellow Ivorian. I have been well around the world to understand how shocking this can be. I am an Ivorian living in the States and traveling around the world often. you will need to understand that courtesy is not a big plus in the overall french culture. Ivorian will usually laugh at different persons. We do not respect differences as much as in the English cultures, it is so sad. I had to be very harsh with the kids of a friend who came to visit in the States and who were laughing at every obese person in the street. Just to provide you a context, sorry again for this!!!
djamilah225 replied most recently with:
lol, first, sorry to hear that, but 2nd, funny/sad story, in the plane as i was coming here, the emirates attendant made an announcement looking for a passenger in like broken french and this large group of orange telecom, burst in laughter! it was ridiculous, i was thinking at least she tried and she got her point across, who can say a sentence in english in this group? like seriously? anyhoo my rant for today, if u need an ivorian buddy who won't make fun of ur mistakes, holler!
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Fmontarry posted to share our apartment on the Ivory Coast forum:
Good morning everyone, We are looking for someone to share our apartment at Riviera III, Abidjan. You can call me at work at 09576591. Best,
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mermoz posted TOP HR ASSISTANCE FOR YOU AND YOUR BUSINESS on the Ivory Coast forum:
My proposal is for International Companies that are sending employees to Abidjan or freelancers that are coming to abidjan for specific projects. My business is ready to assist you with the following services : -Work permit services -Tax calculations -HR services ( Recruitment- Training-Labor law) and payroll tax calculator -we can serve as umbrella company for you as well For more informations , please contact me asap on +225 08 56 87 09 / 55 46 46 73 or drop a mail at mermozn@gmail.com for an excellent service. Regards,
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kdexpatkd posted English Speakers in Abidjan on the Ivory Coast forum:
Hello Guys! I am looking for English speakers to roam around and learn about the country & culture. Let me know if someone is interested. Thanks!
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HarryBelgium posted San Pedro on the Ivory Coast forum:
Good afternoon We are moving to San Pedro in September to take up a job, is there a site or forum where we ,can search and find suitable housing. Thanks in advance Harry & Sonja
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marlison replied to the thread Looking for shared flat or studio on the Ivory Coast forum:
Drounal initially posted:
Good morning everyone, My name is Lou and I am moving to Abidjan next week for at least a year. I am getting started on my quest to find a place to stay and, ideally, this place would be in "2 Plateaux"; either a shared apartment/house or a studio, fully furnished in any case. Price is debatable, depending on the place. So, if you're looking for someone to share an apartment/house or have heard about studios available, I'm all ears! Thanks a lot in advance for the help! Best, Lou
marlison replied most recently with:
Hello Lou, I am not in the moment in Abidjan, i am in France, but i can put you in touch with my father who can maybe help you as he has got couple of studios in Abidjan but not necessarily in 2 plateaux. Will you be okay with it? If yes i will need your number so that my father could get in touch with you. Peace and Love Alison
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djamilah225 posted Expanding friend circles on the Ivory Coast forum:
Hi! I am an Ivorian who recently moved back to Abidjan and I am working in Grand Bassam. I used to live in Washington DC and had a pretty cosmopolitan group of friends and would like to keep the tradition going :) I speak english, french, spanish, portuguese, korean (a lil lol) and bambara/dioula. I am more than happy to help (for free lol) with any inquiries about living/moving here as I myself have been fumbling to figure certain things out. I am also super entrepreneurial so if you have a project and would like a soundboard or just help putting it together, do not hesitate! Anyhoo, all the best! I look forward to meeting some of you :) djamilah df.
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djamilah225 replied to the thread Election year on the Ivory Coast forum:
bquansah initially posted:
Does the state department have anything planned for US expats living in the Ivory Coast during this election year? I have to say that the 2010-2011 post electoral crisis traumatized me quite a bit.
djamilah225 replied most recently with:
lol, i don't mean to laugh and i am really sorry you feel that way. i am an ivorian, and i really think/hope we won't go back there. dunno if anything is planned, wouldnt the question be better if asked to the embassy directly? best,
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