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Gardis replied to the thread Seeking Employment on the Jamaica forum:
Soulmate2014 initially posted:
Good Morning, Group; I am a well educated and experienced expat, living in Jamaica going on four years now and am seeking gainful employment. I am married to a Jamaican, however, seeking employment is proving to be quite difficult, I am not expecting to make foreign wages, just enough to help with my family. I have many years experience in Management, but am very versatile and willing to do most work. I am currently near the Ocho Rios area, but for the right offer, we are willing to relocate if necessary; my husband operates a route taxi. If anyone in this community can be of assistance, my appreciation would be greatly appreciated. Thanking you in advance.
Gardis replied on March 30, 2015 with:
I agree with Ruthie's post totally. It is a big mistake to move to JA thinking you're going to "get a job." The jobless rate is enormous, what with qualified Jamaicans looking for work. The best bet is to be retired there, and don't set your expectations upon finding work because you almost certainly will not. The people I've known who returned as residents are retired. They are drawing on their social security or retirement checks now. Even as far as your own business, Kingston can be a very dicey place to be handling cash transactions. Live a low profile life, drive a small unobtrusive car, and you will be OK. Sorry, that's reality.
ruthie14 replied on March 30, 2015 with:
HI, the job thing is hard. My sister and brother in law moved back almost two years ago to Kingston. She had a job lined up, he was never able to get one. He just went back to the U.S. to his old job -- she will follow soon. It seems that the job market is very insular. Unless it is a very low level or extremely high level job, it will not be posted or advertised. There's a lot of "who you know" and even people who claim to help you get a job ("Check me on Monday!") can't really help you. It seems like they would rather act like they have the ability to hire you at their place of employment than tell you the truth -- an ego thing, perhaps? If you're in Ocho Rios, your best bet might be getting to know the management at the various hotels so they can keep you posted as to when something is available. Or, as someone said, to start your own business. Good luck!
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lala718 replied to the thread Will I really save money if i move to Mandeville? on the Jamaica forum:
expat43 initially posted:
Hi folks. I have been doing a lot of research on our impending move to Jamaica. Moving costs are known, we found a beautiful home in Mandeville. I basically understand utility costs for the area, and having a vehicle. My wife is Jamaican, I am a US citizen. I work from home but need to travel to my clients so as long as I can get to the airport and fly to the US should be no problem. And work in my home office reliably. On paper it looks like we can save a ton of money moving to this location in Jamaica. What practical things might I not be considering that will bite me? Conveniences? Consistent Internet Access? Reliable utilities? Other hidden costs? Legalities? Thank you!
lala718 replied on March 26, 2015 with:
Expat43, $20,000 worth of utility is high having used it for only 2 weeks. We were there for only 2 weeks.
expat43 replied on March 17, 2015 with:
@ lala718 Thank you as well for that. My current utility bill exceeds that 20K mark, so if that's on the high side, I'm in pretty good shape. We are really excited (and stressed), we just have to get past the move itself and get settled in. Again, thank you.
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nolanative replied to the thread finding nanny and housekeeper in Ocho Rios on the Jamaica forum on March 25, 2015:
nolanative initially posted:
Hi, My husband and I previously lived in Ocho Rios before having children and are now getting ready to move back with a 3 year old and a four month old baby. We will both be working and will need a full time nanny and housekeeper. Does anyone have recommendations of how to find reliable people for this- and also any leads on someone who can home school. We are from the states and probably won't enroll our kids in school in JA until they are a little older.
nolanative replied on March 25, 2015 with:
Thanks, It sounds like a live-in nanny is the way to go. Leus- I would be very interested in getting some of your input as the time gets closer. I am currently pregnant and am not set to deliver until the beginning of August. We won't be moving until after the baby is born, but my husband may be coming down a few times to begin work and scout things out. I will keep you in mind. Thank you
leus replied on March 22, 2015 with:
Hi , I can help you with nanny + teaching, Im from overseas too,living in Ochi:)
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4 Apartments for rent in Red Ground, Negril. They are unfurnished and available to rent as of now! $14,000 JA per month and you pay your own electricity and water bills. Please contact me for more information.
lala718 replied to the thread Long-term rentals in Jamaica on the Jamaica forum on March 22, 2015:
RenSald initially posted:
I am doing due diligence about my planned move to Jamaica. Would like to get an idea of good web sites for listings of one bedroom apartments/cottage rentals primarily in the Westmoreland Parish area. And what a modest apartment would cost per month on average in the area. I know there is a wide range of factors to consider. But looking for generalized information. Of course i welcome specific information, as well.
lala718 replied on March 22, 2015 with:
You can try cbjamaica.com, remaxja.com, century21jm.com. Best of luck.
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christineklein replied to the thread move to jamaica on the Jamaica forum on March 20, 2015:
kenchambers initially posted:
I am looking for townhouse / apartment (2 beds) in mandeville or Belvedere. Are there any out there?
christineklein replied on March 20, 2015 with:
If you go to http://www.realtor.com/international/en it has all the properties from most of the real estate companies. It may be easier than trying to look at all of them. Or you can email me details on what you are looking for and what price and I can email you the available properties... cklein@cbjamaica.com
royal replied on March 19, 2015 with:
Hi, You can check out this site http://cbjamaica.com/search/rent/parish/Manchester/bed/2/currency/all/page/1/limit/90/range/H Plus you can go on the other real estate sites to see whats available in Manchester. http://johnsonbenjamin.com/
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lala718 replied to the thread Cardiff Hall St Ann? Is this a Great Area to Relocate to? on the Jamaica forum:
idallasbiz initially posted:
Thanks in advance for your answers. I've been looking online for properties in St.Ann and a home in the Cardiff Hall area caught our attention. Is this a recommended area for first time relocaters? Of course we will eventually fly there but would love a head up. ;-) Thanks again.
lala718 replied most recently with:
Are you looking to purchase or rent? There are two gated communities called Richmond Estate and next to it is Plantation Village (upscale), both are in Priory. Cardiff Hall is in Runaway Bay, I believe it to be a safe neighborhood.
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lala718 replied to the thread Best Primary and Secondary Schools in and around St Ann? on the Jamaica forum:
idallasbiz initially posted:
Mother of 5. By the time we relocate our kids will be Kindergarten, middle school age and our son would have 1 last year in high school. He may attend High School in Jamaica sooner. Which Primary and Secondary Schools would you say are the "Best" in or around St. Ann? Thank you.
lala718 replied most recently with:
Within St. Ann there's Marjam Prep in Ocho Rios, St. John's Prep. Marjam has a waiting list so it's best you contact them. Columbus Prep has been recommended to me, but I am not feeling that one. It's in St. Ann's Bay. For the high schools, York Castle in Brown's Town is a great school or you can check out Fern Court High (I believe this is in Claremont). Those are the best schools around.
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lala718 posted St. Ann on the Jamaica forum:
Is there anyone in Priory, St. Ann?
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Mokkijo replied to the thread Single Woman Retiring to Jamaica on the Jamaica forum:
dianemarie initially posted:
I am a divorced New Yorke who needs to get out of "denial" and think seriously about retiring. I have travelled extensively, lived in Italy for several years, and always thought an ideal place to age gracefully would be Jamaica. I have been visiting the island at least once a year since I finished college. It is -- for all the pros and cons--one of my favorite places on earth. Jamaica is seldom on the lists of ideal places to retire abroad. Not sure why. Maybe it is the cost. I don't need luxury--wouldn't reject it--but I do need to be near the beach. I haven't been to Kingston and not sure I am interested. I know that visting a beach resort is different from living there as a single famale outsider. Jamaican men don't have the best reps--but then what single group of men does? At my age, it might be difficult fitting in socially, I am 65. But it is worth considering. I want access to good medical, care, Opportunities to connect with other Jamaicans and expats. Quiet space to write. (I wrote much of my first novel in Negril and Ochi.) and a less harried environment. I would love to know your thoughts.Women, I understand,are increasingly travelling alone and resettling abroad alone. Do any of you expats now in JA ever run into a young at heart adventuress like me?
Mokkijo replied most recently with:
I am also over 60, on Medicare & plan on spending 1/2 the year in J. Miami would be my option of choice for med. care if I couldn't get back to CA, where I live the other part of the year. I have a Jamaican. b.f. & I do understand being single & relocating. I have done it 4 times, & it sounds like you are no stranger to it. J. men have been given a bad rap, they are good/bad as any other, & quite easy on the eyes. : ) They also don't give a hoot about your age, as most American men seem to be very concerned w/cultural constructs. I find it a breath of fresh air. I think you sound like your eyes are open. I have had to reduce my expectations about "infrastructure" also, as someone has said. As far as food, if you eat local, you will not pay a lot for food, for the most part. If you eat processed imports, thats a different story. If I spent 12 months a year in Jamaica, I may have reservations, since I just cannot give up my present living situation ---great home, cost effective & income coming in. But who knows what the future will bring? Good luck & feel free to PM me!
Mokkijo replied most recently with:
I am planning on spending part of the year in JA. I am over 65 as well. Having Miami so close by for major medical care is an option for me, as I have Medicare. I have a JA b.f. which may make it easier to settle in, but I'm not sure. J. men got a bad rap, they are as good/bad as any other men & very easy on the eyes. :)
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