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eusantos30 posted schools Runaway Bay on the Jamaica forum on December 21, 2014:
I lived for 5 years in between Negril and Mobay and i know private schools there now i am moving to Runaway Bay with a 3 years old daughter, any good school in this area. I know that i will need to drive but due to the age of my girl i would love to have something not thaaat far.please help, it is my major concern. Best regards
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Gardis posted Rentals in Montego Bay on the Jamaica forum on December 16, 2014:
Anyone can recommend a nice safe condo complex with pool near MoBay for a one month stay during the winter? Real estate agents you can recommend will be appreciated. Looking for more upscale but not over the top price wise.
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Yuliya replied to the thread Suzuki Jimny for Sale on the Jamaica forum:
Yuliya initially posted:
I am selling my car: Suzuki Jimny, automatic, white, 2009, good condition, 8000 USD
Yuliya replied on December 16, 2014 with:
Dear Janni Check your mail Thanks
Yuliya replied on December 16, 2014 with:
108 000km If you want to see more photos pls visit https://www.facebook.com/SuzukiJimnyJamaica?skip_nax_wizard=true&ref_type=page_profile_button Very good condition, clean salon
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almostretired posted CHARITY WORK on the Jamaica forum on December 10, 2014:
I am holidaying from UK for 2 months and would like to link up with ex pats involved in charity work especially feeding the homeless. AlmostRetired
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stillorange replied to the thread negril long term rent on the Jamaica forum:
leus initially posted:
hello everyone , im looking for a long term rent in Negril from January. Any advices or links? thank you a lot
stillorange replied on December 08, 2014 with:
Ok leus sent you email
Nellkay replied on December 08, 2014 with:
1. Point Village - which used to be a all inclusvie resort is now condominium complex that does have full time residents, many of whom are non-Jamaican. They also have many part time residents who rent their units out to folks like your parents. Each unit is going to have a different rental price depending on the unit and owner's needs - you'd rent directly with the owner, not a "management" company. Its located on Point Rutland, the point right between Long Bay and Bloody Bay. They have a beach, I believe they have a pool and they may even offer modified housekeeping services. 2. Negril Beach Club Condos - right on Long Bay 3. Summerset Cottages on the Westend With all you will need to talk with them about the rental cost but know that these are the more affordable options "with comfort"
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blessingsdevine posted Free Breakfast/Lunch on the Jamaica forum:
Free Breakfast or Lunch just to attend a Seminar in Negril. The food is great and it is in an International Hotel.
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blessingsdevine posted Tour Guide/Companion on the Jamaica forum:
I am Canadian Citizen that lives in Jamaica for months at a time if you are new to Negril and need some one to assist you and get around pls email me I will be there again form Dec 15 to April. I know my way around real well
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leus replied to the thread Negril Accomodation on the Jamaica forum:
blessingsdevine initially posted:
I am Female 60 years of age non drinker/non smoker and have rented a villa in West End Negril for the Winter Months. If you would like to visit Negril and would like to share a Unit I would be happy to show you around.
leus replied on December 06, 2014 with:
good day. I m looking for 4 months rent from January in negril as I relocated there for work. do you have somethin available? please write me onmy email sunzlk@gmail.com
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memee replied to the thread Going back home...waste of time? on the Jamaica forum:
msmontegonian initially posted:
I was born in raised in JA, but left when I was 13. I'm graduating university in 2016 and wanting to go back then for a year. Due to the current job climate...would it be a waste to go back for so long? I'd ideally like a full time job but know how difficult it is. Is it worth it..? Ps. My parents, all my family except my 2 sisters currently reside in JA which is why I'm so eager to spend a lot of time there. I wouldn't have any issue with living arrangements or travel...just don't want to go home to sit down, twiddling my thumbs for a year.
memee replied most recently with:
the freezone in Montego bay, is a technology hub... it is very much alive and kicking....
Gardis replied most recently with:
I would say, you will have a tough time finding a job. Most Jamaicans have a tough time finding a job. As far as the Freezones, I think they are gone, I don't know what that poster was referring to. The one in Kingston was taken over by the port authority.
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Yuliya replied to the thread Family move to Jamaica on the Jamaica forum:
JM2563 initially posted:
Hi, We live in the UK and are an inter-racial family of 5, my husbands parents are from Guyana but he was born and raised in the UK, we have 3 daughters (11, 9 & 9 months). My husband has been offered a two year fixed term contract to work in Jamaica and we are considering this job offer and family relocation. Just wanted to ask for help in the decision making, I'm pretty nervous to be honest, what is life like over there for an expat mum with a young baby? Any web links for finding rental properties & schooling? Any help/ information & advice would be greatly recieved. Thanks
Yuliya replied most recently with:
Where are you goind to be based? I found my house in Ocho Rios via King Fish Tours & real Estate Company And if u r thinking to buy a car visit pls: https://www.facebook.com/SuzukiJimnyJamaica
Cessj replied most recently with:
Hi again, I should have said that we are also an interracial family, - I am originally from Barbados though i have lived most of my life in the UK, and my husband is English/British. Our kids are grown up and still in the UK. I think Jamaican society is very diverse and I really don't think your family will have any difficulty settling in. I have yet to get involved with the ex-pat crowd as i've been too busy sorting out all the formal processes. But there are a few on-line sites and forum and blogs that you can connect with ex-pats through and get their advice. Best of luck whatever you decide!
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