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taylorg replied to the thread Potential move to Jamaica on the Jamaica forum on September 01, 2015:
HelenT initially posted:
Hi my husband and I are seriously considering moving to Jamaica for a 3 year work transfer. I would be grateful for any advice that would sway our decision either way. We are English and have never been to Jamaica.
taylorg replied on September 01, 2015 with:
Being realistic and open to something different and new is a must. Thank you for your world-view and your experience.
Gardis replied on August 30, 2015 with:
So you are working in a paying job in the USA or Canada or England (you don't say where) and want to move to a 3rd world, albeit beautiful country and expect to make a living, how again?? No offense to anyone, but I never cease to be amazed at people who just are willng to throw caution to the wind like this. Take a long vacation in Jamaica, and until you have an independent income, stay right where you are. That's the best advice you heard all day.
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Misstifani posted moving to Jamaica from america for 3-6 months on the Jamaica forum on August 30, 2015:
They say home is where the heart is, with that being said my heart is in Jamaica. I would love the expiernece to live there for 6 months with my youngest daughter who is 7. I'm trying to see if that is possible our us passport allows 90 days in ja we would come back to the us and go back to ja for 90 more days. The problem is am I able to enroll her in school during our time in Jamaica? Please help I will take any info on moving to Jamaica from the us. I do have plenty of friends that live there.
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MaudeAc replied to the thread Mobay on the Jamaica forum:
memee initially posted:
Hey new to the forum.. But old to Mobay.. Been in Mobay permanently for almost 6 years.. I have one child that was born here (public hospital) and one born in US.. They attend school here... I've been coming back and forth for 12 yrs. Before I made it permanent.. Nice to meet everyone... I know the area very well.. Also immigration issues.. Great food places... Lol...
MaudeAc replied on August 26, 2015 with:
Hi, I'm looking for a long term rental in Mobay. Cheap but not too far from beach. Let me know if you can help
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JA2018 replied to the thread hoping to relocate in the next 2 years on the Jamaica forum:
Tamz30 initially posted:
Hi all, Some advice needed. I am a 30 year old professional female currently working in Education and wanting to relocate to Jamaica. My heritage is Jamaican and I will be applying for citizenship via descent. I am just unsure of what order I should do things. Do you find a job first or find some where to live? and how would I go about it? Is it best to hunt from the UK or travel to Jamaica for a period and do all the hunting in person? I have family in clarendon, but I am trying my best to do it all myself. HELP PLEASE
JA2018 replied on August 25, 2015 with:
I found this site www.homeandawayjamaica.com to have alot of info on steps to take
Tamz30 replied on August 14, 2015 with:
Thank you for the advice Ed.
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RenSald replied to the thread Moving in November. Your advice? on the Jamaica forum:
TC789 initially posted:
I plan on moving to Jamaica this November. I left the island when I was 10 and I am ready to see if moving home would be a good fit. I'm looking for advise on finding accommodations, transportation, internet capabilities and what to bring with me. My career allows me to work remotely so I won't need to look for work. My younger brother lives on the island and will likely move in with me. I'm hoping to find a place in the Montego Bay area though I'm not very familiar with the surrounding districts. Because my job requires heavy internet usage that is one of my main concerns. Second is finding a place and securing transportation. I plan on going down next month to start the search for a place. Any advice you can offer would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!
RenSald replied on August 25, 2015 with:
Hello, I too am moving to JA but early to mid February. I am from the States but have visited many times. From the research I've conducted thus far,I'd look into Digicel for your internet needs. They have decent internet packages. In terms of buying a car (which I think you meant), there are plenty of used car lots in MoBay. Check out the site, Jacars.net. It'll allow you to filter your search by year of car, model, minimum price, etc....Surrounding 'parishes' to the south of Montego Bay include Hanover which is comprised of the town, Lucea and further south, the larger, Westmoreland which is comprised of Negril...(very touristy area). As for living accommodations, the best way is word of mouth since your brother lives here or through a realtor. I understand the importance of internet service since this will also be my work lifeline. Best of luck in your move.
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jeromemacdonald posted Anyone know about plumbing fittings? on the Jamaica forum on August 24, 2015:
Hi I'm sending some things down from the UK for my bathroom in my apartment, I have a couple of questions, What are the pipe sizes for Shower Valve / Bath fuller faucet? What dimensions are the toilet inlet pipe and the waste? What's the size of the tap connectors? Will I have to bring converters from UK standard to US/Jamaican standard? anyone come across this problem before? Thanks for your advise, thanks Jerome
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jodi1966live replied to the thread Montego Bay/ Trelawny on the Jamaica forum:
blessingsdevine initially posted:
Accomodation needed from September 16th Arriving from Canada and is looking for possible long term No smoke/pets
jodi1966live replied most recently with:
When I said I had 3 sons and 10 grandkids there not coming ok
Gardis replied most recently with:
I'm just curious , how do you plan on supporting yourself? jamaica can be idyllic to visit, but living there is a different ballgame entirely. food is very expensive as is electricity. How are you going to pay the bills? Please let us in on the secret.
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property in JamaicaFurnished or unfurnished: Perfect for Children, safe, 24 hour security for its Residents. Lots of Primary schools within between Ocho Rios, St anns Bay and Runaway Bay. lots of returning residence with children. Pool, security, fruit on grounds, great place to walk. common gym, swimming lessons offer for children. beautiful clean grounds. new supermarket opening 5 minuites away. play fiels and playground. lots to do. please email me directly at sherryl.riley@gmail.com for pictures. Thank you.
viviangrayjr replied to the thread Hopeing to make new friend in Kingston on the Jamaica forum:
BAKERIGHT initially posted:
Texan moving to Kingston soon to start up a manufacturing plant. I would like to make some friends and develop some understanding of the culture, safe places to live and mistakes not to make. I am looking forward to having a great new life experience in Jamaica. I have a lot to learn before the doors open in about a year and any help and advice will be appreciated. I have read that making friends can be a little more difficult in Jamaica than Texas so I would like to get a head start. Hope to hear from some of you in the expat community.
viviangrayjr replied most recently with:
Hi, there. It might be useful for you to take a short trip to Jamaica before and do some explorations. Have you been to any part of Jamaica or the Caribbean before? Most (not all) Caribbean countries are similar so you may have a frame of reference if you have been to the Caribbean. Is there any particular reason for choosing Kingston (as opposed to some other part of Jamaica)?
DeepWaters replied most recently with:
Nice to hear that, I made the move from Toronto Canada last March, i'm living in Mobay now, i sell beauty products. i travel to Kingston often, Feel free to ask me anything you would like to know about
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viviangrayjr replied to the thread Crime on the Jamaica forum:
BC1016 initially posted:
My husband and I would like to move to Jamaica after my son graduates high school. I follow the Observer and have been a little leary of our decision with all the murders lately. I can't figure out if they are gang/drug related or if they are completely random. Any insight on our well being is appreciated. We vacation here twice a year and know that living here would be totally different. We've also considered renting 6 months on and coming back to the States the other 6. Has anyone made this work? We are now in our late 30's and have jobs that can be done from home. Thank you for any advice you have
viviangrayjr replied most recently with:
My best advice is to treat Jamaica like any other big city in the world. The things you would not do at home in the city or projects, are the same things that you should not do in Jamaica. The short answer is that killings are not random and most have one of two connections: (i) gang/drug or (ii) inter-personal conflicts gone wrong. Cheers.
Cessj replied most recently with:
Hi there, Jamaica does have a violent reputation. True. But don't let that be the major determining factor in your decision. I'm an ex-pt Brit, moved here to Kingston in November 2014 to take up a job offer. I can truly say that I have not been this happy in my personal life for years (the job is another matter!). Crime is everywhere in the world, and can strike at any time, any place. Jamaica is no differ, though that said, you need to exercise good judgement iersonal safety. I would say that you take the same precautions that you would do 'at home'. Don't wear flashy jewellery, clothing, etc. Don't flash the cash around - this is an economically impoverished country and it breeds opportunist criminals as it does in London, New York, Paris or any where else. Most of the violent crime in Jmaica is confined to certain areas and is drug or gand related. Most people have no business being in 'those' areas - what Jamaicans term 'volatile' areas and so don't wander voyeuristically into them the same way you wouldn't wonder around certain projects or ghettoes in the US or wherever you happen to live. Mind your own business and keep out of other people's business. I wouldn't wonder around the streets of London alone at night and I'm not about to do that here. Above all, treat other people as you would expect to be treated, keep yur sense of humour about you, and you will be just fine. Jamaicans are like every other people. Some you wouldn't want to make friends with, others that you will wonder just how you managed o live your life without having had that person in it. Most Jamaicans are warm, friendly, hospitable and helpful. In the time that I have been here, for the most part I have experienced nothing but warmth in my interactions with people. This is not to say that you will never encounter some mean, bad-minded people, but bad-minded people exist everywhere. Jamaica is economically poor - though you won't always believe that when you see how the wealthy live - but it is rich in so many, many ways. It is a stunningly beautiful island, incredibly and stunningly environmentally diverse and the cultural vibes are amazing. There is so much to see and do. If you like and want an active lifestyle it is there. If you want culture, it is there aplenty. If you want a quiet life, that you can have too. Speak to realtors about the best places to live - and location is very much all, here. If you are bringing young/dependent children/teens talk to others on here about what is on offer. My friends daughter has just returned from a year of studying and living in Paris and while she enjoyed that experience, nevertheless says that it has nothing on what is available to young people here. I just wish that I had had the good forune to have been here from a much younger age.
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