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Blog Home and Away Jamaica posted on the Jamaica Network
Home and Away Jamaica podcast radio talk show where we share migrating experiences in the world of Jamaica.
10 Tips for Living in Jamaica by Betsy Burlingame
Expat ArticlesArticle Summary: Jamaica is a well-known island getaway, but living there is not an extended vacation. Expensive schools, safety issues and high cost of living are all challenges for expats. Members share their advice about deciding where to live, finding a home, choosing a school and cost-saving shopping strategies. (Continue)
isme888 replied most recently with:
I have been reading this expat forum for the last year and highly recommend it to anyone wanting to move Jamaica or any country for that matter as the articles such as this have been extrodinarally helpful and full of things big and small of little that have been helpful. I hope that one day when we finally get things together and move that I may be of helpful knowledge to someone who is in the same boat as I am now. I have been slowly doing research on moving to May Pen where my partner has family and have visited there and other parts many times.occasions We have a house there all paid & rented out; let me say its hard getting good tenants, family members always have to keep after them for rent as there is always a good sad story why they cant pay; so its not a profit making venture but we are lucky its finally paid. Here in Canada we pay astronomically high rent & other house hold bills take 2/3 of our pay, so we dont live high and get by with enough saved to return for vacations. We have thought about moving for years but finally think its time for planning. Its a big jump I know hence giving it lots of time for research. I keep a little scrap book for notes and read the Caribbean paper whenever I get a chance. One of my biggest hurdles is the cost of shipping and employment for myself being a foreign white woman, my partner has his own plans and as a returning resident will have little problem. My thanks to the many contributors on this form; its a wealth of information!
A reader replied recently with:
how much is the water bill in jamaica
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property in JamaicaFabulous 5 bed 4. bath multi-level TH with basement, in exclusive gated and private complex with only six units. Call today for viewing
property in JamaicaA city home with a rural feeling. Fabulous well appointed 3 bed 3 bath town homes in gated complex with 24 hrs security. nature lovers will love this.
property in JamaicaGreat Relocation Home. This tastefully design 2 bedroom apartment in the St. Andrew Suburbs affords you comfort, peace of mind and convenience.
prendy2008 posted medical services on the Jamaica forum:
available medical housecall services in kingston jamaica....Dr Michele prendergast ...call 7983942...appts within 24 hrs
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lucias posted tennis lessons on the Jamaica forum:
I am looking for tennis lessons (Westmoreland or Hanover parish) for my 6 years old. we moved to Negril in November and she misses her tennis classes. does anybody have any info where we could go or where to call?
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lala718 replied to the thread property on the Jamaica forum:
Prifti6521 initially posted:
Plan on moving to Jamaica in 2017. Want to buy land and build rental houses. I am concerned about taxes. I am told they are high. Would appreciate any information. Thank you
lala718 replied most recently with:
Property tax is cheap
christineklein replied most recently with:
If you are talking about property taxes, they are extremely low (compared to the US). There is 16.5% Gross Consumption Tax on everything which is relatively high. Not sure what else you would be referring to. I am a full time real estate agent and expat living in Negril for the past 3.5 years. Anything else I can help with, just let me know. ;-)
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TelegraphVideo posted Filming for Thomson Cruises on the Jamaica forum:
Hello, I am a production coordinator from Daily Telegraph's commercial video team. We are producing a series of films for Thomson cruises. We will be filming in Negril on 21st January and would require extras for our branded film. This is ideally a couple between 25 - 55 years old. They will be requried to pretend being a guest in a hotel - lounging, drinking cocktails, maybe going to the pool. We have £50 per day per person for this. Please email Nikola on vidassist@telegraph.co.uk if you are interested to participate and send a photo of yourself. Many thanks, Nikola
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Cessj replied to the thread Grad Student UWI/Rentals on the Jamaica forum:
meandmoi initially posted:
Happy New Year! Canadian-Caribbean female wanting to visit JA for about 4-6 months for winter 2015. I am a graduate student in her 30’s and would like to participate in an exchange with the UWI - Mona. I haven’t been home in years and I know it has changed, so I any help/guidance regarding furnished rentals would be appreciated. I like living alone, but I would be willing to share with another female (as safety is paramount) and of course would like to be close to the university. Also, any information on price range would be great, as the research I’ve done doesn’t seem to be giving me a clear picture. Thanks!
Cessj replied most recently with:
Hello! Glad to hear that you are planning to do an exchange study visit here at UWI Mona. I'm an academic and ex-pat, recently relocated from London UK to take up a post at UWI. The first thought that came to me is whether you have approached your host department for assistance and support with finding accommodation? As a doctoral student, I spent a year at a UWI institute, affiliated to a department, and they were very helpful in pointing me towards accommodation sources, if they are themselves unable to provide housing. If security is paramount and you cannot get access to university provided accommodation, then you should try to find accommodation in and around Mona itself. It's a relatively safe area with many gated communities and I know that many students live locally. I'm not in a position to give you current rental rates but i would just contact a local estate agents and request average prices. I'd be interested to hear what your discipline is...good luck and best wishes
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