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Ajbas posted Nannies on the Jamaica forum on April 28, 2015:
Hi we have recently moved to Montego Bay and we are looking for a qualified nanny but not having nanny luck. Any suggestions on agencies? Thanks
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RenSald replied to the thread Long-term rentals in Jamaica on the Jamaica forum:
RenSald initially posted:
I am doing due diligence about my planned move to Jamaica. Would like to get an idea of good web sites for listings of one bedroom apartments/cottage rentals primarily in the Westmoreland Parish area. And what a modest apartment would cost per month on average in the area. I know there is a wide range of factors to consider. But looking for generalized information. Of course i welcome specific information, as well.
RenSald replied most recently with:
Thank your for the information. I will be in touch if I need more personalized assistance. Thanks again.
christineklein replied most recently with:
I am a full time Realtor living in Negril, I can tell you that the price varies alot depending on location. One website that i suggest is www.airbnb.com, there you will find a wide range of long term rentals. If I can assist you at all, please feel free to contact me. Regards, Christine Klein
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christineklein replied to the thread hoping to move to Oracabessa, Jamaica on the Jamaica forum:
debishere initially posted:
Does anyone live in this area? I've spent a couple months there, near Mason Hall. I love it other and feel totally safe. The quiet area is awesome, beautiful the children are wonderful, full of curiosity. I spent first two weeks there and didn't realize I had not seen another white person..lol. This are does not have running water and most do not use electric due to the high cost. The homes are either very new, or build like shanties. Does any one know of property for sale in this area, and how complicated is it for an foreigner to purchase land there? I've land legal issue are a problem? Thank you
christineklein replied most recently with:
Hello debishere, Its very simple for foreigners to own property in Jamaica, just be sure you use an attorney that get you proper title to your land. The best place to search is www.realtor.com. I am a full time realtor living in Jamaica, if I can do anything to help you, please let me know. Regards, Christine Klein
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Siyolo15 posted Best Local Schools on the Jamaica forum:
I'm considering sending my children to local school either Campion College or Ardenne. Any Expats with experience in these schools?
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Genesis004 posted First Few Months of Moving on the Jamaica forum:
My family and I flew out to Jamaica during the summer of last year. Since then, we seem to be at odds with each other. My husband (who is a Jamaican National) spends every evening at bars with 'friends' leaving me and the kids at home (squat quarters) and doesn't return until the early hours of the next morning. I don't really know how much more of this craziness we can take - our plans in all directions are heading south, yet he carries on as though all is right with the world. At the risk of 'whining', any comments or suggestions?
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MDMoore replied to the thread Will I really save money if i move to Mandeville? on the Jamaica forum:
expat43 initially posted:
Hi folks. I have been doing a lot of research on our impending move to Jamaica. Moving costs are known, we found a beautiful home in Mandeville. I basically understand utility costs for the area, and having a vehicle. My wife is Jamaican, I am a US citizen. I work from home but need to travel to my clients so as long as I can get to the airport and fly to the US should be no problem. And work in my home office reliably. On paper it looks like we can save a ton of money moving to this location in Jamaica. What practical things might I not be considering that will bite me? Conveniences? Consistent Internet Access? Reliable utilities? Other hidden costs? Legalities? Thank you!
MDMoore replied most recently with:
Hi all and expat34 all the best with the move. Yes Mandeville is very much returnee land I put down to the cooler climate. In the last few years it's developed nicely by means of amenities and transport links though it recently had the Odeon cinema close down. You should settle in well no doubt. I migrated there a couple years ago and recently created a show and blog about transitioning, living and working etc. If you want to hear some personal stories you can visit www.homeandawayjamaica.com. I hope it's useful. Enjoy Jamaica!
lala718 replied most recently with:
Expat43, $20,000 worth of utility is high having used it for only 2 weeks. We were there for only 2 weeks.
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property in JamaicaNew, beautifully furnished 2 bed 2 bath apartment located in the prestigious Golden Triangle area. Close to shopping, schools and the New Kingston business district.
isme888 replied to the thread cost of living in Jamaica on the Jamaica forum:
goya initially posted:
I am thinking of moving to Jamaica to live in the near future. I would also like to comunicate with anybody who liveĀ“s there, penpal etc. Could anyone tell me what is the cost of living in Jamaica, we are a family of 4. Thanking you all in advance. Diane I am british but lived all my life in Spain and 8 years in Venezuela
isme888 replied most recently with:
Wow Are you living in a palace? Your paying way to much!!! Your landlord must be a Very Happy man! You should take a look around, compare prices. We rent out our home $400 mth in May Pen ( quiet street fenced 3 bedroom 1/2 acre) hydro is aprox $40 mth ( canadian) now I could get $650 but life is hard for alot of people so we price down. Friend in Ochi pays $1000 gated community.
ejack replied most recently with:
Hi. Did you end up moving to Jamaica? If yes, can you please give some feedback on your experience. I am in the position you were 6 years ago wondering if it will be worthwhile to move to Jamaica.
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isme888 posted Health Insurance on the Jamaica forum:
Can anyone recommend a good health insurance company thats not going to cost an arm and leg for 3-6 month visit.? I'm
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property in JamaicaFantastic property for rent in Orange Bay Country Club in Negril, Westmoreland . 2 bedroom fully furnished for $700 US plus utilities. Looking for long term tenant. Please contact me for more information and viewing!

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