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JamLiving replied to the thread Moving to Ocho rios Area on the Jamaica forum on May 20, 2015:
malusita76 initially posted:
Hi, we´re moving to Ocho Rios in a couple months. I´m looking for some realtors in the area and a private school for a 8 years old boy. I have never been there, so is kind of hard to look and make some decisions just having "Google" with me. Any advices? Thanks!
JamLiving replied on May 20, 2015 with:
Yes, unlike the primary schools in Ocho Rios, which is has a high student to teacher ratio due to them being public - Marjam is a prep school that has lower ratio. It's private, and you pay each term typically. One thing to note is that at the end of grade 6, they have a higher percentage of students who sat the grade 6 GSAT exams getting higher scores. This is important because this isn't he deciding factor for getting into a top high school if you want to skip the private High School.
myapchung replied on May 20, 2015 with:
Hi There, I am a realtor in Ocho Rios and was introduced to this website by a friend who is on here. We could speak more about what you are looking for. The school I would recommend for your son is called Marjam it is a small school in the town of Ocho Rios. My email is myapchung@gmail.com Melissa
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myapchung replied to the thread finding nanny and housekeeper in Ocho Rios on the Jamaica forum:
nolanative initially posted:
Hi, My husband and I previously lived in Ocho Rios before having children and are now getting ready to move back with a 3 year old and a four month old baby. We will both be working and will need a full time nanny and housekeeper. Does anyone have recommendations of how to find reliable people for this- and also any leads on someone who can home school. We are from the states and probably won't enroll our kids in school in JA until they are a little older.
myapchung replied on May 20, 2015 with:
Hi There, I am also interested in finding a live in housekeeper. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
nolanative replied on March 25, 2015 with:
Thanks, It sounds like a live-in nanny is the way to go. Leus- I would be very interested in getting some of your input as the time gets closer. I am currently pregnant and am not set to deliver until the beginning of August. We won't be moving until after the baby is born, but my husband may be coming down a few times to begin work and scout things out. I will keep you in mind. Thank you
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myapchung replied to the thread Cardiff Hall St Ann? Is this a Great Area to Relocate to? on the Jamaica forum:
idallasbiz initially posted:
Thanks in advance for your answers. I've been looking online for properties in St.Ann and a home in the Cardiff Hall area caught our attention. Is this a recommended area for first time relocaters? Of course we will eventually fly there but would love a head up. ;-) Thanks again.
myapchung replied on May 20, 2015 with:
Hi There, I am a realtor in Ocho Rios with Meldam, there are alot of returning residents in the Cardiff Hall area but it depends on what you are looking for. You can contact me at myapchung@gmail.com. Melissa
lala718 replied on March 16, 2015 with:
Are you looking to purchase or rent? There are two gated communities called Richmond Estate and next to it is Plantation Village (upscale), both are in Priory. Cardiff Hall is in Runaway Bay, I believe it to be a safe neighborhood.
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myapchung replied to the thread hoping to move to Oracabessa, Jamaica on the Jamaica forum:
debishere initially posted:
Does anyone live in this area? I've spent a couple months there, near Mason Hall. I love it other and feel totally safe. The quiet area is awesome, beautiful the children are wonderful, full of curiosity. I spent first two weeks there and didn't realize I had not seen another white person..lol. This are does not have running water and most do not use electric due to the high cost. The homes are either very new, or build like shanties. Does any one know of property for sale in this area, and how complicated is it for an foreigner to purchase land there? I've land legal issue are a problem? Thank you
myapchung replied on May 20, 2015 with:
Hi There, I am a realtor in Ocho Rios with Meldam Realty. Are you still looking for places in Oracabessa. If you are you can contact me at myapchung@gmail.com Melissa
JamLiving replied on May 09, 2015 with:
My sister lives in Oracabessa for 30 years and loves it. I have visited but not for a while since my Tour and Apt Finder office is not too close. I agree with Christine, contact a LOCAL realtor and you will be in good hands. I find rentals/tours and local services for expats and other natives (also Homeschool which is rare here) but do not do real estate sales. Good hunting and it's a peaceful community there. Dainty
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amw65 replied to the thread Move to Jamaica on the Jamaica forum:
snickson initially posted:
My husband and I are wanting to move to Jamaica. We are not wanting a glamorous lifestyle, but more of a middle class lifestyle. My husband is a Master Plumber, Master Welder and jack of all trades here in the states and I am a professional with a business degree and seventeen years in the hospitality industry. We are middle aged and want to make a big change in our lives. We love the Negril area and have visited a couple of times. Love the people and the area. Any suggestions on jobs for my husband? Or what the regulations for licensing for plumbers and welders are? Any help I can get would be great. We are wanting to make our move in about two years.
amw65 replied on May 20, 2015 with:
Any replies please?, my GF is Filipino and she wont come un less there is some sort of Filipino community :-(
amw65 replied on May 19, 2015 with:
Hi all, poss moving to Jamaica, need to know if there is a Filipino community there?
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JamLiving replied to the thread Best Local Schools on the Jamaica forum:
Siyolo15 initially posted:
I'm considering sending my children to local school either Campion College or Ardenne. Any Expats with experience in these schools?
JamLiving replied on May 10, 2015 with:
Yes the heat is strong this time of year until September if you're in Kingston area. Hillel is a great school but if you would like private in the corporate area, that is definitely the way to go. Happy all went well. D
Siyolo15 replied on May 10, 2015 with:
Thanks Dianty for the great response. I eventually placed my boys at Hillel Academy. Campion did not offer an IB programme for my older son which is essential for us in case we move within the 4 years. This will be our 5th week in Jamaica and we are so far loving it..... well... the heat is a bit overbearing!1 Thanks and all the best.
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JamLiving replied to the thread Transportation to schools on the Jamaica forum:
Siyolo15 initially posted:
I'll be moving to Kingston in a month or so. Any one who knows of a good transport/car pool to either Hillel College or AISK? Alternately an au pair who can drive?
JamLiving replied on May 10, 2015 with:
Happy to hear, my pleasure :) D
Siyolo15 replied on May 10, 2015 with:
Thank you . I managed to secure the services of a good school transport service to Hillel. She does much more than take my boys to school. Thanks.
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Twosox2 replied to the thread Looking to retire w/ questions on the Jamaica forum:
mainer initially posted:
I have a pension and am looking to retire. My pension is 4,000usd monthly. I am 35. I am looking in the Watt Town area specifically, or up to 30 minutes away. 1. Is my pension enough? I like simple, and our family size is 3. 2. Safety - what is crime like? 3. Any rentals out there? 4. Health Care - insurance or no? Thank you!
Twosox2 replied on May 09, 2015 with:
I do have guaranteed retirement pay, Jamaica just seems so strict in their get out of the country issues. I have since talked to my friends who lived in JA for 8 yrs and are permanent residents, and they left to ST Marteen because of crime. They lived around Ocho in a gated community and still dealt with robberies. So they left, which I guess changes my opinion a lot, as they were my meter in gauging JA. I have heard about the crime, but really didn't realize it had gotten that bad as it has.
JamLiving replied on May 09, 2015 with:
That's more than enough to live on for a family of 3 there. And in a Safe community.
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A reader commented on the Expat Report Moving to Ocho Rios, Jamaica
What advice would you give someone preparing to move to your area about the actual move, choosing a neighborhood and finding a home?
Jamaica is dangerous, it is dangerous to drive in, walk in or just hang around in.

Get a good vehicle (They don't do second hand well here so I would get new if possible). Get a 4X4 as roads are crap!!

The only place to live are holiday apartments behind a security barrier, this said, always get an apartment beside the security barrier as you will get broken into if out of the way! (Continue)

JamLiving replied most recently with:
The roads especially the off roads are rough, buy a good car although you CAN easily get a used car just by browsing the Ad sections. There are so many, many safe neighborhoods which are not gated, it's more expensive to live there..just like a good school "district" in the States, so there's the parallel. You will naturally pay more rent -not for good school districts in Jamaica, since the school system is not based primarily on location- but for the safer neighborhoods like in most countries, most definitely!
A reader replied recently with:
What about moving to Oracabessa in St.Mary Jamaica
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JamLiving replied to the thread Living in Negril on the Jamaica forum:
dwendler initially posted:
Thinking of retiring In Negril in 2 years. have been vacationing there for 28 years. I realize living there will be much different but have stayed for weeks at a time. At the very least, want to stay for 3 months in the winter when I retire and spend the summer of 2016 there. Trying to get a sense of the true cost of living there. Could I realistically rent a small apartment for $600 to $700 a month in a safe area? I don't care about air conditioning or TV. Will be in Negril in April. Any ideas where to look? Any suggestions, thought, ideas on retiring there? Will be living on about $25,000 yearly in retirement. Is it possible?
JamLiving replied on May 09, 2015 with:
6-700 monthly for rent is definitely doable in Negril, even on the "West End" and opposite the 7 mile beach strip. Re, safety, the other answer is pretty accurate, since there is no huge safe communities in Negril, there are more like safe 'pockets' of an area, and just be aware like in any other third world country about your life style and you should be fine. People are warm and Negril folks appreciates the diversity.
LoriB replied on February 14, 2015 with:
So your 1st long stay will be summer 2016? You should be able to find a place for that amount, possibly less. For winter months only, it will probably cost more, unless you like the place you stay in 2016 and negotiate a rate closer to the summer rate, for winter. Being known and liked by your landlord is a plus. There are LOTS of rental places in Negril, particularly on the west end. Check the grocery stores for postings, check the fences and electric poles for signs, etc. Get a driver for a couple hours to take you up and down the lanes, talk to people. Most housing is not advertised. "Safe area" IMO cannot be guaranteed. Its really about how the apartment is, how the yard its in is, what the lane its on is like, and the unpredictable variable will always be the people who come or go from the area, who their associates are, if thieves decide to target an area, etc. Regardless of how 'safe' you think an area is or anyone says, you must still be vigilant and exercise care to secure your place and possessions. You can live well on 25K, half that even for your basic needs. Until you get permanent residency you will be limited to 180 days each calendar year. Even at that it may be cost-effective to get a place for a year.
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