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blessingsdevine posted Montego Bay/ Trelawny on the Jamaica forum on August 04, 2015:
Accomodation needed from September 16th Arriving from Canada and is looking for possible long term No smoke/pets
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viviangrayjr replied to the thread Hopeing to make new friend in Kingston on the Jamaica forum:
BAKERIGHT initially posted:
Texan moving to Kingston soon to start up a manufacturing plant. I would like to make some friends and develop some understanding of the culture, safe places to live and mistakes not to make. I am looking forward to having a great new life experience in Jamaica. I have a lot to learn before the doors open in about a year and any help and advice will be appreciated. I have read that making friends can be a little more difficult in Jamaica than Texas so I would like to get a head start. Hope to hear from some of you in the expat community.
viviangrayjr replied on August 03, 2015 with:
Hi, there. It might be useful for you to take a short trip to Jamaica before and do some explorations. Have you been to any part of Jamaica or the Caribbean before? Most (not all) Caribbean countries are similar so you may have a frame of reference if you have been to the Caribbean. Is there any particular reason for choosing Kingston (as opposed to some other part of Jamaica)?
DeepWaters replied on July 24, 2015 with:
Nice to hear that, I made the move from Toronto Canada last March, i'm living in Mobay now, i sell beauty products. i travel to Kingston often, Feel free to ask me anything you would like to know about
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viviangrayjr replied to the thread Crime on the Jamaica forum on August 03, 2015:
BC1016 initially posted:
My husband and I would like to move to Jamaica after my son graduates high school. I follow the Observer and have been a little leary of our decision with all the murders lately. I can't figure out if they are gang/drug related or if they are completely random. Any insight on our well being is appreciated. We vacation here twice a year and know that living here would be totally different. We've also considered renting 6 months on and coming back to the States the other 6. Has anyone made this work? We are now in our late 30's and have jobs that can be done from home. Thank you for any advice you have
viviangrayjr replied on August 03, 2015 with:
My best advice is to treat Jamaica like any other big city in the world. The things you would not do at home in the city or projects, are the same things that you should not do in Jamaica. The short answer is that killings are not random and most have one of two connections: (i) gang/drug or (ii) inter-personal conflicts gone wrong. Cheers.
Cessj replied on July 22, 2015 with:
Hi there, Jamaica does have a violent reputation. True. But don't let that be the major determining factor in your decision. I'm an ex-pt Brit, moved here to Kingston in November 2014 to take up a job offer. I can truly say that I have not been this happy in my personal life for years (the job is another matter!). Crime is everywhere in the world, and can strike at any time, any place. Jamaica is no differ, though that said, you need to exercise good judgement iersonal safety. I would say that you take the same precautions that you would do 'at home'. Don't wear flashy jewellery, clothing, etc. Don't flash the cash around - this is an economically impoverished country and it breeds opportunist criminals as it does in London, New York, Paris or any where else. Most of the violent crime in Jmaica is confined to certain areas and is drug or gand related. Most people have no business being in 'those' areas - what Jamaicans term 'volatile' areas and so don't wander voyeuristically into them the same way you wouldn't wonder around certain projects or ghettoes in the US or wherever you happen to live. Mind your own business and keep out of other people's business. I wouldn't wonder around the streets of London alone at night and I'm not about to do that here. Above all, treat other people as you would expect to be treated, keep yur sense of humour about you, and you will be just fine. Jamaicans are like every other people. Some you wouldn't want to make friends with, others that you will wonder just how you managed o live your life without having had that person in it. Most Jamaicans are warm, friendly, hospitable and helpful. In the time that I have been here, for the most part I have experienced nothing but warmth in my interactions with people. This is not to say that you will never encounter some mean, bad-minded people, but bad-minded people exist everywhere. Jamaica is economically poor - though you won't always believe that when you see how the wealthy live - but it is rich in so many, many ways. It is a stunningly beautiful island, incredibly and stunningly environmentally diverse and the cultural vibes are amazing. There is so much to see and do. If you like and want an active lifestyle it is there. If you want culture, it is there aplenty. If you want a quiet life, that you can have too. Speak to realtors about the best places to live - and location is very much all, here. If you are bringing young/dependent children/teens talk to others on here about what is on offer. My friends daughter has just returned from a year of studying and living in Paris and while she enjoyed that experience, nevertheless says that it has nothing on what is available to young people here. I just wish that I had had the good forune to have been here from a much younger age.
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dianemarie posted Long term rental in Negril on the Jamaica forum on July 30, 2015:
I am a writer/journalist, mature single woman, looking for a charming long term furnished studio, one or two bedroom in Negril. $700-$900 monthly U.S. Walking distance of the beach would be perfect. Know of anything available now or in the months ahead? My next visit is scheduled for October, Keep me in mind.
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DeepWaters posted Link Up on the Jamaica forum on July 24, 2015:
Expat from Toronto Canada living in Mobay for the last year and a half, would like to link up with other expat’s, I do pick up's and delivery from airport and the wharf, feel free to contact me if u need any of these service’s or have any questions. 807-5798
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Luxury 2 bedroom villa on 3 acre property with full staff; family friendly, golf, tennis, in gated community.
candyja23 posted Moving to Portmore on the Jamaica forum:
Hello, I'm a newbie here. I hope to exchange information and possibly make friends/network here. :-) I'm currently a senior in University and I single mother of one child. I lived in St. Catherine and St. Elizabeth when younger. I am a dual citizen of U.S. and Jamaica. I am interested in moving to Portmore..Can anyone tell me any good areas and/or any info about Portmore living????
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Christina85 replied to the thread Buying a car on the Jamaica forum:
expat43 initially posted:
We just got moved to Mandeville and need a vehicle. Although my wife is a returning citizen I am the one with the income - US citizen. Banks don't cater to our situation. Any expats know of a deal we can get on either financing or private purchase arrangement on a vehicle? Nothing fancy for now just reliable and affordable. Appreciate any input.
Christina85 replied most recently with:
Hi, I am selling my 2011 Ford Escape. V6 engine. Left-hand drive. 70,000 miles. I shipped it in from the US. E-mail me if you are interested in hearing more. Maritzachristina@gmail.com
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RobV replied to the thread 10 Tips for Living in Jamaica on the Jamaica forum:
adminee initially posted:
We're going to be putting together an article entitled, 10 Tips for Living in Jamaica, and we need your help. Please post a reply to this thread with as many tips as you'd like (or as few) for expats living in Jamaica. Whether you're a newcomer yourself or a seasoned expats whose lived abroad for many years, share your favorite tips for expats living in Jamaica. If you want to discuss or expand upon someone elses tip, feel free! We'll use your posts to compile the articles. Thanks, in advance, for your help! Betsy Burlingame ExpatExchange.com
RobV replied most recently with:
This is an d post but I'm happy to answer any questions for people that are planning on moving to Jamaica and would like a point of view from an American that lives, works, and schools his children in Kingston. It's a great country to live in if you are prepared to adopt.
emmajfitz replied most recently with:
Hi All, I have been reading all of your tips on moving to Jamaica and feel ok about some things and frankly terrified about other things!! My husband is planning on working in Jamaica in Feb next year - I will join him with our four children in April/May. We were in Jamaica a few weeks ago to see what the island was like - it was great to meet some of the expats out there, who were really supportive and seemed to enjoy life there. (Kingston area) I am really worried about the crime rate. I have been googling-mad crime stats since coming back to the UK. We are thinking of living in Norbrook - gated development and would be interested in opinions of the area and if it is 'considered' safe to live there. I am excited to be heading over to Jamaica and did enjoy my short stay there, but, am also concerned as I am a Mum of four! Any up to date advice would be greatly appreciated!
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Kara25 replied to the thread Building room/extension on the Jamaica forum:
Kara25 initially posted:
I am thinking about building a room onto family property. On average do u know how much it can cost? A room that can fit king size bed and double wardrobes.
Kara25 replied most recently with:
Okay. That sounds a bit cheaper than I thought it would be. To build on a room it cost $1500us? That was a normal size room that could fit a double bed, double wardrobes?
JamLiving replied most recently with:
In Kingston area there's at least two building stores, one in Liguanea and one off Constant Spring Rd that you can get supply quotes from. The most useful info I can give you is my own experience which is that my family acquired an unfinished house in St Thomas and it has the walls etc but the roof and one room on the second floor need to be completed. The builder said it will be about US $1500 (approximately J$150, 000 ). Ofcourse, it may be more depending on whether we opt for luxury instead of the run of the mill which is solid since they use cement blocks. It's an 10x12 room and that was March for one of my sisters' house. Dainty
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