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MDMoore replied to the thread Expats in Kingston on the Jamaica forum on October 30, 2014:
UKjamming initially posted:
Hi, I'm a female UK expat living in Kingston. Are there any other expats, UK or otherwise, in the Kingston area and/or any activities for expats. Would be interested in conversing or meeting up with other females in the area.
MDMoore replied on October 30, 2014 with:
Greetings, I'm also a British born female now living and working in Kingston Jamaica after quitting the race race and I've never looked back. It's been a life changing journey that has inspired others so I'm currently working on a new project focusing on just that. I'm in London visiting and researching at the moment but would also be interested in connecting with other expats and sharing experiences. Feel free to contact me, Michele info@micheledmoore.com www.micheledmoore.com
Cessj replied on October 23, 2014 with:
Hi there, I'm a soon-to-be UK expat ...moving to K'ston on 24th November to start new job at UWI...would like to be in touch with other UK expats (I'm Bajan/Brit, by the way). Email me if interested.
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Nellkay replied to the thread Lots of queations on moving on the Jamaica forum:
isme888 initially posted:
Hi, my partner of 20 yrs and I would love to move to May Pen where he has family; probably within 3-6 yrs. Living arrangements are of no issue for us. We would like to get into farming, livestock or some other business (have a few ideas). We would like info on the moving aspect. Shipping our belonging ie. take furniture in a container or leave it behind and ship only barrels of personal effects? What's required legally to move, ie do we have to apply? He would be a returning resident but I'm Canadian we are not married. Does this poise a problem? Any information would be appreciated.Thanks!!
Nellkay replied on October 27, 2014 with:
Hello Isme888 -I was just in Maypen this weekend! Anyway one of the answers is things will change by the time you are ready to move is very try!...but I can tell you what I/we needed to do, we just moved back to JA from the states this past July. I am a US citizen and my husband is Jamaican. We moved back to his home area, which I have been to and stayed at over the last 13 years. Your partner will be a returning resident but you will have no status as you are not married, doesn't mean you can't do it, it will just take twice as long and more $ to become a resident. If you are not a resident you can stay in the country 3 months, then apply for an extension (at least one week before you have to go back) and get an extension for another 3 months so all told you can be in the country 6 months then would have to go back to Canada for a month and then could return. With that said, since we are married I filed for a marriage exemption - this allowed me to by pass alot of appointments and paper work. I was able to get a work permit,(also allows me to be able to start a business legitmately) alien registration and a temporary residency (2 years). After the two years I renew my residency and then after that can become a citizen if I choose or stay a permanent resident. Shipping, you can get a list of what a returning resident can bring back in to Jamaica duty free - basicallyi it is enough to furnish a two bedroom home. There is a list of allowed items on the Jamaica PICA website. Yes take your furniture, appliances (stove/fridge/washer etc - they are allowed to come in duty free with a returning resident). Would recco shipping other times in barrels/crates. Bring lots of "basics" ie. soap, shampoo, lotion, toothpaste, deodorant etc )as they are very expensive here! When shipping you are charged by the linear foot not weight. Again lots could change in the next 3-6 years but this is the way it is for now.
mangowalk replied on October 26, 2014 with:
I moved to JA 2 years ago, my opinion.is that you ship out as much things as you can, especially if your returning as a returning residents. Furniture's are quite expensive in JA. Just make.sure if.you are from the UK the house is wired for 220 voltage. TV set from UK does not.work in JA neither does games console or.suround speaker box.
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Cessj replied to the thread Bringing in UK electrical appliances on the Jamaica forum:
Cessj initially posted:
Hi, we are relocating to Kingston within the next couple of months from the UK. We're trying to fathom out whether larger electrical appliances bought in the UK will work on the JA electrical voltage. We know from previous experience that small items will work with an adaptor but would a washing machine or fridge or a/c unit work or would we need transformers? We would really appreciate any advice from any UK expats as it is doing our heads in trying to decide what we could or should bring with us! Thanks in advance. Cessj
Cessj replied on October 22, 2014 with:
Hi, thanks for advice. Very helpful!
Cessj replied on October 22, 2014 with:
Thanks for advice...very helpful...will definitely check out the Gleaner when we get to JA in November!
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LoriB replied to the thread Visiting Jamaica on the Jamaica forum on October 21, 2014:
itschristina1234 initially posted:
Hello, I am currently in Honduras, but wanted to visit Jamaica for about a week. I was wondering if anyone could give me some tips on where to visit and what to do for a unique experience. Thank you!
LoriB replied on October 21, 2014 with:
Can you say more about the type of experience you are looking for?
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Tmwilliams replied to the thread Opening Bank Acct on the Jamaica forum:
Cessj initially posted:
We are relocating to Kingston - myself as an employee of UWI - in November 2014 and would appreciate advice about opening a bank account. Some people have told us its a lengthy process. My husband is accompanying me for two weeks only and will return to the UK to wrap up things there, so i want to be sure that we will be able to get individual and joint accounts opened before he leaves...what documents will we need to open these accounts? Thanks in advance,
Tmwilliams replied most recently with:
Depends which bank. I opened at scotiabank liganea branch in st andrew and it is quick if you have all the required documents and have them notarised. Just give the bank a call for docs required. Usually you need job letter stating income, ID like passport, z2 references ...I used two lawyers and letter of good standing from current bank. We also have a Jn account and it was less strict but I wanted a Canadian bank.
Cessj replied most recently with:
Thanks for the tip LoriB...having spent most of the past year in Barbados, I have developed a hyper acute sense of local dress codes...there is a plaque outside of the Supreme Court stating no slippers or head curlers to be worn, as well as the usual no bare shoulders, bikinis etc. I now am the proud owner of an appropriate uniform outfit for all my dealings with officials across the region!
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Tmwilliams replied to the thread private schools in jamaica on the Jamaica forum:
audreyanddj initially posted:
hello all, i am considering moving to JA next year with husband and 2 kids age 6 and 9. does anyone have good info on schools? how many semesters per school year? 2 or 3?
Tmwilliams replied most recently with:
Hello i realize this post is 2 years old but would love to hear about your experience of moving to falmouth. We currently have a home there but will be moving to Jamaica. Ultimately want to be in kingston but for the first year we will stay in trelawny. Did you end up sending your kids to Heinz S School? How was the transition? Things to do for fun as an expat? Which country did you leave from? Sorry so many questions just rare to hear someone move to Falmouth!!! Thanks for sharing!
Britwanderer replied most recently with:
Most Expats in Western Jamaica send their kids to Heinz Simonitsch School in Half Moon Montego Bay http://heinzsimonitschschool.net46.net/
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NeisCook replied to the thread Expats meeting in Ocho rios on the Jamaica forum:
leus initially posted:
all expats are welcomed to our expats meeting in Ocho Rios Friday -28.11.2014 https://www.facebook.com/events/779861252052012/
NeisCook replied most recently with:
Aww I just miss it!
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NikkiJadore initially posted:
I have the awesome privelege of working in any country while living in another. My concern is that I am a single parent of a 9year old boy (who's actually all for it) and I would like for us to live in Jamaica. Childcare or even extended child (ie:nanny, etc)would have to be something I can depend and trust in having while I'm workng out of the country.It's definately affordable if I can continue to work. I feel like im ready to part ways with the US for now due to the comparison of the quality of life here. People are just miserable :-( I've done very well for myself, great career and I can choose to alter it to compliment my living arrangements(Ie; overseas), I own a home and I just turned 30. I contemplated south east asia wich i loved but thought it may be a little far from my family. My personal experience with Jamaica and Jamaicans has been nothing short of gracious and hospitable although I'm certain evil lurks somewhere i don't choose to live my life in fear. All in all I have no doubts that my son will enjoy this experience but where do I begin *and breathe* LOL
NikkiJadore replied most recently with:
Thankyou for responding My first trip will be in November heading to Treasure beach, Portmore and the Kingston area. Hopefully I'll be able to get more insight with boots on the ground.
NikkiJadore replied most recently with:
Thankyou LoriB I will start there.
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NikkiJadore replied to the thread living in jamaica on the Jamaica forum:
scottconner initially posted:
we are looking for very cheap apartment 1 room and bath room under 200 a month nothing special but furnished. we live a very simple life and just want to be happy and simple. close to food and the beach and church, nice area and low crime. we dont want to own a car so would be nice if could bike bak and forth to attractions. any help pls respond woodstovedog@yahoo.com
NikkiJadore replied most recently with:
this sounds like a dream
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NikkiJadore replied to the thread living in mobay on the Jamaica forum:
popsda initially posted:
Hi folks....just moved to mobay for work...looking for tips on finding somewhere nice to live and would like to meet some new people...positive and easy going....im footloose and enjoy smiling and living
NikkiJadore replied most recently with:
I can't wait until it's my turn to move to Jamaica Sigh. You folks enjoy it for me :-))))
NikkiJadore replied most recently with:
I can't wait until it's my turn to move to Jamaica :-) enjoy sir
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