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avtranscription posted AV Transcription Recruiting on the Japan forum:
We're looking for some super good, super attentive, extremely productive transcribers to work as contractors for Averbach Transcription. No credentials required; just be amazing at what you do. The pay rate is $1 per minute of audio or video for next-day or longer turnaround, and $1.50 per minute of audio or video for same-day. For expert transcribers who can produce 10-15 hours worth of transcripts in a week, this translates to $690-1,035 per week at our current mix of same-day/other turnarounds. Expat Americans abroad are especially welcome to apply, but we’re open to anyone with an excellent command of the English language, able to decipher accents and non-native speakers. To apply, please just send us a brief message about yourself to nicholas+expats@avtranscription.com; we'll immediately send you a brief survey and transcription test to see what you can do. Thanks, and good luck! nicholas+expats@avtranscription.com
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property in JapanHigh-grade residential complex in Roppongi Hills. Full facilities and ample reception service. Facility includes swimming pool, sauna, beauty salon treatment, sky lounge, medical clinic, pet animal caring, dry-cleaning and etc.
property in JapanThis is a luxurious apartment surrouded with trees, located on the hilltop of Nishiazabu 4-chome. It is a part of popular Homat series. Its sense of rigidness and Japanese taste is a plus. Its inside is fully renovated in 2005.
property in JapanAzabujuban, Roppongi Hills and Arisugawa Park are within walking distance. This Homat-series property has a calm and stately atmosphere with each unit having a spacious floor plan.
property in JapanGreenery and water-ample garden nearby its entrance. Residents enjoy outstanding view from the sky lounge at 29th floor. 24 hour manned reception service by bilingual staffs. ASIJ bus stop is closer still just a one minute walk.
property in JapanThe entire premise appears in elegant, European style. Six low-rise buildings (Block A through F) are placed around the stone paths. Beautiful greenery of street trees appear outside. It is a luxurious living space for executives.
property in JapanSpacious (2500 ft^2) and high-quality family home on a quiet street less than a 1 minute walk to ASIJ and Nogawa park. Combination Western-Japanese layout.
JC89 posted Job interview while preparing to leave on the Japan forum:
I'm an American citizen. I've lived overseas for 14 years, mostly in Japan. I recently worked on a US military base (SOFA sponsorship), but that job ended. After a lot of bad experiences, I don't have much reason to stay in Japan. I've spent 6 months applying for work in the US, but no answer. I have no friends in the US. If I go to the US, I'll just go to a hotel until my savings run out, and after that, I don't know what. If you're SOFA, you have a grace period after your SOFA expires where you can legally stay in Japan. That grace period is about to end. But, just the other day, I was called for an interview on a military base in Japan. The interview is scheduled after the expiration date. I don't know what to do. Do I find a way to renew my visa and stick around for the interview, or just give up and risk returning to the US?
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blippey posted Slingbox exchange on the Japan forum:
I'm looking for access to a slingbox in Japan. In exchange, I can give access to my slingbox in the US. I have a ViP 211 Dish Network Receiver with America's Top 120 channels plus Boston local channels, a Slingbox 350, and FIOS Internet with 4.5 Mbps upload speed.
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adminee posted Survey about Healthcare in Japan on the Japan forum:
We've put together a brief survey about expat healthcare. The goal is to collect information from you about the quality and availability of medical services, health insurance, prescription medicines and emergency care in your region of Japan. We'll be soon publishing the responses to help others who are following in your footsteps. Please take several minutes to answer the survey. The more detailed you can be in your responses, the better. Thank you, in advance, for sharing and helping others moving to your area! http://www.expatexchange.com/eetr/addtiptopic/7
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