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A Luxurious, Spacious and Very Well Located 250 sqm Brand New 4 - Bedroom Apartment for Rent In Abdoun Area - Furnished / Unfurnished
property in JordanThere is a vacant apartment for rent, with an excellent location in the 8th area. Please call the landlord (Emad) at 079 502 0972 or 077 751 8187.. We have lived across the hall in the same complex for 4 years and have enjoyed it very much. This is a 4 bedroom unit for approximately 500JD / month.
Shravansam replied to the thread House Keeper Needed on the Jordan forum:
lady1960 initially posted:
Hello, We are a family of three. We work hard, sometimes very long days and I need a housekeeper to help me with cleaning, ironing, laundry. This is not a live in position and does not have to be everyday. I'm flexible, I just need help. One thing I should tell you up front we do have a dog, he's trained, and does not bite. Person applying needs to speak English. Thank You
Shravansam replied most recently with:
Hello we are a family of four.i live in abdoun.need house keeper for once per week for 3 hours.kindly let me know if u know someone. Thank you.
karenhill replied most recently with:
We are also looking for the same. We're in Amman. Do let us know if anyone knows someone. Thanks Karen
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Shravansam posted Need house maid on the Jordan forum:
Need maid for once a week for 3 hours.i live in abdoun. Anyone got contact info kindly post it to this thread. Thanks
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By The Lemon Tree Furnished Rooms
jrebel01 replied to the thread Advice for job hunting on the Jordan forum:
hopefulexpat initially posted:
Hello! I suppose I'll start with an introduction, as my situation may be quite different from many of the ones you're accustomed to reading about. I'm a 22 year old student who will be graduating with a dual degree in English and Arabic Language this May. One of the most formative chapters of my life was the semester that I spent in Jordan studying Arabic language and culture. After that experience, I swore to myself that I would do whatever it took to return to Jordan after graduation and show my fiancee (who is graduating in May with a dual degree in Religious Studies and Arabic) the joys of Jordan! We are both very solid with Arabic, so language is not an issue for us whatsoever. I suppose the biggest issue is that we are nervous about packing up and heading to Jordan with little money and THEN trying to find work, rather than finding jobs first. As I'm sure you're all aware, there are plenty of opportunities for native-English speakers to teach English in Jordan (and often the requirements are quite lax) however the problem is that most of these opportunities require a personal presence in Jordan to come by. So my question is this: do you recommend sitting tight until we happen to MAYBE come across a job posting online that's appropriate for us (which may never happen) or just jumping in, scraping together enough money for tickets and a few weeks in a hostel and hunting in person? If you're all for going full steam ahead and heading to Jordan with no job, what are your tips to make the process a bit less terrifying (and a bit easier to explain to relatives)? We're both sort of restless-spirit types who are capable of living extremely frugal, flexible lives, but we are quite scared of the possibility of ending up stranded with no work and no money! Thanks for any and all advice!
jrebel01 replied most recently with:
I would suggest you stay where you are until you find a job. First because jobs are hard to come by here, but, secondly if you get hired from outside of the country you typically will get paid a higher salary and possibly even assistance with moving cost and housing allowance. A local hire is paid at the rate of the local market which is very low here. I don't know how some people can afford to live on what they get paid. Good luck
Beensteen replied most recently with:
I would NOT arrive here without a job. It is expensive to live here, and you could go through your stash very quickly. Take a look at which had American schools in the US and in Amman. The school in Amman is brand new, with a pre-k to 8th grade en, now, and a high school set to open in August, 2015, insha'allah. I am enjoying working here.
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mariazz replied to the thread Arabic speaking nanny and House help on the Jordan forum:
Daloya initially posted:
Hello - I will be moving to Amman in February and although I am not sure where I will be living quite yet and am unfamiliar with the city, I was hoping someone could give me suggestions of how to find an Arabic speaking nanny/house help. What are the going rates? Initially for 5 days a week. thanks in advance!
mariazz replied most recently with:
Hello I am intrested in your post please e-mail me at with more info , I am arabic speaking and an ESL teacher. Thanks
Daloya replied most recently with:
Thanks Karen! Carolina
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Expat Report Review of Aqaba International School in Aqaba, Jordan was published
Review-of-Aqaba International School
How would you describe the facilities at this school? What extra-curricular activities are available?
Quite honestly this is by far the worst international school that we have ever come across. The library is the only decent thing the younger children have! After school activities are a bit of a joke, there was basketball this year but with so many kids going in for it, it was total chaos. Other activities were playground games and swimming...but the swimming stopped because locals said it was too cold(!!!). Lunch clubs don't exist. The canteen only stocks snacks that are full of sugar, crisps, chocolate bars, sweets and fizzy drinks. Please note this review is for infant school level. (Continue)
Hi there - I will be moving to Jordan in February and am looking for suggestions for international schools that teach French and searches have only lead me to the Lycée Français...I was hoping for opinions, or suggestions?
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aleppo80 replied to the thread Looking for domestic help on the Jordan forum:
karenhill initially posted:
We're looking for domestic help (3 times a week, total of 16 hours per week). We're in Abdoun. Anybody knows anyone, with reference, please let us know by replying to this thread or pm. Regards Karen
aleppo80 replied most recently with:
Dear Karen, Which type of help you are looking for Thanks & Best regards
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