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anasqasrawi replied to the thread Looking to make friends on the Jordan forum:
badpower initially posted:
Hello all, My name is George and I will be moving to Amman in the summer for two years. Looking to meet a few people while there to make the transition just a little easier. Is anyone else moving to Amman in the summer looking for friends? Little bit about me, I am 32, male, live with partner and four year old son. My family will not be travelling with me at first hence looking for friends :)
anasqasrawi replied on April 22, 2015 with:
Hello, does this include locals too? or just people coming to Jordan as your case is? Thanks, Anas
anasqasrawi replied on April 22, 2015 with:
Hello, does this include locals too? or just people coming to Jordan as your case is? Thanks, Anas
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almasaeed replied to the thread Looking for a job on the Jordan forum on April 21, 2015:
TUGBA initially posted:
Hi All, I will be living in jordan for 2 years as of June. We will move to Jordan because of my husbands' new job. I am an insurance underwriter in Istanbul for 7 years. My job experience is in insurance sector but I can do every office works. Only problem is I dont know arabic. ?s there anybody who can assist me to find a job ?
almasaeed replied on April 21, 2015 with:
hi I am in Canada now and will be back to Jordan this coming June. i have a lot of friends working in an insurance company, i will do my best to find a good job for you. if not in the insurance company, it would be office work somewhere else. i can help you with Arabic too. whats your direct email address? hope to hear from you soon.
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SylviaVarberg posted Apartment Aqaba for rent? on the Jordan forum:
Hi, Hi, we are a couple, engaged, get married soon, seeking to rent an apartment April 15 to August 6 in Aqaba, note we have a dog. Yours sincerly Sylvia from Sweden
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Hi, I am a Swedish woman who wants to meet new friends, women, in Aqaba. I will stay from April to August. I like to swim, walk, work out, go out to eat or go to the spa. I am 46 years old and speaks only English, but I want to learn Arabic, so if you are multilingual, it would be fantastic. I am engaged to a man from Jordan. Regards Sylvia, from Sweden.
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badpower posted Can I lease a car? on the Jordan forum:
Hello, I will be moving to Amman in the summer as I have accepted a teaching position at the ICS. I am wondering if it is possible to lease a car in Jordan instead of buying one.
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A Luxurious, Spacious and Very Well Located 250 sqm Brand New 4 - Bedroom Apartment for Rent In Abdoun Area - Furnished / Unfurnished
property in JordanThere is a vacant apartment for rent, with an excellent location in the 8th area. Please call the landlord (Emad) at 079 502 0972 or 077 751 8187.. We have lived across the hall in the same complex for 4 years and have enjoyed it very much. This is a 4 bedroom unit for approximately 500JD / month.
Shravansam replied to the thread House Keeper Needed on the Jordan forum:
lady1960 initially posted:
Hello, We are a family of three. We work hard, sometimes very long days and I need a housekeeper to help me with cleaning, ironing, laundry. This is not a live in position and does not have to be everyday. I'm flexible, I just need help. One thing I should tell you up front we do have a dog, he's trained, and does not bite. Person applying needs to speak English. Thank You
Shravansam replied most recently with:
Hello we are a family of four.i live in abdoun.need house keeper for once per week for 3 hours.kindly let me know if u know someone. Thank you.
karenhill replied most recently with:
We are also looking for the same. We're in Amman. Do let us know if anyone knows someone. Thanks Karen
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Shravansam posted Need house maid on the Jordan forum:
Need maid for once a week for 3 hours.i live in abdoun. Anyone got contact info kindly post it to this thread. Thanks
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By The Lemon Tree Furnished Rooms

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