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karenhill replied to the thread Land Rover defender 4X4 model 97 on the Jordan forum:
Sammyra initially posted:
Model : 1997 Colour: Black with army green cover Good Condition the car is Manual, and it uses Petrol, its in really good condition its just missing a sound system and AC, and the seat covers need replacing its a hard wearing car great for camping it actually came with a massive metal box with camping equipment in it which i will also provide for whoever buys it. and a metal frame that is detachable for carrying things,Great car for the desert, Taking the family on Camping trips
karenhill replied on April 07, 2014 with:
Is this now taken?
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karenhill replied to the thread Getting Israel visa in Amman- how long on the Jordan forum:
davebear initially posted:
Hi, just wondering if you could help. We're thinking of flying to Amman to travel onto Jerusalem via a border crossing. However, I need a visa, and I was wondering if anyone knew how long the Israeli consulate in Amman would take to process a visa? (The embassy's closed till Monday and need to book flights ASAP). Many thanks in advance!
karenhill replied on April 07, 2014 with:
davebear, Since when did the Malaysian govt lifted the travel ban to Israel?
davebear replied on January 06, 2014 with:
any idea about a number for the israeli embassy in amman which will actually be picked up? have been calling and calling all day but no answer!
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ahmedkent posted Meet friends for short visit on the Jordan forum on April 06, 2014:
I will be visiting amman in 2weeks time. This is my first time and I don't speak the language, so will like to meet young Jordanians who are willing to help, provide friendship!
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jrebel01 replied to the thread re-locating from Canada to Jordan on the Jordan forum:
dalia18 initially posted:
I need to live in Jordan moving from Canada to take care of my sick father, I carry Canada citizen , want to know how can I have a long stay status in Jordan ? thanks
jrebel01 replied most recently with:
It depends on where in Jordan you want to live. I live in Aqaba. In Aqaba to get residency for one year or more you need 10,000JD in the bank. If you are under the age of 60 you will need blood work from a local clinic. And a lease for where you will be staying. two current passport size photos of yourself. It takes anywhere from 4 days to about a week for approval. You are granted a one month visa upon arrival and can normally get a 2 month extension from the local police department. If you won't be in Aqaba the only difference I believe is the amount of money required in the bank. My daughter lives with us here and all we had to do was show a birth certificate for her and she is considered a dependent and does not require separate bank account or lease information, and she is over 21 years of age. I hope this helps. All the best for your Dad. Good Luck.
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ashraf76 replied to the thread Marriage scam on the Jordan forum:
DDD initially posted:
I met a Jordanian man from Amman, on a dating website. I went to Jordan to get married. I paid for everything. I was there 13 days and I saw him 3 days. I stayed with his friends Amer. wife, who also married a man from Amman.He had told me he was a poor man my first night there. Then said he was divorced 10 yrs, he was divorced 3 days before i got there We married and I was alone my wedding nite, Then I left back to USA and he quit his job in Amman and asked me for $800.00 , I said NO. How do I get a divorce from him for marriage scam? I had his Visa denied. Help....
ashraf76 replied most recently with:
hi i am a Jordanian citizen ,if you need any help about your case i may help .
aljarrar replied most recently with:
Hello DDD I take it your marriage was never consummated ? Also did you have a written marriage contract by a religious cleric ? If so please forward me details and attach a copy , feel free to redact names to keep it anonymous initially if you chose to and will guide you through the process
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ashraf76 replied to the thread Marrying Jordanian man on the Jordan forum:
vickikaye initially posted:
My man friend and I wish to marry. I am Australian. He was born in Palestine but has resided in Jordan for many years. If we marry in Australia would the marriage be recognised in Jordan?
ashraf76 replied most recently with:
its better to make the marriage contract in Jordan if he is a Muslim .
aljarrar replied most recently with:
A marriage anywhere is recognized everywhere under international law
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ashraf76 replied to the thread Marriage in Jordan on the Jordan forum:
smelserjl initially posted:
Hello, I am an American and I would like to get married to my Egyptian fiance. We dont know any sheikhs in Amman so we are not sure where to start.
ashraf76 replied most recently with:
in Jordan anyone who wants to get married should go to the al sharrea court .
wsbw1953 replied most recently with:
I hope you plan to live there in Jordan with Your new husband, because when it comes to the United States Government processing paperwork for an American marrying someone outside of the United States, the wait time can go on, and on for months and months. I am an American and was also married in Amman. I hope you are aware of everything involved before you decide to get married in Jordan.
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ashraf76 replied to the thread Amman in august: looking for friends on the Jordan forum:
soabble initially posted:
Hi guys, Im planning on visiting Amman for a month in august to study arabic but im going all by myself and would like to know if anyone else will be there by that time or what places i should go to meet foreigners there too. Itd be a little boring to visit everything all by myself. My email is Also, if anyone has got any tip for me about amman or places i should visit in jordan, id be really glad to know about it. Thanks!
ashraf76 replied most recently with:
Dear Ga I am Jordanian citizen ,in Aug the temperature is high ,if you want to come you should come after 10 of Aug because Ramadan(Fasting month for Muslims) will be finished .
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Furnished apartment Tala Bay Aqaba. Private beach, Marina on the red sea one bedroom, living area and privet sun roof. All amenities included, you only need to pay water, electricity.
mariazz replied to the thread used mountain bike for sale on the Jordan forum:
Justin0808 initially posted:
hi everyone, I am leaving soon and trying to sell my mountain bike that I have used for transportation. I was hoping to sell it for about 150, but its negotiable. Please email me for pictures!
mariazz replied most recently with:
How old is the bike? Do you have pictures? Can parts for this bike be easily available To purchase in Amman ? Where was it purchased From and what is the make of the bike? Another thing is it negotiable price. Because Your price for it quite high? 150 JDS is to much
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