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LanguageLeader replied to the thread Flats and apartments for rent in Almaty on the Kazakhstan forum:
tina111 initially posted:
Need a permanent place to live in Almaty? I am a Real Estate agent, Our agency provides full assistance in searching and signing a lease with Apartment owners. I can offer you a further consulting and assistance with your living space as well. Please contact me ;) Atina
LanguageLeader replied on December 18, 2014 with:
Hello!!! Language school "Language Leader" offers you to learn Russian and kazakh languages as foreign. Welcome we are waiting for you! More information you can get by sending a letter on our e-mail russian_languageleader@mail.ru or on our site www.languageleader.kz
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LanguageLeader replied to the thread Aktau expats on the Kazakhstan forum on December 19, 2014:
Liana8 initially posted:
Hello, my name is Liana. I live in Aktau, Kazakhstan. The ladies, expats in Aktau, you are welcome for communicating.
LanguageLeader replied on December 18, 2014 with:
Good morning!!! Welcome to our country! Language school offers you training the Russian and Kazakh languages!!!! More information you can get by writing a letter on e-mail russian_languageleader@mail.ru or on our site www.languageleader.kz WE ARE WAITING FOR YOU!!!!!! Welcome!!!
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Expat Report Christmas In Astana, Kazakhstan was published
If locals celebrate Christmas or Hanukkah where you are living now, how is it celebrated differently?
Kazahstanians do not celebrate Christmas or Hanukkah. They call it New Year. It is celebrated from 31 of December till 1 of January. Very similar to the New Year of russians. (Continue)
nickel replied to the thread Shipping belongings to Aktau from US on the Kazakhstan forum:
orange891 initially posted:
Did anyone ship less than container load from US to Aktau? I am so confused at this point as there are too many companies and I don't wanna pay an arm and leg to ship my own used clothes. Several boxes, probably going to be somewhere between 70-100 kg. If anyone have info< I'd appreciate it. Thanks
nickel replied most recently with:
Why do you want to ship old stuff? If the cost is subsidised by your employer, leave the old stuff back home, get the money from the employer and buy new when you get here.
sincha replied most recently with:
You can try www.discountshipping.us They ship using DHL and FedEx but offer significantly lower rates than individuals pay to these companies.
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Egle replied to the thread Flat for rent in Almaty on the Kazakhstan forum:
Egle initially posted:
Hello, I am moving to live and work in Almaty in a month, so need to find an apartment for rent. Maybe someone could say what's the easiest way to find it or know some people who works in a real estate agencies and could help me? Thank you.
Egle replied most recently with:
Hi, tanks for the message, company for lunch is always a good idea, but i usually have to stay at work during that time. What about dinner? I've found a flat, it's quite good, but i will change it someday, as i want something more cozy and not such a big one. So maybe i'll need your help later. Egle
tina111 replied most recently with:
Hi, Have you found a place to live? I can help you, I am a real estate manager and we work expectionally with visitors and expatriates. Hope everything is well, let me know if you need a company for lunch or just someone to han out :) Have a good day, Atina
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EdwardClifford posted A hospital experience in Semey on the Kazakhstan forum:
For anyone worried about medical care, our experience may put your mind at rest. Don't expect any trimmings in the isolation hospital in Semey, though. Hospital thoughts 16 October2014: We have been in the Infectious Diseases Unit of the Semey hospital for a week, now. Our medical supervisor, Doctor Stanislav, tells us that we will be able to go home today. The experience has been a good one overall, but not for the faint-hearted. The hospital consists of a complex of nondescript buildings,scattered in an apparent haphazard fashion across an area containing the ubiquitous grey-faced buildings that could house anything. It is anything but haphazard-each building is a specialist hospital and they are all linked by an underground tunnel system as we found out when Lisa went to see the ENT. We are the first English patients that our 24-year-old doctor has ever treated, Semey being a somewhat far-flung area of Kazakhstan. Don’t be put off by his age; he is a qualified GP, Paediatrician and is busy with his second specialisation in epidemiology-no fool! The medical care has been top-notch. From the 4 ambulance personnel who came to the apartment on Friday evening last week, to the Medical University Professor of Epidemiology and her team of trainees, we have been swept up into a system that runs like a well-oiled machine. And we are going home a week later, having been admitted under a meningitis scare, diagnosed with encephalitis, treated for this and secondary infections, all in 7 days! How my heart bleeds for my own country’s poor medical ethic; my dear friend, Anthony, would still be alive had he broken his hip in Kazakhstan, instead, he died 10 weeks later of septicaemia and medical negligence, in spite of 3 state-of-the-art hospitals in the capital of South Africa. Worst of all, none of the 10+ specialists will ever be brought to book for their arrogance and incompetence. Here, I have the feeling, there is accountability. Now to the ‘not for the faint-hearted’: Any isolation hospital needs to be Spartan and this one is no exception; also it’s obviously the oldest and most dispensable building...so what I’m saying is...it looks like a WWII set up and one might be forgiven for thinking that the building could be a reflection of the state of medical advancement here-it’s not. But the bathroom’s horrid, the bed’s reminiscent of a refugee camp and the decor, a mix of old and new, even down to the floor tiles which must span 5 or more decades, all on the same floor, next to each other, unmatchingly, but CLEAN. The place smells of good, old-fashioned chemical bleach (Chlorine) and the ultra-violet lamps are strategically-placed and used to keep up the standards of hygiene. South Africa has so much to re-learn. Those Wiesenhof Coffee Shops, gift shops, pretty pot plants, 5-star decorated atria, matching bed-linen and curtains and extensive menus for dietary whims, count for nothing because they are useless when you are not receiving medical care. Shrouds don’t have pockets and hospitals don’t need them either. Nevertheless, I would not have minded a mattress of more than 2” thick instead of my perfunctory bedroll which could have come out of a 50’s Western movie and I would give anything to teach the cook what can be done with macaroni other than adding water, only water, tasteless water, lots of water and water! I’m ready to go home.
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jdettoni posted Pickup basketball in Almaty? on the Kazakhstan forum:
Hi guys, I'm new in Almaty and I was looking for a gym where they play pickup basketball. Does anyone have a clue on where I could look for it? Thanks, Jaco
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m00sekateer replied to the thread Infor needed on giving birth in Almaty on the Kazakhstan forum:
MaudeCroucher initially posted:
Hi everyone, I was hoping you might be able to give me some infrormation about giving birth in Almaty. My husband and I are considering moving there and I'm currently pregnant. I can't really find much information about this online apart from one blog post about an expat who gave birth in a state hospital which sounded pretty horrific. Has anyone given birth in a private hospital in Almaty? Are there any international standard private hospitals there? The only ones I can find online are SOS which doesn't do deliveries and 'Private Clinic'. Does anyone have any experience with Private Clinic or can you recommend any other hospitals? Basically any information at all that you can give me would be really appreciated! Thanks so much!
m00sekateer replied most recently with:
Hi, I just moved here (Almaty) and have been looking into healthcare here. The general advice I have is that if there in any serious you should make sure you can get out quickly. Some of the foreign clinics seem good but they do not deal with child birth. I hope that does not put you off moving here -- it is very nice. However you may want to consider having you baby in a western country where the standards are much higher and then moving. Let me know if you want me to ask around in the ex-pat community as I know there are a number of families with young kids. Best - Michael.
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Part-time assistant needed in Almaty for British company with projects in the city. Ability to speak and translate from/into Kazakh/Russian/English a must. Workload approximately one day per week. Needs to be professional and presentable.
carlio posted Orthodontist on the Kazakhstan forum:
Hi all! Could anyone recommend an orthodontist in Astana? I would be really grateful.
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