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kimdamio replied to the thread Anyone in Astana?? on the Kazakhstan forum on August 21, 2014:
RickyRicks initially posted:
I have been waiting at the Astana airport for almost two hours. My NIS has not showed and I have no contact information for anyone. Can anyone help?
kimdamio replied on August 21, 2014 with:
Hi Leslie. The word travelled from Australia!!! I'm still home, leaving today to return. I got your email and flew into action. The thought of you being stranded was just not on!!! I'm happy that you are now safe and with your new fellow ITs Please feel free at anytime to email. I will pm you my kazakh number soon. Take care Kim
RickyRicks replied on August 21, 2014 with:
Once again Biologyman and Kimdamio you have been an outstanding resource!!! Kim, my team leader came to me asking about a blog post (this was after a perfect stranger in the airport called NIS in Astana and explained my situation which led to someone finally coming around nine) and I told him that the blog has been a lifesaver more than once and at the time, it was the only thing I could think to do. He explained how word had traveled all the way from Uralsk that I was stranded. It is great to know that although I have never met either of you, you both were quick to use your connections to assist me. I waited for five and a half hours with everyone saying "No English" then my electronics died and I had no communication whatsoever. Again, thank you so much for caring!! P.S. This definitely inspired me to get a local phone today. Maybe one day, I will have the pleasure of meeting you both. Leslie
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kimdamio replied to the thread Need visa info ASAP!!! on the Kazakhstan forum:
RickyRicks initially posted:
Does anyone working with NIS know the medical insurance information AND what to put for the temporary address information on the visa application??? I need this sent off asap and every one there is sleep. Please help!!
kimdamio replied most recently with:
Hi Lesley exciting times!! Just a few pearls of wisdom. Of course I don't know about your area, but in uralsk...... Travel with either euro or US $$ Sheets are small and expensive. (King single on a double) Spices. Ie curry powder - not available. Netflix - all tv is in Russian or kazakh. Google translate and word lens on phone. You can buy just about all western brand toiletries. I can't think of anything else now but if I do I'll post it for you For me it has been one if the best things I have done and I love it!!! I hope it is the same for you. Kim.
RickyRicks replied most recently with:
NIS Semey here I come!! You all have been such a help that I wanted to ask a few last questions. Is there anything that you may have overlooked in packing but wish you didn't? Is there anything that you would strongly suggest I get before I get there? Thanks again, Leslie
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property in Kazakhstan3 room apartment is Astana, located in center of city.
jdettoni replied to the thread Looking for local assistant in Almay on the Kazakhstan forum:
jdettoni initially posted:
Hi all! I'm a journalist about to move to Almaty and I'm looking for a local assistant. Not an extremely demanding role, would be good for talented students too. Part-time job, around US$500 per month. Anybody interested? Is there any specific website you guys would reccomend me to post the vacancy on? Best, Jaco
jdettoni replied most recently with:
will do, thanks!
buddie2004 replied most recently with:
try "golf volunteers in almaty" on Facebook, there are a lot of KIMEP students in there
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Egle posted Flat for rent in Almaty on the Kazakhstan forum:
Hello, I am moving to live and work in Almaty in a month, so need to find an apartment for rent. Maybe someone could say what's the easiest way to find it or know some people who works in a real estate agencies and could help me? Thank you.
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RickyRicks replied to the thread NIS Update on the Kazakhstan forum:
misschalktalk initially posted:
Hello. I am planning to apply for work at NIS.. Here are the questions I have in mind. 1. Do they have quarterly observations in that school? 2. How many classes does a teacher handle in a day? and how many students per class? (Biology teacher) 3. Do they get bonuses? like Christmas bonus? Thank you!
RickyRicks replied most recently with:
So my city has been changed from Karaganda to Semey sure to the curriculum change. I have a few random question if anyone could help. 1. Anyone have info about Semey? 2. Also, I was told to bring plenty of linens because that ares not cheap in Kazakhstan...what size beds do those of you already there have? 3. Do any of you speak Kazakh or Russian? If not, how difficult is it to get around? I've been teaching myself Russian and can decipher a few things but I know nothing about Kazakh. Any information you could provide would be great since this website had already been a wealth of information!
kimdamio replied most recently with:
Hi. When I put my cv online I was approached by teach away . They organised my interviews and told me my position would be in uralsk. Uralsk city is rather a bleak place with extreme temps but very friendly. The internationals socialise at least once a week and let our hair down a bit. You can contact the head office in astana to get the details of the school contacts. Botagoz is the contact there. I know NIS is looking for motivated staff so good luck. Kim
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nickel replied to the thread Bars and clubs in Aktau on the Kazakhstan forum:
blackhawkwaltz initially posted:
Hi! I would like to know what bars and night clubs you guys usually go? Such places where local people usually go would be interesting in some ways, but it's dull when people around you all speaking Kazakh. So, what places are more English-speaking and the atmosphere is more international?
nickel replied most recently with:
Hi welcome to Aktau There are a few places places you could check out. All depends on your age, how much you wanna spend, interests etc. Most popular ones seem to be Shamrock, PR, Fuento and others. During summer beach side establishments are also poppular. Let's have a pint, if you're interested, I'll tell you more about it.
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nickel replied to the thread New in Aktau on the Kazakhstan forum:
terzorosso initially posted:
Hello I am new in Aktau. Would be nice to have a pint somewhere if there is anyone else on this site in Aktau.
nickel replied most recently with:
Welcome to Aktau! Hope you've settled in ok. Let me know if you need any help. Niel
ckrakoff replied most recently with:
Hi, I have just arrived in Aktau a week ago and will be staying for at least the next 5-6 months. I'd be interested in meeting some people - if nothin else, to prevent myself from working all the time.
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buddie2004 replied to the thread NIS in Karaganda on the Kazakhstan forum:
RickyRicks initially posted:
I will moving to Karaganda to take a job with NIS. Can anyone tell me about the city?
buddie2004 replied most recently with:
if you are there this week, the US embassy is putting on a concert with an American band, check out US embassy FB page for details
SKJY replied most recently with:
me too and would also need more info
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Expat ArticlesArticle Summary: Kazakhstan is offering many jobs to qualified international teachers right now. As part of a programme to develop the education of the country, the roles combine teaching students and mentoring local teachers using English as the language of learning. (Continue)
Seo replied most recently with:
Beautifull country to move in!
A reader replied recently with:
For all the variations, I'm adoring Kazakhstan. The people are awesome, the learners extremely shiny and the local employees are really devoted. There's nothing quite like a type of 12 extremely shiny learners to emphasize you of the very factors why you went into educating in the first place! Die Alle Zwei Tage DiƤt
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