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A reader commented on the Expat Report Culture Shock in Semey, Kazakhstan
Do you have any advice or thoughts about culture shock you would like to share?
My advice is to be kind to yourself. If you have time then learn some basic language but really culture shock cannot be totally prevented, only managed. (Continue)
A reader replied most recently with:
An interesting caveat is that recruiting agencies and the local employers do little to minimize the cultural acclimation issue. Nothing is said and nothing is done to assist the expats coming into the area. You are on your own. It is so sad.
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Penwriter posted Moving to Alma Ata. Job opportunities on the Kazakhstan forum:
I have been considering to move to Alma Ata in the nearest future. I have been practicing law for 8 years in Ukraine (including international commercial law). I am an advanced English speaker with a strong business and legal command of the language. Russian and Ukrainian are my native languages. I also started learning Android programming yet it is more like a hobby and I am an absolute rookie in this realm. The reason I think of Alma Ata is that I have a Ukrainian friend in there. He says the city offers very nice opportunities. Any imput/advice would be much appreciated.
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jdettoni replied to the thread Flats and apartments for rent in Almaty on the Kazakhstan forum:
tina111 initially posted:
Need a permanent place to live in Almaty? I am a Real Estate agent, Our agency provides full assistance in searching and signing a lease with Apartment owners. I can offer you a further consulting and assistance with your living space as well. Please contact me ;) Atina
jdettoni replied most recently with:
Do you also rent out office space? Any clue of any coworking place in Almaty? I don't need much space, just a couple of desks equipped with internet and other basic stuff... Best, Jacopo
LanguageLeader replied most recently with:
Hello!!! Language school "Language Leader" offers you to learn Russian and kazakh languages as foreign. Welcome we are waiting for you! More information you can get by sending a letter on our e-mail russian_languageleader@mail.ru or on our site www.languageleader.kz
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jdettoni posted Co-working space in Almaty on the Kazakhstan forum:
Hi there, does anybody know of any co-working space in Almaty? Or anybody renting out office space at affordable rates? I don't need much, just a couple of desks...Best, Jacopo
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barblam1 replied to the thread Looking for a native English Teacher in Atyrau, Kazakhstan on the Kazakhstan forum:
Damir initially posted:
Hi. We are looking for a native english teacher for a private english teaching school in Atyrau, Kazakhstan. All information will be provided when you contact me. Kind regards contact info.alpkel@gmail.com
barblam1 replied most recently with:
Hello: Can you please contact me will ALL information about this position at barblam1@aol.com Thank you.
blackanaconda replied most recently with:
Hi Am in aktau a flight away.. Whatd the offer
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Gulsara replied to the thread oil on the Kazakhstan forum:
SailBoat initially posted:
I live in USA wife is Kazakh/US citizen now; we are looking to move to Kazakhstan as expat. I wish to work in oil/gas sector. Any advice or sources. I have degree/experience
Gulsara replied most recently with:
Vacancy of an English teacher in Atyrau
SailBoat replied most recently with:
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shannywade replied to the thread Bringing a Baby on the Kazakhstan forum:
scoutsouth initially posted:
My wife and I are considering applying for jobs with NIS but are a bit nervous as we are expecting our fist child in March. She would be 5 months old if we were to make the move for the new school year. Can anyone provide any information on pediatric care? Or child acre? Anyone work at one of the NIS schools and have any insights on potentially working there with a newborn? Thanks!
shannywade replied most recently with:
We have lived in Kazakhstan for almost 4 years now and we're only required to have an AIDS test before our initial move. Might be different for people that work with children.
NazarbayevTeacher replied most recently with:
Please also note that whenever you leave KZ and return, only because you are not Kazakh, you are required to take an AIDS test. I am not sure if this aplies to children. You also have the demeaning requirement to "register" with the immigration police. There is no way around it.
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jdettoni replied to the thread Aktau expats on the Kazakhstan forum:
Liana8 initially posted:
Hello, my name is Liana. I live in Aktau, Kazakhstan. The ladies, expats in Aktau, you are welcome for communicating.
jdettoni replied most recently with:
Hi Liana, my name is Jacopo and I'm a journalist in Almaty. I'm travelling to Aktau on Feb 22 to cover the latest developments of the local oil&gas industry, and I wanted to get in touch with the local expats community to get a better grasp and feeling of what it means to be living and working on the Caspian today. Do you suggest me to get in touch with anybody specifically? Best regards, JD ps: my email is jacopo.dettoni@gmail.com
blackanaconda replied most recently with:
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aaronflacke posted Photo trip on the Kazakhstan forum:
Hello, My name is Aaron Flacke, and I am a commercial photographer and videographer based in Portland, Maine, USA. I would really like to come to Azerbaijan, and I would like to pay for the trip by taking photos while I am there. I can shoot architecture, products, food, people, whatever you like. For instance, I could take photos of a high-end hotel or resort in exchange for room and meals during my stay. Do you think that there is a need for professional photography in Astana or Kazakhstan? If I can put together 3 or 4 jobs I can make the trip with all my gear, gain some clients, and have an amazing adventure. I would love to hear anyone’s opinion on this idea/plan. Is it stupid? Is it workable? thanks Aaron www.flackephoto.com
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