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ckrakoff replied to the thread Trip around Aktau on the Kazakhstan forum:
Michael0 initially posted:
It have planned to go on a trip for one or two days between April 21 and 26, 2015. My idea is to hire a car, visit Koshkar Ata, Shakpak-Ata and Sltan Epe, the Valley of Balls, Sherkala or Kyzylkala. Whoever is interested in joining, write me a message and we can sort out the details. (I am not an expat in Aktau, but I am visiting the city.)
ckrakoff replied most recently with:
I'm interested.
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buddie2004 replied to the thread Hello from Taldykorgan/Almaty on the Kazakhstan forum:
classicalmind initially posted:
Hi everyone, I'm a 25 year old schoolteacher working at NIS Taldykorgan. I'm enjoying Kazakhstan and am always on the lookout for new things to do and people to meet. I'll be in Almaty for a half marathon on April 25/26 and go to Almaty about once a month usually. If you are interested in exploring the city together you can reach me at davidrakowski5 (at) gmail DOT com. I am always up for outdoor adventures especially. David
buddie2004 replied most recently with:
And check out soccerway.com for football fixtures, KZ v Turkey on June 12th should be a good one.
buddie2004 replied most recently with:
There was a post in Expats in KZ or guidebook kz in Facebook advertising free walking tours of Almaty.
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oppa95 replied to the thread Aktau expats on the Kazakhstan forum:
Liana8 initially posted:
Hello, my name is Liana. I live in Aktau, Kazakhstan. The ladies, expats in Aktau, you are welcome for communicating.
oppa95 replied most recently with:
Hello, Liana. I am Charlie from Korea. just came to Aktau for working here. is there any chance for me to get involved into the Expat group? siks95@naver.com
jdettoni replied most recently with:
Hi Liana, my name is Jacopo and I'm a journalist in Almaty. I'm travelling to Aktau on Feb 22 to cover the latest developments of the local oil&gas industry, and I wanted to get in touch with the local expats community to get a better grasp and feeling of what it means to be living and working on the Caspian today. Do you suggest me to get in touch with anybody specifically? Best regards, JD ps: my email is jacopo.dettoni@gmail.com
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oppa95 replied to the thread New in Aktau on the Kazakhstan forum:
terzorosso initially posted:
Hello I am new in Aktau. Would be nice to have a pint somewhere if there is anyone else on this site in Aktau.
oppa95 replied most recently with:
Hello, everyone here!! I am Charlie from Korea. I guess quite few Asian people here in Aktau. I came to Aktau this January. Can you welcome me to your group someday?
Liana8 replied most recently with:
Ok, Leanie. You are welcome!
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oppa95 replied to the thread Korean food in Aktau on the Kazakhstan forum:
blackhawkwaltz initially posted:
Hi, everyone! I have been looking for a Korean restaurant in Aktau for a while, but still get nothing. Does anyone know any place? The Korea National Oil Corporation seems to work here in Aktau, those guys must have good ideas about this.
oppa95 replied most recently with:
No Korean Restraunt here in Aktau, I believe. there is only one Korean style restraunt running by a Local. What kind of Korean food , would you like to try? I am a Korean working in Aktau now.
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JamButty replied to the thread New NIS educator on the Kazakhstan forum:
sateacher initially posted:
Good day I will be joining the NIS team in Uralsk in August and i have a few questions. 1) Is it possible to buy a new or second hand motorcycle for recreational purposes? (I do know it gets painfully cold there, it's just to get around to fish) 2) Do you know of any places near Uralsk where they fish for trout? 3) What do you ladies and gentlemen do in your free time? I'm looking forward to this opportunity so much and to meet all you wonderful people soon!
JamButty replied most recently with:
Hi. See you in August. Motorcycles are available in Uralsk although I'm not sure on how safe they would be. Locals are hit and miss with wearing protection ie helmets etc, and the bikes themselves may not be from reputable manufacturers. I don't know how foreigners would go about getting a bike, ie the licence needed. As for fishing, carp are pulled out of the river all the time. The river(s) loop the town and are quickly accessible from virtually everywhere.
angelfire replied most recently with:
I'm a new NIS educator in Atyrau starting in the August. Is anyone in Atyrau? How about sharing the good, bad, and ugly about NIS and Atyrau?
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cengoderin posted Oskemen on the Kazakhstan forum:
Any one in Oskemen
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AndRob posted Astana Quiz Night on the Kazakhstan forum:
Hello Everyone, It is our pleasure to announce that Astana has joined the ranks of other splendid cities around the globe which have a QUIZ NIGHT!!! Woohoo! Where: Guns and Roses When: April 30 What Time: 7:30-ish and finish by 9:30-ish What else: Teams of 5-ish Please spread the word. Any further questions? Contact Andrew and Rob at astanaquiz@yahoo.com
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