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whidbeylm posted cable tv and internet Kuwait City on the Kuwait forum on August 27, 2015:
I am a US Contractor moving to Kuwait next month, who do i contract for internet and cable tv for my Apt, My US Government Employer is providing housing in Kuwait City.
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property in Kuwait3 Bedrooms + Maid Room + Big Hall + Fully equiped Big Kitchen + Washing Room + 4 Bathrooms + Wooden Floor + Wooden high quality Cabinets + 2 Shaded Car Parking.
isadantoro posted working in kuwait on the Kuwait forum:
Hello pls my name is Isa from Nigeria i want to work in Kuwait i have Bsc degree and a diploma. Can anybody help me i can do any legitimate job my email is isadantoro@gmail.com
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J85995 replied to the thread Married Us contractor married a kuwaiti Phillipino woman on the Kuwait forum:
lamaha initially posted:
Hello I am trying to get information My spouse is a US contractor who has been in kuwait working since December 2013 he just got married on Wednesday to the woman I am wondering is this legal? What are my options he is stating he married her so she wouldn't be deported because she claimed she was pregnant.
J85995 replied most recently with:
I was a DA civilian in Kuwait for one year in Kuwait and was in shock when I saw what was going on between American men and the Filipinos. I am not speaking for every American male in Kuwait, but many are there for the main reason of being with Filipino women. Many call it the Ugly Mans Paradise because it doesn't matter how old you are or how you look. I know one guy who was there for 9 years in his early 60s. He was relocated back to the U.S. to work where his wife, children, and grandchildren lived. When he left one would've thought he was returning to a funeral. I think these men get over there with good intentions and lose their minds when they realize how many Filipino women they can be with. It's like candy on Halloween. Don't even have to say trick or treat or even go to the door. Everyone iced there knows what is going on and don't really seem to care.
Ahlam replied most recently with:
The marriage might not be legal in America but it is legal here. He married her because unmarried women can't deliver here and they would ask who the father is. In that event they can both be imprisoned. I've seen many unwed mothers in jail in Kuwait with their babies. If the mother gives up the name then the father can also spend time in jail as the baby was conceived out of wedlock. Sounds like there's more to his story. Check it out before you start putting all the blame on the woman. I've seen many, many married US contractors that come here to work and end up being in relationships with locals and foreign women. The US embassy does not recognize marriages done in Kuwait unless you register them with the embassy. That's how many of them get away with it. They usually divorce the woman before they return home. But if she really is pregnant, he won't be able to divorce her. It's not allowed to divorce a pregnant woman in Kuwait. He must wait till the baby is born and then he can ask for a paternity test. Sorry, good luck! He needs to get a good lawyer to get out of this one!
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For rent In Eqaila Area. Full Floor; 4 Bedrooms + 3 Bathrooms +; Kitchen + 2 Halls; 2 car parking; (For small Family); (No Smoking - No Pets); 500 kds/month +96596630509
farooqloves posted making new passport on the Kuwait forum:
good evening, iam farooq from srilanka, i worked in a printing press in fahaheel for 3 years and then went to shoun (labour court) i got release but the sponsor refused to give my passport so i went to court. my last hearing will be held in 2015-05-18 according to kuwait law i need two witness for give me a paper for make new passport in this i am helpless if anyone could help me please call me on +965 90948585 thank you
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markwithak replied to the thread Visitor Visa on the Kuwait forum:
sanjaymehta initially posted:
My daughter (working in Kuwait) had arranged for my Visit visa for Kuwait. The visa is expiring on May 6. I have not been able to visit during this period and cant go before June 1 for 15 days. Is it possible to get the visa extended and what are the repercussions for not visiting Kuwait during the period for which visa was provided?
markwithak replied most recently with:
Hi, Firstly there are no negative repercussions for not actually using the visa that was issued. This actually happens all the time (including to my family members). You cannot get the visa extended but will need to request a new one. I would suggest that when you apply for a new visa you include a note to explain why you did not use the previous one as this will provide an understanding to the issuing office. Rgds JM
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