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winterfresh replied to the thread Broadband, high speed Internet access services? on the Kuwait forum:
GTDGuy initially posted:
Hi, Can anyone advise on broadband, high-speed Internet access services in Kuwait? I'm looking for ADSL or cable with good reliability and unlimited downloads. Which service providers would you recommend? What's the monthly cost likely to be? TIA
winterfresh replied on April 17, 2014 with:
Here you have top 3 providers, you can decide. I have gulfnet for years. http://www.qualitynet.net/ http://www.fasttelco.net/residential/ http://www.gulfnet.com.kw/
nickybfwb replied on January 22, 2014 with:
So there is a couple of options depending on where you live. I live in Kuwait City now and just recently got a mobile hotspot with 30 gig a month. I am waiting for my full visa to finish and once I do I am looking at the Zain Wifi Router which runs off the 4g LTE network and does all that I need with a 300 gig limit if you get the premium plan. I have already seen 16 Mbit down and approximately the same with the system I currently have. One of my coworkers who has been here longer than me has said he has seen 30 Mbit. So there is several options. Mark I was looking at Fastelco but I didn't see an annual plan like that. Can you link your plan with them? Nick
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winterfresh replied to the thread snooker in Kuwait? on the Kuwait forum:
tonykettle initially posted:
Hi, hope someone can help I am going to be moving to Kuwait to work. Can anyone tell me if there are any snooker centres in Kuwait? If so, any links to websites? Cheers in advance Tony
winterfresh replied on April 17, 2014 with:
https://www.facebook.com/pages/Royal-Club-Kuwait/105661612800575? Nothing better...
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jordan1983 replied to the thread living abroad with 2 babies on the Kuwait forum:
dfoster2 initially posted:
Hello, my husband recently recieve a job offer to teach in Kuwait. Personally I don't know what to expect, I have several questions about this move. I have 10 month old twins and what is there for me and the babies to do while he teaching? Will I be able to apply for work , I have a Bachelor's? What is there to do for fun? Is it really safe, I see we are near Saudi Arabia and Iraq? How long is the flight from the states to Kuwait? Are there daycare? I am just not convince enough that this is a right move.
jordan1983 replied on April 16, 2014 with:
you will be fine, trust me, we have a 1.5 years old baby and we are doing fine... my wife works...we have a daycare nany at home wiht cameras... its nothing like KSA or IRaq...its conservative but not that conservative
adminee replied on March 14, 2014 with:
Here are some links to other discussions and reports on Expat Exchange that may be helpful: Info about Xpat Moms in Kuwait in Kuwait: http://www.expatexchange.com/advice/74/23780/67/Kuwait/Info-about-Kuwait Another Club: http://www.expatexchange.com/advice/74/11713/67/Kuwait/Info-about-Kuwait Blogs from Expats in Kuwait that may be very insightful: http://www.expatexchange.com/kuwait/kuwaitblogs.html Here are some other forum discussions about the same topic: http://www.expatexchange.com/expat/index.cfm?frmid=242&tpcid=3327767 http://www.expatexchange.com/expat/index.cfm?frmid=242&tpcid=3328110 Use the search box above the forum and search under "mom" or "child" or "school" for more!
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markwithak replied to the thread Maid rooms on the Kuwait forum:
RTK123 initially posted:
Hi, I am in the late stages of a job application with a company in Kuwait. As I will be moving with my family can I class a three bed apartment with a "maids room" as a four bedroom property - as I have no intention of having a maid. Would welcome any feedback. Thanks Ryan,
markwithak replied most recently with:
The quick answer to your question is "Probably not". I live on the first floor of a villa which is 4000 square feet (my floor, not the villa). There is a maids room in my flat which measures 7 feet by 10 feet. I would suggest that you get the diimensions of all the rooms before you call a 3 with a maids room a 4 bedroom. You might be able to use a smaller one as a nursery but that's about it.
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LindaG replied to the thread Banking problem on the Kuwait forum:
krarms initially posted:
My daughter recently moved to Kuwait. She is being paid in cash due to an inability to set up a kuwait bank acct. I am looking for any options for her to be able to transfer or deposit cash into her American Bank of America Acct. Any ideas welcomed!
LindaG replied most recently with:
Unclear why your daughter can't open up a bank account. Does she have permission to be working here? If so, it may take a few weeks but...she can try going to one of the money exchange places. Before I had my proper ID, they accepted my passport instead. It's not usual but they seem to make exceptions for certain nationalities (in my case, American). If one of the money exchange places will do it for her (and they have branches EVERYWHERE) she won't have any problem sending to the US.
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Assalaamualaikum. Hello Everyone. Thank you all for wonderful contributions to the forum which is very informative. I am a MBBS Doctor with 1 year exp. living in India. I am looking out for opportunities in Kuwait. From many days I am trying to contact consultants here in India but no positive response about any current job openings. I need to know if there are any consultants in India or Kuwait whom I can approach and who can place me up or reference for any Duty doctor job in Kuwait. Can anyone please guide me about how can I get placed in Private Hospitals in Kuwait through any way.
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amerki replied to the thread Questions on the Kuwait forum:
RTK123 initially posted:
Hi, I am travelling to Kuwait for final interview / negotiations on a position next week. Having never been to this part f the world was wondering if anyone could advise on the following points, 1. Any business customs I should be conscious of? 2. Areas for living - I have 3 kids and a wife and if successful will need to have a look at somewhere nice to live. Was hoping to have a look around while there - but not sure where to start? 3. Life style - have read lots of conflicting information and would welcome someone's real life experiences. Thanks very much to anyone who has time to respond. All the best, Ryan
amerki replied most recently with:
Hi! 1. In regards to business customs, I would just stick to your usual standard of professionalism with any job. 2. With 3 kids I would hope your prospective package will include school tuition and fees. My colleague (Kuwaiti National) sends her kids in grade school to the American School, and pays approx. USD$14K/year for each child. I would base the area where you decide to live, on the location of the schools. Once you locate the areas, just do a search online for apartments for rent in those areas. There are a number of realtor websites, with photos and descriptions. Just FYI: The cost of rent has gone up dramatically in Kuwait. Your employment package should include a housing allowance. 3. I'm an American national and I'm on my 10th year in Kuwait. It was indeed a culture shock the first year, but you get used it. I live very comfortably, and enjoy a lot of luxuries I do not find at home. Things like maid service, daily car washings, etc. and it costs me USD20 to fill up my tank! Good luck to you Ryan!
gmnq8 replied most recently with:
First, congratulations on the potential new position. In response to your questions: 1. Most all business is conducted in English, and most businessmen in Kuwait are very Westernized. I wouldn't worry about any indigenous business customs. Just be polite and honest. 2. The important thing is to live somewhere close, or as close as practical, to where you will be working. If, for instance, you're working for the Oil Company, whose HQ is in Ahmadi, then you would want to live in or close to Ahmadi. If you're going to be working downtown, then I would suggest that you live as close to downtown as practical. Traffic can be a real problem, especially in the mornings and early evenings. 3. I'm American, and have lived here for 23 years now. The lifestyle is fine. It's safe here, very safe. And having had two children graduate from school here, I can tell you that they received a good education. Bear in mind that schools here are very expensive. Make sure those costs are part of your compensation package.
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Blog 40 Days at the Bakala... posted on the Kuwait Network
This blog highlights my Lenten challenge of giving up shopping and going local in Kuwait!
789go posted Antidepressants on the Kuwait forum:
Are these available in Kuwait? I have read conflicting advice on the internet about this - some saying they are banned, others saying they are available on prescription. What about sleeping pills and Xanax? Are they available by prescription in Kuwait? Does anyone have any information about bringing a few months supply with me into Kuwait with a doctor's prescription and letter confirming my use of these medications. Thanks so much in advance! Much appreciated :)
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