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tinadaniel replied to the thread A nanny/housekeeper needed urgently on the Kuwait forum:
bodenhamer09 initially posted:
Hello, I am Jon Bodenhamer from the states but currently in the United kingdom... I am in need of a nanny for my two lovely kids(Ashley and Corinn) and i am willing to pay between 800-1500 pounds sterling per week... Job location: London, England Accommodation Accommodation would be provided by us, a room (bathroom and kitchen attached, semi- furnished) with all available utilities and services, you are allowed to also recommend any added service which was not originally provided, but deem necessary by you.. Benefits Benefits: Free feeding Free accommodation 24 hrs internet browsing Tax free Wages An email address is provided, do contact (Interested applicants should send their application with resume) Bodenhamer09@gmail.com or call +447045753147 Thank you Jon Bodenhamer
tinadaniel replied most recently with:
Hi my self christina im from India this is my contact no 09818110383 my email id tina_daniel007@yahoo.com
reshma replied most recently with:
hi i am frm india plzz i want this job
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Crushedcitizen replied to the thread special education school on the Kuwait forum:
mrssaleh initially posted:
Hi Please does any body have experience with english/american school for LD? my son is an adhd.
Crushedcitizen replied most recently with:
Kuwait english school green unit Kuwait English national school in hawally Dasman bilinguals school .. And many others .. Depend n where do u live
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odisay50 posted Accomodation on the Kuwait forum:
i have gotten a 3yr residence visa, can anyone help me with a single room apartment to rent before i come
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Greetings: I am in Kuwait on a tourist visa. Right now, I am very, very sick. However, I have been told that, because I am on a tourist visa, I can't go to a government hospital and that I can't even go to a private hospital. No Kuwaiti civil ID, no healthcare in Kuwait or so I have been told, but is this true? However, are there any hospitals in Kuwait that admit Canadians because of some special arrangement they have with the Canadian Government. Any information you can provide me in this situation is greatly appreciated.
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Theory replied to the thread Police Certificate, disqualifying offences on the Kuwait forum:
forgemonkey initially posted:
I was asked to apply for a position in Kuwait with the oil company. I will be doing senior management for a very specialized field. I was looking through all the document requirements and was reading the police clearance requirements. I have yet to see anything that actually goes into details, they just say "must submit a clearance document". I have a criminal mischief charge from back in college in 1987. It was a deferred probation sentence with the charges eventually being dismissed. I have requested my FBI report to see how this is actually listed there. Does any "blemish" bar you from gaining a visa, or do they look at length of time, nature of offence, etc? Does anyone here have any direct experience dealing with this? Thanks,
Theory replied most recently with:
I'm looking at going through the same process myself I have a DUI conviction from 20yrs ago. Do you think this could cause problems?
gmnq8 replied most recently with:
The only problem you will have with the PCC (Police Clearance Check) is if you have any criminal convictions (theft, robbery, or worse), or if you have any DUI/DWI convictions. There won't be any problem if all you have is a criminal mischief charge from 27 years ago.
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klynnredden replied to the thread struggling for ABA on the Kuwait forum:
mrssaleh initially posted:
Hi Does any body know a qualified and certified ABA therapist for my child? Please don't tell me go to ABC Kuwait because there is no way I can afford 1500 kd monthly. Please help
klynnredden replied most recently with:
Hello I can help you, I have been trained in ABA. Please contact me at Klr4828@gmail.com. Kelly
4b11t replied most recently with:
Hi please check the link below http://www.autism2014.net/SponsorCollaborators.aspx I would recommend you to check with the members of Kuwait Center For Autism Do note, You can also visit the Awqaf foundation and ask for assistance required in case of any treatments that were recommended and you are not able to afford I am not sure if the Awqaf will be entertaining you but I do know on the other hand they do help university students and others for issues where an amount is not affordable but has become a need Good luck
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gmnq8 replied to the thread Company to assist in getting a Family Visit Visa for Kuwait? on the Kuwait forum:
jog5000 initially posted:
Hi all. Is there a company that can assist in getting a family visit visa for my mother to come visit us here in Kuwait? Does anyone have advice on how to get a family visit visa for Kuwait?
gmnq8 replied most recently with:
Because this is a family visa, only the family member sponsoring the dependents can apply for the residency visas. The process isn't all that difficult. It just takes some time.
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mayouna posted mahjong on the Kuwait forum:
Hi, I am looking for a group of ladies who play manning in mornings. Anyone there?
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Hello Forum, I need anti-depressants here in Kuwait because my insurance provider in the U.S. will only provide me with one month's supply each month: they're too expensive to ship over here, as the going rate for FedEx is around $100.00 per envelope or packet - and the Kuwaiti mail service is so slow and undependable that if sent by my U.S. pharmacy to me here in Kuwait, they may never arrive at all. I bought a month's supply at a Kuwaiti Hospital (private) at their pharmacy after getting a prescription from a doctor there first - but the cost of the meds just about broke my bank. Any suggestions for me? Oh . . . and the school I teach for over here offers me health coverage - but no coverage for anti-depressants! Please: any ideas?
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