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International Relocation: A Pet's Perspective

By Jeremy Beaumont


Summary: A pet relocation company's case study of one basset hound's transfer from New York City to Perth, Australia.

Pet Relocation - A Dog's Perspective

Sullivan hadn't flown before. He was a bit nervous but because his trip was organised by a professional pet transport company he arrived healthy and happy at his destination.

The upheaval of moving or relocating your family domestically and internationally is greatly eased when your new house is quickly made to feel like home.

Often the arrival of a family's pet is an integral part of settling in, for both adults and children.

Because of this, it is essential that the transport of your "furry" family member isn't left to chance, or a business not familiar with the, often complex, transport and quarantine requirements of domestic and international travel.

A good pet transport company will customise their process for the origin and destination countries as well as accommodate all types of animals and any specific requirements or needs of the owners.

Case study: Sullivan the Basset Hound

After a long and enjoyable life in New York with many happy outings in Central Park, Sullivan, along with his owners, got the call to relocate to Perth, Australia.

Australia, like many international destinations, has stringent quarantine regulations that serve to protect its native fauna and flora as well as its agricultural industries from introduced pests and diseases.

Fortunately Sullivan's owners employed the service of a professional pet transport company.

The company's global knowledge of disease prevention, quarantine regulations and travel documentation, ensured that Sullivan received the required treatment prior to departing, reducing the time he had to spend in quarantine in Australia to the minimum of 30 days.

Pet transport companies also build and maintain strong relationships with airlines so that Sullivan only spent the minimum time in the air and arrived in Perth via the fastest route.

While Sullivan's owners were squeezed into their airline seats, the transport company ensured that Sullivan's time in the air was relaxing and comfortable by correctly selecting an appropriate pet capsule.

The choice of travel container for Sullivan was an essential ingredient of his successful move as all Basset Hounds, not to mention all pets, vary dramatically in their size, shape, weight and temperament.

Preparations for Sullivan's trip started six months prior to his departure date. The company factored in the long and complicated process when sending a pet to any "category four" country, such as Australia, France, Germany, Holland and Chile.

The process included the timing of Sullivan's vaccinations and antibody blood tests, sourcing the appropriate vet to administer the treatments and tests, and the timing of Sullivan's collection, flights, comfort stops and arrival.

What to look for when choosing a pet transport company

Sullivan's owners researched the best way to transport him and chose a transport company that:

  • Had a dedicated consultant who specialised in the complexities of the quarantine protocols for Australia and all other destinations
  • Communicated with Sullivan's owners to discuss Sullivan's current status in order to work out the best possible schedule for his transport based on the owner's circumstances
  • Provided ongoing veterinary advice for Sullivan's owners and help in selecting an approved local vet for delivering the required tests and treatments
  • Completed the Australian import permits including the full endorsement by the US governing body
  • Assessed Sullivan's size, shape, weight and temperament and recommended the most appropriate pet capsule for Sullivan's comfort.
  • Arranged a full door to door service inclusive of the approved capsule supply, local collection, domestic airport handling and lodgement, all flight bookings and quarantine arrangements
  • Arranged a comfort stop for Sullivan at their United States hub prior to his departure to Australia to ensure Sullivan was refreshed prior to the long flight (essential and important part of the service as Sullivan had to fly to Australia via San Francisco)
  • Arranged all transit permits to enter Australia
  • Arranged for a representative in their US office to coordinate Sullivan's local transport requirements
  • Arranged for an Australian based specialist with an ongoing professional relationship with the Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service and their quarantine staff, to look after all of Sullivan's quarantine bookings and any matters that may arise.
  • Provided notification of Sullivan's safe arrival into Australia plus ongoing updates throughout his quarantine stay.
By using a professional pet transport company, this complex process was taken care of so Sullivan's owners could look forward to greeting a happy and healthy hound at their new home.

About the Author

Jeremy Beaumont works with Jet Pets. Jet Pets ensures your new place quickly feels like home with the careful and professional delivery of your pet, domestically or internationally.

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First Published: Jan 04, 2008

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