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Belize is Not for Everyone, But I Love It 0

By Ron Forrester

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When I first started selling real estate in Belize in 1987, in retrospect, I know that I over-hyped the country. After about one year, it was much easier for me to talk to people about the pros and cons of Belize. Now every time that I hear someone stretching the truth about Belize, I just chuckle to myself.

Now I enjoy telling "Belize Factor" stories so much, that sometimes I worry about discouraging too many people from even going to Belize. If you expect the electricity to operate 365 days a year, the roads and highways to be smooth and free of bumps, your food order to come in 3 minutes or less, the weather to always be perfect; then you should probably not even consider Belize for a vacation, retirement, investment, etc. If you can visualize the glass half full, then come on down; Belize may be the perfect place for you.

If I were a young man again, I would be scuba diving and snorkeling the barrier reef, atolls, and hundreds of cayes that make Belize so special. Life sometimes goes around in a circle. Years ago, I traded in all my fishing gear for golf clubs; now I am looking forward to semi retirement in Belize with time to fish both the freshwater rivers and open Caribbean sea. In addition, I hope that I will take time to expand my writing capabilities and maybe even take up pencil drawing or some other art endeavor.

I enjoy dining at some of the nicer restaurants in the larger cities and also the restaurants that you find in the small villages of Belize. It is a nice change for me to eat some chicken that has not been shot full of hormones or whatever else we give poultry and livestock in the United States.

Over the last 17 years, I have met some interesting people and characters in Belize, from society drop outs to successful business types. Each one can tell you a different story about what attracts them to Belize. In addition to the many water activities, it may be exploring Mayan ruins, caves & caverns, or birding. Maybe one day in the future, I will meet you in Belize.

For more information, go to www.southbelizerealty.com and www.bacc.com.

About the Author

Ron Forrester is Marketing Director for Belize Development Company and British American Cattle Company, with offices in Austin, Texas and Belize City.

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Comments about this Article

Apr 1, 2011 11:48

So the only cons are that sometimes the weather is not good and that the roads aren't perfect? I would like to know the real cons of living in Belize. Everyone tells you the pros but no one explains the cons. I wish they had done that with where I am now. I could have made a much more informed decision.

Apr 14, 2012 10:05

Good day, Mr. Ron! Thank you for offering readers a more complete picture of Belize than any other author I've read to date. Most either straight-out trash it (no doubt due to personal bias and experiences) or completely over-hype it (for the same reasons) subsequently leaving out any helpful "cons". I believe the road of life, devoid of any sorts of bumps or twists, would be boring indeed...hence, Belize sounds like a cup "half-full" indeed. From the info you gave, I plan to visit--and perhaps even settle there--asap! kc

First Published: Dec 11, 2004

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