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By Joshua Wood

Summary: Are you eligible for coverage under UK's National Health Service (NHS)? Do you also need exapat health insurance? This article provides an overview.

Health Insurance in the UK - Are Expats Eligible for Coverage by the NHS?

Expats in the U.K. that are working there can become eligible for coverage under the National Health Service. Here are a few health care tips from expats already in the UK (taken from our UK expat forum):

  • Get your health care sorted out and ask HR about added medical coverage. Many companies offer supplemental health care as a benefit, but some are cutting this out of their benefits plans. You are automatically covered under NHS, but for the first year of residency, you are limited to walk-ins and hospital emergency rooms. Once you live here for a year, you can register with a proper heath care facility and get a primary care physician, but until then, you have very limited choice of doctors and specialty care. This may be important for your children particularly.
  • Consider keeping a health insurance policy in the U.S. for major illnesses. The NHS health care system here is not as bad as people make it out to be, but the U.S. is still better for high end care. It is good to have the option of returning to the U.S. for extremely complicated issues.
  • Get caught up on all heath visits, tests, eye exams, dentist visits, etc. before you leave. The rules for tests are different here, so for instance, women get mammograms every 3 years, not every year. NHS does not really have the concept of an annual physical. Basically, you go to the doctor when you have something wrong. You are covered for annual physicals however, when you have the extra health insurance coverage. You can, of course, get a physical any time you wish, but you pay extra for it if you are not covered.

Also note that when you are covered by NHS, a GP will be a gatekeeper that must refer you to specialists. Long waits can occur for these specialists, and for test and procedures that are not considered to be urgent. Having supplemental insurance gives some expats peace of mind to avoid these if needed. NHS provides information about NHS waiting times.

Below you will find links to explanations of what expats in the U.K. can expect to receive in terms of NHS benefits. Please note that the site clearly states that these documents are for GUIDANCE purposes only. Each individual's situation will be interpreted according to relevant NHS regulations for Overseas Visitors.

Healthcare for Expats in the U.K.: Are you engaging in employment in United Kingdom (UK)? - Expats will find an explanation for what they are entitled to while working in the U.K.

Healthcare for Expats in the U.K.: Are you taking up or resuming permanent residence in the UK? - You can find an explanation to what care you are entitled to as a permanent resident - and when you will be considered a permanent resident under the system - by reading this document.

NHS Choices site. Provides lots of official information and health care information.


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First Published: Oct 24, 2010

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