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Advice for expats living in Ecuador

Expats in Ecuador -- Thanksgiving in Ecuador
By Betsy Burlingame

For American expats looking to dine out on Thanksgiving, here's a list of several restaurants offering Thanksgiving dinners in Quito and Cuena.

Expat Ecuador -- 10 Tips for Living in Ecuador
By Betsy Burlingame

Expats in Ecuador appreciate the cost of living, the friendly people, the beautiful weather and warm culture. The bureaucracy can be very trying, petty theft an issue and driving downright dangerous. But, if you ask most expats who are retired or working in Ecuador, they don't regret the move to Ecuador.

Retiring Abroad -- 5 Great Places to Retire in South America
By Betsy Burlingame

Expats offered their recommendations for places to retire in South America. We know that this is a short list and hope you'll add your favorites below in the comments section.

Ecuador: A Primer for the First Time Visitor -- (or, why you don't need a tour)
By Susan Schlesinger

Susan Schlesinger, our Ecuador Forum moderator and the Manager of the Ocean Hideaway, gives her primer for newcomers and visitors to Ecuador.

Expat Safety -- The Most Sought After Document in South America
By Charles R. Barrett

Charles Barrett offers some helpful tips to ensure that you minimize risk associated with a lost or stolen passport.

Cotacachi, Ecuador -- An Up and Coming Expat Destination
By Gary Kesinger

Cotacachi, Ecuador had only a handful of expat residents only three years ago. Now, expat-owned restaurants are opening, gated housing developments are springing up and expat social clubs are forming. It's an exciting time to move to Cotacachi.

Living in Ecuador -- 7 Things You Didn't Know You Could Do in Ecuador
By Domenick Buonamici

Alone, cheap cost of living is a bad reason to move to another country, that could change overnight! Buonamici shares 7 other reasons.

Living Overseas: -- World's Top Retirement Havens 1 Through 9
By Kathleen Peddicord

Where are the best places to retire overseas? Which retirement haven is right for you? France? Ecuador? Panama? Nicaragua? Thailand? Kathleen Peddicord shares the pros and cons of the world's top 9 retirement havens.

Live in Ecuador -- The Dog Whisperers of Cotacachi
By David T. Hall

Lee and Peggy Carper are on a mission to spay and neuter the stray dogs of Cotacachi, Ecuador -- as well as to nurse and feed the ones who showed malnutrition or disease.

Crime in Ecuador -- Strategies for Staying Safe in Ecuador
By US Department of State

Strategies for staying safe in Ecuador from our Ecuador Forum and US Department of State.

Expat Advice -- Crime & Safety in Ecuador
By Betsy Burlingame

Advice from Expats in Ecuador about Safety, Security and Crime in Ecuador.

Ecuador Safety -- From US State Department
By US Department of State

Ecuador Crime, Safety and Country Information from the US State Department.

Expat Life -- International Schools in Ecuador
By Betsy Burlingame

From the American School of Quito to Acadamia Cotopaxi, we cover the most popular international schools in Ecuador.

Expat Life -- Cotacachi, Ecuador
By Gary Kesinger

Cotacachi, Ecuador is a wonderful place to retire. Former teacher, Gary Kesinger, describes life in Cotacachi.

Living in Ecuador -- 2010 Ecuador Cost of Living
By Domenick Buonamici

Living in Ecuador may not be an inexpensive as living in Mexico or living in Costa Rica, but it's still cheap. Ecuador real estate reporter gives a brief overview of 2010 Cost of living in Ecuador.

Visa Ecuador -- The Best Way to Obtain a Residency Visa in Ecuador
By Charles Barrett

What is the best Ecuador visa to have? How do expats obtain a residency visa in Ecuador? Many expats obtain a retirement visa or investment visa, but there's another visa that will save you time and money.

Living in Ecuador -- The Most Sought After Document in South America
By Charles Barrett

Altered passports bring thousands on the black market in Ecuador. Keeping your passport safe and giving notarized, color copies to lawyers, customs and other officials is very important.

Moving to Ecuador -- Tips for Newcomers in Ecuador
By Betsy Burlingame

When it comes to getting an insider's perspective on expat life in Ecuador, our Ecuador network is the place to post! With hundreds of posts each month, members cover current events, moving and relocation advice and much more!

Moving Overseas -- Central and South America
By Donald Lee

Lee offers ten tips for people contemplating a move to Central or South America.

Living in Ecuador -- Quito Profile
By Member

English teachers abound in Ecuador's capital city of Quito. With great night life, welcoming people, nearby mountains and active expat groups it might be just right for you.

Paradise Found -- Bahia de Caraquez, Ecuador
By Dean LaCoursiere

After years of exploring Central and South America, LaCoursiere found his paradise - Bahia de Caraquez, Ecuador.

City Profile -- Cuenca, Ecuador
By Member

If you're considering a move to Ecuador, don't overlook Cuenca.

Learning -- Test Your Spanish
By don Quijote Spanish Courses
Living in Ecuador -- Ecuador's Top-Notch Medical and Dental Care
By Gary Scott

A review of Ecuador's top-notch medical and dental care.

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