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How to Explore France on a Budget

Expats in France love to explore all of the wonderful destinations throughout the country, but it's expensive. Lyon-based blogger Aga Marchewka offers some great tips on how to soften the blow as you enjoy the sites and sounds of France!

10 Things to Do in London During Christmas

London is the perfect place to get in the Christmas spirit. Here are 10 things to do in London during the Christmas season.

Your Guide to Studying Abroad in the EU

The European Commission offers an overview of resources available to EU citizens who want to study abroad.

Healthcare Abroad in the EU

The European Commission offers an overview of EU citizens' healthcare rights while traveling in other EU countries.

Ready for your holidays? Here's what you need to remember

This article from the European Commission reviews common travel issues when planning a holiday in the EU - from passenger rights to safety to traveling with pets.

Expat New York: Top 10 Things To Do For Expats Living in New York City

Expats in New York City will learn a lot about the culture and people of New York if they get out and do some exploring. Here are 10 things to do that will help get you quickly settled.

Expat France: An Interview with Terrance Gelenter

An expat interview with "Paris Through Expatriate Eyes" founder Terrance Gelenter

How To Pack To Be At Home Anywhere in the World

Vicki Terhorst shares her tips for packing that help she and her husband feel at home anywhere in the world.

Living in Mexico: Deep In the Yucatan Jungle, a Business That Transformed a Community

Sandra Dayton and her husband moved to Mexico to pursue their dream of living on the ocean, but the sustainable lifestyle of the Mayan people drew them into the jungle. Today, she runs the Jungle Spa, a non-profit spa that helps to support 60 people in the community.

Living in Singapore: Escaping the Singapore Squeeze

Expats often complain that Singapore feels overcrowded. Real Estate expert and expat, Bryan Norman, offers great getaways ideas -- from enjoying the peace and quiet of the Bukit Timah Nature Reserve to jungle-trekking in Malaysia.

On the Road in Cairo, Egypt - Jan 28 & 29th 2011

Walter M Woolf,V.M.D. describes his recent travels in Egypt during the protests in Cairo.

Gourmet Dining in Bariloche, Argentina

The northern gateway city of Bariloche is a true tangible example of paradise. Great food. Great wine. Great views. Expat Shanie Matthews reveals five of her favorite restaurants.

Everything You Need For The Perfect Christmas In Singapore (Real Trees, Turkeys, Stollen etc)

With Christmas fast approaching, blogger AngryAngMo offers last minute advice for where to buy Christmas trees, Stollen, cookie cutters and more.

Christmas away from home: A look at how expats celebrate around the world

How does the expat community spend Christmas away from home? What’s the best present to send if you’re living abroad and how can you keep in touch during the busy holiday season?

`Tis the Season to Be Travelling

Amanda van Mulligen talks to mums on the move to get their tips for stress free travel this Christmas time.

Eight Can't Miss International Travel Tools

No one should leave on any international trip until they consult these eight online tools.

Traveling with Your Kids or Grandkids in Panama; What an Adventure!

Panama offers a new world and a wealth of natural, fun, experiences -- and what an education for both the kids and the adults (but don't tell them that part).

Mendoza, Argentina: The Napa Valley of South America

Why go to California when you can fly to Mendoza, drink more exotic and affordable wines, and go horseback riding across the magnificent Andes Mountains?

Train Travel in Spain

Spain rail travel is both convenient and affordable, aside from being a fun way to visually experience the whole of Spain.

Kids Who Travel Abroad, Things to Consider & Changing U.S. Entry Requirements

Parents often wonder whether they need a written authorization to travel with a child of their own or with one of their children's friends when traveling overseas. Well, the simple answer is, more often then you might think.

France's Cycle Network - An Expat's Dream

UK cycle author Richard Peace explores the fast developing French cycle route network and recommends his favourite areas.

Culture Tips for Dubai Visitors

Important advice for expats and travelers in Dubai about how to dress appropriately, the Holy Month of Ramadan and other customs.

International Health Insurance Options for Expatriates

Wayne Sakamoto explains why expatriates need specialized insurance and how to choose it.

Life in France: Around and Around We Go

Suzanne Saxe-Roux shares how she learned to navigate French roundabouts and enjoy them as much as the French do.

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