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Perseval replied to the thread English to Lithuanian translation on the Lithuania forum:
Shmevus initially posted:
I would like to honor my grandfather with a tattoo in Lithuanian but do not trust google translate. Would anyone be willing to translate a single sentence for me?
Perseval replied on August 08, 2014 with:
Hi, I can help you to translate. Lithuanian is my native language.
Shmevus replied on March 21, 2014 with:
I'm an American. I just wanted some help and I believe I've got it. Didn't mean to cause controversy. Thanks to all
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Arminas replied to the thread settling in lithuania on the Lithuania forum:
izhar initially posted:
hi buddies, i m planning to move to Lithuania for business settle like shop keeping or import/export. i am also plan to settle permanently there. i am quite new and no friend there. please well inform me.,which city i should i settle myself for business. thanks and regards
Arminas replied most recently with:
hi, I think Vilnius is the most suitable for starting a business since its the largest city in the country and there are more people from abroad compared to other cities.
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parabha3 posted Master in Public Health on the Lithuania forum:
Hello guys, Im a dentist from India and planning to take Master in Public Health in Lithuania this year. Jus wanted to know how much is monthly expense thr? N overall how is life thr?
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Dospraline replied to the thread Message from cousin - Lithuanian to English translation on the Lithuania forum:
Dospraline initially posted:
One of my cousins from Lithuania recently sent me a message on Facebook, but I barely know any Lithuanian. I can tell she's asking something about our Aunt Verute, but that's about it. I tried translating it myself, but I'm not too familiar with conjugations. Could someone please help me with this? Thanks! Here's the message: labas puseseriuke gal kada svajoji ilietuva atvykti noreciau paklausti kaip teta verute gyvena visai su ja neina susisiekti kaip ji laikosi
Dospraline replied most recently with:
Thank you so much! I truly appreciate it.
nerka replied most recently with:
Hi dear cousin, Perhaps you wish to come to Lithuanian some time in the future? I'd like to ask how aunt Verute is doing, I can't get in touch with her. How is she?
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When moving into a different country it might be hard deciding where to live exactly. The names of the streets sound like magic words; you have no idea how far you’d have to go to the center, whether the price you’re offered is reasonable and how much you should pay for water and energy. These are common troubles for every traveler who comes into the country alone. I should know, I lived in a few countries alone myself and I know what a pain looking for rent can be.After I came back to Lithuania, I’ve found a website, specified to answer exactly these questions that I desperately needed. Right now it’s specified for Lithuania, so if you are coming to Vilnius, Kaunas or other bigger town, you can easily check all of these things in their website (also, in English and Russian). The website is user friendly; you can get information about a certain house or even compare two of them. The given information shows information about the building, air and noise pollution, distance to the center, average market price, etc. If you want to get information about a specific house, then they also show how much will you have to pay for heating, water, - usual maintenance costs. The website also has rent or sale ads, so you can just check out the possible living place there. And if you have any questions, you can always ask the staff.
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A writer from the Associated Press is interested in talking to people who decide to retire abroad for reasons related to affordable health care. He is also interested to hear about other reasons why you chose to retire abroad. If you would be interested to speak with him and possibly be written about in his article, please send an email to Joshua Wood at:
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chelsey posted Kaunas on the Lithuania forum:
Hello! I am heading to graduate school in Kaunas, Lithuania this fall. I am not sure what to expect, but I'm really looking forward to it. If anyone has an tips or advice that would be greatly appreciated.
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hbud14 replied to the thread Taking the Leap on the Lithuania forum:
vanitoss initially posted:
My husband and I are both American born and moving to Lithuania within the next year for his new job. While he will have a new job, so far I will have nothing to do. How difficult is it to get a work visa in Lithuania? Once I get the Visa, how difficult would it be to get a job as an English speaker? Thirdly, are universities realatively accepting of English-speaking international students? I'm incredibly nervous about the whole thing, having never left the US before (let alone LIVED outside the US)
hbud14 replied most recently with:
Hi! I am "hopefully" moving to Lithuania in July of this year. My husband is Lithuanian and is currently living there himself. Getting a visa can be extremely difficult. Honestly, I have tried for more than a year to get a work visa and it is nearly impossible to find a company or workplace to fill out all the necessary paper work and then pay all of the fees. I think your best bet will be to look into to all the laws and see if there is some way you can get a spousal visa, since your husband will obviously be able to get one himself if he has the job. As for getting a job, if you can teach English it's not really that difficult to get a job. Most language schools that I have talked with really love Americans that come there to teach and plan on staying a while, but you have to have the visa before you get there. None of the schools I talked with would help me get a visa. I also definitely recommend talking Lithuanian language courses before you get there. Many people "can" speak in English, but if you only speak in English many people in stores and things of that nature will do their best to take advantage of you. They will consider you tourist. That being said I was able to find a great school online that taught me classes via skype and I am fairly fluent after about 5 months of classes. Good Luck to you! Lithuania is a beautiful country with some very amazing people. Have an open mind and embrace the new culture!
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Davidsco posted Gargzdai on the Lithuania forum:
I am looking to take some quiet time out and I may have an opportunity for this near Gargzdai to study remotely. I am a single Uk guy comfortable with my own company but equally nice to have some interaction now and again-If anyonce could outline what kind of area this is I would be grateful-Places to hike?walk? climb? What are communications like-internet?TV? Is there much to see in the area? Any tips gratefully recieved
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rammy121 replied to the thread kaunas to šiauliai on the Lithuania forum:
andythevideoman initially posted:
HI I hope someone can help, i plan to fly from Dublin later this year to Kaunas, flight arrives 20:30 but train leaves at 16:30 (strange) so it would appear i would be stuck for some hours (whats the first bus to šiauliai) So does anyone know how to get from the airport to the bus station and from there a bus to šiauliai bus station. Sounds simple but i get lost trying to understand the websites showing what bus i should take. Is the bus stop far from the airport? Prices for bus to station and to šiauliai. I figure on the return trip the train will be fine as it will arrive in Kaunas before the flight. Hope someone can make sense of this Thanks Andy
rammy121 replied most recently with:
i'm not sure if you got a reply but anyway. from kaunas airport to kaunas central...if i remember rightly, there's a bus that does the trips. when you come out of arrivals (out of the airport), turn's all there. check out the airport web site. the airport really isn't big. the train station and the bus station are literally opposite each other in kaunas. most young people speak english so it's not too hard to get around. good luck rammy
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