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ashen89 posted Moving to Lithuania - Advice on the Lithuania forum on November 26, 2014:
Hi, I'm an Englishman with a Lithuanian girlfriend and we've been discussing potentially moving to Lithuania for a period of time in the future. I've seen a few similar topics on this forum but nothing in the last year or 2, I thought perhaps conditions may have changed. My question is: what kind of work will I be able to find and how likely am I to be able to find it? My girlfriends family is located in Jurbarkas though Kaunas, Klaipeda and Vilnius are the 3 most likely destinations. I'm 25 and have a degree in Microbiology and experience working in Quality Assurance but I appreciate that without the language skills work in such areas would be impossible so I'm willing to do low-skilled work and learn the language as I go. Work in places such as hostels, hotels and bars would be ideal Would it be worth it for me to get a qualification in teaching English as a foreign language? Are there opportunities in this sector? Any info at all would be much appreciated!
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Blog A Dash of Wanderlust posted on the Lithuania Network
On A Dash of Wanderlust I share my travel adventures, mishaps, and about finding my niche in Vilnius.
DashOWanderlust replied to the thread Agency fees, tax and bills on the Lithuania forum:
sandersm108 initially posted:
Hi all, I'm soon to be moving to lithuania for a few months on a secondment. I was wondering what the average council tax, utility bills and agency fees and deposit on rental accommodation is Any help will be greatly appreciated!
DashOWanderlust replied most recently with:
Good luck! Deposit on an apartment is usually first months rent. Rent costs vary greatly depending on where you live and the size of the apartment. Internet costs about 50 LTL per month. Utility bills are separate and are electricity, gas (if you have it), heat, water, and garbage disposal. Electricity and water are fairly inexpensive, however heat is very expensive and can be up to 1000LTL per month. Heat is controlled by the city in most apartments.
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sandersm108 posted Fees, Bills and Deposits on the Lithuania forum:
Hi, I am due to start a secondment for a few months in Lithuania and i was wondering what the average rates are for the following: Council Tax Rental Deposit Agency Fees Utility Bills Wifi and/or phone line rental Any other housing costs when renting Any help you can provide will be greatly appreciated
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Rajks replied to the thread Setting Up Business In Lithuania on the Lithuania forum:
reeshu initially posted:
Friends, I am interested in migrating to Lithuania. I need to know about business opportunities there in Lithuania. Can anybody help me in this matter please?
Rajks replied most recently with:
I am interested to set up business & also buy some property . Can you please send details about the same urgently. Raj
nigeldeo replied most recently with:
I am nigel from uk living in lithuania with my wife who is lithuanian. What business interests do you have? I am a business and property consultant in lithuania
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Can anyone provide a short list of companies assigning expats to Lithuania? I am a U.S. citizen fluent in Lithuanian with an international MBA and would love to work in Lithuania.
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Can anyone provide a short list of companies assigning expats to Lithuania? I am a U.S. citizen fluent in Lithuanian with an international MBA and would love to work in Lithuania.
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I am considering moving to Lithuania and am a violinmaker and musician (fiddler). I have also been furniture maker in the past. What is the cultural - arts environment in either Kovno or Vilnius areas. Is it a culture where handcrafted work is appreciated and purchased. Is live music in bars / restaurants / or other venues part of the everyday culture?
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rvt posted American spouse and kids on the Lithuania forum:
Hi, I am Lithuanian who has lived in US for 20 years. Planning to move here next year. I have Lithuanian and American citizenship and so do my kids. My spouse is American. What is the procedure of immigration in my case? Do I just register in Vilnius? How difficult it is to apply for residence permit for my spouse? I would appreciate the information from people who have gone through this.
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Perseval replied to the thread English to Lithuanian translation on the Lithuania forum:
Shmevus initially posted:
I would like to honor my grandfather with a tattoo in Lithuanian but do not trust google translate. Would anyone be willing to translate a single sentence for me?
Perseval replied most recently with:
Hi, I can help you to translate. Lithuanian is my native language.
Shmevus replied most recently with:
I'm an American. I just wanted some help and I believe I've got it. Didn't mean to cause controversy. Thanks to all
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