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Wanderlustspirit replied to the thread Schools on the Uruguay forum on April 25, 2015:
LD initially posted:
Thank you Expats for sharing. I have been following for a while. My son and I are going to visit Montevideo in the summer with the hope of moving there. I teach English as a Second Language in VA. I am eager to find a good school for my son, who speaks no Spanish. I understand it will be a private school, I am just interested in very good schools for my son who is 12. While in the city I would like to explore schools for my son and a safe place for us to live. If you have suggestions, thank you for sharing with us. Lori
Wanderlustspirit replied 25 minutes ago with:
Does anyone have any feedback on any of the interbnational schools in Punta del Este? They teach 1/2 the day in English &,1/2 the day in Spanish. Thanks!
edykizaki replied 2 hours ago with:
yes, I'd be happy to share info on my son's school in Montevideo, Daniel is 13 and passed 7th grade, his private bilingual school tutored him and he passed the test someone mentioned on here... they got him reclassified as an english speaker with spanish as a second language and tutuored him to pass the uruguay test! we were so happy. it's a good school and central in Montevideo (Coleigo Paulo Friere). They will let your son visit for a couple days and check it out.
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remoore2001 replied to the thread bank and corporitive investments on the Ecuador forum on April 25, 2015:
mike53 initially posted:
I read a lot of posts. We have been getting average 10% for years here, with cosede guaranteed investments. We keep the amounts in each under $30,000.00 in each. I wont try to claim this is safe, but we have collected our interest each month for years.
remoore2001 replied 32 minutes ago with:
Well Mike I guess the verdict is in as far as worthless posts go. You 2 posts have been voted Most worthless. But I imagine after living in 30 (are you sure it's not 29 or 31) you are very wealthy with your world wide banking prowess. Thanks for letting the rest of us be privy to your genious
OceanHideaway replied 6 hours ago with:
You might want to bring yourself up to speed in the Coopera case and how there was insufficient money to payout on those account holders with larger savings and CDs. Here is the latest news... Siete procesados a juicio por peculado en caso Coopera http://www.elmercurio.com.ec/415868-siete-procesados-a-juicio-por-peculado-en-caso-coopera/#.VTvw8pOdrIU Embezzlement and money laundering ...
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OceanHideaway replied to the thread Civil Rights in Ecuador for LGBT & unmarried straight couples on the Ecuador forum on April 25, 2015:
HomeExchanger initially posted:
From the Washington Blade: Ecuadorian lawmakers on Wednesday 4/15/2015 overwhelmingly approved a bill that would allow for the legal recognition of civil unions in the South American country. Members of the Ecuadorian Assembly by an 89-1 vote margin approved the provision as part of a measure that seeks to amend the country’s civil code. El Comercio, an Ecuadorian newspaper, reported the measure would allow LGBT couples to receive “the same rights and obligations of a marriage” in terms of pensions, purchasing a home together and other benefits. It would also eliminate the requirement that couples must wait two years before entering into a civil union and demonstrate that they had lived together during this period. The proposal would also apply to unmarried straight couples.
OceanHideaway replied 6 minutes ago with:
Actually calling people who are afraid (phobic) of those who are homosexual as homophobic is a lot more civilized than calling them any number of other terms that could be used that would be to stoop to that level of "cant" that is meant ot dehumanize and de-intellectualize by their negative meanings and connotations. ...so your argument about word choice lacks serious rationale. What you claimed was not equivalent and your words were hurtful. If you meant to use them as a revenge for the feelings you experienced recognizing your actions as fearful of homosexuals or as it is correctly termed, homophobic, or simply because you were too ignorant to recognize that such terms are truly hurtful, I hope this post helps educate you as to the fact that words can communicate both thoughtfulness, and hurt. And often it is a reflection not of what it is you have written but how you write that goes on to make or break an argument... especially one as charged as this one.
remoore2001 replied 28 minutes ago with:
Windshadow, you shouldn't post about sticking things where they don't belong. Your French, you people have been sticking things in the wrong place for hundreds of years
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Ashli343 replied to the thread Single Man late 20's / early 30's on the Oman forum:
USAmoving initially posted:
I'm a single Western man, moving to Muscat. Expats seem to love life in Oman, but they are mostly families, happy with the quality of life.. As a single expat, what to expect? Any suggestions on where to live in Muscat (budget not a problem, looking for convenience and proximity to other expats in the same situation)? How to socialize and where to meet other single expats?
Ashli343 replied 1 hour ago with:
Hey, did you make your move to Muscat? I'm moving from the US to Muscat in August. Can you give me the answers to the questions you had? :) Thanks!
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eper090643 replied to the thread wow on the Ecuador forum on April 25, 2015:
mike53 initially posted:
I have never read so much negative, worthless crud on any site. Ecuador is just a place, and this is not 1860. Moving here is like moving anywhere that is not the place you grew up. I lived in thirty countries, and most of you make living abroad spund like living on the moon, and many responses i read here are caustic, ignorant, and without any merit. Bye bye.
eper090643 replied 55 minutes ago with:
Over 30 countries, guess NO ONE wanted him. Oh well.
remoore2001 replied 9 hours ago with:
Ken have to agree with you. I traveled to a few countries behind the Iron Curtain in my young adult hood but by no means Lived there. The internet is even easier to turn off since you actually have to search it t get to any forums, where as Tv if you turn it on you are there. So, don't like what you see? BYE
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bobbyveee replied to the thread Corozal on the Belize forum on April 25, 2015:
davidjana initially posted:
My initial impression is very favorable but to me this is not "it" - it's kind of a "suburban" feel to me but too sterile. No animals here really and the shallow Chetumal Bay is kind of need like the only pelican I've seen hangs on out the town dock for fish scraps after the market. I'm heading for Caulker for a month in May then onto Dangriga and tentatively to Hopkins or Maya Beach after that but I'm already on Belize Time so anything could happen. I ain't goin back to the states unless someone or something bigger and stronger than I am makes me!
bobbyveee replied 1 hour ago with:
I'm not American and its not mainly foreigners exploiting locals, its Belizeans in power that exploit most people. A nice place is being ruined IMHO
ezeebe replied 5 hours ago with:
come on bobby its not that bad, are you saying these things so people will not want to settle in Belize???? do you or have you heard of the amount of killing by the police in the U.S????? do you think the U.S a better place to live than Belize???? i find Belize to be a great place, even as it is now, it only us foreigners that's making it bad, stealing the local land for cheap and selling it back at a high profit, don't be so neg about Belize bobby
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panamajames replied to the thread Panama, Cell phone Services on the Panama forum on April 25, 2015:
kayla64 initially posted:
Hello All, I'm a retired and I plan be heading your way in a couple of months. I was wondering about the Cell phone services there, which service provider do you recommend or most reliable and can I use my unlocked/ cell phone with local services?
panamajames replied 3 hours ago with:
They are all relatively good. Excellent data plans from Cable and Wireless, Mas Movil is great, Movistar and Claro are great. Try one and see how you like it. Everyone changes service all the time, looking for the very best one.
tombseekers replied 11 hours ago with:
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panamajames replied to the thread rental car on the Panama forum on April 25, 2015:
GoPack initially posted:
Rented a car from Cowboy Dave and the car ran great and at a good price as well with insurance. Got stopped at a check point and had to give the police $30 because I did not have a fire extinguisher. Dave said he never head of this. Also when we returned the car asked Dave if he could call a cab for us. Dave flat out said no and kicked us to the curb to flag a cab down. Cabs kept going by and would not stop for us. Then Dave came out looked around and shut his gate. By Gods Grace an expat was getting a cab ride just down the road from where we were standing and had the cab stop. So if you need anything more than a car return at Dave's that's all your getting. Sad.
panamajames replied 6 hours ago with:
There are business people in Boquete that I highly recommend, and people that I do not..........This is not the first time that I have heard such a story.
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kateallie posted Butane Gas Canisters on the Nicaragua forum on April 25, 2015:
Hi there, I'm looking to purchase the blue Butane Gas canisters for our camping cooker. We can't seem to find them anywhere. Any suggestions? Thanks, Kate
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Patricio replied to the thread Moving to MED COL, maybe, tal vez on the Colombia forum on April 25, 2015:
Tostado66 initially posted:
Any middle aged yanki imperialistas (gringo North Americans) living in MED? I'm thinking of moving there in a few months. I know Col and speak Span and like to know how the life is there, and to make a few amigos (I am not a homosexual, so your poto is safe). Any info you can offer would be greatly appreciated. Can we exchange emails, and perhaps visit you to show me the life there? MED is my fav city in Spanish-speaking America, but (oops, there goes the "but" jokes again!) is it nice and easy to move permanently?
Patricio replied 2 hours ago with:
Trying way too hard.
Waltercito replied 11 hours ago with:
..."homosexual"...really?; "but" jokes? Baggage on display in your first post? You'll do better here: http://medellinliving.com/
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