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BrianHuntley posted Tie Up The Camel on the Philippines forum on September 01, 2014:
There is an old Arabic saying "Believe in God, but tie up your camel". :) If I as a foreigner cannot own land in the Philippines and MUST put it in my wifes name is it possible to protect myself let's say in the case of a seperation or divorce. One thought that come to mind is to sign a long term lease agreement with the wife whereas I or one of my family signs a long term lease agreement with her for the house and land. Would that dog hunt? If it would what would be the longest term one could lease for, ie 30 years, 50 years? Is there other ways to cover oneself in the very unliklyhood of a marraige breakdown (were say the foreigner has placed all his/her assetts and years of savings/wealth in the partners name as required by Philippines law? I am sure more than myself might be interested in any advise. Regards Brian
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livefreebstrong replied to the thread raising taxes on the Ecuador forum on September 01, 2014:
remoore2001 initially posted:
Well El Presidente has said in his Saturday radio message that he is considering asking for a tax increase on some items including alcohol. Along with the taking away of the subsidies, it seems that a lot of locals may be put in a bind. What do you all think of this?
livefreebstrong replied on September 01, 2014 with:
Ok Since everyone's confessing about their favorite local liquors. Ruskaya Vodka in many flavors. 9,00 a bottle, more or less. Concocted in Quito.
GringoinQuito replied on September 01, 2014 with:
CienFuegos is a Cuban style rum. It's not made in Cuba, but I believe in Ecuador. My favorite is Ron Cartavio Black from Peru. It costs about $10 per liter in SuperMaxi.
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jkgood replied to the thread Corporate Taxes on the Panama forum on September 01, 2014:
jkgood initially posted:
Moving my company from Canada to Panama was wondering what the taxes are for profit? I already know the company has to pay Corporations in Panama pay 300.00 per year to the government and 150.00 to the attorney: total 450.00 maintenance fee. Is there any other taxes such as what you made for profit?
jkgood replied on September 01, 2014 with:
thanks I found the answer. Minimum income tax calculation can be used, by which the 25% rate is applied to the net taxable income that arises after deducting 95.33% from the gross taxable income. Small businesses benefit from a calculation over a combination of the personal and the corporate tax rate.
MushroomMike replied on September 01, 2014 with:
There are two countries on this planet that tax their citizens on everything they earn in any other country, even if those citizens are non-residents of those two countries. They are "The Land of the Free' (U.S.A.), and Eritrea. There is a pretty good chart on this reference page (Icannot attest to its accuracy): https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/International_taxation
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MushroomMike replied to the thread Pensionado income requirement on the Panama forum on September 01, 2014:
stdfh initially posted:
First, let me vent and say I've had two really dumb lawyers in Panama. They were worth exactly every penny I've paid to date: zero. It's hard to comprehend so much varied and conflicting info from just two sources. Now,I have two questions: 1) Am I allowed to combine social security benefits and a private pension to reach the $1,000 requirement for pensionado status? (One of the attorneys has said NO) If the answer to that 1st question is NO, then I need not pursue this any further. I actually have more income from other sources, but it seems the immigration department clearly won't count that. If the answer to question 1 is, Yes, then I must setup question 2) My pension is from a union, not a company or corporation, and is backed by the U.S. taxpayer, per a l974 law. The problem is the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) will not provide a letter-of-good-standing or a letter certifying "existence" of the pension plan. The DOL's position is that the information can easily be found online, which it can, by locating form 5500 that must be filed yearly for a specific pension plan such as mine. The Trust that administers the pension has written a letter stating the monthly amount of the pension, that it IS for life, and the date I retired. So, now question 2); Will this suffice for the Panamanian Immigration department? Thanks ahead for any replies!
MushroomMike replied on September 01, 2014 with:
Geez, what great lawyers! Maybe you should try a third lawyer? At the present time I am planning on using Tanya Coronado at PTY Lawyers for my visa. http://ptylawyers.com/
Panamajack replied on September 01, 2014 with:
Good morning---only 2--I'm on number 4 and still not doing that well. I have my pensionado status (2008) but having extreme troubles with property titles. You can combine incomes to meet the requirement and I would say that any "confirmation" of income would suffice as long as you get the "stamps" ie authenticated etc. I love Panama but the legal systems are completely backwards and interpretation of the rules are at the whim of the official.
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Carene60 posted Accommodation Boquette on the Panama forum on September 01, 2014:
Hi ARe there any other unique places with for instance cabins and a pool similar to this one? Love staying in places like this.. Unique Boquete River Inn
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mirthpro posted STORAGE on the Panama forum on September 01, 2014:
Anyone familiar with The Private Bank Vault? Would appreciate feedback, good/bad if you have experience with them, thanks!
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busman7 replied to the thread Can I buy property with an American bank account? on the Guatemala forum on September 01, 2014:
PapaPoopy initially posted:
I don't want to put my money in a Guatemalan bank account I don't trust it.. So can I buy it with my Bank of America account?
busman7 replied on September 01, 2014 with:
No reason except that B of A treats you like a drug dealer with questions that are none of their damn business, been there, told them to stick it and return my money, then went to a civilized US bank to wire the money to my Salvadorño attorney.
bajasur replied on September 01, 2014 with:
There's no reason you can't wire the money from BofA to your Guatemalan attorneys trust account for disbursement to the sellers attorney upon completion of the sale.
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Carene60 posted Boquette rentals or Accommodation on the Panama forum on September 01, 2014:
Hi Would appreciate any info on a rental for 3 mature ladies from Canada in Boquette. From 4 DEC to 4 Jan. Question- we would have loved to stay by the ocean- does the humidity get less at this time of the year? Carene
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mollykat73 replied to the thread Primary Schools-Mobay, Falmouth or Ochi on the Jamaica forum on September 01, 2014:
mollykat73 initially posted:
My family and I are considering a move to Mobay, Falmouth or Ocho Rios from Minnesota. I have a business trip planned for early November and would like to look at schools in the area for our 6 year old daughter. Does anyone have kids that go to a good private or public primary school in any of these areas? If so, which one? Do you like the school and do your kids like it? Thank you! Molly
mollykat73 replied on September 01, 2014 with:
Well, I'm doing some serious research on a business trip in November. I have a job lined up so I'm exploring a work visa. I still plan to come back to the states a few times a year but need to be there more than 180 days a year. I'm not sure if this will all pan out or not.
Twosox replied on September 01, 2014 with:
Pick me up on your way thru, I am in WI on I-94! I want to go to Ocho. How are you just picking up and going to live in Jamaica? I thought you needed to leave every 3 months for a week and extend your visa all the time. Has that changed? Are they actually allowing people to really MOVE there, without having to run home all the time and extend their visa's? I had friends there, probably for 7-8 yrs, now they are gone to St Marteen, thinking they possibly got tired of being sent home every 3 or 6 months, or had just seen all the island and moved on to explore a new one!
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