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SWIRLZ replied to the thread guide on the Ecuador forum on August 27, 2014:
KenandSusanOliveira initially posted:
We are coming in November for 2 weeks. Any suggestions for a good responsible tour guide? Will need to speak english. We are learning spanish now. Please contact me with any suggestions.
SWIRLZ replied 32 minutes ago with:
Arriving where? Cuenca....Quito....the coast?
Freddikins replied 1 hour ago with:
Yikes did I send it already? I was going to rewrite! His name is Juan Carrasco, can be found through Nexus Language School. Marcella can help you obtain him. His strength is that he is more than a guide or interpreter, he is a cultural interpreter, and amazing!
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siliconpalms replied to the thread Native English teacher needed in Moema São Paulo on the Brazil forum:
Aussao initially posted:
Hi, I'm in need of a native English teacher who can teach business English 2 days a week. Mondays and Tuesdays 12-13:30. Payment is R$75/ 1.5 hour class. Please message me your experience.
siliconpalms replied 1 hour ago with:
Greetings from Brooklin, I'm an Expat Canuck and have been teaching English part-time for about 6 months and my wife has been teaching for over 4 years, together we have excellent books and courses. You can learn more about me here: http://about.me/aaronday Warm regards, Aaron
Lydiaschneee replied on August 23, 2014 with:
Hello! We are a group of native language teachers in São Paulo. We all have a university degree and we teach German, English, Italian, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Mandarin, Danish, Filipino, Korean, Dutch, Finnish and Hindi. Check us out: Willsprechen idiomas www.willsprechen.at office@willsprechen.at or directly to Lydia lydiaschneee@yahoo.de 011 99363028 Olá! Hi! Nós somos um grupo de professores nativos. We are a group of Native Language teachers and we all have a university degree. Todos nós temos formação universitátia e especialização. You can find our CVs on the site: Os nossos CVs se encontram no www.willsprechen.at Caso vc ter interesse e só nos mandar o seu endereço e o horário que melhor atenda suas necessidades! Please get in touch via email and tell us you adress and possible teaching time. Por favor entre em contato via e-mail. Willsprechen idiomas www.willsprechen.at office@willsprechen.at coordenadora: Lydia lydiaschneee@yahoo.de 011 993630283
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matteodidonato07 posted Italian 27 y.o. looking for a challenge in Shanghai on the China forum on August 27, 2014:
Actively looking for a new challenge in Shanghai in marketing, business development or sales. 3 ys experience (Pirelli,Henkel),Germany&Italy. 6 months sabbatical through South and Central America. Fluent in 5 languages. www.linkedin.com/pub/matteo-di-donato/17/a90/861/ Thank you for your time
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livefreebstrong replied to the thread Relocating Family on the Ecuador forum on August 27, 2014:
adalt2 initially posted:
My wife and I are thinking about relocating to the area as an early retirement with our two kids. I am in my early 40's and would like to get information from someone who moved from the US with their family to the area. If you can be of assistance, please respond. Thanks.
livefreebstrong replied 45 minutes ago with:
Adalt2, what area of Ecuador were you considering? There are also correspondence schools that are available and are well credited, from the US. Still, if your kids don't have a way of making new friends and becoming part of the local culture, they won't be happy campers. So you'll have to figure that part out as well. Kids pick up Spanish soooooo fast, but they must be immersed in it for that to happen quickly. Also, small towns are safer than large towns. But you will have to find activities. And be close enough to a larger city (not 5 hours away) for added entertainment. Are you thinking of the Mountains or the Beach or the Jungle? There are folks out there with kids here, but it might help if you were more specific.
gorillamom replied on August 25, 2014 with:
Hi, our family it's planning to move to Cuenca, because we have some people that we already know, and the life look a little easy that Quito and Guayaquil. We have 7 and 11 year old, you will need private school. Good luck.
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Kohl replied to the thread Rental Apartments in Costa Rica on the Costa Rica forum:
karaszt initially posted:
Can anyone say the best way to find affordables rentals in CR? I here there are decent properties siutable for my wife and I for around $700 US. I am doing some upfront planning and want to know the real facts before I get too excited. I've been to Tamarindo and Coco once for a 2 week stay.
Kohl replied 1 hour ago with:
Renting a small place 'in a mountains' may offer you less choices when looking on the internet. Best to find one, once here. And expect to pay up to $1000 for a vehicle, a 4x4 for mountain use as mandatory coverage generally costs an 'extra' $15-$20 per day.....and gas is not cheap!
bgcavera replied on August 26, 2014 with:
wow, I have just read thru the entire comments listed. We are looking to visit for a month to try out the CR in June 2015. We will be looking for something small perhaps, even a studio probably, the mountain areas. We are world travelers so we pack light and need just enough space to sleep and eat in or eat out. My real concern is the cost of renting a car for 1 month. Is there a way to avoid the high cost?
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withoutego replied to the thread Recreation/Entertainment on the Ecuador Welcome Forum forum on August 27, 2014:
lorenzo123 initially posted:
Dumb question, but I need to ask....After you have visited most of the "sights" what do you do for entertainment ? I know the choices I have in the US, but they may not exist elsewhere.
withoutego replied 4 hours ago with:
Showy?, Moi? sinego
livefreebstrong replied on August 26, 2014 with:
Sinego...I wasted about 15 minutes of my life trying to find this thread again... Just wanted to say I enjoyed your posts. Alittle showy on the "Cuenca's so Awsome" part.. you know, overflowing with the old and new culture as it quickly becomes San Fran. That oh- were- so- well- healed Cuencapat attitude. EGads. Anyway, very interesting points. Really enjoyed the read when you posted it but wasn't able to say so. Thanks for taking the time to put it together.
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dashawnab posted New Friends on the Trinidad & Tobago forum on August 27, 2014:
Hi, i'm not new to Trinidad as lived there with my trini husband for a year. I am from Chicago and I went home to give birth last year and will return to Trinidad next month. Are there any ladies from the states looking to make a friend? It would be great if you have kids as my daughter will be 1 next month.
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Gif2 posted From Bombay To Paris - The Hundred Foot Journey Movie Release Date in UAE on the United Arab Emirates forum on August 27, 2014:
Just now saw the trailer of "From Bombay To Paris - The Hundred Foot Journey". It’s really amazing and has got me super excited! Can anyone tell me when is it going to release in Dubai, UAE and in which cinema if possible? Check out now: http://ow.ly/AIRHW Hope to hear from you guys soon :)
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jaspervdkolk posted Recent graduated Dutch looking for a job on the China forum on August 27, 2014:
Dear fellow China lovers, My name is Jasper van der Kolk. I am looking for a job in China at this moment. I have just finished my (bachelor) studies "International Business and Languages" where I have studied subjects like: Intercultural communication, International Marketing, International business management etc. I have a good understanding of 4 languages: Dutch, Spanish, English and German. I have a basic understanding of Mandarin Chinese, which I would like to develop once I have landed in China. I have stayed in China before, one semester in Chongqing and one semester in Shenzhen. If there is anyone that has an idea of where to look for a job, or maybe someone would have a offer for me, feel free to ask for my CV, as I am happy to send it to you. Thanks in advance, Jasper van der Kolk
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FrancisElcano posted Business on the Philippines forum on August 27, 2014:
Hello. Does anyone right here who knows someone who wants to invest his money on a business? We are looking for partners and we can gladly discuss things over. Thank you!
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