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Guategringo replied to the thread Tipping on the Guatemala forum on November 01, 2014:
budman22 initially posted:
My wife and I will be visiting Guatemala over the Christmas Holiday, mostly in the Lake area and will be staying at hotels, eating out and taking excursions. Mostly just doing the tourist things. I'd like to know what's acceptable as a tip. The travel guide isn't very helpful.
Guategringo replied 2 minutes ago with:
10% is the norm. Just make sure that it already has not been added into the bill. Many restaurants will add 10% to the bill when you ask for the check so it is important to be sure.
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MAGICMAN replied to the thread Lonely in Livorno on the Italy forum:
aratal initially posted:
Ciao tutti! I moved here from Portland, Oregon last September to live with my husband in Livorno. It's been a rough year, as I haven't made any friends as of yet, and could have been studying a bit more diligently to speak Italian. My husband speaks fluent English and we can't manage to converse in Italian on a regular basis - concepts that I want to express just get too complicated for my level. I work at home for an American company, so I stay at home a lot. Anyone here living in Livorno at the moment? We've been having such gorgeous weather and I'd love to go out and actually enjoy it over gelato with someone.
MAGICMAN replied 6 minutes ago with:
You can reply in a private message, and it will go to your/their email address.
mgiov3 replied 4 hours ago with:
Ciao, I am in Livorno as of recent. I'm not sure how to confidentially give you my info. but yes, we could meet. I understand the difficulties with this situation very well. My daughter & I are here alone. I look forward to hearing from you. However, learning Italian is the best remedy but it's not easy ... Those dang verbs :)
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KeyWestPirate replied to the thread English speaking lawyer in Granada? on the Nicaragua forum on November 01, 2014:
ssure38 initially posted:
Does anyone know and trust (or have had a good experience using his/her services) an English speaking lawyer in Granada? I am a non resident and I want to buy a vehicle and need someone to handle the details. Thanks
KeyWestPirate replied 48 minutes ago with:
That was my solution for the trucks on the farm. They are in the name of my manager, who I trust. My day to day car is here on a tourist permiso, which in Nicaragua is a pain because of teh 30 days. Every other CA country is 90
JohnSS replied on October 31, 2014 with:
Let's keep "morality" & "right & wrong" out of it. Every lawyer I have talked to says that the driver is solely responsible for damage caused in an accident. A driver gets the ticket for no liability insurance, inspection, etc not the car. So the car could be registered in a trusted friend's name, expat or Nica as long as he can legally own car and he has no risk. (Same as the old days when buyers drove on the old title). But the title holder is the legal owner and he can sell the car anytime. I may be wrong - If so someone can correct it. Individuals do rent cars here illegally under the table by month and their liability insurance is illegally used by the renter to keep costs down. As far as I know practically this works OK. But renters may beat a car to death so maintenance is a problem and rental costs are not that cheap anyhow. Cars are expensive here and some Nica roads are tough on a car. Taxis & buses are cheap here if you live in a city. Many who would not have lived without a car where they came from are happy with that approach. You can form a business Corporation that can own the car but that is a big added initial cost as well as ongoing accounting & taxes to pay. YMMV What I am saying may be wrong in your case because there are few hard & fast rules here especially in different areas of the country. Even if you hate Facebook sign up anyhow. Then join the "Expats of Granada" group which includes a lot of mature smart people who are always willing to help. I don't live in Granada area but do get good information there that applies everywhere. Darrell Bushnell is one guy there you can trust & he also writes the "Nica Nuggets" blog. Good luck - Granada is a great city and friendly to newcomers!
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bobbyveee replied to the thread Visit to Belize! on the Belize forum on November 01, 2014:
Badbob39 initially posted:
Hi all. My wife and I want to visit Corozal. We have read elsewhere that flying into Cancun, renting a car and driving down is the way to go. We would appreciate any thoughts anyone would have on this as well as anything related to a visit, like time of year, where to stay, any special activities, etc. We appreciate your time and help. Thank you, Bob
bobbyveee replied 55 minutes ago with:
I have a friend on AC who has a biz in Denver, every two weeks he flies home via Cancun, but he takes the aircon coach upto Cancun stays the night there and flies the next morning. Im not certain about taking a hired car from Mex into Bz , and the car insurance wouldnt cover you , Maybe take the coach down and hire a car in Bz Im sure others here will have more knowledge
Badbob39 replied 1 hour ago with:
Just to clarify, we will stay for about a week, exploring the area with an eye towards possibly retiring there. Thank you Bob
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thebackdoctor replied to the thread banks on the Ecuador forum on November 01, 2014:
nanblake initially posted:
ive been reading the forum about banks. How do you all handle social security monthly checks. direct deposit in a bank in the usa & then transfer funds to bank in Equador?? your responses are most appreciated!!
thebackdoctor replied 1 hour ago with:
I don't know about Ecuador but I direct deposit my SS check into my bank in Costa Rica. I never have any problem.
DocStJohn replied on October 31, 2014 with:
The Schwab Special Checking and Investment Account requires that you have and maintain a US residency address. The Schwab ATM card is usable at any ATM Worldwide and if charges are added by a bank to use their ATM, Schwab re credits your account. Your withdrawl from Schwab Bank by ATM any where in the world at any bank is $1000.US PER DAY.
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steve64 replied to the thread The perfect girl on the Philippines forum:
GoodGuy2 initially posted:
Hi everyone. I am 50 from the US. It sounds strange to say but I am a very nice guy, do not drink or smoke, have a very good job. Family man looking for stable long-term relationship. Now I want to find the perfect wife. Kind, intelligent, beautiful, educated. Up to age 40 I suppose. Where to find this girl? My guess is the dating sites is not the place--seems like mostly scammers there.
steve64 replied on October 31, 2014 with:
HELLO BRSLOMO I have been looking for 5 years in the phillpinies . asawa sounds like a real beautiful women . i am from australia . i am looking for a wife . but all the flpina women i have met there , all want money orr look after the family . orr cant be trusted, but i am on a pension , . and iam retiried got noo assetts etc , exs got all. i am . 65 . i am a nice guy, dont smoke and not a crimanal , i am a security officer here , but one main problem is the costs , money too get a flpina women to australia, the australian goverment is a bit racist , got too get a migration lawer to fill out the forms etc. but may be you know or some one knows a easier way ? if she is a nurse and fully queliefied ? here on the gold coast , there is a brand new state of the art hospital here . all i hear all the time here about flpina women is once they get here , stay for a few weeks and then leave , i feel it is a huge risk. but if you know asawa real good women etc . i am confused here ? was asawa your wife ? . THANKS. STEVE
tlallen59 replied on October 13, 2014 with:
I fail to see what this has to do with retiring in the Philippines.
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mandella replied to the thread Looking for another woman around my age of 50 to share a condo in the bahamas on the Bahamas forum on November 01, 2014:
terethetiger initially posted:
Hello. When I went to Jamaica years ago I met a guy who lived in a house for six months a year when there was no construction work at his home in detriot. When he had to go back to work his friend would go there and stay his six months. Then there was always someone there. I thought that was a cool idea. So now I am looking for the same deal. I am 50 and single who is very intelligent and fun to be with. I am a clean freak and very down to earth. I love to laugh and meet people. send me a note to tere64@shaw.ca if you are interested.
mandella replied 3 hours ago with:
Hi I looking 4 place to live between living/working in england I am 50 yrs female professional/ beauty specialist .where exactly is ur condo in bahamas/costs etc pics if possible look forwards to ur reply mandella gregoire
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windshadow replied to the thread Stuff that's difficult to get in Ecuador? on the Ecuador forum:
ecuaart initially posted:
Making my shopping list and checking it thirty times...what is difficult to find or too expensive as compared to the USA? Wondering about the following: printer cartridges, decent makeup, sugar substitute or stevia.
windshadow replied 3 hours ago with:
I haven't been able to find US size 13 or 14 shoes and boots. Even custom made.
Number13 replied on October 31, 2014 with:
I realized afterward you weren't the one looking for a reamer. We lived in the Vilcabamba area for about a year. Really nice weather, Loja has almost everything you could need. In retrospect, we would have skipped our year in Cuenca and just lived in Vilcabamba for 2 years or simply have settled on the coast. Cuenca is an interesting place, but I would never live there again, it's great to visit though.
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windshadow replied to the thread amending the constitution on the Ecuador forum on November 01, 2014:
remoore2001 initially posted:
The constitutional court of Ec has ruled that 16 of the 17 amendments sought by El Presidente can be approve by the assembly without a voter referendum. This includes the changing of the constitution so that Correa may run for office indefinitely. Makes one wonder why have a constitution if you can change it every year by having the majority party approve it with no input from the citizenry. It's to bad that someone who started out so well has let power go so much to his head.
windshadow replied 3 hours ago with:
Where can a person find information about the proposed amendments. At present I personally have a lot of respect for our President.
Tambopaxi replied 4 hours ago with:
Agree. This will not end well for Correa or the country....
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sadolphson posted Flights from California to CR on the Costa Rica forum on October 31, 2014:
Any advice on the best (cheapest and most direct) flights from California (any city) to Costa Rica?
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