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5 Greatest Challenges Expats Face and How to Handle Them by Dhyan Summers, Licensed psychotherapist
Expat ArticlesArticle Summary: In an informal sampling of my expat clients around the world, I asked what bugged them the most about being an expat. Here are some of their pet peeves in no particular order, and my suggestions about how to deal with them. (Continue)
dhyan replied on January 24, 2015 10:01 with:
Thanks Teresa, I see we're on the same page.
TheresaIT replied on January 23, 2015 10:01 with:
As a Life and Stress Management Coach, I so agree with your suggestions for managing stress and the situations that may trigger it. The breath is one of our greatest allies. Conscious breathing helps us to slow down the mind and heightens our awareness, allowing us to be empowered and choose how we respond, i.e. do we choose to react or breathe and respond? Great article!
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A reader commented on the Expat Report Moving to Almeria, Spain on January 24, 2015 09:01
What advice would you give someone preparing to move to your area about the actual move, choosing a neighborhood and finding a home?
Hire a car, tour the area and find the village or town that appeals to you most. Find a good Spanish registered SL or SA estate agency - CB's are the equivalent to self employed status - and spend three days looking at houses in the area of your choice. Make sure that you have a car or access to one because in rural Spain it is essential to have transport. (Continue)
catnathan replied on January 23, 2015 07:01 with:
I would like to know what the weather is like there in winter
briloop replied on August 16, 2014 09:08 with:
It is still possible to buy a very large, beautiful property for around 100,000. 100,000 euros or 100,000 dollars?
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A reader commented on the Expat Report Review of Access International Academy in Ningbo, China on January 24, 2015 09:01
Review-of-Access International Academy
How would you describe the facilities at this school? What extra-curricular activities are available?
facilities are average. There are 2 tennis courts, a basketball court and a soccer field and small indoor gymnasium. Classrooms are not that big, neither are they well equipped - no Smartboards or notebooks computers for kids. There is one computer lab with new computers and a small one with obsolete ones. There is no proper iT teacher to manage an IT curriculum. Extra-curricular depends on the whim of the teachers - not very varied and some offer nothing at all. The music program used to be great but is now non-existent with a fake music 'teacher' (Continue)
A reader replied on January 23, 2015 23:01 with:
AIAN is a dreadful excuse for a school that has had 4 principals in 4 years and a 90% teacher turnover annually. Enrolment has gone down from 160 last year to around 70 this year. The quality of teachers and the program has similarly dropped in quality. There are better schools in Ningbo with proper programs and qualified teachers. The school owners are just money making property developers not educators.
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A reader commented on the Expat Report Moving to Bocas del Toro, Panama on January 24, 2015 09:01
What advice would you give someone preparing to move to your area about the actual move, choosing a neighborhood and finding a home?
Rent first before you buy. Your paradise today may not be what you will think in 6 months. Brings essentials and sell everything else, you can get it cheaper here. (Continue)
Meeny007 replied on January 23, 2015 23:01 with:
Hi is anybody can help me to find a $300/$400 apartment/studio in Bocas Del Toro for next winter. All I could ever find on Internet is $200/night and up or hostels. I would really appreciate your help. I'm semi retired 52 years old woman from Canada and would like to spend from dec 1st 2015 to march 31st 2016 in Bocas. Thanks for your help! here's my email l.chouinard007@live.ca
Tomabroad replied on December 16, 2014 09:12 with:
Dear people in Bocas del Toro, I'm planning to move to Bocas del Toro next year in June and I was wondering what the experiences are on foreigners trying to get a job there or setting something up themselves. And a friend and myself want to start a small business in the tourism industry and provide trips for tourists. Also I'm having the same problem as some others, I only end up on websites that offer daily or weekly rates for housing. I'd love to get in contact with someone currently there and already talk about the (work) life there. Kind regards, Tom
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Expat ArticlesArticle Summary: Explore ideas for expats on how to move to and settle into life in Sydney, Australia. This cosmopolitan city has all kind of cultural activities and picturesque landscapes, but it isn't always easy for expatriates. (Continue)
property in JordanThere is a vacant apartment for rent, with an excellent location in the 8th area. Please call the landlord (Emad) at 079 502 0972 or 077 751 8187.. We have lived across the hall in the same complex for 4 years and have enjoyed it very much. This is a 4 bedroom unit for approximately 500JD / month.
property in DenmarkGreat apartment close to the centre of Copenhagen, parks, cool cafées and excellent shopping
Liberia Travel Warning from the U.S. Department of State

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