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Guategringo replied to the thread San Cristobal to Lake Atitlan by collectiva on the Guatemala forum on July 29, 2014:
ElBajio initially posted:
What is the best company to use for a collectiva? I was thinking of using Atitlan Tours and need to make a reservation and pay online. Is this a reputable company or I could use other recommendations. Thanks.
Guategringo replied 3 minutes ago with:
there is an easy exit from the road to Antigua (and Atitlan) into San Cristobal and just as easy entrance back onto the road from San Cristobal. The underpass and over pass have made it simple without having to cross traffic like before when just one traffic light controlled the entire intersection that at time was bedlam!! In san cristobal they allow just small vans that are used as mini buses and one large bus that goes to and from Peronia. But that line goes into Guatemala City and back.
AlPavarotti replied 21 minutes ago with:
I don't know what you mean by "collectiva" which is a term not used in guatemala. I guess you mean a colectivo, or regular bus. But I think that, not even a shuttle bus would want to make that turn into San Cristobal to pick you up, knowing how hard it'll be to get back on Panamerican hiwghway given the amount of trafic on that road. Because I don't think there is a traffic light at that turn off. It'll be easier for you to walk over or get a ride to catch a bus at the entrance.
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cwells67 replied to the thread Totico - used car for tourist on the Spain forum on July 29, 2014:
rodolfo initially posted:
Can I as an american buy a used car in Spain and use it as a tourist for a limited period of time?
cwells67 replied 9 minutes ago with:
First, as an American, you need to visit the Spanish Embassy or Consulate assigned to your state of residence. To stay longer than 90 days in a calendar year, you must have a visa, and if you will not be working, then the visa you need to research is a "visado nonlucrativo", which means you cannot work in Spain. The application process is significant, and NOT fast. Here is a link to get you started: http://www.immihelp.com/visas/schengenvisa/spanish-consulates-usa.html I do not recommend trying to get the visa here while you are in Spain... the government here is quite clear that you must accomplish this from your own country. You can only stay in Spain as a tourist for 90 consecutive days. The positive part of getting your visa is that they also assign you a residency number (NIE) when you receive your visa, so you don't have to go through additional pain of obtaining that number. So, when you get your visa and your NIE, you will have to set up a bank account here, then find a place to live. With that paperwork (bank info and rental agreement), you can go to the local administrative offices and obtain your empadronamiento papers. You will need to take all that paperwork to the police office and file for a residency card based on your NIE and empadronamiento. All that said, check out this site for additional information: http://www.justlanded.com/english/Spain/Spain-Guide/Visas-Permits/Residency-and-NIE I hope that helps. Moving here is not a simple solution... Kind regards, Christopher
rodolfo replied 34 minutes ago with:
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shermanwc replied to the thread Jubilado discounts apply for seniors on the Costa Rica forum on July 29, 2014:
charlottelady initially posted:
Do senior discounts apply to museums etc and if so who qualifies? At what age? Discounts on what restaurants, movies, attractions, hotels, etc? What ID for proof? What percentage is considered?
shermanwc replied 23 minutes ago with:
Do the discounts apply to purchases (such as large appliances) paid with credit cards, or do you have to pay cash to get the discount? (I already get some discounts when I pay cash.) The card also gets you to the front of the line at banks, governmental offices, etc.
Kohl replied 45 minutes ago with:
There is also a 'Gold Card' for those over 65 with cedula, that one must apply for at your local CAJA office. This can take 1-2 months to receive. Discounts vary as do those who honor it. http://portal.ccss.sa.cr/portal/page/portal/Gerencia_de_Pensiones/Prestaciones_Sociales/Ciudadano_Oro
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spank12 replied to the thread Retired In Colombia - social security on the Colombia forum on July 29, 2014:
OLDGRINGO51 initially posted:
Who, here in Colombia is retired and receiving social security benefits? I waited the six months, acquired the visa, and cedular, and have opened an account with Bancolumbia. The problem is the bank employees seem to be more than a little confused when asked about the routing number, something which is required to have your social security benefits direct deposited. With the number of Americans living here in Colombia Im sure there have been others down this trail before. Any advice or recommendations would be greatly appreciated.
spank12 replied 25 minutes ago with:
You also might try Td Bank, if they have a branch closer. They have a 2500 min on checking and they also refund fees. The one thing I have learned recently. Watch which ATM you use, I have learned recently that Servibanca does not report their fee separately, so TD has no way of refunding it. So I am scratching them off my list. They have a lot of machines here locally. ugh lol
zak023 replied 26 minutes ago with:
Jonrod888.. Citibank suggested I open a basic checking account here and maintain a minimum of $1,500 only for no fee checking then have my SS checks direct deposit to Citibank here and then use my debit card there at a Citibank branch at 3% transfer fee per dollar..Im only referring to having access to my monthly benefits check with no headaches..
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busman7 replied to the thread Housekeeper on the Guatemala forum on July 29, 2014:
Monaloca initially posted:
Ok live in Moyuta GUATEMALA been here almost 2years.But have yet to get a good houskeeper they start fine then become lazy and sneaky.Have a small house I often help out and pay800.00-q a month with Sunday off .Hours 6.30 till 4.30 pm .Any suggestions
busman7 replied 29 minutes ago with:
I am paying twice that in El Salvador for an excellent one, with weekends off. What do you expect for US$0.40 per hour?
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CAteacher replied to the thread Relief Aid on the Philippines forum on July 29, 2014:
ACEPoolPlayer initially posted:
So I just returned from a 3 week vacation in the Philippines. The main reason for the vacation was because my wife is from Tacloban ("Yolanda") and she hasn't been back to see her family in 3 years. She spent over 2 weeks there, I was there for 6 days. Of course her family like everyone else's in that area lost almost everything. I've been appalled the last 8 months when I hear about all the humanitarian aid that has been sent from around the world (millions of USD) but it never got to the people. I know first hand because I have been sending money every month to try to rebuild their home and they have received nothing other than sardines for the first two months after the storm. While in Manila I over heard a wealthy foreigner with good government ties saying that there were over 70 containers just sitting in North Harbor that haven't cleared customs. Two days later I'm in Saisaki/Dads/Kamayan restaurant for lunch and I hear some Filipinos mention the word Tacloban. I told them I was flying there tomorrow. The older guy was a politician/media person or something. He confirmed that the containers are just sitting in the harbor. Politics between local and national government on who is to get what. He even showed me a video on his phone of a recent meeting with the President. He had a front row seat. The President was saying we need to just tell everyone only 6,000 died. It's not good for the country to keep counting and tell the exact number of deaths. He has it on video on his phone. The Philippines is what it is... Imagine all the medicine, food, supplies and whatever else just sitting in the all those containers in the harbor estimated between 70-100 containers. Politics between local and government officials. That is what the Filipino guy (who obviously had clout told me).
CAteacher replied 53 minutes ago with:
We were pleased to see how quickly World Vision set up shop. Perhaps that was possible because they already had a year-around presence in the Philippines.
antiqueron replied 1 hour ago with:
In our community if Texas the Filipina's got together and raised money and then distributed it to all members families that were affected directly to them.
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soystar1 replied to the thread Fee Only Investment Advise on the Colombia forum on July 29, 2014:
CesarM initially posted:
Does anyone know if the concept of registered investment advisers or planners exists in Colombia? There seems to be plenty of broker dealers but I cannot find RIA's.
soystar1 replied 1 hour ago with:
I personally still use TD Ameritrade. The advice that you will receive here I shutter to even think about it. I also trust that you know your way around the investments. If not, I recommend that you read Peter Lynch's book on his strategies. I have been investing for over a decade. Yes, I said investing and not trading for the long term with clear objectives in mind other than to be filthy rich. Just kidding. Good luck and remember sometimes those people who call themselves investment advisors have no clue on what will hit big or fail miserably. This is why I advise any new person in investment arenas to educate themselves before you meet with a shark. I fired mine when my portfolio was bigger than his. Good luck!
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dumluk replied to the thread help!! on the Ecuador forum on July 29, 2014:
barbarasuderman initially posted:
I like my own company but this is ridiculous. I have been here in Cumbaya for oh about three weeks now--two days in hospital with ugly roto virus. I live in a house in what is a family gated estate. It was chosen because it offers a yard which is fenced for my three dogs --which just arrived--what a nightmare and oh so costly. And my cat. There is no TV yet and even though I speak enough Spanish to get by--I long for company of Canadians or Americans. Really. I didn't move here to be alone--rather quite the opposite. I feel a little sad and lonely. I don't ignore danger signs--I tend to act quickly if I I am unhappy. The lady who helped me originally here is busy now with a house guest friend from the US so is unavailable and I don't really have any other friends here --yet. I am outgoing and sociable and don't have any problem meeting people --when I fInd them. I need to make a move or else I will go nuts. Where I am staying feels a little too isolated for me--and it really is not terribly satisfactory. Lots of issues for 750 a month. One year lease and want to get out of it. There is a move afoot to consider moving to a farm outside Quito with this lady and her husband and other expats--a coupe and a single lady--like me--so far. I really wonder about that as most of me likes to be active. I like to dance, ride horses, read, talk, hike, swim, discover--in other words.--I am bored. If I move--I need a place that will take pets--three small little rescue dogs and a cat--I know--I know. Please someone out there--help--advice anything.
dumluk replied 1 hour ago with:
After such a strongly negative comment like that, you simply must explain what happened.......the world wants to know....
Salty replied 1 hour ago with:
Hi from a fellow Canooke. My wife and I travelled a good portion of Ecuador back in March / April by rental car and developed a good sence of the country. We learned that the coast is by far the lease hospital with extreme poverty and a high crime rate in the bigger centres. Part of this was a result of a number of locals (and expats) we met in the country side highly advising us to avoid those areas. It was along the coast we had our only encounters with venomous snakes and came to realize that these big beautiful beaches were largely uninhibited and you were exposed to dangers of the two leg kind and help of any kind was a long way away. The higher elevations proved to be quite the opposite with the local peoples having a strong pride in their heritage, culture , work ethic and education of their youth. So in my long winded way I believe you would find what you are looking for more so in the Ibarra / Otavalo and Cuenca areas, having larger Canadian and American communities. We are planing on revisiting Otavalo and area next spring for 10 /12 weeks with the intent of retiring there. With modern buses and I believe a train from the coast to Quito for very little fare hope you decide to explore and spend some time to better familiarize yourself with these areas and have a more informed decision where you would be most comfortable........Salty
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dwade posted Fishing village close to International Airport on the Peru forum on July 29, 2014:
Fishing village close to International Airport Hi all, I’m looking to semi-retire and would like to to find a place close to a fishing village and reasonably close to an international airport. Any ideas are welcome. Thanks, David
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NOK2mex replied to the thread Puerto Vallarta on the Mexico forum on July 29, 2014:
COWBOYPHIL initially posted:
Where is a decent place to stay while looking for an apartment in PV price wise. Thank you, Phil.
NOK2mex replied 1 hour ago with:
CLEAN, MODERATELY PRICED HOTEL CENTRALLY LOCATED. http://www.mocali.com.mx/eng/index.php
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