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bobbyveee replied to the thread Where to live on the Belize forum:
msrmg7 initially posted:
I plan on visiting Belize in the near future and I need input from you all. I will be retiring at the end of 2016. I have a friend from Belize and she suggested that check out Orange Walk, Ladyville and Belmopan. I am a single female and I want to move someplace that has security or a least a safe neighborhood. I don't have to live near the beach.
bobbyveee replied 7 minutes ago with:
Ezeebe, what is YOUR point, I quite agree, I think police brutality in USA is terrible, but has nothing to do with Belize nor have any other individual cases outside Belize, this forum is about Belize, not other countries, I just use recognized statistics to compare. I think you have a chip on your shoulder. IMHO
ezeebe replied 4 hours ago with:
your are broke and this is the way you spend your time Hanna be useful and stop the nonsense,
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bobbyveee replied to the thread Banking services on the Belize forum on July 30, 2015:
bobbyveee initially posted:
Be aware that Belize banks are having their ties with US banks severed, the banks that im aware of include Belize bank and Atlantic International bank, I understand that all Belize banks are having their ties with US banks severed. Those expats relying on bank transfers of monies from the USA may start to have major difficulties now or very soon.
bobbyveee replied 13 minutes ago with:
Hi Brad. We had an email from Atlantic bank international saying they no longer had affiliation with any US bank. We closed our account there 2 months ago, thankfully
bradinbelize replied 7 hours ago with:
Per "The Reporter", Belize newspaper (dated Sunday, July 26, 2015), Belize Bank Is cut off recently (being the second or third) - As of now, Atlantic is the only national bank (aside from Caye Bank, which is apparently owned by Americans, but I'm not positive of that) that still has ties with US.
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garcam123 replied to the thread Surf Town Referral Request.... on the Ecuador Welcome Forum forum on July 30, 2015:
garcam123 initially posted:
I'm an old longboarder and would like to find a decent town to live in where there is a friendly right that I can get back into. I surfed Tijuana a few times last year, but didn't set the world on fire. Nothing big or specatacular, just fun and often, like daily, I used to do 2 sessions dawn and sundown, so I'm looking for a decent place to live. I hear the water is warmish and I like that! Recommendations please. TIA
garcam123 replied 7 hours ago with:
Hi there, I looked at your site and where you are and I saw your dog, I guess you have 2? I'm OK with that I love dogs. I'm OK with rough quarters, as long as it's secure and I can keep it clean and has a shower. Do you ever need air conditioning? I looked at some videos on Mantanita, the surf looked fun, but it looked young and crowded and I'm not really in the group anymore and I remember the old guys hanging around thinking they were gonna get lucky, that's not me. I guess you have some friendly surf there where you are. I really need to get re-acclimated to the water, It's be real nice if I could do it local there. I like the look of Salinas. It looks like it might hold some interesting ladies worth meeting to show me the area and culture! I am starting to plan a trip there, but my time frame is more like November or January to ensure that I have the resources to make the jump and find satisfactory quarters. Should I make an inquiry for a visa? I may want to stay longer than 90 days if it's nice, is the tourist visa convertible to the Retired with income visa while there? Sorry to ask all these quesions, and Yes, Mrs. Oceanhideway, lastly, what will you charge me for these spartan quarters? If it worked out I would stay for at least 90 days until my flight. Thank you for kind assistance! Oh, I just realized that I may have something to offer to you! I live in Ensenada, Mex now in my RV and I'm parked next to the wall of an apartment house. Well the landlady told me I could put a mural on the wall and so I hired a Mexican artist to help me and I created a surfing mural that is my very FIRST art project and it turned out just fantastic! In fact, I go out there in the morning and sit and just look at it and it's like looking at a break in the morning! If you like I can send you a picture or two of it. It's so big I can't get it in one shot, but everybody says they love it and I do too! Anyway, Thanks again I have to so to sleep. Good night. I just re-read your original to me and thank you again for that it's just what I was looking for!
OceanHideaway replied on July 29, 2015 with:
Sure ...but it won;t be luxurious -- it will be an efficiency -- and the road will be muddy when it rains. And it will be raining a lot this year -- bring your rain boots ...
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Flowerchild replied to the thread Coronado area - 2014 Kia RIO for sale on the Panama forum on July 30, 2015:
oh2panama initially posted:
I am selling my nearly new car. 2014 Kia RIO Hatchback. 12,200 km. $11,500 neg. a/c automatic, fuel: gasoline, mp3, cd. Perfect condition. Reason for selling - moving to United States. Car is registered in Chame. new tag was issued in June 2015. email for photos. oh2panama@gmail.com or call 6846-5953
Flowerchild replied 6 hours ago with:
This doesn't have anything to do with your car. (I hope you are successful in that venture) and I apologize if I am prying...can I ask why you are moving to USA? Are you an American expat moving back? If so, how long did you live in Panama? I am doing research and was curious if Panama didn't work out for you.
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Fmontarry posted renting our apartment in Tangier, Morocco. on the Morocco forum on July 30, 2015:
Good morning everyone, We are renting our apartment in Tangier, Morocco. You can call us at work at 09576591. Best,
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Fmontarry posted to share our apartment on the Ivory Coast forum on July 30, 2015:
Good morning everyone, We are looking for someone to share our apartment at Riviera III, Abidjan. You can call me at work at 09576591. Best,
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parrothead posted Iqama on the Saudi Arabia forum on July 30, 2015:
Can anyone tell me if it is a requirement by the Labor Laws to make it mandatory to open a bank account here in Saudi if you are already the holder of an Iqama, and have been for several years? And if the answer is yes, could you inform me of which articles states that? Thanks
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Hi, My passion for languages and cultures was ignited over a decade ago whilst attending English lessons at the British Council. Here, I had the opportunity to meet people from a large variety of backgrounds and to develop my awareness of the cultural diversity both within Egypt and across the globe. about myself, from 10 years ago I began teaching Standard and Colloquial Arabic for Foreign Learners to expatriates and visiting diplomats, utilising links I had made through the British Community Association. As my teaching work expanded, so did my desire to learn more about my own language and its cultural significance. Thus, in 2007, I joined the Open Faculty of Dar al Ouloum University, Cairo, to study Arabic Language and Islamic Studies. In parallel to my studies, I wrote a series of articles, published in the BCA magazine, covering a number of themes connected to Arabic learning and culture. In addition, I contributed to a project set up between the BCA and the local chain of Metro stores. This involved translating and transliterating advertising inserts in order to cater for the large number of non-Arabic speakers using the supermarket. Now I'm graduate student in the American university in Cairo, However, my interests lie in the scientific methods of second language acquisition and pedagogy, with my ultimate ambition being to improve and develop the resources available to AFL teachers and learners. Would you mind please to accept me as a Arabic instructor in your forum. All the best, Muhammed melghaled@aucegypt.edu
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Nutclusters posted Finding an apartment to rent in Xuhui on the China forum on July 29, 2015:
Hi there all! My husband and I are planning to move to Shanghai for work around October. We will be put up in a hotel for the first month but I'm wondering what normal rates for rental accommodation are. It's just us two (no kids) and we really don't want to flatshare, so how much should a 1 bed apartment in that area cost? I've been looking on SmartShanghai at flats around 6000-8000RMB and they are tiny for that amount of money - is that normal? Is the market inflated for expats, are there cheaper options we could get without living in squalor or do we just have to suck it up to be in such an expensive and central place? Any opinions/inisghts welcome.
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Morell replied to the thread Opening an account at the BROU on the Uruguay forum on July 30, 2015:
Allwewantispeace initially posted:
Hello everyone, My brother and I are looking for a chacra in the Minas area, outside of town with land and a humble house. Please message me if you can refer me to a property which is less than 150.000 dollars. Meanwhile we are trying to open an account at the BROU. Can someone please confirm if a translated birth certificate is required? I have proof of income, W9, cash, passport and an invoice proving my permanent address in the states. Is the a formal list of requirements somewhere? Are more documents required? Thanks.
Morell replied 50 minutes ago with:
We just got a new request from BROU to update all our personal information. We did this a couple of years ago at some expense as all the documents had to be verified by an escribano and we had to pay them of course. ( We took the excribano bill in to the Bank and asked them if they could reimburse us for the cost but they just laughed.) One form is all personal details and the other is a list of assets including property, vehicles etc. and they also want to know source of funds we bring here and this needs to be verified. They kindly indicated we did not need to have everything done by an escribano if nothing had changed but we just had to purchase a legal stamp for the documents. Of course they want to see original copies of everything as well as utility bills, passports, cedulas etc. Last time we were told our account would be "restricted" until we did this so I guess we had better get on it. When we asked about this last time, they told us the Uruguayan Central Bank audits every bank here and each branch has to provide these documents on request or they get a hefty fine.
Wanderlustspirit replied on July 29, 2015 with:
Incidentally writing about BROU reminded me that BROU asked me for a utility bill from the U.S. With my name & address on it.... Best idea is to call ahead or ask someone proficient in Spanish to call for you. Contact the branch where you will be opening an account & document everything needed to save you time & stress so you can go in prepared & get everything done that day.
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