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llseldon replied to the thread noisey S.P.I on the Panama forum on December 20, 2014:
panamama initially posted:
The SPI is a police academy located in the corozal / los rios area of panama. These cadets are supposedly Panamas elite. They are a noisy bunch...graduation, new years, christmas, mothers day and sometimes just because its friday night ITS PARTY TIME... Does anyone know whose in charge of them? who can i inform that panamas elite are destroying the quality of life in these lovely neighborhoods? Something has to be done.... thx
llseldon replied 35 minutes ago with:
Roosters in the city that crow all day long & don't forget the car alarms that go off all the time, bienvenidos Panamá
jonoyakker replied 57 minutes ago with:
I can tell you that not all Panamanians are tolerant of noise, and there are noise ordinances. Enforcement is the problem
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OceanHideaway replied to the thread US Dollar Devaluation on the Ecuador forum:
kmarch initially posted:
I continue to be amazed at how many US expats in Ecuador are so convinced that the dollar will ultimately collapse - but have chosen to live in a dollar based economy. Do they have their assets in another currency that they perceive to be safer? They never mention it. Do the y have all their assets in gold coins? (Talk about devaluation over recent years!). I just don't get it - and I don't consider myself economically disadvantaged! If you have no faith in the overall economy of the US or the world, where do you suggest we park our assets? (Other than gold bars - I tried that at Super-Maxi but the bastards gave me my change in Dollars!!)
OceanHideaway replied 53 minutes ago with:
and of course...FESTIVUS ... ... Come spend one Christmas season in Ecuador and your mind is altered for life... (okay with some major exceptions for certain members here who never leave their gated barred locked community in which they are never out of their homes and are never, ever, in any way -- shape -- or form GUESTS... and that is a very sad comment on them, now isn't it?) .. actually to our "I'm NOT a guest" people...we especially wish you ... some joy and happiness in your lonely life ... you need it most of all... Thanks for the kind words guys... Jelly Doughnuts for everyone! The traditional food of Chanukah/Hanukah and as we spell it in the Ladino language Janukah... (that's Spanish Yiddish, what we spoke in Spain prior to the Inquisition!) Deep fried jelly donuts with lots of sugar! Yeah ...they're good...have another and have a great week!!!
windshadow replied 1 hour ago with:
Ecuadorjoe H101 Kmarch Absolutly No Ego!, and all the others, Merry Christmas and to our Jewish Friends, Susan, and all, Happy Hanukkah, and all the others, too numerous to mention, Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year.
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OceanHideaway replied to the thread Never Lived Abroad on the Ecuador forum on December 20, 2014:
TangosCowgirl initially posted:
I am just starting to gather my information on a good place to retire. I have never lived anywhere other than the U.S. All my friends tell me how much crime there is and I should be afraid to live anywhere else. I am determined to find my dream of living abroad anyway. At least for awhile. I plan to rent my first 6 months to a year before buying. Can anyone give me some input to the validity of crime being so prevalent?
OceanHideaway replied 1 hour ago with:
Hwy101: Yes...we do...we call them trolls... Ken is one from way back... Charlie is brand new... we'll play with them for awhile before putting them back under the bridge... You've heard of Elf on the Shelf? This is Troll on the Roll... And a Merry Holiday Season from Us to You...Have fun playing and don't break them too soon... First, everyone get out your IP Address locator and see where they are "located" Charlie was last seen in IRAN! yeah ... it's fun to spot the troll trails ...idiots.
cmcdo001 replied 3 hours ago with:
Its bad in someplace but not all. You just need to know where you can go. I live in central and south america and I never had a problem with crime. Nothing was ever stolen or anything like that. I been rode at gun point before but that was in the US.
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jonoyakker replied to the thread accommodation on the Panama forum on December 20, 2014:
jedard initially posted:
We are looking to rent a small place from 26 January to 08 January. Just a bed or other We rented a place i Playa Blanca at Oceans2. It has been nothing short of a disaster from day one. We expected to rent a fully equipped condo. Looks like someone came in and took everything. We dont even have a table. Yes we have a bar with stools. But we cannot invite our friends over. No placecto eat. The place was filthy and I had to clean it from gitgo. Pots and pans were dirty and scratched. We cannot use them. We were told internet was here. Another lie. No proper utensils. No toaster, no blender, juicer, the list goes on. We arrived December 10th. Finally got Internet two days ago but havecto sit onthe floor to use it. Ethernet cord is only 2 feet. We are moving into a first class condo on the 10th of January. But we just want to get away from this hell hole where your security is in jeopardy every day because the police will not come if you have been assaulted. So anyone. We need some help for athe time shown herein We are both 70 going on 50. Meaning we are very active and healthy. We can sleep here and there have a coffee in the am and out we go to explore. We would like to be in the Bouquette area. But we just want some peacecof mind. Enough is enough. Thanks JJ
jonoyakker replied 1 hour ago with:
Sorry you had a bad experience but I don't believe I have ever heard a good remark about that place!
jonoyakker replied 1 hour ago with:
Sorry you had a bad experience but I don't believe I have ever heard a good remark about that place!
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Cparrett replied to the thread Who's living in Manizales on the Colombia forum:
RussellO initially posted:
I thinking about moving to Manizales or the area. Some in put from those who live in this area of Colombia. Like what areas of the this city should one be looking at to live in.
Cparrett replied 1 hour ago with:
Hey Reed, As the post above me says, he wrote a great deal of detailed info about Manizales. As far as crime goes, Manizales is for the most part very safe, especialy in the right areas. As a foreigner who won't have a car or no anyone, it's highly suggested you live in the city center near to the El Cable area. On your budget any apartment you rent will have security and crime shouldn't be an issue. Palermo, Alta Suiza, El Cable, Milan, etc are all very safe other than maybe walking alone at 2-3 in the AM. There are certainly dangerous parts of the city but I don't think you have any reason to ever be there, especially at night. Also, when the Centro is very crowded like during La Feria it's advisable to be careful of pickpockets. Again, read the detailed info the poster above me linked to for cost of living info. 2k a month is more than enough to live well in Manizales. During my trips there I think I lived on around $1000-1200 a month and felt I was living very well. With the current exchange rate it would be significantly less than that. And yes, Manizales is not a place where you will find a ton of Gringos. You will need to speak spanish or learn it to be comfortable. I don't agree that there isn't a ton to do, I personally am always pretty busy when I'm there, that really depends on what you like to do. It's the perfect city for someone who wants a combo of outdoorsy things to do along with some city life.
masterita replied 1 hour ago with:
Reed if you didn't find my blog that I wrote about Manizales (linked above) than you aren't researching very well. If you did read it and still don't kmow enough than I don't think any amount of information will be enough for you. I wrote extensively about Manizales. But to sum it up for you is that Manizales is not an expat or tourist city. If you are planning on being happy living here you will have to learn Spanish and willing to absorbe the culture. It is one of the last traditional cities in Colombia. There isn't much to do unless you speak Spanish and know where to look.
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remoore2001 replied to the thread Check your Ego on the Ecuador forum on December 20, 2014:
SWIRLZ initially posted:
Having been here over 3 years now and having had to redo both our visas because our passports expired I'd like to made a statement based on several recent episodes i witnessed. If you're coming here....leave your ego at home before you leave. You are not "special" and no one here gives a damn who you are, what you did back home, how old you are or especially that you think you are ENTITLED. Believe it or not...YOU are a GUEST in this country and you really aren't "special" nor "better than" Ecuadorians (or anyone else for that matter. If you can't do this then you should really consider staying home. Expecting anything different will prove futile and in time you will join the idiots who can't understand why they don't speak English, why you need to prove you are single, why your wife has to show old divorce papers while the man doesn't, why they need your blood type and you have to take a test for a drivers license and why all the forms are in Spanish. This is their country and they can have any rule/law they want. No questions asked.
remoore2001 replied 1 hour ago with:
Well, you still sound like a lawyer. I'll bet that makes your victims feel better
OceanHideaway replied on December 19, 2014 with:
Actually... yes it did :) I work closely with Lawyers Assistance program and the American Psychological Association to help others who are dealing with the stress of undiagnosed mental illness that effects their ability to practice. I also work with the International Bipolar Foundation. Both my legal background (which includes experience in international law) and my knowledge of mental illness by experience and studies have been tapped on a number of occasions by the Consulate to help as a warden when other Amcits were in crisis. I am now the liaison for the Consulate for Amcits who have a mental disorder and have a crisis and reach out for help. So what the reality is for "wardens" is that it is a catch all term for volunteers ... what you do and what you chose to do is entirely based on what you can do. How much you are given as a responsibility is based on what you have proven to be capable of. And your invitation to the really cool parties... well that is a thank you for having done a job well. If anyone is truly interested in reading my CV and would like to know how about: The Lawyers Assistance Program of the American Bar Association (or the Bar Association of your state); The International Bipolar Foundation, NAMI (National Association for the Mentally Ill) and more about being a person with a mental disorder in Ecuador (especially Seasonal Affective Disorder); or anything else about me and my life here in Ecuador (including living and working here, animal rescue, being Jewish in a Catholic country, and adapting to a new country that has great things to offer if you are willing to give a bit back) ...my door is open. Drop a PM and I will write to you. Susan The Ocean HIdeaway Parroquia Anconcito Salinas Provincia Santa Elena Ecuador, South America (and my ISP actually matches where I write my messages from... Trolls generally do not)
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jmason26 replied to the thread Bugs on the Ecuador Welcome Forum forum on December 20, 2014:
rdhdlkn initially posted:
I am seriously considering moving to Ecuador, but have had friends tell me I should check out Panama and Costa Rica. I have, and still think Ecuador is the place for me. However, in reading blogs and expat forums in both places there was much discussion about bug repellants for mosquitos and something they call ankle biters and no-see-ums. This is very important to me, because I am the person that if there is a people eating bug within 5 miles, they will find me! No kidding. My friends love to set outdoors with me, because, while I'm being eaten alive, nobody else gets bit. I'm planning a look-see visit next year and I'm wondering... Must I pack a suitcase full of Deet, garlic pills and skin so soft??? Thanks in advance for your advise!
jmason26 replied 1 hour ago with:
I am affected by no-see-ums and would like to avoid them. Is there any place in Ecuador where it is relatively warm and there are smaller numbers of these nasty, almost invisible, critters? Any place near the beach?
kbq replied 2 hours ago with:
I grew up with a pretty mild experience of bugs and other critters. No venomous spiders or snakes, but lots of variety. Too numerous mosquitos in the summer and hornets (very painful stings) and bumble bees. More worried about June bugs, dock rats, bats and tiny cockroaches in the city and wild dog packs in the country. That was south eastern Ontario. In Calgary we were plagued by fat houseflies in the summer and then we moved to Vancouver. - Mice, coyotes, racoons and spider bites that swelled up on my arms and neck and the feathery spiders that were always on the ceiling in my shower but only in the winter. Hardly any mosquitos but ants everywhere.. I never saw a monster bug (other than those pesky June bugs) until I visited my niece in Texas. The cockroach in my room was the stuff of nightmares. My niece just said "welcome to Texas". Then I settled into Vilcabamba. Geez. The beetles! Not the little ones that throw themselves against walls suspiciously close to my head which cause me to shriek - very embarrassing - but those giant ones that as a friend says do not have seem to have any purpose in life other than waddling around on spider length legs, falling over and dying. Then there are those bugs - spiders or something else - that attach to my ankles and bite a hole into my leg. I never see them but am not sure if those are the no-see-ums. A hole in my leg! i am not going to talk about the parasites lurking in the water. We can only guess how I might react to the first time I see a scorpion or an tarantula - and still I am less stressed and more content here than I have been in many years. Always a price to be paid for Paradise. And, because of my cats I really dont hafta to worry about anything creeping or flitting because they are 'amused' by these 'live' toys.
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TitoMike replied to the thread cost of living on the Philippines forum on December 20, 2014:
figleyrich initially posted:
Can someone live on $1100/month in the Philippines? If so where?
TitoMike replied 3 hours ago with:
Sorry. I fat fingered the previous post before it was complete. Other pertinent questions: What's the most you ever spend in one month? Do you have visa expenses? How do you handle medical expenses? Do you have an entertainment budget? Are your children receiving a quality education? What's a typical meal in your house? Do you save money in case you have to return to your home country? Do you have telephone and internet connections? Were I he, I wouldn't provide answers to someone trying to drill down that deeply into my personal business, but those are examples of what you need to know before you can decide whether $1,100 a month gives you what you require in the Philippines.
ACEPoolPlayer replied 3 hours ago with:
Your main expense will be your housing and extracurricular activities. If you own the place you could live on anywhere from $250-$2000 a month depending on how frugal you are for a single person and where in the Philippines you live. The differences in prices over the last 20 years has not changed much. Rentals are similar, cost of food and electricity may have gone up but your overall expenses have not changed by 50% in the last 20 years.
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windshadow replied to the thread Here we go, liberal media on the Ecuador forum on December 20, 2014:
ecuadorjoe initially posted:
President Obama’s decision to seek full diplomatic relations with Cuba has received rave reviews in Latin America, where the U.S. policy of isolating Havana has long been unpopular. Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos said on his Twitter feed that the actions will “change the history of the hemisphere.” He pledged his cooperation to “bridge differences” between the two nations. “No matter how great our divisions, we can overcome them with dialogue and perseverance,” he said. Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto applauded the “president’s courage in charting a new course in U.S. relations with Latin America and the Caribbean, and committed to supporting the initiative,” during a call with Vice President Joe Biden. “We all thought this day would never come," Brazil's President Dilma Rousseff said in a press conference. Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, a staunch critic of U.S. foreign policy and Cuba’s best ally, called the move a “a courageous and necessary gesture” saying that Obama “has taken perhaps the most important step of his presidency.” In my humble opinion, Obumba recognized and supported another dictator CASTRO who has his prisoners that he did not kill locked up. Obumba is complaining about the CIA but he likes the communist dictators as I said, the CASTRO BROS AND MANUDO will be invited soon to the WHITE HOUSE. THEY NEED OUR MONEY!!!
windshadow replied 2 hours ago with:
Tomb, You never know but I doubt it will hurt unless congress shows its butt, as usual, about everything the president of USA attempts.
tomb215 replied 3 hours ago with:
Think this will change Correa's opinion of the USA?
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pistachio replied to the thread Living in Peru on the Peru forum on December 20, 2014:
cmcdo001 initially posted:
Hello, I am an American living on the coast of Peru and looking for some help with my hotel. the construction was completed in 2013 and it has a restaurant on site. What I am looking for is expats that want to work and live in the area. please feel free to contact me and visit the web-site at southpacificper.com or call me. Thank You Carl
pistachio replied 3 hours ago with:
ah!.. my question is answered........ gonna check out your site........pistachio little difficult to get to the page but finally figured it out..... http://southpacificperu.com/ the building looks gorgeous !
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