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ralphnhatrang replied to the thread Marriage ceremony and family presence requirement on the Vietnam forum on October 26, 2014:
chive69 initially posted:
Hello, this question is for locals, from the south especially. I have a girlfriend in Da Nang, and we love each other and have thoughts about marriage, but she said that in order to marry, my Mom, and at least other 2 members of my family, have to be present and participate in some aspects of the ceremony. However, my Mom's health is fragile (she could not take the twenty something hour trip to VN and deal with a different altitude and climate and food and jet lag without her health being affected) so she cannot attend. My girlfriend says that, because of that, her family will never let her marry me, and therefore, our fate is sealed...is that true? I there any way around it? We both want to stay in VN and I'm aware that marriage ceremony traditions vary among the different regions. Thanks
ralphnhatrang replied 18 minutes ago with:
I will send you a PM shortly with additional information.
ralphnhatrang replied 18 minutes ago with:
I will send you a PM shortly with additional information.
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JohnSS replied to the thread English speaking lawyer in Granada? on the Nicaragua forum on October 26, 2014:
ssure38 initially posted:
Does anyone know and trust (or have had a good experience using his/her services) an English speaking lawyer in Granada? I am a non resident and I want to buy a vehicle and need someone to handle the details. Thanks
JohnSS replied 2 hours ago with:
BTW if anyone here lives in the Rivas area including San Juan del Sur PM me and I will give you the facilitator's name & address. He took over for the last guy who died from diabetes and can magically get documents, certs, tests, reports, etc. without you going there in person.
JohnSS replied 2 hours ago with:
One rule about Nicaragua is that there are no rules. OK - No rules that are enforced uniformly. Earlier this year Ley 431 was put into law that you had to register a car within 60 days of sale or it could be impounded. This was posted on most of the Expat Facebook groups and most admitted it was finally about time to do catch up and did. Driving a car legally registered to somebody else did not seem normal but it was common to save paying transfer taxes. I never got around to it and so in one of the normal transito shake downs I got stopped and checked. Sure as hell he threatened to impound my old 98 4 Runner. 2 blue action certificates took care of that but I knew it was time to get legal.. I called the local "facilitator" and he got busy on the job. There were 2 previous bills of sale plus mine so I paid all 3 transfer taxes and he go me a new title. He took care of both inspections as well and new insurance in my name. About $600 including his fee. Here is a useless link about Ley 431 but it is graphical and easy to read even if you don't speak Spanish: http://www.laprensa.com.ni/2014/02/17/nacionales/182869-mayores-costos-y-tramites-en-transito
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DebraKirkwood replied to the thread Moving with Saudi Aramco, Ras Tanura on the Saudi Arabia forum on October 26, 2014:
sunchild8182 initially posted:
My husband offered the job, we wouldnt be moving for quite some time. I am an RN and would be interested in finding work eventually. We will live on a compound, dont know which one. We have 3 children and are heavily involved with our current church and christian faith. Questions: 1,) Any RN positions anyone knows of? 2.) What is the spiritual climate? My parents are outraged we might be moving there because of all the middle eastern tension, ISIS ect..... Any advise, greatly appreciated!!
DebraKirkwood replied 4 hours ago with:
I gather from the your title u will be with the oil industry, so maybe my advise would not be helpful. But I will tell u what I know. Hospital RN jobs are plentiful but to make good money u have to be recruited from your home country. If they hire u when u are in KSA, u are paid local wages (practically nothing). If u are living on an Aramco compound, I am sure there will be a church. Someone else on this blog site could give u information on that. There is no religious tolerance in KSA, as Islam is the only legal religion. U cannot wear crosses, decorate your door at Xmas, pray in public, the usual things we take for granted in the west as our basic human rights. Christian holidays do not exist. That said I give a large Xmas party every year but only westerners and non muslims are invited and it is kept a secret. I have been here for almost 3 yrs now and I too am concerned about ISIS. However, I was involved in the first Iraq war, so feel relatively safe that the US, Canada, & UK will eventually take matters into their own hands. At the same time I recommend u have your passport in your possession, in case u need to leave. This part of the planet will never be a calm pleasant place to live in, so I just accept that as one of the drawbacks of living here.
harry76 replied on October 25, 2014 with:
Congrats on the Ras Tanura offer. I doubt you will be able to work as an RN. If you are coming as his dependant, you cannot readily work. There might be another process for that which you can guage better after you come here (or maybe after your husband arrives here). Which country do you come from? No churches here so you might have to practice faith within the confines of your home/compound. That said, politics & religion are not common conversation in this part of the world. Compound life might offer some respite in that aspect. Middle east tension is nothing new. There are lots of foreigners working in Saudi Arabia so it is not really an issue (not yet atleast!). If this is your first visit to the gulf region, it will be a huge culture shock but you need to give yourself time to absorb it & settle down (which could take a couple of months). Hope that helps! -H
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mmccrane replied to the thread Retiring to Ireland on the Ireland forum on October 26, 2014:
rjtjpdx initially posted:
My wife and I are US citizens and are considering retirement to Ireland. We would like to make contact with anyone who has gone through this process to find out the requirements and or limitations and the process to make it happen. We would also love to hear from those living there and what you have experienced. Thanks in advance. Ron & Tamra
mmccrane replied 5 hours ago with:
Hi Ron and Tamra, My wife and I have also posted some of these same questions here and there are some great informational replies if you can access the posts. We are US citizens as well and that makes it much more difficult especially if you will need to find a job. If you will not be needing employment that makes it much easier to live in Ireland as they will want you to document that there is no financial burden to Ireland. Check into your medical/dental insurance along with car insurance. From what I have seen there are many concerns . At the end of the day, it probably is worth battle as Ireland is incredible for it's natural beauty, amazing history and most importantly the people are incredibly friendly and genuine. Let us know what you discover! Mike and Carolyn
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yargsa replied to the thread Working for KAMC, Jeddah on the Saudi Arabia forum on October 25, 2014:
uinoda initially posted:
Hi friends, I am due to start working for King Abdulaziz Medical City within the next month as a nurse. This is my first time in KSA and I am really confused about what to expect. Is there anyone working already over there who could give me some piece of advice. Thank you in advance, uinoda
yargsa replied on October 25, 2014 with:
As a male in KSA, you will not have as many issues with which to contend as a female. Workwise will be the same but you will be confined to a male patients or a male ward usually.
DebraKirkwood replied on October 25, 2014 with:
You have been given some really good advice. Just a couple of things, such as feel free to walk outiside by yourself. I always walk outside the compound by myself and I am in riyadh where it is much stricter. Obviously wear an abya and for god's sake watch the traffic! When I first came I read about the no eye contact with me, but found that no longer applies. But be careful of men who are inappropriately forward. And don't be terrified of doing the wrong thing. People know u are new and most people are understanding. I still make an occasional mistake and no one gets upset.
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Hwy101 replied to the thread Drinking Water in Cuenca on the Ecuador forum on October 25, 2014:
theresamprice initially posted:
Question on drinking water: In the U.S., most of our public drinking water is contaminated with rat poison, i.e., fluoridated. It's replete with chlorine, particulate matter and a host of other toxic chemicals. I've been using a Reverse Osmosis system for several years. Was wondering if I can find such a thing in Cuenca, or should I buy one in the U.S. and bring it with me? Feedback from those already living there is much appreciated. I plan to be on my way in 36 days! Thanks!!
Hwy101 replied on October 25, 2014 with:
(Hwy101 in California -pretty much runs the length of the state)
greenmountain replied on October 25, 2014 with:
Hwy101 (Where is that highway incidentally?) Yes, greed is what it's all about!
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gerryl replied to the thread Churches in Panama on the Panama forum:
melissax initially posted:
I know that Panama is a Catholic country, are there many English-speaking Protestant churches there? I am not too religious, but I like to go once in awhile.
gerryl replied on October 25, 2014 with:
You can visit Balboa Union Church. go to balboaunionchurch.org Panama Ph: 314 1004
tharin4prez replied on March 11, 2014 with:
Yes, that church near Miraflores is Crossroads Christian Church. It's also a private school my youngest son attended during high school. The services are in English. cbcpanama.org/ You may also want to try attending Hosanna Church on Via Espana. They typically have a few English speaking guest pastors monthly come down from the states & elsewhere. You can watch services online at hosannavision.org
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yoshi222 replied to the thread Cost of living assurance, please on the Costa Rica forum on October 25, 2014:
camaromom initially posted:
My fiance is very stressed that we would not have enough money to live on with his pension of $4900/month. We have two girls and we are looking to own acreage and have a mini farm, so would be hiring a caretaker and providing room and board. We will be paying for the property outright so will not have a mortgage payment. Am I missing something, or shouldn't we be able to live very comfortably?
yoshi222 replied on October 25, 2014 with:
No, you don't bother me. More like I bother you because you know its true even though it is a general comment, but anyway have fun. Just leave the American attitude in America. Okay? I just said your name because it's your thread. Such a messed up thing to say Howdan. I'm trying to help the lady. I just want to make sure she understands to leave the American attitude AT HOME. Don't take that dumb mindset down to CR. Those people will look at her like a fool. LEAVE THE AMERICAN MINDSET AT HOME. YOU HEAR ME NOW CAMAROMOM? That IS directed toward you. It will make sense if you decide to move. You're welcome. You'll look back and realize yoshi222 knew EXACTLY what he was talking about. Later
howdan replied on October 25, 2014 with:
I agree 100%.go away!
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SWIRLZ replied to the thread Visiting Ecuador on the Ecuador forum on October 25, 2014:
Ericocean initially posted:
My wife and I will be visiting Ecuador in May of 2015. We will be in Cuenca and Quito. Are there expat meetings or is there a way to meet people expats who live in Cuenca to get the low down on life there? We may come back for a year or so to learn Spanish in 2016. thanks, Eric
SWIRLZ replied on October 25, 2014 with:
Good point sinego re "the low down". Don't forget....the secret handshake password changes on Halloween!
withoutego replied on October 25, 2014 with:
pretty much unavoidable. Gringos don't blend into the woodwork for several years so finding them is easy....and they love to talk to other gringos. when you get the low down, please share it with the group...there seems to be much discussion about what the real low down is. I know but won't say. sinego
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Lucilene replied to the thread Rental income on the Ecuador forum on October 25, 2014:
Lucilene initially posted:
Hello Everyone, I am thinking about moving to Ecuador, but I am not retired yet and need to find a way to provide for myself. I am not looking to work or open a business. My question is whether or not it is possible to invest in real estate and live on the rent? If so how much is necessary to buy a property/properties to generate an income of around $ 1500 and where is the best area to do so? I am a single lady and was thinking about renting a modest place while living off the income. I appreciate any suggestions. Thank you. Lucy
Lucilene replied on October 25, 2014 with:
Hi, Thanks for your comments. I am planning on moving to Ecuador soon. I'll rent first to see if it is for me... Thank you again!
boatmax replied on October 22, 2014 with:
I am currently getting $1200/mo annual lease with increase each year. The leasee is a US contractor, who wants it for 3 more years. yes it is on the coast almost new. With that rental income, I can live anywhere (almost) rent free.
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