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panamajames replied to the thread me and gf want to move there, not retired on the Panama forum on September 14, 2014:
linof initially posted:
My gf and I are looking to leave ny winters behind. She has her teaching degree, I have comfortable amount of income from rental properties in US, I'm not retired. What would we be looking at as far as residency requirements, where to live, she would be willing to teach anywhere, we would like to be near beach,this is all new to me, any info would be greatly appreciated. I speak spanish, english, and portuguese fluently, am a jeweler by trade.
panamajames replied on September 14, 2014 with:
Not being retired and receiving a Government or business guaranteed lifetime Pension, means that you cannot qualify for the Pensionado program, no matter how much money you make in your business enterprises. There is the $300,000 person of means VISA here, which you might qualify for. House or bank CD's totaling $300,000. Otherwise there is the 47 friendly countries VISA that might work for you. You can e-mail me at panamajames@gmail.com and I can have a lawyer contact you with all the details. All the best, and come a visit Boquete sometime............Jim
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panamajames replied to the thread small, affordable Beach town on the Panama forum on September 14, 2014:
aerinb initially posted:
Hello my husband and I with our 3 kids as well as my sister and her daughter are planning to move to either Panama or Costa Rica by the end of December. We had been looking at Costa Rica mire but it seems to be too touristy and expensive. We are looking to live somewhere very quiet, cheap, near the ocean, close to a hospital (I may be pregnant), internet access, safe, and walking distance to basic necessities (groceries, clinics,etc.). We are looking to live on about $1,900 a month. Any suggestions? Thanks so much in advance
panamajames replied on September 14, 2014 with:
You won't be doing any surfing around Penonome. The ocean at Santa Clara, Decameron, and Playa Blanca is too tranquilo. If you want to go surfing, head to Santa Catalina, Pedasi, or Bocas Del Toro,
aerinb replied on September 14, 2014 with:
MarAnnR I watched the video and read the article from PanamFor Real, wow so helpful and informative, thanks for the tip! Still need to check out the other one you mentioned. Looking forward to it. kimhill4 that sounds great! I would love to meet up! I know that our littles would love to make new friends too! : ) Thanks so much for your email, mine is aerinblanton@gmail.com I will let you know when we arrive and keep you posted for sure! Are you a surfer?! My husband and I and even our 5 year old would love to learn to surf. Yummm all of the native food sounds like everything I love. I actually named my childhood dog Mango because it is my favorite fruit lol! Bummer about the avocados because they are EXPENSIVE here. Thank you for the great advice. I can't wait to have the opportunity to have a favorite beach : ) I am originally from California and have missed the beach so much. It looks like our first stop in central America will be Penonome! It really does seem like the perfect place for our family. And I also have lot's of others on the list to visit thanks to everyone. You guys are awesome!
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panamajames replied to the thread Notes on Trip to Panama on the Panama forum on September 14, 2014:
roxaneburnett initially posted:
Hello all! We are in Panama now and I thought it might valuable to share some observations now and as me move forward through 9/21/14. Panama City - Taxis range from $3.50 to $10 to the same locale depending on your luck. - Driving is for experts only. - Walking is not easy in PC. Non-existent sidewalks and big pot-holes in streets. - Prices of restaurant food is not much lower than the states. - Construction is everywhere, as is trash. - Cozo Azul is a nice, local restaurant. Great whole fried fish. - Tinajas has fun traditional dancing show San Carlos - Manglar Lodge ($120/night) is quaint and an easy walk to the beach (playa) Bay View Hotel is just next door but prices are not on internet. PanAmerican Highway - is under construction, as is most of Panama - Plan on a long trip from San Carlos to Boquete. About 6 hours. Long but the view is amazing. So lovely and rich. Boquete - Just got here tonight but love it already. Staying at the Haven. No on-site restaurant, however it is a short walk to the main drag. At at an good Argentinian place tonight. Cool and not as humid as PC and San Carlos. More later as we explore.
panamajames replied on September 14, 2014 with:
Boquete is going through a downtown face lift. Seems the new Mayor has heard too often about the poor looks of the downtown area, and has enlisted a group of expats and some locals, to beautify downtown and has given them a budget to work with. It will be a tough job to be sure. Ideally, it would be best to bulldoze the 103 years of history, and start anew, but we know that won't happen. So a little paint and repairs can be expected over the next year. We have the the head person of that group, coming on our radio show in the next week or so, to talk about the entire project. It will be interesting to see how they plan to change the looks of downtown Boquete.........We operate a free hiking group in Boquete up to 3 times a week, if there is anyone interested in doing some hiking while here vacationing or moving here, and we mainly hike the sidewalks and roadways of Boquete for about 2 hours, but occasionally we get into the hills and volcano in dry season...........cheers.
Panama2017 replied on September 14, 2014 with:
I agree with MaryAnn about the sweeping generalizations about Panama City. My condo is in Costa del Este and it is definitely a "walking town" with great sidewalks, immaculate, wide tree lined streets and lots of grassy areas. We stayed in El Cangrejo when we were there in July to close on the condo, and the sidewalks were challenging. However, it did not distract from the wonderful area around Argentina. We walked everywhere and it was not an issue. Just note that not every neighborhood in Panama City has problems with sidewalks and trash.
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panamajames replied to the thread Trip from PC to Boquete on the Panama forum on September 14, 2014:
jscissell initially posted:
We drove from PC to Boquete and back this past week. In the past I bragged on how there were hardly any pot holes on Panama. Well I was wrong. I think that Costa Rica exported all the pot holes they had and Panama bought them all and placed them on the road from Santigo and Boquete. The scenery is just beautiful but the road is terrible. I do have to say though that they are in the process of building another road to Boquete which is good.
panamajames replied on September 14, 2014 with:
They are not building a new road to Boquete, they are re-building the road from Santiago to David, and that is a mess and will be for a few years to come. Once completed, it will be a new four lane highway, in good condition, all the way from Panama City to Boquete. Currently the road from David to Boquete is perfect, not a pot hole anywhere to be found. It is brand new. The only pot holes might be on side streets, not the main highway...........
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tjmoon replied to the thread Housesitters available on the Guatemala forum:
Moon1823 initially posted:
Hello, We're a Dutch couple in our fifties, looking for a housesit position in this beautiful country. Built up excellent references in the last 3 years in Central and South America. Currently staying in Antigua till half of september. Kind Regards Andre y Marie-Anne
tjmoon replied on September 14, 2014 with:
Please be in touch with me directly at traceyjmoon@gmailcom regarding a housesitting/petsitting beginning on October 1st at Lake Atitlan.
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wendywoo2 replied to the thread Milk from farm delivery home 100% fresh pasteurized on the Vietnam forum:
sgmilk initially posted:
SGMILK Delivery home 100% fresh pasteurized milk from farm Ho Chi Minh city. 0902 321 698 www.sgmilk.com facebook.com/sgmilks
wendywoo2 replied on September 14, 2014 with:
As an Old dairy Farmer I have to say Any milk milked from Healthy grass fed cows can only become contaminated from the receptacle's used to put the milk into, Best are Stainless steel buckets and or properly sanitized milking machine's, sterilized bottle's or new Containers ,will ensure safe nutritious whole raw milk.
travelwriter replied on July 20, 2014 with:
I wouldn't trust unpasteurized milk in Viet Nam any more than I would eat raw meat or eggs. Too dangerous.
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AlexCatLady replied to the thread Help! No cat litter? on the Nicaragua forum on September 14, 2014:
AlexCatLady initially posted:
I'm here in Granada making arrangements for future permanent stay...and went to the supermercado to check on cat food/litter (I'm bringing my cat)...well, the cat food they have...but they had never heard of kitty litter! Anyone have ant suggestions what to do? My spoiled kitty is used to The World's Greatest litter! Help!! Granada BTW I think is paradise!
AlexCatLady replied on September 14, 2014 with:
Fantastic idea! Thanks :)
KeyWestPirate replied on September 14, 2014 with:
Also look for someone who manufactures boxes for cigars. They are pretty much everywhere, ask at that cigar shop in Granada. They use a nice hardwood with an aromatic smell. The shavings are created as the lumber is planed to size. They generally give them away for the asking. I used to get truckload quantities, and provide the workers with gaseosas in exchange, but I doubt that you will have to pay for your small quantities. Bring a big plastic bag or two.
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standupguy replied to the thread Question about a Lease for Filipina on the Philippines forum on September 14, 2014:
bernier48 initially posted:
I have a Girlfriend who says she is renting an apartment in Marikina near Manila and the apartment doesn't require a lease or agreement to live there, it's just month to month. She wants me to send 1st month and Deposit but I wanted a copy of the lease or agreement but she says there is none. Is that possible?
standupguy replied on September 14, 2014 with:
b48 - for sure it's possible, If she is being charged the low end market rate for the area (what & how much?), since 'price'er 'lodgings would normally have a rental agreement.
standupguy replied on September 14, 2014 with:
PC my wife uses her tubs in the RP, but, in Canada, she really likes our washing machine and drying rack. The only country that has laundry hand soap adds on TV.
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pmcd replied to the thread Salinas? La Libertad? someplace not very humid? on the Ecuador forum:
alvintx initially posted:
Hello all. I am thinking of early retirement in Ecuador. Me and my wife enjoy the sea. We would like to visit some coastal cities in Ecuador towards the end of this year on exploratory trip. I live near Houston, Texas so I am used to warm weather. However I don't like the humidity. I would like my target location to be warm, sunny and not humid. It should have decent shopping and decent emergency medical care (heart attacks, strokes, accidents, etc.) We are willing to consider Cuenca (and forgo the sea) if the coast is too humid. In fact I was considering coastal areas of Thailand and Malaysia but have read its humid there as well. Costa Blanca coast of Spain would be ideal but getting residency visa is tough. Q1) Would Salinas or La Libertad suit my needs for weather? Q2) What's the difference between the two towns? Why would one choose one over another given they are so close? Q3) How important is it to have your own car in this area? Would a small scooter be enough? Looking forward to your comments. Thanks!
pmcd replied on September 14, 2014 with:
We are retired and while we like water, beaches, etc ... it is not a priority. Neither are nightclubs, drinking, ... Would much rather swim in a pool! Does anyone have any thoughts on renting a smaller place with a pool, not necessarily near a beach, for a few months say January to March? The idea is to live home during the off-winter (Toronto) and somewhere reasonably priced and safe (?) during the winter. Have friends in Peru (our neighbours in fact) who had very nice things to say about Ecuador but some of the messages here seem to be implying that foreigners may be less than welcome. One way or another, it would certainly be nice to visit there at least once.
bentparrot replied on September 08, 2014 with:
Seems like we're getting out on a tangent here - far from the original post. @alvintx, I'm from The Woodlands, and find the Houston area too hot and too humid much of the year. I've been living in Cuenca for the last three, and while it is very dry, it is never very warm. Unless you are out around midday under the equatorial sun, then, at 72 degrees, it can be downright hot! However, most of the time, Cuenca is partly cloudy to overcast. And for the last three months, the temperature has struggled to hit 70. Many days, the HIGH was just 52 to 54! So too is Salinas and La Libertad for much of the year, although never as cold. And, in August, I've needed a lightweight windbreaker in Salinas because it was overcast, windy and 64 degrees. Until you get close to the Colombian border (not recommended), the coasts of Ecuador, Peru, and Chile are affected by the Humboldt Current - cloudy to overcast winters (July to December) and warm, with frequent rain, summers. In other words, everything is a trade-off. I agree with SWIRLZ. Live in Cuenca for all it has to offer, including the proximity to quality medical care, and visit Salinas or Mancora, Peru for the beach. Oh, and forget about a motor scooter. You can only survive here by being aggressive. Even a motorcycle, putting out 250 CCs is not enough. Think about Houston's West Loop, the Galleria area, and the type drivers you would encounter there. They are far more aggressive in Ecuador. You would need a powerful car at twice its USA cost. Or, like Greyhound used to say, "Take the bus, and leave the driving to us."
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Keylime replied to the thread Length of stay in Ecuador on the Ecuador Welcome Forum forum on September 14, 2014:
TeresaH initially posted:
If I read this right we can only stay in Ecuador for 3 months. Is that correct? We were hoping to come to Ecuador for at least 1 year. We are retired.
Keylime replied on September 14, 2014 with:
You can get an extension for 6 months just before your 90 days are up. The 6 month extension costs $230. keylime
withoutego replied on September 14, 2014 with:
The tourist stamp gives everyone three months just for showing up at the border. After that there are various ways to extend your stay. Some nice person on the forum who has it handy will give you the link for the government's website. It lays out details for the many ways to stay longer, legally. where there's a will, there will be a way. Good luck sinego
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