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d1llon1982 replied to the thread Hotels in Santa Marta on the Colombia forum on August 30, 2015:
Capt1313 initially posted:
Trying to get some current info on Santa Marta, particularly hotel prices and availability Also has anyone flown direct from Toronto. Rental car prices and of course how much is a beer?? Thanx, Capt
d1llon1982 replied 6 minutes ago with:
Ahh World Beers, Calle 84 # 47 en la esquina, i know it very well, in fact my Dentist is across the road from it next door to Hotel Windsor, 20,000 for six beers in there, excellent.
bigjailerman replied 37 minutes ago with:
My next trip, I'll buy you a bear at World Beers lol.... Mundo del Cerveca
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jstaley8 replied to the thread Considering relocating with pets on the Belize forum on August 30, 2015:
jstaley8 initially posted:
I was wondering if there are any real estate agents of long term rental properties that specialize in properties allowing pets? New to group and am looking forward to finding out as much as I can before visiting and hopefully relocating on the beach. Thanks for your help??. Namaste
jstaley8 replied 12 minutes ago with:
Thanks very much for info. I saw it seems more expensive for houses in Placencia. Hopkins seems like nice place from what I see on the web. Bike is definitely a great idea. Thanks again. Namaste, John
FredAr replied 1 hour ago with:
I don't know Corozal well, I get the impression is not a 'beachy' scene. Hopkins and Placencia is what you are looking for, and the tricky part is the price. There lies the quandary; choice usually is a function of what one can afford. I li Btw a cool bicycle is the way to go, expands one range and choices tremendously. Walking is so 90's. LoL
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ILuvCR replied to the thread Where to visit within driving distance of Puerto Viejo on the Costa Rica forum on August 30, 2015:
olsenmarion initially posted:
We're visiting Puerto Viejo next week. We've been there once, 5 years ago but last time we didn't have a car. This time we have rented a car and will be driving from Arenal down to Puerto Viejo. Where would you recommend we stop along the way or visit near Puerto Viejo? We want to see as much as possible while we are there. Thanks!
ILuvCR replied 17 minutes ago with:
I've never been there but my tree hugger friends love Punta Mona puntamona.org Punta Mona Center for Sustainable Living & Education el Caribe Sur, Talamanca, Costa Rica
Kohl replied 3 hours ago with:
Suggest a visit to Jaguar Rescue center and the Sloth Sanctuary.
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waltermboyles replied to the thread Kathleen Peddicord conference on the Nicaragua forum on August 30, 2015:
ovniologo initially posted:
I'm just interested in Central and South America have anyone been in Kathleen Peddicord conferences? are they worthy.
waltermboyles replied 21 minutes ago with:
Re kPetticord conferances: Did you meet any worthwhile professionals? W Boyles
atz111 replied 40 minutes ago with:
Worth it for her. Rah, rah for moving and little of ny useful day to day stuff.
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letsmove replied to the thread Getting parcels in Uruguay on the Uruguay forum on August 30, 2015:
Morell initially posted:
It has always been a bit of problem getting parcels here but now there is a delivery charge being added for every parcel from September. You can use a service like Casilla Mia which is a branch of the Uruguayan Postal System. How it works is you order from a US company and have the item shipped to the address you are given by Casilla Mia. You email all the info including a copy of the bill and then pay in advance for all the charges. Once the item arrives in Uruguay it is delivered to your door. I have used it and it works fine but does add a bit to the bill and takes extra time as things wait for them to process the paperwork etc. If you have relatives or a different company ship directly to Uruguay, if you know the tracking code, you go to the website https://www.correo.com.uy/index.asp?pagVal=538 and follow the directions there. You are only allowed 5 shipments a year dutyfree and the total including shipping costs has to be below the value shown. Now, in addition you need to pay $1.50 US BEFORE the item arrives by using the tracking number. It will be delivered to your door. If you do not know the tracking number then the cost goes up to $5.00 US when the parcel arrives and you have to go and collect it. If you wait more than 10 days after it arrives, the cost is $10.00 US. After 30 days it is returned to sender. They constantly change the rules and requirements for shipping here so this may not be last word on it. They have said they want to discourage people shopping abroad and are happy that shopping by mail has dropped considerably since adding more and more restrictions!
letsmove replied 27 minutes ago with:
Do they deliver it to your door in the cities only? Does it say anything about being in the campo?
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Ojaisue replied to the thread shell shocked! on the Portugal forum:
Ojaisue initially posted:
Hi everyone, I am a Brit who has lived in California for almost 20 years - I have enjoyed gleaning some very useful info from this site and am now ready to take the plunge and move to the Albufeira area 3rd week of September....YIKES! It really happened suddenly and I feel very unprepared! I am shipping my furniture etc and having problems finding somewhere unfurnished to rent initially......what is the deal with unfurnished? I would like to rent a 3 bed/2bath while I figure things out. I spent April of this year in Vale de Parra/Gale and just fell in love with this area....out of season I know! I would love to return there if possible but open to suggestions. Any help would be so appreciated.
Ojaisue replied 27 minutes ago with:
Hi again - I would just like to thank everyone so very much for all the great help and advice I have received. Its only 3 weeks now to my departure and as a result of the many suggestions to check out Cascais, I have decided to fly to Lisbon and spend a month in Cascais before finally making a decision. Properties to rent are more plentiful in Lisboa region than Algarve. The amount of rain in Lisbon region is a bit of a concern - being a Brit, rain doesnt thrill me, however, the cooler temps do! So first job when I arrive is opening a bank account that I can transfer to from US - any suggestions here? BPI has been mentioned on various blogs. OK - back to packing for me today! Sue
sunshine120 replied on August 22, 2015 with:
Totally agree. I am an American living in London. I have visited Portugal yearly (sometimes twice a year) for pass 12 years. Its a beautiful friendly country that's cheap to live. From Oct - May you can rent anywhere in the Algarve dirt cheap (around $600 a month). I'm talking about furnished apartments or houses near the beach. Don't ship anything to Portugal unless its high value furniture that's collectors items. Rental apartment/houses come with modern furniture and appliances that is as good as America (if not better). Enjoy the place for 3 months on your tourist visa while you plan to make things permanent.
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villarosa replied to the thread Can American Retirees live in Ireland? on the Ireland forum on August 30, 2015:
DSCowans initially posted:
We are planning our first trip to Ireland in April 2016. Been hearing a lot about Ireland having "requirements" to live there long term. We are both retired/disabled, receive Social Security/Medicare and a law enforcement pension. Would not be working, going to school nor starting a business. What is the possibility that we could be approved to make Ireland our new home to live out the rest of our days? Thank you. ??
villarosa replied 34 minutes ago with:
Well that's all good news (re: medical)! May I ask which county you chose to retire to? We're in love with Mayo (even though my husband's family was from Cork!). Another question (sorry): buying a car(s) - I got the impression cars are VERY expensive in Ireland. Did you purchase one there or ship one over? It would be impossible to live without a car where we want to move. Thanks so much for helping us Irish wanna' be folks!
dave8408e replied 47 minutes ago with:
Sherry H .... re: does buying a property help against the 50K a year requirement: Well, stay tuned! That's exactly my situation right now... I moved here after looking at the requirements online AND calling the consulate in San Francisco before our move; they added the 50K business the week I applied after my move! Basically, the INIS can approve or deny anyone, for any reason they choose. There are no hard and fast rules; they make them up as they go along on a case-by-case basis, and they freely admit it. I've chosen to go ahead, make improvements to my property, and not worry about it. It's now been almost a year since I applied for residency, and still no word from INIS. I figure they're too busy dealing with African refugees to care about little old me. Ireland is different!
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suesba2002 posted Shopping on the Guatemala forum on August 30, 2015:
Hi anyone going shopping in Guatemala C this week or next? If so I would love to hitch a ride. Just moved to Antigua and need to buy things that I think would be too bulky for a chichen . walmart, pricemat (not have a card) or other stores with a good selection of basic household Things. Sue
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Amychow2527 replied to the thread Veterinarian recommendation? on the Nicaragua forum on August 30, 2015:
Amychow2527 initially posted:
Hi all, I live in Managua and am hoping to find a good veterinarian as I would like to take my bunny to get spayed. Does anyone know of a good vet in the Managua area? I am also willing to travel to Granada if necessary. Any recommendation would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!
Amychow2527 replied 44 minutes ago with:
Great thank you for the suggestions!!
ricktee replied on August 28, 2015 with:
Hi Walter, the vet is located in the Colonial Los Robles area.
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billmiller54 replied to the thread Overnight busses on the Ecuador Welcome Forum forum on August 30, 2015:
billmiller54 initially posted:
I'll be in Quito for two weeks in Jan working with some street kids through a volunteer agency. The weekend in between is mine and I'm thinking of trying to get to visit Cuenca. Does anyone know if there are overnight bus runs between the cities?
billmiller54 replied 1 hour ago with:
I'm sure I would have found the bus to be adventurous, but I have decided to follow the advice of the collective answers and take the plane. I've found pm departure and pm return flights which would work well. With (only) four months to go, when should I purchase the ticket to try to get a bargain? Right now it's about $124.
cccmedia replied on August 27, 2015 with:
Sin Ego, Live Free, Ocean and the rest are all correct. If you haven't discarded this overnight bus idea for the myriad reasons mentioned, do so now. You'd like arrive exhausted ... and there's no reason to test the questionable security of riding on dark roads under the "vigilancia de malditos." cccmedia in Quito
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