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mezzoishere replied to the thread Supplemental Health Insurance - Options on the United Kingdom forum on October 02, 2014:
Reading2014 initially posted:
We will be moving to England for 5 years and covered by NHS. We have typically (in the USA) not used our health insurance much and paid many alternative health care providers directly (services not covered by our insurance). What are your experiences with the value of supplemental insurance in the UK vs. the premiums and may it simply be better to use those resources for elective health care and not premiums?
mezzoishere replied 3 hours ago with:
Save your money. Private health care here is so maybe you don't have to wait to see a specific doctor. You get to choose which doctor in your area. I for one have LOVED NHS. I have pre-existing conditions, and private healthcare would have cost me a LOT ($1,000.00 per month min.) and then it wouldn't cover anything if it was pre-existing. All doctors are not in NHS, but the cost per visit is very reasonable. Medicines are very very reasonable. And we were able to get refills for the meds we were taking in the US with NO hassle whatsoever. In the US I've had all kinds of healthcare, and I would compare NHS to sort of an HMO, but not as strict. They share records. And if there are any accidents g-d forbid, they are covered in the Emergency or Hospital. Save your money for the alternative care like you used in the US. I for one love the NHS... no system is perfect, but it is great to not have to worry about whether you can afford care or not.
kcounterman replied on October 01, 2014 with:
We've been living here for almost three years now and the NHS is just OK. We still have private health care through our US company but haven't used it much as it's hard to find providers and it's annoying for reimbursement. It was great for my 3D ultra sound! It depends on what you are accustomed to but we are not big fans of NHS. Spoken from an American with three children, one born here. It sounds like supplemental health care insurance wouldn't be worth it for your needs?
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llseldon replied to the thread Islands in Central America on the Panama forum on October 01, 2014:
panamajames initially posted:
Out of the top 10 islands in Central America Panama has 5. 1. Coiba Island, Panama: This is the largest island in Central America and was once used as a high security prison. It’s now a protected nature preserve with some of the best snorkeling in Panama. 3. San Blas Islands, Panama: An archipelago made up of over 300 pristine islands and home to Panama’s native Guna tribes. You could literally spend almost an entire year island hopping. 5. Pearl Islands, Panama: Once home to a few Survivor series and just a quick ferry or plane ride from Panama City, this is set to be the next exclusive island getaway for the rich and famous with Trump and Ritz setting up hotels there. 8. Zapatillas Island, Panama: Gorgeous island in Bocas del Toro, Panama with white sand, stunning blue water, and no one else around 10. Iguana Island, Panama: Located off the coast of Pedasi, Panama this island is home to clear turquoise waters and lots of marine wildlife. Taking 5 of 10, Panama remains a Paradise for all the Island lovers world wide.
llseldon replied on October 01, 2014 with:
Interesting, I copied & paste the complete list, but as you see & comment, not all on the list posted. As they say, "no mi cuple". I'm traveling in the U.S. & didn't see any follow up comments until now. Can anyone explain the omissions?
MaryAnnR replied on October 01, 2014 with:
Thanks BoqueteGirl, I found the article at news-liveandinvestoverseas from 6 May 2014-The 10 best Off-The-Grid Island Escapes in Central America. Nice photos in the article.
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Lesotho Travel Warning from the U.S. Department of State
doctorhands replied to the thread Vietnamese American moving to SG on the Vietnam forum on October 01, 2014:
vietkieu89 initially posted:
Hi all, Specifically I'm moving here from SoCal where I pay $1650/month for rent and spend about $800-$1000/month on everyday needs (food, clothes, electronics) I got a job offer in SG near distrct 1 for about 30,000,000 VND / month (about 14-1500USD/month) I think after taxes its about 26,000,000VND/month I want to maintain a slightly above average lifestyle. I'm not looking to buy cars and sport the latest gadgets. The company is covering my gym, lunches, money to learn new languages. I like to live close to work, use the gyms and eat. I don't drink. I need dishwasher and laundry in-unit. So my question is, based off my brief description, will I be able to live comfortably? Or how frugal will I be living with this alloted salary?
doctorhands replied on October 01, 2014 with:
Good luck! As you have surmised, in order to each English your best bet is to be white. But that's not 100%. I know of some Indian guys teaching and one from Bangladesh. Teaching Mandarin sounds like maybe your best bet. Usually the best way to get a job here is to come here on a tourist, 3 month visa and look for a job rather than getting one before you leave.
kyhangan replied on October 01, 2014 with:
My 55-meter-square apartment is fully furnished about 500 usd for a month. If you are interested in this apartment let me know. It is located in Binh Thanh district beside dist 1.
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WorldNomad replied to the thread How Can NA Expats Meet Women 55+years in Ecuador? on the Ecuador forum on October 01, 2014:
aaronbennis initially posted:
I am 71+ years, AA expat (currently residing in Thailand, but leaving soon), financially independent, and looking to connect w/ a western, 55+years (ballroom dancer) lady of any nationality, residing in either Ecuador or Colombia. Reply specifically to this topic (only), Por Favor.
WorldNomad replied on October 01, 2014 with:
Aahhh, just COME...really...
aaronbennis replied on September 28, 2014 with:
You're absolutely correct, about ballroom dancers in China, particularly Shanghai. Been there, done that, and I've got all the T-shirts. Unfortunately for me, @ my age, I also enjoy having a "cerebrally" stimulating conversation, while Waltzing around the dancefloor. I'm an American, from Chicago @ heart, and I just miss that lifestyle of clarity, when I'm away from it, too long. Time for me to home. Thanks for the best wishes, amigo
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snowflake53 posted Capase on the Ecuador forum on October 01, 2014:
Sorry everyone, but I did not realize artandmitiz had already ask about Capaes. Now I know where it is at. Thanks
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nancylaleau replied to the thread What characteristics help long term expats stay in Ecuador? on the Ecuador forum on October 01, 2014:
kayell initially posted:
What helps people stay in Ecuador longer? This could be personality traits, things they/you especially like about the country/area, or anything else that fits. I'd love to hear from long term residents.
nancylaleau replied 4 hours ago with:
I can't wait to locate those cheap popsicles!!! Thanks sin ego! --nancy
livefreebstrong replied on October 01, 2014 with:
And that's one of the reasons i read this forum. The pop cycle lovers.
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garcam123 replied to the thread Ensenada on the Mexico forum on October 01, 2014:
mdcwilson initially posted:
We currently live in Italy and are looking to retire close to my family in Southern California. The housing prices in Southern California are outrageous. We decided to look south of the border and came across Ensenada. We want to know if there's anyone in this forum who has good information about renting and or buying there.
garcam123 replied on October 01, 2014 with:
I'm renting in Tijuana in a neighborhood known as Playas De Tijuana. It's 10 minutes to the border and is very nice and safe and there are many nice condos available. I know there are dozens available on a bluff overlooking the ocean and alway have a nice breeze and wonderful virew of the sunset. They have security and are clean and new and I was told an efficiency was 300.00 a month. This is a great place to live, but I've only been here for 3 months.
je777 replied on September 30, 2014 with:
I was there once, many years ago and really liked the place. Don't know about buying or rentals or visas. You know more than I so I hope to hear from you again.
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radicalthumper replied to the thread Leaving Philippines on the Philippines forum on October 01, 2014:
milloy36 initially posted:
I have ACR card that expires in 2017, no problem there. I have been told that I need to get an exit visa. Does anyone know where you go to get that? I have been told I can do it at the "House of Horrors" NAIA or go to Immigration in Manila. It is really a question about needing to leave quickly. If a relative dies or some similar problem. Can anyone help me that has had to do this? Thanks
radicalthumper replied on October 01, 2014 with:
My ACR-1 card does no say that on the bottom back. Maybe you have a permanent resident ACR-1 card. Mine says tourist on the front. On the back it says: this card shall not serve as an entry visa
tlallen59 replied on October 01, 2014 with:
If Mindanao Bob calls it a visa that's good enough for me technical or not. http://liveinthephilippines.com/content/living-in-the-philippines-on-a-balikbayan-visa/
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DocStJohn replied to the thread Meeting Local Women In Ecuador on the Ecuador forum on October 01, 2014:
aaronbennis initially posted:
How do retired (50-years +) retired expats meet "age appropriate" local women, away from the Night Club scenes?
DocStJohn replied on October 01, 2014 with:
Everyone is looking for someone that they can share this "ticking clock" with. And as George stressed, "All You Need Is Love, Love, Love Is All You Need". Whatever way you find it, Buena Swerte.
withoutego replied on October 01, 2014 with:
shawnnn is right. This idea is carried in the minds of gringos. It is not the reality in Ecuador. The ladies looking for a man in Ecuador want the same things gringas want in the states. A woman wants to be loved and to feel secure. That is the same everywhere. If you think its all about you and that tab of stiffener in your palm you need an intro to Polythene Pam (Beatles song) and a vinyl patch kit. sinego
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