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Blog Café con Melk posted on the Global Network
Cafecito con leche... in Dutch. A website/blog about becoming an expat in the Netherlands. Journeying from LA to Utrecht.
Newly built house, close to commercial area and withing walking distance of school, food, market. House has 3 floors that can be rented individually as 3 divided units or as one big combined unit.
ILuvCR replied to the thread IL admits to 'exaggrerated sales pitch' on the Costa Rica forum on July 06, 2015:
Kohl initially posted:
Article posted the other day has shown that more funds are required to live here... http://www.retirenowincostarica.com/060815-exaggerated-sales-pitches-mean-disappointment.htm
ILuvCR replied 9 minutes ago with:
Thanks Kohl, Like I've always said and experienced first hand, "living here in a reasonable way will cost $2,000 to $3,000 a month." Pura Vida!
Jackietrehorn replied 18 minutes ago with:
It's about time. Now they need to do the same with their Ecuador reports. My advice to folks looking to retire has always been DO NOT READ INTERNATIONAL LIVING. if you do be skeptical of all their claims.
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Whisperer replied to the thread Lars1 on the Ecuador forum on July 06, 2015:
remoore2001 initially posted:
If anyone starts getting PM's from a troll named Lars1 please send him back to me. He's just to much fun to have to share with anyone else. Beyond that is anyone going to see the Pope? If so please post how it went for you. Should be interesting to see if the demonstrators try to make a point at this time
Whisperer replied 23 minutes ago with:
LFBS: Now your being the smarty pants. I would join in if I could
Whisperer replied 50 minutes ago with:
remoore2001: Yup, I knew it was sumpthink like that. I was just being a smarty pants. Have a great day
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carolvaughn replied to the thread A business opportunity open to anyone legally in Costa Rica (revised). on the Costa Rica forum on July 06, 2015:
Troady initially posted:
I want you all to know about a business opportunity open to anyone wanting to improve their health and finances in a legal way in Costa Rica as well as many other countries around the world. This opportunity can be created from your own home, with your own resources, and in your own time. I am talking about an opportunity built by Max International, a company from Salt Lake City in Utah, established in 2007. The company has expanded all over the world. Currently it is growing in Costa Rica and 12 other countries. Max international was founded by Steven K Scott (www.stevenkscott.com) a well-known billionaire and author of many bestselling books (http://www.amazon.com/Steven-K.-Scott/e/B000APQHV6). Among other businesses, he owns The Total Gym, featuring Chuck Norris as spokesman. This company alone has produced more than two billion dollars in the last 18 years. Eight years ago he met a doctor looking for help in marketing a nutritional formula he had created. Steven Scott rapidly said, “No, I do not believe in vitamins or supplements, they only are good for making your urine yellow, and I can do that too and save my money just by holding my pee a little longer”. Robert H Keller (that was the name of the doctor) did laugh immediately and did give a one week of sample to Steven Scott and left. Steven began taking it when he arrived at his home in Utah. Four days later he called the doctor and asked for 1000 bottles of one week samples like the one he had used. Steve sent the samples to many of his friends and after seeing a massive response, decided to join the doctor to market the product. After he considered the potential of what he had on his hands, he got on the phone with his bigger competitors in marketing who sold also by way of TV commercials, Bill Gutty and Greg Renker, the owners of the well known Proactiv. After telling them about the product, they responded that they knew and loved him, but had to be sure of what he was talking about. They requested samples and promised to get back to him after they did some research. After research and testing by independent medical facilities in California, they called Steve asking where to deposit the millions and to sign the contract to partnering in the marketing of the product. That was the beginning of Max International in February of 2007. Dr. Robert H. Keller had found a way to effectively raise the levels of Glutathione in the body with an inexpensive formula that until that very moment, was only known by Hollywood stars who had it injected thru IVs every 15 days at a cost of almost $1000.00 a shot. Glutathione is the body’s own master antioxidant, 10,000 times more potent than vitamin C, D, and E in reducing oxidative stress levels. Glutathione is also the master detoxifier, keeping in shape the filters of the body, liver, kidneys and lungs. It raises and supports the immune system. It keeps the body free of inflammation, “especially in articulations” and organs. It reduces fatigue levels and increases recuperation times. In summation, high glutathione levels allow you to perform at a higher level for longer periods of time and allows you to recover faster. Whether you’re working out regularly, adventuring on the weekends, or playing sports at an elite level, you need to supplement your diet with products that enhance glutathione. What else can you expect if you raise your glutathione levels? In addition to performing the critical task of neutralizing free radicals, glutathione: • breaks down highly toxic and damaging compounds including, peroxide and xenoestrogens like bisphenol-a (BPA • frees your body of mercury poisoning. • protects and repairs cell membranes and DNA from damage, • binds to carcinogens, aiding in their removal from the body • attacks tumor cells • participates in body immune function raising levels of immune cells and keeping them healthier • recycles itself and other antioxidants back to their active forms • raises your energy and hormonal levels • improves sexual function and fertility, • decelerates the aging process, • helps you concentrate and focus • improves your sleep and your recuperation times from exercise, surgery and cicatrization • improves oxygenation in cells and organs, specially in the brain • promotes fewer visits to the doctor because it prevents or help in the healing of 74 diseases • improves your well-being and the quality of your hair and skin In summation, raising glutathione levels in your body does wonders for you. Remember how energetic and enthusiastic you were at age 20. That was when you glutathione levels were at their peak. Glutathione is produced by our body. It is an endogenous molecule produced in enough quantities by our cells until it peaks in our twenties. From there it begins to descend in production at a level of 10 to 15% for each decade we live (if we are healthy, more if sick or have diseases) meaning that by the age of 45-50 years old, you only have half of what you had in your twenties. Restoring glutathione levels makes your body functions better and makes you feel younger and healthier. Max International began distributing the formula created by Dr. Robert H Keller under the name Max GXL in a network marketing type business in the USA and Canada in February 2007. By 2009 Dr. Herbert T Nagasawa, a renowned scientist working with the University of Minnesota, the Department of Veterans and editor in chief of the Chemical Journal magazine for 30 years, had developed after 25 years of research a different formula than the Max GXL from Dr. Keller. Dr Nagasawa’s formula raised the glutathione levels in the body 300% more than the original Max GXL. After discovering Max International was already distributing Max GXL, he came to Max Intl. with his patented formula called Riboceine to see if Max was able to distribute it too. Max bought the formula from Dr Nagasawa. Today Max International has three patented formulas capable of raising glutathione levels in the body and has become “The Glutathione leading company in the world”. The two latest products from Dr Nagasawa are called Max ONE, a compound of pure Riboceine, and the second one is called Cellgevity. The latest formula has Riboceine and another 12 ingredients, raising Glutathione levels further in the body and recycling it for longer, extending the benefits it does to your body. Having protection levels covered with these three formulas, Dr Nagasawa added Max N-fuze, a multivitamin and multi-mineral product that is able to work synergistically with the Glutathione accelerators and Max ATP, which does wonders for sports and other high energy requiring people. It contains Riboceine and Ribose (a natural sugar produced by the body), providing it to the body on demand. Meta Switch was the next product from Max Intl., that addressed the needs of many American people, a weight loss system made by Dr. Mark A. Moyad, the number one authority in nutritional weight loss in the world. Meta Switch does wonders because it works with the AMPK gland reducing appetite and accelerating metabolism in a natural way that burns fat and reduces pounds. It also helps reduce and regulate sugar levels in the blood of diabetics. It has earned a stamp of approval from the Independent American Doctors Association of “Heart Healthy”. Visible Solutions, was the last product in joining the line of products from the company, a skin care system that gives the skin 22 of the 24 nutrients the skin needs to produce by itself collagen and elastin as the skin did naturally at the age 20. All these products, are within everyone’s reach just by using one of Steve Scott's very effective technique, “effective partnering” with Max International. By partnering with Max, becoming a user of the products and a spokesman for the wonders they do to others, you can help yourself, help other people you know, and help your finances. Because Max does not have publicity on radio, TV or any other media, and no physical distribution centers with lots of employees and expenses, they save a lot in the distribution of the products and share with you (the distributor) all the revenues they got. You may also become just a client and enjoy the products. Establishing a network marketing business from your own home is totally legal in Costa Rica and other parts of the world. No one can object to your recommending a product you use and you love, to your friends and people you may know. They can buy the products directly at the company (through your distributor number) and Max will reward you for that, you will receive your revenues in a Visa debit card issued by a US bank working with Max International. Interested? Go to www.max.com/max4life and look at the information there by way of text, media, and videos. Read Chuck Norris' recommendations and watch his videos about the products and this wonderful opportunity. Or go to www.youtube.com, look for Max International llc videos and select the ones from Chuck Norris, Greg Norman or other people you may like. My wife and I are living in Costa Rica thanks to our Max Intl. business. Although it was not a one night event, (it took four years of doing the business before we could fire our bosses and be financially free) it has changed our lives and our health for good. It is the best thing that has happened to us in our 50 + years. Even if you never make enough to be financially independent, having better health and $400-$500 extra every month, can make a difference in the way you live. It did for us and we keep growing and growing until we have become unemployable by any standard. No boss can pay us enough now to change this life style. We experience joy when we see other people also improving their health and finances because of our doing. Few people know about Glutathione. It`s up to you to do your homework to confirm if everything revealed here is true or not. Just a hint, www.pubmed.org, the online library of the National Institute of Health of USA, has more than 120,000 medical and clinical articles about Glutathione. To compare, from the well know vitamin C, there are only 56.000. Those who are aware of Glutathione and his importance for the human body, predict sales of Glutathione enhancers will go to 20 Billion in the next 5 years. I want to be part of it. How about you? Max Intl. is currently present in: USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ghana, Honk Kong, Fiji, Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Columbia, El Salvador and Costa Rica. Products are registered and approved in all these countries. Expansion plans to other countries are already on the table and some of them are on the move. Just one tip, do not buy Glutathione in his compose form. Glutathione bottles in GNC cost only $25.00. The problem is, Glutathione is an almost protein like substance, and it is seen by stomach acids as such. It is disintegrated before it reach the blood stream or the cells where it`s most needed, so don’t throw away your money. Glutathione enhancers provide amino-acids to the cells aiding them in creating their own glutathione. Achieving this trick is what took so long for the scientist to create something like Max GXL, Max ONE or Cellgevity. They are not Glutathione, but Glutathione precursors that are protected by others substances in their journey through stomach and such, and only get released when reaching the inside of the cells. Then the body produces energy and Glutathione in the needed quantities. Below is a list (made by an independent source) of diseases you can prevent or cure (completely or in part) by boosting your Glutathione levels: Low glutathione levels, low cg syndrome or low GSH levels are associated with over 74 diseases or conditions. This is a comprehensive list. It is based on the various studies that demonstrate this association. Diseases / Conditions associated with Low Glutathione Levels Most autoimmune and degenerative diseases of aging Accelerated Aging Acetaminophen poisoning / toxicity ADD Addison's Disease AIDS Alopecia Areata ALS Alzheimer's Disease Anemia (hemolytic) Ankylosing Spondylitis Arteriosclerosis (hardening of the arteries) Arthritis (rheumatoid) Asthma Autism (ASD) Autoimmune disease Behcet’s Disease Blepharitis Buerger's Disease Burns Cachexia Cancers Candida infection cardiomyopathy (idiopathic) cardiovascular disease Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Colitis COPD Coronary artery disease Cystic fibrosis Diabetes Crohn’s disease Eczema Emphysema Epstein Barr Viral Syndrome (EBV) Fibromyalgia Free Radical Overload Goodpasture Syndrome Graves' Disease Heavy Metal Toxicity Hepatic dysfunction (liver disease) Hepatitis B Hepatitis C (Some day to be added to the list...) • Hepatitis D • Hepatitis E • Hepatitis G • Hepatitis I • Hepatitis TT • Hepatitis SMA1 Hypercholesterolemia (high blood cholesterol) Herpes HIV Aid's Huntington's Disease/ Huntington's Chorea Infections (bacterial, viral, fungal) Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) Inflammation in general Influenza Liver Disease Lyme Disease Lupus Macular Degeneration (diabetic macular degeneration) Malnutrition Meniere’s Disease Methylmercury poisioning Multiple sclerosis (MS) Myasthenia Gravis Neurogenerative diseases Noise Induced Hearing Loss Nutritional Disorders Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Parkinson's disease Pemphigus Vulgaris Polycystic kidney disease Polycystic ovary syndrome Primary Billary Cirrhosis Progeria Psoriasis Rheumatic Fever Sarcoidosis Scleroderma Shingles Stroke Surgery (recuperation of) Thalassemia Trichotillomania (Hair Pulling) Toxic poisoning Trauma Unverricht-Lundborg Disease Vasculitis Veisalgia (when combined with vitamin C and B1) Vitiligo Wegener’s Granulomatosis I live at the moment in San Jose. I own a car and have teamed with a couple of doctors from the US who like me, are living here and have recognized the importance of these products for the human body. We are traveling all over the place spreading the word about Glutathione and its benefits. We can come to your place should you need more info about the products, the business or both. My name is Luis, I am fluent in English, Spanish and Dutch, you can reach me at 6081 4167 and ccpro777@gmail.com. Should you have some medical inquiries about the products, please call Dr Rodriguez in CR 8309-8251 (jrcareflorida@gmail.com) or Dr Valdes in the states, +1 239 234 3487, (whatsapp too) lmiguel1966@yahoo.com. It can happen that the info here is not relevant to you, but you may know somebody having one of the problems described here, you can make a very big difference in this person life, passing this info to them. You can also decide (if you don`t need or want to get involved in the business part of it) to become a customer, receiving every month the product at your place from the warehouse in San Jose, just for the sake of your health. Max international is making a big difference changing lives around the world, I am very proud to be part of that. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0F0JIn0NBlg
carolvaughn replied 34 minutes ago with:
Make It Stop, PLEASE!!!
Troady replied 2 hours ago with:
Hi there Gill, you are completely right, network marketing is not for everyone, well is true that anybody can do it, i have in my organization from janitors to doctors with three specialties in medicine, but what we all have in common is the will to get ahead in life with a residual income. One of the doctors working with me is doing close to 65 hours a week in order to make ends meet, earning a lineal income, you are the machine behind the earnings, if you stop, earnings stop, after you build a residual income, earnings keep showing even when you stop working, with a big difference from a pension, a residual income from a healthy built organization can go to $10,000 or more a month, and keep growing even after you stop, and if you have friends with Isagenix, you may know what I am talking about. Although I may say that reaching those levels require time, commitment, discipline, knowledge and mentoring from people who already are up to these levels and can help you out getting there too. Lots of people think that network marketing is easy and expect to get rich in a week, when this is not happening to them in several months, some begin to look for the right way to do it, most look to the side and begin to talk s… about the business and how they got mislead by someone. It`s true that some of those guys “trying to get ahead no matter what” promise whatever they can makeup to get people involved in the business and get money from them, but like I explained before, those are a one night stand, and 100% of them end leaving the business, hurting a lot of people in their way. Nothing built around a base of lies, stand the pass of time, sooner or later people find the true, that`s why the federals terminate 15 to 20 mlm businesses every year in the US, when people try to build some shortcut around deception and lies that always ends up hurting people. Most of the time it happen when people are lazy and don`t do their homework, first thing you must do before getting engaged in anything that can cost you money, is doing your homework, first, what is mlm?, how it works?, how can I profit from it?, what have done the people making money (real money, not your nephew`s money that began a week ago and have a check for $10.00) to get to these levels? what kind of company it is?, what kind of products are they selling?, the product prices are to everybody reach or at astronomical prices? are they getting revenue from enrolling people or by means of creating volume of consumption and sales in their organization?, do they have a training system that help you to be better and more effective in building your business? how much they charge for this training system?, do the uplines take the time to teach the downlines or do they just walk like singing divo`s in the scenery?. There are many mlm companies around, for how long they have been in your country?, is there anyone supporting or representing them?, who is it? Is the product they sale any different from the rest?, what make the company interesting to people? What is the percentage of the compensation plan getting back to distributors? So you see, I bet 99% of the people who quit, never ask this questions before beginning in any mlm, and of course, so end for them too, total disaster, for trying to get lucky in something that got nothing to do with luck but with hard work, time and learning, like on any other business. So I understand the people in the forum and outside too, they are misinformed and repeating what they have heard and learn from others. True is that 95% of any new business is bound to fail in the first year, because a business is not for everyone and mlm is not different of any other business for that matter. For the ones of us that take the time to learn it and have the patience to wait for results after you have learn the secrets of the trade, it`s a wonderful business not to compare with nothing else in the world, but always it will be the criticism, the mockery and the misunderstanding from many. If anyone of you want to know what mlm really is and how a healthy business can be build, search on the net for a book in pdf format call “GoPro” from Eric Worre and downloaded it, I haven`t seen any book better than this one in describing what this business is and how you can built a healthy organization w/o suffering and misleading no one, I do have it in my pc in digital form, can be send to anyone of you who PM me, I do even have some of them in paper form that I brought from the US with me, if you live in the San Jose area you can buy then from me. I am not offering anything abusive, p....graphic, immoral or insulting to anyone, well some of you are attacking me like this is the case, you may have your reasons to do it, and you may want to consider why are you doing this, when people do things w/o having a reason for it, is call crazy in few countries I know. This business is even capable of helping some of you to obtain legal residency in this country, having a registered US company in CR backing you up, and even outsourcing work to you with a contract form, can do wonders and open doors that otherwise remain close when you try to open them on your own, but it seems that for some of you is better attacking me and the company (and even enjoy doing it), than looking behind the door and how you can make few bucks legally and help yourself (and others) here in paradise. We call this country “Pura Vida”, but life isn`t so pure when you struggle every month to make ends meet and have to live at half gas because money is tight and there is no way to make more of it around. Here do you have a legal way to make some money and help a lot of people with their health, research Glutathione and you will find why. I do not expect all of you to understand this, but for the ones of you who this make sense, we are ready to help and to team up with a wonderful opportunity that not only can change your life for good, but impact many others in a positive way too, have a good one. Pura Vida.
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Tarshatha initially posted:
Could any Expats currently living in Ecuador please comment on the attached article? Your opinion is greatly appreciated. Thank, Paul "US and Local Elites United Against Ecuador" Ecuador Fights for Survival – Against its Elites http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/article42290.htm
kmoriarty45 replied 38 minutes ago with:
Tarhastha, Let me say that I also am curious as to who you are , where you come from, and why do you want comments on the essay ? I do agree with livefreebestrong that the essay gets 60% correct and the rest is information and misinformation stemming from a particular political bias. While the writer is, obviously, enamored with the 'revolution' in Venezuela under Chavez and attempts to draw parallels between Correa's and Chavez there is one major difference that has absolutely nothing to do with outside forces attempting to destabilize their governments. Venezuela's social revolution was and is horribly mismanaged. While Chavez traded on his considerable charisma, he didn't have the intellectual and economic savvy ( my opinion ) to make it work. Correa, on the other hand, though imitating and idolizing Chavez, has the intellect, the training and background in Economics and the human resources to make things happen in a positive way. Livefreebestrong's assessment of the current situation here and the thinking of the 'average' man is spot on. I, likewise ,hope that ego and intransigence doesn't get in the way of economics and that compromise. Correa's desire for another presidential term is a worrisome flashpoint for many Ecuadorians who fear a dictatorship cleverly disguised as democracy, as seen in Venezuela. To paraphrase Betty Davis " Hang on, baby, we might be in for a bumpy ride. " But I am optimistic enough to say, "This, too, shall pass. "
livefreebstrong replied on July 05, 2015 with:
Hi Tarhastha...may I ask where you're from and why you would like an answer on this essay? I give it a 40/60. 40 percent incorrect and 60 percent correct. It would take too long to explain why..at least on a Sunday night at 10:30. Dogmatism, Extremes, biases, slander, speculation.... all of these are the errors that discredit him. Still, I'm giving him 60 percent correct--- for the big picture. Remoore's been calling wolf for over two years. Well, wolf has arrived. For the coddled Expats yapping about what works for them in Ecuador and what doesn't...well, now these lines will become ever more clear. And more numerous. (I'm not calling anyone on this forum coddled..heck no..we're tough as nails, right?). I hope all of Correas hard work and achievements do not evaporate under the heat. He's not a humble man and if he doesn't compromise, there will be serious destabilization. Not just the parros and inconvenient road closures..... But other fun stuff that we can't go into for the moment. Pretending that an inheritance tax won't affect anyone but the rich, is a joke Plus, 70 percent taxes on anything is unfair...and in principle, even the poor can see this. Ecuadorians are not Russians. . And "very little taxes" for the 60- 100,000 home is probably NOT "very little" to the guy that's having to pay it--for the first time ever. This is the middle class now, which would include all of those...maybe poorer..relatives of the middle class. Even if it's only 5% that's 5 thousand dollars of something that's traditionally been considered off limits by the government. The US being BEHIND it? Again? Too much drama. The US is probably just FOR it, not BEHIND it. The wealthy in Ecuador have enough money to bank roll their own protests and propaganda's. I'm sure, the wealthy were pretty firm in their position against a 70% tax without needing any opinion at all from US..
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joaquinx replied to the thread Internet in Chapala/Ajijic on the Mexico forum on July 06, 2015:
kentcoguy00 initially posted:
What are the internet speeds like in these areas? I will be relocating in the fall and I use my internet a lot.
joaquinx replied 50 minutes ago with:
Megacable offers speeds up to 20mB http://www.megacable.com.mx/internet_velocidades.html
kentcoguy00 replied on July 05, 2015 with:
Was hoping there might be some Lake region techies here........
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Kenubelizeit replied to the thread Any one looking for a good deal on Beach land Hopkins area on the Belize forum on July 06, 2015:
hannakenney initially posted:
I have 302 lots just south of Hopkins we are just now opening to the public, get in first and save lots of money? When roads and power are all in prices will go way up. Get in on the ground floor and make a killing on this investment. We have just hired a marketing company and will start selling on the east coast first. So if you are one of the smart ones and knows a good deal when they see it this is for you. Message me and get all the really good details
Kenubelizeit replied 52 minutes ago with:
Right On the other person is just so full of BS and to top it off even has the guile to sell land in Belize. I mean you are so mean to You I wonder why your YOU hasn't left you yet?
FredAr replied 7 hours ago with:
pamelaang: I hope you didn't get the impression that many posts here were directed at you, actually to someone else. Good for you that you found a good place that fits you. You did well, you came and saw and kept-ed on looking. Safe journeys.
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capforfun replied to the thread JULY 4th Sat. @ XS on the Panama forum on July 06, 2015:
XSMEMORIES initially posted:
It is our 21st year for our BBQ, and the biggest US flag in Panama. Even if you only come over to take the most amazing picture, in front of a giant flag, it's something to talk about instead of gossip.
capforfun replied 1 hour ago with:
Wish we had been there, we would have loved to come :-)
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Flopie133 replied to the thread Permanent residency on the Philippines forum on July 06, 2015:
bluegrassky initially posted:
After residing in the PI since 1980, first as diplomatic staff and then after retirement using the Balikbayan privilege for ten years, I had an angioplasty and didn't want to travel out and back in anymore. I heard that Permanent Resdiency was the answer so my wife converted to Dual Citizenship (easily) and I tried to file for conversion to PR. Four months later I am still waiting for my valid, embossed marriage certificate to be reissued by the Virginia Vital Records, after which it needs to be authenticated by the VA Sec. of State and then sent to the PI Embassy in Washington DC and only then will the BI accept the Application. So much for trying to do it legally. Might be faster to re-marry my wife. Should have stayed a Balikbayan. Any comments?
Flopie133 replied 1 hour ago with:
Yes, that Reporting of Marriage was not really stressed out or emphasized when I did my Dual Citizenship application in Chicago. It was only when I mentioned that my hubby will be going for the 13a visa that they told me I have to file those papers as well.
JimmyLew replied on July 05, 2015 with:
Well I am not sure what you can do accept re-marry your Pinay ex-wife to gain permanent residency status.If you have skills or talents of interest to Philippines you can get a quota visa which allows you permanent immigrant residency.Thats what I did and I used my teaching background as a qualification.I was granted my quota visa last month and only have annual trips to immigration now(300 pesos) instead of the 60 day runs.(3800 pesos a trip)No need to make 3 year exit runs out of the country and I-card good for 5 years(50 usd).Just check out the info on the immigration web-sight under QUOTA VISAS.Good luck! God bless the USA and God bless the wonderful people of the Philippines.Jimmy in Baguio City
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