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iguanalover replied to the thread Prescription drugs in Nicaragua on the Nicaragua forum on November 28, 2014:
TerryCicada initially posted:
With all those new health plans coming on board due to Obama Care in the US, can anyone comment on the prescription drug cost situation in Nica ?. Are most of the RX drugs available in the country even as generic versions ?. Many of the affordable plans have very high deductable paying as much as 40~50% copay after deductible. With this new scheme, low drug cost is out the window unless you pay a high premium or get a big tax subsidy due to low income. This is another reason many will want to look to off shore to afford a comfortable retirement.
iguanalover replied 45 minutes ago with:
Prescription drugs are cheap. I got a series of antibiotics for an infection for 125 cords, plus ibupropen 400s (10 to a card) for another 100 cords. I take one prescription that I understand would cost about $100 per month in the states. I pay $20 for six weeks in Nicaland. Most of the drugs are manufactured in Columbia or Guatemala. Generic isn't really important. Everything except narcotics is over the counter. You can buy one or a hundred. I have seen kids buying one pill for Grandma, or maybe Grandpa, everyday at about the same time. There are some things that are not available like a skin cream I need once in a while, but, all in all, it isn't something to worry about.
KeyWestPirate replied 1 hour ago with:
Most commonly needed drugs like antibiotics are very inexpensive, and are available over the counter without prescriptions. Narcotics and sedatives require a prescription, a second form that is retained the be pharmacy. Many pharmacies will not deal with the hassle, hence , you might have to look a little harder. Other drugs, like testosterone which is tightly controlled in the US, is available over the counter. Some drugs are simply not available, if they are new, and expensive and people can't afford them. This might not be true across the country. Wealthier areas might have better access to a wider range of drugs.. I live in the north; it's a poor part of the country. Nicas are sick a lot. Most of it is simple flu, head colds. Untreated it can turn into bronchitis or pneumonia. The doctors don't attempt to distinguish between a viral and bacterial infection, so a lot of antibiotics are used. From what I've seen, most common items are inexpensive. I bring down a significant quantity of Advil, Advil PM, and Nyquil every trip. I personally hardly ever get sick despite the sick people constantly around me. Diet and lifestyle plays a large role here, IMHO. A diet of chips and gaseosa doesn't build a strong immune system.
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PuraVida replied to the thread shipping container on the Costa Rica forum on November 28, 2014:
crhere initially posted:
If anyone is considering shipping a 40' container to CR soon please let me know. I would like to buy the container for you to use and take it away when you've unloaded it here. I have found myself in need of a couple of them. Cheaper than buying here ;)
PuraVida replied 2 hours ago with:
FYI...in case you don't hear from anyone. SHIPPING TO/FROM COSTA RICA: * Charles Zeller, 2258-8747, 2431-1234, Email – shiptocostarica@racsa.co.cr Airport parking available. Another option.....http://shippingcostarica.net/ Also...http://www.lomaser.com/ Mike Rappaport & Bryan Aguirre speak English. Located in Cartago. Barry Wilson & Arden Brink at: http://shipcostarica.com/ From: www.puriscaltimes.com
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TeacherDebi replied to the thread Newbie with lots of questions on the Uruguay forum on November 28, 2014:
TeacherDebi initially posted:
Hi, My husband & I hope to retire to UY as soon as our house sells here in the states. We think we would like to settle in La Paloma or in that general area. Does anyone on this board live there and would be willing to chat with me a bit? Thanks!
TeacherDebi replied 3 hours ago with:
We live in a very rural area surrounded by forest. The closest small store is 15 minutes away and anything larger 30 minutes. We are used to small town environment so La Paloma seemed to fit the bill. Its close to la ciudad de Rocha so if we need something, it seems close enough. We haven't actually been to Uy but we have both lived in another country before so I am pretty sure we can adapt to the culture. We are open to other places. We think we will come there and explore a bit, rent for a little while until we find the right area. Montevideo is out since we are not city dwellers but it could be some place else. Any ideas? We are trying to do as much ground work now so that when the house sells we can move quickly. Please feel free to make suggestions.
Morell replied 4 hours ago with:
We visited there on a trip to Cabo Palonia and Rocha in March. it seemed very quiet and far from anywhere. Hope you are fluent in Spanish as i doubt there are many English speakers there. I think we did all the attractions there which were climbing up to the top of the lighthouse and visiting the Laguna to see pink flamingoes and get bitten by flies. Why did you pick La Paloma?
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UltraFJ40 replied to the thread Bugs and bug bites on the Costa Rica forum on November 28, 2014:
chopchi initially posted:
After another 3 week visit to Costa Rica I am not sure I can live with all the bites I got inland and on the coast! I know not to wear perfume to attract them but this past visit was ridiculous.During the first visit I got a huge bite-it spread to about 3 inches and the pharmacist said it was a spider bite-that lasted about a week. In Tamarindo it was impossible to sit on the beach without loads of bug spray which is available at every bar/restaurant,just ask to use it.The worst were the sand mites, tiny little bugs that did quite a number up/down on all our legs the first day. Inland I got bites from mosqitoes and some other bug especially around the ankles. Alcohol on these bites helped tremendously. How do you long time residents get used to/cope with these bites?
UltraFJ40 replied 3 hours ago with:
Skin so soft will repel the "No See Ums" aka ankle biters quite nicely. Tried and true every time. ;)
iguanalover replied on November 22, 2014 with:
My husband uses a cheap imitation vanilla. He smells like cake but most bugs don't like it.
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baker120 posted Can doctors prescribe Adderall in Nicaragua? on the Nicaragua forum on November 28, 2014:
Can doctors prescribe Adderall in Nicaragua?
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nickfla1980 replied to the thread Cellphone recommendation on the Brazil forum on November 28, 2014:
tapbarry initially posted:
Hi All- I'm going to be in Brazil from mid-January to mid-July and am wondering what's the best way to handle cellphones. Thanks, Barry
nickfla1980 replied 1 hour ago with:
Oi or Claro were worse in the past but today they are much better. They are even better compare to the crooked AT&T or Sprint here in the US..those two rip you off in front of your eyes with their fake unlimited data plan.
thefuturist47 replied on November 27, 2014 with:
A CPF number is kind of like their version of a social security number (not sure if you're from the U.S. but i think there are similar things all over). It's not as tied to identity as the American SSN - like here if someone gets your SSN they can ruin you financially but the CPF is not really as linked to your credit and finances. You do need it to do things like get most kinds of accounts (cellphone, cable, etc), to buy domestic plane tickets, blah blah. Many people will even let you use theirs to get a cellphone account or whatever. You can get one if you have a residency (you will then need to file Brazilian income taxes) but even if not you can get a temporary tourist one that I think can be renewed. I'm on mobile and I'm at a family thing so I can't look up any links for you at the moment but I found a lot of helpful info online when I came up against this issue.
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jonoyakker replied to the thread Bring my car to Panama? on the Panama forum on November 28, 2014:
rnykamp initially posted:
Does anyone know if it's practical to consider shipping a car to Panama? Are the shipping costs too high to consider? Does Panama charge some kind of fee or tax to bring in a car?
jonoyakker replied 3 hours ago with:
Don't do it unless you have some specialty car that you "have" to have. taxes, taxes, shipping=$$$$
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Coopeee replied to the thread Rent your home to tourists! on the Ecuador forum on November 28, 2014:
Jnugiel initially posted:
Hi! My name is Jeremy. I am a reservation manager. If you have an apartmentthat you ant to rent to tourists and need help because you don't know how Airbnb, Housetrip, Booking.com agencies work...contact me!
Coopeee replied 3 hours ago with:
Yes, but it seems the government resources should enforce other laws before they get too involved with this :)
cheshirecat4591 replied 5 hours ago with:
This sort of thing is illegal in Ecuador without all the legal / correct licensing etc...
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TerryCicada replied to the thread NYC to NICARAGUA on the Nicaragua forum on November 28, 2014:
TerryCicada initially posted:
I have made most of my trips using American and Spirit Airlines. You can get some pretty good fares using Spirit which departs from LGA. Dont bring any luggage just use a backpack that will fit their allowed dimensions. or get charged an extra $40.00. Unfortunately those bargain fares means arriving past midnight and requiring an overnight stay in Managua. Has anyone used the Liberia airport in Costa Rica which may have more arrivals ? An early arrival would mean you can make the trip to the southern portion of Nica, e.g San Juan del Sur in about the same time as you would from Managua airport. Will this alternative route be worthwhile ? I also heard that a new airport is being constructed. This would definitely make life easier instead of the long two and half hours trip from Managua.
TerryCicada replied 4 hours ago with:
Early arrival day flights are not the problem. There are many choices to get to SJDS. Its those cheapo flights e.g Spirit that gets in past midnight. I like the idea of staying in the VIP lounge and getting on the road after day break if it is only 30 bucks. Also traveling long distance at night here in Nica is not advisable.
JohnSS replied on November 27, 2014 with:
A lot of folks save a few bucks with those fares so why throw them away in Managua? If cheap is the name of the game(and why not?) there are several popular safe options if you arrive early morning: --Forget wasting vacation time in the two $100/night hotels in the area. --Forget Liberia airport because it's expensive or a PIA taking buses to SJDS for example. --Nap in the airport for free (@ $25/hour savings) and take your normal transportation early in the morning. --Or shell out $30 for the popular airport VIP lounge & services instead. Google for that. Take an early taxi $5-$15 depending upon the bus station required for your destination and take an expreso if possible. http://www.thebusschedule.com/ni/index.php As usual excellent up to date local information & travel advice including taxis, shuttles etc is available in the local Facebook groups and there even is a possibility of a shared ride.
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DocStJohn replied to the thread Dental on the Ecuador forum on November 28, 2014:
tomb215 initially posted:
I need to have my dentures replaced and was wondering if anyone has had that done in Cuenca and how did the procedure go?
DocStJohn replied 6 hours ago with:
Does anyone know what Dentist in the Salinas area is highly regarded for their dental work and possibly speaks a little English? Gracias,..Doc
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