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jonoyakker posted Finding a Good Trucking Company on the Costa Rica forum on July 25, 2014:
Hi, I need to find a reliable trucking company that can get something to Panama from Aluela. It's only a small, partial load so I need someone who is already making runs there. Any suggestions on how to find such a company?
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panamajames replied to the thread checked for money while leavving Florida on the Panama forum on July 25, 2014:
panamaguy initially posted:
I want to print this event that took place to a friend of ours leaving Florida this past week.They,a retired couple were leaving Florida for Panama and had gone through all the various inspections and had actually got to the door of the plane when they were informed by people identifying themselves as homeland security agents that they wanted to know from all Americans boarding the plane how much money they were carrying.The man who had served for over thirty years in the US Navy was asked to empty all his carry on bags and his pockets and was body checked outside the door of the plane as well as his wife all the while people how were not Americans were allowed past to board.He states every American who was boarding was warned they were not to be carrying more than $10,000. and if they had more and it was not declared it would be seized by these agents and this was to do with the passing of the new law brought into effect July 1,2014.He of course went along with them but has written his various politicians regarding this heavy handed rude way of dealing with him and his wife.His comment to them was when did we start living in a police state to which there was no answer of course and no attempt was made to assist them in repacking there carry on bags. They don't want you leaving with your money people so be careful out there..... He is so upset they may never go back.
panamajames replied 3 hours ago with:
The other day, we had friends arrive from the US with $20,000 cash in $100 US bills. They declared the funds. They were taken aside in separate rooms for an interview. They said they were buying a car and paying their rent ahead for 6 months, and needed some cash handy to open a bank account. The agent looked for any suspicious movements, or cracks in the story. Couldn't find any. Everything went smoothly, and they were sent on their merry way. It was easy for them, they said. They were considering not declaring it and keeping $10,000 each with them. I told them that it was a good thing they didn't do it that way, because the $10,000 cash is not per person, it is per family, and they were married.
volcan357 replied on July 24, 2014 with:
I think the point here is that over the years the government's intrusion into people's private lives has gradually increased. I am not one of those conspiracy nuts or somebody on the far right but nevertheless this is something that has been happening, The war on drugs and anti-money laundering measures have started this trend which has been increasing ever since. One problem if you really think about it is that the term money laundering has no exact definition. So the banks are required to view each new customer with suspicion because he might possibly be a criminal. This mentality is not completely compatible with the notion of a free and democratic society. I am an old guy and I have seen this happening for quite a while. I am not overly worried about it because in a few years I won't be around anymore but it is not something that you can deny.
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MushroomMike replied to the thread Learning a Second Language on the Panama forum on July 24, 2014:
jonoyakker initially posted:
Brain funcion and aging: http://www.nytimes.com/2014/07/16/opinion/16alexander.html?_r=1
MushroomMike replied on July 24, 2014 with:
Now THAT was an interesting article! More motivation for continued study of Spanish I, II, and III. I have noticed, at times, that when I just respond to the Spanish question WITHOUT thinking about the "right" answer, my response is correct! Think like a baby? Or act like a baby?
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AmericanoInUR replied to the thread So many questions on Uruguay on the Uruguay forum:
Spades initially posted:
Hello, am 20 years old and seriously thinking of moving to Uruguay from the U.S in the next few years to start over my life. i have many things i would like to know. 1. How much would money ideal for me to start over, am thinking 3000 U.S dollars or do i need more? right now i have 0 dollars in my bank account 2. Is it ok to come in with a tourist visa and one way ticket, or two way ticket? 3. Jobs.... even if i do come with a tourist visa how can i get a job? 4. Apartments.... read you need to make deposits for the apartment. Am looking for very small apartment for myself, nothing luxurious. How much will it cost? 5. Any information in regards to residency and citizenship. Such as going in with tourist visa and changing status and the cost of it. 6. Any other info i missed that i need My apologize if this any has been answered already. Thanks for your help. P.S i don't Spanish but i plan to learn
AmericanoInUR replied on July 24, 2014 with:
I'm sorry, but the previous poster is not entirely correct. You don't have to apply for permanent residency to get a job here. I have worked since the week I moved here for an amazon.com call center. We have people from all over the world and we all work here with no residency requirements. Same for other jobs. There is an area of town called zonamerica that has jobs for english speakers with decent wages. Also, where I work only hires people fluent in english. I happen to love Uruguay more then My life in the united states. I love it here. Visiting first is a great idea though. Make sure you like it. I sold everything i owned, and moved here with about 5000$. 3000$ would be enough to make it here. You can live in a shard living apartment like I do for about 200USD a month. You do not need 1500$ a month... that is insane and most people here make nothing close to that. I make 800$ or so a month, and i have my own place and get to go out with my friends every weekend. 1500$ a month you could live like a king. Any other questions, just ask!
Morell replied on July 07, 2014 with:
Jobs are hard to come by here and wages are low. ( $5.00 to $10 US an hour is common. even for trades like electrician or plumber. ) Unless you are fluent in Spanish you will have problems finding anything. Most apartments require a 5 month deposit so there goes your $3000 US. Unless you apply for permanent residency you cannot work here legally. Sorry to sound so negative but many Uruguayans have trouble getting by here and dream of going to the US to find a better life. Many are mystified why N. Americans would think of coming here especially if you are young. A lot of folk come down but seem to leave again in a year or so. Maybe you should visit first and see what you think. It is possible to live here if you have a steady income from elsewhere of at least $1500 US per month or so but trying to get by here on a salary from here is much harder.
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AmericanoInUR replied to the thread 10 Days in Uruguay on the Uruguay forum on July 24, 2014:
DONSCHALL1 initially posted:
I am making my first visit to Uruguay, arriving by "ferry" from Argentina on Sept. 18th. I want to explore how expats live there, the opportunities to extend my California architectural practice; but most of all to get a good sample of the flavor of the country. What itinerary might you suggest for my exploration?
AmericanoInUR replied on July 24, 2014 with:
The previous poster provided good information. There are many places here in Montevideo worth checking out. It really depends what you are in to. I have been living in centro, montevideo for about a year now. I have visited all over the country, so if you have any further questions or need any information please feel free to ask. Ask me on here, or send me a private message if you like!
Morell replied on July 18, 2014 with:
Since no one has replied i will give my limited view on your question. Colonia and surrounding small towns are worth seeing then on to Montevideo. I wouldn't live there but I don't like any city. Then head towards Atlantida and see the small towns all the way to Piriapolis and then Punta del Este. Most are quite small and very quiet this time of year as most are summer vacation spots with few year round residents. The bigger ones are Salinas, Atlantida and Parque del Plata. You can continue along the coast to La Paloma and Rocha which will be almost deserted this time of year or head inland to some of the bigger towns like Durazno and Tacuarembo although you will not find many expats up there and from my visits are just working towns with no special attractions for tourists. Most folk live in Mvd so I would expect most opportunities would be there.
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AmericanoInUR replied to the thread Renting problem on the Uruguay forum on July 24, 2014:
Maetrik initially posted:
Hi, in uruguay staying at a hostel. I'm looking to buy a place, but in the meantime would like to rent a place. The only problem is that he real estate agent needs a guarantor and won't accept a security deposit this is hard since I don't have friends or family that can help. Does anyone know any good agents and sub let house for rent Any help is greatly appreciated
AmericanoInUR replied on July 24, 2014 with:
Keep looking, you will find apartments and houses that do allow deposit. There are some nice ones out there. Check on mercadolibre dot com dot uy. If you need more help, I can try. Send me a message or email.
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AlPavarotti replied to the thread curious about cost elec/gas on the Guatemala forum on July 24, 2014:
budman22 initially posted:
I know that being frugal is important when trying to save on electrical and gas costs and that the costs can vary widely depending on usage. I'd like to know what some of your elec/gas bills are per month, if you don't mind sharing this with me?
AlPavarotti replied on July 24, 2014 with:
I thought slavery was abolished a long time ago. That's ridiculous to admit that you have the poor maid breaking her back on the pila doing the laundry in order to save money. I wonder how much you pay the poor woman a month.
bajasur replied on July 24, 2014 with:
I live in Antigua and have my gas delivered in no more than 30 minutes normally 15 minutes. 35 lbs. Q203
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sherwood replied to the thread Safety concerns for Iligan and Cagayan de Oro on the Philippines forum:
shotokankarateka initially posted:
Hello, and nice to meet you. Im a new member so my apologies if this topic has been discussed. Earlier this year I decided to make a trip to the Philippines and am now planning on Iligan city in Mindanao. I am aware of the travel warning against mindanao but have heard that cities like Cagayan De Oro are generally more secure. I am a young man and my family is worried sick. My question is this: What dangers can I realistically expect to incur spending a month in CDO and iligan? Is there anyone who has visited these areas or Mindanao in general that can give me some insight? I hear that basic common sense is your best friend but I'm legitimately curious.
sherwood replied on July 24, 2014 with:
Of course there is a lot of truth in what you are saying. I believe it carries over to your live in help. They aren't paid much, but you need to house and feed them and they might have a loose hand in taking things when you are not around. Probably justified this as a supplement to their low salaries. Sherwood
standupguy replied on July 24, 2014 with:
I do not think filipinas go for friends with benefits type arrangements. The mistake you make is to invite them to live with you on that basis. I do not think you are joking because that is what happened to me with two former Canadian partners who pretended to love me. If you are not thinking long term relationship leading to marriage, then best to just date for a night or have a good friend to hang out with where you got boundaries. I found a wonderful Filipina on-line who eventually became my wife. She is someone I can trust absolutely. Both cases apply.
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sherwood replied to the thread reasons to "escape" to Philippines on the Philippines forum:
philover initially posted:
I can only speak for myself but reading news stories around the US the last few days has been really sobering. One top Wall street investor came out on mainstream media with a statement that we should all have guns and lots of ammo to survive the coming collapse. It was the first such statement on a mainstream media source. Then we have 600 "people" in a brawl in a theater parking lot, later hundreds of "teens" flash mob a mall in Florida, steal, break, assault, fight., terrorize store operators and innocent shoppers....all later ran away, no arrests. Then we have had many many blacks playing "knockout" game and almost all the victims are white, yesterday a white kid punches a black kid and gets arrested, charged with a hate crime. This kind of stuff is in the news everyday, its the NEW NORMAL. I want to be somewhere else like the Philippines, away from this kind of insanity. The very fabric of society here in the US is coming apart, anyone who cant see it is blind. Let me out of here before its too late. We have war on Christmas, war on the Ten Commandments, war on God in general, aliens have more rights than lifelong citizens, I wont even go into the insanity going on in Washington, thats a world unto itself.. The greatest nation in the world is no more, we are doomed
sherwood replied on July 24, 2014 with:
That's great. My wife would like us to build a place in the future, but I feel I am too old for the effort. I built two of my homes over the years in the states and was involved with building 3 or 4 more for others, where I drew up the prints or modified them, but I really do not have access to CAD and I am not current on Philippine building codes. My last assignments I drew up prints for clean rooms and pharmaceutical operations, but I do not know if I can be of any real help in your building project. If you want to discuss some issue with me I might give you my 10 cents. I am also familiar with steel construction. Otherwise keep me informed. I am always interested in construction projects. I am sure you will take pictures to show the progress. Good luck and do not fight with your wife when things are not going smooth. hehehe. Sherwood
BrianHuntley replied on July 24, 2014 with:
@Sherwood I use the website www.elance.com to advertise for an architect and had dozens of proposals from all over the world. 5 were from the Philippines so of course I would pick a Filipino who knows local building codes. The price per hour is VERY reasonable and I can cut it off anytime I feel they are not coming up with designs I want. When building the house in Bali my wife went in to do the purchases and I would stay in the car. I always loved the look on their face when they would come out to the car and spot the "bule" (foreigner)....needless to say they were not too happy, but I was :). My wife drives a hard bargain so I think we'll get decent/fair prices. BTW I use Elance for a lot of projects I do as you always get a huge number of bids and you can get some great deals. My website www.corporaterecharge.com cost $450. To support my PC with any issues $10/hour from a guy in Bangladesh :)
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bill27 replied to the thread Costa Rica or Panama? on the Costa Rica forum:
sharoneroberts initially posted:
I would like to hear from people who have lived in one of the towns near San Jose and near Boquete, Panama. Why have you picked one or the other or moved between the countries. We are considering semi-retiring before too long and are interested in both areas. We are in our 60's. Thanks, Sharon
bill27 replied on July 24, 2014 with:
Rich, I presently live on about 3000$ per month and own my own home. If I scrimped, maybe 2000. Cuesta del Sol is a central condo/apt popular with many gringos. I'd give it 3.5 stars on a scale of 5. Very nice, and I rented there back in 2011. It was 600/mo at the time. My elect. is 40$, and while I have air, rarely use it as it's quite comfortable at night. I'm on the outskirts of town where there are many new housing developments. Water is a flat 7$, and not yet metered. There are plenty of sodas, I believe they're called, and you can get a typical lunch for about 3$. Your cab fare in the city will run you about 2$ usually for a 10 minute ride. I'd say you can get by quite well for 1000$ if you are open to living in the style of the locals, as they're fortunate to make 600$/mo.
richfigley replied on July 24, 2014 with:
Is that David, Chiriqui, Panama? I would like to know what the costs for living are; rent, food, transportation by bus, utilities , I will have about $1000 per month to live on, is it possible?
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