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Finnsfamily posted Apartment needed for up to six months on the Luxembourg forum on August 24, 2015:
Hello, We are moving to Luxembourg during October (2015) and need a temporary home for our family of 3 persons. Apartment size of min 50 squaremeters. We are willing to pay a market rent of up to 3,500€ per month subject to location, size, etc. We prefer a place with reasonsble access to the city center. Please do not hesitate to contact should you have any tips or an apartment to rent. Best regards, Finnsfamily
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property in LuxembourgLuxembourg, Roodt/Syre 2 bedroom apartment furnished, large bathroom, dining/living room with balcony, kitchen fully equipped.
To share kitchen and bathroom but have 2 toilets, and a balcony. Very quiet location and brand new apartment. First to move in. Available from 1st September
AndreeaZamfira posted Moving out sale on the Luxembourg forum:
Hi, as I will be leaving Luxembourg end August, Ia m selling my stuff. Please see below link for photos. Pick up in Weimerskirch. The bed and the washer are available as of mid August, all the rest of the furniture is available now.
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mrprempeh posted Room To Let on the Luxembourg forum:
One room in a 2 bed apartment for rent available on the 1st of September. Wifi Fiber Optic connection new apartment nice new community contact for more details.
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alfarsi93 posted Orthopedic Surgeon on the Luxembourg forum:
Hello, I am a Kuwaiti orthopedic surgeon who specialized in France and thinking about working in Luxembourg. I want to know what is the monthly salary of an orthopedic surgeon working in a Luxembourg hospital. Thank you
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NitinM posted Room Available 14Aug-13Sept in City Centre on the Luxembourg forum:
Hi, I renting out my guest room with its own toilet and shower and access to balcony in a penthouse near the Gare (5 min walk). Rent is EUR 1000. Your can reach me at +352 691 820 534 for further details. Free Wifi, Queen size bed with linen. Access to kitchen, living room (50' TV and Netflix available) Thanks, Nitin
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Adixon replied to the thread Relocating to Lux from London, help! on the Luxembourg forum:
damara initially posted:
Hello everyone, My husband and I are relocating to Luxembourg, we currently live in London UK. He is already in Luxembourg currently living in a residence provided by his company and I will join him at the end of the month hoping to have a house by then. My question is which area do you think is more suitable for us, we can pay up to 1500 euros per month and will be getting a car in the next couple of months. We do not mind using public transportation or walking. We are both 29 years old and have a 6 year old dog (labrador) so we would need something with a garden or at least some outside space. Do you know any good areas to live where it is not so far away from stores or services but at the same time is near to parks or woods to walk the dog? we do not really care about night life and prefer somewhere nice to live. The company has suggested we stay in the city but it is so complicated to look at the areas without actually being there. Thank you all for your help! Damara
Adixon replied most recently with:
I agree with Schuttrange, I have read a lot about how overpriced Luxembourg City is which is strange as it would be no different than if someone was to look for an apartment in Central London! The key is to find areas just outside the city which have very good connections so you can commute easily. I live in Sandweiler and take one bus into work which takes me 20mins, AUCHAN (a big supermarket) is 10mins away. i pay 1400EUR for a 100m² apartment and I used to pay 900GBP for a 50m² flat South West London where my workplace was an hour away! The key benefit of Luxembourg I found was that you didn't have to be bang in the middle of the City to get to work. Like you damara my husband and I don;t care about nightlife we have a lot of fun hiking and going on walks in the nearby woods. Really recommend looking into areas around the City.
carters replied most recently with:
Hello, Its nice to live in Belair, Merl, and Hollerich/Gare (parts of these are lovely and others not so much) as you can walk into the city which often has much going on. The traffic is a problem if you live outside the city. Go on I saw a nice house in Limps for 1700 and an apartment right by Merl Park (there is a dog park there) for 1500 just a couple of days ago. I have a lab too. There is a great valley near by this to walk your dog from these neigbourhoods straight into town. Gillian
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Adixon replied to the thread Moving - Washer/Dryer and BMW X3 on the Luxembourg forum:
eckardt212 initially posted:
I'm moving from Merl back to the U.S. and have two items for sale: Washer and Dryer and a 2008 BMW X3. Both items were purchased last year and are in great condition. - The Washer and Dryer I'll sell for 600 Euro (Paid 1,200) and it's still under warranty - The BMW X3 is a 2008 with 151,000 kilometer; navigation, leather, sunroof, alloy wheels, etc. Perfect for Europe and easy to park in the tight parking garages in Luxembourg Center. Asking 15,750 and paid 17,000 last year. Also, just put in 2,600 Euro at the Lux BMW Dealership for tune up and new turbo. I have all paperwork. Realize I'm taking a big loss on both items and just don't want to waste time with my departure scheduled for the first week in August. Please message me and my number is 352.661.333.550. Email may be best as I'll be traveling the next week. Thank you! Eric
Adixon replied most recently with:
Hi there, are the Washer and dryer still up for sale? If so what brand are they? thank you
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Adixon replied to the thread Info required on basic expenses and salary levels on the Luxembourg forum:
suhaibahmed initially posted:
Hi all. I am considering joining a position based out of Luxembourg. We are a family of 3 very soon to be 4. Me and my wife have a 3 yr old daughter and we are expecting our second girl in July. Just wanted to know what are the major things to consider for the move. What are the key expenses? What would be a good salary (senior manager level)? Thanks Suhaib
Adixon replied most recently with:
Hi Suhaib. I moved to Luxembourg from London in October 2014. before i start reeling off advice can I ask if your company is helping you with the relocation or if you are doing this alone?
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