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Hi there! I'm moving to Portugal and have several items of furniture to sell, all IKEA bought on 2012. Also available a microwave Samsung. If you are interested please send me an email and I can send you pdf with pictures. My email: sandraletras@gmail.comMy mobile: 00352 621 472 714
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Andreja replied to the thread Selling furniture on the Luxembourg forum:
Andreja initially posted:
Hi I am moving away from Luxembourg. Therefore, I am selling the following furniture: FURNITURE FOR SALE: Desk chair: Bookshelf: Lamp: Bed table: Wardrobe: Bed: Table with 4 chairs: Round table with 2 chairs: Couch: If interested, drop me a message. Andreja
Andreja replied most recently with:
Sorry, everything has been sold.
Luria replied most recently with:
Hi, I was looking through the links but some of them expired? only your bookshelf was available :( Have you already moved and sold them all?
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didi2l replied to the thread Certified Copies of Passport Pages on the Luxembourg forum:
jnl07 initially posted:
Hi Expats in Luxembourg, I'm hoping someone will be able to help me out with my question. I'm planning to move to LUX, and was told that I needed to provide a certified copy of every page in my passport. Does this mean that every page needs to be on its own page or can I make them smaller and put multiple pages on a page? I'm currently in Germany and most places have refused to certify my copies even if I have my passport with me. It would be possible to get the copies certified at the US Consulate, but it's 50€ for each page. I'm hoping it's possible to put multiple pages on a single page. If anyone has recently gone through the process and has information regarding what works, I would really appreciate it. Thank you, Janelle
didi2l replied most recently with:
I didn't realize that you were already here. Unfortunately as far as I know, what you need can really only be done at the Consulate/Embassy once already here. When we had need of it here, that's what we did but fortunately we only needed the ID page. Best of luck and I hope it turns out to be affordable.
jnl07 replied most recently with:
Hi, Thank you for your reply! I couldn't imagine trying to go through this process times 4. I'm having a hard enough time trying to complete it just for me! My main problem is that I'm already in Europe, so going to my credit union won't work. However, I have a meeting set up at the US Consulate on Tuesday morning and am hoping that they'll notarize everything like how your bank did it for you, because having to pay 50€ per notarization is not something I can afford. Thank you again for your reply!
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didi2l replied to the thread French and German lesson in Luxembourg on the Luxembourg forum:
patriciacr initially posted:
I´m planning to move to Luxembourg on April 2014 for at least 3 months. Does anyone know about a good place to take french and german lessons or any course to develop negotiation and managerial skills?. I really appreciate it!
didi2l replied most recently with:
Berlitz and Prolingua are probably the best for quick, short term results. They have programs that are geared toward business people and could also offer online stuff to get you started sooner. There was just an article in the paper about Berlitz and their new, online aspect. I know there are others but I can't think of the names and have no idea how they work. I think AngloInfo for Lux lists them as well and with some searching you might find what you are looking for. Best of luck.
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didi2l replied to the thread Can a US American open a brokerage account in Luxembourg? on the Luxembourg forum:
wjmyer initially posted:
Hi, I will be moving to Luxembourg and working in Luxembourg and receiving pay in euros. I understand that many banks only permit US Americans to open checking ("current") or savings accounts. What are the options for a US-American to invest euros in Luxembourg?
didi2l replied most recently with:
I'm not sure how of the exact info you are looking for but I thought I would pass along this link in hopes it could guide you in your search. We, too, could only open a current and savings account though. After a few years here, our bank has offered a few new options but they aren't really investments just more like a RothIRA/CD-ish type account. Still the interest is very low and we certainly won't build a strong portfolio from it but it was mentioned as a way to benefit on the taxes we pay here since we are paid in euros. Here's the link: Hope this is a bit helpful.
breevesdc replied most recently with:
I had a hard enough time finding a bank that would accept me period as an American. The us reporting requirements are in sharp contradiction with Luxembourgish secrecy laws. The bank that finally agreed to accept did so under the condition that I could only open a current account. I'm not saying that it's impossible. But I think it will be very, very difficult for you to find a bank willing to allow you to open an investment account. Brian
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Ronbagan replied to the thread Mom and baby ready to make friends on the Luxembourg forum:
yfotouh86 initially posted:
I moved to lux last november and have had a hard time making friends (as I currently don't work). i have a 1 yr old baby and all i've been doing is going to AUCHAN for shopping!! lol.. so if anyone has tips on fun stuff to do here (witth or without my baby), or if someone would like to meet for a coffee or something, please do contact me .. cheers :)
Ronbagan replied most recently with:
Hi. We will be moving to Luxembourg within a month with a one year old and would love to meet. As well. Also if you have any tips about day cares it would be wonderful. Thank you
Gitana1 replied most recently with:
Hi , I am pretty much in the same situation . My little one is 8 months old now. I would love to meet up for a play date and coffee. I am living outside the city but can meet up in town
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zincoxide posted State Pension on the Luxembourg forum:
I'll be moving out to Luxembourg in Mid-2014 from the UK. I've searched long and hard to find out if you can opt-out of the state pension in Lux, it takes around EUR600 from my wages and I could invest that quite well elsewhere. I'm also only planning on being there for 2-3 years so no real need for a state pension! Any help is much appreciated.
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Schuttrange replied to the thread Relocating to Lux from London, help! on the Luxembourg forum:
damara initially posted:
Hello everyone, My husband and I are relocating to Luxembourg, we currently live in London UK. He is already in Luxembourg currently living in a residence provided by his company and I will join him at the end of the month hoping to have a house by then. My question is which area do you think is more suitable for us, we can pay up to 1500 euros per month and will be getting a car in the next couple of months. We do not mind using public transportation or walking. We are both 29 years old and have a 6 year old dog (labrador) so we would need something with a garden or at least some outside space. Do you know any good areas to live where it is not so far away from stores or services but at the same time is near to parks or woods to walk the dog? we do not really care about night life and prefer somewhere nice to live. The company has suggested we stay in the city but it is so complicated to look at the areas without actually being there. Thank you all for your help! Damara
Schuttrange replied most recently with:
Hi, I suggest you have a look at websites like or to get a feel for rental levels in Luxembourg. It's not cheap and if you would prefer a house to an appartment you may have to consider going further out of town. If you have a dog and enjoy walking in the woods, some of the suburbs are worth considering. Niederanven for example has a reasonable selection of shops, a good bus service, excellent sports facilities (including a pool ), close to the woods and there are a lot of anglophones living there. Sandweiler is also nice, although the shops are a bit more scattered. Bertrange has plenty of shops, a large number of foreign residents, excellent facilities and a good bus service. Remich, on the Moselle has loads of shops (and petrol stations). Because it's a bit further out of town the property prices should be more affordable. There are lovely walks through the vinyards or along the river there. The only area I would suggest that you avoid is the "Gare" i.e. around the central railway station.
MACLUX replied most recently with:
Hi Damara, firstly a warm welcome to Luxembourg. We have been here for many years and moved around a bit. Recommending locations is extremely difficult as there are always compromises but we prefer living in the city (read "sleepy village" compared to London!). Areas such as Bonnevoie and Gasperich are lively and relatively affordable. Limpertsberg and Belair are nice but pricey. Kirchberg and Cessange are completely dead. Best of luck. maclux
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petra81c replied to the thread French tutor wanted on the Luxembourg forum:
bonniebelle initially posted:
for weekends and or alternate week night evenings. in neudorf/kirchberg area. cheers
petra81c replied most recently with:
Hi, I'm looking for a private tutor due to a forth coming test in beginner French. Considering that the test period starts January 21st, the sooner the better. I appreciate a rapid reply. Sincerely, Petra
cours2 replied most recently with:
If anyone needs help with their French I may be able to help. I'm an experienced tutor and native speaker for all levels and needs: pronunciation, grammar, conversation. Just drop me a line!
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