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Dana0Maria posted Registration/Taxation in Luxembourg on the Luxembourg forum on March 26, 2015:
Hello all, I am moving to Luxembourg next month. I will be working as an external consulant, which means that I need to take care of my taxation/payroll. I have been contacted by some companies which can tace care af all the paperwork (VAT,taxes,registrations). What I need to know is the self-employed solution. If I hire some consulant at the beggining to help me with all the paperwork (i forgot to mention that I do not speak french nor german!), will this be enough? It doesn t make any point to pay a company everymonth... What is the procedure? Are there any helpful links? Please share if you know anything :)
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property in Luxembourg50% Flatshare / penthouse for rent in Sandweiler. Private bathroom. Kitchen, living room, balcony, outside parking.
adminee posted Post a Message of Support for France on the Luxembourg forum:
We encourage you to post a message of support for the people of France, in particular, the expats in France who use Expat Exchange, please go to:
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valentinagiglio replied to the thread Relocation in Lux- any help welcome on the Luxembourg forum:
mylena initially posted:
Hello everybody, I will be moving soon in Lux, at the end of January, and I am looking for an apartment (1 room, with kitchen, fully furnished and equipped) for rent. My office will be in the city centre- Clausen- and I would prefer an area which will be around 20 min walk or 4-5 direct bus stations away, if possible. Thus, can you recommend me any areas that fulfil my requirements in order to start looking? Or you have other suggestions in terms of where would be better to live for a single young woman? I mention that I will not have a car, at least at first, so I'll use public transportation. Do you happen to know somebody who wants to end its rental contract and looks for a replacement, let's say starting with 1st of March 2015? Any advice would be helpful, I'll be like an alien there, I do not know anybody, and been there very shortly only for the interview. Thanks a lot! Mylena
valentinagiglio replied most recently with:
Hi! If you need to relocate and are looking for a new accommodation take a look on, is a new and free platform of movers and expats made for people who are renting a flat or are looking for it, in order to match their needs. Hope it helps you :-)
NitinM replied most recently with:
I am also looking for apartments near (20 min walk or connected by bus) city centre or auchan that are unfurnished and have 2 bed rooms.
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CBinLux replied to the thread Moving to Luxembourg advice! on the Luxembourg forum:
lisawells initially posted:
Hello, We may have to move to Luxembourg with my husband's work either this Sept or more likely next January. I have the usual questions: could you please advise me on schools for our two daughters (eldest turns 8 in August making her a young year 3 student in England; youngest is 5, currently in Kindergarten). We will visit St. George's but could someone give me advice on local state schools. I cannot find much information online regarding these. As a second question, what are work opportunities like for mums out there? Many thanks indeed, Lisa
CBinLux replied most recently with:
Hi tracyofnorfolk, you are correct, even a small amount of assistance from my employer would have made a world of difference. I did suggest that they should at least provide a consultation from a relocation company, but the response was very negative. I met someone who was in the American Women's Club, it definitely is a great group to join. Unfortunately, I only learned about them towards the end of my stay. Great part of me really wanted to love Luxembourg, but the endless issues and stress were unbearable. Having support from your employer when settling in a new environment is absolutely essential. This is why I wrote the post, so that others would not make the same mistake, not just take the employer's word that all will be straight-forward, make sure that you have it in your contract. That was my biggest mistake. When I took the job, I did ask all the right questions, I just didn't get any of it in writing, because I trusted the person I communicated with. I also thought that a large institution would have all this in place.
didi2l replied most recently with:
I agree with tracyofnorfolk, it's exciting and frustrating all at the same time. We moved here with no employee assistance at all...completely on our own. We did LOTS and LOTS of research for many months before even beginning to tackle this feat. We ordered the American Women's Club book, Living in Luxembourg which was incredibly helpful. It has since been updated twice and even more helpful now. We got information from both the US side and EU/Lux side and compared info. It was not easy but it was doable. We learned the system very fast once we touched down and took off "running" to accomplish the many little and not so little things that had to be accomplished within a set time frame. We arrived with a list by time frame so we would know exactly what to do and when. We stayed in an ApartHotel until we secured an apartment at which time we took care of having our household belongings shipped to our new address. All arrived safe and sound and without a hitch other than it was quicker than we had planned. (not such a bad thing) We were in our apartment for a couple years and then through patient and consistent searching found a wonderful house to fit out "long stay" needs and moved communes. All in all, our experiences have stretched us and like the other comment, it has all had its ups and downs. I think, CB, that your experience is not the norm and seems like you could use some help from ULC with all the issues you mentioned. There will always be challenges with a massive relocation like this. I wish we had used a relo company but in the end it all worked out and we did our own research and running around. There are so many resources available to new arrivals as well as those already settled and having issues. Ask around, join some expat groups, local clubs and meet your neighbors...they are all great resources. Best of luck
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CBinLux posted Orange not terminating my contract - help on the Luxembourg forum:
I moved to the USA a year ago. Before I left, I notified Orange that I am terminating my contract. They told me to send a letter from my employer, lease termination and a letter requesting to terminate the contract. I did that. To my total surprise, I kept getting bills from them. I called in and was told that they did not receive the documents. I re-sent them. I still received notices. I called in again, the same scenario, I re-send the documents. I still received bills. Then I emailed them, attaching the documents. I followed with a phone call, but got nowhere with the representative. Finally, after another four months or so, they called me and said that the service was stopped, 11 months after I first cancelled it! Now they still want me to pay for the 11 months it took them to finally stop charging me! Does anyone know what to do?
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tracyofnorfolk replied to the thread 5000 eur/month gross on the Luxembourg forum:
ulala2014 initially posted:
Dear all, I am very close to move to Luxembourg. Please let me know if 5000 eur/month gross for a family with 1 child is a good salary. I have to rent myself for an appartment (about 1000 eur). Many thanks!
tracyofnorfolk replied most recently with:
Hi, we went from expats to a local package this year and moved into an apartment from a large home. We have a 2 bedroom 1 1/2 bath apartment which is about 110sm. It is a brand new building in the Belaire section of the city and rents for 2500 euro a month plus 300 euros for charges. The 300 covers heat, cleaning of the communal areas of the building weekly, trash/recycling and water charges. We pay for electric and phone/internet/tv separately. You might be able to find something for 2000 which was our initial budget, but they are older, less energy efficient, may not include a parking spot, or be on a busy street. Our brand new apartment building comes with constant construction all around, so no place is perfect. If you choose a place outside the city, you may also incur communal charges, recycling fees if you have curbside pick up etc. we lived in Bertrange for several years and also had other perks like discounted bus fees and payment for good grades for the students. Also note that as a new user, the utility companies charge the minimal amount monthly for the first year. Then on your one year anniversary, will make a one time adjustment. If you are paying automatically from your bank account, they will debit or credit the difference. This can be quite a shock if you are doing lots of laundry, or have someone home during the day using heat, lights etc. So while they might be charging you 50 euros a month, you could be using 100 euros worth and not know it for a whole year. (Same for all utilities).
Juliec replied most recently with:
Health insurance is the one thing I haven't found out about yet. My partner gets his through work but because we are not married, I cannot join his. From what I understand, the healthcare system here is excellent and you can pay for treatment as and when you need it. If you have an EHIIC card that will suffice to start with but when you arrive in Lux, you will need to take your employment contract to the local commune where you live so they can see that you are employed, they should then issue you with a residence permit from which I think you can then get a social security ID number - your employer may well help you with this. From reading other people's blogs and advice, you will be asked for your ID number if you go to a doctors or need emergency hospital treatment. I think that private healthcare is the way to go as you will have to pay for your treatment anyway but then can claim it back (BUPA and Cigna seem to be quire common). You may already be aware of this but you can visit any doctor in the country, you don't have to register with your local one as you would say in the UK. Given that you are moving from Brazil however, I would say that moving to Europe is not going to present you with any problems... I will update you if and when I find any more information on healthcare. For us, this is the first time we have relocated abroad and it is quite fun finding things out but also, it can be quite hard especially if you don't know anyone and it is not always easy to find the information you need. best wishes
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scottl posted Child benefits on the Luxembourg forum:
Can someone explain the Child benefits in Luxembourg? I am American and will be moving full-time to Luxembourg next year. My wife and I will have a 3 year old and a baby when I arrive. How much money would I receive? Is my family eligible? Thanks!
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curler replied to the thread Curling on the Luxembourg forum:
curler initially posted:
If you are looking to socialize while learning a new sport or are a seasoned curler looking for a place to play, check out Curling in Luxembourg. ( I joined the club last year after moving from Canada and found the club very friendly and open to new members with or without any prior knowledge of the game. The age range of members is 20 to 65 and don't worry if you only speak English - people are very helpful and there are many members who's native language is English. The ice is at Patinoire de Kockelscheuer, which is conveniently located at a car pool location so there is excellent bus service from the city center. The season opens September 15 and runs through until April. You are welcome to come out and give a try, just bring some clean running shoes (all other equipment will be provided). If you like it, you can decide to join the club as a member - or if not, at least say you tried curling in Luxembourg. And the best part is the tradition of a social drink after the practices on Mondays and Wednesdays. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.
curler replied most recently with:
Thanks for your reply Ian. On most weekends the curling ice isn't used unless there is a scheduled tournament. Unfortunately, the club isn't really set up for rentals as you requested and there isn't someone available to assist outside of scheduled curling times. Once you settle in Luxembourg, if you are interested, come to the club during one of the practice sessions and you can try it out. Kyle
IanWhatley replied most recently with:
Hello I was very interested to read your post. I plan to move to Luxembourg at the end of the year or early next year. I'd love to try Curling and so I was really pleased to see what you've written. Actually I will visit Luxembourg City with some friend's over the weekend of 28th November and I wondered if it's in any way feasible to 'hire some ice' to try the sport out whilst we're there. Please let me know if this is a possibility. Obviously we're not members but I wondered if it's feasible to do this? Any help appreciated, Ian
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didi2l replied to the thread Ready to socialise and meet people on the Luxembourg forum:
Juliec initially posted:
OK, vet sorted, car sorted, moving boxes all unpacked (well nearly..!). Now all I need is to talk to/meet some people who enjoy chatting, socialising, meeting for coffee occasionally. Anyone interested in wine and food tastings would be an instant friend! My partner and I are 40-somethings, live about 45 minutes away from the city in the West and would just enjoy meeting up every now and then. Also happy to chat via the forums to share experiences of living in Luxembourg.
didi2l replied most recently with:
There are a few groups that might work well for you that I thought I would mention: the British Ladies Club, the American Women's Club, Meetups (Lux), and InterNations (Lux). All of these groups have a variety of social and activity groups. There are others but these are the first that come to mind for the English speaker. I hope this is helpful. We are also on the west side of Ville and there isn't much out here. Most of these groups/activies take place around Ville and that's not so bad. Debbie :)
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