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MovingRecident posted selling IKEA furniture on the Luxembourg forum on May 26, 2015:
I am moving and selling my two year old furniture: bed MANDAL 140 x 200 cm incl. mattress and protective cover for EUR 600,- a black SÖDERHAMN bed sofa for EUR 450,- two nice white SVEIO cupboards, together for EUR 320,- two small white PAX wardrobs, together EUR 100,- a white round table DOCKSTA EUR 120,- two white chairs EUR 80,- and a washing mashine for 300,- If you take all the furniture, you can get it for 1700,- and basically have a full and modern furnished flat! Collection at my flat in Walferdange until 17 June 2015 would be best, contact me for pictures and further details:
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CARRA posted Chrysler voyager for sale on the Luxembourg forum:
Chrysler voyager 2.5 CRD 2006 Obsidian black great condition RHD €4,200 ONO PLEASE CALL 661881594
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debbielux replied to the thread Things to do during the week days on the Luxembourg forum:
Catonei11 initially posted:
Hello. I have been living and working in Lux for almost 2 years and my husband recently joined me. He is currently looking for work but I was wondering if anyone knew of any courses (educational or fun) or activities he could do during the day time to pass the time while I'm in work, until he gets a job. We live in Limpertsberg. Thanks Catherine
debbielux replied most recently with:
hi, there are tons of things in Lux on meetup . com and on FB there are groups that do things also: expats de Lux . prob many more :-)
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didi2l replied to the thread Reclaiming of Luxembourg citizenship on the Luxembourg forum:
kristinrae initially posted:
I just found out about the 2008 law that allows the reclaiming of Luxembourg citizenship through a lineal ancestor. Has anyone done this that can help me get started? What are my next steps?
didi2l replied most recently with:
This may be a place to start and ask questions: They could at least direct you to the proper office. It may take some effort on your part to push them but it might be worth it to you.
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didi2l replied to the thread Schools on the Luxembourg forum:
kpl927 initially posted:
We are in the process of relocating to Luxembourg from the midwest. We have two children, 8 and 10, and we are looking at ISL and St. George. Based on everything I have read, ISL is the better school for expats. Can anyone give me specific reasons why? Thanks.
didi2l replied most recently with:
I agree with the private schools for what you are looking for. You will hear about the other 2 English programs in the local schools but the challenges you will face could be quite monumental and not worth the struggle. Arriving at the beginning of high school in the English speaking, public system here is not exactly a great match for many in the American system unless you have a very self-motivated and courageous student.
debbielux replied most recently with:
My friends son with Aspergers goes to St Georges. It usually costs anywhere from €1200-1600 per MONTH. But it is supposed to be amazing!! and has speech therapists, calm spaces, dietary needs met, etc. On FB there is a Luxembourg Parents page, offers great info too.
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carecare7 posted Selective service draft on the Luxembourg forum:
Hi, Does anyone know if Luxembourg have selective service draft required for young adults? Thanks in advance!
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Dana0Maria posted Registration/Taxation in Luxembourg on the Luxembourg forum:
Hello all, I am moving to Luxembourg next month. I will be working as an external consulant, which means that I need to take care of my taxation/payroll. I have been contacted by some companies which can tace care af all the paperwork (VAT,taxes,registrations). What I need to know is the self-employed solution. If I hire some consulant at the beggining to help me with all the paperwork (i forgot to mention that I do not speak french nor german!), will this be enough? It doesn t make any point to pay a company everymonth... What is the procedure? Are there any helpful links? Please share if you know anything :)
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property in Luxembourg50% Flatshare / penthouse for rent in Sandweiler. Private bathroom. Kitchen, living room, balcony, outside parking.
adminee posted Post a Message of Support for France on the Luxembourg forum:
We encourage you to post a message of support for the people of France, in particular, the expats in France who use Expat Exchange, please go to:
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valentinagiglio replied to the thread Relocation in Lux- any help welcome on the Luxembourg forum:
mylena initially posted:
Hello everybody, I will be moving soon in Lux, at the end of January, and I am looking for an apartment (1 room, with kitchen, fully furnished and equipped) for rent. My office will be in the city centre- Clausen- and I would prefer an area which will be around 20 min walk or 4-5 direct bus stations away, if possible. Thus, can you recommend me any areas that fulfil my requirements in order to start looking? Or you have other suggestions in terms of where would be better to live for a single young woman? I mention that I will not have a car, at least at first, so I'll use public transportation. Do you happen to know somebody who wants to end its rental contract and looks for a replacement, let's say starting with 1st of March 2015? Any advice would be helpful, I'll be like an alien there, I do not know anybody, and been there very shortly only for the interview. Thanks a lot! Mylena
valentinagiglio replied most recently with:
Hi! If you need to relocate and are looking for a new accommodation take a look on, is a new and free platform of movers and expats made for people who are renting a flat or are looking for it, in order to match their needs. Hope it helps you :-)
NitinM replied most recently with:
I am also looking for apartments near (20 min walk or connected by bus) city centre or auchan that are unfurnished and have 2 bed rooms.
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