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LukasTraveler initially posted:
Hi there! I am selling my beloved Canon EOS Rebel T1i 15.1 MP CMOS Digital SLR Camera with 3-Inch LCD and EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS Lens by Canon. It is a great camera for photography enthusiasts and intermediate but I am getting a little bit more serious, therefore upgrading. Feel free to ask questions :) Cheers! Lukas
neepil44 replied on October 22, 2014 with:
what is the price that you want?? mail me
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Duin replied to the thread mattrass on the Nepal forum:
Duin initially posted:
I will be living for several months in Nepal, mostly in Bhaktapur. I am told that mattresses there are very hard and so I may want to buy a foam pad to make it more comfortable. Is it possible to buy simple foam sleeping pads in Kathmandu or nearby? If so where, and at what price? I have friends who live not far from Kathmandu and they say they most people sleep on very hard, straw-like mattresses, and that they have never seen anyone selling a simple foam mattress for a house bed. Another friend who recently visited said he never saw a foam mattress in the inexpensive hotels he stayed in, nor in the places he stayed when he went trekking. Is there anyone who actually lives there who can give me specific information? Also can you buy good mosquito bed nets? If you have an answer to this, please be specific, names, addresses, prices if you know.
Duin replied on October 22, 2014 with:
Thanks to all of you. Detailed info like that is really useful.
neepil44 replied on October 09, 2014 with:
hello duin!! Nice to hear that you will be soon arriving to Kathmandu.I have to say that your friends have not shopped that much.Although the people here are used to sleeping at hard mattress,you can easily find soft mattresses at the market and mosquito net is not a big deal.If anything is not available here they can get it in a week from India.The cost shall be from 10k to25k.. trust me i live here!! any more queries mail me at with regard nevan
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neepil44 replied to the thread House Rental Pokhara area Feb-April 2015, on the Nepal forum on October 17, 2014:
DanielHakansson initially posted:
Hi, Me and my family are looking for a: Furnished house, with a yard in the Pokhara area. To rent for 2-3 months between Februari and April of 2015. We have a young son, (3 years) so if the property is child friendly that would be helpful. Grateful for all information, Daniel
neepil44 replied on October 17, 2014 with:
hello daniel! good to hear about you coming to Nepal.U can check nepali real state websites for your convenience!! With regards Nevan
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jonam replied to the thread Taxes on the Nepal forum:
Duin initially posted:
I am a retired man, Dutch citizen, who may live in Nepal, perhaps work for a non-profit organization, perhaps not. Can anyone give me very general information about taxes there? What is the tax rate? Is there a wealth tax? If so how much? Thanks for any info. Duin
jonam replied on October 11, 2014 with:
Hi Duin For the foreign citizen you do neet to pay tax. But if you want to live in Nepal as business man you need pay Income Tax : 10% to 25% or Value added tax 13%. No other taxes needed to pay. For the NGO, if you work as a worker in an organization you need pay 10% of income. if you need my assistance i happily help you Residential visa (60+ age), or Business visa. you can reach me at manojgiri at gmail dot com, in Bagbazar, Bhaktapur or Thamel too
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A reader commented on the Expat Report Culture Shock in Kathmandu, Nepal
Do you have any advice or thoughts about culture shock you would like to share?
Take some time before you go to read about Hinduism and Buddhism - especially the former, as it is the majority religion, and the taboos and the orthodoxy of observance are much stronger than the latter. Tibetan Buddhists, by comparison, are far more lenient and understanding. Newari Buddhists are a different thing altogether. (Continue)
A reader replied most recently with:
Good answers. I laughed when you said everyone asking if you can get them a visa. HAHHAHA that happens constantly The frustration is a big issue here. The way things are done in business and many things are so obviously not a good way and could be much easier with simple changes that Nepalese will not change. Examples like buying food and having no where to sit and no garbage cans or constantly trying to over charge people because they are white. Poor education and fear of change I think cause this along with malnutrition. It is hard to not get frustrated or angry. Thanks for the laugh :)
JoSan replied recently with:
Remember, it's not "our" country. I wouldn't criticize how Nepalis do business. It's how they do business. We can adapt, or not.
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neepil44 replied to the thread American Expat in Kathmandu on the Nepal forum:
tracyjmccarthy initially posted:
Hi all, I'd like to introduce myself and welcome any friends or opportunities that may arise from this post. My name is Tracy, I am moving to Nepal in November '09 to work at a NPO for 6 months. I'm traveling alone and would love to find a friend! Write me an email or drop a line and say hello! Namaste, Tracy
neepil44 replied most recently with:
hello everyone!!meself nevan a guy frm kathmandu!! any questions or want a help just mail me..i ll do my best to help you
Chawaii41 replied most recently with:
Hello Tracy, I moving to Nepal in October. I have been there several times before, and I work with disabled kids. Please let me know if I can help in any way.
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neepil44 replied to the thread Piano for practise in Kathmandu on the Nepal forum:
Robnsue initially posted:
Does anyone know of a piano I could use for practise in Kathmandu? I have made various enquiries which have led nowhere. I would be very grateful for any solid information (I have been sent on various wild goose chases so far!) Thanks, Robert
neepil44 replied most recently with:
hello there!! i can arrange it but it would be good for you if you just buy a keyboard for 6 7k!!
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neepil44 replied to the thread Visiting Nepal on the Nepal forum:
krystleraewinters initially posted:
I am visiting nepal in August through, I believe, January. Looking for friends, work and a place to stay. I have a few potential places lined up but would love to set something in stone before I get there! Even if it is just a hour set aside for tea, I would be grateful to make some friends! KW
neepil44 replied most recently with:
hello there!!maile me
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neepil44 replied to the thread Halloween Events for Expats in Nepal on the Nepal forum:
adminee initially posted:
If you know of any Halloween parties, trick-or-treat gatherings or other events in your area that are open to expats, please post a reply with the details here. Thank You! Betsy Expat Exchange
neepil44 replied most recently with:
hello betsy!! how about we oraganize something next time??
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neepil44 posted let me help you expats on the Nepal forum:
hello everyone..if u are in or planning to move to or travel to Kathmandu and if u are having any problem,want any help,want suggestions I m here!" just leave a comment or mail me
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