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vfinley replied to the thread How to live in Nepal long. on the Nepal forum:
jonam initially posted:
Hello Expat Most of the expat wants to live in Nepal long time while they come to Nepal, they i meet. For the short time 150 days it is not a problem to stay in tourist visa but for the longer than 150 days it is really difficult. But we provide the best and 8 different way (non tourist visa category) to stay longer.
vfinley replied on April 14, 2015 with:
You can stay up to 180 days in a calendar year.. 5 months. I did this last year. Just go to the immigration office in KTM and extend. Easy!
Sandriam replied on April 14, 2015 with:
Hello everyone, I'm in the same situation, if you allow me I raise my request here: I'm Sandra from Barcelona and I will travel to Nepal in August again, but I'm also interested in staying for a long time because I am cooperating with NGOs Jaranku and wish I could stay longer than three months in the country. If anyone has a solution and / or advice would be very grateful. Thank you very much my mail is:
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anayglz posted Possibly moving to nepal on the Nepal forum:
My soon to be husband and I are petitioning for him to come to America. Rather than waiting separately, ten months to a year, I am planning on coming to Nepal so we can wait together instead. I have heard that it is extremely difficult to get a job in Kathmandu (this is where his family is from), is this true? I am fluent in English and Spanish, but have not learned the Nepali language, although I have visited three times now and have picked up enough words to manage. I absolutely love working with children. Does anyone have any job ideas where I can work with children. Unfortunately, I do not have a teaching certificate or public school classroom experience. I am not looking to make thousands here, just enough to have some spending cash and a small savings to be able to travel home (US) for visits. If you know of anyone who may be looking for a part time/full time nanny, please let me know. Thank you.
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rikeshrajbangshi replied to the thread Emigrating to Nepal on the Nepal forum:
ecraven initially posted:
Hi - I am thinking of emigrating to Nepal. Can anyone give me any advice on getting a work permit. Also, I have a 1 year old son - would he need a residency visa as well?
rikeshrajbangshi replied most recently with:
hi, What kind of Work You are Looking here in Nepal. Can you please tell me in detail.
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blythb replied to the thread Rented flat/house share on the Nepal forum:
blythb initially posted:
Hi all, I am planning to move to Nepal to teach English for one year and need somewhere really pretty cheap to live. If anyone knows of anything that might be available from mid-August onwards, I'd be really grateful if you could post below. Many thanks!
blythb replied most recently with:
Thanks very much!
neepil44 replied most recently with:
best way.. just look in there you'll find many choices
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property in NepalAnnapurna trekking Lodge with 2.1 hectare lush and green Bird Sanctuary, self sustaining with vegetable farm, 5 fish ponds and large variety of fruit trees alongside a cool river
Nepali replied to the thread Need to rent or buy a house in Pokhara? on the Nepal forum:
jbmagar initially posted:
We are here to help you to find a house in Pokhara. We are not brokers. Our charitable non profit SEARCH & RESCUE DOG HANDLERS ACADEMY OF NEPAL gets a donation from some selected house owners and business owners, if we help them to find tenants or buyers.
Nepali replied most recently with:
I need a single house without owner in the same house , peace environment 2 bedroom living and kitchen room for a family
rajeevstkt replied most recently with:
Hello there, I am Rajeev from India. Me and my wife looking to move and settle in Nepal and find a job too. Both of us are working journalists in India. I know it would be difficult to find media job in Nepal. But I am ready to shift career too. My wife desperately want to move in a peaceful state like Nepal after her misscarriage. Please respond and let me know the options of Job and Accommodation for us. My email is,
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rajeevstkt posted Need a place to stay on the Nepal forum:
Hello I am Rajeev from India. I am planning to visit in Nepal during March/April 2015. I need a room to live in low rent. The aim of my visit is to make friends contacts, job hunt and a house hunt, as I am planning to bring my wife after May 2015, to settle down there. So, anybody out there with a helping mind please fill me in. Do message in my email
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Quiry replied to the thread Looking to rent a 3 or 4 bedroom house in Pokhara on the Nepal forum:
Gurung12 initially posted:
Hi, I'm currently living in KTM with my husband but we are planning to move to Pokhara at the end of this month (May). We are looking for a furnished 3 or 4 bedroom house. If you have any information I would be very grateful. Thanks, Ruth
Quiry replied most recently with:
Hello, if you are looking for a fully furnished bangalow in Pokhara, Damside: 6 bedrooms 2 small single bedrooms 1 kichen with storeroom 1 dining room with living room 3 lounge rooms 3 attach bathrooms 2 spare bathrooms 1 spare toilet Front garden and parking space Back enough space for garden, vegetables and of design of your own models. Centre to Airport (just 2 mins by car), market places and Lakeside.
aharonovich replied most recently with:
Hi Juna! I would love to hear some more about the apartment, if you could write some about it or you can mail me at thanks :-)
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selivansky replied to the thread House Rental Pokhara area Feb-April 2015, on the Nepal forum:
DanielHakansson initially posted:
Hi, Me and my family are looking for a: Furnished house, with a yard in the Pokhara area. To rent for 2-3 months between Februari and April of 2015. We have a young son, (3 years) so if the property is child friendly that would be helpful. Grateful for all information, Daniel
selivansky replied most recently with:
Better idea - come to Pokhara and stay for 2-3 day in hotel Right now - there is a lot of appartment for rent from 15000 - 50000 NPR per month fully furnished 1-2 bedroom and all appliance. I can grab some advert for You with phones - best bargain is from owner an not agent Real estate website usually dont have this houses at database
neepil44 replied most recently with:
hello daniel! good to hear about you coming to Nepal.U can check nepali real state websites for your convenience!! With regards Nevan
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