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mountainmart posted kathmandu to Namche Everest on the Nepal forum on August 19, 2014:
We offer a choice of eight treks in this region. Two short treks explore the region’s culture and dramatic scenery – including Everest views, at altitudes below 4000m. Our longer, more demanding treks include EBC. The Gokyo – Cho La trek and the three passes Everest Transverse Trek explore a wider region with breathtaking scenery and multiple views of many of the highest peaks. We also offer three strenuous peak-climbing expeditions that are suitable for fit and adventurous trekkers. The peaks are Mera Peak, Island Peak and Lobuche Peak – the latter requiring some technical experience.
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tripsnepal replied to the thread Want to make new friends? on the Nepal forum:
vfinley initially posted:
Hello and Namaste! I recently moved to Kathmandu from New York City, and I am looking for some new friends! Would anyone be into grabbing some drinks in Thamel? Let me know!
tripsnepal replied on August 09, 2014 with:
hi, I would like to make new friends. mail me at I working for Korean Air Kathmandu. thanks
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PeterMcD replied to the thread Anyone in or coming to Jumla? on the Nepal forum:
JohnVan initially posted:
I have recently taken a position with a local NGO in Jumla. I was just wondering if any other expats were here or were planning to make there way here.
PeterMcD replied most recently with:
Cool. Yeah some of my friends that live in Jumla are currently in Mugu, and another family left Jumla recently. But there is a doctor and his wife from Australia that work at the hospital there. His name is Mic. They are nice. I would suggest going to the hospital and trying to get contact with them that way.
JohnVan replied most recently with:
Hey Peter, That's too bad you aren't here anymore, but it would be great if you could put me into contact with some people! Sorry for the late reply, I just got back from a trek to Rara Lake. Very awesome! Thanks, John.
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Rickw initially posted:
Taking my family to Nepal next year, Looking for apartment. Internet seems to be a rip-off. Price range 300$ US a month. Lived in Jinan China and I realize that rents in asia are around 2-300 a month willing to go 350. 3 Br 1 Ba.
CT1000 replied most recently with:
What area of Nepal? Depending on what you plan to do here the area even within Kathmandu can be very important and change the rent amount. Internet is very cheap in Nepal. If you are renting some places it may come with it but even getting your own account is not expensive monthly but they do have start up costs. I use 512kbps and it works fine for most things. Yes it is very slow compared to western countries but it does work ok. Youtube etc do work. Skype is no problem. I use classic Tech and its ok but throttled. How long will you be in Nepal? This may change what you want to spend to setup an apartment, flat, or house. I prefer renting houses not flats. More privacy and security. A local house to rent will cost less than your budget unless you want to get fancy. Houses and flats here come with nothing so be ready to buy carpet and many other things you may think should come with a flat or house.
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ChristopherH posted In Search for housing on the Nepal forum:
Hello! I came across this site and decided to try if this work. Me and my wife just moved to Pokhara about 4 months ago. We are currently living in the North of Pokhara and are looking for housing close to Lakeside, Ward 6. We are specifically looking for a BIG house especially with a garden. If there would be guesthoue type that would be awesome. If anybody can help pointing out someone to us. We are very interested. Namaste! Christopher
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property in NepalTrekking-Groups Canteen, Garden-Restaurant, Lodge, Volleyball Field, Camping Ground, Organic Vegetable Farm, 5 Fish Ponds, Bird Sanctuary, Climbing Rock
Chawaii41 replied to the thread American Expat in Kathmandu on the Nepal forum:
tracyjmccarthy initially posted:
Hi all, I'd like to introduce myself and welcome any friends or opportunities that may arise from this post. My name is Tracy, I am moving to Nepal in November '09 to work at a NPO for 6 months. I'm traveling alone and would love to find a friend! Write me an email or drop a line and say hello! Namaste, Tracy
Chawaii41 replied most recently with:
Hello Tracy, I moving to Nepal in October. I have been there several times before, and I work with disabled kids. Please let me know if I can help in any way.
CT1000 replied most recently with:
Working in Nepal s possible but not easy. There are few jobs available for foreigners because the employer must show why a Nepalese can not do the job. The process includes multiple news paper notices offering the job to everyone followed up with a report to the government that they could not find a qualified Nepali. Teaching English is always an option. Teaching IT is possible then freelance on the side for extra money. In the end you will find wages are very low and hard to live on. Most good paying jobs will pay $150-$250 per month. Starting a business is costly and takes time. It can be frustrating going through the process. I have a computer training business already approved that I can sell or partner. The minimum investment for a new business is now set at $50,000. My computer training business was registered before the change so the minimum is only $20,000.This is a fast way to get a business visa and be able to do IT training classes and generate an income. I'm open to ideas. FYI..minimum investment is the amount of money invested into the business and Nepal. This does not mean the actual start up costs of a business. I hope this helps
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diwas posted American wife traveling to Nepal on the Nepal forum:
Hello guys, while I am not really an expat . Actually, I am a Nepali living in the U.S, so guess that does make me an expat. However, I didn't realized there were so many expats in Nepal. It was only after being an expat myself, I realized that. I have an American wife, planning to visit Nepal. So, I have a question for you guys? How do you cope with the cuisine? How and where do you get your native food?
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A writer from the Associated Press is interested in talking to people who decide to retire abroad for reasons related to affordable health care. He is also interested to hear about other reasons why you chose to retire abroad. If you would be interested to speak with him and possibly be written about in his article, please send an email to Joshua Wood at:
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CT1000 replied to the thread Moving to Kathamndu from Delhi - cost of living on the Nepal forum:
reddevilg initially posted:
I am currently discussing a job offer from a Kathmandu based company, and would need to move there if things work out. Just needed to understand in general terms if Kathmandu is a cheap place as made out to be? Also could someone please help me with the following queries: 1) As cars are prohibitively expensive in Nepal, can I relocate my car from Delhi to Kathmandu? Is car an absolute necessity? 2) What about other costs? Is electricity, gas etc expensive as compared to India? 3) Are good schools available for kids? any idea about fees? All replies will be highly appreciated. Thanks.
CT1000 replied most recently with:
Kathmandu is cheap in some ways and expensive in others. As you already know cars and very expensive in Nepal due to the very high import tax. If you bring any car into Nepal you will pay this tax. Recently they made a change not allowing any used cars imported to Nepal. Cars are not a necessity if you live in Kathmandu. Taxis and buses are available. Motorcycles or scooters are a cheaper way to travel than cars and easier to find parking for. Electricity is cheap in Nepal. I have a large house and pay from 1700npr to 4700npr depending on how many heaters or AC units are running. The electric hot water heater adds up in the winter months. Gas is not expensive either. I don't remember the exact price but it was around 1500npr for a replacement bottle. I buy them once a year so I don't remember.There are many schools in Kathmandu. Most are not worth looking at. If you have the money there are a few good ones. Costs for foreign schools with good education and no beating of children run about $700 per month and can go over $1000 per month. I have had many dealing with Nepali schools. The Nepali schools can be ok but the parent needs to go over what they are studying. The teachers in these schools tease kids that ask questions so they stop asking and fall behind. Nepali schools have strict rules for students that often don't make sense. It can be frustrating for a foreigner dealing with local schools but some are better than others. I currently have only one of my kids in school and he goes to a Nepali school. They set the bar low and are ok with cheating on exams. I am against cheating and do my best to not allow my kids to take part. Local schools cost as little as 1000npr up to about 3000npr per month. There are extra charges added so get a full list of charges before making any decisions. Books, uniforms, exam fees, are just the basic ones. Often they waste time during the normal day and then say the kids are required to take extra classes. This is just a profit center for the school. The costs of extra classes can often be close to the normal monthly fee. Don't rush in choosing a school. Tour them and watch if the student look afraid. Most of the time they are because they have been beaten regularly. The school my boy goes to does not beat the student except in rare cases. In the past year I know of only one student who was hit with a plastic pipe on the back of his legs. ..ok enough about schools..Cost of living can be low if you are careful and don't need western comforts. My house is large and has wood floors and cabinets. It is in a quieter area with plenty of water. I pay 55,000npr per month. The house I had before this was more of a simple Nepali style home and cost 20,000npr per month. I wanted a compound area for safety and a place for the kids to play without being forced out into the street or outside at night. This house is over priced slightly but it is in the right area for me. Food is cheap if you love rice and can eat the typical Nepali diet. If you don't cook or need a western diet it can add up fast. Meat is expensive and eggs continue to increase in price. 30 eggs now cost about 350npr. Chicken is around 300npr/kg. Prices of everything are going up fast. Most are higher than the inflation rate. I would also suggest you spend time here before moving your family and changing your job. Nepal is a rough place to live with strikes, crime, and pollution. Crime depending on your area and decisions may not be a problem. As a foreigner we are left alone most of the time. I will keep everything locked up and don't open the gate if we don't know the person especially at night. I do keep protection in the house just in case. So far in four years no serious trouble regarding crime. Lost one mobile to a pick pocket and lost money a few times to people I trusted as friends in my house but learned quickly its ok to steal from a foreigner friend in Nepal. Be careful who you trust. I hope this helps..if you have any other concerns please ask
RobBass replied most recently with:
I have been to India over 1 dozen times, as to Nepal 3 times. To be perfectly honest, Kathmandu is not a very nice place. The Kibng and Royal family live in big, and the peasants are treated almost subhuman. Most costs are a bit cheaper than Dehli, due to the poverty, but based on your description, you appear to be looking for a much higher standard of living, which is definitely the right move. A log time friend of mine ran a major hospital for 2 years, in Nepal, Kathmandu I believe, and he came away with a very bleak picture of Nepal and in particular, Kathmandu. Dehli in comparison is a very rich and different life all around. Caveat Emptor. If I were happy with the job in Dehli, and I wasn't losing it, I would recommend to NOT go to Nepal, poverty beyond anything you saw in India, and India is a rough place to start with. Maybe a short 1 week trip to Nepal is in order. As you already know, it costs about $150 round trip from Dehli to Nepal, and worth looking before you leap into a heart breaking country. Whatever you do, best of luck Best of luch - Rob (AKA Magellan)
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