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wrangler replied to the thread work/resident visa on the Nepal forum:
Gypctravlr initially posted:
I have a couple of options to which I can obtain a work visa via an attorney for a somewhat expensive fee. Is there someone who would consider signing me into their company or perhaps you know of someone who would consider doing this/ I would greatly appreciate it. Jeff
wrangler replied on August 29, 2015 with:
hi Jeff going to move in to Nepal soon with my partner. did u manage to get a long term visa? please give some info. Alex.
Gypctravlr replied on January 24, 2012 with:
Thanks for getting back to me! I would much rather stay away from potential problems in the future. I have been quoted 1500 by an attorney where I just sign papers and that is it. I probably wouldn't even know what company it was. Immigration suggested that I pay 2000 for the first year and that the next year may be cheaper. I would rather support an NGO with a 100 per month for the first year just to make sure that I am on the right track. So far I have been here for 6 months and I have til may before I would have to leave the country. I have lived in different places and the people here are outstanding! Can you suggest or put me in touch with an NGO that I can contact? Thanks again for answering. Jeff
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CT1000 replied to the thread Getting mail in Nepal on the Nepal forum on August 22, 2015:
rebekahstrunzsherpa initially posted:
I am currently settling in Nepal after marrying my Nepali husband. I have plenty of things to sort out, most importantly probably being my visa. But I also want to be able to receive mail while I am here, mostly from my family back home but from a few places online also. I'm not sure what the mail system here is like, but from what I have read it's not all that reliable. But my question is about where to have mail sent to. Houses here in Nepal don't really seem to have numbers and street addresses, so where do I have my mail sent to? Any help is greatly appreciated.
CT1000 replied on August 22, 2015 with:
If you are going to stay in Nepal for a while you can set up a PO box. These are the best because if you get a package they will put a slip in the box telling you to go to the other building to pick it up. Regular mail will be in the PO box. The process at the post office is long and frustrating. Always have your passport and a photo copy of your passport with you. I like to count the number of places I am sent. So far the record is 17 different places for signatures, paying tax, picking up the box, inspection of the box etc. Just remember some things like cameras/phones are not allowed to be sent to Nepal without an import lic. Sending packages out of Nepal is expensive. Mail like letters or post cards are not expensive but can take over a month to get to the states. Other locations will no doubt be faster. I have been here for 5 years and one of the worst things I hate the most is going to the post office.
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property in NepalWe have secured and sweet 101% furnished apartment Annapurna III at Ekantakuna, Lalitpur at The Colourful Mansion first floor is on hire.
neepil44 replied to the thread Nepali language on the Nepal forum:
Pepaharo initially posted:
Namaste, I would like to attend Nepali lessons but I have only found places to do it in Tamel. Does anybody know a good and cheap academy, school or something near Boudha? I also could teach Spanish in exchange. Thanks
neepil44 replied most recently with:
just hire a local guy who knows english!!it'll not be formal but hell lotta cheaper any more queries mail me With regards, Nevan
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marcocastro posted Piano on the Nepal forum:
I will move soon from Europe to Kathmandou. I would like to know if 1/ pianos, mainly Yamaha, can be easily bought in that city, and at prizes comparable to European. If not, I will buy one here and move it. 2/ teachers (classic and jazz) can be found. Many thanks Marco
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bornholy posted Nepali language Problem ? on the Nepal forum:
If you do have similar language problem like me, do check out this app : Basic Nepali | English, which helps travellers and expat like me !
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property in NepalHouse is located in very peace n soothing area , house got g/f, 2nd n 3rd floor n roof top kitchen. 10 min from airport, 15 min from thamel n sundhara area. Able to see nice view of Himalayas, airport, and the fresh green environment around. Currently available 2nd n 3 rd floor is on rent.
Durgadhakal replied to the thread Flatshare/ Flat to Rent in Kathmandu March-July 2015 on the Nepal forum:
JALINTON initially posted:
I am currently here in Kathmandu and looking for a flat/ flatshare. Possibly in Pulchowk/ Sanepa, Lazimpat or Paknajol area but open to others. I need to find a reasonably priced flat as I am here supporting some work on a voluntarily basis. A guesthouse would also be OK if I am able to have access to kitchen facilities and a communal area. It would be great to find a place to call home with like minded people! With very best wishes & thanks in advance for any advice you can give, Jess
Durgadhakal replied most recently with:
hi JESS I have a beautiful house/ flat at Kathmandu. if you are still looking for house /flat. please contact me. DDB
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Durgadhakal replied to the thread Rented flat/house share on the Nepal forum:
blythb initially posted:
Hi all, I am planning to move to Nepal to teach English for one year and need somewhere really pretty cheap to live. If anyone knows of anything that might be available from mid-August onwards, I'd be really grateful if you could post below. Many thanks!
Durgadhakal replied most recently with:
HI Blythb. if you still need house/ flat in Nepal. I habe a beautiful house/ flat in Kathmandu
Hellome replied most recently with:
What is the price range you are looking into? How many rooms would you require?
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bruceroberts99 replied to the thread Need to rent or buy a house in Pokhara? on the Nepal forum:
jbmagar initially posted:
We are here to help you to find a house in Pokhara. We are not brokers. Our charitable non profit SEARCH & RESCUE DOG HANDLERS ACADEMY OF NEPAL gets a donation from some selected house owners and business owners, if we help them to find tenants or buyers.
bruceroberts99 replied most recently with:
We are looking to rent a 2 bedroom apartment or house in Pokhara for 2 months starting Oct 15 2015. We have done alot of volunteer work in Nepal ref: thank you
Nepali replied most recently with:
I need a single house without owner in the same house , peace environment 2 bedroom living and kitchen room for a family
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