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cherylwt posted Fitbit charger needed on the Nepal forum on April 09, 2014:
Hi. I am on a short trip to Kathmandu to visit my husband who lives and works here. I am a fitbit enthusiast, but forgot my charger!, anyone out there have a charger that I can borrow for. Hort while to charge my fitbit.? Would so appreciate it!
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German tour operator is looking for an experienced German speaking tour leader for our tours to Nepal. German tour operator is looking for an experienced German speaking tour leader for our tours to Nepal.
vfinley posted Employment Needed on the Nepal forum on April 07, 2014:
I am moving to Nepal this summer and would love to make some income. I am fully aware of the challenges for foreigners working in Nepal. I am a social worker in NYC with 7 years experience in the field. Most opportunities in this area of work in Nepal are volunteer only. For months I have searched for jobs with INGO/NGO UN/US Embassy but I do not have experience in project management, nor am I fluent in Nepali. Anyone have other suggestions? I am open to other types of employment as well. Thanks!
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BackstreetAcademy posted Connect with LOCAL craftsmen on the Nepal forum on April 06, 2014:
Backstreet Academy, we aim to help underprivileged craftsmen and artisans earn extra income by connecting them with tourists or expats. In a nutshell, the tourists or expats learn local crafts like wooden masks, stone carving and cook traditional food at either the craftsmen's house or workshop and then get to take the products they made themselves back to their home country. Please have a look at our website or
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CT1000 replied to the thread Appropriate clothing in Nepal on the Nepal forum on April 05, 2014:
krystleraewinters initially posted:
I have never traveled like I am going to in August. I just got a job at a winery and another at a school near Kathmandu. I am starting to think about what I need to put into my bags to travel around the world with me. What is appropiate clothing in Nepal? I have heard covered shoulders and covered knees from various sites. I have also heard that places like Kathmandu, women sometimes show knees. Any tip is a good tip for me! Thank you so much!!
CT1000 replied on April 05, 2014 with:
Clothing is pretty relaxed in KTM now. Shorts are ok for both male and female. You will see Nepali and foreigner wearing them. Make sure your shorts are not too short though. Showing the knees are ok but much above that would get you unwanted attention. Too tight of shorts that reveal every curve and jiggle is not a good idea either. Many wear tank tops or muscle shirts without getting a second look. Again make sure it is not too revealing. Bra straps or low cut fronts of shirts will get comments and be uncomfortable. The people who say stay covered completely are not up to date with KTM and may be referring to a remote village where things are still as they have been in the past. Just relax and dress in a respectful but comfortable way. Good shoes are key but you wont want to wear trekking boots all over town. Good regular shoes are enough. Toeless shoes can cause problems due to bricks and rocks everywhere. Kick one and you will wish you had your toes covered. I have been in KTM for 3.5 years full time. Ask me anything
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Taracoco replied to the thread Need to rent or buy a house in Pokhara? on the Nepal forum:
jbmagar initially posted:
We are here to help you to find a house in Pokhara. We are not brokers. Our charitable non profit SEARCH & RESCUE DOG HANDLERS ACADEMY OF NEPAL gets a donation from some selected house owners and business owners, if we help them to find tenants or buyers.
Taracoco replied most recently with:
Next Year in March
jbmagar replied most recently with:
Which month?
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davidurmann replied to the thread Visiting Nepal in September on the Nepal forum:
livvy123 initially posted:
I am going to visit Nepal for 3 weeks in September before deciding whether I want to move there.I'm dubious about travelling around alone as a female and was wondering if there is a way of contacting people or guides to be there on my travels. Thanks!
davidurmann replied most recently with:
Hi.. I will be in Nepal working in late September and October. I run a trekking company in Kathmandu. I am happy to assist or answer any questions.
Biba59 replied most recently with:
Hi, I am planning to be in Nepal from July and would welcome the chance to meet with any other lone travellers. I'm planning on staying the maximum length of time which I believe is up to 5 months, be good to meet
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krystleraewinters posted Visiting Nepal on the Nepal forum:
I am visiting nepal in August through, I believe, January. Looking for friends, work and a place to stay. I have a few potential places lined up but would love to set something in stone before I get there! Even if it is just a hour set aside for tea, I would be grateful to make some friends! KW
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Robnsue posted Piano for practise in Kathmandu on the Nepal forum:
Does anyone know of a piano I could use for practise in Kathmandu? I have made various enquiries which have led nowhere. I would be very grateful for any solid information (I have been sent on various wild goose chases so far!) Thanks, Robert
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property in NepalThere are two ideal rooms per flat; one is smaller and other is about large office size. It is centrally located and has easy access to everywhere in Kathmandu. It is suitable for those who are living in Nepal for a certain period of time such as foreign volunteers, local office or an NGO/ INGO Office. It has WI-FI -internet connection with new appliances.

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