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Expat Report Review of American International School of Rotterdam in Rotterdam, Netherlands was published
Review-of-American International School of Rotterdam
How would you describe the facilities at this school? What extra-curricular activities are available?
Sub-par education (especially the secondary school) is WAY over priced. Small, and lots of one-on-one attention for the primary/elementary school, which is a plus, but severely lacking in activities (and students, for that matter) in the secondary school. Tuition is very expensive, far more expensive than other superior options, not sure where the money is going, as foreign language programs have been cut, as well as many other advanced courses needed for high school that are just not even offered. Seasonal after school sports are an additional charge, and are very limited (volleyball, basketball, soccer, swimming, softball - that is it for the year). Highly disappointing, especially considering their own website lists MANY other things available. (Continue)
gilliankew posted Daughter's internship in amsterdam on the Netherlands forum:
My daughter is going to Amsterdam to do an internship for the fashion designer, Iris van Herpern, whose atelier is on Van Diemenstraut. I am trying to to find accommodation reasonably nearby (long hours and she is not being paid a penny!) and we do not know Amsterdam at all. If anyone can help, either by offering a room for rent at a reasonable price or by directing me to a trustworthy letting agent I would be very grateful. BTW - my daughter is currently a student in London
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Englebird replied to the thread A LONE IN AMSTERDAM on the Netherlands forum:
Englebird initially posted:
Well, I could not predict this. Ever. When I came here I was signing a year's lease on a beautiful rental in Amsterdam. The idea was my husband would finalize our things and come over. We'd see Europe together. Within, 9 days, he dropped dead of a massive heart attack. So, here I am! Alone. I signed up for Dutch language... everyone either works or has a Dutch boyfriend... really sweet group. I'm over 50 years old. SIGH Part of me is determined to stick it out and the other parts just cries and wants to run back to Connecticut. I am recovering from the flu and realized I don't really have a single soul here that would know if I was okay, I'm usually very happy and fun to be around. I love art and was an art teacher. I have great friends. But, no one here. I'm near Liedseplein and I walk a lot. I am so grateful for so many things. Just wish I could share. Francesca
Englebird replied most recently with:
Ach! How do I respond? Thank you for writing. I am happy to meet you. My email is (I had Brussels Griffon doggies.) Francesca
taraindc replied most recently with:
Perhaps a meet up group? I travel frequently for business, I'm a woman (50) and could meet for lunch next time I'm in town.
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WoodenShoes replied to the thread Moving to Den Haag on the Netherlands forum:
misskjk initially posted:
Hello all, hope you are well. I am moving to Den Haag in August and believe I have selected an area I would like to live in. Does anyone live in/near Vogelwijk? As a sporty person, it's important to be close to the beach to swim and the park to run, plus it's only half an hour bike ride from my employer. I would appreciate any moving advice. I have no dependents and so I'm moving on my own. Hope to hear from you soon :-)
WoodenShoes replied most recently with:
Hi, I live in Den Haag and I am not sure I would choose the Vogelwijk. It is safe and close to the beach, but not exactly vibrant. Have you looked at the Statenkwartier? It is inbetween the centre of Den Haag and borders on Scheveningen (=the sea). It's a great neighbourhood. Good luck! WS
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WoodenShoes replied to the thread Moving soon with partner to Utrecht/Den Bosch on the Netherlands forum:
ellewy initially posted:
My partner is being transferred to the Den Bosch branch of his company in the next few months and I was hoping to get some advice/tips/tricks. We'll be there for roughly 2 years. We've been considering getting an apartment either in Den Bosch (easier commute to work) or in Utrecht, as it's a larger city and might have more going on. We've been living in Madison, WI which is a college town/state capital hybrid, but we both went to school in the more urban Milwaukee. Both of us enjoyed living in these two areas, though we somewhat prefer the Madison area to the hustle and bustle of the big city. Does anyone have any positive/negative experiences regarding living in either Utrecht or Den Bosch that you could share? Or anything in general that a soon to be American expat should know?
WoodenShoes replied most recently with:
Hi! Den Bosch is a very nice city, old, historic and great for all sorts restuarants, bars etc. The same can be said for Utrecht, but the daily commute to Den Bosch is not something I would advise. Den Bosch is well connected (trains and roads), so daytrips to Amsterdam etc. not a problem, and being fairly close to Belgium means further opportunities to go exploring. Good luck! WS
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Lennys26 posted Work and Notice Period on the Netherlands forum:
I am looking to change jobs and have a 1 month notice period. I currently have 1 month of unused vacation time. In the past I have been in similar situations in other countries, where the law allowed for the notice period to overlap the vacation - thus, essentially I lost a month of salary. Can anyone comment on whether this is the same situation here in NL?
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Expat Report Review of AICS in Amsterdam, Netherlands was published
What advice would you give to someone considering enrolling their child in this school?
DON'T. Try to find another school especially one with experienced staff and not full of himself/herself director and leaders. In Aics some teacher are good and some other bad. The secondary part is terrible. The admin and communication is terrible. No facilities in a building which is not adequate for a school. There is not a good system to safeguard the children. My sons attended a good private schools in the UK where they were very good students after being in AICS for a couple of years their level went down the hill. We moved them to a good school in The Hague, problem solved. Do not waste money in AICS (Continue)

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