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elvamo posted Has anyone transported their dog to Amsterdam from the US? on the Netherlands forum on July 23, 2015:
Were moving to the Netherlands in August. We want to take our dog with us but have her come over in late Oct or early Nov due to the weather. Can anyone recommend an airline or pet transportation company? She has never travelled in an airplane and is too big to sit in the cabin so she must go in cargo. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much.
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dutchlady60 posted want to move to the Netherlands. on the Netherlands forum on July 20, 2015:
Does anyone know where to begin.I am kind of lost here.
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Englebird posted CLEANING SERVICES on the Netherlands forum on July 16, 2015:
I finally found some one who is reliable and fast AND thorough! His number 0687282142. He has been working for me over a month and really has helped. Also, he has been here 5 years and is constantly helping understand my internet/TV connection (which is in Dutch) and stuff like that. He's really good.
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TopClassTutors replied to the thread Moving from US to Rotterdam w/College-age Son on the Netherlands forum:
panthergirl initially posted:
Possibly relocating for work (permanent relo, not on assignment) this coming June. I am a single mom with a 20 year old son who will need to be in an English-taught program. He was in a very very difficult school here and struggled with grades so he is doing online classes this semester through community college to raise his GPA. I know there are different options in the NL with research universities (I don't think his grades are high enough) and applied sciences schools, but I wonder how difficult the admissions process is. We will likely do our exploratory trip in April but he would need to be school in the Fall as I don't plan to have him living with me. This may be too specific a question, but thought I would try and see if anyone has had a similar experience. Thanks.
TopClassTutors replied on July 15, 2015 with:
You are very welcome to enroll him for any subject and level at TopClsassTutors.ORG Your son can enroll in our Top-Ranked university program thru We guarantee the completion of Harvard university program if he will enroll thru TopClassTutors.ORG and will follow all instructions of our teachers. Available locations: Amsterdam,London,Malta etc. Your prompt reply will be appreciated. Mrs. O'Brien
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Blog Café con Melk posted on the Netherlands Network
Cafecito con leche... in Dutch. A website/blog about becoming an expat in the Netherlands. Journeying from LA to Utrecht.
courtneyallen posted Looking for any job in The Netherlands on the Netherlands forum:
My husband and I are wanting to move to the Netherlands next summer (2016). I am an ESL teacher and he is a race car engine machinist. Both of us are willing to work jobs that don't necessarily have anything to do with our fields. We've always wanted to live in Europe. If you have any connections in education or anything concerning cars, please let us know! I'm also not above bar tending or waiting tables. I did it for years and it was fun!
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Expat Report Review of American International School of Rotterdam in Rotterdam, Netherlands was published
Review-of-American International School of Rotterdam
How would you describe the facilities at this school? What extra-curricular activities are available?
Sub-par education (especially the secondary school) is WAY over priced. Small, and lots of one-on-one attention for the primary/elementary school, which is a plus, but severely lacking in activities (and students, for that matter) in the secondary school. Tuition is very expensive, far more expensive than other superior options, not sure where the money is going, as foreign language programs have been cut, as well as many other advanced courses needed for high school that are just not even offered. Seasonal after school sports are an additional charge, and are very limited (volleyball, basketball, soccer, swimming, softball - that is it for the year). Highly disappointing, especially considering their own website lists MANY other things available. (Continue)
gilliankew posted Daughter's internship in amsterdam on the Netherlands forum:
My daughter is going to Amsterdam to do an internship for the fashion designer, Iris van Herpern, whose atelier is on Van Diemenstraut. I am trying to to find accommodation reasonably nearby (long hours and she is not being paid a penny!) and we do not know Amsterdam at all. If anyone can help, either by offering a room for rent at a reasonable price or by directing me to a trustworthy letting agent I would be very grateful. BTW - my daughter is currently a student in London
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Englebird replied to the thread A LONE IN AMSTERDAM on the Netherlands forum:
Englebird initially posted:
Well, I could not predict this. Ever. When I came here I was signing a year's lease on a beautiful rental in Amsterdam. The idea was my husband would finalize our things and come over. We'd see Europe together. Within, 9 days, he dropped dead of a massive heart attack. So, here I am! Alone. I signed up for Dutch language... everyone either works or has a Dutch boyfriend... really sweet group. I'm over 50 years old. SIGH Part of me is determined to stick it out and the other parts just cries and wants to run back to Connecticut. I am recovering from the flu and realized I don't really have a single soul here that would know if I was okay, I'm usually very happy and fun to be around. I love art and was an art teacher. I have great friends. But, no one here. I'm near Liedseplein and I walk a lot. I am so grateful for so many things. Just wish I could share. Francesca
Englebird replied most recently with:
Ach! How do I respond? Thank you for writing. I am happy to meet you. My email is (I had Brussels Griffon doggies.) Francesca
taraindc replied most recently with:
Perhaps a meet up group? I travel frequently for business, I'm a woman (50) and could meet for lunch next time I'm in town.
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