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Mokkijo posted Visa Information on the Netherlands forum on August 27, 2015:
I am a U.S. Citizen and would like to spend 5-6 months in the Netherlands. I am aware of the 90 day limit of Schengen Visa requirements. Does anyone know if applying for a Visa to do this would be really difficult? I have independent income/assets, and would not need a job.
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DutchieonYouTube replied to the thread I need some information on the Netherlands forum:
habibah initially posted:
I am an American expat lady... age 60...and I want to move to the Netherlands and begin my own self-employment. Yes, I know I can live there for 90 days with no problem...but at my age...I can't imagine any company hiring me to give me a reason for residency. I am an English teacher with more than 6 years of experience...and want to tutor privately. How can I do this without spending a fortune? I've looked at many sites online and they all say I must have residency...learn the language and integrate. I have no clue about Dutch... I speak English and Spanish...and just enough French to get by. Any helpful information is greatly appreciated! Thank you in advance!
DutchieonYouTube replied on August 20, 2015 with:
If you were adressing me with your question if I want to talk, sure! You can send me an e-mail at
Meriden replied on August 20, 2015 with:
Need a roommate? Woukd love to live overseas!! Am in my late 50s and have been in the school system for about 20 years. Not certified but do have teaching experience. Dutchie is correct. Im starting to look into Central even South America. I have experience speaking Spanish having been an exchange student in Bolivia 40 years ago. Good luck! If you want to talk, that would be great!!
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Bman posted I need some information on the Netherlands forum on August 19, 2015:
I am from Uganda but a student in Algeria.I would love to come to the Netherlands sooner as a tourist but I would love to volunteer with any organization.I was in Amsterdam last month but I got much love for the Dutch, the City and the Nation at large.That is my great reason to make me come back for one month.I have a visa to come.I welcome anyone with any news for me.Thank you all.
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DutchieonYouTube replied to the thread Moving to the Netherlands as a college student on the Netherlands forum on August 17, 2015:
cf3154 initially posted:
So I am currently living in the US and I want to study in the Netherlands and possibly become a permanent resident. One of my Dutch friends told me that I should try to get into a MBO school first but I've been searching and I don't think MBO schools accept exchange students. Does anyone know of any school that I could maybe apply for? or at least how to find one? Any help would be greatly appreciated!
DutchieonYouTube replied on August 17, 2015 with:
Hi, I guess HBO would be better, it's more common for those schools to have exchange students (or a University of course), but if your able to do a HBO study depends on your Highschool grades I guess. And if you think you could be part of an exchange program of an HBO school, you also need to think of which study would suit you. Good luck! DutchyonYouTube
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BOOFTA replied to the thread Planning to relocate from Oregon, USA to Amsterdam. on the Netherlands forum:
BOOFTA initially posted:
Hello! My wife and I are in our late 20s and planning to start our family soon. We both agree that we'd rather raise our children in the Netherlands (where her family is from) instead of America, based on a plethora of reasons. We make good, stable money in Real Estate and are actively investing in income-producing rentals. Ideally we'd like to create $4,000/mo in passive income through our investment properties before making such a move so that we would not have to immediately find work in the NL. We expect this to take no longer than 5 years from now as we live on very little and have no consumer debt outside of our modest mortgage. My Dutch fluency is 4/10 and I speak no other languages. Since our timeframe is 4-5 years to make the move, I'm confident my fluency will improve in the interim. My wife is a fast learner and would commit to learning the language if she knew we had a decent chance of legally immigrating. I am not exactly sure where to start, who to begin talking to, or what the process is. I have found some conflicting information online regarding dual citizenship with the US and the Netherlands. Keeping both would be ideal, but I am not totally opposed to relinquishing my US citizenship. My main concern is that we'd be able to visit America for extended periods of time (3 months annually), and that there would--in theory--be a path to re-establishing US Citizenship if something terrible were to happen (sick or disabled family member, long-term crisis in NL/Europe, etc). We're take very systematic approach with every venture in our lives and are simply looking for someone to help us figure out the roadmap to relocate permanently to the Netherlands. We want our own immigration story and feel at home in Amsterdam and Tiel (where my wife's extended family lives). We are excited at the idea of starting anew and think this will have a positive, multi-generational impact. If anyone can offer a few pointers, expectations, timelines, whether or not this sounds reasonable, etc, I'd love to start a dialogue!
BOOFTA replied on August 16, 2015 with:
Glad to know it is possible. Thanks :-)
DutchieonYouTube replied on August 13, 2015 with:
Hi, Dual citizenship is still possible in The Netherlands. I know a family who have dual citizenship, US/NL, even though their kids were born in NL. Not too sure about the rules for getting a permanent resident status, only thing I know is you will have to do an 'inburgeringscursus' and pass the exam and I believe speaking and understnading a good amount of Dutch is necessary to pass the test.
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georgedrurysmith replied to the thread U.S. pension and taxes on the Netherlands forum on August 16, 2015:
JacksterJam initially posted:
Hi. I am a U.S. retired teacher with a state pension currently residing in Italy. I have been traveling to the Netherlands and I am considering a move. I have been researching the question of taxation in the Netherlands and can't seem to get a handle on the answer to this question: will the Netherlands tax my teacher's pension from the U.S.? I have read that they will tax only that portion that I bring into the Netherlands. My pension is deposited into my U.S. bank account and I generally only transfer enough money to my bank in Italy to pay rent and utilities; I anticipate that I would do the same in the Netherlands (I will not be depositing my monthly benefit into a bank account in the Netherlands). Can someone point me in the right direction so I can understand what my tax obligation would be in the Netherlands? At this point, I do not need information regarding tax-deferred plans (401K, 403b, etc.), or U.S. Social Security income as I do not receive either. Thanks in advance!
georgedrurysmith replied on August 16, 2015 with:
I suggestyou contact the Belastingdienst and also a Dutch tax advisor.. I had residence for a little over a year it it appeared to me that my US income (Social Security and IRA) were taxable, as well as my "worldwide wealth." And of course as a US citizen, I had to pay US taxes as well.
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Mokkijo posted Extended Visa for U.S. citizen on the Netherlands forum on August 15, 2015:
I am a 60+ female who wants to spend longer than 90 days in the NL. I have assets in the USA & greater then $5K u.s. monthly income. I am not seeking employment.Do you think it would be difficult?
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Bman posted Any job please. on the Netherlands forum:
Hello over there,I need to request for help from anyone who can help me to get for me any job be it labor,manual work etc. I will come on tourist visa for a month and a half.Thank you all.
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A fantastic location, quiet but in the center of Zaandam, a modern house with waterfront terrace, private parking and a great view. From here you can step into your boat and sail directly to Amsterdam.
Englebird replied to the thread want to move to the Netherlands. on the Netherlands forum:
dutchlady60 initially posted:
Does anyone know where to begin.I am kind of lost here.
Englebird replied most recently with:
So much depends on your reason for the move. Do you need to work? Do you have a dual citizenship? Most have employment in place. It is a lot to sort through but people do it all the time. I can shed a tiny bit of light from my perspective but it may be of no use to you. Maybe you can give more information. Best of luck regardless.
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