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stumpy replied to the thread pharmacist prospects on the New Zealand forum:
amjay6 initially posted:
hi there, i'm a pharmacist currently considering a fresh move to the nz. i did some research and found that i would have to undertake quite a bit of paperwork & exams. just wondering if anyone could shed some light on how is the prospects like in nz or direct me to a local forum? any help is much appreciated, thanks.
stumpy replied most recently with:
You will have to definitely sit and pass the exams before you can get work in NZ. To check on job situation or just Google search for jobs.
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Foytt replied to the thread Ship a car to New Zealand on the New Zealand forum:
Mike75 initially posted:
Hi everybody Does anyone know a good company to ship a car from UK to New Zealand? Thank you
Foytt replied most recently with:
Did you get your car shipping sorted out?if not email me on,im a Kiwi based in Los angeles shipping cars world wide Pete Tate
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LoSvevo replied to the thread New Zealand, where the climate is milder? on the New Zealand forum:
Alessandro initially posted:
He, Which is the zone where the climate is milder in winter and less sucker? Bay of Plenty? I know that in the Bay of Plenty there are avocado. Do you know where are cultivations of avocado, fejoa, tamarillo? What about Wellinton? Best regards Alessandro
LoSvevo replied most recently with:
Northland: East coast vs West coast. Which zones preferable for mildrr climate?
haysrnz replied most recently with:
Best source I found with quick search on "zealand climate" is the national weather and climate agency NIWA: FWIW, I have an avocado tree within sight of the sea here in Wanganui--but in part of yard protected from wind. Harvested 164 Haas last year off it. Also have citrus, apricot, and plum that all do well. NZ is different from many areas in that it tends to be more humid, more windy, more influenced by seas, and gets lots of rain. We get about 3' (900mm) a year, spread out quite evenly, and it's cool enough to not want air conditioning and only frosts once or twice a year at our place. Think Santa Cruz or Monterrey CA for comparison.
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property in New-ZealandThis charming & spacious home in Dunedin offers outstanding modern family living blended with delightful character features. 4 Bedrooms, 2 lounges, 220m2 of living space and large 1176m2 flat sunny & private section with views.
tketting replied to the thread Did you retire to #New Zealand# for medical reasons? on the New Zealand forum:
adminee initially posted:
A writer from the Associated Press is interested in talking to people who decide to retire abroad for reasons related to affordable health care. He is also interested to hear about other reasons why you chose to retire abroad. If you would be interested to speak with him and possibly be written about in his article, please send an email to Joshua Wood at:
tketting replied most recently with:
I want to retire to NZ because I like the country. There's no better healthcare than in the country I live in now!
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tketting posted retirement on the New Zealand forum:
Anyone got experience with retiring to New Zealand?
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caromac posted expat experiences? on the New Zealand forum:
I am writing an emigration guide to NZ, looking for families willing to share their experiences good, bad and in between, to help others thinking of moving.
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Interested in finding out why little New Zealand is the coolest place to live and work in the world as well as what IT opportunities are available? Come meet us to find out more on 2 April
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mallan317 posted Looking for American Expats on the New Zealand forum:
Hello -- I'm writing an article for Where to Retire magazine, and I'm looking to interview Americans who've retired to New Zealand about the legal and financial challenges of retiring overseas. Specifically: -How did you prepare to move overseas? -What do you know now that you wish you knew then? -What advice related to finances and legal issues would you give to those considering a move outside the US? Thank you, Marc Allan
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PotentiaNZ posted IT Jobs in NZ on the New Zealand forum:
We are holding a webinar for UK IT professionals who are interested in moving to New Zealand. The webinar will explore life in New Zealand, opportunities in the New Zealand IT sector, information about Potentia and how we can help you land your job of choice. The webinar will be held at 7pm, Monday 10th March 2014 (GMT). If you are interested in joining the webinar register at
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