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stilson posted Casting Exciting New Expat Series on the New Zealand forum:
Hello expats! I am currently casting for an amazing new docu-series that is looking for compelling stories from US expats about their experiences living abroad. Please email me at and tell me a little bit about yourself and your experiences living in a foreign country, or with any questions you may have. Thanks a bunch and I look forward to hearing from you! Sophie
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WandaRKinney posted Management Accountant Recruitment on the New Zealand forum:
have any one heard about ? i am starting a business in Auckland and in need to hire management accountant to take care Management accounting functions in a unit. let me know if there are other recruitment agency in New Zealand could help me. !
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Tarshatha replied to the thread New Zealand’s Plan to Confiscate Bank Deposits on the New Zealand forum:
nickspm initially posted:
New Zealand’s Plan to Confiscate Bank Deposits
Tarshatha replied most recently with:
Hello cheftech, regardless of any laws enacted or not, there has never been a bank that never seized it's depositors assets. It's a mathematical certainty, so protect yourself. Regards, paul.
cheftech replied most recently with:
Any updates? Did it happen? If it did, there would be riots.
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Expat Report Culture Shock in Wellington, New Zealand was published
Do you have any advice or thoughts about culture shock you would like to share?
Dial back your expectations, remember that if you want it to be like home you will have to move back home. Most situations are temporary and as long as you learn from an experience it was not a mistake. (Continue)
stumpy replied to the thread Ibogaine treatment on the New Zealand forum:
gigi30001 initially posted:
Anyone familiar with Ibogaine treatment?
stumpy replied most recently with:
Have you done a Google search ?.There is information available online.
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cheftech replied to the thread Gun/Self-Defense Laws on the New Zealand forum:
JohnCreasy initially posted:
I'm considering moving out of the US within the next couple of years, and need some answers about firearms, as well as the laws pertaining to the use of guns in self-defense. What types of firearms are allowed? Any restrictions on types, capacity, etc? Are you allowed to act in defense of your life? I have several other questions, but these should do as a start.
cheftech replied most recently with:
Me too. I don't think I can take another two years of Obama, riots, protesting, coppers being assassinated. I'm done.
cheftech replied most recently with:
I see that I can bring a gun in. That's good.
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harryjohn579 replied to the thread New Zealand, where the climate is milder? on the New Zealand forum:
Alessandro initially posted:
He, Which is the zone where the climate is milder in winter and less sucker? Bay of Plenty? I know that in the Bay of Plenty there are avocado. Do you know where are cultivations of avocado, fejoa, tamarillo? What about Wellinton? Best regards Alessandro
harryjohn579 replied most recently with:
Hey, Milder is climate of the best of New Zealand.
ChazB replied most recently with:
East coast is hot and dry in the summer and cold and crisp in the winter. The temp range will be -2C to 37C (the hottest I experienced in Napier), whereas the west coast has more rain with less temperature variation - around 0C to 28C (I've experienced those extremes in Auckland
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kcal posted School options for autistic child on the New Zealand forum:
We are looking to move to New Zealand early next year and are considering schools for our 5 year old child who is autistic. He has NZ citizenship via his father so visas not an issue. But, we are interested to hear of anyone's experience of the NZ school system as compared to the UK system in how it supports special needs kids. Our son currently gets 1-2 hours one-to-one help per day but as he isn't profoundly autistic and is around a 4 or 5 say on a scale of 1 to 10, then he isn't going to get any ORS state funding. Has anyone in a similar situation successfully funded support for their child where the state doesn't offer anything? Any insights or advice on NZ schooling for special needs kids much appreciated. Thanks.
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I have recently relocated to the UK and am looking at hiring a vehicle for 2 years - however I am unable to find someone that will insure the vehicle. I am on a full NZ license (had it for over 5 years) and I'm 23. Does anyone have any ideas where to look? Thanks in advance
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