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stilson posted Casting Exciting New Expat Series on the Norway forum:
Hello expats! I am currently casting for an amazing new docu-series that is looking for compelling stories from US expats about their experiences living abroad. Please email me at and tell me a little bit about yourself and your experiences living in a foreign country, or with any questions you may have. Thanks a bunch and I look forward to hearing from you! Sophie
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Expat ArticlesArticle Summary: Life in Stavanger can be complicated for expats. By most accounts, it is a difficult culture to get accustomed to, but with the right frame of mind and a willingness to adapt, it can be a rewarding expat experience. (Continue)
caitlinhelms posted New to Nord-Tr√łndelag on the Norway forum:
Hi, My name is Caitlin, I'm 22, and I just moved to Inder√ły from California in March. It's been a bit more difficult to make friends here than I anticipated. If there's anyone on here that's around my area and would like to get coffee or a drink hit me up! I would love to meet some new people! A bit about me - I studied art/photography and worked as a concert photographer back in LA for people like Pink, Butch Walker, Lit, and Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. I also love writing, music, drawing, running, and baseball.
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iceskat posted Working in Norway on the Norway forum:
Hi, I am an Analyst Programmer and also have qualification in bookkeeping and accounts. I am going to study a diploma in Oil and Petrolium industry. I am around 40 years olds. My husband work in call center as customer services officer and he is also going to study diploma in oil industry. My husband from India and I am British National. Will both of us can get a job in Norway? Many thanks for your help. Best Regards Elzie
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helenjk replied to the thread Working as a Dental Technician on the Norway forum:
bbea initially posted:
Hi, I'm considering moving to Norway and I want to find out anything about working there as a foreigner dental technician. I can not speak the language. Will I be able to find a job in the field?
helenjk replied most recently with:
its nice to do this job but people these days use mostly Teeth Whitening Products in Dubai or uae. maybe you should try this at
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Tazzbaby replied to the thread USA citz to marry Norwegian on the Norway forum:
RubyCalle initially posted:
Hello .... trying to find out if my boyfriend and I got married,would I be able to work in the EU? How long would it take to receive the papers to work? Would I have to be in Norway to get them or could they be processed if, for example, we got marrid in Italy? Websites or any info on this topic much appreciated.
Tazzbaby replied most recently with:
Hi Ruby, I am an American married to a Norwegian myself, so I can try to help you through the process. Firstly we were married in the US ourselves, he came home to Norway and sent for me to come the following year (I did come for 3 months late the same year for the holiday as well), as I had to sell my home and make preparations. I could have easily come back with him had I not needed to take care of other things first. Now here is how we did it best....I came on a tourist visa on a oneway ticket, then we waited until 2 weeks before my visa was up to file all the needed papers for me to stay permanently...(please make sure all your paperwork is complete and all originals and copies neeeded are included so there are no delays), check the UDI site for all needed papers. So I came end of July and we filed mid October and I was able to stay during the process being we were already married. Now i am not sure about a marriage taken place anywhere other than your homeland or here in Norway, exactly how this process would be effected, this you would have to look into in depth. All of our paperwork was fully filled out and all documents included which were needed, so we had no hiccups in the process. I received my papers just after Christmas and had to make an appointment at customs in the politi to have my passport updated and have everything finalized. I then had to file again each year for the following 3 years (4 times total) before receiving my permanent residence status and it wasn't cheap. Last one cost even more than the others as well. I know that the laws have now changed and it's every two years now that you file and costs even more. You will be eligible for norskkurs (Norwegian language school) up to 3,000 hours over a 5 year period. It will bemandatory for you to do no less than 600 hours (550 regular and 50 hours samfunnsfag) to be eligible for permanent residency. Finding work will also be contingent upon your norsk abilities depending on where in Norway and what line of work. So don't be surprised if it takes a year or more before you are able to find work. I wish you both luck on your new life journey.
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Andrefey replied to the thread Travel tips for Norway on the Norway forum:
Andrefey initially posted:
With spring around the corner (sort of...), it's time to make some trips in our beautiful host country, dont you think? If you need inspiration, you find it in our non-commercial, ad-free blog with lots of short entries and nice pictures. Enjoy:
Andrefey replied most recently with:
...and of course the page address should have been:
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MrBlackie posted Aalesund? on the Norway forum:
Hi there, I'm potentially moving to Aalesund as a family of 4 (2 adults and 2 small kids) to work. I'm looking at being a sole breadwinner initially, as a teacher. I'm not sure what a teacher earns in Norway, but I do know its expensive. My wife will hopefully find work (she is an accountant, but will do whatever she needs to do to bring home some of the bacon.) Is it possible to get by on the money I'm likely to earn? Also, is it possible to buy a home there? The idea being that we can save on rental, and earn some capital gain on the home. Hopefully, eventually putting down roots and staying. I'd greatly appreciate your thoughts. Regards
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10 Tips for Living in Norway by Betsy Burlingame
Expat ArticlesArticle Summary: Expats in Norway often have a hard time adjusting to life there. Expats share their tips and experiences living in Norway -- from the high taxes and difficulty making friends with locals to the beautiful scenery and outdoor living. (Continue)
cschilling replied most recently with:
This article was helpful to me as my husband and I are planning to move to Norway within 2 years. We need lots of help doing so, and are appreciative of any advice on the subject.
A reader replied recently with:
Hi, I started a group on facebook called imobago (international mother and baby group oslo) 4 years ago. Today it has over 1200 members from more than 46 nationalities. Everyone is welcomed to join our community. It is a great help for expat mums and it is free. In addition I would also recommend the book "Oslo for Mothers" (available on for those who have just arrived to the Fjord city or are planning to have a family in Oslo.
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Expat Report Culture Shock in Stavanger, Norway was published
Do you have any advice or thoughts about culture shock you would like to share?
I think that adjusting to life in Norway has a lot to do with your own mindset. If you think that people are rude and that they don't like you, you will have trouble making friends and adjusting to the Norwegian lifestyle. Usually the people are not the problem, you are your own problem. Get over yourself and don't expect people to do things for you. You have to be willing to think positive and try to make friends by yourself, but at the same time not come on too strong and creep people out. Learning Norwegian will definitely help. You also should not expect everyone to speak English, why should they? This is Norway after all. It can also seem as if everyone here is the same and that you stick out like a sore thumb, but it's not true. Life here in Norway can be pretty great, it just takes time and an attitude adjustment to get to feeling as happy as you were back home. (Continue)

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