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Tazzbaby replied to the thread Dental Insurance on the Norway forum:
mollyolaf initially posted:
Hi, I was recently offered a job in Oslo and am currently negotiating salary and benefits. I am wondering if anyone can recommend a dental insurance company in Norway. I would like to get a ball park estimate of the cost so that I can add this to my counter offer. Thanks David
Tazzbaby replied on December 16, 2014 with:
To my knowledge there is no such thing as dental insurance in Norway so to speak. There could be through the expat exchange or other American organisation, but not sure how you'd go about adding that to your package deal.
Jonty replied on December 04, 2014 with:
There's a discussion here ... A guy mentions a bill for 20,000,00,- ..... superficially, jobs in Norway look well paid but take off tax, national insurance and see how far what's left goes. A good place to check the prices of cars and houses is I was quoted 6700,00,- for the cheapest winter tyres fitted. It seems dental insurance is hard to find in Norway. I suspect, like me, most foreigners get dental work done abroad or not at all. On thew whole, foreigners earn less than Norwegians. Are you a "cheap" option? Realistically, calculate your standard of living. and remember your access to any benefits in return for contributions to the Norwegian National insurance scheme may never materialise. and You MUST understand there are rafts of rules that can be used to deny you benefits in Norway because you're a foreigner. The most disturbing thing about this case is that the Norwegians let it go to court. They HAD Stig Arne. Jonsonn's national insurance contributions but saw no reason why he should get anything in return for them. Norwegians who have never worked get trygde if they go abroad but foreigners who have worked in Norway for decades get nothing if they go abroad. Remember, you immediately become tax liable to Norway but other bits of the Norwegian State will deny you live in Norway for the purposes of receiving anything in return for your national insurance payments and will go all the way to the EFTA Court rather than pay you what you're entitled to. Beware.
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bbea posted Working as a Dental Technician on the Norway forum:
Hi, I'm considering moving to Norway and I want to find out anything about working there as a foreigner dental technician. I can not speak the language. Will I be able to find a job in the field?
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Jonty replied to the thread Permit Times/UDI on the Norway forum:
StephA initially posted:
Hi Everyone, I have just recently come across this forum and found some useful information. I am wondering if I can please ask some of your experiences with processing times for permits. I have applied for family immigration with my husband who is a Norwegian citizen, I am American. We applied and provided all documents about two months ago, but have yet to hear anything. I am just wondering if anyone has recently applied for family immigration and what your experience with the processing times (especially anyone coming from the US) has been. I am so anxious to be reunited with my husband, as he is already there. Thank you for your time. Best Regards, Steph
Jonty replied most recently with:
Annie, this is the AWFUL "Catch 22" situation you risk when going to any country. IF your permit application is not processed promptly and you have no right to be in Norway for a certain period because you are EU Citizen for example or there is a bilateral treaty between your native country and Norway, you risk over-staying the time you are allowed to be in Norway and either leave ... so you don't break the law by over-staying but then have to start the Visa process all over again OR you stay and wait for the permit to be decided ... in the meantime you have broken the law and become yet another statistic the media can use in a story about all the "bad foreigners flooding our country" .... and it's not just Norway of course. Try and do everything in writing and abide by the rules strictly. If you must be in Norway beyond a certain date, write to UDI and tell them if the case is not settled by a certain date you will have to repatriate yourself to avoid breaking Norwegian immigration law. I have no criminal record anywhere but, here's an example .... and remember, I am a white Englishman ... I have bought LOADS of laptops from shops in the UK and a couple at least in Norway plus a desktop PC. When a laptop was stolen from a shop I'd visited in Norway, I was investigated by the police but not prosecuted due to "lack of evidence". I'm sure the shops in the UK from which I have bought laptops have had laptops stolen from them. I wonder why the Brirish didn't suspect me of being the culprit? I DO hope everything works out fine for you Annie. In the UK there are tens of thousands of applications in bags in ministry store rooms apparently. Google it! The simple fact is systems don't always work no matter what you do. I think foreigners are actually MORE careful about obeying the law because they CAN be thrown out of the country. It's just the weaknesses in systems that ends up "criminalising them" when they are put in impossible Kafkaesque situations. Good luck Annie. Don't get depressed. there's still a whole world full of happy people and places out there!!
Annie10 replied most recently with:
Hi I have applied for a fiancee permit in my home country tanzania on january and was sent to norwy on march and after they received they sent to my fiancee a confirmation letter dtd 26 march, we actually are using a lawyer and last week our lawyer called them ans they said thwy will take a look, so today morning i received an email from udi saying my case is under process and i will be receiving such emails until when the case is processed, am qute confused why they sent it now while now is the 9th month??does it mean it will take more than 9 months??because on 26th is the nineth month since they received it in norway!did anyone rcved this and how long dd it take after receiving to get an answer???
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Farida replied to the thread International school bergen on the Norway forum:
barbera initially posted:
I am thinking of coming with my husband next ear to bergen. I have such awful things about the international school there. Many of wives in the company have told me horror stories about the director the building and tthe teachers. Can it be that bab any information would be appreciated
Farida replied most recently with:
Hi, wondered if you ever visited the school and what you thought about it. I hear bad things too. Mainly no money, almost bankrupt, poor teaching in Grade school (unqualifieds taking class etc.) and head not very nice person. Appreciate any feedback! Farida
Tiannahv replied most recently with:
Hello there, I am currently doing some research for a possible documentary about people moving from the UK to Scandinavia. It would be great to have a chat with you about your experiences and also motivations if you are considering this as an option for the future. Feel free to drop me a line on tiannah.viechweg
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Tazzbaby replied to the thread US student continuing education on the Norway forum:
mkmcches initially posted:
Hi, I'm a US student with an associates degree in Liberal Arts but I have training as an EMT (with a national certification) I want to move to Norway to live with my boyfriend and finish my degree there. I'm slowly learning Norwegian but as of now i know the bare basics of the language. What schools are there for nursing/paramedics? And how do you apply for them? Many thanks
Tazzbaby replied most recently with:
Hi again MK, sorry it's been awhile but I have been swamped with school (norskkurs) and holiday preperation as well as prep for 3 friends from the US ariving on the 3rd, so I have been insane with running around like a chicken with no head lol :P Anyways having an associates degree means you have had 2 years of UNI, no? I know that credits can transfer to a point but the school system here is very different and at times requiring more education. I am a CNA myself (hjelpepleier) but I do not speak the language well enough to attain work in my field, being that the elderly here know little to no English, so it is imperative to speak fluently, hence my being back in school. I don't know if this link will help, but it tells about studying in Norway by an actual student. It does tell how to apply to UNI's here, so I hope this helps you. And like I said before, the UDI has all rules and reg's, so be sure to pour thoroughly through it all. BTW I moved here as the wife of a Norwegian as Terje came to the US first where we were married and decided he didn't like the work ethics in the US and having no job security, so 8 months later he came back home and sent for me after I sold my home. I applied for residency near to 3 months after coming here on a normal tourist visa and was able to stay during the process. It took about 6 to 9 months before I was approved. I wish you luck and like I said if you need any help with preparing the process of engagement visa, or if you marry prior, just ask ;)
Tazzbaby replied most recently with:
Hi MK, number one, you must be engaged to be married in order to move here with him, unless you come on a student visa. But to live here permanently, you must marry him within 6 months of being approved. I would advise you to go to the UDI site for all rules and regulations, as there are only a few ways to come here and they are; engagement visa, student visa, family visa (a child under 18 of a Norwegian resident), work visa or seeking assylum. I wish you luck and if you need any help regarding an engagement visa, please feel free to pm me, as I am an american married to a Norwegian, so have been through it.
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Constance201 replied to the thread Moving and working in Norway on the Norway forum:
Constance201 initially posted:
I work in the Oil Industry in Alaska and would like to get a job in Norway. Do you have any suggestions?
Constance201 replied most recently with:
Is it possible to move to Norway without a job, then get a job and work visa?
Constance201 replied most recently with:
Thank you so much for your help.
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I am looking for people who are studiung or living next to Norwegian University Campus who can tell me about spaces, squares etc, outdoor in University campus (for example NMBu), where students spend time, why they spend time in this place? Please reply as soon as possible .
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Jonty replied to the thread Illness/Benefits in Norway on the Norway forum:
SateliteDish initially posted:
Hello guys, I started working for an oil company in Norway 2 years ago. After a year I became ill, so for 12 months I have been paid sick pay by my employer (which they get reimbursed by the govt). I am due soon to start getting by by NAV.Has anybody been through this experience because I'm very uncertain about what will happen and what will become of me. cheers
Jonty replied most recently with:
My advice would be to do everything in writing and, if NAV don't play ball, post updates here. It'll all become clear soon enough how you'll be treated. Also, please tell us if you're an EU citizen and if you were allowed onto the Folkregister. If not, why. The tax authorities have completely different criteria for deciding if you must pay taxes in Norway to those used to decide if you live in Norway for the purposes of receiving anything in return for your contributions to the Norwegian national insurance scheme. The usual routine is you are refused benefits, have to fight for years to get nothing then, just before you die, Norway feigns concern and gets someone to talk to you who sounds caring and does absolutely nothing except say, in a pained way "hmm, this shouldn't happen but it's very complicated. Have you tried contacting a doctor?" ... you get the idea ... it might be a good idea to cover yourself by sending a letter to where you are likely to be treated asking if you will be invoiced if you are treated there. Yes. Foreigners in Norway 100% paid up with their national insurance contributions get invoices for thousands of pounds which are then passed on to debt collectors who pass everything onto the police ... whilst the patient is seeing doctors in their native country ... and yes, I can prove ALL of this.
Tazzbaby replied most recently with:
In Norway you will only receive 66% of your income after the full year of sick pay. My husband has a chronic illness so I know this to be fact. Your pay should be much higher than his so you should be ok to live month to month frugally.
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pianoteacher replied to the thread Norwegian Translate on the Norway forum:
SateliteDish initially posted:
Does anybody know a good cheap Norwegian/English translation subject, I've got two letters from NAV about 3 pages each totalling around 2550 words ? Cheers
pianoteacher replied most recently with:
You could try going to the NAV office locally and see if they will explain the letters to you in English. For most forms/applications NAV has en English version, so they might even re-issue the letters in English if you ask.
Tazzbaby replied most recently with:
Google translate will do the best job translating to English, but don't try it the other way around lol. There might be a few words that don't translate and tha't because there is none directly, as Norwegians have some words that mean something in a round about way :) goodluck
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Jonty replied to the thread mechanical technician jobs IN NORWAY on the Norway forum:
buabengsolomon initially posted:
can anyone help with how to get job in norway in the oil and gas industry or refinery as an immigrant with working permit.
Jonty replied most recently with:
It seems a sensible idea until you try it. I really wouldn't bother. Even if you get your qualifications recognised and get a job (read this and this ) you still end up tax liable to a country where you are unlikely to be allowed to settle. I'd worked and paid tax in Norway for 10 years when, 6 months after my son was born in Norway, to a Norwegian Mum, my residence permit application was refused on the grounds I wasn't in Norway for more than 3 months at a time. That carried more weight than all the work I'd done in Norway, all the taxes I'd paid, the fact I'd bought a house and lived there with my Norwegian girlfriend and our son. FAR too much has to go right before you have a chance to actually settle in Norway. Norway's tendency to find pretexts for giving foreign workers nothing in return for their national insurance contributions is well known. Norway is almost constantly being taken to court over it.
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