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pianoteacher replied to the thread Currency Exchange on the Norway forum on October 16, 2014:
mharris111 initially posted:
Hi Expat Exchange Where are some good places to exchange money in Norway? Do most locals exchange at banks, at currency exchanges or online? Thanks in Advance Matthew Harris
pianoteacher replied on October 16, 2014 with:
We don´t do currency exchange here in Norway directly. We have found it to be cheapest to simply draw out money on our ATM card from our US credit union. You get a better exchange rate that way, and only the 1% cross-border charge that Visa adds on. Our credit union does not charge any ATM fees and the ATMs here don´t either. You would have to check with your bank to see if they charge a fee. If you are going to exchange a large amount (like $10,000.00, then you can have t the money wired to your Norwegian bank account.
Tazzbaby replied on October 16, 2014 with:
Hubby and I have always found it best to do exchanges at the airport in Oslo (Gardermoen). Not sure if you get any better at a bank if you are a customer, but I do know the banks will rob you blind if you are not a customer ;)
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Tazzbaby replied to the thread Family unification on the Norway forum on October 11, 2014:
ckontoh initially posted:
I am disabled living in Norway. I got permission based on humantarian ground which qualify me for family unfication, At my health status now I can work , But the requirement is to get some funds before you can unite with your family. Is there no exception to this law for people with disability.
Tazzbaby replied on October 11, 2014 with:
Hi, sad to say, no there is no exception, you have to prove able to fully support any and all family you intend on bringing here, and only children under the age of 18 are eligible, as well as spouse/fiance'. My sister-in-law is on inability and her fiance is not allowed to stay here until she is fully able to support him. And they even have a 1 year old baby together.
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Expat Report Review of British International School of Stavange (BISS) in Stavanger, Norway was published
Review-of-British International School of Stavange (BISS)
How would you describe the facilities at this school? What extra-curricular activities are available?
Facilities are good. Lots of extracurricular activities. Great pre-school play areas and they make the most of the local area around them (forest, beach, playcentres etc.) the curriculm is busy and demanding for pre-schoolers and the discipline is more strict than the Norwegian system in general. In pre-school they do seem to watch a fair bit of TV. (Continue)
a10chin replied to the thread 10% Stanard tax Deduction - Skatt on the Norway forum on October 09, 2014:
Ky initially posted:
Hi all, I apologize in advance if this topic has already been seriously exhausted, however I am under a bit of a time crunch.. First off, I am Canadian. I have been granted my family immigration permit since 17.11.2011. However I did not begin working until Feb.2012. I was wondering about the 10% tax deduction for the first 2 years in Norway. I did receive it for my 2012 tax return, but am now being told I cannot claim this deduction for 2013 tax period, as I lived in Norway in 2011. Therefore this deduction only applied to tax year 2011 and 2012. BUT, I wonder how this is possible, as I did not work in 2011 (aka:did not earn or pay taxes). I was certain the 10% deduction was for the first 2 years of employment in Norway.. OR atleast the first 24 months lliving here (from the date of receiving my reseidence permit). Does anyone have a similar story or advice? Thanks in advance. K-
a10chin replied on October 09, 2014 with:
Hi Ky, I found some info that I thought might be helpful: Tax resident If you stay in Norway for more than 183 days during a 12-month period or for more than 270 days during a 36-month period, you will be liable to tax in Norway on all your capital and income pursuant to Norwegian tax rules. You are then ‘tax resident’ in Norway. You first become tax resident in Norway from the income year in which your stay exceeds 183 or 270 days. If you come to Norway in October one year and stay until June the year after, you have ‘limited tax liability’ in the first year and are ‘tax resident’ the following year.,%20skattekort%20og%20selvangivelse%20en.pdf I hope this helps!
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lFreddy posted Moving from Macedonia to Norway on the Norway forum:
Hi, I wanted to ask if there is any possibility for me to move and work in Norway. I am together with my girlfriend (she's from Norway) for almost two years. If there is any possibility, I am open for any answers. Macedonia is still in negotiation about entering EU if that is any valuable information.
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adm replied to the thread Permit Times/UDI on the Norway forum:
StephA initially posted:
Hi Everyone, I have just recently come across this forum and found some useful information. I am wondering if I can please ask some of your experiences with processing times for permits. I have applied for family immigration with my husband who is a Norwegian citizen, I am American. We applied and provided all documents about two months ago, but have yet to hear anything. I am just wondering if anyone has recently applied for family immigration and what your experience with the processing times (especially anyone coming from the US) has been. I am so anxious to be reunited with my husband, as he is already there. Thank you for your time. Best Regards, Steph
adm replied most recently with:
Just want to provide some further info here for others who may read this: While tazzbaby's response is probably correct for mamaprase, it doesn't apply to everyone. It depends on which country you are from. If you don't need a visa to enter Norway in the first place (under the Schengen agreement for example) then you can apply for family reunification from outside Norway and then enter Norway afterwards. I'm Australian, and I've just done this last week. I just made sure I got it in writing from UDI before applying.
Tazzbaby replied most recently with:
Hi mamaprase, to answer your question. The rules in Norway are that once you begin the process depends on where you applied. If you applied inside of Norway, you cannot set foot outside of Norway until you receive your residency permit. If you leave you will automatically forfeit the process. Now if you apply outside of Norway then you will not be able to enter Norway during the process at all, and again if you do you forfeit the process. As for returning to your home country, I am not sure if that is possible even if you applied outside Norway, you would have to search the rules thoroughly. If I were in your shoes, I wouldn't make any moves until you have those papers in hand, good luck
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Constance201 replied to the thread Moving and working in Norway on the Norway forum:
Constance201 initially posted:
I work in the Oil Industry in Alaska and would like to get a job in Norway. Do you have any suggestions?
Constance201 replied most recently with:
Hi Terry, Thank you so much for the information and web sites. Connie
Tazzbaby replied most recently with:
Well to be honest, with your skills you should have no problem finding work here, try finding a job and let them sponsor you on a work visa, and you can apply for residency once you are solid in a position, and you still wish to stay. I will hook you up to several sites to search employment. (temp to perm) (temp) When finding what you wish to apply to, send a resume and cover letter, as well as a descriptive intro letter explaining that you wish to move here from Alaska, so are hoping to obtain a permanent position and work visa. I hope this helps and I wish you lots of luck. Terry
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Hello all, Our Project Group is issued with defining a market entrance strategy for a company that would like to know if expansion into Norway is possible. Therefore we would like to know if anyone could help us out by telling if which dental chains are present in Norway. This goes beyond the private-practises. Any answer and sources are more than welcome. Thanks in advance!
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I am looking for freelance, qualified Norwegian language trainers. All our training takes place either in our clients offices or at their homes, so a willingness to travel would be beneficial.
Tazzbaby replied to the thread Living in Oslo, studying in Ås on the Norway forum:
cmg212 initially posted:
Hi all, I am preparing to move to Norway to study at NMBU. I am thinking of living in Oslo and travelling the 30 min train journey daily. I currently live in a city and I think I would find Oslo an easier environment to settle into. The salary is not huge but decent: 420,000 NOK per year (before tax). In everyone's opinions, do you think a) that travelling this journey is feasible and finically viable, and b) the salary is good enough to survive in Oslo as a single person in general? Thanks for your help in advance!
Tazzbaby replied most recently with:
sure if you want to live frugally, and I use that word loosely.And NO I am not kidding, Oslo is by far the most ridiculously expensive city to live in all of Telemark, Hedmark and surrounding counties. So much better to get something outside the city, but that is your choice. I wish you luck though.
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