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I am looking for freelance, qualified Norwegian language trainers. All our training takes place either in our clients offices or at their homes, so a willingness to travel would be beneficial.
Tazzbaby replied to the thread Living in Oslo, studying in Ås on the Norway forum on September 09, 2014:
cmg212 initially posted:
Hi all, I am preparing to move to Norway to study at NMBU. I am thinking of living in Oslo and travelling the 30 min train journey daily. I currently live in a city and I think I would find Oslo an easier environment to settle into. The salary is not huge but decent: 420,000 NOK per year (before tax). In everyone's opinions, do you think a) that travelling this journey is feasible and finically viable, and b) the salary is good enough to survive in Oslo as a single person in general? Thanks for your help in advance!
Tazzbaby replied on September 09, 2014 with:
sure if you want to live frugally, and I use that word loosely.And NO I am not kidding, Oslo is by far the most ridiculously expensive city to live in all of Telemark, Hedmark and surrounding counties. So much better to get something outside the city, but that is your choice. I wish you luck though.
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rolsen posted Medication for personal use non-EEA on the Norway forum on September 09, 2014:
Hi. I plan on living and working in Oslo for one year on a Work Permit, but I will need to bring with me one years worth of prescription medication for this. I am from a non-EEA country (USA) , and according to the Norwegian Medicines Agency I can only bring 3-months supply....? Is there a process or method for requesting a permit to import the amount for one year to cover my stay while in Norway? Thanks
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Expat Report Culture Shock in Bergen, Norway by purplepower was published
Do you have any advice or thoughts about culture shock you would like to share?
Yes. Make sure that you have one, two or more serious indoor hobbies to keep you busy and preoccupied. I can't stress this enough. There will be times when you are stuck indoors because it's raining too much or it's just too expensive to go out for 3 nights in a row. It's important that you have something meaningful going on for you while you're at home especially during winter. As for the language, take the language courses seriously and associate yourself with the best students in class in order to get ahead. Don't slack around when it comes to this. There will be days when you don't think you can go on but just hang in there. Hard work will pay off. (Continue)
Strand posted Moving to Kragero on the Norway forum on September 02, 2014:
Looking for expats living in the Kragero area for a coffee and chat, looking to relocate there within a year, partner already lives there.
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Jilks posted permission to remove from Norway on the Norway forum:
I need to ask for permission to remove from Norway to go back to the UK. I have a young baby daughter from a Norwegian man and am living here in Norway. He kidnapped our daughter for 2 months not letting me see her and soon I am to have custody again after the courts descision. This man has been violent towards me and I can not take contact with his family . I am going to try to get permission from the court to leave to UK. The father works 9 months of the year with little time to see his daughter apart from the summer. Anyone been through this?
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Jilks posted permission to remove from Norway on the Norway forum:
Has anybody applied for permission to remove from Norway through the courts? I have to do this as I have a baby from a Norwegian man, and am at the moment living in Norway. I wish to return with my daughter to the UK as she has been kidnapped by the father . The court is bringing her back to me next week, then I need to file domestic violence from the father. It would be very difficult to have contact with the fathers family after this and the father is busy working 9 months of the year rarely having time to see his daughter apart from the summer. Just wondered if anyone had tried to go through the courts before.
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Ky replied to the thread Permit Times/UDI on the Norway forum:
StephA initially posted:
Hi Everyone, I have just recently come across this forum and found some useful information. I am wondering if I can please ask some of your experiences with processing times for permits. I have applied for family immigration with my husband who is a Norwegian citizen, I am American. We applied and provided all documents about two months ago, but have yet to hear anything. I am just wondering if anyone has recently applied for family immigration and what your experience with the processing times (especially anyone coming from the US) has been. I am so anxious to be reunited with my husband, as he is already there. Thank you for your time. Best Regards, Steph
Ky replied most recently with:
HI Steph. I see you have already gotten some great advice. As others said, if all your paperwork was in order, there should be no issues. I am from Canada, and as I'm sure you know, not being from an EU country has some different rules. 2 years ago my Family Immigration Permit took 9 months to be approved. But luckily I applied from within Norway, and was able to stay with my Norwegian husband during the wait. The only advice I can give is to follow up every month or so. It doesnt hurt to confirm and RE-confirm that everything is in order. It has been known that paperwork does get misplaced. Good luck!! K-
Vita replied most recently with:
Thanks for your support Tazzbaby, it's a pretty valuable for me now. Unfortunately we are not under category of people who are allowed to wait for an answer in Norway, so it seems that we don't have that much choice as to be just patient. Some other people say that usually 9 months is a maximum deadline for case consideration but sometimes UDI approves earlier than that. I don't know, I do pray for miracle to happen :-) By the way, so far we are planning to move to Norway only while he is student but life is so unpredictable that nobody knows how plans will be changed later. Tazzbaby thank you very much again for your time and attention to my concerns.
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rocky63it replied to the thread Can a family of 3 live off this salary? on the Norway forum:
klerka initially posted:
I'm considering a job offer in Oslo, I'd be earning about 700,000 per year before tax. Is this enough for 1 adult + 2 young children to live comfortable in Oslo, considering I would be spending 1,200 euros per months on school fees? Thanks! The prices in Norway are kind of scary.
rocky63it replied most recently with:
I would guess that with a single income it will be pretty low. I have a higher income, we are four but most of the cost is for housing. Downtown Oslo, and surrounding area cannot be cheaper than 18000 - 25000 NOK/month. Depends very much on your level of living, Honestly, and I regret to disappoint you, I would say that with the 1200 €/month fees it will be difficult to make ends meet. Good luck, anyway! Roberto
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pianoteacher posted Piano Lessons in Kristiansand on the Norway forum:
Hello, We are back in Norway and offering piano lessons, voice lessons, and academic tutoring in the Kristiansand area for the fall semester. Check for more information. Best Regards, Dwight
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