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Pravasi replied to the thread Oman Visa Residence on the Oman forum:
maths500 initially posted:
Can some one please clarify do we need to cancel the UAE residence Visa before stamping of Oman Residence visa, I had a UAE visa which is valid till Nov 2014 , but I have been out of UAE for the last 6 months and my visa has automatically got cancelled do i still need to cancel the visa before stamping OMan Residence visa.
Pravasi replied on April 11, 2014 with:
Hi, Have you got any answer to you question? Have already moved to Oman by now? I am the similar situation. I need to contact you Thanks
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Dears, I got a offer from Oman and currently I am in Saudi Arabia. But my current company in Saudi is not giving me Exit. So I am planning to come out in exit re entry and want to go to Oman. So I need to know wheather there will be any problem while stamping Oman Visa because of the Valid Saudi Visa in passport.
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jumbo14 posted Company Info on the Oman forum on April 10, 2014:
Dear members, wanted to know how is Jawad Sultan Group as a company to work with ? I have been offered as Operations Manager for their Catering division
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Hi everyone, Any aquarium fish lovers here? Here's the great news, there is an amazing pet shop called Al Zawrak Aquatics located at Seeb with a variety of aquatic fishes and reptiles such as pythons and monitor lizard with surprisingly reasonable price (tbh the cheapest you could find around Oman) Its a check out place for the aquarium lovers. You could check their facebook page here :
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cdqmails posted company information on the Oman forum:
please let me know the information about a company Al Gharbia Enterprises i have got a offer from this company for post of planning engineer please
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omerkrc replied to the thread do not swim at The Wave Beach in Muscat/Oman on the Oman forum:
omerkrc initially posted:
Please do not swim at The Wave beach in muscat Oman!!! Last week I was there for swimming with my wife. After I finished swimming before get out from water suddenly I felt i stepped on something and its immediately bite me.I was not sure what was that. A baby snake?,kind of fish?,crab??? I really dont know.Its the first time in my entire life that I've felt that much of pain. I came out from water my toe was bleeding like a hell and I Vomited straight away. Then I realized that it was not a normal bite. I poisoned by this unknown sea animal's bite. Immediately call my wife to help me to walk n take me to hospital. The poison was moving up from my feet to my leg. When we reached to clinic the doctor asked me this question straight away " is something bite you in sea?" I was shocked how he knews that. I said yes.. Don't worry!!! Since last week many people visited us with same problem. he said. Anyway They gave me 3-4 different injection to reduce my pain. It took more than half an hour and finally pain gone but my feet was swallow. I m still recovering thanks god.. It was very bad experience :) please be careful when you go to beach in Oman especially in The Wave. Oman sea is not save now days. [img align=C][/img] [img align=C][/img] [img align=C][/img] [img align=C][/img]
omerkrc replied most recently with:
They also don't know.. Doctor said. Sea animal bite :)
EliasVet replied most recently with:
So the doctor knew what bit you..... What was it?
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calcy posted Moving to Muscat, Oman on the Oman forum:
Hi, I am looking for advise. I have been offered 1000 OMR for a sales position in Muscat Oman. Will this be a good enough package to for a family of 3. I have a daughter who 2.5 years and begin schooling soon. My company mentioned that they will provide visa's and medicals for the family but I have to look for my own accomodation. Could someone guide me what expenses I should look in Muscat, Oman. We live in Sharjah, UAE at present and not sure if its a good decision to move to Muscat. My employer mentioned that the market is picking up and opportunities are growing in plenty for sales business. Also my wife intends to work also. How is the job job market for women. Are jobs available for women in Admin and HR positions. Please give me a breakdown of cost considering I would like to live in Muscat city in a 1 BHK or studio apartment.
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A reader commented on the Expat Report Review of British School Muscat in Muscat, Oman
Review-of-British School Muscat
How would you describe the facilities at this school? What extra-curricular activities are available?
Facilities are adequate but limited by space available on site. There is a fully shaded pool, sports hall, astroturf pitch, IT labs. There are plans to relocate the school to another site as the school is full with waiting lists for most year groups, when the facilities will improve considerably.

Teaching, however, is good and not dependent on excellent facilities. Extra-curricular facilities are limited for the younger children but increase further up the school and there are different activities each term (some continue through the year). Activities not provided by school can sometimes be found out of school (more football, ballet, horse riding, tennis lessons etc) (Continue)

A reader replied most recently with:
If you are not white, you should seriously think thrice about sending your children to this place. Behind the glitzy PR spin lies a school where discrimination, nepotism and bullying (especially if your children have to join senior school) are rife. I was posted in our company's Muscat office a few years ago and coming from the UK, BSM seemed a natural choice for my children. Unfortunately we didn't know anybody out there with children in the school nor is there much in terms of frank and impartial reviews about the place on the web. Luckily my younger child was in primary school and settling in was relatively easier. Unlucky for us, my older child was senior school age and had an experience which can only be described as nasty. From the very first week, the older one faced a barrage of bullying and intimidation from mainly white students in form class as well as lessons. Some of the aggressive behaviour was clearly racist in nature and on a few occasions the staff present turned a blind eye towards it. It wouldn't be unfair to say that some of the white staff themselves encourage white pupils in senior school to behave in a colonial/supremacist like manner towards non-white pupils. Many of the staff in the place act like they are on vacation and in some cases you really wonder how qualified they are or how they were selected. Some geriatrics even doze off in lessons e.g. science. Then you have the way abnormal ratio of staff couples where the husband teaches in one Dept and the wife in the other, never seen anything like it in the UK. And to add injury to insult, the few non-white teaching staff employed seem part of PR rather than good intentions, the most obnoxious being a Mr 'Al' Farooq a disgraceful UK Asian coconut constantly trying to prove his worth by ridiculing coloured students in front of whites. Last but not least, signs of nepotism are visible all over the place with the children of school staff being head boy/head girl, in most if not all top sets and receiving awards etc. Very peculiar how the last Ofsted inspection team missed many of the above aspects.
A reader replied recently with:
There is now a very active PTA
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yacine23 posted working for OXY in north of Oman on the Oman forum:
Hello, I am going to start a job with OXY Company in North of Oman,can anyone tell me the condition of work with this company, thanks Yacine
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Pulsar posted Doing Business in Oman on the Oman forum:
Looking for general information on setting up company in Oman. Do you know where I can find good legal and general information on setting up?
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