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Ashli343 replied to the thread Single Man late 20's / early 30's on the Oman forum:
USAmoving initially posted:
I'm a single Western man, moving to Muscat. Expats seem to love life in Oman, but they are mostly families, happy with the quality of life.. As a single expat, what to expect? Any suggestions on where to live in Muscat (budget not a problem, looking for convenience and proximity to other expats in the same situation)? How to socialize and where to meet other single expats?
Ashli343 replied on April 25, 2015 with:
Hey, did you make your move to Muscat? I'm moving from the US to Muscat in August. Can you give me the answers to the questions you had? :) Thanks!
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nomada posted Coconut spread on the Oman forum:
Can you find it in Oman? Many thanks Kind regards Nomada
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MohamadMAZ replied to the thread Schools on the Oman forum:
UmmSufyan initially posted:
Hi, my family and I are thinking about moving to Oman. I would really appreciate some feedback on what the schools are like there and what its like to live in Oman. I have 4 children all of school age from senior to junior. Thank you in advance.
MohamadMAZ replied most recently with:
Dear Umm Sufyan, I have tried to communicate with all schools in Muscat, private or governmental ones. but no answer from the governmental ones at all, but the private schools are so expensive, so send me your email to share with you what I have from them. Regards,
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smartangel82 replied to the thread Salalah on the Oman forum:
hewitson initially posted:
Can anyone advise what type of accommodation 800 OMR per month can get you in Salalah - Villa? no. of bedrooms? etc is this on the low end of the scale for a 4 bedroom villa? Many thanks
smartangel82 replied most recently with:
with this amount of money you can get very good zie villa about 4or 5 bed rooms
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MohamadMAZ replied to the thread School Fees in Salalah on the Oman forum:
Navnad initially posted:
I am planning to move to Salalah from Canada and I have 4 kids will be going in grade 10, 9, 4 and 1. Can someone please tell the school fees for British school in Salalah and do they take students for grade 9 and 10, otherwise what are my options with fees. Thanks
MohamadMAZ replied most recently with:
MohamadMAZ replied most recently with:
Or Google the flowing statement: international schools salalah oman
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buffydude posted Resignation Regulations! on the Oman forum:
One of my friend had been working for a company for 6 months. He would like to leave the company as he got a better offer abroad. As per his contract, he is entitled to pay the employee his visa expenses, travel costs if he was to leave the company before 2 years. Apart from that his contract also specifies a notification period of 3 months with a 1 month notification from employer when he resigns from the company. I would like to know if he would be able to leave the company without giving a resignation and go abroad for his newly offered job? He doesn't have any plan to come back to Oman either. Specifically will he be pursued by the old company after leaving Oman for his new job? Any advice would be appreciated!
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m07118 posted Is this mandatory for Visa? on the Oman forum:
Dear All, I am a Pakistani and I am offered teaching job here in Oman. My potential employer said me to get my educational and experience certificates attested from Pakistan Ministry of foreign affairs for employment visa. When I go for attestation here in Pak, they attested my educational certificates but they said we did not attest private companies experience letters and they rejected my experience certificates attestation on this basis. Now my question is for getting employment visa, is it mandatory that experience certificate need attestation by foreign office ad Oman embassy in respective country. Please share your experience. Regards
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legalhelp replied to the thread Illegal Termination? on the Oman forum:
iamjessie initially posted:
I was provided with 2 days fake sick leave whom I used to give to the HR last June. They have known that it was fake, I apologize verbally and was ready to face the consequences of a warning letter and salary deduction. None was provided by the company at that time. After 3 months, as soon as I came back from vacation, they have handed me my immediate termination stating about the forged documents which shocked me. The company has used their time to find a replacement for me and as soon as they got the person, they terminated me. I was working in that company for 3.2 years and I never had any warning memo. Any of you guys know what to do?
legalhelp replied most recently with:
Contact for legal help if required.
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davemoldy posted Teacher available on the Oman forum:
I am a native speaker of English, I have a BA degree and TEFL certification and 16 years' teaching experience, including GEP, ESP (hotel and tourism training for Intercontinental Hotels Group and PSE, an international NGO in Cambodia). I'm looking for a job in Oman, preferably teaching high school/university or adults/corporate field. If anyone could help me with links or suggestions I would really appreciate it. I am currently in SE Asia. Thanks in advance.
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Hi, is there any legal distance education centers in oman from indian universities? I say legal bcoz it seems there are some around who are not recognized by UGC. please advice.
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