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am10 posted Appostille on the Oman forum:
I will be moving to Oman soon. The HR has asked me to do appostille for original certificate. As I ised to work in oman 2 years back, I did the same at that time, now my question is that do I have to do it again? Or, once done is valid for lifetime? Please clarify my queries so that I can move to oman ASAP.
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Cernus01 posted Accommodation in muscat on the Oman forum:
I'm a married and in my 50's looking for accommodation in Oman. I've just got a job for the Government there and will be over from the 19th onwards. Any tips would be appreciated. ;)
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mostcon replied to the thread Shipping belongings to Sohar/Oman on the Oman forum:
nomada initially posted:
Hi there can anyone recommend a shipment company in the UK to send belongings to Oman and do they deliver to destination address. Much obliged
mostcon replied most recently with:
you can contact me Mathew, 93564959 mob/whatsap or email
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Hello, I'm looking for an Arabic home tutor in Salalah. If you are interested, please get in touch with Thank you. Best regards, Marina Rowe Global LT
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mghalwash posted International School of Oman on the Oman forum:
What advice would you give to someone considering enrolling their child in International School of Oman at Muscat
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mohd1993 posted Moving to Salalah on the Oman forum:
Need info about schools that can admit my daughters in grades 6-9-10 and son in KG2 British systems
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Hi, I recently got a job offer from Oman MOH in IT. Its a temporary contract for a year which can be extended by the employer. I have around 8 yrs experience and currently working in India. I would like to know if anyone is working in MOH DGIT, the possibility of the contract getting extended, how the work culture is, is it worth to leave my current job for this temporary contractor position, is the salary (OMR 1000) good enough for my experience, will I be able to provide for family( spouse and 2 school going children).. Moreover I have to pay a huge sum for the placement coordinator also. Please let me know. Thanks in advance.
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Ashli343 replied to the thread Single Man late 20's / early 30's on the Oman forum:
USAmoving initially posted:
I'm a single Western man, moving to Muscat. Expats seem to love life in Oman, but they are mostly families, happy with the quality of life.. As a single expat, what to expect? Any suggestions on where to live in Muscat (budget not a problem, looking for convenience and proximity to other expats in the same situation)? How to socialize and where to meet other single expats?
Ashli343 replied most recently with:
Hey, did you make your move to Muscat? I'm moving from the US to Muscat in August. Can you give me the answers to the questions you had? :) Thanks!
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nomada posted Coconut spread on the Oman forum:
Can you find it in Oman? Many thanks Kind regards Nomada
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MohamadMAZ replied to the thread Schools on the Oman forum:
UmmSufyan initially posted:
Hi, my family and I are thinking about moving to Oman. I would really appreciate some feedback on what the schools are like there and what its like to live in Oman. I have 4 children all of school age from senior to junior. Thank you in advance.
MohamadMAZ replied most recently with:
Dear Umm Sufyan, I have tried to communicate with all schools in Muscat, private or governmental ones. but no answer from the governmental ones at all, but the private schools are so expensive, so send me your email to share with you what I have from them. Regards,
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