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rightjobs posted state's political system for foreign students on the Pakistan forum on March 18, 2015:
hi all, i am from Pakistan. i am considering opportunities of international education to strengthen my professional footing. can anyone suggest which country's political policies are more friendly for international students particularly those from Asian territories.
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Pakistan Travel Warning from the U.S. Department of State
DrKaisrani replied to the thread transfering money from PAk on the Pakistan forum:
inayahshah initially posted:
Hello, i have a question about transefering money from Pak to Europe (little amount) Is it true that its not possible via bank or via WU? THanks for reply
DrKaisrani replied most recently with:
You can transfer money legaly to anywhere from money exchangeers like Dollar East etc.
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ayaanhaziq posted Moving to Pakistan on the Pakistan forum:
Hi, I need a little help regarding the schools in DHA lahore, Pakistan My kids are currently studying in Choueifat dubai and we might be moving in June, when the session ends here. I came to know about admissions starting in Jan and Feb in lahore for most of the schools. We are currently considering three schools LGS the DHA branch, TNS and Ibne seena! If any you could help as to when the admissions start and what is the fee structure and which of these is comparatively better academically! Many Thanks!
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property in Pakistan6 bed rooms with attached washrooms, two kitchens. One Baby room/ study room, servant room with bathroom.
ahmed33 replied to the thread British girl moving to Pakistan? on the Pakistan forum:
copperpotts initially posted:
I've been with my Pakistani partner for 4 years in the UK, since he came over to study. However his visa expires in January so he will need to return to Pakistan if he cant find work by then. However his father doesn't want me to come back with his son. If we were to go against his wishes and move to Pakistan together, would i find life very difficult without the support of family. Also my partners family are from Lahore, would that be the safest city to move to, thanks.
ahmed33 replied most recently with:
Moving to Pakistan is not an easy task.. everything is much different than UK... People are nice and also stupid who keep staring at you all the time... For your safety choose a place in DHA Lahore and if you want a secure future.. Make him buy a home under your name... In future you dont want the guy to have another wife and leaving you because of his family pressure.
leoleo replied most recently with:
Hi there, Lahore is pretty safe to move around. Try to travel before night or if you travel in the night time then go for the city center or busy market areas. Don't have to be adventurous in the night time just as a precaution. Now, the thing is if the guy has been with you for some years then he shouldn't have a problem with you. His family however can have a problem. So maybe he needs to get you a separate place to live otherwise life in the same house as his parents and other family members could be hell...... So if he can rent you a place in safe locality such as DHA, Bahria town etc.....then you'd enjoy life as usual......while can plan further what you both wanna do.
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ahmed33 replied to the thread want to move to pakistan on the Pakistan forum:
angel45 initially posted:
I am 17 years old turning 18 in augest my boyfriend lives in pakistan and i live in canada we are having a hard time trying to get him moving over here am not sure if it would just be easier to me to move there or not i have seen pictures of pakistan if i was to move there am not sure the steps to take and witch place is the safest. Help pls
ahmed33 replied most recently with:
Have u ever been to Pakistan before? It depends that which city your BF lives in... Different cities have different good places...
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Abbas685 initially posted:
Hi, I recently travelled to Pakistan and loved every second of it and am actively looking to move there permanently. My parents were both born in Pakistan but I was born and bred in UK but have been constantly visiting since I was a child. I understand the culture and way of life in Pakistan and won't have any issues living there, however, the only problem I am finding is that I am struggling to find any decent jobs. I have no real specialist area, as I graduated in BSc Building Surveying 3 years ago but did not go into the field. Instead, I have got experience in Sales, Customer Service, Security and Claims Management. However, I am interested in any work that may be appropriate and has a reasonable salary. Please could you offer me any advice on this matter. Thank You
WorriedBritishPakistani replied most recently with:
Teach English in a language school. There are online tesol courses you can do or I did a teaching ielts course from the Manchester central school of English. It's a four day course for 250 pounds
ozpk replied most recently with:
Hi I understand that making a move back to Pakistan is not an easy one as I also made the same move a few years ago. However I can say that there are plenty of opportunities for you here especially in the private sector. The real estate and construction sector is booming. Bahria Town is one example and there are other developers too. The only problem is that as you mentioned you don't have any relevant experience you should be willing to start from scratch. Otherwise you can also look for opportunities in BPOs, Touchstone, Abacus, SNL Financials to name a few. Finally, you'll need some references too as looking for jobs through proper channel won't prove to be fruitful.
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leoleo replied to the thread american woman moving to lahore,pakistan on the Pakistan forum:
bentonbabee initially posted:
i am going to be moving to pakistan soon,real soon.and i will be marrying a pakistani man.i have a young daughter who is only 6.i was wondering how safe it was to take her with me,also if she would be ok with the culture change.any other advice you can share with me would be greatky appreciated.thanks so much.
leoleo replied most recently with:
"lahore cantt and DHA are the best areas " again they maybe posh areas but too much traffic noise and pollution compared to bahria town. So whichever city you choose (lahore, karachi, islamabad) make sure its baharia town...and you are
leoleo replied most recently with:
"I personally do not want to sacrifice my personal choices; whilst i also respect their values and believes." that's pretty fair approach. I can tell as long as you stay in posh will be fine. And half sleeves...and some long tights are is just be sensible .....and dont over expose'll be fine...
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WorriedBritishPakistani replied to the thread Moving to Pakistan on the Pakistan forum:
Noname202 initially posted:
I am an 18 year old male about to be 19 looking to move to pakistan. I was wondering how hard it is to find a job there, what is the normal living expenses that you would need monthly, etc.
WorriedBritishPakistani replied most recently with:
With a british accent you could speak to a language school to teach English in prep for visa interview and tests. Call centres pay 40k rupees a month. Farming. Milk eggs meat.
MoenHassan replied most recently with:
Anjum, Yes thats how I felt too mate. Got fed up of the miserable live there :) It is a good idea that you have to run a a franchise. You will need a considerable amount of investment to set up one though. Its all good if you have the money. If not then one way to generate money is to perhaps set up some import export between Pakistan and the UK. Just some food for thoughts. There is plenty you can export out of Pakistan and if you got links in both countries then it could very well work for you. Have a think about it and let me know if you need more ideas or need to discuss it further. You can PM me for that. Regards, MH
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