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nonievales replied to the thread Just A Commentary on the Philippines forum on April 17, 2015:
nonievales initially posted:
When I joined this forum the atmosphere was one of sharing information without judging the contributor. Now, there seem to be some who think they are the judge, jury and executioner. I think if the situation were reversed and the Filipinos acted as if they owned the country they migrated to, it would take these same people no time to say 'get the hell out of my country'. There are a lot of things I, myself, do not like about the Philippines, about people's habits, customs and traditions even though I was born here, but I temper myself most of the time. There was a time when I was sympathetic about the plight of those who came here, not having the resources to survive in their own country by planning on creating an affordable community for expats only, that could provide not only security but amenities westerners are used to having in their homes. I am not saying I have the capacity to make this happen on my own, but I know enough people who can. However, all that is no more, as I observed animosity and bickering amongst expats abound even here on this forum. As a Filipino-American who straddles the social and cultural divide, my thanks to all who try to understand and adapt. But, to those who would judge me or someone like me, because of where I was born, maybe it's time for you to say 'goodbye'. Btw, I do expect a barrage of hostile comments.
nonievales replied 1 hour ago with:
Hi Bo, glad to hear you found a place to your liking. I do know someone up there who is an assistant to the Governor. I've met and got to know the former Mayor Hagedorn, but I doubt he remembers me. It's been so long ago. I am just doing fine here in Tagaytay. Come visit us or I may come see you during Baragatan.
bogarbutt replied 1 hour ago with:
Hi Nonie, Just returned from the States and going to settle in Puerto Princess. Happy to see you may have ended all of the unnecessary BS on the exchange. Hope you are well and happy. Best regards, Bo
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poochewer replied to the thread What's the best condo developer in Metro Manila? on the Philippines forum:
jenfromtheblock initially posted:
I want to know the best condo developer in Metro Manila who has a proven track record when it comes to turnovers, PMO, etc. Thanks!
poochewer replied 4 hours ago with:
Actually u would be very lucky if u end up getting anything at all. A guy I knew back home spent all his money over a period of many years, making payments, to a westerner, in the philippines, in the beleif that he was the proud owner of a new condo being built. He was even shown the condo personally, when he took a visit to philippines. the seller simply dissappeared.
chance2013 replied 6 hours ago with:
Personally I would pay good money for the rabbit hutch they call a condo, then service charges and a fortune just to park your car and on top of that LIVE IN MANILA no no no no no
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property in PhilippinesTagaytay Country Homes 2 is a perfect getaway for city dwellers seeking serenity from daily pressures of life in the metropolis.
Nephi replied to the thread Dumaguete on the Philippines forum on April 17, 2015:
Bill8558 initially posted:
I am researching retiring internationally from the US. I ran across one of those ten best places in the world to...(fill in the blank). In the case of this list is was "to retire interantionally." Dumaguete was on that list, and made it sound very attractive...especially to me as it spoke of great diving, which is my favorite activity, a great university which means youthful vibrant and cultural, and a fine hospital which is certainly desirable. The City is about the right size for my tastes, not a huge metropolis but big enough to have a selection of restaurants, super markets, services etc. without being too big manage. Yet Betsy from the Expat Exchange in her article lists the six best in the PH and Dumaguete did not make her list. Obviously it is not both one of the ten best on the planet and not in the best six in the PH. And there is little mention of Dumaguete on this Forum. What are the negatives of Dumaguete which results in receiving what appears to be little notice here? Note: I lived several years in Thailand and Mexico, and am aware of being very careful about jumping into anything, I will visit several places after doing research to narrow the list, will rent for months before making any final decisions, etc...I am just wondering if I should take Dumaguete off the visit list, if so why, and where if anywhere should I visit in the PH and why? Any assistance with these questions would be very much appreciated.
Nephi replied 16 hours ago with:
Hey Jason, you're welcome but ya need to know that info and especially the cost of bus service is about 5 years old. If you email with the chamber of commerce they may have better and more current information. Nephi
jasonkennedy replied 16 hours ago with:
Thanks again Nephi. A 20 peso shuttle in Subic is pretty amazing. I spent 6 months in Baloy Beach and the commutes got to be VERY expensive!
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danr1708 replied to the thread Work visa on the Philippines forum on April 16, 2015:
danr1708 initially posted:
Please can someone tell me how you secure a work permit and fees involved. I have been to many companies who have turned me down because I don't have work permit, I spoke to DOLE and they say I need a letter with an offer of employment first to get work permit, I feel am going round in circles
danr1708 replied on April 16, 2015 with:
Thanks for the info it's pretty much as I thought, I didn't understand why big companies here was saying it's their company policy for the person to already have a work permit
chance2013 replied on April 16, 2015 with:
I am not an expert on this matter at all but I do think you need to have a job waiting for you and the company can apply with you for your work permit. Of course i expect if you know the right people etc etc you can get one. If you want to work here its best to get a foreign compny to employ you and send you here. If you got a job with a filipino the wages would be very low. So first you should think what knowledge and skills do you have that a company needs in the Philippines can you speak fluent Tagalogfor instance. Why don't you have a 3 or 4 week holiday here and call on some call centre companies in Makati Manila see if they can offer you a job. A call centre operative earns between 20,000 and 30,000 pesos per month. If you speak another language as well then you can earn a bit more. A Dutch friend of mine earns 80,000 pesos a month he speaks french german flemish and English. You will not find it easy to get any job here
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CAteacher replied to the thread Retiring In the Philippines: Pros & Cons on the Philippines forum on April 16, 2015:
CAteacher initially posted:
Let me try posting another article and see if this one is glitch free. You might remember that several months ago Betsy, one of this site's administrators, requested input for this article. I'll be we can all find a few things we'd disagree with, but is it helpful? What do you think?
CAteacher replied on April 16, 2015 with:
Well done TitoMike! The article presents a very starry eyed view of the Philippines, but I thought people would like to see what's being circulated. And also to see what can be crafted out of honest contributions when well intended out-of-country-editors get their hands on them.
TitoMike replied on April 15, 2015 with:
@CAteacher. Concerning the Philippines, I think the referred article and those of it's ilk (follow the $200K link) hurt more than they help. If the devil is in the details, the devil, in these cases, encourages quibbling, presentation of possibilities as absolute fact and outright misleading information. My response may seem way too long, but offering the lengthy version assures me that folks asking me what I really meant just don't want to get it or are, heavens forbid, trolls of the greatest magnitude. - Spending $800 to $1,200 does not support a lifestyle featuring dining-out and in-country travel. - Duty free importation of $7,000 worth of household articles comes only to those who have a 13X visa, for which the basic requirement is marriage to a Filipino citizen. - The governing statutes explicitly state that foreigners claiming over 60 senior citizen benefits may be jailed for two years and deported. - Work permits are tied to types of visas. There are two very long lists detailing occupations and businesses in which foreigners cannot participate. Foreigners must show the SEC a minimum of $250,000 paid up capital to legally register a sole proprietorship business in the limited areas allowed to them. - The scenic beauty of the Philippines is primarily noticed in sparsely populated mountainous regions and islands where infrastructure is a distant thought away. And places like Boracay and El Nido are will eat up a $1,200 budget in 5 days or less. - The 1,2 and 3 bedroom $125 to $400 properties mentioned in the link from your referred article vary from 250 to 700 square feet and come without refrigerators, stoves, air conditioners and sometimes light bulbs and toilet seats. They feature hand-cranked glass louvers in tinsel paper thin aluminum frames and electric bills that frequently match the amount one pays for rent. A 350 square foot condominium costs $60,000 and comes with a $100 monthly open parking space and a $100 monthly maintenance fee for little if any maintenance. - I play golf with Filipinos who slide easily through nuanced English. College educated bank tellers and store clerks are less facile. Perhaps you see where I going with this. The truck driver I ask for directions and the girl who wants to be my cook take a bit more time. People who can't handle bits and pieces of the local language should be prepared for unpleasant surprises. - It would be to the disadvantage of most expats if the Philippines were one of Asia's fastest growing economies, if that were true. But it's not. As in most countries, money made is not money equitably distributed, so labor is still cheap enough for cite that as a factor, never mind inflation, for expat retirees to fly Philippine Airlines. It's not true that healthcare sucks except within the national capital region. It's just as bad there if one can't pay a lot of money to secure the best. It's a no brainer to fly back and use U.S. medicare when looking at a $15,000 heart procedure in Manila. In my case, the diagnosis pointed me toward an expensive procedure that wasn't necessary once I left the country and looked for other opinions. I've been working my way through the pros and cons of retiring in the Philippines as listed by a group that wants me to invest with them. There are people in the Philippines who have developed websites in order to attract and sell things to people willing to listen to the pros and cons of retiring in the Philippines. I'm gonna cut the out-of-country people a little slack because their lies are more a result of ignorance and sloppy research than the in-country people whose Pollyanna approach and homespun BS are counter to what they really know. In summary, that's what I think. .
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TitoMike replied to the thread Angeles Construction advice on the Philippines forum on April 15, 2015:
ferg initially posted:
Hey all, Would anyone have a recommendation for a construction company in Angeles? Project is a small 200m2 office that needs some drywall and tiling done, and a suspended ceiling. Nothing complicated. Preferably, what I would like to do is hire a foreman and some workers on a per day basis. So I would handle the material purchasing and they can do the labour. I got a couple of quotes from general contractors already but their material costs are marked up about 300% as are their labour estimates. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Cheers
TitoMike replied on April 15, 2015 with:
@ferg Your approach is counter productive. You've found that contractors cheat on materials and overcharge on labor. A foreman and workers will string out the number of days and make your materials come up short. If you know the best priced material, tell a contractor where to buy, and negotiate what you reckon is a fair price on labor and overhead. Give him 30% of the total cost when the materials show up and the rest upon satisfactory completion. You should not be the only one at risk. A contractor who doesn't have or won't front money enough to buy the materials and pay his workers for the interim won't have the money or the inclination to fix anything that goes wrong. 300% mark-up doesn't sound probable. Make sure you're looking at the same brand names and specs before you make your judgement.
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johmrmaxine replied to the thread reasons to "escape" to Philippines on the Philippines forum:
philover initially posted:
I can only speak for myself but reading news stories around the US the last few days has been really sobering. One top Wall street investor came out on mainstream media with a statement that we should all have guns and lots of ammo to survive the coming collapse. It was the first such statement on a mainstream media source. Then we have 600 "people" in a brawl in a theater parking lot, later hundreds of "teens" flash mob a mall in Florida, steal, break, assault, fight., terrorize store operators and innocent shoppers....all later ran away, no arrests. Then we have had many many blacks playing "knockout" game and almost all the victims are white, yesterday a white kid punches a black kid and gets arrested, charged with a hate crime. This kind of stuff is in the news everyday, its the NEW NORMAL. I want to be somewhere else like the Philippines, away from this kind of insanity. The very fabric of society here in the US is coming apart, anyone who cant see it is blind. Let me out of here before its too late. We have war on Christmas, war on the Ten Commandments, war on God in general, aliens have more rights than lifelong citizens, I wont even go into the insanity going on in Washington, thats a world unto itself.. The greatest nation in the world is no more, we are doomed
johmrmaxine replied on April 14, 2015 with:
Tito Mike .... are you an expat by any chance??
johmrmaxine replied on April 14, 2015 with:
Okay so what are you trying to say in so many words..?? You have made many references..please shorten it up a bit and get to the point..?? John.
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Link replied to the thread Beware of this on the Philippines forum:
standupguy initially posted:
Watch out for pickpockets on Jeepnies because my wife just lost her new iPhone & charger. Watch out for scribbled rent receipts since your money may be pocketed as happened to my neighbor. Watch out for Pinoy carpentry even if they call themselves Engineers. Please add your own warnings to this list.
Link replied on April 14, 2015 with:
I can assist you with leasing a car in Metro Manila. Please contact me at
shoppersplace replied on April 07, 2015 with:
The malls are where the large supermarkets are. You need ragu once in a while!
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Flopie133 replied to the thread Dual citizenship on the Philippines forum on April 14, 2015:
Inquisitive initially posted:
Do you see any advantage for getting dual citizenship in the Philippines?
Flopie133 replied on April 14, 2015 with:
Oh, in coming in, hubby goe through the Foreign passport lines and I head for the Phil one. By the time he is through, I have the luggage out of the carousels.
Flopie133 replied on April 14, 2015 with:
Leaving--just my US passport. I pay the usual P550. I think there is supposed to be a travel tax but I haven't had to pay it. I think if I showed my Phil passport, it would have been a different matter. Coming---I show both.
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