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standupguy replied to the thread best car insurance in R.P. on the Philippines forum on July 23, 2014:
standupguy initially posted:
I am looking for information about car insurance, and claims. Has anyone been involved in a car accident and your insurance company covered it? What are the downfalls (if any) to automobile insurance companies?
standupguy replied 1 hour ago with:
I drove a rental van from Davao to GenSan and on to Coromandel to Isulan (then out back to Toka) and returned to Davao. Driving the Trans Philippine hwy. was scary but safe enough if you were watching closely. I was behind a gutsy filipina driver who passed the trucks when it was safe. There are barriers across the hwy that you must slow down for. I was passed by a new white (blacked out windows) Ford F 150 who crossed the double line and ran a van full of police off the road too. No stopping & no rules is de rigeur. There was an overturned semi right in the hair pin turn near GenSan on the mountain. The road was pretty bad, I had to turn around when I took the wrong turn headed into a Muslim area. I have seen accidents that were being photographed by the driver and the bus that squeezed him out. It's less dangerous than driving the winter roads in Northern British Columbia (CAN). The Toyota van had poor pick up when passing because it was a diesel. I trust my own driving so I can come and go as I please.
sherwood replied on July 22, 2014 with:
My step son is a Van driver for hirer and his mother, my wife, also has drove tour vans. With the new rules to be license coming into effect, my step son has given up as a hired driver. As far as knowing about traffic accidents I am aware of many accidents. Some ending in death, dismemberment, etc. We own a large van and a relatively new SUV. I do not drive in the Philippines or think about driving in the Philippines. Accidents is part of the driving experience in the Philippines. If you have to drive, stick to rural areas and when traffic is light. Sherwood
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brslomo replied to the thread New Car Warranties in Phils and/or Dealer Service Departments on the Philippines forum on July 22, 2014:
brslomo initially posted:
I am interested in purchasing a new car. I would like to know the following (from others who have done this): 1.) Have you ever had to have any repairs performed under warranty? 2.) Have you been satisfied with the work which was performed in this regard? 3.) If you have never had work performed under the warranty, but have had a dealer's shop do any work on your car, how happy have you been with the quality of their work and the general outcome? Thanks.
brslomo replied on July 22, 2014 with:
Sherwood, Would you be kind enough to share your personal experience(s)?
sherwood replied on July 22, 2014 with:
The fact that you are asking this question means you know the answer. New cars are very reliable. Repair work is not. If the car is not fixed the first time it will be eventually fixed after several attempts. I hope this answers your question. The dealers generally are better prepared to work on new cars then the back ally mechanics. Sherwood
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poochewer replied to the thread Applying for 13a visa, need police clearance on the Philippines forum on July 22, 2014:
Baldeagle88 initially posted:
Greetings all. After researching for days I have finally decided to sign up for this forum. Quick story: Met a wonderful Filippa woman awhile ago and things have gone great. I visited her a few times and she came to see my country and meet my family, (USA). We decided to live in the Philippines due to our life vision. We are both relatively young. I am 31, and she is 29. We are getting married in September this year and I am set to leave here August 31st. Now my question is regarding the police clearance form. I have called the Philippine Embassy in NYC multiple times and was told all I need is a simple police clearance form. I went to my local police station and they have never heard of this form but they were able to give me a letterhead write up of indicating that I have no criminal record in the town I have lived in for 8 years now. The person I spoke to at the embassy is saying this is enough, but for some reason I am doubting this. So before I spend the money to fly down to NYC I wanted to ask you guys? What is this police clearance form?? Thanks
poochewer replied on July 21, 2014 with:
No more 21 days it's all 1 month now
standupguy replied on July 21, 2014 with:
The same is true for the Canadian Passport where you are admitted for 21 days.
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poochewer replied to the thread Safety concerns for Iligan and Cagayan de Oro on the Philippines forum:
shotokankarateka initially posted:
Hello, and nice to meet you. Im a new member so my apologies if this topic has been discussed. Earlier this year I decided to make a trip to the Philippines and am now planning on Iligan city in Mindanao. I am aware of the travel warning against mindanao but have heard that cities like Cagayan De Oro are generally more secure. I am a young man and my family is worried sick. My question is this: What dangers can I realistically expect to incur spending a month in CDO and iligan? Is there anyone who has visited these areas or Mindanao in general that can give me some insight? I hear that basic common sense is your best friend but I'm legitimately curious.
poochewer replied on July 21, 2014 with:
Statistically It's usually the live in or her family that perpetrate the crimes against the foreigner.( burglary etc.)
brslomo replied on July 21, 2014 with:
I have just the solution for you. Any punter on here will advise you that the best way to stay out of trouble is to have a live-in to see that you don't get into trouble. She will shop and cook for you. She will negotiate with your landlord who will almost certainly try to cheat you. She will show you the safest way to get to work or anywhere else. Once you arrive, you will have no trouble finding a live-in. After you do, you can call your wife and tell her you are and will be fine because you have a beautiful l bfm looking after you.
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RichardMarly replied to the thread Moving to Cebu on the Philippines forum on July 22, 2014:
Singlelooking initially posted:
Hi,God willing I'll be moving to Cebu to establish myself there,so slowly I can check out other places to then,make a fonal decision where to live in a more permanent basis,but first Cebu. And extremely helpful gentleman called Nonnie (whom I'd like to contact me again,suggested Tagatay) I'll also will investigate slowly in timePalawan/Boracay,Batangas,Laya/San Juan,inBicol,Naga city... but first I need a hotel in Cebu,well priced,so from there I can look for apartments. so momentarily I need hotel/motel sugestions and specialy the area I should be based on accesability to other areas,transportation time etc,and # 2 where I should look for apartments based on value,transportation accesability etc. I am single, thank you for answering my questions.
RichardMarly replied on July 21, 2014 with:
Hi, I'm going on a trip to Cebu, to see if I like it. Did you find a budget hotel that is suitable? I live in China right now, but I want to try the Philippines. I think I will go in early August. Any good suggestions? I'm looking for a female partner, maybe wife.
brslomo replied on July 17, 2014 with:
Can you tell me please what you want for your house? Either sale or rent figures. Feel free to send me PM if you prefer. Also, where is the townhome in Cebu? Is it in downtown or in a suburb? Thanks in advance.
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tropofruit replied to the thread philppinies on the Philippines forum on July 21, 2014:
steve64 initially posted:
HELLO Hi . iam wondering any one can tell is it a good idea to retire in the philppinies ? i been there 4 times .and iam shocked by the flith , urine .. noise , i live in australia . . i cant believe how things are there, noise filth , rubbish every where .security officers with guns , shotguns etc. i will be only living on a pension . no other income . i like too know where there is a nice place too retire there a nice beach ?, noo pollution , noo beggars . iam on my own . iam 64 now . i love the beach . but there the ocean is for rubbish and sewage . i was shocked in manila a river ,the rubbish is higher than the water level . i dont understand why the philppinie goverment will not clean the place up .so sad . i see baler seems ok ? can any one tell me is this a good place to retire ? i know a flpina girl for 3 years , she is madly in love with me . but i dont love her . i have not made descion yet too tell her iam thinking about retiring there . she lives in lupon area . thank you .
tropofruit replied on July 21, 2014 with:
steve64 I sent you a PM about our place in San Juan La Union
poochewer replied on July 17, 2014 with:
Feemixs07 is spot on. Very good advice. Don't forget most of us come from countries where u certainly should be paranoid, but in Philippines u really have no worries. Don't forget, we always hear allot about the bad things, and most people don't talk much about the good things. They love it that we are here in their country it's true.
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brslomo replied to the thread philppinies on the Philippines forum on July 21, 2014:
steve64 initially posted:
HELLO GUYS Woww ,thank you soo much for your replys every one . and places to retire to . eg palawan , or la union . i have depression soo i need some where quite . and a clean beach too relax on .i will only getting the australian goverment pension i think there ? and what rules are too live there ? . i was wondering is there any expats from australia living in the philppinies ? on the old age pension , are you still allowed too get the full pension while living there ? is there in palawan or la union , rentals . has flushing toliets or hot and cold showers ? whats the rents for a one bed room apartment ? . i doo not need a car etc . i will use triciycles etc to get around . for women . dont know ,? i had 2 australian wifes ,one walked out the door after 25 years of marriage ,did not want to look after a sick husband . i dont realy want a flpina wife . just a live in girl friend ,,i live on the gold coast here , but iam sick of australia , rules rules, too expensieve . once again thank you too every one , steve
brslomo replied on July 21, 2014 with:
PC, You should warn him that 2969percent of the girls in Phils will expect marriage. There is no free lunch in this World or any other.
poochewer replied on July 21, 2014 with:
Steve 64, I could not have put it any better mate. " rules, rules too expensive" if the gold coast is bad, just imagine how bad it is in Sydney. Mate I wish u ask the luck in the world, and I'm very sure that u will love the Philippines.
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