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Nephi replied to the thread cost of living on the Philippines forum on December 20, 2014:
figleyrich initially posted:
Can someone live on $1100/month in the Philippines? If so where?
Nephi replied 2 hours ago with:
Food is combo American and typical Pinoy style, Most ever spent in a month I think was $2,000us -- for Christmas and a birthday in the same month. Medical is both cash and Philhealth insurance, small budget for the mall etc. Education is both public and home ed. College will be on scholarship at BYU Hawaii depending on grades and their desire. Very true, one needs to know expenses and lifestyle before deciding to make the move. We don't spend a lot but we have what we need and my goal is to leave something in the bank for my wife and kids when I'm 6 feet under. Thus we try to hold down expenses.
Nephi replied 2 hours ago with:
That was me at $800 per month. Its a small house but modern. We use a refrigerator, fans, Aircon for bedrooms at night, 2 TV's, internet, cable TV. Power usually about P3,000 per month, water is free. We live well, travel locally by our own motor-trike and local transportation and are happy. We could spend more but my wife keeps us on a good budget.
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ACEPoolPlayer replied to the thread Ship car to Phils on the Philippines forum:
Jergen22345 initially posted:
HI, new to forum, Soon to relocate to Philippines. Would appreciate any information regarding shipping a vehicle to the Philippines. Costs, procedure, etc. versus buying an automobile there. thanks much. Jay
ACEPoolPlayer replied 6 hours ago with:
I drove over 25,000 miles a year in the Philippines. Angeles to Manila to work 5 days a week for 10 years. Driving is not easy in the Philippines but just like everything you get use to habits and tendencies of the other drivers. Rules of the road. It all depends on where you live, how often you drive and where you drive to. I also road a motorcycle for many years. It's not fun in the rainy season but it's sure nice avoiding traffic the rest of the year. Taxi's can be convenient but you have to deal with all the waiting time on the meter and the hassle of altered meters. No two taxi rides ever seem to be the same price.
TitoMike replied 9 hours ago with: After reading the information provided in the referenced URL you will understand why it's best to buy versus shipping. I own two cars that I bought new ten years ago. I seldom use them because I find driving an unpleasant experience anywhere in the Philippines. Since I also find mass transportation to be unpleasant, I use taxis and spend about the same amount it would cost me for fuel and maintenance to drive myself. Suggest you buy something throw away cheap upon arrival and drive it until you determine your transportation needs and the associated costs.
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jetman replied to the thread how can seperated filipina leave Philippines on the Philippines forum on December 20, 2014:
jetman initially posted:
My common law Filipina wife wants to come live and with me in Malaysia (i am from uk) She is not annulled .Will she have problems at immigration exiting Manila if she has immigration clearance to enter Malaysia ? thanks for any information
jetman replied 7 hours ago with:
Thanks guys...looks like getting the exit clearance is real tough...even just to leave as tourist almost impossible..even with all the official invites money return tickets etcetc
Nephi replied 15 hours ago with:
Yep. Hong Kong is another that does not require a visa. There are (I think) others but not sure which ones.
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Traco replied to the thread renting in Davao city on the Philippines forum on December 20, 2014:
mrlucky initially posted:
I'm moving to Davao city in February and I was wondering if anyone knows about a furnished house or apartment for rent in a nice area for under 10,000 pasos per month. 1 or 2 bedrooms also I could use a good contact to help me with finding things out there. Thanks,Gerry
Traco replied 13 hours ago with:
Davao is the cleanest, safest, most orderly city in PI. When I first went there almost 30 years it was a bit like Dodge City on steroids. Rodrigo Duterte has been mayor for a long time, and so was his daughter, during which he's cleaned it up albeit using his own brand of strongman tactics. Pubic order and zero tolerance on crime have done wonders for Davao. Accountability has changed behaviours. Could it work at the national level? Another dictator of the Marcos genre? More discipline, less democracy? Martial law Mk2 maybe?  Sent from Samsung Mobile
standupguy replied on December 19, 2014 with:
Recently GMA news posted that Rodrigo Duterte, Mayor of Davao, performed another "salvage" (execution by black ops cops) of an Airport taxi driver for his assault on a westerner arriving at Davao airport with his girlfriend. The taxi driver used some kind of knock-out spray to incapacitate both passengers and then took a back road where he raped the girlfriend, but was seen by an eyewitness who wrote down his licence plate when he ran off.. Davao black op cops were waiting at his home to take him down to the river and cut his throat, dumping him into the river, Rodrigo is well known by human rights groups in Manila who complain about his 'rules'. He has broad support for theme from the Davao community who want him to run for president 2016. Duterte announced to the media that he has a "broom". so "watch out to the bad people since its not my thing". Just like Dodge City of old. If someone breaks into a house, mugs someone or is dealing drugs, out goes the broom, paid for the salvage in advance. There is no escape.
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standupguy replied to the thread Just arrived in Cebu on the Philippines forum on December 19, 2014:
Gerardsag initially posted:
Hi, I just arrived in Cebu yesterday, after 4 chaotic days in Manila. I am planning on moving, a retiring psychiatrist, and could use any help I could get about making the most of my 6 weeks. I will have to return to the US briefly to tie up loose ends. Any advice on how to find a "nice girl" would be appreciated, as well as any ex-pat hang outs. Thanks
standupguy replied on December 19, 2014 with:
bar girls are just that. sounds like that girl you know is a keeper.
standupguy replied on December 19, 2014 with:
I met my future wife on . I had to sift though all the profiles which seemed genuine and added them to my favorites. It became quickly apparent which filipina' was looking for a genuine relationship. Even my future wife failed to mention she was separated and a 8 year old nice she looked after since she was 2 months old. However her annulled husband was her first and only boyfriend (so not a lot ob baggage there). Her parents had passed away and that encouraged me some since a filipina's primary obligation is to their parents before their partner. Our courtship lasted 2 years and I thought I had seen everything, but then you get a slightly different approach from them after the honeymoon is over. We are well matched to go the distance though my wife says if I "was her boyfriend, she would have broke up with me long ago, but since I am her Asawa, that's a different case.
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tlallen59 replied to the thread BalikBayan Visa for Canuck on the Philippines forum on December 19, 2014:
standupguy initially posted:
I remember seeing a BalikBayan visa thread before on this blog. Can you remind me about it..Can I get the BalikBayan visa at immigration when we return to Manila and on to Toril (in January) if we show our NSO original marriage certificate. Immigration stamps my Canadian passport and marks a "b" on it, or something like that? I would appreciate clarification as to whether I remembered this correctly... Merry Christmas all you Xpats. .2015
tlallen59 replied on December 19, 2014 with:
We get it.
thedaddypoobear replied on December 19, 2014 with:
On the it is referred to as a stamp
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bogarbutt posted EXPAT HELP IN PUERTA PRINCESSA on the Philippines forum on December 19, 2014:
My questions are posted under, "Expat Help in Palawan." Planning arrival for Spring of 2015. Need to find a furnished house within a reasonable distance from town. If you have the time please answer the questions on the forum about: Expat Help in Palawan. Thanks, Bo
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bogarbutt replied to the thread EXPAT HELP IN PALAWAN on the Philippines forum on December 18, 2014:
bogarbutt initially posted:
Hi, I had to return to the USA for VA assistance with my hip. Now that things are better, I am thinking of going to Palawan vs Tagaytay. If someone could lend me a hand I would appreciate the following information: Flight from SF or LAX to Manila or Cebu for connection to Palawan? Cheapest flight out of Palawan for (return/exit) to comply with immigration/Visa and renewal? Office for Immigration in Puerta Princessa? Annual rental for a house in a safe area with the usual amenities? Monthly cost? Somewhere out of the town possibly, where I can easily commute for shopping and beers with the expats? My P.I. drivers license is good until July 2016. Can this be renewed there? Are older SUV's/cars expensive on the island? Could I expect to get a decent SUV for $2,500? 2000 + models are available in Florida for this price? LBC office in town? Shipping (2) large boxes from LBC Florida to LBC office in Puerta Princessa? Where and when do expats meet? Thank you for your assistance. Bo
bogarbutt replied on December 18, 2014 with:
antiqueron replied on December 18, 2014 with:
Yes to the Cebu and avoid Manila
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standupguy replied to the thread Looking for a house rental or broker in Davao City on the Philippines forum on December 17, 2014:
chmacqueen initially posted:
Anyone in Davao know of a broker/real estate person in Davao (those who specialize in finding houses). I'll be moving to Davao in about 2 weeks (already over 6 years in the Philippines so not a newbie). Or anyone know of houses to rent or better areas to look? Looking for a 3 bed 2 bath house, spacious living room and airflow (no tight closet type houses like Camela is so fond of building). Someplace easily accesible by taxi to and from, safe, secured (subdivision would be nice). Feel free to contact me at Thanks
standupguy replied on December 17, 2014 with:
we found our house on the Philippines free listing website that realtors and others advertise everything on. It's called I did most everything on email from there
CAteacher replied on December 16, 2014 with:
Just a note about the Membership Agreement. Real Estate Agents or their family and friends are prohibited from recommending themselves. The originator of this post is asking for recommendations from the Expat community. Future posters should consider whether it is wise to put their personal emails on the posts. It makes you vulnerable to "recommendations" that are not actually Expats with great experiences, if you catch my drift. CAteacher Moderator
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BonVoyage replied to the thread CHAING RAI OR OTHER CITY IN THE NORTH? on the Philippines forum on December 17, 2014:
bogarbutt initially posted:
I lived for only 7 months in Tagaytay in the Philippines. Nothing really negative, but not exceedingly great. Good friends, girlfriend and great house which only cost me $250 monthly including utilities and my daily cleaning/cooking. Ok, what about a move to Chaing Rai and other cool climate? Would I find a nice furnished house in the North for about the same as in Tagaytay? Another Country/City/Town ??? Also lived in Ecuador and Mexico I am living on my Social Security income which is only about $1,300 monthly. Can I do fairly well there with my Visa, house, utilities, food, Tv and intenet if I do the cooking at home? Would like to be within distance from Expat beer/shopping/etc. Trick or Jeepney? Thank you for your help. Merry Christmas/ Happy Christmas
BonVoyage replied on December 17, 2014 with:
Maybe my post gave another impression than I meant. Thailand is definitely clean and organized. A visitor doesn't experience so much corruption there. (But much corruption in SEA is by authorities giving proper receipts. How we are paying express fees for our visas in PI just to make the process work is pretty close to corruption, in my opinion.) I spent Christmas in Cuenca last year. As I remember it was pretty clean and comparatively calm and organized. Ecuador is inexpensive. You found a good spot. The locals are definitely ok in places like Cuenca and Thailand, but act little more "distant" in these more organized places, I think. Thailand is not really expensive. Strangely prices haven't rocketed with the influx of tourists. In many places 15-20 dollars buys you a good a/c room (but usually more expensive in Pattaya etc). Tourist visa is not expensive. Good to hear your experiences from the places and countries you stayed in.
bogarbutt replied on December 17, 2014 with:
Crazy of me in that I want everything but only if it costs less! Clean, no pollution, traffic, cool and no humidity, and on and on! I wondered about Palawan and wrote on the forum for advice but I was sidetracked due to a hip problem. Now, if I am going to return, I would like to improve my lifestyle and try another place. Palawan at sea level misses the mark in one respect but has other redeeming areas indeed. Thank you for your kind advice. Bo
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