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aleth replied to the thread Buisness in Philippines, help, feedback on the Philippines forum on August 20, 2014:
ACEPoolPlayer initially posted:
I need some quick feedback. I know we have a lot of pretty experienced and sharp guys on this forum. I met an American businessman last month. He's putting up a business in the Philippines. I spent several days on and off with him. He also met my brother in law an also spent several days with him. He wants to use my brother in law as the trustee to the business with the agreement that any profit goes to him (all in writing of course) and my brother in law gets a agreed payment every month for being the trustee. His reasoning is it takes too long to set up a corporation. He wants to get set up ASAP. My brother in law will also be the production manager with another agreed upon salary. What do you guys think? I'm not familiar with this kind of arrangement. My wife and I will be making the decision for my brother in law who happens to be a recent college graduate, He is very well spoken in English. He won several public speaking competitions.
aleth replied on August 20, 2014 with:
Brian you may send me an email
BrianHuntley replied on August 20, 2014 with:
In Singapore if you are a resident or a local you can do it in a day... Same as in the Philippines? Singapore costs around $600.. Any idea what the cost are in the Philippines?
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tony1948 posted NBI clearance on the Philippines forum on August 20, 2014:
Hello, I have been living here in the Philippines since January 2014. I have my ACR-1 card and I am applying for my permanent resident status to stay. One of the requirements is to have the NBI clearance. I applied for it in Tacloban July 7th. It is now August 20th and checked with them yesterday. They said it is still in progress. My questions is this. Has anybody had this long of a wait. I have been told it should only take 2 weeks. Thank you, Tony
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Stella0077 posted Retiring in the Philippines on the Philippines forum on August 20, 2014:
My friend is looking for a retirement guide/blog/ref for EU (Belgian) officials (with EU pension) who wish to retire in the Philippines. He would like to know whether there is a bilateral agreement between the EU & the Philippines (eg health insurance & fiscal issues).
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standupguy replied to the thread Building Contract on the Philippines forum on August 19, 2014:
BrianHuntley initially posted:
Can anyone recommend a lawyer who deals with building contracts between a land owner and a builder? I want to start building soon but also want the contract to be vetted by a good lawyer to avoid any "gotchas"... Thanks for your advise Brian
standupguy replied on August 19, 2014 with:
brsloomo - your wife can go the the baranga captain to make a complaint (letters & pictures needed) . Our roof was built so the grade moved water down against a wall and into our ceiling. They kept trying to seal it, but it never worked. The wall had to be raised so the roof grade moved water off to the gutters in the other direction. We only discovered this after we bought a ladder to inspect the roof after filling & repainting the kitchen and bedroom ceilings three times. After the dispute was settled, we had to pay 50% of the materials and no labor. Steel trusses were used to rebuild. We purchased all the materials ourselves mostly at City Hardware in Davao though our engineer (LOL) was using good materials up to then. We had to be at the site every day to ensure the workers weren't gambling at cards next door. Still things were not done as we asked. The problem is no power tools. They use putty to finish wood surfaces (no sanding) and insist on marine plywood for everything including baseboards which they cut with a hand saw.. The paint supply shops like Ace hardware employ young people who have no idea what type of paint to use. Now we use the carpenters we found at a woodworking shop a couple blocks away. They have a table saw there. These guys did a good job for cheap. I let my wife speak Visayan to them. They still used putty to finish wood with. W-T-H.!
BrianHuntley replied on August 19, 2014 with:
Believe in God, but tie up your camel...
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rockerjohn replied to the thread throw away ticket on the Philippines forum:
Singlelooking initially posted:
I already bought my ticket there for next month. Can someone tell us which is the best country (usually) and airline to buy the throw away ticket from right now or point us to a country that is usually cheap to fly to from the Phills? And airlines to buy from? 2) I was told there were two neighborhoods in Manilla that are close to also two different malls near the American embassy.That are good places to start looking in Manilla because of great location,low prices/reasonable and safety. Can you tell us the names of those two neighborhoods? or more thank you for the info
rockerjohn replied on August 19, 2014 with:
I've come and gone a few times. The last time I returned two weeks ago was the first time they checked for a return ticket....
standupguy replied on August 18, 2014 with:
returning anything in the Philippines is almost impossible
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jeffdls posted Tips for moving in the philippines on the Philippines forum on August 19, 2014:
Moving house is a headache - no matter what country your in! But when your an Expat it can be twice the fun! Here is part 1 to helping you move house in the Philippines: 1. Location, Location. If the price is too good to be true, ITS A FLOOD AREA or by a shanty town. Some known flood areas: Cainta,(some areas of Pasig) Rizal, Old Manila (again Im sure others can add to this) You have the top listed "foreigner" areas: The Fort, Rockwell, Makati, Ortigas, Taguig,Mandaluyong and New Manila etc.. but these places can also be quite overly expensive. Some decent places you can also try (but be selective neighborhood by neighborhood) is: Pasig San Juan Paranque Your best bet if going for condo living is to look for the ever-popular villages springing up everywhere now, with several guards on patrol and nice amenities. (Robinsons Land Corp I can recommend) Im sure there are many who have other areas to add?? Average price ranges you should expect (varies on area): Studio, furnished - 10,000 php monthly. 1 bed, Fully furnished - 17,000 - 25,000 php 2 bed unfurnished - 26,000 - 35,000 php If it costs more than that you are being ripped off. Once you have established location, now comes: NEGOTIATING LEASE TERMS: Rental agreements here in the Philippines are very different from Australia. When living in a condo, your electricity bill, cable, water bill will usually all be on the condo Owner's name, not yours. Most places will also charge about 2,500 to 3,300php per month for parking if you have a car. A legit agreement should be signed and stamped by a Justice of Peace. They "witness" your signature even though the owner just takes the lease to them after you have signed it.That is normal practice here - however, don't move in unless you have that! Don't be shy to negotiate! There are hundreds and hundreds of empty places in Manila - owners are desperate to rent out, especially to Expats. You can expect the Owner to cover the association dues, but all other costs are yours. Ive managed free parking and cable before, so try your luck! Any extra requests you have will usually be accommodated, so ask at this point - if you want air conditioning, water heater etc. Most will try to lock you in for a year, but I've found they usually end up taking what they can get. ;) Just take your time, really check out the surrounding neighbourhood. You want to be sure your time spent there is comfortable. Some areas are more prone to beggar children or has surrounding shanty towns. Your best bet is to always live somewhere that has one or more guards. That said, check their rules at the condo (guest visiting, pool hours etc) - many times it can be difficult to even be able to have a guest come over!
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BrianHuntley replied to the thread Land Surveyor for Tagaytay on the Philippines forum:
BrianHuntley initially posted:
I have spoken to contacts and Googled but can't find any land surveyor who could survey our land in Tagaytay. What we need is a topographical survey so our architect can get on with designing our dream home. The land does fall off so it is a necessity. Can anyone recommend a land surveyor for us so we can get on with it? BTW the land is in Splendido Tagaytay. Thanks for your help which has always been great :). Sincerely Brian
BrianHuntley replied on August 19, 2014 with:
Hi I looked at Tagaytay Highlands, some blocks in Tagaytay and then Splendido. Nothing ele other than online. I took Splendido in the end for value for money. I also had an amazing estate agent I stuck with who never gave up on me :). Regards Brian
ToddP replied on August 19, 2014 with:
Hi Brian, We are looking at lots in Playa Calatagan, Lipa City, and in Tagaytay Forbes. We were wondering if you have looked at Tagaytay Forbes, or if you have heard anything about it? Thanks!
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chance2013 replied to the thread Sell land in Tagaytay on the Philippines forum on August 18, 2014:
dberg initially posted:
I have a piece of land for sale in Tagaytay overlooking the Taal lake and the Volcano. I wonder if anyone have any experience from buying or selling land in Tagaytay. Would appreciate if someone could help me find a serious property broker who could assist me in marketing the land within his/her client sphere. Looking forward to hear from you, cheers! /Dan
chance2013 replied on August 18, 2014 with:
My experience here is rents are much higher in sulit or a broker. We just rode around the area looking for to let signs. Most higher priced rentals are aimed at foreigners, with a 20 - 30k rent most Filipinos would buy their own house at a much lower mortgage or a much better house. As a foreigner if you ask how much the rent is it will be doubled or even tripled get a Filipino to call first then when you turn up to look at the property the rent has already been set.
dberg replied on August 18, 2014 with:
Dear Kelly, Please post your email address and ill send you the complete details about the plot of land. Kind regards, Daniel
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property in Philippines508 sq. m. non developed property.
standupguy replied to the thread Solar Powered Generators on the Philippines forum on August 18, 2014:
Carle initially posted:
Anyone have knowledge or experience with Solar Generators? Can they be purchased in RP? Is it better to buy in the USA and have shipped to RP? Thanks for your help
standupguy replied on August 18, 2014 with:
my local supplier's website is: lots of information there
tony1948 replied on August 18, 2014 with:
thank you my friend. The web site would be a great help for us here in the Philippines. Thank you. Tony
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