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ACEPoolPlayer replied to the thread Moving to Cebu on the Philippines forum on September 17, 2014:
rappleby initially posted:
Will be moving to Cebu with my wife next year. I hear the new Shopping mall will have an ICE rink. Well I am Canadian so i would love to find out any info so i can be involved in all ice skating activities.
ACEPoolPlayer replied 3 hours ago with:
Before someone corrects my English please omit the word another from my previous post. Sometimes I'm typing and thinking too fast without allowing time to reread the post.
ACEPoolPlayer replied 4 hours ago with:
Many years ago they had an ice skating rink in one of the largest malls in Manila. It was nice but another awhile it closed down. I hope if they are putting one in Cebu it last longer than the one in Manila. Not many Filipinos ice skate. It is very similar to roller skating but that also is not so popular in the Philippines.
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shootmedead replied to the thread Short overstay on the Philippines forum on September 17, 2014:
teddybeargrand initially posted:
I will be coming next week for a 6 week vacation.I automatically get a 30 day visa and the it will cost me $100 to extend for 1 month. Does anyone know if it would be easier or cheaper to pay the fine for overstaying 2 week at the airport when I am leaving ?
shootmedead replied 4 hours ago with:
More fun in da feelippines
shootmedead replied 4 hours ago with:
do not overstay at all,the philippine immigration has a wicked jail with no lawyers, no judges, no bail for foreigners who think they can overstay. Google Bituan immigration jail Even overstaying 1 day will get you offloaded from the plane. when you enter the philippines, you can buy an extra 30 to 59 day visa at the airport for 2800 pesos, best to have pesos on you. Make sure they write the receipt numbers under your visa stamp in your passport. KEEP ALL receipts. If you do not have receipts for overstay you will get offloaded and have to go to the main office. The Philipppines is easy to get into,, but then they wrap you up with horrible red tape if you want to overstay BE CAREFUL
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shootmedead replied to the thread Question about a Lease for Filipina on the Philippines forum on September 17, 2014:
bernier48 initially posted:
I have a Girlfriend who says she is renting an apartment in Marikina near Manila and the apartment doesn't require a lease or agreement to live there, it's just month to month. She wants me to send 1st month and Deposit but I wanted a copy of the lease or agreement but she says there is none. Is that possible?
shootmedead replied 4 hours ago with:
run away as quickly as possible. there are millions of scammers in the philippines. any hint of them asking for money=RUN they survived without you for tthis long. how come they need money now?
peter7 replied on September 16, 2014 with:
Good Day from UK , Do not allow "your Filipina" influence you too much . Yes of course a lease is available , keep your name out of it , WHY , you will pay twice the true value ! .and She will eventually "screw you " if you break up. Washing machine we have one in both our homes in Davao City , only I use them when we stay there . Waste of money , Please note I am married to a Filipina , live most of our time in UK ,and visit twice a year for month at a time .. Play it cool ,
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shootmedead replied to the thread Need help selling my beauitiful home on the Philippines forum:
emmett11 initially posted:
My Mom is 90 and needs my help so We will return to USA after first of the year but have to sell my beauitiful home. I have renovated to american standars, electrical and plumbing with HEAVY DUTY new white roof all drainage is off site to small creek ready for grass, all appliances and very nice furnture I bought when I arrived and had lots of money two bedrooms 1 bath with shower with heater; toilet with clean sptic system, well water with double filter system still buy drinking water, but well water is very clean to wash and cook with-. 12-14 foot high walls concrete with barb wire screened windows with bars very safe house and area new concrete road no more dirt,; comes with generator and carport if interested or have someone looking for a really nice retirement place let me know, I can send some photos you'll be impressed. Leyte area, Yolanda went by us but house was fine. we were OK with generator and satelite TV... add some solar and you are set. Please help me out 3.5 million peso or= 70,000$ for van, 2014 scooter Honda, house and lot all clean REAL TITLE with all my tools and generator. Think about it send me a note ... Thanks, Ready to move in and hang your clothes and that is it everything is in good working order I have busted my butt working on this labor of LOVE HOME !!!
shootmedead replied 4 hours ago with:
is your still for sale, please send me a message with ur cel fone number? thanks albert
Carle replied on September 09, 2014 with:
Emmett, When will you post the additional pictures? I cannot justify a visit until I have all possible information available without a visit. Thank you
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tlallen59 replied to the thread moving from Canada with a dog on the Philippines forum on September 16, 2014:
janeirwin initially posted:
Can anyone tell me of their experiences. I will be going to Palawan.
tlallen59 replied on September 16, 2014 with:
I knew very well who you were talking about sir it was obvious.
janeirwin replied on September 16, 2014 with:
thanks so much for the great information AcePoolPlayer! That is a good start for me. I would be flying to HK and then to Manila and on to Palawan.
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chance2013 replied to the thread Visiting in Oct - a few questions on the Philippines forum on September 15, 2014:
FLJeff initially posted:
Hello All, I will be in the ph the first 2 weeks of Oct and have a few questions if anyone wanted to volunteer some info I'd really appreciate it. First thing to get started, I have a fiancé that I am funding a house and etc for in Dasmarinas City and while she doesn't have aircon yet the house has screens on the windows and as I am from florida the heat is not as bad as it is here so... I want to go straight from Aquino Intl to the house in Dasmarinas but my lady tells me the only way to get there is take a taxi to pasai and then catch a jeep to Dasmarinas, ok I don't have a problem with that but... I arrive in Manila at 10:45pm - I don't expect to clear entry until at least 1am - my girl tells me it is dangerous for me to ride the jeepney at that time of the night (or morning). Is it? What would you recommend as a method of getting from Aquino to Dasmarinas at 1am? maybe rent a car? take a van? I know some of you have experienced this and I'd really appreciate your insight. Thanks. Jeff
chance2013 replied on September 15, 2014 with:
One thing you say your gf lives alone in that house, I would think she does not stay totally alone there, I can't say I know any girl that lives completely alone, always someone there usually family members or a bf. Just a thought
chance2013 replied on September 15, 2014 with:
In dasma there is a Robinson's mall and an sm mall so no problem getting clean decent food. We buy all our fruit veg from the market but the meat i prefer from puregold mall, they have better hygiene than in the market. You can eat the rice here no problem. We buy big 25 litre of water 25 pesos delivered. I don't drink tap water. The 25 pesos a night accomodation i cant believe you would want to stay there if it exists at all. Cleanliness and hygeine is not like the west. When i go to a cheap hotel i inspect the rooms first cos sometimes they are filthy. You will have a big culture shock here thats for sure. Places to go, tagaytay is a great place to visit, skyranch is a big amusement park with a big ferris wheel with great views on a clear day. Big casino if your into that. We stay at a small hotel 1800 pesos a night very near all the restaurants and music bars ( no girly bars) lake Taal with the volcano in the middle short boat ride to get there, you will be ripped off royaly if your not careful.. Batangas has some nice resorts. Kawit has the aquinaldo residence and its free very interesting guide and all free but we did give the guide a good tip he was very informative. Baclaren is about 1 1/2 hours away by airc on bus. Cheap clothes very crowded tho. Divisoria is even cheaper but a real pain to get to. Baguio in the mountains very cool not cheap tho, definately not 25 pesos. The road up the mountains is under contant repair. The small minibus drivers are just mad overtake on blind bends etc. There were 2 crashes there last week 19 dead so far. In your 2 weeks you cant really go too far this time. Personally i would avoid mindanaou a lot of muslim there and some are radicals and with the escalating problem with isis i suspect there will be some trouble there, a few rebel groups have shown their support to Isis. A lot of guys here will tell you its perfectly safe there and maybe it is but this isis thing? Hmmmm. Any way hope you enjoy dasma. I live in Tanza, about 25 minutes bike ride from Dasma. As i said before not brilliant place but not bad
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ron503 replied to the thread First timer to Manila on the Philippines forum on September 15, 2014:
pclay initially posted:
Hello, I am moving to Manila. This is my first time in Asia and I will be working in the Eastwood area. I would really like to know some tips on finding a place to rent. I have been told to live in the Fort, but I would really like to live within walking distance from the office. What are your thoughts on this? I have heard the Eastwood area is more vibrant too. Sorry for naivety, but are the streets safe to walk at 5am? Thanks for your help in advance.
ron503 replied on September 15, 2014 with:
Pcplay, There are lots of places for rent at Eastwood area, lease varies from 3 mos to 1 year. Most of the units are fully furnished, and they have 24hr security in the area. Eastwood is a party place on Fridays and Saturdays,. Enjoy your stay!!!
CAteacher replied on September 15, 2014 with:
Makati is safer but more expensive. How about starting safe by renting in Makati and then see how you feel about moving closer to work. Talk to you coworkers. They have faced the same decision.
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property in PhilippinesThis beautiful house right by the Mindanao Sea and Natl Road in Baclayon Laya, Bohol offers direct beach access and a fantastic view from Siquijor to Camiguin and is only 15 minutes from Tagbilaran City Center, and 20 min from Alona.
ACEPoolPlayer replied to the thread Black belt / gun permits on the Philippines forum on September 13, 2014:
ACEPoolPlayer initially posted:
You guys are in for a learning lesson if you think because you are a martial artist with a lot of confidence or because you have an illegal gun permit you are confident. That's false confidence everyone. In the Philippines you are better staying away from any confrontation even if you are the Hulk. Once it gets to court you will lose. I'll send you Christmas cards to your cell. Crazy foreigners with a gun.. Do you really think if you use the gun on a Filipino you won't be in jail for a long long time??? False sense of security.
ACEPoolPlayer replied on September 13, 2014 with:
I was playing in the finals of a club tennis tournament. A well known lady friends with my opponent called a foot fault from the stands. I gave her a nasty look and made a negative comment (no foul language). After the match her husband (a small skinny guy) came up to me an said "do you want me to go to my car and get my gun".... Life in the Philippines!
semiretirediowa replied on September 12, 2014 with:
Agree with them not fighting fair. There's is no one on one fist fight, find out who's the better man, and it's squashed afterwards. I don't want any part of confrontation in the Phil. I don't think they are really intimidated either because they know they won't come at you head on, and even afterwards you better move because it's not over. I watched a video on a guy on the sidewalk getting stomped on the head by 3 Phil men in front a store with about 50 people watching. Blood streaming all over the cement, I'm not sure if the guy lived. Everyone sat their watching for probably 2 min before anyone even asked why, and the reasoning was the guy was a thief. The guys on the aggression actually left and came back to beat him two more times, video lasted 5 minutes and no police or ambulance shown up during that time, and not a single person came to his aid. They take the law in their own hands and seek their own justice if they feel they've been wronged. I'm going with the intent to relax and have peace, I won't be looking for any confrontation or letting my pride get the best of me. I would highly recommend avoiding conflict all costs and working your people skills (and if necessary money) to work your way through dicey situations. Simple things can help yourself avoiding confrontation like not flaunting your money, carrying valuables, traveling at bad times of the night, where you're going by yourself. Be smart, your head will help you more than your muscles and martial arts training.
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bogarbutt posted BOB MC CALLUM (CANADIAN) on the Philippines forum on September 13, 2014:
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