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EuroBob replied to the thread Foreigners Inheriting Real Property on the Philippines forum on July 01, 2015:
therainman initially posted:
I'm not a citizen of the Philippines. I'm married to a person who was born in the Philippines, but is not currently a citizen of the Philippines. My spouse owns real estate within the boundaries set aside for native born non-Filipino citizens. We have no children, my spouses parents are deceased. My interpretation of what I have discovered via tedious research leads me to believe that, should I outlive my spouse, it matters not if things are testate (with me as heir) or intestate, that 100% of the real property left behind gravitates to my ownership. Am I correct? I've devoted lots of time to deciphering the "family code", relevant rulings and viewpoints both realistic and inane. I think I have a grip on ancillary subjects (non-citizens cannot pass title to non-citizens and that there will be inheritance taxes). However, I will welcome input from any and all who care to share their thoughts concerning the probability that my research has led me down the right path.
EuroBob replied 10 hours ago with:
@Standupguy, so do these articles mean that a person's wife could make it a condition that you must remain unmarried for a time after her death, if you want to live in the house?
standupguy replied on July 01, 2015 with:
you saw this: "Art. 874. An absolute condition not to contract a first or subsequent marriage shall be considered as not written unless such condition has been imposed on the widow or widower by the deceased spouse, or by the latter's ascendants or descendants. Nevertheless, the right of usufruct, or an allowance or some personal prestation may be devised or bequeathed to any person for the time during which he or she should remain unmarried or in widowhood. (793a)"
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jasonkennedy replied to the thread Where is the best place to live on Luzon? on the Philippines forum:
Inquisitive initially posted:
In your opinion, where is the best on Luzon to live and why?
jasonkennedy replied on July 01, 2015 with:
Anybody familiar with Bataan?
chance2013 replied on June 29, 2015 with:
We go to Baguio regularly we drive there, drive carefully cos Filipinos don't. I like Baguio but it does have an awful lot of traffic. Session road has some good restaurants some with live music. Its a great place, but just a bit far from anywhere. Rains fairly regularly much cooler never neede aircon when we go there. Some lovely places to visit. I like the place
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mcdonald55 replied to the thread 64 y/o man on the Philippines forum on July 01, 2015:
bugtussel initially posted:
I'm 64 and disabled, have to use a power-chair to get around. I don't really want to live in a major city, but reasonably close due to health and medical services available. And a beach isn't high on my list of needs, but ability to get around, or hire someone to help me do so is big on my list. Any advice from anyone there. I would like to be in a location where humidity didn't smother you. Thanks for any advice and help given from you all.
mcdonald55 replied 28 minutes ago with:
Mate..... I was lied too to entice me to come to the Philippines for business, then found myself living in the slums of Taguig..... As bad as any place on earth. I regrouped and recovered and got it together. I've been robbed 3 times, last one at gun point but some how the place grows on you. I can't explain it but I've been away for 6 months and I really miss the place. I'm in Thailand till the end of the year but can't wait to get back. Trust your instincts and you'll be OK. Trust no one but your gut and you'll be fine. Never use a back pack. Never wear "bling" go very low profile till you understand your surroundings. Once it grows on you, you will love it. Good luck
CAteacher replied 1 hour ago with:
Some people here are saying it without much tact, Nephi always says speaks kindly, but the messages are the same. Don't come alone. Your life depends on listening to the people.
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EuroBob replied to the thread Any young foreigners in Bukidnon?? on the Philippines forum on July 01, 2015:
fillup94577 initially posted:
Hello all, My name is Felipe, I am a 29 year old American from Oakland, CA. !!!! WARRIORS !!!! I am moving to Valencia City, Bukidnon Dec. 14th 2015. I am HELLA excited and wanna find out if there's any young people I can kick it with when I arrive. Some background...I am moving there with my wife and 2 daughters, we own some rice field lands and a fairly large (IMO) piggery, so we are set with income and my pension will pay for my home build. Anyways... if you're cool and wanna hang out some time when I arrive, let me know!! I don't wanna be the only under 30 foreigner there.
EuroBob replied 10 hours ago with:
It sounds like he has done well economically if he can essentially retire at age 29. I wish I could say the same! -grin I am not used to hearing about a pension income at age 29. I say "retire" because he will be living off of income generated from his wife's properties. @fillup94577, Resist any outside advances and keep your wife happy. I wish you good fortune and the best of luck.
ISLNDR2K replied on July 01, 2015 with:
Youth is on his side. Young enough to restart. Young enough to learn the local ways. Unlike the majority of Expats, what's that old saying you can't teach an old dog new new tricks, just bark and bark about the locals and the country.
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poochewer replied to the thread Life Insuirance in the Philippines on the Philippines forum on June 30, 2015:
Acordant initially posted:
I am an American citizen who is buying a house with my Filipina wife. I understand that she actually owns the house and the mortgage. However, I am the sole provider for our family. I am concerned that if something happened to me, she would not be able to pay for the house. Is there a life insurance policy that would pay off the house if I died?
poochewer replied on June 30, 2015 with:
You would be better to edit out "wrong". Cos thats the part that he doesn't like.
TitoMike replied on June 30, 2015 with:
@brslomo Suppose I edit out "off topic". Do you find fault with "wrong"?
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deejay1952 posted Lipa City on the Philippines forum on June 30, 2015:
Anyone know how to get BEIN sports (or other) for the EPL in the district of Lipa City? [Any Arsenal fans in the area?] We are also looking for a live-in maid if anyone knows of one?
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JanWillem replied to the thread Will Philippine Immigration Block Shipments? on the Philippines forum on June 29, 2015:
thailen initially posted:
I'm planning to send some vitamins(sealed in 5 small plastic bottles) from the U.S. to Manila. According to UPS shipping guidelines, shipments of vitamins(like many other products) to the Philippines are subject to clearance from the Food and Drug Administration. what is the likelihood the package will be stopped, regardless of what the outside of the package says?
JanWillem replied on June 29, 2015 with:
As everything here: inconsistency is consistent! When I arrived here 11 months ago I brought two bottles of 365 vitamins in my carry on luggage along with a year's supply of two different medications. No one anywhere questioned me.
chance2013 replied on June 29, 2015 with:
5 small bottles is not a lot shouldn't be checked I bought omega3 garlic and some other supplements when I came here no problem big bottles at that
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brodavid replied to the thread direct deposit in ph on the Philippines forum:
tommieboy999 initially posted:
im collecting social security checks and are being directly deposited in my suntrust acct here in the usa. how can i keep my same bank ands still have my checks automatically deposited in my acct? do i really need to get a bank there in ph?
brodavid replied on June 27, 2015 with:
There is no citi bank in Davao city eithrr. It ws closed down. But citi banks website still reflects tht it is still open...
harrellb2 replied on June 03, 2015 with:
I never had any problems using my debit card in local ATMs in Phil. However, I would suggest finding a bank with low to no overseas transaction fees. Try ALLY bank. They have done really good by me and they have the highest interest rates on both checking and money market savings....both of which have separate debit cards.
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