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ACEPoolPlayer replied to the thread Relief Aid on the Philippines forum on July 29, 2014:
ACEPoolPlayer initially posted:
So I just returned from a 3 week vacation in the Philippines. The main reason for the vacation was because my wife is from Tacloban ("Yolanda") and she hasn't been back to see her family in 3 years. She spent over 2 weeks there, I was there for 6 days. Of course her family like everyone else's in that area lost almost everything. I've been appalled the last 8 months when I hear about all the humanitarian aid that has been sent from around the world (millions of USD) but it never got to the people. I know first hand because I have been sending money every month to try to rebuild their home and they have received nothing other than sardines for the first two months after the storm. While in Manila I over heard a wealthy foreigner with good government ties saying that there were over 70 containers just sitting in North Harbor that haven't cleared customs. Two days later I'm in Saisaki/Dads/Kamayan restaurant for lunch and I hear some Filipinos mention the word Tacloban. I told them I was flying there tomorrow. The older guy was a politician/media person or something. He confirmed that the containers are just sitting in the harbor. Politics between local and national government on who is to get what. He even showed me a video on his phone of a recent meeting with the President. He had a front row seat. The President was saying we need to just tell everyone only 6,000 died. It's not good for the country to keep counting and tell the exact number of deaths. He has it on video on his phone. The Philippines is what it is... Imagine all the medicine, food, supplies and whatever else just sitting in the all those containers in the harbor estimated between 70-100 containers. Politics between local and government officials. That is what the Filipino guy (who obviously had clout told me).
ACEPoolPlayer replied 2 hours ago with:
Too bad that money never made it to the people.... A friend of mine at the time of Yolanda asked me how he can donate money to the cause. I wanted to tell him to give it to me an I'll give it directly to my wife's family but of course I was too shy to say that. Instead I told him, "don't bother there is too much red tape, they may never get the money anyway". Boy was I correct!
standupguy replied 5 hours ago with:
Canada has put in $40 mil so far in disaster aid for Yolanda victims. Canada also fast tracks Visa applications for the survivors to relocate to Canada. The Dart units are mostly for making and providing fresh drinking water.
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bluegrassky replied to the thread MOVING TO PHIL COOL AREA BAGIO on the Philippines forum on July 29, 2014:
danielgoode initially posted:
bluegrassky replied 4 hours ago with:
Daniel, I loved Baguio the first time I visited ten years ago, with lots of cool night spots to visit and of course the climate. But a visit a few years ago I found the main street no longer had pubs and restaurants and the traffic situation was bad. Try Tagaytay for a nice cool alternative and also nearer Manila. I have a weekend house in Los Banos Laguna which is about 5 degrees cooler than Manila.
brslomo replied on July 28, 2014 with:
Nancy, I have to agree with you. As I've said before, in order to get goods and services similar to what you would have in the U.S., you will expect to pay prices at or above what you would pay in the U.S. If you buy a house in a development, it will be cheaper than in the U.S. But it will be much smaller. A car in Phils will be a lot more in Phils and you will have a problem getting good service for it. I could go on. But I think I've made my point.
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ACEPoolPlayer posted Cost of life in Philippines on the Philippines forum on July 28, 2014:
I'm only posting these things so people understand what they are really getting into by moving to the Philippines. It's still a third world country. It's just not that cheap anymore. Minimum wage in the Philippines can be between 100-466 peso a day. In order to be forced to pay the legal minimal wage of over 400 a day you must have a minimum of something like 20.30 or 40 employees. Some places pay as little as 100 a day. The cost to watch a movie is 200 pesos. That's 45% of the high minimum wage for an 8 hour day, just to watch a movie?? That's only one example. It's impossible for a Filipino to buy a lunch meal with one cup of rice for less than 55 pesos (even from a street vendor carinderia/toro toro place). According to the United Nations the average Filipino earns 31 pesos an hour ($.71). Definitely local alcohol, women, maids, houseboys, cooks, drivers, nannies (yaya) are cheap. Everything else, well not cheap anymore.
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ACEPoolPlayer replied to the thread Changes in the Philippines on the Philippines forum on July 28, 2014:
ACEPoolPlayer initially posted:
I lived in the Philippines many years. 10 years ago I moved back to the Catskill mountains in upstate New York for personal family reasons. Although I have been back on vacation 6 times my trip this month was my first in 4 years. What did I notice: 1) Well of course traffic is still getting worse all the time. Same situation more and more new cars, no regulations to remove old cars. Road construction projects that take several years to finish and at the end can't accommodate the increase in volume of vehicles from the years it took to finish construction. 2) Cost of food. There was a time when food was much cheaper in the Philippines. It's not true anymore. If you live in the U.S., buy items on sale, use coupons the food is much cheaper. Chicken, beef, soft drinks, milk, coffee and grocery items. Yes fresh fruit and vegetables are definitely cheaper in the Phil. My wife and I were stunned how much grocery items cost including bottled water. Here you buy a gallon band named for $1. There you buy one liter 20 plus pesos. Fast food restaurants. McDonalds, Pizza Hut, any of the others. It's the same price as it is in the U.S. A poor Filipino employee can't buy ulam (meat/fish) with rice on the street in carinderia's or from venders for less than $1,50. Pancakes only and coffee at McDonalds over $2 USD. 3) One reason why Filipinas were more appealing than western women was because they weren't overweight. Now with the influx of western fast foods you are seeing more and more young starting to get over weight women. The traditional diets of Vegetables, fruits, small ulam (meat or fish) and rice are disappearing. The fad of American unhealthy fast food is catching up with the younger generation. I'm sure it's still cheaper to survive in the Philippines but area of food the balance is shifting.
ACEPoolPlayer replied on July 28, 2014 with:
Don't get me wrong, I also plan to move back to the Philippines and retire there someday. It's just not going to be as cheap as it used to be or what I thought it would cost to live a comfortable life. Yes it really depends where you live/lived in the U.S.. I live 2 hours north of New York City in the Catskill mountains. One of the more beautiful areas in the country. Haircut also $12, Movie $8-$12. Oil change $15-$25. I don't smoke, so it doesn't affect me. You can buy a 3-4 bedroom house from $125T-$300. You can rent an apartment for $600 and up. House for $1000 and up. Big yards, no fences, many areas you don't even lock your doors at night. My neighbor cuts grass for $20, others charge $30-$40. My family has lived in this town for $60 years. There has never been a break in robbery in my neighborhood.
brslomo replied on July 28, 2014 with:
SFO2CEBU, Maybe those are the prices for things in San Francisco. But where I come from you can get a haircut for $12. A movie is under $10. And you can get a Ryland Blight home for about $200k. An apartment can be rented for about $1,000 per month. The difference is that you don't need a wall around your house in the U.S. And where I come from, you can get a permit to carry a concealed weapon. Try that in Phils. So if someone tries to rob you, you are at liberty to dispense justice.
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property in PhilippinesDiana Townhouse ( 11-12K /MONTH) 3Bedrooms & 2Toilet and Bath Lot Area: 50 sqm. - Floor Area: 60 sqm.
ACEPoolPlayer replied to the thread Getting my Filipina spouse to the US on the Philippines forum on July 28, 2014:
Acordant initially posted:
Can someone please please, set me straight on the best way to get my new Filipina spouse to the us. I was planning on staying in the Philippines permanently bu my health issues and the VA's lack of health assistance of 100% disabled veterans means I need to return to the US for treatment and I, of course, want to take my new wife with me. I have filled out form I-130 and the Q-325A forms and we are waiting for notification of acceptance.before filing for a K3 Visa. Of course, we have NO idea when the US will act so we wait. In the meantime, my health is rapidly deteriorating The cost of health care in the Philippines has eradicated any savings I had gained from the lower cost of living. I assume it is a nono for her to apply to go as a tourist or a student. Have I done all of the steps I can to get her to go back with me? Am I missing something?
ACEPoolPlayer replied on July 28, 2014 with:
Anything is possible. If you have credible documentation that your health situation is really that dire (it's so easy to make up any kind of document in the Philippines and the U.S. for that matter today. The Embassy knows that), and you get a counselor who is in a good mood, kind and understanding.... Many times your documents will be rejected before it can get to a possible understanding American. If you make it that far and if they want, they can approve you in a second. I've gotten a tourist visa for a maid (yaya) to help take care of my 4 year old son on a vacation trip. It can happen. It's just not very easy.
CAteacher replied on July 27, 2014 with:
Sherwood has it right. Let the Embassy do it's job supporting an American when he is in need. The Embassy staff aren't perfect, but they often get the job done well. Give them a chance. What do you have to loose? All the the other strategies that have been suggested take more time, and you don't have a lot of that. For what it's worth, my Filippina wife is a former Executive with Hitachi Global and has a good bit of experience, agrees.
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brslomo replied to the thread HENRY on the Philippines forum on July 27, 2014:
Mumbles7634 initially posted:
Has anybody heard or seen Henry from Lifebeyondthesea
brslomo replied on July 27, 2014 with:
I found his website and viewed a few of his videos. His words are not very much worth listening to. But I do like viewing his videos. His monologue is quite boring because he spends a lot of time saying things over and over again. Also, I don't understand what it is with him about moving all the time. He seems to have an attachment disorder in my opinion. One of my ex-wives had that problem.
snarffn replied on July 25, 2014 with:
yes he makes many posts on facebook henry valez. he is now living in dumaguette
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antiqueron replied to the thread Moving to Cebu in 35 days: H E L P on the Philippines forum on July 27, 2014:
rogern initially posted:
Hello to all: This is my 1st post here, but I have been reading this forum for about 7 or 8 months. This is my 1st trip ever to The Philippines. I am arriving at The airport in Cebu on Aug. 28th, late in the evening, and will be there until mid Feb. If there is anyone in the Cebu City area that can give me some much needed guidance, I would be so grateful. I need to know things like, is there a certain taxi service that one could recommend that is most importantly, safe? Where is the best place from touchdown to convert $USD to PP? What area in the city is a good place to stay for the 1st week or so, till I find a place to live? I am a 60 yr. old male, but retired at 45 here in the states. I really need to learn the ropes as they say, but feel a bit overwhelmed at this point, but very excited for this adventure, and I really hope to make a lot of new friends on this site and any of you expats in the area. I really appreciate any help from those of you that can take the time to guide me in the right direction. Thank you all, Roger N.
antiqueron replied on July 27, 2014 with:
Pacific pension house about $20. a nite.
rogern replied on July 26, 2014 with:
A BIG thank you to all who responded here and via pm's. If there is anyone else who would like to give ANY additional information, I will welcome it. I am interested in perhaps living in the Lahug or Banilad section, if anyone can share any pertinent info on either of these areas. 32 days and counting. Thanks again everybody, Roger N.
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poochewer replied to the thread Is it safe to move back to the Philippines? on the Philippines forum:
Meloney1 initially posted:
I've been out of the country for 30 years. I was thinking of moving back to Pampanga province but my relatives are advising me that it is now too dangerous to live in the Philippines at my ripe old age. I'd like to get someones opinion on this matter.
poochewer replied on July 27, 2014 with:
As I said Ace, WELCOME BACK!
ACEPoolPlayer replied on July 26, 2014 with:
Standupguy, I understand that generally speaking Canadians are more conservative than Americans or Australians but the psychological impact of "straight shooting" (Merrian-Webster definition: an honest sincere person)? We are not talking about Elementary school kids or young teenagers. We are talking about Adults in 2014 who are brave enough to consider moving to the other side of the world. If someone being frank (Merrian-Webster definition: outspoken, candid) about life is going to cause them psychological problems they probably are getting way over there head with the thought of moving from a Western country to the Philippines. A straight shooter is someone who honestly speaks their opinion. I'm not endorsing insults. You need to be consistent with your posts. If we are talking about your experience with bar girls in la la land all the rules change. Vulgarity and insults are all ok. Come on, stand up guy live up to your name. It's not acceptable to use vulgarities and insults just because you have also experienced the same thing. Straight shooters shoot straight all the time no matter what the topic is concerned with.
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sherwood replied to the thread Standard of Living on the Philippines forum:
Aquaman214 initially posted:
Good afternoon all, I am planning a move overseas in the next 3 to 4 years and have been checking into several countries (Panama,Costa Rica, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines). The Philippines seams the most feasible but I was wondering what would be a recommended area on a fixed income of a little over 2,100 US Dollars? Also what would the standard of living be? I don't feel a five week vacation around my wife's family gave us an honest assessment of what living there permanently would be like. thanks!
sherwood replied on July 26, 2014 with:
We live in Cebu and visit Bohol now and then. The real estate in Bohol is very reasonable because of the recent earth quake. There are very nice beaches. Life is slow and motor scooters and bikes are the main means of transportation. We are also considering to live in Cebu and have a get away house in Bohol. But your are comparing living in Cebu, a major city and Bohol a farming community. Your activities will be very different. Also things are a cheaper in Bohol for locals, but not for vacationers. I personally like Bohol and prefer it because it fits the retirement life mentality/ Sherwood Sherwood
sherwood replied on July 26, 2014 with:
Your points are well taken. I think you need to experience living in the Philippines before making a final decision. Your decision were you should live should be based on one or several benefits in living in the there. For example, it is hard to retire outside the US if have major health problems and are locally insured. In my situation, my wife lives in the Philippines and come from a very large family. We have a nice social life with her friends and relatives. Much better than in the US. While food and rent is very reasonable in the Philippines, we do not consume a lot of food and our living is modest because we travel a lot. So based on my wife's large family and be native to the Philippines, I will spend most of my time living with her in the Philippines, enjoying the tropical weather, and spend some time vacation in the US occasionally. I also believe there are greater business opportunities in the Philippines then in the U.S. But I am retired so this is not a major benefit for me. I always have the option to move back to the states if it doesn't work out. So far it good. Sherwood
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