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tlallen59 replied to the thread SHOCKING on the Philippines forum on April 16, 2014:
Billy48 initially posted:
Fr N. Mindanao near CDO: My current electric bill nearly doubled !! Anyone in other provinces/cities exp this??
tlallen59 replied 22 minutes ago with:
cw888 I think it's time for you to bust a move back to the U.S. my friend. The reason you moved there has obviously evaporated.
standupguy replied 3 hours ago with:
is someone boosting your power?
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standupguy replied to the thread Questions about dating on the Philippines forum on April 16, 2014:
semiretirediowa initially posted:
I'm researched a fair amount on the Philippines and enjoy everything I've seen/read. I'm looking a place to be for part of the year and maybe turn it into more long term if I enjoy it more. My questions center around dating and forgive me for being very direct with my questions, but that's probably the only while i'll get direct answers. I'm 35, decent looking, probably stick out quite a bit there at 6' 230 in good shape, but I'm still pretty young and got out of a 3 year relationship I wasn't happy with. At this point I'm really not wanting to be married, but I'm also a guy that will eventually want company and not be alone. My question is that most girls seem to be 100% focused on marriage and I'm at the other end of the spectrum: 1) will girls still be very interested in someone my age vs someone they that is older and they perceive as weathier, 2) will I actually be able to continually date girls without them wanting to race to marriage if I tell them I don't want that, 3) will the girls have big problems if I practice dating the US where I would go on dates with different people until I determine I want a relationship with one person, 4) will I eventually have to lie about my intentions because there's no would be with me more than a month without talking about marriage every day? 5) What would be the best city(s) for me to reside in to meet girls? I really appreciate your feedback. Also, I want to add a disclosure before I get responses that no I'm not visiting or moving here just for girls. I see many positive things about the Philippines. Unfortunately, I'm limiting my questions to this because I think I've got a reasonable handle on the other factors involved and there's not really any posts from a younger person that isn't wanting to marry. Maybe in 20 years I'm sure my tune will change, but at this point I'm just want to slow life down, focus on health, and enjoy life a little more. Thank you!
standupguy replied 26 minutes ago with:
Jammyman99, Our house is located in Prudential Village, Barrio of Daliao, Toril, Davao City. Toril is about 23 minutes South of Davao, Google World will give you the picture. I don't think I mentioned drug cartels, but there have been a few really big Chinese Shabu (meth) labs busted in Davao City. Check in the last two years. As for my comments about the bars in Angeles and Cebu, Google "whoremongering in the Philippines". There are lots of posts/pictures and video there to give you an idea. Where I live is fine as we have great neighbors, but I have looked at real estate in Davao, and even my filipina wife wouldn't want to move into some neighborhoods. There are lots of shanty town quats which I would never drive through. Believe who you want, but having lived here for 3 years, my comments are no BS. I'm just posting my stuff because it is different from some the other more rosey descriptions posted here. I don't think anyone should just get off the plane from North America and go to Angeles City thinking its' comparable to the West, or pick up with a Filipina without any information about what that may involve. I never had anyone try to pick my pocket, and street muggings are rare in Davao. There was an attempted kidnapping of a German child at the NCCC mall in Matina, Davao City. Ask yourself why there are shotgun toting guards everywhere, because there are so many Bank robberies, mall robberies, and so on. In Davao last year there were two bombings at the SM & Gaisaimo mall theatres. No one got hurt and the bombers were caught immediately and are now dead. The 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Centre were planned from a Davao City safe house. Filipino's are the nicest and most friendly people I have encountered anywhere, but that doesn't necessarily make it a safe place. There have been kidnappings on Palawan Island, and Sulu and other islands South of Davao. There are a lot of body guards toting assault rifles. The malls often have several gun shops and you can buy brass knuckles in the camping equipment section from the display cases. Don't take my word for it, look at the Canadian or US embassy travel warnings they post. All travel by westerners to Davao City is ill advised and you have to practice extreme caution (like being careful what cab you get into at night and where they are going). The Canadian Embassy warns against going outside of Davao City by car (which I have done without any danger to me sticking to my route to General Santos City. In my opinion, Davao is a lot safer than Manila. The problem is that Westerners are targeted because they usually have more money that Filipino's. The wealthy Filipinos take their security precautions very seriously.
Jammyman969 replied 3 hours ago with:
Standupguy where exactly do you live? Because your opinion is totally different to everyone else's and you make it sounds like its some kind of Brazilian cocaine drug cartel area. Maybe you see all these things and maybe they are available but so they are everywhere else, even in the UK if you really want to look for them. All the other people i get opinions from online say the place is fine, just the same with any lower income cities, pickpockets and the occasional mugging if your not wise enough to hide your valuables. Can you actually show some links to back up all these things you talk about?
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tlallen59 replied to the thread Preparing to retire in the Philipines on the Philippines forum:
gva4 initially posted:
Dear Expat Community; I am a 63 year old African American Disabled Retired Male. And though I have never traveled Internationally, The cost of Living is leading me to consider retiring abroad. I have friends in the Philipines, but reach out to your members for guidance in preparing for such a move. My retirement income is close to $2000.00. Any help or direction is appreciated. Gary
tlallen59 replied 3 hours ago with:
I just sic my wife on them with a bolo! LOL
joncena replied 8 hours ago with:
ace,, I guess you didn't even read my posts. I said I will not use a gun since its illegal for me to own. I have a crossbow that is legal for me to own. peace brother
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cw888 replied to the thread Family friendly cities to move to in the Philippines? on the Philippines forum on April 16, 2014:
califamily initially posted:
We are in the beginning stages of moving/staying in the Philippines. This is a dream that my husband has had and, although I am a little nervous, I am excited about the possibilities. How do you even start to figure out where to live? We have 4 children ranging in ages up to 13. I will most likely home school the children. We want to slow down our pace of life. We would like to live near the Ocean. Internet connection is a must! Any advise would be greatly appreciated!
cw888 replied 8 hours ago with:
OH MY: Read and think first from a man who came here to find what your looking for....It may exist if you have enough $ and Makati is one area that you will be insulated from the big picture. Philippines is not California unless you compare Compton, Watts and all the rest not just Brentwood and Malibu. Folks with young family be cautious look around the world to all options i.e. Island nations but not PHil....try Tahiti, Raratonga, not Fiji...or the PR, Look at Central America and be cautious...visit first before committing...consider schools, language, currency, rules for seniors, medical/dental , banking, stability of their government.....easy access in and out, visa b.s., everything..and if you find that one country and it does exist...then I will tell you otherwise get out of Cal...and there are places left in USA that still have the old fashion values I THINK???? AS A NEW YORKER IT COMES STRAIGHT AT YOU...BEWARE AND FLY UNDER THE RADAR..THINGS ARE CHANGING...TAKE IT FROM A 71 YEAR OLD WORLD TRAVELER WHO WORKED FROM RUSSIA, LIVED IN EUROPE AND CHINA...USA IS NOT THE PLACE BUT COULD BE AGAIN...SO....GOD BLESS BEFORE THEY TRY TO TAKE GOD AWAY FROM YOU...
Acordant replied on April 11, 2014 with:
Sorry for the typo in an earlier post. I meant to say that a good primary education could be found as cheap as 500P per month, not 50. Figure an good average of 1,000 pesos for budgeting purposes.
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BillLeland replied to the thread Buying a house with a mortgage on the Philippines forum on April 16, 2014:
Acordant initially posted:
I am planning on moving to Sagñay, Camarines Sur in July and I would like to buy a house near the beach. I will have about 1.2 million PHP when I get there. I would like to buy a 3 bedroom house, preferably one floor as I have COPD. I'm not sure if 1.2 million PHP is enough to buy/build the house. I have heard that mortgages are rare in the Philippines but do exist. What kind of experience have you had with mortgages?
BillLeland replied 12 hours ago with:
You've more than enough for an American quality house that will laugh at the super typhoons. really. bILL
joncena replied 14 hours ago with:
I agree with you creative. we are both the same age. I wonder if there is a pre-payment penalty here. a lot of mortgages are under 10k per month.. I wonder if its possible to double up on the payments without getting penalized
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MrsP replied to the thread Western women on the Philippines forum on April 15, 2014:
ACEPoolPlayer initially posted:
I'm sorry Mrs. P and others but you are preaching to the choir. No offense but 99% of the foreigners on this site are men. I'd guess that 99% of those men are moving or retiring to the Philippines with women being one of the reasons along with cost of living. Many of these guys have had bad experiences with western women. I'm sure you an others are decent foreigner women but that's just the way it is atleast on these kind of sites.
MrsP replied on April 15, 2014 with:
'Evil white bitches' seems you can add racism to your many charms BIll Top guy
standupguy replied on April 15, 2014 with:
BillLeland, You sound like some kind of victim at the hands of educated western ladies. Actually its a flawed legal process which creates imbalance. There are opportunists from both genders. I don't like banks or the tax man especially who are the biggest opportunists of all.
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telemakus replied to the thread Gonig to PI as a missionary on the Philippines forum on April 15, 2014:
telemakus initially posted:
I have recently been given the opportunity to missionary/ relief work on an assorted group of Islands delivering food to highly impoverished people on some of the many islands surrounding the Philippines. . I am not a wealthy man but did do some excellent planning earlier in give me a 3-4k pension of sorts a month.. I know that most of the business portion (IE fule for flying boa tplanes and boats and the relief materials will be paid for by a relief organization. I believe I will be home based in either the Cebu area or Davao City. I have done missions work in ethipia, african congo, india. I know like in most situations the locals who are part of the mission/relief with be helpful, but I am wondering about any advice about the culture and maybe somethings to look for that might get me in trouble. One thing different about this trip is that everyone says I won't be single after I am there for 2 years.. I have been to all sorts of poverty stricken lands and I have never been told this kind of thing before going. What is it about filipinas that make people say this to me. I am a widower with no kids. what suggestions or advice do I need to know that is different about the Philippines.
telemakus replied on April 15, 2014 with:
That would be fantastic.
creativeblox replied on April 15, 2014 with:
if you are planning to go to Davao or Cebu (where the need is greater) then best to learn the local dialect Bisaya or also called Cebuano as most of the poorer folk dont speak tagalog. I can put you in contact with some of the local charities in Davao region as well as other expats that are volunteering with food, school and infrastructure.
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standupguy posted Bars in Angeles, Davao, & Cebu on the Philippines forum on April 15, 2014:
My wife and I went to Angeles for three days . We went down to "Walking Street" ( to walk around) and see where all the action is. Lots of Americans there. We stayed at the expensive Angeles Beach Resort hotel. There are no cabs there that I could see. Our hotel had their own shuttle service, but they expect a tip. There were smaller tricycles you can take that I wouldn't fit in (the ones in Davao are larger). The Walking Street bars in Angeles we saw are much like those you can see on Google if you search "Whoremongering in the Philippines". There are videos there which will give you an idea. The dancers don't dance, but rather stand on a stage and shake a little waiting for their John. The waitresses will chat you up, and it can be entertaining conversation. We did not go out to any bars in Cebu, but there were some off Mango St. that did seem not too scummy which I found on the internet. The bars in Davao are mostly scummy where the dancers try to get you to buy them drinks. However, they don't just stand and shake a little when they are dancing, they actually perform on a stage and not the bar.. If they are any good, you will hang around for more than one beer. If a bar looks too swank, then it won't be very interesting. Some bars we didn't go in since they were for men only. I prefer the lively beach social scene at Vales Beach near Toril with all the families eating, singing and drinking. There are food vendors there who sell local snacks and a concession where you can buy big bottles of Red Horse beer or Emperedor light Brandy or Tanduay Rum, We BYOB.
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