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ACEPoolPlayer replied to the thread Need help selling my beauitiful home on the Philippines forum on September 01, 2014:
emmett11 initially posted:
My Mom is 90 and needs my help so We will return to USA after first of the year but have to sell my beauitiful home. I have renovated to american standars, electrical and plumbing with HEAVY DUTY new white roof all drainage is off site to small creek ready for grass, all appliances and very nice furnture I bought when I arrived and had lots of money two bedrooms 1 bath with shower with heater; toilet with clean sptic system, well water with double filter system still buy drinking water, but well water is very clean to wash and cook with-. 12-14 foot high walls concrete with barb wire screened windows with bars very safe house and area new concrete road no more dirt,; comes with generator and carport if interested or have someone looking for a really nice retirement place let me know, I can send some photos you'll be impressed. Leyte area, Yolanda went by us but house was fine. we were OK with generator and satelite TV... add some solar and you are set. Please help me out 3.5 million peso or= 70,000$ for van, 2014 scooter Honda, house and lot all clean REAL TITLE with all my tools and generator. Think about it send me a note ... Thanks, Ready to move in and hang your clothes and that is it everything is in good working order I have busted my butt working on this labor of LOVE HOME !!!
ACEPoolPlayer replied 9 hours ago with:
Emmett, Please don't be offended. My goal is not to discourage or encourage the sale of your house. I'm just being as honest as possible. It's only my opinion based on my knowledge that may help anyone reading these post. I also moved back to take care of my mother who died of Alzheimer's 7 months ago. That has nothing to do with encouraging or discouraging your sale. Good luck with your mother.
emmett11 replied on August 31, 2014 with:
Thanks Tony I am taking your advice and setting up a web page I'll be posting the address soon. Internet is slow and takes a long time to upload photos Please be patient, I am working on it right now... Thanks to every one keep checking in. Thanks Emmett
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fasthugh replied to the thread Finding an apt in cebu on the Philippines forum on September 01, 2014:
Singlelooking initially posted:
Hi, I've now been four days in Cebu. Since I was shocked by what I saw when I first went to Manila, I came to Cebu to use it as a home base instead. From here I would like to explore other areas, that experienced people like you may suggest, like maybe,Palawan etc. Which ever you think is more upscale, uncrowded. I would like to find an apt to move out of the hotel/pension scene. I'm staying in the capitol/La Fuente Robinsons mall area. it's not to bad compared to other areas I've visited in Cebu. If there are cleaner, more middle class areas please let me know. I'm looking for help finding apt so I suppose a rental agent or two would be a good idea. So please tell me if you know of a good one, asap! If you know of other areas that are a bit more upscale it would be helpful. But I do want to be walking distance to shopping areas,malls etc. I say that because I went to the Mactan by the water condos, and the view was nice but you had to take a cab every time you went out and they were asking 50,000p per month, which defeats one of the big reasons to move out here in the first place. In the south of France you can get an apt for 400-500 Euros. I was just in several countries in southern Europe On another topic is Thailand as ruff looking as this? What about Cambodia and Malaysia? Just in case anyone knows... Please, a rental agent or apt place I can check out, THANKS!!!
fasthugh replied 13 hours ago with:
What shocked you in Manila that won't shock you in Cebu?
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ACEPoolPlayer replied to the thread So what is Province??? on the Philippines forum on August 31, 2014:
CaliforniaSylvia initially posted:
Hi everyone! My husband thinks he's the expert on Philippines. He says local philopinos say he/she is from the province, which means he/she is from the remote poor places. To me it doesn't make any sense, as I know province is the primary Administrative division. Do philopinos really refer poor remote undeveloped places as province??? Thanks~
ACEPoolPlayer replied on August 31, 2014 with:
The area of some states are just too large. California is much bigger than the whole Philippines. A matter-of-fact most states are larger than the whole Philippines in land area. I think a better analogy would be county.
CaliforniaSylvia replied on August 31, 2014 with:
Hi AcePoolPlayer! Thanks for your reply. I agree with you, except for one question, why do you think a province is the simile of a county not the a state in America? Thanks~
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poochewer replied to the thread Process of getting a firearm license on the Philippines forum on August 31, 2014:
Flopie133 initially posted:
Hello,has anyone gone through getting a firearm licensure--or their spouse? I know a foreigner cannot get licensed but Filipino spouse can. I briefly Googled the topic but saw breakdown of who can apply and their lists of documentation and it does not cover a Repat--choices were what you have to show if you were a Businessman,a Private Employee, a Government worker, a Uniformed employee, an OFW/Seaman. Nothing for just a regular Citizen. Any info?
poochewer replied on August 31, 2014 with:
Don't waste your time reading written laws in this country. They have nothing whatsoever to do with what actually happens in everyday life here.You are in a completely different place here in this country. If you don't get with the system here,you will never survive or you will return to your own country. As I've said before,anything that you want to do here is ok, regardless of the "written laws" it's who you know not what time know. The sooner you wake up to that,the better your life will be here. This is just honest advice. Believe it or forget it.
Flopie133 replied on August 31, 2014 with:
You know, I reGoogled it and can't find it anymore but instead came upon the PNP Firearm and Explosives Office Website with the General Requirements. I guess what I read before may have been for more specific groups. But Holy Cow! How much is this going to cost with all those certifications, clearances and documents???!!!
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property in PhilippinesIt offers a wide range of facilities and amenities that include a cafe/restaurant, swimming pool,picnic huts, and a boardwalk by the lake.
property in PhilippinesEXPAT RENTAL EXECUTIVE 1 Bedroom rental
property in Philippines2 bed, 2 bath, maids room, semi furnished bedrooms, living area and kitchen complete with inverter aircon. Golf course and city views
property in PhilippinesUptown Parksuites is where privilege is put above all else. The latest addition to the residential block of Uptown Bonifacio, Uptown Parksuites uplifts the experience of luxury to something extraordinary. Rising 50 storeys, it is an unparalleled address for the urban elite; one that unequivocally defines 21st century living.
tony1948 replied to the thread food from street vendors on the Philippines forum on August 31, 2014:
ACEPoolPlayer initially posted:
It was mentioned that in Henry's videos he is frequently eating at street vendors. I've only looked at one minute of one video. They seem to be done very well. He says "I've been in the Philippines for one year...". I found it strange that someone can be so knowledgeable on everything after only being in the Philippines for one year. Unless you have lived in the Philippines for a long time never eat food from a street vendor. I guess if you are overweight and want to lose weight fast it may be a good idea. A Filipino being exposed to bacteria for many years has built up the resistance to the various bacteria and can handle it. Someone whose body is not use to it can be in serious discomfort. Filipinos do use a lot of soy sauce with many of their cooked dishes. Soy sauce does have a lot of sodium in it. The high salt content may be one of the reasons why the food that is always left out doesn't spoil that fast. Never the less it is still unsanitary for a western person who is use to proper cooking techniques and low levels of bacteria due to refrigeration. The temperature in the Philippines during the day is always 85-95 degrees F. That's only one issue. The other issue is using water that is not filtered or boiled. Of course vendors never use bottled water in their drinks, soups or any form of cooking that requires water. Unless you have lived in the Philippines for a long time stay away from vendors of any kind especially those selling food or drinks. Soup, ice and anything that requires water you should be wary of even in a better quality restaurant.
tony1948 replied on August 31, 2014 with:
since coming to the Philippines and being married to a Filipino my wife has learned to cook without MSG which the natives use in everything they cook. I stay away from the seafood because it gives me high blood pressure. I do like yellow fin tuna. One thing that bothers me and cannot get a grip on it is the meat, fish at the markets. They are just left out in the open and the fly's lay their eggs on it, also at the markets you can see the cockroaches on the vegies. My wife brings the food home and washes it good before putting them into the fridge. She never gets sick. I have a low resistance so I get sick easy but I have learned what not to do and what to stay away from. Mostly all people here have bottled water. The less fortunate in the province drink well water like my wife did all her life before meeting me. I must say she loves my teaching her the things we have in America, eg. spices and seasonings. She has never tasted balsamic vinegar, Worchester sauce, mustard, oregano, etc.
ACEPoolPlayer replied on August 31, 2014 with:
Filipinos have better resistance to elements that the newly relocated foreigner does not have. The vendors mostly cater to Filipinos. They will not change their methods when there is no need to change them. It would only cost them more in preparation cost. Vendors usually sell snacks, not a regular meal. There are tons of choices of places to eat just like any other place in the world.
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sherwood posted Visiting Dumaguete on the Philippines forum on August 30, 2014:
We plan on visiting Dumaguete the second week of September. There will be three. Me, my wife and her son. I am seeking recommendation for a decent hotel, reasonably priced, two rooms. A kitchen is nice, but not necessary since we intend to go sightseeing and eat out. Beach front would be an added benefit. I plan on staying 5 days. I will investigate any recommendation when we get there. We will bring along our car. Sherwood
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