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strawn replied to the thread my son on the Philippines forum:
strawn initially posted:
I lived and worked out of the US for over 30 years and married a wonderful woman from Guyana. We retired in a small town in Texas. Our son is 18 and will graduate from HS next spring. He was born with a cleft palate, nicely repaired, but it's there. Also will probably be bald like me. Already he's having difficulty finding a date. Would I be wrong to point him the Philippines? Thanks
strawn replied 53 minutes ago with:
Thanks for your reply TitoMike. In fact I wouldn't agree. I like a lot of men that have a Asian wife also have a American ex-wife. I regret not having met my Asian wife (his mother) first. I feel that as a father, I should explain to my son what I feel was the difference between the two. Also pass on mine as well as my fathers and brothers experiences with divorce in the US. I can only pass on my thoughts and experiences. It's up to him to take his life where it leads him. Maybe he won't wish one day that he'd met his second wife first if only he'd know she existed.
TitoMike replied 7 hours ago with:
@strawn My goodness, let him grow up first. Further education, jobs and sorting out life as best he can via experiences that just come along are the things he needs at this point. Continued parental support and guidance oriented to his particular needs in the environment in which he currently lives will pay greater dividends than a program designed around running from reality. Give him that and let him find a way to migrate to and succeed in a world where you're not in charge. Your son's only 18 and, from what you say, immature for his age. Would not you agree that life is better when discovered naturally, vice having it manufactured for you according to someone else's specifications?
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kjcracin replied to the thread American Thanksgiving on the Philippines forum on November 27, 2014:
standupguy initially posted:
I wish all my American neighbors who are members of this forum and their family a wonderful Thanksgiving Day As you know, Thanksgiving Day was originally established by Abraham Lincoln in 1863 to give "thanksgiving and praise to our beneficent Father who dwelleth in the Heavens". Good cheer to all of you.
kjcracin replied 2 hours ago with:
Same to you Standupguy.
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mjajr09890 posted Food and eating in Phils on the Philippines forum on November 27, 2014:
Attn: brslomo I hope this info helps. As part of my entire luggage allowance, I brought a very large ice chest cooler container full of raw meat (frozen) like beef, chicken & lots of seafood through NAIA 1 Customs and when he asked me about it, I told him I brought it to celebrate a large Filipino wedding ceremony. I am sure he could have asked me to open the container, so he could assess the value and require payment but he didn't - he let me go through. I am sure this wouldn't occur all the time but I was lucky and fortunate that one time. In my opinion, it all depends on the Customs rep you're dealing with.
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alan44 replied to the thread Lost Passport Exit on the Philippines forum on November 27, 2014:
alan44 initially posted:
Need to replace lost American passport and understand procedure for doing so via US Embassy . What i am not sure about is leaving Philippines with replacement passport that has no stamps in it . Married to a Filipino and would like to exit and renter under BB status to get back into the system . Has anyone done this and know what i might need on exit and reentry other than marriage certificate and proof of lost passport status ? Do not hold ACR card. Thanks for responses.. I do not have an ACR card
alan44 replied 7 hours ago with:
Thanks for the suggestions . Amazing how many different answers you will get regarding the question . My favorite is " will need an affidavit from an attorney proving passport was lost " but seems redundant to me given that i would have copies of forms filed with US Embassy to replace in the first place . And , yes that advice came from a BI employee. :-)
Panglaodreamer replied 10 hours ago with:
Lost mine in 1994. Went to police office filled out a report, then went to Consulate office in Cebu at the time and got a new passport. Luckily had copy of my birth certificate with me. When I got to airport to leave, was questioned about one stamp but just showed copy of police report to them. No problem at all after that.
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brslomo replied to the thread Food and eating in Phils on the Philippines forum on November 27, 2014:
brslomo initially posted:
In thinking about the holiday period which begins with Thanksgiving and ends with Christmas and New Year's day its nearly impossible for Americans to ignore the centrality of certain traditional foods to the season. This has led me to think about the way that Philippino and American people relate to food and to one another and to question whether food serves to unite or divide the two cultures in this environment. Please share your thoughts and experiences.
brslomo replied 6 hours ago with:
Lilmck77, One more question and I hope you don't take offense to it. I'm positive that if you tried to bring any kind of raw meat into the U.S., it would be seized by customs if they knew about it. What is the deal taking raw meat through Philippine customs? Do you declare it? Has it ever been seized from her luggage?
brslomo replied 6 hours ago with:
Just curious how you cook the prime rib. Does it fit in your oven? And I have to assume you prepare it so it is rare when presented. How to the relatives feel about consuming rare beef? I know that with the exception of raw seafood prepared with vinegar, Pinoys seem to like to cook the bejesus out of food. And does your wife begin her journey with the joint frozen? Thanks all for your replies.
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lilmck77 replied to the thread How much to tip building staff for xmas? on the Philippines forum on November 27, 2014:
eyw initially posted:
The admin office in my building has started accepting holiday gift donations for the building staff, and I'm wondering what is an appropriate amount. This is a building in the upscale Fort area of Manila, my monthly rent is P50k+ for a furnished place, I've been here 6 months. I recognize by face maybe 10-12 of the lobby/security/cleaner staff, they're always opening doors for me and always calling me "sir" (ugh). So what's a decent donation to give? I want to be neither too stingy nor too generous. Thanks!
lilmck77 replied 17 hours ago with:
Those are just our opinions. If you feel more comfortable giving to the admins, then by all means do so. If you want to go that route, then I'd ask the admins how many people that it will be split between, and then come up with a number that divides evenly.
eyw replied on November 26, 2014 with:
Thanks guys, that helps. Honestly, I was hoping to give through the admin office because it's such a stress-free way of doing it. They are organizing a separate xmas party for the building staff and asked for donations, with the leftover going to individual staff. It really stresses me out to think of doing it in person because I'm introverted and I haven't exactly been chatty with the staff, and I'm sure I'm going to miss out some people. I've only been here 5 months and I haven't been paying attention to who's helpful and who isn't. In fact, I genuinely wish they would just leave me alone and let me open the door for myself :) Thanks for the suggestions.
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brslomo replied to the thread Lipa City on the Philippines forum on November 27, 2014:
bumpnbump initially posted:
Hello, I am American (Florida) I moved here in Lipa last May and have a small pizza/Burger shop with my wife here in Sabang. I wanted to reach out to any expats here in Lipa and also wanted to find food/paper suppliers here in Lipa as it is harder to find here than in the States. Thanks for any comments and hope to meet some expats here in Lipa..Dahn
brslomo replied 15 hours ago with:
Hey Bump, How did you get into the pizza business here? Is that what you did in Florida? Is it a one off restaurant of your own desin, your own recipes? Or is it a ffranchise? When I first came here I noticed something interesting regarding pizza. When you get pizza in the states, the person who cuts it is usually sloppy in doing so. But here, the kids who cut it are very precise. Would you agree with that or is your exexperience different? Thanks. I'll try your food when I'm in the area.
robram63 replied on November 26, 2014 with:
I also am American living in Lipa City. Only here since August of this year, and love area so much. Would be great to get together for conversation. My cell number is 639064032043, call anytime . Bob Ramsey
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tlallen59 replied to the thread from Thailand to Philippines ? on the Philippines forum on November 26, 2014:
Expatriot initially posted:
Hi, I live in Thailand for 10 years now. In the Isaan, which is north east. Rural areas, farmers land. I am about to brake up my relationship and I am thinking of moving to the Philippines. I have never been there before so I don't know much about it. But for what I know, and what attracks me most compared to Thailand is: People speak english so I can finally talk with people and read every sign in the streets and shops. here not, which is very frustrating. So that also means that if I can get a work or business permit I can finally work because I can communicate with people.Here in Thailand I depend 100% on my wife who works and that feels very uncomfortable especially because she is sometimes just not fit to work. The visa requirements and rules are so difficult in Thailand. I understood in the Philippines this is much easier. People in the philipines have a more western way of thinking and doing than the Thai.(right?) Climate is really comfortable with an average of 26 degrees? In Thailand it is often hot as hell.(up to 42 degrees). Is the above right? are there more positive (or negative) things compared to living in Thailand? Trafic in Thailand is crazy dangerous. Thailand ranks #2 in the world when it comes to deadly accidents. How is this in The Philippines?
tlallen59 replied on November 26, 2014 with:
From my experience on boards like this the only time your post's are delayed is when you are on moderation. I have not seen any delay to anything I have posted and I can be very opinionated sometimes.
brslomo replied on November 26, 2014 with:
Mr. Chewer, In a way, I agree with you. I am in favor of openness and freedom of expression. I also think that we are best served when we are free to criticize what each other says. If I state something that is way off base and a lot of people weigh in with differing points of view and support those points of view, we all stand to benefit. But the situation that usually arises is that new people are not granted the same latitude as old timers. The moderator of the PI forum strives to keep peace. But he also has some hotheads who are always ready to snap at what others say. But woe unto him who would reply in kind. This has resulted in the deletion of my posts more often than I care to remember. What I would like to suggest is this. If anyone wishes to criticize something that someone else posts or to criticize that person himself, there should be a separate thread for that. You could call it "The Woodshed".
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Traco replied to the thread Long Stay Hotels on the Philippines forum on November 26, 2014:
Traco initially posted:
Planning on staying in Phils for 3 months twice a year (the remainder in Oz). Instead of renting condos, do hotels offer discounted long stay deals? Probably 3 star standard, not pensions. Various locations in mind.
Traco replied on November 26, 2014 with:
Thanks. The thing about condos is you have to go through all the searching and paperwork before you move in. And it needs to be furnished. Not sure whether many condos are leased for 3 months - most want a year or 6 months commitment. I reckon around P10,000 a week for a reasonable hotel would be ok. That's about AU$240 at the current rate, which wouldn't get you a tent here in our overpriced urban property markets. We'd ideally like to spend 3 months in different locations each visit - Luzon, Visayas, Mindanao. Wife comes from Mindanao [Cotobato] but I'd keep to Davao for anything long term. We usually stay at the Grand Meng seng Hotel there which is very good.
castofclowns replied on November 24, 2014 with:
Where in the Phils do you want to stay? I think you should stick to condo resorts rather than hotels. It's more affordable. But there's a difference like no maid service, etc..Example of condo resorts in the Philippines is DMCI Homes. They make resort-oriented properties.
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mjajr09890 posted from Thailand to Philippines ? on the Philippines forum on November 26, 2014:
Attn: brslomo Kind of you to say "sir", but not necessary - I'm an expat same as you enjoying my experience here in the Phils. Based on my personal experience having shared Thanksgiving feasts with her family in the past, they love Turkey (if cooked right), as well as Dressing & Yams and other side dishes. They "really" liked Pumpkin Pie. Hope this info helps.
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