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EastofWatford replied to the thread Real Estate Commission in Poland on the Poland forum on November 22, 2014:
TheOtherEddy initially posted:
Who pays the real estate fees when renting a property in Poland; Is it the property owner or the tennant? Which regulation/law covers this point?
EastofWatford replied on November 22, 2014 with:
The real estate agent in Poland feeds on both parties. You could easily get the comission down to 50% of one month.
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Caboose posted College/University options in Rzeszow on the Poland forum:
We're moving to RZE in January 2015, and a few days ago our boys surprised us by telling us they're considering coming with us, but only if they can find a college or university in which to continue their studies (they're 22 & 24) They're fluent in French, English & German, have canadian & EU passports and one studies Media Arts, the other Animation...does any school there offer such things? They'd also be looking for internships in those fields if anyone
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Radymno, Poland. My husband is a border guard serviceman. This night he had to go to Korczowa at an urgent request being received from his commands. A couple of hours ago he came back to take his winter season uniform and left again for Korczowa. He says there's serious strengthening at the Poland-Ukraine borders, as the signal of officially registered Ebola in Ukraine been received. Some bordercross checkpoints between our country and Ukraine are currently closed. The Korczowa post still operates fully, but besides the custom control people are obliged to undergo additional thorough medical inspection. Honestly, the situation on whole cannot but scares. The deadly virus about which until recently you heard from TV is already one step standing the territories of Poland!
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property in PolandThis is a fantastic 42 m2 apartment right in the centre of the old town on the second floor of a renovated post-war town house with a clean and well-kept staircase. The rooms in the apartment are located on the opposite sides of the building, from the east and the west, so one side of the flat is always beautifully sunlit.
property in PolandThis is a fantastic 42 m2 apartment right in the centre of the old town on the second floor of a renovated post-war town house with a clean and well-kept staircase. The rooms in the apartment are located on the opposite sides of the building, from the east and the west, so one side of the flat is always beautifully sunlit.
Caboose replied to the thread Moving to Rzeszow on the Poland forum:
steakmince initially posted:
My wife, kids and I have decided to move to Rzeszow next year and i would love to meet up with someone for a beer or coffee to chat about some of the pros and cons of such a move from the UK. My wife is Polish and comes from Rzeszow but i would like to hear from someone who has made the move already. I will be visiting Rzeszow on Sunday 5th October 2014 for approx 2 weeks if anyone is up for a ?ywiec !!! Thanks in advance Paul
Caboose replied most recently with:
So it's official.. My husband and I are moving to Rzeszow for a 2-yr assignment. We will be going on a house hunting mission in November and I wonder if any recent arrivees can give me an idea of what the urban lifestyle is like. We are thinking of an area that is "hip", walking distance to all matter of restaurants and nightlife and cultural centres. Hubby will be working at wsk so something in that area maybe. We have no children moving with us, but we have a small dog - we're still debating whether or not to bring him. Our report date isn't till February..
kingar85 replied most recently with:
hi Paul ,me and my husband are thinking to move to rzeszow nxt year as well.Im polish same as ur wife and my husband is british .It would be great to hear from you .Im not often on this forum but u can email me if u want .My email adress is vajra@interia.pl.
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srlucado replied to the thread Unversity in Poland on the Poland forum:
MRRPaul initially posted:
My son will be visiting Poland to check out Universities for Veterinary Medicine in Warsaw and Kroclaw, the first week of November. Does anyone have any experience or knowledge with these programs (taught in English)? or expat life for young adults (18+) My son's education has been in international schools in Central America. He has a British and Canadian passport, fluent in English and Spanish. Excited about studying in Eastern Europe. Thank you for any help!
srlucado replied most recently with:
I don't have any familiarity with veterinary programs in Poland, but Poles will be quick to point out that Poland is Central, not Eastern, Europe. And by "Kroclaw" do you mean Krakow or Wroclaw? That being said, I wish I had the chance to study in Poland!
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srlucado replied to the thread Recruiters freelancers in poland on the Poland forum:
TaniaBabii initially posted:
Hello, does anyone have some contacts of recruietrs freelancers? have to find job ))) Thanks, Tania
srlucado replied most recently with:
Have you tried looking on LinkedIn? I must have 300 connections in Poland who are recruiters of various types.
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mahelsay replied to the thread RELOCATING TO POLAND on the Poland forum:
TonyJacobs initially posted:
Hi all. Me and my wife (Polish) are on the verge of relocating to Poland. Currently, I am in the process of learning the language as internet research showed me this is an absolute MUST. Originally, I am Russian, however I have migrated from Russia to Cyprus in 1996 and have lived in Cyprus for over 17 years now. I speak all Russian, English AND Greek as if they were my native languages. I was wondering if any of you guys could suggest how to proceed once I am in Poland. I would love to think that I will be a little more proficient in Polish language in the very near future. However, I do not know whether my knowledge of Polish will be sufficiently good to undertake a job involving the language. So, I was hoping to find employment at one of the international (multilingual) companies in Warsaw for the time being. I already started my research about this but its a lengthy process. How possible may this be? Thank you for your time and help beforehand.
mahelsay replied most recently with:
Hi, my email is "mahelsay@gmail.com". and yes i have a desire to work. i'm an engineer with 6 years experience in multinational companies please let me know how to proceed Thanks
roselle replied most recently with:
Hello, no resume is needed. No qualifications are needed. You have to have a desire to work hard and help others succeed too. If you can do that then you can easily become an Arbonne Consultant in Poland. What is your emailmaddress please? I will send you all the relevant info and the link to a video too. Working for Arbonne is the most fun you will have making a living! Roselle :-)
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Hello, I live in the UK and I work for a 34 year old health and wellness company. As of today (Oct 1st) my business is launched in Poland which means you now have the opportunity to build a very successful and lucrative business for a very low start-up cost. The products are vegan certified, free of nasty chemicals skincare, makeup and nutrition and they are all SWISS formulated which means they are world class and prestige. I am looking to start a team of consultants in Warsaw and Krakow so I will be flying to these places asap but I need people to meet with whilst I am there. Included within this 34 year old company is a white Mercedes when you get to regional vice president level and trips to Maui, Mexico and Vegas when you get high levels of the company. This is not a get rich quick business. Work is required to progress up the ladder but the business needs NO qualifications. You simply need a laptop or iPad a few of the products to share with people and a strong desire to help others become successful too. Please visit https://www.facebook.com/arbonnepolandofficial?fref=ts (copy and paste the link) for more details. Please respond wo this post of you are interested in making your life better for yourself and your family whilst helping so many others do the same. A strong desire to help people is required. Thank you so much for reading my post :-)
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mahelsay replied to the thread Moving to Poland, need help in relocation? on the Poland forum:
cemah initially posted:
Hi, We are providing services in relocation, moving, home-search trips, work and residence permit in Poland. In our data base we have more than 5000 offers of houses and apartments available in Warsaw. vip-service.com.pl
mahelsay replied most recently with:
hi, actually i'm wondering if you can help me. my wife is polish and me is Egyptian and we are now considering relocating to poland and settle there forever. my only concern is finding a job there so if you can help with any advice it would be great.. i'm an engineer and have been working in IT field for last 6 years in multinationals .. thanks and waiting for reply
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