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4SaleUSA replied to the thread NFL games online or anywhere on TV in Poland? on the Poland forum:
jgads initially posted:
Hello all, A very American question here, but I'm currently in Warsaw and wondering if anyone might know of a way to get or find NFL games either online or on TV somewhere whilst staying here? I know in the States there are various ways to get the futbol/soccer matches from abroad, and wondering if the same might be here with our American football. Cheers.
4SaleUSA replied most recently with:
The games will be shown on NBC, FOX, CBS and ESPN in the US. If you or any of your dear ones have a subscription with any of these broadcasters, you’re good to go. Simply run Safer VPN, connect to the US VPN server closest to your current location and login to the broadcaster’s online stream just as if you were in the US. This also works if your area is under blackout – just connect to our US East or US West server and you’ll be able to watch the game!
jgads replied most recently with:
So I just purchased NFL Game Pass for the computer for 14.99 for a week. A shame I appear to be unable to get the application on my more reliable ipad (need a credit card with valid foreign address to activate a foreign iTunes account, which appears the only way to get the app; unavailable via my US iTunes Store) but Redzone later today on my computer, so long as it works ok, will be fantastic.
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Krzysiek replied to the thread RELOCATING TO POLAND on the Poland forum:
TonyJacobs initially posted:
Hi all. Me and my wife (Polish) are on the verge of relocating to Poland. Currently, I am in the process of learning the language as internet research showed me this is an absolute MUST. Originally, I am Russian, however I have migrated from Russia to Cyprus in 1996 and have lived in Cyprus for over 17 years now. I speak all Russian, English AND Greek as if they were my native languages. I was wondering if any of you guys could suggest how to proceed once I am in Poland. I would love to think that I will be a little more proficient in Polish language in the very near future. However, I do not know whether my knowledge of Polish will be sufficiently good to undertake a job involving the language. So, I was hoping to find employment at one of the international (multilingual) companies in Warsaw for the time being. I already started my research about this but its a lengthy process. How possible may this be? Thank you for your time and help beforehand.
Krzysiek replied most recently with:
Hi! :) If some of you will be planning to move to Wroc?aw (Poland) and will need some help with legalization of residence and work than let me know! Due to a project I am helping expats in legal stuff related with their legalization of residence and work in Wroc?aw - totally for free! :) If you are interested write to me: expat.help.wroclaw@gmail.com :)
Miki101 replied most recently with:
Witam ,widz? ?e ka?dy próbuje tu dosta? troch? informacji na temat ?ycia w Polsce wi?c s?dz? ,i? te? ju? jeste?cie w stanie czyta? i pisa? po polsku. Wi?c co dok?adnie Was interesuje.
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Krzysiek posted Help in Wroc?aw for expats on the Poland forum:
Hi! :) If some of you will be planning to move to Wroc?aw (Poland) and will need some help with legalization of residence and work than let me know! Due to a project I am helping expats in legal stuff related with their legalization of residence and work in Wroc?aw - totally for free! :) If you are interested write to me: expat.help.wroclaw@gmail.com :)
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Swissharley replied to the thread Job Offer on the Poland forum:
Swissharley initially posted:
Hi everybody in the Krakow area. My employer is looking for persons who are fluent in German & English, minimum Level C2. If you are interested in a challanging job, please write to me with further details about you. I look forward to hear from you. Regards SwissHarley
Swissharley replied most recently with:
The Job Offer in Krakow is still available. So if you speak and write English and German fluently, please contact me urgently. Thanks
Swissharley replied most recently with:
Hi Joe 1977, give me your email address i can send more info.
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property in Poland60sqm apartment, with an underground parking space, in a new building constructed in 2013. Fully furnished apartment for a single person or a couple. Supermarket, tram stop, cafe and services less than 50 meters away. Secure building access to the lobby with intercom and receptionist. The building offers a gym/fitness room for residents.
Wladek replied to the thread Property in Poland on the Poland forum:
Wladek initially posted:
I own a 2/3rds share of an apartment in the Ursus district of Warsaw and my nephews have a 1/3rd share now due to financial difficulties here I really need to sell my share in the property . one of my nephews daughter is living in the apartment with her husband and daughter she is not in a position to buy my share and neither are any of my nephews I really need some advice with what my options are and what can I do to sell my share if anyone can help this would be great any more information required this can be provided . Thanks
Wladek replied most recently with:
How would i go about this ?
joe1977 replied most recently with:
Did you consider using your interest in the property as collateral for a loan?
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Lionbridge Technologies, Inc. (Nasdaq: LIOX), international comapny from testing and localization industry, is currently looking for Language Testers - Native Speakers of various languages.
joe1977 posted Need help in Poland? on the Poland forum:
I can help with immigration, business or other entity establishment in Poland.
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Ula replied to the thread meeting for English speaking Kids on the Poland forum:
magic78 initially posted:
Hi all I have 6 year old would like to meet in Krakow with other english speaking kids, my kid goes to polish school so I don't want him to forget english .Could meet once or twice a week. Please let me know if U interested.
Ula replied most recently with:
Ula replied most recently with:
Hi We have just come back to Krakow from London and we have a 5 year old and 2.5 year old. Feel free to suggest a time to meet up for some play. We live 10 minutes from the main square.
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gwensel replied to the thread Learning Polish: "No, you can't have my cat" on the Poland forum:
gwensel initially posted:
After three years of living in Poland I'm quite satisfied with the fact that my Polish is finally on a more or less acceptable level, which means that I can have some conversations with the locals without using English, German or out of frustration my own language: Dutch (which never really helped me out in any other country, but okay) I've been taking Polish lessons and although I'm still on a basic level with speaking, my listening and reading is way better, so I understand a lot. I'm just very quiet when someone asks me something. Whenever I can I speak Polish -or at least I try/pretend to speak Polish- and usually that makes me feel proud. But not always. Lately I was doing my groceries after a 1,5 hour long Polish lesson, so I felt quite confident. I walked up to the cash desk to pay for my food, drinks and cat litter for the fluffy black hair ball that is called Mika. Everything went smoothly and I think the cashier thought I was cute with my not so perfect Polish. I gathered all my stuff and lifted the heavy cat litter into the shopping cart when the lady suddenly asked me: "Can I please have your cat?" A moment of silence went by and I was staring at her all puzzled: "My cat??!?!?? You want my cat?" The word for cat in Polish is 'kot' and I was sure she just said that. I asked her to repeat herself and she said it again. She still wanted my cat! I explained to her that it's my cat and unfortunately she couldn't have it. The weirdest question ever, if you ask me. Now she was the silent one, but not for long: after a few confusing seconds she slowly said: "kod pocztowy", which just means postal code. With a red face I gave her my postal code in crappy Polish, apologised, said goodbye and walked out as fast as I could. I still have a lot to learn, but at least my cat knows I'm loyal to her. Check out my blog: polskaaah.blogspot.com
gwensel replied most recently with:
Don't give up a Julie :-) we will make it one day!
julielaura1 replied most recently with:
It gave me a good laugh, I have lived in Poland 3 years and still cannot hold a conversation!
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