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TonyJacobs posted RELOCATING TO POLAND on the Poland forum on July 26, 2014:
Hi all. Me and my wife (Polish) are on the verge of relocating to Poland. Currently, I am in the process of learning the language as internet research showed me this is an absolute MUST. Originally, I am Russian, however I have migrated from Russia to Cyprus in 1996 and have lived in Cyprus for over 17 years now. I speak all Russian, English AND Greek as if they were my native languages. I was wondering if any of you guys could suggest how to proceed once I am in Poland. I would love to think that I will be a little more proficient in Polish language in the very near future. However, I do not know whether my knowledge of Polish will be sufficiently good to undertake a job involving the language. So, I was hoping to find employment at one of the international (multilingual) companies in Warsaw for the time being. I already started my research about this but its a lengthy process. How possible may this be? Thank you for your time and help beforehand.
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kathyoreilly replied to the thread GDYNIA, ACCOMMODATION WANTED on the Poland forum on July 25, 2014:
kathyoreilly initially posted:
Urgently need room/flat/flatshare in or near downtown Gdynia as from 3 August 2014. I will be working at Thomson-Reuters, Damian Klop
kathyoreilly replied on July 25, 2014 with:
Hi Lars, Thanks so much for your reply but unfortunately I am looking for a studio or 1-bedroom apartment as soon as possible. Your place sounds great - I hope you will be able to rent it out without difficulty. Kind regards, Kathy Cape Town, South Africa
kathyoreilly replied on July 25, 2014 with:
Hi Lars, Thanks so much for your reply. Your apartment sounds great but I am looking for a studio or one-bedroomed flat as soon as possible. Kind regards, Kathy
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czarnamonka replied to the thread English speaking Group in Bielsko-Biala on the Poland forum:
Swissharley initially posted:
Hi everybody Is someone interested to join an english speaking group in or around Bielsko-Biala? We are a group of British/American/Swiss and German citizen who plan to meet on a monthly basis. Please let us know when you are interested.
czarnamonka replied on July 19, 2014 with:
Hi Swissharley, I'm polish my partner is English speaking , we are planning to move to Poland around Bielsko. in Dec2014.i want him to feel more welcome in Poland and possible arrange meeting with you guys.So how often you guys having meetings?Are you all working in Poland?Do you have any content for company's looking for only English speaking people?can you help him some how to find a job around Bielsko-Biala? Many thanks for Answer Mon
Swissharley replied on June 30, 2014 with:
Cancelation of Meeting July 1, 2014 Dear All Since tomorrow night one of the major games in the Brazil Soccer Championship will take place (Argentina vs. Switzerland) I have received too many cancellations for our English Club Meeting. Therefore it will be cancelled but hopefully before the end of July we can have another meeting before everybody goes on Summer vacation. I anyway hope you are having a great summer vacation and I hope to see you all at the next meeting at the end of July. Best regards Uwe
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Caboose replied to the thread Any tips? on the Poland forum:
Caboose initially posted:
My husband has been offered a 2yr contract with his company which will move us from Canada to Rszezow, Poland in january 2015. Any areas we should be avoiding? how is the day-to-day life there? weather? is english spoken widely?
Caboose replied most recently with:
Wow - sounds pretty amazing .. I hope we get to go!
julielaura1 replied most recently with:
We have been here for over two years now and have really enjoyed our time here, despite taking lessons neither of us can hold a conversation in Polish but have never had any problems getting by, our Dentist and Dr both speak good English, Not sure if there are any areas to avoid living in as all the places we looked at were in quite nice neighbourhoods, the crime rate is quite low and we have never felt threatened when we have been out and about. it is also a great place to explore the rest of Europe from. The weather here is very much like Ontario's except this winter which was extremely mild! Are you by any chance moving here from Montreal?
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The school is looking for the perfect deputy nursery manager to develop and fulfill the objectives of an international independent educational institution.
MarkTV replied to the thread Are you moving from UK to Poland? on the Poland forum:
MarkTV initially posted:
I am researching for a TV documentary on people who are moving from the UK to other countries to work or study or to experience a different way of life. We are looking to film a pilot where we would interview people who are preparing to move, making plans and doing research, or even just dreaming about what life abroad would be like. If you are based in the north of England and thinking about moving to Poland and would be interested in being interviewed for our film please get in touch. And if you have any questions for me, please post them below. Cheers
MarkTV replied most recently with:
Hi Ian, Did you receive my email about our film? We are still really keen to talk with you if you are still available! Kind regards, Mark
gossip replied most recently with:
Hello, I would be interested in speaking to you. You can email me iansoffice@gmail.com
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NSZ posted Expats in Kraków on the Poland forum:
I wonder if somebody moved recently to Kraków and interested in some form of socialising? Attending numerous festivals this summer in Kraków , exchanging impressions etc. English & French speakers are particularly welcome.
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Supplier Development Engineer Tczew, Poland
georgianasand posted Job opportunity on the Poland forum:
Are you passionate about gaming? Do you speak fluently German/Polish/Spanish/French/Italian/Czech Languages? Do you want to be part of an international multicultural team in a new friendly environment? We may have just found the perfect job opportunity for you, in Bucharest, Romania. Next steps: apply your CV at http://salesconsulting.recruitmentagiler.com/home/job/customer-support-agent-for-online-games/156 and at georgiana.sanduleasa@salesconsulting.ro and we will answer all your questions.
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czwilliams01 initially posted:
Hi there! Looking for real estate sites for the three cities listed above. I'll be moving to the area from the US this Aug and the school I've accepted work for is taking care of my apartment arrangement. But I just want to get an idea of what the typical apartment looks like in those areas. thanks in advance!
czwilliams01 replied most recently with:
Thanks Scott!
srlucado replied most recently with:
Here are a couple of sites I've used for looking at real estate across Poland: http://www.wgn.pl/ (This site is in Polish) http://wbj.tabelaofert.com/ (This site is in English, mostly) Have fun & good luck, Scott
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