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johndockrell replied to the thread Bilingual schools, doctors in Rzeszow on the Poland forum:
Charlog initially posted:
Hi, My husband and I are moving to Rzeszow in about 8 months time. We speak both english and french fluently but no polish (for me). I am not worried about the language barrier but more about finding bilingual schools for our son of 3 years old and health services as I am pregnant (baby will be born in France.) Does anyone in Rzeszow have any contacts for either french or english/polish bilingual schools, doctors etc.? Many thanks for your help!
johndockrell replied on August 29, 2015 with:
Hello. Just found your message. Promar school rzeszow is polish and english, with an option of french italian etc.
Charlog replied on February 23, 2015 with:
Hi Rsbukowski, Thanks so much for your message. I am looking for bilingual English schools for young children in Rzeszow (under 6 or for 6 year old. And bilingual English or French doctors, pediatricians so I can get around with my children :) Kind regards,
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snup replied to the thread Health Insurance on the Poland forum on August 26, 2015:
luto2home initially posted:
Can anyone tell me about health insurance for Expats in Poland..
snup replied on August 26, 2015 with:
where are you coming from? If your employer is based in the EU and they pay your social benefits there you should have an European insurance card which covers your emergency trips to hospitals. In addition your employer should provide you with private healthcare provider where you will have an network of physicians to choose from. if you are on your own for finding a provider Cigna has expat plans but most of the time you will have to pay out of pocket and then submit bills for reimbursement.
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TorstenPIT replied to the thread Expats in Tricity, Poland? on the Poland forum:
KasiaG initially posted:
Hello, my family have just moved to Gdansk in Poland. Are there any expats in Tricity? Is there any social network of expats in the area?
TorstenPIT replied on August 19, 2015 with:
Hi, yes we are still in Gdynia (currently on vacation). Will be back beginning of September. Regards Torsten
malamara replied on August 19, 2015 with:
hi! Are you still around? I've just moved with my family a week ago...
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malamara replied to the thread Expat around Tricity on the Poland forum:
Andydomelow initially posted:
Hello All We are moving to Poland in September when our house is finished and would like to know if there are any English speaking groups or expat groups in the Tricity area. I am English and my Partner/future wife is Polish and we will be living about 20km outside of the Tricity area. Thanks Andy
malamara replied on August 19, 2015 with:
hi! my husband and I, and out two kids, have just moved to Gdansk. We are renting and will start looking for a home soon. I am just wondering why did you chose to build a house and why outside of the city?
adelej replied on June 08, 2015 with:
Hi Andy, We are doing a straw bale house, and we have the roof on, and the walls plastered, so we are water tight! We are going over again in August to do more of the internal work. I'm currently living in Halifax, but originally from East Yorkshire. We are building two houses, this first will be our guest house, then we are building a larger one for us to live in. We are currently looking for a building to do our foundations for the larger house and trying to get some quotes. Do you know of any building firms that I could contact? Thats fantastic you are finishing your house. When do you hope to move in? Adele
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snup replied to the thread Transferring Money from the U.S. to Poland on the Poland forum:
Bluesview initially posted:
Hi, I'm trying to find out the best way to transfer money from U.S. to Poland. I'm currently in the U.S. (U.S. citizen), but moving to Poland with my new wife shortly and I will be transferring money in amounts ranging from a couple of thousand USD on a monthly basis and a large transfer from the proceeds of selling a home. We have a 'dollar' account set up in Poland, so no currency conversion will be needed. I did a trial transfer of $50 USD directly from my U.S. bank to the Polish 'dollar' account and was charged a flat fee of $35 from my U.S.bank plus a 7% fee from my Polish bank. So, as you can see my online bank to bank transfer doesn't seem do be the best way. What are my choices? Thanks in advance, Terry
snup replied most recently with:
Terry, Sorry I failed to addeess your main question. The bank that charged you 7% is shady. I guarantee that you will find a bank that does not charge you an incoming wire fee assuming that all fees are paid by sender. In example Chase charges 45usd. I would shop around for a good bank in PL when you arrive? ING is good, Alior which I use is also good. Good luck.
snup replied most recently with:
Hello, Just thought I could put in my 5 cents into this coversation. Every situation is different. What I do and if I need to I send a few thousand dollars from US account into my USD account in Poland. That way I dont have the bank convert the money but I can do it when I choose to. I dont go to any shop or any bank for the exchange. I use Alior Bank Kantor and they have very small margins and good rates. Plus it does not cost me a penny for the transaction. What I also do is use a US credit card yhat does not charge flat fees for use abroad. Capital One is one example. However you must choose to pay in PLN if asked at the register if you want to pay in USD or PLN. If you choose USD then the store merchant service will do the conversion and you will not get a good exchange rate. If you choose PLN then the CC company will conver the money and the rate will be mich better. I have been in PL for 3 years and believe me, i went through many options trying to beat the system. One thing I have not tried yet is transferwise.
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mawaukltd replied to the thread genealogy research assistance on the Poland forum:
ralfswan initially posted:
I am hoping that someone can refer me to a person who is willing to do some genealogical research in the Gdansk area for me. I am looking to hire someone who lives in the Gdansk area and who has access to a car to drive to the town of Czerniki, which is about 30 miles southwest of Gdansk, and take photos of the churchyard that is located there. I will provide the specific location of the churchyard. Thank you for your assistance.
mawaukltd replied most recently with:
Yes we can help, call 0048 698 295 117, we specialise in this type of work
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HJK replied to the thread Shipping to Poland on the Poland forum:
Tamaryn initially posted:
I am moving to Warsaw in August and would like to ship some personal things over for when I arrive. Can anyone advise me as to costs and/or companies to do this through? Thanks, Tamaryn
HJK replied most recently with:
We used DOMA http://www.domashipping.com/english/indexEN.html They were reliable, never lost anything and allow you tracking your goods. Much cheaper than USPS. H.
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