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ralfswan posted genealogy research assistance on the Poland forum on May 29, 2015:
I am hoping that someone can refer me to a person who is willing to do some genealogical research in the Gdansk area for me. I am looking to hire someone who lives in the Gdansk area and who has access to a car to drive to the town of Czerniki, which is about 30 miles southwest of Gdansk, and take photos of the churchyard that is located there. I will provide the specific location of the churchyard. Thank you for your assistance.
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Expat Report Culture Shock in Bydgoszcz, Poland was published
Do you have any advice or thoughts about culture shock you would like to share?
My best advice is to avoid other expats and learn the language. Do not be lazy and hang around with English speakers. If you want to meet interesting people try teaching 'business English' part time at evenings and weekends. It earns some money and it gets you out and about. (Continue)
Hi Guys, Hope you are doing very well there. I am from India. I have been offered job in reputed MNC in Wroclaw. I am having 5 years of experience in software development / web application. I am a single person, parents, no spouse. Here, I have rented out 1 bhk flat, eat 1-2 times a week out, treat myself to a very good restaurant once a month or two, drinks 3-4 times a week (usually starts off with beer and ends up with cocktails). Plus, there(in Poland) if I would like to visit other parts of Poland/Europe once a month or two for a weekend (mainly backpacking/staying in hostels), and perhaps, join a gym. On this sort of a lifestyle and keeping other basic utilities(transport, internet, heating or so) in mind, what should I tell them as my expected salary?
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tryit replied to the thread citizenship & passport on the Poland forum:
alorni2015 initially posted:
I need advice. I am applying for my citizenship & passport based on my ancestors. I want to retire in Poland. I have my own income and do not need to find a job. How do I apply? I cannot find the application on the website. What do they require? How long does it take? I need positive news right now. I appreciate any info on this. Thank you. Greetings, Dotty
tryit replied most recently with:
Where your grandparents were born doesn't matter. Citizenship does. You need an unbroken line of Polish ancestry. This is complicated by changes in citizenship law. Older law was based on the father in cases of children born to married couples. A polish grandmother married to a non-polish man would not have polish children (1920-1951). A child born out of wedlock would get citizenship through his or her mother. Citizenship was lost due to joining a foreign military or obtaining citizenship in another country. It isn't necessarily as simple as you hope. The process requires you to fill out an application, provide documentation (in polish), and evidence of your citizenship. After you complete the application, an agent in Poland will review your case and make a determination. If confirmation of citizenship is denied, you can appeal. The process is easier to complete with an attorney. There are several attorneys who offer their services to people outside of Poland. You will generally pay a single price for the entire process, which should include translations and a document search in Poland. The more complicated your individual case, the more expensive legal services will be. Most will give their opinion of your application for free. example: http://polish-citizenship.pl/index.php?lang=en
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alorni2015 posted citizenship & passport on the Poland forum:
I am going for my Polish citizenship & passport. All of my grandparents were born in Poland. What steps do I have to go through? Please help me. Regards, Dotty
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nickknock replied to the thread Purchasing a Flat on the Poland forum:
rsbukowski initially posted:
Hello everyone, I was curious if any expats have experiencing purchasing a home. My wife is Polish and we live in the USA. After another year of saving we are hoping to purchase a flat in Rzeszow to live/work permanently. We have already inquired a bit with Polish banks and they will not lend money unless one individual is earning PLN and paying Polish taxes. From my understanding its a new law that went into affect 2014. Alior Bank officially gave us a mock up of 4.4% + LIBOR then another 2.2% until the building is finished on top of many fees and a 2.5% commission. I don't believe this included insurance for the property or ourselves. Its a lot more then we anticipated but they are the only bank willing to entertain the idea of lending to nonPolish residents We spoke with a BNP Paribas and an agent in Rzeszow said it might be possible. He has not responded to our email. Citibank and Deutsche Bank give the impression that they will offer you a loan but I don't believe the front line phone agents are familiar with this. My wife read on another forum that a nonPolish resident did get approved for a Deutsche Bank loan. The reps we spoke with said this was not possible. Does anyone have any success stories to share? thank you Robert
nickknock replied most recently with:
Also not, a lot of banks like Citibank, are aimed toward the wealthy and rich expats. They tend to charge way to much, and are not great for normal people. I do not know your situation.
nickknock replied most recently with:
Good luck, Polish banks are not foreigner friendly, in fact they are not even local friendly. This even after they have greatly improved. You think they would with every other business being a bank. The most friendly foreigner friendly banks currently (they change) Alior (great exchange rates), and M-Bank. Its far better to get a USA loan if you can stretch it. Be careful when hunting. Real estate agents are like street walkers and their brokers like pimps. It still needs a lot of reform (and it is better then it was). Pay no commissions! If you buy a flat, do your homework, and talk to the building rep and admin people.
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nickknock replied to the thread Expat around Tricity on the Poland forum:
Andydomelow initially posted:
Hello All We are moving to Poland in September when our house is finished and would like to know if there are any English speaking groups or expat groups in the Tricity area. I am English and my Partner/future wife is Polish and we will be living about 20km outside of the Tricity area. Thanks Andy
nickknock replied most recently with:
I and my family live in Gdansk. I am American/Lith. I don't know of any groups. There are a lot of English speakers around Gdansk, due to tourism. Gdynia's tech crowd is growing large, and the English crowd is growing.
Andydomelow replied most recently with:
Hi Adele I see you are based in the North of England from your other posts whereabouts are you? Andy
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Andydomelow replied to the thread Are you moving from UK to Poland? on the Poland forum:
MarkTV initially posted:
I am researching for a TV documentary on people who are moving from the UK to other countries to work or study or to experience a different way of life. We are looking to film a pilot where we would interview people who are preparing to move, making plans and doing research, or even just dreaming about what life abroad would be like. If you are based in the north of England and thinking about moving to Poland and would be interested in being interviewed for our film please get in touch. And if you have any questions for me, please post them below. Cheers
Andydomelow replied most recently with:
Hi We are moving to Poland in the summer. We are currently living on the Wirral and we would be happy to talk to you. My email is espirion.medic@gmail.com Regards Andy
adelej replied most recently with:
Hi currently live in the north of England and are hoping to move to Poland in the summer of 2016. We are in the process off building a straw bale house and intend to live off grid. I am interested in your documentary. Kind regards Adele
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