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Expat ArticlesArticle Summary: Thanks to Susan Stults Korthase for this helpful overview of current requirements to begin the process of obtaining a Residency Visa when moving from the US to Portugal. Note: Information Updated January 2015. (Continue)
Ithinkitthrough replied on May 05, 2015 19:05 with:
Does anyone have information related to American citizens looking to relocate to Portugal, whose spouse is an EU citizen (Bulgaria)? Apparently, EU citizens and their families can reside anywhere within the EU, so I assume that the requirements, financial and otherwise, would be a little different. My wife and I have spent months traveling through the southwest and southeast of Europe. We are seriously considering relocation to southern Portugal due to climate, cost/quality of living and our fondness for the country... plus it appears to be a great place to raise a family. BTW, thanks to Susan for posting this information. This is very helpful.
Noknok replied on May 03, 2015 16:05 with:
Thx, CraigandMicki. I had a feeling it was overkill. BTW, Hague Apostille is just a reference to the convention where they dreamed up this insanity. Basically, you obtain official doc, have it notarized by court clerk, then have it signed off again by a State or Federal clerk, saying that the notary is valid to notarize. Generally, the doc has to be apostilled by the state that issued it, and in some places, like NYC, you can't do it by mail! You've officially saved me from going insane :)
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ADO posted Barcelona, Spain - Nuemologist / Pulmonologist on the Portugal forum on May 04, 2015:
I need a consultation with a pulmonologist or neumologist in Barcelona, Spain. Does any one have a recommendation for one available on a short notice. Any contact information would be greatly appreciated.
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tommaria posted Credentials for opening bank acct. on the Portugal forum on May 01, 2015:
In the Azores we opened a bank account and they asked for a copy of our U.S. social security card & paystubs, which we had to wait to return to U.S. to email the documents. The account could not be activated til docs were received. I advised the Portuguese Consulate in New Bedford, Ma. of this information.
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tommaria posted Wiring funds to Portugal on the Portugal forum on April 30, 2015:
We opened an account at Banif bank in the Azores. In Fall River, Ma. there is Banif bank that only tranfers funds from U.S. to Portugal, it is 8.32 euros for wiring fee per transaction (which can be deducted in Portugal account plus exchange rate.It's less expensive than wiring from other banks in U.S.
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jvt999 replied to the thread healthy living on the Portugal forum:
lombadas initially posted:
Of interest to individuals and families looking to relocate to the natural beauty of the sunny Algarve. Escape the rat race and live your dream in this life enhancing haven of peace and tranquillity. We at TORVEC have recently received outline planning approval for a healthy living eco centre set in a location of outstanding natural beauty in southern Portugal and before submitting a detailed planning application we are looking for input from potential clients who may be seeking to relocate to a development of this nature sometime in the not too distant future. To give a better indication of the type of healthy living centre we are trying to create the main buzz words would be, low impact, sustainability, environmentally friendly, organic , wholesome, nutrient dense food, home grown on our own permaculture farm, off grid solar energy with limited grid backup, unlimited pristine underground water resources, clean fresh unpolluted air, no traffic noise or exhaust pollution, breathtakingly beautiful panoramic views all round this lovely valley area from the residential location. One of the major aims of this complex is to give the residents the potential to live a longer happier healthier life, free from any major life threatening illness or disease, providing all the essential life enhancing necessities to build a strong and healthy immune system that will carry them through to a ripe old age. We intend to make this the ultimate health and wellness retreat, the quintessential good life, a real time, real life fountain of youth type endeavour, providing all the ingredients to concoct an elixir of outhfulness, an anti aging life extending set of protocols that can and will add 10, 20, or even more years depending on the age and physical condition at the onset. So if this development interests or intrigues you and could be just what you have been looking for, or you know someone who may be interested contact us for initial information and at the same time maybe outline some of the activities, facilities and protocols you would like to see in a potential new home at a complex like this, contact us at this email address torvec2015@gmail.com we would appreciate it if only people with a genuine interest request information
jvt999 replied most recently with:
BTW, lombadas, we have seen and read your ecocentre overview, mission, etc., so we are hoping for other details than what is already there. Muito obrigado. jt
jvt999 replied most recently with:
lombadas...we are interested and have replied in a private message. Looking forward to hearing more details. obrigado. jt
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hatter posted Albufeira special occasion Restaurants on the Portugal forum:
Hi Guys, we will be celebrating my partners special birthday in Santa Eulalia at the end of April, can anyone suggest a good restaurant between Albufeira and santa eulalia that is a little special, has atmosphere, preferably near the sea (possibly a hotel restaurant and near the sea), for 8 people? Thanks in advance, Howard
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GMorrell posted Ericeira on the Portugal forum:
Hello Everyone, My wife and are are surching a place to retire to in the next 4 years. We have been to Portugal but it was some years ago now (18). We'd be looking for the following but not necessarily in the order of preference. 1) a relatively cosmopolitan area with English speaking retirees and working expats 2) somewhere where expats meet regularly such as a tennis club or the like (good social life) 3) good rail and road links to Lisbon (within 1 hour preferred) 4) good medical care 5) good weather (not too windy) 6) a beach 7) accessible shops and supermarkets 8) rural landscape say within 30 minutes drive Lisbon itself I wondered whether anyone knows whether Ericeira might fit the bill. Cascais is a wee bit expensive if one were to buy a 4 bed house with a swimming pool and a decent plot (half and 1/4 hectare)in my view. If Ericeira is not suitable, do any of you have an alternative suggestion? Thank you, Graham
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Expatlisbon replied to the thread Anyone Apply for Residency Card while in Portugal? on the Portugal forum:
kctrani156 initially posted:
We are currently in Lisbon for 2.5 months and have decided that we want to apply for the Residency Permit/Card so that we can stay here longer than 6 months. We have communicated with the Portuguese Consulate in NJ and know the docs required for submission to them, only to be sent to SEF for approval. Has anyone applied while here in Portugal? Is it possible? Any tips for us? We did go to SEF, but since the agent spoke poor English and we don't have a good command of Portuguese yet, they encouraged us to just apply for the 90 day extension in Jan. All suggestions are appreciated. Our plan is to live in Praia do Luz as of mid-December.
Expatlisbon replied most recently with:
I'm told it's possible for a US citizen to obtain a residency visa from a Portuguese consulate in a non-Schengen country such as Morocco or the UK. Has anyone done this or heard of such a thing?
Expatlisbon replied most recently with:
Thanks, I had a meeting this am and hope to hear back soon after my documents are reviewed. The very impressive Daniel Reis of Eimigrante is assisting me.
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tommaria posted Azores on the Portugal forum:
Husband and I buying a home in Terceira, Azores, was wondering if any expats or others living there temporarily, who either chat about their experiences there or have a meeting place for coffee, including military in Lages.
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