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Expat ArticlesArticle Summary: Thanks to Susan Stults Korthase for this helpful overview of current requirements to begin the process of obtaining a Residency Visa when moving from the US to Portugal. Note: Information Updated January 2015. (Continue)
craigandmicki replied most recently with:
Author's Update: 1. The "Temporary Resident Visa" expires in 4 months. 2. Your consul might ask you to complete and submit a Portuguese Criminal Record Check, a form they will provide you 3. The FBI is currently taking 16 weeks processing time with many rejected applications. The channelers are becoming the better option.
craigandmicki replied recently with:
In response to beeg1234: The requirements are the same for Australian and US Citizens, but the process would change slightly if you were in Australia when you applied because the criminal background check and embassy offices are particular, then, to Australia. The idea of which of your dual citizenships is better than the other is totally subjective and will not affect the Portuguese personnel processing your applications. Good luck! Susan
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property in PortugalA stunning Villa of 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms and is furnished to a very high standard and includes top of the range appliances for your convenience.
POPULAR COUNTRYSIDE LOCATION close to town and beaches of Lagos, Algarve. Lakes near. Golf. Zoo.
ofilha replied to the thread Expats on the south coast on the Portugal forum:
jordan6223 initially posted:
Can anyone tell me if there are (many) expats living in Olhao, Faro, Quarteira, Albufeira, Portimao, Lagos. We need to check out the area in May (may want to live there next year) and my wife, who is English, would like to be able to speak English with others from England. We would be renting long term preferably at sea and not too far from airport to England. Love to hear from you. Thanks.
ofilha replied most recently with:
There are quite a few english speaking expats in Algarve and in Faro. Faro has an airport that has daily flights to everywhere in europe.
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adminee posted Post a Message of Support for France on the Portugal forum:
We encourage you to post a message of support for the people of France, in particular, the expats in France who use Expat Exchange, please go to: http://www.expatexchange.com/expat/index.cfm?frmid=211&tpcid=3395954
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ddahab replied to the thread Research on Retirement on the Portugal forum:
ddahab initially posted:
Hi! I am a Masters student at ISCTE, in Lisbon, and currently doing my thesis in Psychology of Intercultural relations. If you are an retired expat in Portugal and can spare 10 minutes of your valuable time, your help will be immensely appreciated. All you have to do is participate in this survey. Click here to take a survey. Thanks!!
ddahab replied most recently with:
Thank you so much! I did have a problem with the link. Please find the link below! While I'm still working on the problem, you can copy / paste the link onto your browser and it should work. http://isctecis.co1.qualtrics.com/SE/?SID=SV_4HhumcWrNFX6hg1 Once again, thanks so much for your help! Happy holidays and a great new year! Cheers, Deborah Dahab
craigandmicki replied most recently with:
I can't find a link to click, but would certainly take your survey if you could send it to me...perhaps you can insert the link in a Private Message in response to this note?
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property in PortugalFantastic villa T5 +1 of contemporary architecture, with pool, set in the luxurious complex "Quinta da Beloura" in Sintra. 25min drive from Lisbon
A reader commented on the Expat Report Review of CLIC - Colegio Luso Intenacional do Centro in Marinha Grande , Portugal
Review-of-CLIC - Colegio Luso Intenacional do Centro
How would you describe the facilities at this school? What extra-curricular activities are available?
Great International enviroment. Many Sport activities, Swimming, Ballet, Judo, Robotics, Art plus music club! (Continue)
A reader replied most recently with:
This review is clearly out of date as I have to pay for a tutor for extra help in Portuguese. Also no social events since I have been at the school (5 years). The reason the school has better fees than Porto is that it has very poor facilities.
A reader replied recently with:
Can any tell me if the CLIC school based in Marinha Grande is good. I am thinking of enrolling may child there in 2014.
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TheWolfs replied to the thread Tax Liability on the Portugal forum:
TheWolfs initially posted:
As a US citizen investigating a possible move to Portugal, would any of the following be taxable in Portugal: IRA withdrawals, investment dividend earnings, US Social Security benefits?
TheWolfs replied most recently with:
Got it. Just like here in Ecuador. Well, except for the tax treaty. Thanks!
craigandmicki replied most recently with:
You hit on a key topic that several of us Americans have researched for the last few years. To date, we have been advised by a Portuguese attorney, a Portuguese tax accountant, a preparer of US taxes for non-resident citizens and a US Tax Law firm partner that (a) you will continue to file with the US IRS and will pay US taxes on all investment and income earnings from all US sources but (b) if you have no passive or active income and own no property (car, home, boat) in Portugal, you neither file nor owe Portuguese taxes. On a related point, Portugal has a tax treaty with the USA to avoid double taxation...as that's a long and detailed explanation, we suggest you research that online.
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