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alfacinha replied to the thread US Dollars on the Portugal forum on July 07, 2015:
sasha7 initially posted:
Is it possible to open a bank account in Lisbon using US dollars or will it be converted to euros? Obrigado, Mike
alfacinha replied 10 hours ago with:
In this case you will not maintain a US bank account? I think it would be easier to keep the US account and then transfer funds in Euros as needed. The only issue for some would be keeping a US address on the bank account, because reportedly it is a problem if you want to change to a foreign address.
sasha7 replied on July 06, 2015 with:
The main reason I am asking is that I have dollars when I come over and not euros. The US banks where I live will charge a hefty sum to convert dollars to euros if I am not a member. Other than that I suppose the other reason would be that the euro seems to be getting weaker the longer the Greece situation lasts and the dollar stronger. But that could change if it is solved soon.
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property in PortugalLovely apartment with a terrace overlooking the city and the Tagus river near the parliament and embassies, and the famous electric 28. Strategic location which enables the foot to the top Lisbon locations. Park and lift
Charliegirl7 replied to the thread Second scouting trip to Portugal! on the Portugal forum on June 27, 2015:
Charliegirl7 initially posted:
Hi again! My husband and I visited the Algarve in October to see if we wanted to retire there and fell in love with everything and everyone! Now we are planning our second trip back and this time, we'd like to visit the Sintra area and towns a little closer to Lisbon. Maybe even go up the silver coast (just a little as we want to be no more than an hour outside of Lisbon). We are still looking for a house with some land (we have 3 large dogs) and privacy and wonder if there are as many long term rentals available in Sintra as there were in the Algarve? Are there expats in this area? Is English still widely spoken if we stay in the larger towns? We'd appreciate any feedback/suggestions from anyone who either has lived here or can give us some recommendations on what to look for. Thank you in advance for your help!
Charliegirl7 replied on June 27, 2015 with:
Just in case there are people here that don't remember us from October 2014, we are retiring from the U.S. and want to stay within a budget of 2,000 euros monthly. We have heard how beautiful Cascais is, and the proximity to Lisbon is perfect for us, and we do plan on seeing that area when we return, however, from what we read, there aren't many detached homes with land available there in our price range. So that why we're looking at Sintra! Thank you again for your help!
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RAMLin replied to the thread Portuguese Identity Card and Passport on the Portugal forum:
Jorge123 initially posted:
I already have my NIF number how easy is it to get a Portuguese Identity Card and Passport?
RAMLin replied most recently with:
Sounds great; I just recalled I had to apply to get my ID Card first and I believe I even had to go to the Consulate to pick up the ID Card; but when I did that I applied for the Passport and it was mailed to me in only about 1 weeks - I am sure all will go well for you;
JoeF replied most recently with:
RAMLin, I want to thank you so very much for your information and quick response to my email. You were spot-on in answering what I was asking. Thanks again. P.S. I have have an appointment at the "Honorary" Portuguese Consulate in Palm Coast, FL. They process Portguese Passports and IDs.
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craigandmicki replied to the thread Starting residency paperwork on the Portugal forum:
jmarie initially posted:
Where and how does one start the residency paperwork in the states? Currently in Panama but would happily fly to Florida if this is an easier way to get things started. We are retired and have the requisite income to show. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
craigandmicki replied most recently with:
On this site (Expat Exchange), search for my article "Demystifying the Paper Trail" by Susan Stults Korthase. It addresses the process and documentation.
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craigandmicki replied to the thread Porto on the Portugal forum:
viviennecarroll initially posted:
Hi I'm a single woman (50s) considering living and working between Porto and the UK with a view to moving there longer term. Is there an active English speaking community that I could become part of.
craigandmicki replied most recently with:
Cascais is an attractive, active area with daily walks along the ocean, clean beaches, a protected bay and lots of shops, markets and restaurants within a walk. None of us speaks fluent Portuguese (None of us Americans...but many Europeans have several languages) because we don't need fluency to make our way at shops, banks, etc. English is the second language here!
viviennecarroll replied most recently with:
Thank you that's good to hear. How is life in Cascais and did it take you long to learn Portuguese? Vivienne
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property in Portugal800 meters from the coast with souvenir market and restaurants called ‘Boca do Inferno’. It will take approx. 15 mins walk to local Cascais beach and the centre of town. Along the coast there is the world famous Guincho beach which has hosted surfing and wind surfing competitions. Promenades and purpose built cycle paths along the coast only 5 minutes from the apartment. Local supermarket, banks, petrol station, newspaper shop, cafes, market, bus stop, bicycle rental, etc. within 5 minutes walk. The Neighborhood: Near a Park to walk the dog and children ;-) Getting Around There is a very convenient roundtripbus ( along the coast ) that stops on the main Avenue, 3 min walk from the building. It takes 5 min into town, and leaves every 7 minutes.
KTC posted Health and wellbeing seminar August on the Portugal forum:
Hi there, do you know where is best to advertise a health and wellbeing seminar on the Algarve in August 2015? I am travelling to the area especially for the seminar and would love to deliver it to as many people as possible! It will cover how to manage stress, sleep and anxiety etc. It is a one off seminar with limited places and there is a cost involved. If you know anyone who is interested please let me know or let others know. Many thanks K
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Missy05 posted moving on the Portugal forum:
Hi wondering if anyone can help us out ! Looking to move to Portugal rent for a while before we buy anyone recommend any nice places to live in village life open all year round ??? Thank you
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