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craigandmicki replied to the thread Help with research on the Portugal forum on August 26, 2014:
skye22 initially posted:
I am just beginning my research into possible places to live in Portugal and was hoping someone could make some suggestions for a non-touristy area in the centre of the country. An ex-pat community is not important but basic services are. Just wondering if Coimbra is a good location and quasi economical. I have been living in Mexico for 7 years. Thank you!
craigandmicki replied on August 26, 2014 with:
Coimbra is an excellent choice. It is a university town, home to the oldest university in Europe. Its plazas, river front and squares provide beauty, restaurants and spots to relax; the costs are lower but quality is high and architecture is often stunning. People are a lively mix of ages and obviously well educated, enjoying a variety of cultural events. Next would be to look into Tomar. But go to the blog by Julie Dawn Fox for her reports on visiting Coimbra. We live in Cascais, much more expensive, and have enjoyed visits to Coimbra.
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property in PortugalBeautiful house available for holidays. Private pool. Close to beaches, Salgados Golf Course, aqua parks, supermarket, bars and restaurants, yet in a quiet residential area.
jessicasaville posted looking for work in Albufeira on the Portugal forum on August 20, 2014:
I have recently moved to Albufeira from the UK and I am looking for full or part time work in this area. I have 10 years office / administration experience as well as 2 years managerial experience. I have also worked in a couple of bars along the years giving my experience in this field to. I am willing to take on any role big or small and I’m looking for something all year round. If you would like any more information regarding myself and my work experience please do not hesitate to reply
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rhinos33 posted house/pet sitter available on the Portugal forum on August 17, 2014:
Hi to you all. Mature couple available to house/pet sit. All areas considered but would prefer Portugal.Long term prefered,but would do shorter times. Regards,Peter.
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RedJasper replied to the thread Albufeira, Algarve on the Portugal forum:
corral87 initially posted:
Does anyone know of any language courses/schools around the Albufeira area to learn Portuguese? Can anyone suggest a cheap hire car company in this area? We will be there for 6 months from October
RedJasper replied most recently with:
No "whilst" in the US - "while" only.
corral87 replied most recently with:
Thanks again, yes I am British. Don't Americans use the word whilst? :)
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RedJasper replied to the thread Just Saying No to Panama on the Portugal forum:
fourspells initially posted:
I've officially crossed Panama off our list to relocate. Now I'm confused, trying to get a grasp on where to start taking the tour around the country of Portugal. I'm African American and wonder if there are areas I should avoid due to racial tensions, if there are any. We were sold on Malta but changed our minds because of it. From the pictures I've seen, Porto is beautiful. I liked Vilamaura as well. If it's possible, I'd like to settle within a twenty minutes drive to the beaches, and even closer to places to shop and eat out if/when we get stir crazy. Residential neighborhoods suit us best as well as quaint, charming settings near the city center if it's possible. Any suggestions anyone? Thanking you each sincerely for your help in advance.
RedJasper replied most recently with:
I looked at your links about the supposed global economic catastrophe that is coming. These links featured people who were talking sheer gobbledygook. I am a former US federal financial regulator. While there are many economic troubles in the world, and no doubt many more to come, the word salad spewed out on the web pages to which you linked do not provide any useful facts or reliable economic prognosis.
PrometeyBezkrilov replied most recently with:
I hope you guys had a chance to look at the countryside. A hobby farm is what may save our asses from what's coming. Don't count on your pensions, they can always be devalued so that the only things you will be able to buy is a bottle of milk and a loaf of bread. Just to get a perspective on what is coming listen to this. Don't get shocked, just prepare. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OvaZIeidxCo
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ProfBren replied to the thread I am Considering Moving to the Algarve Region of Portugal. on the Portugal forum:
Bobkane initially posted:
I'm a single male, in good health and have an income of about $2500 US per month. I would like to either purchase or rent long term an apt not to far from the beach areas. I'm curious about the year round weather as well as it's my understanding that living in land is far less expensive than in the resort type areas. A major city is not out of the question either. I just don't want to go there and be disappointed and wind up coming back. I also would like to possibly ship an auto there as well. I know it's expensive to own and maintain a vehicle there but I would like to travel around and see all parts of the coastal areas of the country.
ProfBren replied most recently with:
We are currently living in Lagos, in the Algarve. We pay 600 euros for a very nice two bedroom two bath. It is furnished, has two terraces and a private roof top terrace that is about 840 sq ft. We do not have air cond nor do we have heat. We are about a ten minute walk from one of the many lovely beaches. Coming from Southern California, the weather is cool for me. We have only been here since the end of April, so font know about winter.
satneo replied most recently with:
hey there algarve is preety expensive to rent in july agust and sept, but if u rent for whoe year u can get a great deal. I think for samll 1 bed studio can get for 700€ or maybe less per month. Weather is pretty warm all year round average 20º and in summer 30º paulotav2 skype me for more info
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SWIRLZ replied to the thread Retirement Visa on the Portugal forum:
skye22 initially posted:
I have been finding it difficult to get information on the monthly, financial requirement for a retirement/residency visa. I did read on a blog that it was 3K Euros but was not sure. As well, does the Portuguese government take investments into account in lieu of such a high monthly income which is the case in Mexico where I spend half the year. I was also wondering if it is possible to receive a 3 month visitors visa on a regular basis or whether that is can change depending on the immigration officer that one meets at the border. Thank you!
SWIRLZ replied most recently with:
Craigandmicki....Thank you for your prompt and helpful response. We are "planning" our 2015 trip itinerary (including Portugal) in the very near future and until we see and get a feel for the country I think I have all I need at this time. We really love Spain and have been there several times but I have had an interest in Portugal so thus the visit and thus the questions. Thanks again!
craigandmicki replied most recently with:
Article on US Citizens getting Portuguese Residency Visas: http://www.expatexchange.com/libcountry.cfm?networkID=92
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property in Portugal

Our historical house is located in the charming city of Porto just a few minutes away from an abundance of attractions and historical monuments.

5 bedrooms and a garden all for the private use of our guests.

ProfBren replied to the thread update on cost of living on the Portugal forum:
bluewind initially posted:
I'm a little confused about how much it would take to have a fairly comfortable life in Portugal. I currently make around $2500 usd a month living as a single male in Florida. That will go up a little once I start collecting social security in a few months. I have researched this topic to death and posted the same question on other sites, but keep getting different responses from that would be a tight budget to that is plenty for a single person to live on. Now, if I look at it as euros, than I know that isn't much. Could someone please help me to get a more clearer picture of whether this amount is doable or do I need to rethink my plan. Thanks
ProfBren replied most recently with:
The visa was less. We did not have to put a certain amount in the bank, like the $5000 plus $2000 for each dependent. We not have to have a lawyer. It was a lot of work on our own but saved a lot also. We had to show proof of income and an FBI finger print process which is much more difficult than the department of justice, lots of patience. Also the rents are a lot less here. The utilities are less because you don't need as much air conditioning.
LovetheBeach replied most recently with:
ProfBren, what is less expensive? The visa or the cost of living in Portugal? Where in Portugal do you live? Can you speak to the cost of living there? Thank you!
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