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rose12dagrac posted Teaching English in Lisbon on the Portugal forum on October 28, 2014:
Are there any expats teaching English in Portugal? Can you tell me your experience?
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rose12dagrac replied to the thread Considering a move to Portugal on the Portugal forum:
jordan6223 initially posted:
Hello all....new here. I will be getting a pension in July 2015 and my wife and I are looking to rent in Portugal. What are we looking for: -My wife loves the sea, there's more light there she says, so, near the sea (preferably a sea view) -A town or city which can be bustling but also quiet and relaxed. -My wife is english and would like to be around english (speaking) people, I don't mind either but I'm dutch. -We're bird and animal lovers. -We like warmer weather, but not too hot. -Not too far from an airport to England Any suggestions as to where we should look? Everything is welcome and thank you. Ben
rose12dagrac replied on October 28, 2014 with:
Hello My husband and I will be relocating to Portugal as well. We will be there in February. He is Portuguese and American. I am American
craigandmicki replied on October 25, 2014 with:
We hope you've received a lot of responses to your message, because it's an easy answer--you want the Algarve! Cheap and frequent flights from Faro airport to England; Faro and Lagos are somewhat 'frame' the area of the Algarve most favored by English (and there are lots of Dutch); and the warmer weather cooled by sea breezes. Try a trip to the area and visit the cities--you will find many open areas with large land plots, gardens, broad views to the sea and good neighborhoods just a few miles in from the coastal towns. There are bird sanctuaries, also. Research the Algarve online and you'll see what we mean.
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bluewind replied to the thread GunSelf Defense laws on the Portugal forum on October 28, 2014:
JohnCreasy initially posted:
I'm considering moving out of the US within the next couple of years, and need some answers about firearms, as well as the laws pertaining to the use of guns in self-defense. What types of firearms are allowed? Any restrictions on types, capacity, etc? Are you allowed to act in defense of your life? I have several other questions, but these should do as a start.
bluewind replied on October 28, 2014 with:
I think you just proved his point. South or Central America sounds perfect for you. I think it is your mentality that they want to keep out of Portugal, but you just don't realize it.
JohnCreasy replied on October 27, 2014 with:
Thank you, I appreciate the info, and will check out the links you sent.
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property in Portugal2 double bedrooms , both doubles and both en-suite . Balconies and views over Albufeira .Modern ,clean and a great location . Convenient for shops ,markets,restaurants,bars, golf and the beaches.A villa ,not an apartment .
Expat Report Living in Cascais, Portugal was published
What activities, clubs and organizations would you recommend to newcomers to help them meet others?
Americans in Portugal (americansinportugal@gmail.com and on facebook) offers social activities to mark the US holidays and some informational meetings on taxes or similar topics during the year; International Women in Portugal and InterNations Cascais are also helpful, the first on a broad basis related to settling in, the second as a networking organization of global business people. (Continue)
cheftech posted Azores on the Portugal forum on October 18, 2014:
Any expats in the Azores? Terceira perhaps. Was there on a layover back in '97. Would like to return for a holiday. Looking at possible rentals. Cheers.
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property in PortugalVery comfortable, cozy and light apartment with lovely sea views, not far from the centre of Cascais and with local shops on your doorstep (between 300 and 500 meters). Bus connection available to centre of Cascais if you don't want to walk.
cmanner replied to the thread Scouting trip to Portugal...help please? on the Portugal forum:
Charliegirl7 initially posted:
Hello to everyone! My husband and I are going to visit the Algarve region of Portugal next month. We are young (early 50's), very active, retired and will be bringing our 2 dogs. My questions are numerous, but I'll start with just a few now and hopefully, as I continue to read through the forum topics here, I'll discover more answers to my many others. We are currently living in the suburbs of Atlanta, Georgia. My husband likes to play golf and we both enjoy playing tennis, hiking, biking, and swimming. We thought the Algarve region was a good choice because of the golf and beaches. We've also heard (translated-read) that we could possibly get a home there (in Silves or Lagoas I believe) with some land (for our dogs) and for gardening. And we really want a place with privacy. That is a must. We are very social people and I know we'll enjoy the hospitality of the Portuguese people, and we'll make many new friends, but we like to have our own space and time when we get home. Is that possible in those areas? Are there other areas that we should look at when we arrive? We are looking to spend about $1500-2000 a month (USD). Should we reach out to a realtor (or two!) before our trip to arrange looking at a few places while we're there next month? If so, do you know of any good recommendations? Also, has anyone moved with their dogs from the US? How hard was that? Our scouting trip (this October) is about a year out from when we'd actually like to relocate. Our thoughts were to come visit, spend our 'vacation' time acting a little like we live there already, and just try to get as much of a 'real' experience as possible. Then sell our house here and start REALLY living there! I'd appreciate any suggestions, comments and of course, answers to these questions that you can provide. Thank you in advance for all of your help with us!! And I'm so glad I found your forum. Everyone here genuinely seems to want to help others and that's a great feeling when all you've got is a keyboard and a dream! :)
cmanner replied most recently with:
Interested in splitting the cost of an empty leg cherter on a pvt jet? The 2 of us are considering a winter place in Portugal.
Charliegirl7 replied most recently with:
To everyone, We are excited to get ready for our trip to Portugal at the end of this week! I want to thank everyone again for their helpful words and advice here and I am looking forward to experiencing everything that we can fit in while we're there! I will let you know our thoughts upon our return, and after a good nights rest! I think we'll need it by then! Thanks again!
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property in PortugalIn a beautiful rural location with stunning views, very quiet and secluded, with the most welcoming of hosts, helpful and friendly.
In a beautiful rural location with stunning views, very quiet and secluded, with the most welcoming of hosts, helpful and friendly.

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