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Missy05 posted moving on the Portugal forum on May 21, 2015:
Hi wondering if anyone can help us out ! Looking to move to Portugal rent for a while before we buy anyone recommend any nice places to live in village life open all year round ??? Thank you
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Expat ArticlesArticle Summary: Thanks to Susan Stults Korthase for this helpful overview of current requirements to begin the process of obtaining a Residency Visa when moving from the US to Portugal. Note: Information Updated January 2015. (Continue)
craigandmicki replied most recently with:
To jesslinger's 14 May question about health insurance: Most find insurance to be less expensive in Portugal...some under-65s are paying 50 euros/month per person for a bare-bones plan, others 300 euros/month for an over-60s couple with full medical, vision and dental coverage. Sources for coverage range from major providers, such as Bupa, Cigna, AXA or ING, to providers who are associated with Portuguese banks and provide low cost plans to the bank's customers, from Medis to Allianz. Americans usually buy these private, bank-sponsored plans after they have moved to Portugal and received their Residence Permit and open a bank account here. For your initial Residence Visa application, you can: buy travel insurance; use your existing US coverage; buy a plan from a global insurer. Just be certain that the medical coverage you use or buy for this interim period complies with Schengen requirements, which state that you must have "adequate and valid medical insurance to cover any expenses which might arise in connection with repatriation for medical reasons, urgent medical attention and/or emergency hospital treatment or death, during their stay(s) on the territory of the Member States. The insurance shall be valid throughout the territory of the Member States and cover the entire period of the person’s intended stay or transit. The minimum coverage shall be EUR 30,000”. You could ask your current insurer if your coverage complies with the Schengen requirements or can be converted to one that does; if not, perhaps you can cancel your current insurance and buy travel or private coverage that does comply.
jesslinger replied recently with:
Hello there, we are planning to retire in Portugal in the Caiscais area. The only thing I'm worry about it is the health insurance issue, I would like to know how much aprox will it be the monthly cost for a family of 3, we are all under 65. I have read that insurance can be more expensive than in the USA so is a big concern for me. If anybody can give me some information about who to call to get a quote. Also, how can I show proof of health insurance in the application process if I'm not living in Portugal yet? Thanks,
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janinebordelon posted Looking for a job & place to rent on the Portugal forum:
I was born in the Azores and visited Cascais & Algarve for a couple weeks last month. I fell in love with the place & the people, the history etc. I am a Freelance photographer & have been in Commercial Real Estate in Texas for the past 30 yrs. If anyone knows of any jobs that might fit my profile or any leads as well as the cost of apartments (hopefully close to the beach). I understand more Portuguese than I speak but it was all coming back to me. Kids grown and gone, so it's my turn to be and do what I want to do. I would appreciate any information or leads anyone can provide. Thank you! Janine
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LovetheBeach replied to the thread Cost of Living in the Algarve on the Portugal forum:
LovetheBeach initially posted:
Anyone on the forum who lives in the Algarve? I'd like to know if the cost of living information on www.Numbeo.com is accurate? If it is, or is even pretty close, I'm thinking of taking an extended visit to see if I might want to relocate. I don't want to spend the money to travel there if, when I get there, it costs a lot more than I thought, and I'd have to leave much sooner than planned. Thanks!
LovetheBeach replied most recently with:
ProfBren, another big Thank You for the helpful information! Have a Happy Mother's Day!
LovetheBeach replied most recently with:
Thank you, craigandmicki for the clarification. I thought you meant I had to put 50,000 euro in a bank account.
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Jorge123 replied to the thread Expats on the south coast on the Portugal forum:
jordan6223 initially posted:
Can anyone tell me if there are (many) expats living in Olhao, Faro, Quarteira, Albufeira, Portimao, Lagos. We need to check out the area in May (may want to live there next year) and my wife, who is English, would like to be able to speak English with others from England. We would be renting long term preferably at sea and not too far from airport to England. Love to hear from you. Thanks.
Jorge123 replied most recently with:
Try Carvoeiro...lots of British expats there
ofilha replied most recently with:
There are quite a few english speaking expats in Algarve and in Faro. Faro has an airport that has daily flights to everywhere in europe.
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Jorge123 posted Portuguese Identity Card and Passport on the Portugal forum:
I already have my NIF number how easy is it to get a Portuguese Identity Card and Passport?
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Krister replied to the thread Looking for a place in Alentejo on the Portugal forum:
Ingrid2015 initially posted:
Hello, I am new to this forum and to Portugal. I am looking to rent a room, studio or small place in Alentejo for the whole month of June - ideally at or somewhere close to the coast. I want to use it as my base to look for a house with land to buy. If you have any ideas or suggestions, I would very much appreciate. Muito obregada! Ingrid
Krister replied most recently with:
Hello, Ingrid, My wife and I just bought a place in the Alentejo with room to spare, but we are not going to move there until 22 June. We are also not on the coast, but just outside Elvas, about as far away from the coast as you can get unfortunately. Still, just thought I'd throw that out for you. Krister
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DianaS posted Looking for apt in Lisbon on the Portugal forum:
Hello everyone, I am from Russia, looking for a one room apt, two rooms or studio in Lisbon for a long term, ready to pay up to 500 eurs. Diana and Mikhael dsednova@gmail.com
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I need a consultation with a pulmonologist or neumologist in Barcelona, Spain. Does any one have a recommendation for one available on a short notice. Any contact information would be greatly appreciated.
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tommaria posted Credentials for opening bank acct. on the Portugal forum:
In the Azores we opened a bank account and they asked for a copy of our U.S. social security card & paystubs, which we had to wait to return to U.S. to email the documents. The account could not be activated til docs were received. I advised the Portuguese Consulate in New Bedford, Ma. of this information.
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