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911AMG posted Importing 1985 Porsche 911 on the Qatar forum on August 20, 2014:
Greetings, I am trying to find out if I can import my two classic cars. I own a 1985 Porsche 911 Targa and a 2000 E55 Amg Mercedes Benz. I know that Qatar only allows cars 5 years or newer into the country but i read that 'classic' cars can be imported. I am really hoping to import these cars, it makes me ill thinking of selling these cars. I have owned these cars for many years and the thought of driving a new car full of electronic gizmos doesnt sit well with me. There is nothing like driving an air cooled 911! I need some help!
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Hello everyone, I wonder if someone could suggest a recruitment website in financial services sector. I am based in the UK and am looking to move to Qatar. Many thanks, Alena
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forgether111 replied to the thread Need Urgent Help - Salary Qatar on the Qatar forum:
latte0macchiato initially posted:
Hi everyone, I am 30 yrs old with 7 yrs of experience in telecomm engineering and living in Germany. I have received the following offer in Qatar for a senior engineer position: Basic Salary QAR 19,745 Housing(Single Status) QAR 8,000 Transport QAR 2,000 Communication Allowance QAR 750 Total of Monthly Compensation Cash Components QAR 30,495 In addition - non-monthly cash components : Furniture Grant(for 4 years; amortized @ 40% for the first year & 20% for the next 3 years) QR 25,000 onetime payment after probation period QAR 520.83 per month QAR 6,249.99 End of Service Benefit(Gratuity) for every completed year(one month basic salary) QAR 1,645.41 Is this a good offer? I am worried about the housing allowance as I may get married soon but they refuse to change the allowance if my marital status changes. How can I start the negotiation. I really appreciate your help ..Thanks
forgether111 replied most recently with:
very nice salary itis about 6300 euros,,,you can find a small apartement for you and your future husband for 7000 qatari rial,,then for food itis not expensive more than that there is no tax here petrol is only 1 rial-1/4 euro for one letter super benzin if you need more help contact with me,,,my mail
Shaqez replied most recently with:
that is superb....
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Can anyone please help me by taking care of my cat for a bout a month or so? she is 3 months old. I will take care of her bills. thank you Christine 33520015
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Dear All, I ve been offered a job in a local bank. My Nett salary is around 20kQR without accomodations. Is it sufficient for me to live comfortable life in Doha. I am also looking for accomodations in Doha. Anyone please PM me TQ
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sandpiper653 posted Dyslexia Assessment on the Qatar forum:
Hello, I arrived in Doha from the UK last April and expect to be here for at least a year. I am a qualified and experienced specialist teacher and assessor for adults and children with dyslexia. Does anyone know of any organisations or educational institutions that might need someone to assess pupils/students for dyslexia. Many thanks
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falcomike replied to the thread Supplements on the Qatar forum:
steve57 initially posted:
Hi all, have just arrived in Doha and am looking where to but Whey protein and Creatine supplements. Any ideas ? I have tried GNC at city center , but the don't sell tha above items. GNC at Villagio is never open. can anyone help me out ? Appreciate any ideas. Thanks - steve
falcomike replied most recently with:
There are several others stores here in Qatar. In TV Roundabout opposite the station, there is a place called YORK, they sell your brands Animal (i think Universal) and Dynamatize, and probably some Labrada products if you are lucky. A bit over near there with KFC, you can also see Rawnaq and Petra, there is a store in the complete called Supplement House (next to Diet House). They sell the best supplements in town (as far as im concerned) from their variety and price range. Other than that, I order my supplements online from or Good luck!
pconrad replied most recently with:
Try the pharmacies. The best one I have found is at TV roundabout behind the Burger King. However, they do not carry a wide variety of supplements like we get in the USA.
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From Owner a standalone New Villa never used, very suitable for family accommodation, modern design, easy to describe the direction and location. Really has an excellent location and area, fully Air condition The rate is Negotiable

New Premium Private American School opening in Al Wakra, Qatar September 2014

Female Local Hire Contract Only - Candidate must live in Qatar or planning to live in Qatar with a sponsor.

property in QatarSuperb luxury five star apartment available sharing with other ex pats: 2 rooms the first is 7995 QAR per calendar month the 2nd is 6250 QAR per calendar month, including many extras like twice a week cleaning, weekly ironing service of clothes included, providing towels etc, water dispenser. Fantastic leisure facilities with huge swimming pools and steam room, gym etc. Very high standard of living. Ideal for a non smoker Professional.

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