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aaa posted Dyslexia test on the Qatar forum on March 30, 2015:
I need to do the dyslexia test foe my son he is in y6 do you know any one can do it plz
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Djoeni posted Salary package on the Qatar forum on March 27, 2015:
Hi, I would like to have your advise about the following salary package they have been offering me to come and work in Doha. I'm a single guy currently living in Belgium, have 10 years experience in retail business. This is the offer: 35000 all included (housing, transportation, visa, 24 days holiday, one round trip flight home) Can someone also sum up the cost of living (1 bedroom flat, car rental, utilities, private health insurance, other daily costs like internet, monthly foodcosts etc) So I can have an idea how much will left at the end of the month of my 35000. Thank you very much!!
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Tyga replied to the thread Making friends and racism in qatar on the Qatar forum:
Tyga initially posted:
Hi everyone, I'm planning to make a move to Doha in September due to a job offer. Naturally I'm very nervous but also excited about this new prospective. I'm a British Asian, born here, pretty much average guy, very open minded with a western mindset and lifestyle. I have many questions but will initially start with these two. Is it difficult or pretty easy to make friends over there? I know I wouldn't fit in with other 'native' Asians from non western countries as they'll have diffefent interests. I was thinking is it easy to make friends with other expats, preferably western? i know I'm being picky but it's whats I'm comfortable with ATM, maybe will extend my horizon once I'm settled. Also how bad is rasicm over there? I keep reading horrible stories especially to manual labor workers and would this affect me? Thanks.
Tyga replied on March 21, 2015 with:
Hi, I'm grateful once again for your comment. It's a lot more clear than what I anticipated. I will email you if I have any more questions. Thank you.
barblam1 replied on March 13, 2015 with:
Hello- Depending on if your school supplies housing/allowance will have a BIG impact on your finances. Also if you lease a car (around 1600 to 2500 Riyal a month) or need transportation to school (many teachers share transport costs that add up quickly). Hotel stays, day passes for pool use and most forms of entertainment are also very expensive. However, The over all cost of living here will be what you make it. Teachers are not paid as well here as in other countries, so if you want to save money, or travel, you may chose to do some outside tutoring which many young teachers do and will certainly have to budget your spending. Toiletries, make-up, vitamins and any health supplements are VERY-VERY EXPENSIVE (example 41 QAR- the equivalent of about $13 USD for a can of Loreal Hairspray), and many over the counter medicines such as cold medications, pain medicines, cough suppressants, etc; are NOT available, so stuck-up before you come. Miserable is when you have a completely stuffed nose and cannot breath, but cannot get nasal spray or any kind of decongestant. And I could go on... And the kids behavior? There are no words, so be ready to rumble. I teach English to grade 7, 8 & 9 boys and let me just say learning is NOT their first priority. Also, you will probably NOT be able to get a travel visa (driver's license, internet, cable, etc), from your school UNTIL you have residency status and that can (and will), take MONTHS! There are ways around a few things, but it will be costly. If you have anything you need to talk about please contact me personally.
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deejay1952 replied to the thread What's a girl to Pack? on the Qatar forum:
JadeF initially posted:
Arriving in the first week of April, I have no idea what to bring with in terms of clothing, I have a limited budget for my first two months, so I cant arrive and go shopping. I'm supposed to wear smart casual to work, I've discarded any tops that show cleavage, but then I read your elbows should be covered to? I spoke to someone who said that the rules are really enforced and that people wear what they want. I only have one suitcase and one back pack, which I need to stock for a two year contract. And now with all the differences in what I am been told, i am starting to panic. I'd appriatte to hear it from an expat living there. Also, I was going to start learning Arabic, but I read somewhere, it would be better to learn an Indian dialect, or Spanish as I will be working with a lot of Filipinos. Any Advice will be appreciated.
deejay1952 replied most recently with:
you can pack what you want as there are laundrettes here. also a few shops where you can buy clothers. unless you intend wearing whatever you bring for the NEXT TWO YEARS? youi think Filipinos (who have various Filipino dialects) speak SPANISH? have you actualy traveled outside your own country before? are you sure you are actualy old enough to be allowed out on your own ?
barblam1 replied most recently with:
What will your job be and where will you be working? Yes- some people DO not respect the extremely conservative dress codes, but it IS looked down on and QUITE disrespectful. If you are willing to come here and earn a living, following common dress is NOT much to ask. I wear long skirts to my ankles and long sleeved tops that at LEAST cover my forearms. Very simple and NOT at all expensive. If you want to be a fashion plate in tight clothes with short hems and sleeves do NOT work in the Middle East. And you cannot dress any way you want.
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tanyaga replied to the thread Schools in Qatar on the Qatar forum:
Slipcatch7 initially posted:
Howzit guys... My wife and I are thinking about relocating to Doha in August 2015. We are both teachers and have interviews with The Gulf English School next week. Can anyone tell me anything about the school? Can't seem to find any current discussions... Thanks!
tanyaga replied most recently with:
Hey there! You may visit Qatar Educational Directory at It gives you detailed information about grades requirements, curriculum, language being used, age requirement and date of admission from pre-K to post secondary. Qatar Educational Directory ( has provided parents with complete, accurate, valuable and comprehensive information about the entire educational field in Qatar. Qatar Educational Directory is divided into main categories such as: Nurseris & Kindergartens In Qatar Independent Schools In Qatar Private & International Schools In Qatar Colleges & Universities In Qatar Special Need Centers In Qatar Training Centers In Qatar English Education Centers In Qatar For full details, kindly visit Qatar Educational Directory’s website at Or visit our Facebook page at Good luck! :)
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seenacpl posted Expat relocation to Qatar on the Qatar forum:
Any western expats planning to relocate /visit to Qatar contact me for all necessary assistance and support for job help ,stay ,travel, visa, insurance etc here,Thanks ph-74421974
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naniababa posted Marriage certificate Attestation on the Qatar forum:
Dear Sir, I would like to attest mt Nikah Nama (both Urdu and English) from Ministry of Foreign Affairs Lahore office and then after applying for passport for my wife for abroad, so what should I do to get help from your side. Kindly let me know more about the charges? I have English Marriage certificate from Nadra or union counsel, I actually little bit confused about Eng. Marriage certificate approved Nadra or Union council. Please help me? I am living in Doha Qatar (Gulf). Thanks
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barblam1 commented on the Expat Report Living in Doha, Qatar
Describe how you "dreamed" expat life would be before you moved overseas. Please provide as much detail as possible.
I "dreamed" it would be easier to get things done. Although I knew some of the local customs I knew nothing compared to learning to live here. I think truly going with an open mind and wide expectations is very critical. Just because you think you come from a particular country and may impress some it may also not impress anyone and you are just another expat trying to make it away from home, and basically you are intruding. You will not always be welcomed, and because you can reinvent yourself in some ways and you may offer a lot you are still a visitor, and thinking of it that way for awhile and being humble and grateful are important to your new life. You are not special by being an expat. (Continue)
barblam1 replied most recently with:
I will be coming to Doha in December for a teaching position. How am I going to work (lesson plans, research), if it takes so long to get internet? I am really worried about this??? Can anyone give me some suggestions?
PAC60 replied recently with:
Yes. The culture excludes others and is an introverted belief that they have a 'culture'...ha, ha, ha.
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Hennex posted I want to move to Qatar on the Qatar forum:
I'm POPOOLA SAHEED O. by name. 24yrs old, single, student with National Diploma certificate in computer engineering with 7year experience, i wish i could get a links to Qatar,Dubia, for any available work... Pls if anybodies can help me with dis i will be glad. E-mail:
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