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Cdon86 replied to the thread Al Hekma International school , Doha on the Qatar forum:
poppies initially posted:
Hi all Has anyone heard of this school and does anyone know anything about its management , working conditions and general reputation within the local community? Many thanks
Cdon86 replied on August 31, 2015 with:
Hi did you take a job in Ahis?if so could you tell me what it was like working there?if not did you find out anything about the school?
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Hi im a 47 Year OLd single female dutch national . Iam tesol-certified And have over 15 years teaching experience in Japan And im a mother myself ! How easy / hard is iT to be hired a great package - deal including free/ cheap - housing and affordable health - insurance and tax- free income ?! How about visa -/ sponsorship ,vaccinations etc. how is life in Doha city !? I would like to hear back from other foreign women especially the Europeans ! Thanks
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I'm living in Doha, and wanting to bring with me over the counter medication just to have in the med cabinet if required. I can't find any information or a list of medications that are perhaps prohibited into the Country. I'd rather find out first instead of being stopped at the airport. None of the medication is prescribed. A list of what I am bringing is: Panamax 200 tablets of paracetamol (panadol) Hydralyte - 24 satchels Zovirax cold sore cream Vitamic C tablets 500 tablets (contains Ascorbic acid, sodum ascorbate) Buscopan 40 tablets (hyoscine, butylbromide) Gavison 32 tablets (contains sodium alginate, bicarbonate and calcium caronate) Cold and Flu tablets 48 tablets (paracetamol, codeine phosphate, phenlephrine hydrochloride) Claratyne 24 tablets (contains Loratadine) Nurofen 48 tablets (contains ibuprofen) Dimetap nose spray (oxymetazoline hydrichloride) Lemsip Max cold and flu drink (contains paracetemol, phenylephrine hydrochloride, guaiphenesin) Might be a bit overboard, but I am staying there for a while so just wanting to stock up on what I need rather than running around. :) Thanks.
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I am about to take a job in Qatar and I've been told that we're not likely to get a family visa "straight away" I'm not immediately concerned as my wife and son can come on a visitors visa. What I am concerned about is that without the family visa I cannot get my son into any sort of pre - schooling or groups. Or can I? Has anyone else had this problem? Are there any pre - schools which "accept" entrants without the family visa?
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I will relocate to Qatar. Could someone give me advice (or links etc) on regulations for moving these - used and for personal use - items to Qatar: - books - computer-hardware (printer, laptop, scanner, screen) - external harddrives - wooden shelves (IKEA IVAR) Will there be any problems to relocate with these items? Are there any other areas of household items that make problems? 2nd question: how "precise" has the inventory list to be. Is it like - "box of office items, pens, pencils" or like - "box, containing 2 pens, 1 penicl, 3 rubbers" Any help is apreciated! Christopher
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hi all just like to share my video about 20 things i love about living in Qatar, hope it can help you if you want to move here
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Expat Report Culture Shock in Doha, Qatar was published
Do you have any advice or thoughts about culture shock you would like to share?
Relax when entering a new culture and don't bring expectations that everything will work the way you are used to. Be open to trying new things... leave your personal "baggage" at home...I've coined a new phrase since living abroad based on my experience and watching those around me adjust..."is it new or is it you!" (Continue)
velf replied to the thread HELP NEEDED!! on the Qatar forum:
eijazpardhan initially posted:
Hello everyone, my name is eijaz, I am new in this forum. I am looking for the job opportunity in Qatar related to SEO and copywriting. I have a basic know of SEO and on page optimization and link building with sound knowledge of content writing. Do you have any idea regarding this field. How can I explore opportunity in SEO in Qatar? Please help.
velf replied most recently with:
Hello there, I also want to find job as SEO Consultant/ Internet marketing in qatar. I hope we can share each others. Regards
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You are cordially invited to attend the US Investment Summit taking place in Doha on June 1. Have all of your investment-based immigration questions answered. Attend a presentation providing an overview of the EB-5 Investment Program and meet with a US immigration attorney to get personalized advice on your immigration options.  In addition to yourself, if you have clients, colleagues, family or friends who might benefit by attending this free event, please feel free to invite them. Please note: seats are limited so you must register in order to reserve your seat. Register Here:
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aarav posted best calling option to india? on the Qatar forum:
i only found for 0.5 dollarcent per minute. are there cheaper options?
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