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Retiring abroad is a great option for retirees seeking their dream lifestyle at an affordable price. Help other retirees considering overseas retirement by taking our new Overseas Retirement report. Describe how you chose your area, the challenges and rewards of retiring overseas, the retiree lifestyle in your area and more. Submit an Overseas Retirement report under your username or anonymously. Recent submissions:

Popular Articles about How to Retire Overseas

Retiring Abroad -- The 8 Best Countries for Brits to Retire Abroad
By Ryan Smith

Many Brits choose to retire to Australia and the United States. In addition to these popular locales, Ryan Smith recommends several other great retirement destinations for British retirees.

Retiring in France -- 5 Affordable Places to Retire in France
By Betsy Burlingame

The word affordable and France don't normally end up in the same sentence, but it's all relative and more affordable villages and cities do exist! They are often some of the most charming places to retire in France. Here are 5 affordable places to retire in France plus advice on how to find others.

Retiring in Italy -- The 7 Best Places to Retire in Italy
By Betsy Burlingame

Italy's villages and cities appeal to retirees for many different reasons - the beautiful beaches, breathtaking countryside, amazing food, wonderful nightlife, bustling town markets and welcoming people. In this article, we cover several of our readers' favorite places.

Retiring Abroad -- Financial Guide to Retiring Overseas
By Lauren Sutton

Many people are keen on the idea of retiring abroad but may not know what to do in terms of their finances for a move overseas. The more retirement planning you do, the easier it may be when it comes to making the move.

Overseas Retirement -- 5 Reasons British Retire in Australia
By Max

With other warm countries offering a cheaper cost of living, why is there a major increase in the number of British retirees in Australia. Here are 5 reasons why.

Retiring Abroad -- Top 5 Reasons to Retire in Penang, Malaysia
By Wan Phing Lim

With its beautiful beaches, laid-back lifestyle and UNESCO World Heritage status for the historic capital of Georgetown, Penang is a great overseas retirement destination.

Retiring Abroad -- 5 Great Places to Retire in South America
By Betsy Burlingame

Expats offered their recommendations for places to retire in South America. We know that this is a short list and hope you'll add your favorites below in the comments section.

Retiring Abroad -- 5 Great Places to Retire in Asia
By Betsy Burlingame

We asked expats and searched our forums for recommendations about where to retire in Asia. We pinpointed countries with affordable costs of living and have five great retirement locations. Please add your recommendations in the comments section!

Retiring Abroad -- 5 Great Places to Retire in Western Europe
By Betsy Burlingame

We asked expats about great places to retire in Western Europe. While many Western European countries have prohibitively high living costs, there are a few areas that fit the retirement bill. These are some of the recommendations!

Retiring Abroad -- 5 Great Places to Retire in Central America
By Betsy Burlingame

Central America is an increasingly popular retirement destination. Retirees love it's proximity to the United States, lower cost of living, beautiful cities, amazing beaches, healthy lifestyle and friendly people.

Retiring Abroad -- You Could Always Leave Your Spouse
By Kathleen Peddicord

What do you do if you want to retire abroad and your spouse wants to stay put? Kathleen Peddicord offers advice on how to handle this so that both of you are happy.

Expat Life in Colombia -- Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Buenos Aires
By Kathleen Peddicord

Joe Greco set out on a six-month road trip, looking for both adventure and up-and-coming real estate investment markets. His VW van broke down in Medellin. It was fate.

Living in Ecuador -- 7 Things You Didn't Know You Could Do in Ecuador
By Domenick Buonamici

Alone, cheap cost of living is a bad reason to move to another country, that could change overnight! Buonamici shares 7 other reasons.

Retiring Abroad -- Asia Versus Europe Versus The Americas
By Kathleen Peddicord

Kathleen Peddicord highlights some of the pros and cons of retiring to Asia vs Europe vs the Americas.

Overseas Retirement -- A New Life in Colombia
By Dean LaCoursiere

Expat Dean LaCoursiere gives an overview of several pueblos (communities) in or near the coffee country that are little known outside of Colombia and are even off the radar of most expat magazines.

Retiring Abroad -- Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
By Kathleen Peddicord

Puerto Vallarta is more expensive than places like Panama City, Panama and Salinas, Ecuador, but this highly developed stretch of Mexico's Pacific coastline offers a world-class lifestyle for expats.

Living Overseas -- Go Local?
By Kathleen Peddicord

Would you be happier living in an expat neighborhood (i.e. gated expat community) or living in a local neighborhood surrounded by locals? Expats often have strong opinions about this question. How do you feel? What type of neighborhood was best for you?

Overseas Property -- How To Access Your Retirement Account Funds For The Purchase Of Foreign Real Estate
By Lief Simon

To buy real estate--foreign or local--with your retirement funds, you can set up what's called a "self-directed IRA" or "self-directed 401k." In theory, this means you're in a position to "direct" the investment of your account funds. However, you still must go through the custodian, asking him to make the investment for you. He can refuse.

Living Overseas: -- World's Top Retirement Havens 1 Through 9
By Kathleen Peddicord

Where are the best places to retire overseas? Which retirement haven is right for you? France? Ecuador? Panama? Nicaragua? Thailand? Kathleen Peddicord shares the pros and cons of the world's top 9 retirement havens.

Retiring Abroad -- 9 Reasons Not To Retire Overseas (And Why They Don't Matter)
By Kathleen Peddicord

Kathleen Peddicord, a well-known overseas retirement and international real estate expert, outlines 9 reasons why people think that they cannot retire abroad and why those reasons don't matter.

Crime in Mexico -- Where are the Safest Places to Live in Mexico?
By Betsy Burlingame

Where are the safest places to live in Mexico? The most unsafe areas are well-covered in today's news headlines, but those considering a move to other cities or towns in Mexico should carefully research their possible destinations, talk with other expats and visit before they move. This article highlights members' recent discussions and comments about crime and safety in popular expat locales and some off-the-beaten path destinations. If you live in Mexico, we encourage you to submit an update on your city or town.

Costa Rica -- Real Estate Market on the Rebound
By Lic Giovanna Barrantes

The Costa Rican real estate market is slowly rebounding with steady growth in the greater San Jose metropolitan area in particular.

Property in Argentina Starting at $72,000 -- Colonial Salta: Big City Comforts, Small Town Appeal
By International Living

Salta, Argentina offers city living starting at $72,000. Colonial Salta has the facilities and amenities of a large city with the comfort, safety and hominess of a small town.

Living in Honduras -- Thank God for Honduras!
By Dean LaCoursiere

Gracias, Honduras is a true hidden jewel - totally unspoiled and much like a century ago. You'll need to know Spanish as this town of 12,000 has less than a dozen expats, but this peaceful place offers a low cost of living, little crime and one of the largest tracts of cloud forest left in Central America.

Expats in Costa Rica -- Cost of Living in Costa Rica: Comfortable Living for $1500 a Month, Luxury for $3,000
By Lic Giovanna Barrantes

Costa Rica enjoys a relatively low cost of living. Barrantes covers the basic costs. Expats living in Costa Rica can live comfortably on $1,500 a month and luxuriously on $3,000 a month.

Living in Costa Rica -- What you need to know to become a resident of Costa Rica
By Lic Giovanna Barrantes

Straight-forward advice about obtaining residency in Costa Rica from Lic Giovanna Barrantes. Covers Pensionado, Rentista, starting a business and working as a Representante.

Expat Trends -- Moving Offshore -- Why North Americans are Heading Outside of Their Borders
By Steve Linder

As many Baby Boomers are feeling uncertainty in their home countries, experts are predicting a mass migration, most seeking warmer climates.

Healthcare Options in Costa Rica -- Expat Information
By Steve Linder

Overview of healthcare in Costa Rica, including CAJA, INS, Private Medical Insurance and the best hospitals.

Ecuador vs the Dominican Republic -- Which is Right for You?
By Domenick Buonamici

An expat compares his time and life in Ecuador and the Dominican Republic.

Expat Life -- Cotacachi, Ecuador
By Gary Kesinger

Cotacachi, Ecuador is a wonderful place to retire. Former teacher, Gary Kesinger, describes life in Cotacachi.

Places to Retire -- Baby Boomer Exodus
By Suzie Hammond

Do you want to retire overseas, but don't know about the best places to retire abroad? Suzie Hammond offers advice about starting your search.

Thailand -- Buying Property
By Henry Jimenez
Affordable Living -- Panama City
By Kathleen Peddicord

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