Popular Articles about Repatriation

Repatriation to Australia -- Top 10 Tips for Repatriation to Australia
By Kay Barney

Kay Barney offers a great list of to dos before and during a repatriation to Australia. Her advice is universal and helpful for anyone repatriating.

Repatriating to India -- Boston Ave to Devarabeesanahalli
By Anamika Majumder

Anamika Majumder was a newlywed Indian expat living in Boston who attended graduate school, entered the business world and raised two young children. She and her husband ultimately decided to repatriate to India to raise their children in their home country. She describes their return to Bangalore and how she decided to start a Bangalore based non profit charitable trust called One Billion Literates Foundation.

Repatriation -- One Woman's Story
By Katie Dotson

Just returning from a two-year stint in Belgium, Dotson is working on reassimilating into American culture and finding a sense of normalcy back "home."

Abrupt Repatriation -- Minimizing Schooling Challenges
By Elizabeth Perelstein

Due to the recession, some families are being moved home earlier than had been planned, or transferred to local status. How does an abrupt repatriation affect your kids? How will it affect their schooling and emotional well being?

Repatriating -- When Home Feels Foreign
By Dina Zavrski-Makaric

Most people are prepared to experience some effects of culture shock when move abroad, but less are prepared to experience reverse culture shock when they repatriate.

Leaving Home -- Leaving Home
By Sherry L. Read
Going Home -- Choosing the Right Schools
By Elizabeth Perelstein, President, School Choice International, Inc.
Going Home -- Repatriation Checklist
By Alexandra Tanski

You adjusted to expat life and survived the phases of culture shock. Going home will be easy, right? Wrong. Many former expats describe repatriation as incredibly challenging. This checklist gives great advice for preparing to go home starting a year before your move.

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