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Diary of An Accidental House-Girlfriend

Born in Malaysia, educated in Australia, worked in Singapore and now living in Portugal - life sure brings along funny twists and turns. Join my adventures as I dive into something totally out of my comfort zone. From a career in advertising to a kitchen and domestication. I can assure you it´ll be hilarious.

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Does being far away from home really brings you home? From a fast paced career as a Copywriter in cosmopolitan Singapore to a laid back lifestyle in Lisbon, Portugal, a career driven woman has to make that decision between love or job or to attempt the impossible - having work in a country that she does not speak the language of at all yet being able to come home to her boyfriend. At the moment, she´s in wedged somewhere in between, with tempting offers back in Asia, adapting to a whole new language and being totally domesticated, like a tomcat with its balls cut off, except that I'm a woman. Have fun reading about my escapades, adventures, mishaps and being a fish out of water experiences.
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