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Otavalo, Shopping Therapy for the Craft Obsessed

Every corner of the market in Plaza de Ponchos is crammed with color, interesting designs, and crafts created with skill.

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Prices tend to float so be prepared to bargain. Above all smile, it warms your heart and your vendor's heart and seems to make the prices get better.

The Plaza de Ponchos is known as a textile market but there are a perfusion of arts and crafts on display, as well. Make no mistake, there are plenty of textiles on sale here but you will also find clothing, handcarved wooden utincils, jewelry, art, decorative carvings, toys, tourist novelties, etc., etc, etc. in fact, you will find yourself hip deep in almost every king of handmade merchandise.

The Plaza de Ponchos seems to host a sizable market every day of the week but on Saturdays the largest indigenous craft market in South America is thronged with sellers and buyers.

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