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Joys (and challenges) Living Abroad

A 32 year old American female Living, teaching, and learning in China.

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My blog not only explores life as an expat in China but also explores the journey of self discovery.

Many days I wonder how (and why) I ended up in China. I never could have dreamed this life because I thought I followed my dream to Hollywood in 2003. In December 2010 I needed to make a change. My career had become my life. I was unhappy and unfulfilled. I wanted more from my life.

After arriving in China I found something I loved (and hated). Nope, NOT a Chinese man. The Chinese language. I’ve decided to take on the seemingly impossible task of learning Chinese (that means reading and writing too) while teaching English and discovering myself.

Living as an expat takes us out of everything that is comfortable and dumps us in uncomfortable situations. I believe this is one way to grow as a person and there is a lot to learn from this experience.

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