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When we decided as Americans to take an international work assignment in Switzerland in 2007, we knew it would change our lives, but what we did not know is how our lives would change. This small country has offered our eyes visions that we didn’t know were possible. We are still in complete “awe” each time we venture into the Alps. There is magic in those mountains, those fields of wildflowers, the crystal lakes and the fresh air are unimaginable, even after all these years we still adore our new home. We also relish in our proximity to the rest of Europe and enjoy exploring this part of the globe. There is something so intoxicating, so educational about travel, it leaves a mark on you; it changes you and makes you a different person. We are different people and we are raising our children differently as well. We recall with giddy smiles, the times we met old farmers in small villages in Italy, watching the sun set in glory over famous Swiss peaks, walking through monasteries in Portugal, seeing the village where our ancestors were from, taking in the Tour de France with fresh eyes and sharing that incredible experience with our son, enjoying crystal calm waters in Spain, being completely engrossed in architecture, spending countless hours in museums in England because, just because, you have never witnessed talent so raw, so true, so incredible. Learning more about yourself, your partner and your children each time you enter a new country, and teaching your children what it means to respect other people, other cultures and other customs. This experience is vast and joyful and that is why we have come to share it with you. How? Many people wonder how we afford to travel so frequently. The answer is simple, we make sacrifices on a daily basis to allow for this way of life. We do not own cars, a home, or purchase things we do not need; simply put, we would rather collect memories than possessions.
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